Say Yes to Healthy Snacking this Lunar New Year~!

Hello my dear readers, Happy Chinese New Year! Sorry for disappearing as i was busy and i hope you had a rewarding time with your family and loved ones 🙂 This festive season, there’s plenty to get excited about, with a host of exciting activities, catch-up, activities and the never-ending feasting sessions! I’m sure most of us have been over-eating & snacking.. One of my friend shared this picture with me and i’m sure feeling really guilty after snacking non-stop on most of the CNY goodies below.


If you are feeling as guilty as me (I kept saying that i’m fat but cannot stop eating till my cousin got really annoyed at me! LOL!!) Here’s something for everyone to make this Chinese New Year snacking a less sinful one! This BoxGreen snack box will help you to achieve healthier snacking with its delicious range of natural and delicious snacks this lunar new year! 🙂

If you are wondering what is BoxGreen, it has the same concept as Beauty Box subscription service whereby you will receive a box filled with specially picked surprise mix of healthy snacks which will be delivered right to your mailbox.. Subscription fee will cost about $20 per month and upon becoming a member, you will gain instant access to the most exciting way for you to discover interesting wholesome snacks.

BoxGreen thinks that healthy lifestyle should be worry-free and full of pleasant surprises. This is why they came out with this monthly healthy snack box concept which allows subscribers to enjoy healthy innovative snacks every month. Consumers can also discover snacks the a-la-carte way at BoxGreen Market, the place where one can purchase individual snack packs with no subscription required. If you’ve been thinking about subscribing but want to try a few snacks first, it is made possible for you! You can check out my reviews on some of the snacks here & here!

February’s BoxGreen is all about the gift of health with the all-natural healthy snacks for guilt-free snacking this festive season.. Introducing the February’s BoxGreen babies – Mandarin Orange & Dark Choc Granola, Small Island Pineapple, Lightly Toasted Pistachios and Soya Crispy, you can eat these portioned amounts directly from the packs, or served as toppings to create even more goodies!

I will introduce the Soya Crisps first as we (my hubby and myself) tried them this morning during breakfast. Was still hungry after our breakfast so decided to snack on these! The soya Crisps have similar texture and appearance to potato chips, but they are made with soy flour instead of potatoes. This makes them more nutritious than potato chips hence it is a fairly healthy snack choice as compared to the potato chips!

For breakfast today, my husband added the Mandarin Orange & Dark Choc Granola (By Eastern Granola) to his plain yogurt! When can breakfast swap places with dessert, and still be good for you? When it is made with Dark Chocolate Orange Granola~ Good to eat on its own, the rich flavor of dark chocolate melds perfectly with oranges. You can also choose to add to plain yogurt so as to ‘spice’ things up a little. This is definitely a healthy breakfast option hearty enough for dinner!

What’s CNY without Pineapple? In the spirit of Chinese New Year, you can find the Small Island Pineapple (By Ling’s Garden). For a sweet ending to a meal, nothing beats the sweet bite of tangy pineapple snack made out of nothing but pure pineapple. Now you can replace those sinful pineapple tarts with these healthy Pineapple Rings!

Had a hard time trying to separate the pineapple rings so it is highly recommended that you put it in the fridge. The Small Island Pineapple tasted like the fillings you can find on the pineapple tarts but it is less sweet! I’m not a fan of pineapple but i really enjoyed this (it can be quite addictive so one pack isn’t enough!)

Lastly, we have the Lightly Toasted Pistachios! It’s National Pistachio Day on Feb 26 so time to go nuts! Pistachio nuts are a great-on-the-go snack good as they are loaded with good fats.

The Lightly Toasted Pistachios are big and fresh.. Lightly toasted, they are roasted with no added oil and sea salted.  Serving size is generous but once you start, you cannot stop so it is never enough! haha!

Once you pop, you can’t stop!

Before i go, i’m glad that BoxGreen is extending a 20% discount to my followers and readers. Just use this discount code ‘jermaine20%off’ and you can enjoy 20% discount code applies for your first box purchase. Discount is valid till 31 March 2015!

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from BoxGreen’s website and Presskit

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