We love CP Foods Pork and Chicken Gyoza ! <3

On the last day of Chinese New Year (known as Yuan Xiao Jie), it is always good to end it with traditional symbolic food! Do you know that rice glue ball is essential on Yuan Xiao Jie as it is a symbol of reunion in Chinese culture? Sad to say that it has slipped off my mind and when we wished to purchase some at the very last-minute, the supermarket ran out of it! Nevertheless, the steamboat dinner that we had was the saving grace and we ended the Chinese New Year feeling full & satisfied~!

One of the food item which i have enjoyed very much is the Gyoza that CP Foods sent me before the Chinese New Year! CP Food’s gyoza makes it an electable dish with smooth dumpling skin and a satisfying moreish filling~ From CP Food’s best-selling chicken gyoza, CP Foods is now introducing two new tasty alternatives – Pork and Chicken Gyoza with Suki Sauce and Pork and Chicken Gyoza with Chive. CP Foods’ Gyoza is made from fresh, high-quality chicken and pork meat wrapped in a delicate pastry sheet, the sweetness of the wholesome meat can be tasted with every mouth-watering bite of this traditional must-have. CP Foods’ latest delight will add an unconventional touch to everyone’s annual sumptuous steamboat feast and reunion with your family and friends.


CP Foods is one of Asia’s leading agro-industrial and foods conglomerates. The Company places significant importance on R&D and controls every single process from the first step of breeding to the eventual branding and marketing of its ready food products. It pays close attention to the freshness of ingredients at every stage to ensure customers get the best quality products. The Company is dedicated to providing food products which are high in quality, nutritious, hygienic and safe. Its world-class plants meet many international regulations, requirements and certifications. Every step of the farming and production process is based on the practice of good animal welfare and concern for the environment, by being safe and drug-residual free.

For the Gyozas, CP Food’s advanced production and development technology allows for taste assurance and innovative fusion dishes without the usage of any preservatives. This versatile yet convenient meal is hassle-free and deliciously healthy as the gyozas can be prepared in a variety of styles. You can choose from deep-fried ala Japanese style, Chinese pan-fried “guōtiē” style, to traditional steamboat style as a fusion dish for group gatherings.


Tried the CP Pork and Chicken Gyoza with Suki Sauce the next day as i was too lazy to head out for lunch!! One packet contains 20 Gyoza (400 grams) and it contains 2 packets of Suki Sauce. This healthy and easy to prepare lunch was served within 5 minutes as i only have to boil it in hot water (for about 3 mins).

The CP Pork and Chicken Gyoza with Suki Sauce is proudly presented with a delicious pork and chicken filling, wrapped in a tender thin pastry sheet. With no preservatives and added MSG, it tasted really savory and delicious on its own. The filling is very fresh and sweet (without any distinctive weird pork taste) and the gyoza skin is really thin, simply mouthwatering~! The Thai Suki sauce is flavorful and mildly spicy and it will whet your appetite when you dip your gyoza in. The rest of the Gyoza went into the Steamboat and it taste even better when mixed with other ingredients!


CP Pork and Chicken Gyoza with Suki Sauce, retails at $5.90 (400 grams). The perfect combination of Thai and Chinese traditional cuisines.

For a savory yet healthy choice, opt for the Pork and Chicken Gyoza with Chives which comes together with a sachet of the popular and tantalising Gyoza sauce. CP Pork and chicken Chive Gyoza is made from fresh high-quality meat and Chive wrapped in a delicate thin pastry sheet (No preservatives and added MSG). The best-selected ingredients and the right thickness of the pastry deliver the original Japanese style dumpling with well-blended taste and fantastic aroma. Do you know that Chives is highly nutritious? Not only it is low in calories and rich in fiber + Vitamin A,B complex, C,K + folate + minerals, it also reduces cholesterol and decreases blood vessel stiffness

For an even healthier choice, you can choose to steam (7 to 8 minutes at 90 to 95 degree) the Pork and Chicken Gyoza with Chives or Microwave (2 to 2:30 minutes at 800 watt) it. If you are a fan of pan-fried Gyoza (which my family is), you can add a little vegetable oil into a frying pan and cook over medium heat the gyoza till golden brown. Did not try this as i don’t like the taste of Chives but my parents love it! They said that the Pork & Chicken inside is fresh and CP Foods is really generous with the portion (Chives included). Guess they will be sticking to the CP Foods Gyoza from now. 🙂

Pork and Chicken Gyoza with Chives costs $5.90 for 407 grams.


The CP Foods Pork and Chicken Gyoza retails at S$5.90 per pack and is now available island-wide at major supermarkets.

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from CP Foods’ presskit

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