Sip and Eat Your Way to Radiance & Better Well-Being with Koplina

Hello my readers, hope you are enjoying your long weekend! I’m certainly enjoying myself and love waking up late! Now it is time for me to start clearing my backlogs! 2 weeks ago, Koplina has invite me for a tasting session over a lunch to elaborate on their exclusive ‘bite-sized’ skin/body loving range. In the nutshell, Koplina offers Japanese health and beauty supplements. Manufactured in Japan by Magnas Corporation (‘Magnas’), Koplina’s uniquely-formulated products are designed to suit the modern lifestyles of the busy individual –presenting a delicious and convenient solution to healthy living and beauty from within. Magnas is founded in 1983 and they have been in the dietary supplement business for over 30 years, and now has over 50 health and beauty supplement products retailing throughout Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.


Koplina’s star products in Singapore include Collagen Jellies and Aojiru to address different skin / health concerns.  This dynamic duo of both edible jellies and beverages offer the best of both worlds to the health and beauty conscious. Jump-start the body’s natural detoxification process each morning with the Koplina Green Aojiru Matcha. Aojiru roughly translates to ‘green drink/juice’ in English, and has been a popular health supplement in Japan for over the last 75 years or so – often being touted as a Japanese secret to longevity.

For flawless looking skin, a range of Koplina Jellies cater to three different skincare needs will be the best midday snack: Collagen Jelly with Hyaluronic Acid (peach flavored) improve the texture and moisture levels of your skin; Collagen Jelly with Coenzyme Q10 (melon flavored) aids in defying the effects of aging by boosting skin rejuvenation, elasticity and firmness on a cellular level; and Placenta Jelly + Royal Jelly (rose flavored) aids in enhancing skin elasticity while promoting a fairer complexion.

Koplina Jellies have enjoyed immense success ever since their debut into the Japanese market in 2010, and have since expanded to markets in Southeast Asia. This product also comes highly recommended by regional print, television and online media over the last few years, with many noting how tasty it is without being overly sweet.

The dynamic duo of both edible jellies and beverages ~

Low in calories and small in size (each strip only contains 8-14 kcal and weight of 10 grams), this portable delicious sugar- and fat-free snack beauty treat is a delightful way to nourish skin and build new collagen fibers from within. My personal favorite would be the Koplina CoQ10 Jelly which contains real Hokkaido melon juice (no artificial flavoring) to help with skin rejuvenation and Anti-aging.

Rich in collagen, CoQ10 and Vitamin C, Koplina CoQ10 Jelly effectively combats the effects of ageing by regaining and retaining your skin’s elasticity and firmness. Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is vital in the production of energy needed for cells to grow and stay healthy, and is a natural substance that declines with age. It comes with a slew of health benefits that include: promoting skin repair and regeneration; stimulating collagen production; and acting against damage caused by free radicals. Vitamin C serves as a potent antioxidant and enhances collagen production, while collagen is also present. Collagen is a complex structural protein that is important for keeping skin smooth and supple.


The Koplina CoQ10 Jelly has a soft and bouncy soft consistency so it is easy to consume it down. Within each stripes, i can even see melon juice (Yummy!) and first bite tasted sour but it will be balanced out by the sweetness of the melon juice. The sweetness is moderate and not like those collagen drink which can be really sickening sweet. There’s also no fish/funny/weird aftertaste and it is so convenient to consume (as compared to taking collagen powder which i took in the past)! I don’t have to prepare a drink and then pour in collagen powder then get it to dissolve properly. Yay to Fuss-free consumption!

If your skin is feeling very dehydrated, the Koplina Collagen Jelly will be able to give you youthful & supple Skin from withinContaining real peach juice, the Koplina Collagen Jelly is packed with collagen, a complex structural protein to keep the skin smooth and supple; hyaluronic acid to retain and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (just 1g of hyaluronic acid as retain as much as 6000ml of water); as well as with six types of vitamins (C, B1, B2, Niacin, B12, folic acid) to support radiant skin, healthy hair and strong nails.

The Koplina Collagen Jelly has the same soft and bouncy soft consistency like the Koplina CoQ10 Jelly. However, this peach collagen jelly isn’t as ‘juicy’ as compared to the Koplina CoQ10 Jelly but it is less sweet. The jelly tasted like real peaches and i don’t have to chill it as it is really yummy on its own. Like all beauty & health supplements, it will take about 4-6 weeks to see & feel the difference so i cannot tell you how the Koplina CoQ10 Jelly has helped my skin. What i observed about taking collagen on a regular basis (which is quite costly to do so) is that my skin will feel more radiant and plump-up. If you have an important event (like wedding) coming up, i will recommend that you do so. 🙂


Was also given 2 stripes of the Rose flavored Koplina Placenta Jelly to try. It contains real peach juice & royal jelly to promote a brighter, smoother complexion. Pig placenta extract is a key ingredient in this yummy supplement, which helps to lighten freckles, pigmentation and dark spots, while also adding to skin elasticity and diminishing the appearance of scars, fine lines and wrinkles. Royal jelly helps to fight the effects the effects of aging, while collagen is present to keep the skin smooth and supple. Personally, i felt that this Collagen Jelly is the least sweet among all but it still tasted very yummy (with no fishy taste).

The three different types of Koplina Jellies are retailing for $28 (10 strips, 10g each) and you can take 1-2 stripes daily for beautiful skin~ Do take note that our body only needs 5000 mg of collagen daily so any amount in excess would likely not to be utilized by the body


If you ask me what is one food that i cannot live without, it has to be Vegetables as i will feel very uneasy if i do not take sufficient green~ I don’t know about you but it is quite difficult to consume sufficient vegetables if you dine outside (unless you take salad / Yong Tau Foo every meal!). Hence to ensure that i have enough essential vitamins and minerals, fiber, and other substances that are important for good health, supplements are just as important in my life!

Koplina has a star product that promotes ‘drinking Clean and Green’. If you suffer from irregular eating habits and constipation, dine out on a regular basis, or indulge in oily foods and meat often, Koplina Green Aojiru Matcha will ease these dietary-related problems within 4 – 6 weeks.

Aojiru has long been touted as a Japanese secret to good health and longevity, ever since its development in 1943 – a popular Japanese vegetable drink which translates directly to ‘green juice’. The unique, all-natural formula of Koplina Green Aojiru Matcha is targeted to boost intestinal health and metabolism; lower blood sugar; and provide essential fibres that are often missing from a modern diet, especially for those who do not regularly consume vegetables. Furthermore, its detoxifying effects are known to bring out a clearer, more radiant complexion as your body functions at its best.

High in dietary fibre, iron, folic acid and Vitamin A, the detoxifying drink contains the following ingredients:

Kyoto Uji Matcha – The finest green tea grown in the Uji region of Kyoto, Japan. It is rich in anti-oxidants, Vitamin C and chlorophyll.

Young barley grass – Contains a wide range of vitamins, minerals and proteins that are essential for a healthy diet, in addition to chlorophyll, anti-oxidants and detoxifying compounds. Young barley grass has the most balanced nutrient profile of all green plants, and is also known to reduce cholesterol levels, strengthen the immune system, and maintain healthy skin and bone metabolism.

Mulberry leaves – Traditionally used to treat inflammation caused by chronic diseases, mulberry leaves are rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants and have proven to alleviate and common disorders such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Lactobacillus – A beneficial type of bacteria to boost the immune system and enhance overall digestive health.


I’m sure you have heard of this phrase – You are what you eat! 

Often, our skin will suffer as a result of poor diet (too much fried food and irregular meals etc) and bad lifestyle habits (like late nights, insufficient sleep, not exercising and smoking etc).. As a results, your skin decides to go on strike and obvious tell-signs like blemishes, dull, aging, rough and sallow complexions starts to surface.

Poor diet and bad lifestyle habits not only affects the skin, it affects the inner state of your body.. In the long run, toxins are accumulated in our body and our body will have to fight really hard to maintain a healthy state. So how to treat your body and skin better? Beside leading a healthy lifestyle and having a balance diet, you can also choose to get rid of your daily toxins for a better well-being… Jump-start the body’s natural detoxification process each morning with the Koplina Green Aojiru to restore glow and radiance to your skin and revitalizes the body. Koplina Green Aojiru Matcha is most effective when consumed in the mornings on an empty stomach, while your body is already in natural detox mode and its absorption rate is at its optimum. Each 2.5g sachet of this versatile, pleasant-tasting drink can be mixed with 80ml of cold or lukewarm water, milk, yoghurt or any other beverage.

Not sure what’s wrong but my digestive system is a little haywire these days! Besides taking the jelly collagen, i’m taking the Koplina Green Aojiru once daily to promote detoxification and bring nourishment to my body & skin. Love mixing it in my fruit juices and i love how dissoluble it is! Previously i have tried another brand of green juice but the powder is not as fine so i will have to stir to dissolve it well. The Matcha taste of the Koplina Green Aojiru is distinctive and refreshing (but not sweet) and it tasted really good with fruit juice!

Koplina Green Aojiru with passion fruit packet drink~

After taking the Koplina Green Aojiru for a week, one obvious difference is that i’m doing my ‘big business’ on a daily basis so yay to no constipation.. As for my breakouts, it is still pretty much the same but i realized that it heals faster. Since my breakouts are hormonal, there’s nothing much i can do so i’m contented if healing takes place much faster~

Koplina Green Aojiru with apple, carrot & orange fruit juice

Koplina Green Aojiru Matcha is retailing for $69 (30 sachets) / $36 (15 sachets) and i would recommend it if you are looking for something to promote body’s natural detoxification process (without any side effects like diarrhea) with added nutrients and Vitamin~ If you are looking for something to help lower blood sugar and improves metabolism, this will be the right product for you as well!

Koplina Green Aojiru with beetroot cold pressed juice~

Koplina Green Aojiru Matcha and Koplina Jellies are retailing in Singapore at all SK-II Boutique Spa by Senze Salus, Pink Parlour, Nishino Pharmacy and John Little outlets as well as Viland (Far East Plaza) and Robinsons (Raffles City Shopping Centre).  It is also available online at

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from Koplina’s presskit

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