Q-depot.com – Your Gateway to Korean Cosmetics & Skincare~

안녕하세요 (Annyeonghaseyo)~

It has been 3 weeks since i’m back from Korea and i’m having withdrawal symptoms!! I miss the food, the weather and definitely the shopping ( All the pretty apparel and skincare/cosmetics!). Planning another trip next year (Maybe during Winter so that i can try skiing again~)

One thing i noticed over at Korea is that everyone is so well-groomed with great dress sense! I guess it is a sin to go out without makeup (this is why i felt so out-of-place. haha!) Korea is also a makeup / skincare shopping heaven! Everywhere i go, there will bound to be shops selling skincare & cosmetics. I have to stop myself from entering the shop and emerging with shopping bags! haha! How to resist? There are so many brands and products not available in Singapore! Moreover, prices are much more affordable. During the trip, i have come across a new brand which isn’t available in Singapore. Bought some products which works really well on my skin but i’m worried about running out of products and not able to replenish them (unless i can get someone to help me purchase during his / her Korea Trip).


This collage sums up our first visit to Myeongdong!

When i came back to Singapore, i was pleased to discover an online portal (Q-depot.com) which offers many Korean cosmetics & Skincare products with fast delivery and affordable prices (At least 10-20% lower than the pricing in Singapore!).  Q-depot.com is an established online store offering quality, authentic and popular Korean cosmetic and skincare products at cost-effective prices. With this online retail shop, i don’ have to worry about not able to purchase my necessities and i also don’t have to trouble my friends. Yay!!

Q-depot.com was envisioned and established to offer consumers effective beauty and skin care products that are not extravagantly priced, and give great value for money. The incident that inspired the creation of q-depot.com started with a skiing trip to Korea that resulted in weather-beaten damaged skin which expensive brands could not restore. Inexpensive but highly effective Korean brands offered a lasting solution to restore damaged skin and maintain its beauty. And that’s when the founder decided to unveil this secret to thousand of women out there who are exhausted of trying different ways to get their beauty back and look as gorgeous as they deserve.


Photo from Q-depot.com’s Facebook Page

Korean cosmetics and skincare products are well-known for being effective and for offering excellent value for money. Every Korean product is created with the motto that “Natural is the Best.” They are made with natural ingredients that have restorative and deep-conditioning benefits. However, not everyone has easy access to these products. Q-depot.com solve this problem by offering everyone an e-commerce platform that is easy to navigate, secure and reliable.

Q-depot.com’s motto is “Beauty for All”. Irrespective of your gender or age, you will find a wide variety of cost-effective Korean skin care and beauty products that fit your needs perfectly. Beauty that stems from products created with natural materials is now within your reach with just a few clicks~


Thanks to Q-depot.com, i was given an opportunity to try out its website and hereby sharing my experience! 🙂

+1:  Huge collection of Korean Cosmetics and Skin Care products

When i first entered the website, i was overwhelmed by all the different brands and products made availablevia Q-depot.comCurrently, there’s over 15,000 products from 23 brands and are growing every passing day! Popular and effective Japanese cosmetics and Western brands will also be added to its list of offerings in the near future. Being the online retailer that carries one of the largest collection of Korean Cosmetics and Skin Care products online, Q-depot.com is committed to provide almost every product that you’re looking for.


+2: 100% Authentic Products and 30 Days Free Return Policy

I know that shopping online has its fair share of risk and one major risk would be buying fake products.. Rest assured that everything you see from Q-depot.com are authentic products that are shipped directly from Korea. Moreover, prices are very close to what you are getting in Korea. For example, Q-depot.com sells the SKIN FOOD Black Sugar Perfect First Serum at USD $34.61 (SGD 46.66) and it is retailing at $58.90 in Singapore (which is about $10.20 in savings). Hence by shopping at Q-depot.comit is as good as shopping in Korea by yourself without having to walk and carry the shopping bags! haha!

Q-depot.com take pride in offering 100% authentic products shipped directly from Korea with full guarantee on their quality. All the products are authentic, fresh and of best quality. Q-depot.com will take responsibility should there be any complaints. In the event if you are not satisfied with your products, Q-depot.com also offers a 30 Days Free Return Policy with no question ask and full refund. Hence you can shop online and enjoy the experience with a peace of mind.


Photo from Q-depot.com’s Facebook Page

+3: Free Worldwide Shipping For Orders Above US$ 69.00 & Fast door-step delivery for customer convenience

When ordering from online website, one will tend to worry about expensive shipping charges. Q-depot.com offers free worldwide shipping for orders above US$69 so you can shop without worrying for huge shipping fees. Even if orders cost below US$69, the shopping charges are affordable as well and you can take a look at the charges here. Sometimes, there’s even shipping promotion and i certainly love it as Q-depot.com shoulders our shipping cost for ultimate convenience and satisfaction. My order took about 7-10 days to arrive at my door step which is pretty fast IMO. My product is securely wrapped in a thick layer of bubble wrap and placed within a sturdy box. Hence, you need not worry about breakage / spillage during delivery.


The generous amount of bubble wrap used for 1 product~

+4: Ease of Use and Excellent Customer Support Service.

Despite having many different brands and products, the shopping platform on Q-depot.com is very easy to navigate as it is segmented into various categories such as Skincare, BB & CC Cream, Make Up, Hair Care, Men & Crulety Free. Within the different categories, products are further classified based on your needs. If you need recommendations, you can “Shop By Solution” or “Skin Type” and products that will best suit your needs / skin conditions will be displayed. If you are looking for specific products, you can use the “Search Function” or via “Brands” to fulfil your beauty needs. If you have any questions or require assistance, you can also use the Live Chat function on the website and help will be rendered promptly to make your shopping experience pleasant!

Untitled 2

To place your order:

1) Navigate through the menu categories and once you locate your product, click on “Add to Cart” icon or button.

2) Review your items in your cart by clicking “View Cart” or click “Checkout” to go directly to the checkout page. Cart function is available at the top right corner of the page. The currency function is available at the top middle of the website.

3) Use your coupon code, gift voucher or reward points at the bottom of view cart page. You may apply these items if you go directly to the checkout page.

4) To calculate your estimated shipping fee, please click on “Estimate Shipping & Taxes” at the bottom of view cart page.

5) Click checkout at the right bottom of the view cart page and you will land on the checkout page.

6) Input/ select your delivery and payment address and payment method and click confirm order.

7) You will be directed to the PayPal official website to process your payment.

8) You will receive an email of order confirmation.



Alright! Here’s the item i have gotten from Q-depot.com– introducing The Face Shop’s Chia Seed Watery Toner~ After attending a life-skill course, my husband and myself are getting obsessed with Super Foods. Chia seeds are one of them and we are diligently adding them into our yogurt. Loving this super food as they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, protein & fiber. So when i came across the Chia Seed Watery Toner on Q-depot.com, i have to get it!! If you feel that the use of toner is not necessary, read this post~ 🙂


The Face Shop’s Chia Seed Watery Toner (145ml) is made for all skin type and this is a hydrating toner with organically grown chia seed (Contains 100% chia seeds water instead of water). The Chia seeds water is extracted within 24 hours via the Fresh method, instead of water delivers the vitality of the highly pure chia. It is said that this is a moisturizing toner that instantly hydrates the skin and tones dry and patchy dead skin cells while moisturizing it. The Chia seeds carrying moisture and the Moisture Hug System adjust the skin into an optimal state to fully retain moisture.


This toner comes in a solid heavy glass pump bottle and i’m certainly recycling the bottle as it is so sturdy! The toner has a very pleasant fresh smell and it doesn’t sting my sensitive skin. My face feels refreshed after using it and due to its watery light weighted texture, it doesn’t cause any stickiness / greasiness. My skin felt really light and clean after toning it. Will highly recommend if you are looking for a mild toner for sensitive skin!


If you are lemming for some Korean Skincare or Cosmetics, why not visit Q-depot.com? If you sign up now, you get to enjoy $5 off your purchase and free worldwide shipping (Just click on the banner below)! 🙂

Website | Facebook Page | Twitter


* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from Q-depot.com’s Website.


One thought on “Q-depot.com – Your Gateway to Korean Cosmetics & Skincare~

  1. Linda says:

    Hi Jermainee, great job and thanks for introducing this amazing shop. Honestly, i love their color scheme, broader product range, great filtration function to narrow down your hunt in almost no time and best of all free worldwide shipping. Surely, i will give it a try.

    As always, great piece of information Jermaine. Thanks!

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