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Hellooooo my readers!! Time for review on some moisturizing products that i’ve been using recently. The weather has been scorching hot recently so thank God for these products which kept my ‘angry’ skin soothe and well-hydrated (sensitive from the heat and breakouts from wrong product used). Due to breakouts, i’m also going for Aqua ST treatment & Spectra Carbon Laser Peel treatment to control it. After which, the 2 moisturizing products helped me to ‘maintain’ the ‘longevity’ of the treatment by stabilizing skin till the next treatment and also stop flaky skin (as i’m also using pimple cream on my acne). 🙂

In the past, i will tend to skip the use of moisturizer when the weather is hot as i felt that it will make my skin oilier. However, this is a misconception as it has been proven that many skin problems will surface when skin being dehydrated.. When skin lacks moisture, it will turn dry and cause irritation (Hence the sensitive skin). When skin is dry, it causes more oil / Sebum to be produced so as to protect the skin (Body’s natural reaction and hence the oily skin + outbreaks). The undeniable truth is that hydration is important for all skin types and the key to hydration is to choose products that suit your skin type.

If you have oily / sensitive skin, you will need to keep your skin well moisturized so that it wont give the brain the signal to produce more oil to protect it. Hydrating products that suits your skin will be those with a gel or fluid texture.

If you have normal skin type, it is important to maintain the healthiness of skin types with moisture. If you have this skin type (lucky you!) as most hydrating products in the market will be suitable for you. Just use one which you think feels the best for you.

If you have dry skin, you will need intensive moisture to restore suppleness and prevent premature aging. You will need to use cream based moisturizer which will intensively hydrates your skin.

The two moisturizing products are from MDD Cosmeceutical but before i go further into my reviews, let me tell you more about this brand.

MDD Cosmeceutical has been working for more than 7 years to create a contemporary beauty experience for individuals. The brand focus on R&D resources on cosmeceutical development to create products to suit today’s consumers’ ever-evolving lifestyle needs (all products are developed and made in Japan).  Fuss-free and highly effective, MDD Cosmeceutical is perfect for the time-starved working woman as it combines breakthrough research and state of the art technology, to ensure the most effective delivery of active ingredients into the deepest layers of the skin, for ultimate fuss-free skincare efficiency.


MDD – ‘My Daily Dose’ definition: A unit for measuring a daily prescribed amount of an indicated pharmaceutical drug. (Photo from Skin Balance’s FB page)

MDD’s Vision is to make every use of mdd Cosmeceutical product a sensorial experience. Every skincare regime is every woman’s quiet time with herself – her daily dose of hope and faith before she steps out to face the world; her daily dose of peace, grace and happiness at the end of each day. Hence, MDD Cosmeceutical is formulated and perfect for the time-starved working woman as it combines breakthrough research and state of the art technology, to ensure the most effective delivery of active ingredients into the deepest layers of the skin, for ultimate fuss-free skincare efficiency.

The range is scent-free and paraben-free, which optimizes the skincare benefits for different skin types. There are currently 3 product categoriesAnti-Ageing (Red), Brightening (Yellow) & Hydration (Blue) to address different skin concerns faced by modern days women!


(Photo from Skin Balance’s FB page)

Without further adieu, i will touch more on Hydra Infusion Okinawa Mask (50ml) which is MDD Cosmeceutical’s star product. The Hydra Infusion Okinawa Mask is a super moisturizing, lightweight mask infused with nourishing Okinawa deep-sea water and Hyaluronic Acid deeply hydrates, and Soybean extract brightens your skin. Extremely pure and rich in nutrients, this all-in-one mask hydrates, clarifies, brightens, and boosts cell renewal all in a single step. It can be used as a night moisturizer, mask, or overnight sleep-in mask, and you wake up to radiant and dewy soft skin!

Hydra-Infusion Okinawa Mask, a sleep-in, super moisturizing, lightweight wonder mask in a jar!

Have always love skincare & makeup products from Japan as they are suitable for Asians and intensive R&D will be put in place to ensure its efficiency. Told Claire (Manager at Skin Balance) about my skin concern (Sensitivity, dehydration and breakouts) and she recommended me for this mask for intensive hydration and soothing of skin. Many of her customers love it so much that they are using it as daily moisturizer instead of a mask. Because of my problematic skin condition, i’m using this as a once weekly mask for intense hydration.. I will often face breakouts if my skin is too dehydrated and one tell sign will be very oily skin (which will then results in clogged pores and pimples)

A little goes a long way, i just have to apply a thin layer to cleansed skin for 30 minutes and then wash it off with warm water. Skin will stay healthy and hydrated for one week (till the next application). If you want, you can also leave it on overnight as a sleep-in facial treatment.. Did some research as i was curious over what’s Okinawa deep-sea water and I’ve have gathered that it will help greatly in skin healing, repair & hydration~ Since my skin is irritated, angry, dehydrated and highly unstable, it is the right time for me to put the Hydra Infusion Okinawa Mask to the test.

Texture & Appearance Wise, the Hydra Infusion Okinawa Mask has a clear formula which makes it excellent to use overnight as you need not worry about staining your bedsheets. It has a gel-like consistency that feels light and is non-sticky. It gets absorbed into skin instantly and not suffocating on skin. I can totally see why you can use this as a moisturizer as the texture is really light (This mask as the same texture as a gel moisturizer)!

The Hydra Infusion Okinawa Mask is fragrance-free as well, which this mask is, thus making it perfecting for sensitive skin. As mentioned, i will use as a mask for 30 mins every week and i love how it helped my ‘unhappy’ skin. Upon application, i love how refreshing the mask felt! If you have seen me few weeks before, you would have notice how red, bumpy, dry and oily my skin is.. But i’m glad that the laser treatments and the mask has helped my skin to look healthier, hydrated, less red and not so dry. After each application, i will wake up the next morning with super hydrated, plump & brighter skin! With skin more hydrated, oil secretion also reduced greatly! 🙂

To further prove the ‘healing & hydrating’ ability of the mask, i have also tried applying a thin layer on my hand! Recently, i have skin irritation on my hand which left the skin red, dry, patchy and painful..  30 mins later, the problem area feels smoother to the touch, less patchy and not as red! Impressive!

The Hydra Infusion Okinawa Mask retails at S$78.95 for 50ml and S$131.95 for 100ml. It is available at


On a daily basis, i will make good use of the Skin Perfect Brightening Nano Gel (60ml) to keep my skin moisturized so as to reduce oil secretion. If your skin is dehydrated, it will send a signal to your brain to produce more oil to protect it. However due to the condition of my skin, i will have to make sure that the moisturizer has a gel or fluid texture. Like its name is suggesting, the Skin Perfect Brightening Nano Gel is the type of moistuizer that my skin needs!

Say goodbye to dull skin and hello to brightness and complete hydration. This all-in-one Nano Gel contains Vitamin C and Pearl Essence to brighten, Seaweed Extract to moisturize and Ceramides to calm your skin. This multi-tasking gel works hard to unveil the fair, nourished and bright skin you’ve always wanted! It repairs, tones, hydrates, primes and protects your skin all in a single dose for fuss-free efficacy!

Even for oily skin, moisturizing is very important after cleansing to prevent skin from ‘drying up’. When skin is dehydrated, it will cause the skin to become problematic skin. If skin lacks moisture, it will turn dry, sensitive and irritated. When skin is dry, it causes more oil / sebum to be produced as this is body’s natural reaction to protect the skin (hence clogged pores and breakouts will surface).

As mentioned, i have sensitive, dehydrated and clogged acne prone skin as it has gone haywire recently. Nowadays after i wash my face, the skin around my cheeks will feel tight and dry. The Skin Perfect Brightening Nano Gel has a light gel texture which will ‘sink’ into skin instantly without leaving any sticky / greasy film behind. I have to say that i love the fact that it is lightweight and it hydrates my skin well so the tight sensation is minimized. I have also observed that my skin feels refreshed after applying this moisturizer and it keeps my skin moisturized at the right places. Due to the light texture, it doesn’t irritate my skin, does not clog my pores and it spreads like a dream! The pump bottle also makes application hygiene and prevents wastage. As you can see from the picture below, the Nano Gel gets absorbed into skin completely without leaving behind any shiny film. It also instantly reduce skin redness so skin appears to be healthier and less patchy!

The Skin Perfect Brightening Nano Gel retails at S$68.95  for 60ml and it is available at


Lastly, i was also give the Skin Perfect CC Cream (20ml) but i won’t be reviewing in this post as my skin had went haywire due to one product which is not suitable for me (Hint: Another brand of CC cream that’s highly raved but sad to say that my skin disliked it! Sob Sob!). After using for a few times, i’ve suffered from one of the worst breakouts ever!! During the last skin consultation with Dr Lim, he told me to stop experimenting with new base makeup  as my skin is very sensitive. Hence, i will be taking sometime for my skin to rest and not try anymore new makeup for the time being . So in the meantime, i will only be applying skincare on my face…

Back to the Skin Perfect CC Cream~  This all-in-one CC cream is a make-up base, sunscreen, moisturizer and anti-ageing cream to help you look perfect, minus the hard work. It effortlessly airbrushed skin on the first application, reducing the look of fine lines without clogging pores. All while hydrating, priming and protecting your skin with Marine Collagen and Ceramide complex. After cleansing, toning and moisturizing, apply a thin layer evenly to the face. Blend with sponge applicator if required.

When i met Claire, she told me to try the CC Cream on my hand and the first impression is that the CC Cream brightens & even out my skin. Texture wise, it feels light, smooth and easy to blend (without stickiness). Will give this a try soon (i hope my skin will recover faster!!!)

The Skin Perfect CC Cream retails @ S$31.55 for 20ml and you can order it at



The 1 Step to Flawless Looking Skin with the Skin Perfect CC Cream!

Overall, i’m very pleased with the products as they are hydrating and yet light which made it very suitable to use in our hot & humid climate. Moreover if you have problematic skin like mine which cannot take too rich products, you need not worry that the products will clog your pores.. Only downside is the price but i have to say that it is worthwhile to pay for something which works (instead of splurging on cheaper alternatives and ended up they are not suitable for you).

All MDD Cosmeceutical products are available from Skin BalanceOne piece of good news for all my readers – from now till 31 July 2015, you will get to enjoy a SPECIAL store-wide $7 discount with the coupon code “MDDC Social Launch 2”

Thanks for reading and i will be back with more updates soon! 🙂

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from MDD Cosmeceutical’s website and Presskit.

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