A High Tea Date with Dilmah in Singapore Style – Share your favourite tea-inspired moments to win an all-expense paid trip to Sri Lanka

Hello Everyone! I have blogged about the Dilmah Real High Tea Global Challenge in April and this challenge started back in 2007 in partnership with the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS) has travelled across the world with the participation of some of the finest hospitality venues in the world, in search of that quintessential Afternoon tea for the 21st Century. Open to culinary professionals, the Challenge allows masters of the culinary trade test their metal in the Toughest Tea Challenge in the World, with national winners from around the world travelling to Sri Lanka in July to participate in the Global Real High Tea Challenge to determine the Global Real Tea Champion.

As a prelude to the grand finale of the Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge in Sri Lanka this July, Dilmah has launched “Tea Inspired me”, an online competition where participants will stand to win a 10-day, all-expense paid trip to Sri Lanka. In addition, the winner will get an opportunity to witness Singapore representative, Tess Bar & Kitchen, compete against culinary heavyweights from 13 other countries at the global stage of the Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge.


(From L to R) Head Chef Martin Wong, Chef Eric Neo, Founder of DIlmah Tea Mr Merril J. Fernando, Bartender Lee Zhang An, Black Hat Chef Bernd Uber, Director of Dilmah Tea Dilhan C. Fernando

Ever had a #teainspired moment or a beautiful snapshot that you’ve made over a cup of tea?.

Dilmah’s “Tea Inspired me” is an international online challenge that encourages tea aficionados to share their favourite tea moments in photography, video, audio or in written form. All tea-inspired entries must center on the five themes – Tea and friendship, Tea and Memory, Tea Me and Grandma, Tea Kids and Tea and Ethics.

To participate, upload your #teainspired moment, either in photo, video, audio or written format, to this website by 20 June 2015. This free online competition allows participants to submit multiple tea-inspired moment. Tea Inspired Me is conducted on two levels; global and national. The national edition of the competition is held in 16 countries, including Singapore, and each national winner will receive a weekend package for two at an exclusive 5 star hotel and exclusive Dilmah gift packs.


About Dilmah Tea

Dilmah Tea was born in 1988 when Merrill J. Fernando offered consumers Garden Fresh, Single Origin, Pure Ceylon Tea, packed at origin. That was the first time that a tea producer offered tea that was picked, perfected, packed and branded at source, direct to consumers. Currently,  Dilmah Tea extensive range includes traditional Speciality Gourmet and Premium Tea, Herbal Infusions, pure Green Tea and Fun flavoured Teas, Spiced Chais, Organic Tea, the Dilmah Exceptional range with its contemporary selection of teas, boutique Watte and t-Series teas, the exclusive Teamaker’s Private Reserve teas and the latest Dilmah 25th Anniversary Silver Jubilee Gourmet range and the vibrant and exciting Vivid tea selection.

Dilmah takes the lead in bringing innovation to a global tea category that has suffered decline as a result of commoditisation. Signature events such as the Chefs & the Teamaker and Real High Tea are innovations that seek to educate and inspire hospitality professionals to offer their guests a completely new tea experience. The events foster greater respect for this healthy, natural and versatile beverage. The Dilmah School of Tea seeks to inspire passion in tea through knowledge of the artisanal aspects of tea amongst hospitality professionals, tea aficionados and consumers. The emphasis is on the importance of Real Tea and the versatility of this natural herb in Tea Gastronomy, food pairing and Tea Mixology.

The Dilmah family tea company has embodied the vision of its founder, to offer tea with authenticity, quality, natural goodness and ethics to tea drinkers around the world. By marketing his tea direct to consuming markets, Merrill J. Fernando ensures that the earnings from Dilmah remain in Sri Lanka to be shared among workers and the community. Merrill’s desire was to make his business a matter of human service. Today, Dilmah is recognised as the world’s only genuinely ethical tea. Earnings from the sale of Dilmah tea support the work of the MJF Charitable Foundation, a charity established by Merrill J. Fernando, which touches the lives of thousands of underprivileged people each year.

dsc02580 (1)

‘Host a Dilmah Real High Tea’ Challenge

In its mission to reignite the “tea” in high tea, Dilmah will be inviting cafes and restaurants in Singapore to host their own interpretations of Real High Tea. Participating establishments will receive a Dilmah Starter Kit, comprising an indulgent selection of handpicked teas and herbal infusions from the Exceptional Range, and are required to incorporate any of these teas into their own interpretation of Dilmah high tea from 20 to 28 June 2015. High tea menus will be reviewed by Dilmah’s panel of Singapore’s top food bloggers and judged on the perfect brew, the pairing of tea with food as well as the overall presentation. The winner will walk away with an all-expense paid trip to Sri Lanka for a culinary tea adventure at the Dilmah School of Tea in November.


Tess Bar & Kitchen’s bespoke tea-inspired menu -1 


Tess Bar & Kitchen’s bespoke tea-inspired menus -2

I will be uploading my #teainspired moment soon and thank you Dilmah Tea for sending me the kit so that i can complete the mission. 🙂

“Tea Inspired me” Challenge

For further information on the competition, log on to http://realhighteaathome.com/teainspiredme.

Campaign hashtags: #teainspired #dilmahtea

To get more tea-inspired creations, visit https://www.facebook.com/teagastronomy

‘Host a Dilmah Real High Tea’ Challenge

For more information and to register, visit http://hostadilmahrealhightea.com/registration or contact Francesca Quah at pr@foodcult.com.sg.

Dilmah Tea’s Instagram Twitter | Website


* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from Dilmah’s presskit

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