Moisturise with DCS’ Aquaderm range to achieve Korean looking skin which glows from within!

안녕하세요 (Annyeonghaseyo)~ I’m still pretty much missing Korea and i hope i can visit the country again ! Just told my husband that i want another white christmas next year so i guess Korea is top on the list.. hahaha! Anyway, i have attended an event by a new Korean skincare brand weeks ago and i’m excited to share it with everyone! New Korean skincare brand DCS makes its mark in Singapore with its moisturising range – AQUADERM.  The range consists of six products which harnesses the volcanic power of Jeju to unlock the Korean secret to dewy, radiant skin.

DCS has been well-received in its home country (KOREA!), the rising beauty capital of Asia. ‘Watery-light’ dewy skin, or mul-kwang-pi-bu in Korean, has been a favourite trend amongst Korean celebrities for many years. DCS’ skin-loving formula transforms dull, dry skin to healthy, glowing skin which Korean women are famous for. One of Korea’s top beauty YouTube vloggers, Lamuqe, personally recommended DCS after testing it out on Korea’s popular beauty variety show, After School Beauty Bible. Lamuqe is well-liked and trusted by Korean audiences for her cheery and informative videos on skincare and makeup

DCS specially infuses each one of its products with Jeju’s mineral-rich volcanic sea water, making it possible to tap into the volcano’s rejuvenating power for healthier glowing skin. Bringing forth skin renewal with Jeju’s volcanic seawater Jeju, a volcanic island located in South Korea, is renowned for being one of the top 7 new natural wonders in the world. Within this fertile island lies a hidden pocket of nutrient-rich volcanic sea water, highly purified of pathogens and heavy metals by passing through volcanic basalt rock for over 300,000 years.

The volcanic seawater forms the core base of all DCS products. The volcanic seawater is highly valued for its rare mineral content such as selenium, zinc and iron, all of which are crucial to skin health. Selenium is an antioxidant mineral responsible for tissue elasticity and cell damage prevention, while zinc alleviates the damage caused by acne and reduces excessive sebum production. The iron in the seawater improves the skin’s ability to repair and regenerate, which is key to smooth, wrinkle-free skin.

DCS has 5 ranges, from hydration to anti-ageing, ensuring that every skin need is catered for. In line with its cruelty-free business philosophy, all products from DCS are not tested on animals.

Moisturise with AQUADERM

DCS has recognised the importance of proper hydration, hence choosing AQUADERM to be launched first out of its 5 ranges. While i was in Korea, almost all the SAs will recommend their hydration range to me. It has been proven that many skin problems will surface when skin being dehydrated.. When skin lacks moisture, it will turn dry and cause irritation (Hence the sensitive skin). When skin is dry, it causes more oil / Sebum to be produced so as to protect the skin (Body’s natural reaction and hence the oily skin + outbreaks). Therefore, don’t underestimate the need to keep skin well hydrated! 🙂

Each of DCS’ ranges has its own special ingredient, and for AQUADERM, the agave cactus extract is the key to improved skin hydration. The agave cactus has the remarkable ability to retain almost 100% of its moisture despite the most extreme desert conditions. Likewise, the extract has excellent water storage ability as a humectant, strengthening the skin’s moisture barrier and restoring vitality to even the driest of skins. The refreshing green tea-scented AQUADERM range is assured to take care of your skin needs from day to-night, consisting of cleansing water, a foam cleanser, a toner, a moisturising ampoule, a day cream and a night cream.


Step One: 

At the end of the day, it is important to do double cleansing (With makeup remover and follow by your regular cleanser) to remove all dust, excessive sebum, impurities and make-up which contributes to skin problems (like acne and sensitivity).. DCS recommends the use of Aquaderm Super Aqua Cleansing Water to remove makeup and impurities without tightening / drying the skin. To leave skin clean and moist, apply the proper amount of product on a cotton cleansing pad and softly massage the face thoroughly.

My Thought: 

Since i am not using makeup at the moment, i’m using the Super Aqua Cleansing Water to remove my sunblock because it is so much more convenient! It cleanse and remove sunblock thoroughly while soothing the feel of skin while hydrating it. Since there’s no need to rub or rinse, my sensitive skin loves it as it doesn’t cause any redness, stinging sensation or breakouts. Not to mention, the cleansing water smells really good as well!

Aquaderm Super Aqua Cleansing Water 150ml, $30.50

Step Two: 

I strongly believe in double cleansing as i feel that skin problems occur due to inefficient cleansing when remnant dirt, make-up residues and chemical traces are left on skin.. The use of correct products are as important as well as harsh cleansing agents that will disturb skin natural balance and lead to skin problems like dryness, clogged pores and pimples. DCS recommends the use of Aquaderm Super Aqua Foam Cleanser which is safe for everyone including those with sensitive skin. It deeply cleanses the pores with fine foam particles and keeps the skin feeling moisturised even after cleansing, with no tightness.

Super Aqua Foam Cleanser 150ml, $30.50

My Thought: 

Aquaderm Super Aqua Foam Cleanser has a creamy texture and upon lathering, it works into a thick creamy consistency (therefore, just a pea-size amount will suffice). The cleanser has excellent lathering action and love the feeling as i feel that my skin is cleansed thoroughly. I have very oily sensitive skin (yet dehydrated) and this cleanser does a good job in removing all impurities and make-up residues on my face.. After cleansing, there’s no tightness at all and skin feels well cleansed! Moreover, the cleanser is gentle on skin, moisturizing and does not strip skin off with too much oil.

Step Three:

Do you know that the use of toner is actually part of the cleansing process? I have people telling me that toner is redundant but it is really important as it helps to clean off remaining residue left on your skin after cleansing. Moreover, it helps valuable ingredients of your skincare products (like serum & moisturizer) gets absorbed and processed more effectively. When you tone your skin, you are actually ‘wetting’ your skin and moist skin will absorb the nutrients better. DCS recommends the use of Aquaderm Super Aqua Toner as the 2nd part of the skin cleansing process and to restore the moisture balance in stressed, sensitive skin. Its non-sticky formula is quickly and easily absorbed while it soothes, whitens and remove wrinkles.

Super Aqua Toner 150ml, $33.50

My Thought: 

The texture of the toner is on the thick side and it seems rather slimy when i first swiped it on my skin. However, it does not feel sticky / slimy when it gets absorbed. The toner smells really nice and it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. I feel that it is gentle on skin (as there’s no stinging sensation after application) and refreshes it without any drying effect.. Loving it more as time goes by~

Step Four:

Now comes the star product in the Aquaderm range – The Super Aqua Ampoule will provide instant results and act as a high potency booster for skin! Do you know that ampoule has the highest concentration of enriching active ingredients, followed by the serum and the essence. Ampoules are for people who need an instant skin care effect – usually age 25 and onwards. Hence, one drop is supercharged with more goodies and will better improve the quality of skin and heightens the overall skin-boosting effect (As it is meant to use on top of toner and moisturizer).

The Super Aqua Ampoule comes with sodium hyaluronate, which has moisturising content 6000 times its own weight. Visible results are achieved within a short time after application as it builds up skin resilience and moisture. It also protects the skin from external stimulation by forming a thin and transparent film on the skin’s surface.

Super Aqua Ampoule 30ml, $53.00

My Thought: 

Normally i will only use Ampoules during facials (For intensive treatment) or before makeup application (So that makeup will last longer and to control sebum). This is the first time that i am incorporating it into my skincare regime. Because i have problematic skin, i’m only using it once a week as i’m afraid it might be too rich.. The Super Aqua Ampoule has a gel fluid texture and it gets penetrated into my skin quickly without any heavy after-feel… The serum has a light tea scent which smells really pleasant! A 5 cent coin amount is sufficient to care for my entire face and neck. Despite of its concentrated nature, the serum ampoule does not irritate my skin and it did not cause any peeling or stinging sensation. After application, skin looks softer, smoother and calmer… The next day, i will wake up to well-hydrated skin and skin felt less tight~

If you need some SOS (aka intensive treatment) for aged skin, DCS also carries the Ultra Nutrition Ampoule which is a Premium resilience ampoule which helps strengthen the skin energy with the filtrate of ferulae mushroom mycelium and fermented ginseng fruit extract as well as the active component. This Anti-aging and firming product will improve skin’s vitality and protect the oxidized skin cell as well as improving the wrinkles and resilience for the skin aged and lost with its volume as time goes by

Ultra Nutrition Ampoule

Step Five:

In the past, i will tend to skip the use of moisturizer as i dislike piling too many things on my skin (which in turns will clog my pores). However, this is a misconception as it has been proven that many skin problems will surface when skin being dehydrated.. When skin lacks moisture, it will turn dry and cause irritation (Hence the sensitive skin). When skin is dry, it causes more oil / Sebum to be produced so as to protect the skin (Body’s natural reaction and hence the oily skin + outbreaks). The undeniable truth is that hydration is important for all skin types and the key to hydration is to choose products that suit your skin type

DCS recommends the use of Super Aqua Day CreamSuper Aqua Night Cream to keep skin well hydrated 24/7. The Day Cream provides rich moisture and nutrition from additional lavender and
pansy extracts. It comes with an additional UV blocking function (SPF20/PA+) and also protects the skin from external elements. With light texture, it will soothes and brightens stressed skin quickly. After a long, hard day, the skin becomes hypersensitive due to exposure to external stress. Hence the night cream will restore the skin with a healthy state with agave extract & three vegetable extracts (lavender, cornflower and pansy). It keeps the skin moisturised until the next morning and its whitening and anti-wrinkle effects brighten up the face for the next day

Super Aqua Day Cream & Night Cream 50ml, $41.00 each

Since weather is so hot recently, the use of moisturizer & sunblock is really important especially.. Because i have pores which will be congested very easily, i will to keep the amount of skincare products on my face to bare minimum. Hence, i love 2-in-one products that combines moisturizer and sunblock abilities in one to hydrate it and provides broad spectrum sun protection..  Super Aqua Day Cream has a light cream base texture and it gets absorbs quickly with a non-greasy matte finish. It does not create any white cast and won’t choke up pores. It also rebalance my skin, calms it and it also reduces redness / dryness.

Super Aqua Night Cream is creamy yet light in texture and has a slight fragrance. I find that has a lighter texture as compared to the day cream. After application, it doesn’t leave a heavy / greasy after feel. It kept my skin well-moisturized and my skin did not feel tight despite sleeping in an air-conditioner room. When i washed my face the next day, my skin doesn’t feel so tight and is noticeably softer. After using the above products for 2 weeks, my skin has a nice glow and it looks much healthier. Not to mention, it is much brighter and softer (not so dull & haggard looking).

How can i not mention the delicious and sumptuous Korean Cuisine that we had at Hyangtogol Korean Restaurant‏? The side dishes and BBQ beef were really good (practically melt in the mouth and so tender!). Would certainly head back for more BBQ meat with my husband soon. 🙂

Thank you DCS and Media Flair for organizing the Intimate Korean Dinner and Pampering Session. I also had fun designing and constructing my own fairy light! The DCS AQUADERM range is available exclusively at Watsons and i would definitely recommend it to all~


* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from DCS ’s presskit

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