Promote Healthy Nails With Locycare

Hello my readers, i’m gonna talk about nail care today! Nail care is an important aspect of grooming but a task that is often overlooked in today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Moreover, we are ‘abusing’ our nails from time to time when we beautify our nails. I’m sure all the ladies love pretty nails but it is a known fact that nail polish will weaken our nails and strip away the essential oils that maintains strong nail enamel.

Nails are like skin which requires optimal hydration. When the nails are dry, it can become opaque, discolored and fragile. Most women change their nail polish frequently and the chemicals and solvents commonly found in nail polishes & removers strip the nails of its moisture; making them brittle and prone to splitting and breaking.  I also love beautifying my nails but i have to stop it temporary as my mum is nagging me to stop. She said that i am subjecting my body to too much chemicals and solvents which is not good when i’m TTC-ing.


Beautiful nails, but only on the surface

After painting my nails regularly and not allowing it to ‘rest’, my nails have became dry and brittle. Hence it will chip very easily. During manicure, the manicurist will never fail to comment that my nails are so brittle till the extend that she can only file in one direction (if not, my nails will chip off while filing).  Few months ago, i was using a nailcare product which i have gotten from the Watsons GDO’s event. Ever since i finished using the tube, i’m back to painting my nails which led to it returning to the delicate state.

To salvage and restore my nails again, i have just began to use Locycare Nail Gel, a nail care product from Galderma. Locycare offers a quick and easy solution to recover healthy looking nails in just two weeks by restoring the natural water content of damaged nails. The nail gel is essentially a moisturiser for one’s nails and effortlessly penetrates the nail with a slight massage. In addition to practicing regular good nail care, applying Locycare will promote healthy nails regrowth, and ultimately prevent the occurrence of fungal nail infections and other unwanted diseases.


Locycare Nail Gel is clinically proven to recover discoloured or damaged nails to healthy state. This moisturising nail gel contains a unique combination of humectants to restore the natural water content of damaged nails and Artemisia leaf extract that has an antimicrobial action to provide a fast visible improvement to damaged and discoloured nails. It delivers visible improvement of nails with yellow discolouration after two weeks of application. It also helps to promotes healthy nail regrowth while restoring the natural water content of damaged nails and penetrates the nails to ensure optimal hydration


Locycare Nail Gel 15g (Retail price: S$19.90)

Before i go into the product review, i will tell you more about Galderma. Galderma is a global company founded in 1981, committed to delivering innovative medical solutions to meet the dermatological needs of people throughout their lifetime while serving healthcare professionals around the world. Galderma’s extensive product portfolio is available in 80 countries and treats a range of dermatological conditions including: acne, rosacea, onychomycosis, psoriasis and steroid-responsive dermatoses, pigmentary disorders, skin cancer, and medical solutions for skin senescence. One of the product which i love from Galderma is their Cetaphil range! You can search my blog to read more about my reviews on them. 🙂


Give your nails a break (from external elements such as nail polish), go bare with Locycare and appreciate the minimal look of a healthy and bare nail today!

Packaging: Fuss-free & Clean-looking squeeze tube that contains 15g of the nail gel. A little goes on long way so i reckon one tub will be able to last for 2-3 months (if you apply it twice daily).


How to Use:

1) Firstly, wash your hands and dry it. You might wish to apply it before going to bed or complete what you are doing first.

2) Apply a small (really small) amount of drop of gel onto nails and massage lightly. Be careful not to apply too much, if not the gel will take a long time to dry up (and the surface of your nails will feel very sticky). The texture of the gel is on the thick sticky side so a small amount will suffice. Try not to do anything for the next 15 mins till the gel dries up.

3)  To see results, you have to apply it twice a daily (continuously for 14 days).


One thing i love about the Locycare Nail Gel is the refreshing minty scent. There’s a slight cooling sensation upon application (which i love too!) but the downside is the sticky nature of the nail gel. Hence, you have to take extra care not to over apply as it will get really sticky. If you apply a thin layer and massage the gel in for a few seconds, the gel will dry up in 15 mins. Hence, you might wish to apply if before going to bed or complete whatever you are doing as your hands will be ‘down’ for 15 mins.


Sticky nails surface right after application + massaging the gel on my nails.

So far, i have only applied this nail gel for a few days and i’m already starting to see some improvements. As mentioned, my nails are really dry till the extend that you can see faint white scratch lines on them (tried capturing them but unable to see it clearly on pictures). After applying the gel twice a day (for a few days), i can see some of the scratch lines disappearing!! I’m really impressed with it! As my nails are not yellowish to start with, i don’t know if the gel helps with the discoloration. However, i do observed that my nail bed looks brighter and feels smoother to the touch. Since it is also less dry, i’m sure my nails won’t chip so easily. 🙂


15 mins after application

Thank you Galderma for sending me Locycare. Locycare is retailing at selected pharmacies ($19.90 each!)

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