Ceramiracle Ceramides Skin Supplement – Worth to Purchase?

A recent visit to Korea got me thinking, why are the ladies so fair? They are also exposed to UV rays and skin will produce a tan as a result! They must have taken great efforts to remain fair (Like religiously apply sunblock & using whitening products!). Almost everyday, we are being exposed to high emission of UV rays, it is so difficult to remain fair! We have to spam on sunblock and also carry an umbrella everywhere we go! Hahaha!~

I’m considered fair as i will tend to avoid spending long hours in the sun (as i hate to sweat!). Moreover, i will use a lot of sunblock in the past! But due to a recent episode of bad breakout, i’m using  little products as possible on my skin so that it won’t clog easily. This includes ditching my sunblock for the time being. However, i’m still very vain and wish to remain fair! Hence, i’m taking supplements to help me regain fair, luminous skin (on top of the oral sunblock which i’ve recently started taking)!!


Sun is essential to all life on earth (but i wish to remain fair, can i?)

Recently, Tek Eight has sent me a pretty presskit that contains Ceramiracle Ceramides Skin Supplement. Ceramiracle is an anti-ageing and whitening line of supplements and skin care products (The result of a two years of research  & collaboration with Ceramiracle Australia and CIT Korea). Ceramiracle means the miracle of ceramides and this new nutricosmetic brand features a premium and advance anti-ageing formula featuring two patented ingredients backed by four clinical studies. It includes patented Phytofloral tomato extract, phytoceramides and a proprietary botanical complex. It contains no gluten, sugar and dairy.


Ceramiracle Ceramides Skin Supplement – Age-Defying Beauty Supplement

With just one capsule a day, Ceramides Skin Supplement can dramatically increase skin hydration, reduce fine lines, improve skin elasticity, protect skin from the effects of the sun, reduce skin redness, brighten and even skin tone in 15 days. Ceramides Skin Supplement is the brand’s first product to debut. This premium and advance anti-ageing formula featuring two patented ingredients backed by four clinical studies. Ceramides Skin Supplement also contain a standardized gynostemma pentaphyllum extract specially developed by Tek Eight, an innovative, award-winning manufacturer of natural health and personal care products.


“We have combined the world’s best nutricosmetics advancements into a capsule that gives women like me a convenient daily weapon to fight skin ageing. We are also proud to be the first in Asia to use Ceramosides®, the patented plant extract as the active ingredient in our products.” said Ms Tricia Lee, Tek Eight’s Brand Director.

“Having youthful skin is a reflection of inner health and Ceramides Skin Supplement contains the right ingredients to help you achieve that. We have volunteers in our trial showing rapid positive results in as little as three days.” said Mr Eugene He, Tek Eight’s CEO and Chief Formulator. Mr He is also an award-winning Australian trained clinical naturopath and phytomedicine expert.

PhytoflOral (5)

Ceramiracle Ceramides Skin Supplement is manufactured in Singapore in a HSA-approved facility under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Key Ingredients include:

Ceramosides® – patented extract containing a highly concentrated complex of phytoceramides and digalactosyl diglycerides (DGDG). Ceramosides® is clinically proven to improve skin hydration and skin texture in just 15 days.

PhytoflOral® – patented white tomato extract standardized for the colourless carotenoids phytoene and phytofluene, PhytoflOral® is clinically proven to brighten and lighten skin tone by resisting sun damage and inhibiting melanin synthesis.

Gynostemma (Jiaogulan) – a traditional Chinese longevity herb, gynostemma is rich in flavonoids and gypenosides that have been studied for its function in  reducing collagen degradation, preventing UV-induced damage and cell death.

Pine bark extract – a powerful antioxidant that improves skin ageing signs by increasing skin elasticity and hydration.

Hyaluronic acid – a vital component of skin structure, hyaluronic acid supports skin moisture, suppleness and elasticity.

L-Glutathione – an important antioxidant in humans, L-glutathione delays skin ageing with a skin-whitening effect.


A pack of Ceramides Skin Supplement costs $89, containing 30 vegetarian capsules for a month’s usage. Price wise, it is on the higher side but it would say that it is worth the purchase! Since it is in capsule form, this makes consumption fuss-free as it is easier to swallow. There’s no after taste but do take it after meal (especially if you have a weak gastric).

Two weeks since i have incorporated it as part of my supplement intake, one obvious result is that my skin turned less sensitive and less tight (This means improved hydration). As i have acne prone skin, products that i am using are more drying which results in tight and sensitive skin. Glad that the added supplement contributes to such an improvement. My colleague has also mentioned that my skin tone seems brighter and more even. There’s no much visible difference on whitening (As in overall skintone) but i felt that my post acne marks aren’t as brown as before. I also did a chemical peel last week and i observed that my new skin seems less red and sensitive as compared previously (Really thankful for that!). Would certainly replenish this supplement once i have finished this bottle! 🙂


Ceramiracle Ceramides Skin Supplement is available at Guardian pharmacies this month. It retails at S$89.00/bottle of 30 capsules.

2 thoughts on “Ceramiracle Ceramides Skin Supplement – Worth to Purchase?

  1. mabel says:

    Hello !!

    Thanks for the review.

    Can I check with you, what are the products u use when u had the breakout?

    Trust you are fine now 🙂


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