My favourite color is now on my hair!

Hello everyone, i just did my hair 10 days ago at Le Jean Hair & Beauty Salon as i need to touch up my hair roots. Moreover, i’m toying with the idea of getting some ‘funky’ colors on my hair and its now or never (Better do it before i can’t!). My last visit to Le Jean Hair & Beauty Salon was months ago so i have quite a fair bit of black hair to cover! Hence, i dropped Jean (Owner of Le Jean Hair & Beauty Salon, hidden gem in Far East Plaza) a message so that i can get it done! Just a quick recap, Le Jean Hair & Beauty Salon is located at Far East Plaza, #04-17. They are open everyday from 11:00 to 20:00 (Sunday it closes at 19:00). Jean (Its creative director) has more than 30 years experience and she’s London Trained. Having won a few awards before (eg. 2011 Successful Entrepreneur & 2013 Singapore Excellence Award), you will be in good hands!

Due to the fact that charges are reasonable and quality of the hair services is good, Le Jean Hair & Beauty Salon will always be packed with customers (Will really recommend that you book an appointment before going down to reduce waiting time).  Was ushered in by Jean and i had to wait a while as she was in the midst of serving a customer.. Although it wasn’t her fault, she kept apologizing during my hair consultation. Told her that i wish to get some funky colors on my hair without bleaching and to my surprise, she told me that it is possible! As i did not have any hairstyle in mind, i told Jean to decide on my behalf (I trust Jean and know that i’m in good hands)! She told me that she will use ash brown as base with pink ombre + dipdye effects. She will also do some highlights too to create more dimension, definition and texture (since i have permed hair).


Jean has fast hands and in no time, every inch of my hair is covered with hair dye. After waiting for the colors to set in for an hour, it’s time to wash away the dyes. Jean still remembered that i have scalp issue so she took that into consideration while dyeing and washing my hair (like rinsing with cold water and soothing my scalp with a scalp care products).


I’m definitely love the end results and i cannot stop looking at my new hairdo! My favorite color, Pink is now on my hair! to my surprise, the pink color is very vibrant even without bleaching! Hence, my hair is still smooth and silky (even after the hair color) despite perming and coloring it! The new hairdo also makes me look more lively! I like! 🙂

This photo was taken one week after the hair color is done. See how shiny and healthy my hair is? Moreover, the pink color is still looking good and i have received a few compliments on my new hairdo.. 🙂

If you’ll like to try Ombre, Dipdye, hair rebonding, perming or any other services, i’ll highly recommend that you get it done at Le Jean Hair & Beauty Salon. You will not be disappointed as charges are really affordable and results are excellent.

Thank you Le Jean Hair & Beauty Salon for taking good care of my hair all these while and i will be perming my hair the next time so stay tune to my review!

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