Loacker Celebrates 90 Years With The Launch Of Its New Raspberry Yoghurt Flavour in Singapore

Bello!!!! Finally i have spare time to blog as work has been really hectic for the past week!! Was really exhausted after i reached home and i felt so much better after a good rest last night! 🙂 In the midst of my hectic work schedule, i took time off to attend Loacker’s launch event at Two Bakers last Monday.

I’m sure Loacker is no stranger to many and it is many family favorite for generations and a household name throughout the region.. Loacker is an iconic Italian wafer and cookie company based in the South Tyrol region since 1925 which has become an internationally famous brand.. What has always helped Loacker is their firm family status – each step is determined by the Loacker family, and for generations they have only set the highest quality standards. For all the diversity of Loacker’s ranges, an unchanging fundamental rule for Loacker is to be identical in every market and to adhere to an identical packaging design. People recognise Loacker’s products immediately – first by the packaging, and then by the inimitable, fresh taste of its wafers.Who can resist the taste of rich, delicious and crispy wafer biscuit? My personal favorite has to be the hazelnut and dark chocolate wafer!

Loacker was awarded the Candy Industry’s Kettle Award in 2003. The Candy Industry’s Kettle
Award represents the highest recognition an individual working within the U.K.
confectionery industry can attain. The brand was also awarded the Sweets Global Award in
2007 by the Sweets Global Network in Germany. Natural, delicious, and of the highest
quality, Loacker wafers are universal snacks that are enjoyed globally

For generations, Loacker has procured selected, premium ingredients from pure, natural
environments to produce its unique wafers and chocolate delicacies. Hazelnuts used in
Loacker wafers are from Naples, Italy, while the authentic vanilla pods are from Reunion
Island in France.

This year, Loacker celebrates its 90th anniversary with the release of its Raspberry-Yoghurt flavour in Singapore. Loacker’s Raspberry-Yoghurt is a delicate new taste, tart and creamy, yet with the same fresh crispness of its other flavours.

Smooth with a tangy edge, Loacker’s new Raspberry-Yoghurt is a layered sensation of
flavours. Between Loacker’s signature light and crispy wafers is an appetising cream filling
made of fresh raspberries paired with the smoothness of yoghurt. One can enjoy the
delectable taste of Raspberry-Yoghurt in easy bite-size Quadratini wafers, or as a classic
wafer bar.

Each easy bite-sized Quadratini cube wafers are made with the Loacker family’s secret recipe.  74% of the wafer consists of the cream filled with the finest Raspberry-Yoghurt cream filling without with no added flavourings, hydrogenated fats and preservatives.

Loacker uses only the finest ingredients: for every 100g of raspberry-yoghurt cream filling,
about 10g of sun-ripened raspberries are gently processed, with no hydrogenated fat and no
added flavorings or preservatives. 74% of the wafer consists of the delicious cream filling,
poised to delight your taste buds with the rich and piquant flavor of Raspberry-Yoghurt. It is
the perfect treat for Singaporeans who are on the lookout for exciting new tastes.

At the event, the team at Loacker and Two Bakers has prepared something special for those present at the launch event. A special Loacker dessert menu was specially created for the event and we were in for a treat! Our dinner and drinks are even Halloween-inspired!

Chocolate Cake with Pink Vanilla Buttercream (With Loacker wafers as decorations)

Coconut Coated Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Buttercream (With Loacker wafers as decorations)

Mini Ricotta Cheesecake (Raspberry Wafer)

Tiramisu (Espresso Wafer)

Panna Cotta Glass Verrine with Raspberry Sauce (Milk Vanilla Wafer)

Lavender Lemon

Butternut Mushroom Risotto

4 Pairs of Eyes are staring at you! haha!

We were pampered with more ‘Treats’ (not Trick!) from Two Bakers

Loacker Quadratini Raspberry-Yoghurt is available in three different sizes:

Loacker Quadratini Raspberry-Yoghurt 220g (Large family pack, Retail Price: S$4.95)

Loacker Quadratini Raspberry-Yoghurt 110g, (Fun-sized pack, Retail Price: S$2.95)

Loacker Raspberry-Yoghurt 37.5g (Convenient-sized wafer bars, Retail Price: S$1)

I’m sure many ladies will like the Raspberry-Yoghurt wafer as it has a slight sourish, creamy and berry taste! But don’t say i never warn you – Once you pop this crispy bite size delight into your mouth, it is so hard to stop. hahahaha! So addictive! My MIL loves it as well and below, is the 2nd pack that she has purchased and there’s only a little left in the current packet (FYI, she has a fussy taste bud.. hehe!)

Thank you Loacker Singapore and Media Flair for the kind invitation and for showering us with so much love & hospitality! Thank you for feeding me well with all the Wafers, Chocolate wafers, and Premium Patisserie Gran Pasticceria (not forgetting the gigantic float!)

Before i go, I Loacker Singapore is giving away this inflatable Loacker mattress! From now till 30 Nov 2015, just head to Loacker Singapore’s FB page and tell them what you love about Loacker to receive a complementary inflatable Loacker mattress!

Loacker’s new Raspberry-Yoghurt flavor and other products can be found in selected NTUC
FairPrice, Cold Storage, 7-Eleven, Cheers outlets and selected cafés islandwide.

Another exciting news to share: Loacker is now bringing its iconic wafers to cafes around Singapore as well. Singaporeans can now savour their favourite Loacker wafers at selected cafes around the island, such as The Sandwich Shop Pte Ltd, The Canopy Café Pte Ltd, Ah Dong Teh House, Doi Chaang Coffee (Clementi & Rochester), and Ice Cream Chefs to further enrich their café experience 🙂

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from Loacker’s presskit.

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