My Skin Journey With Annabelle Skin |Part Four

Hello everyone, hope you had a great rest over the long weekend!! I had a great time during the Christmas period and now I’m back with another monthly update on my skin’s condition. As mentioned earlier, i have switched to facial at Annabelle Skinto care for my skin as i’m currently TTC-ing.

Located in the heart of the city @ The Adelphi, Annabelle Skin (Founded in 1994) aims to serve as the trusted skin and body care companion to its clients as they go through different stages in life by providing quality treatments, effective results and personalized service. Annabelle Skin strongly believes that everyone’s skin condition is unique. Each skin and body treatment will be customized accordingly with the combination of skillful manual methods with advanced scientific beauty technology, using high quality products made with natural ingredients from Europe to produce the best and most effective results.

Before the start of every session, Mandy (My Beautician) will always access the current condition. After few sessions of facial done, the condition of my skin has improved so much in terms of redness, hydration more controlled breakouts and better texture! Since my skin is more stable, she would be focusing  more on repairing and nourishment for subsequent treatments.

The facial treatment started off with cleansing. As i did not have any makeup on, Mandy went straight into normal skin cleansing  with the use of Sensi-Bel Delicate Cleanser followed by Sensi-Bel Delicate Tonic to remove remaining residues. Next step is to exfoliate to get rid of impurities and dead skin cell before applying a thin layer of mask. After which, it was left under cold steam for 15 mins to calm and hydrate my skin further.

After cleansing the mask off, it is time for extraction! Over at Annabelle Skin, they do not promote squeezing to decongest pores. Extraction is done using a special extraction tool from Switzerland together with special technique to remove blackheads & clogged sebum. As a result, it is not as painful and red as compared to conventional extraction.

After extraction, Mandy sterilized my skin with a high frequency machine to kill bacteria on the skin’s surface.. During the process, i experienced a mild slight ting-ing sensation. After which, she applied Intensa Ampoules No.6 and repairig / nourishment mask on my skin.. While the mask is left on my skin, Mandy used a handheld machine (with ‘heated’ setting) to ‘drive’ the nutrients for better penetration deep into my skin. After 10 mins, she changed to ‘Cold’ setting so as to seal the nutrients and close my pores so that my skin can reap full benefits from the ampoule and mask.

New folder6

This picture was taken few hours later at my parents’ place after the facial and you can see how healthy, bright smooth and supple my skin was! There wasn’t much redness and skin blotchy-ness. As usual, there will be an after facial glow and skin felt so much ‘lighter’ and less tight.


Like every facial, there will be mild purging (small pimples with pus) which is common as the facial will ‘push’ skin impurities embedded within pores to the surface. During these 2 days, i took extra care in applying pimple gel to dry it up. Despite the mild purging, skin still feels smooth to the touch and sensitivity has reduced. Skin tone has improved significantly in radiance / evenness and skin does not feel as oily. From 3rd day onwards, The breakouts from purging will start to heal and skin remains clear and bright. I always like it that oil secretion will reduce after facial so i just have to use more hydrating products to maintain it. Skin is also less bumpy, more radiant and healthy with reduced breakouts and clogged pores (due to the reduction in oil secretion).





Skin Condition after facial #3 at Annabelle Skin

New folder5

Skin Condition after facial #4 at Annabelle Skin (LATEST’S SKIN CONDITION)

After embarking on this facial journey at Annabelle skin, i hardly get those big painful acne and i’m really thankful for such great skin improvements. If you have problematic skin issues, you don’t have to suffer in silence now. 🙂

If you are interested in trying out Annabelle Skin, they are offering my readers 1st facial trial at 50% off, plus free skin analysis and tester set! Just have to quote my name ‘Jermaine Liang‘ when you are booking your appointment.

Thanks for reading and have a great working week!! 🙂

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