Pink State of V-Health with Uticare

Hello everyone!! Happy 2016 and wishing you a new year filled with new hope, new joy, new beginnings and great health! My 1st blog post of 2016 will be dedicated to something related to ladies which many are not comfortable to talk/share about it~ 🙂

Do you know that 3 out of every 4 females might have V-symptoms which possibly becomes a lifetime issue? Once there are V-symptoms, the problems will interrupt your daily routine and many times, it will turn into recurring issues.


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The pH value of 3.8 – 4.5 in the sensitive area provides an essential prophylactic protection against the bad bacteria. However, due to certain personal and environmental factors such as heavy workloads, consistent pressures, humid weather, poor public hygiene, etc., the normal pH value could not be maintained and cause disruptions to the micro-organism balance. It stimulates the growth of bad bacteria and hence, causing the V-symptoms. The University of Hong Kong discovered that more than 70% of V-symptoms cases were caused by Bacti-E, after conducting research with 592 females. Bacti-E attaches to the inner V-area and causes discomfort for most female. Bacti-C is a diploid fungus that is causal agent of opportunisticoral and genital infections in humans. Humid and damp environment stimulate the most yield of this fungus. If the yield is massive, the V-symptoms will be caused.


In the past, i have this misconception that using body wash is sufficient to cleanse the V-area. The truth is that body wash might be too harsh that it disturbs the PH level which leads to infection. In the event of vaginal infection, regular medications like topical creams, suppositories and antibiotics will be needed. However, it is possible to combat vaginal infection and other V-symptoms (like itch, burning pain, unpleasant odor) by using reliable cleansing product + supplements for the V-zone to maintain a balanced and ‘pink state’ of V-health


Recently, i have discovered a supplement known as Uticare which will be able to provide ladies with a fast relief for the V-symptoms and to maintain a healthy V-health. On top of that, It does not contain any western medical substances, and was approved by FDA and awarded with 14 international patents.


How does Uticare works? 

Firstly, it keep the good, eliminate the bad! Normal V-wash products or medication may remove good bacteria along with the bad ones, increasing the risk of overgrowth of bad bacteria and recurrence of the symptoms. Uticare out-competes only the bad bacteria and helps maintaining V-health sustainability.


Secondly, it provides fast Relief of Odor, Itch and Burning Pain! Uticare will work as a preventative measure to maintain V-health or it works as an instant relief when problems strike!The experimental test conducted by Hong Kong laboratory has shown that Uticare could kill up to 99% of Bacti-E & 92% of Bacti-C (e.g E.coli. & Candida) simultaneously in 24 hours. Uticare can help to prevent 2 kinds of common infections which ladies might face – “Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)” (Symptoms: Burning pain during urination) & Vaginitis (Symptoms: Itch, unpleasure odor & discharges).


Uticare also helps to reduce the chance of reoccurrence as it is formulated to prevent bad bacteria from attaching to tract walls, maintain good bacteria and modulate natural protection against the bacteria. When taken on a daily basis, Uticare helps to maintain Healthy Microbiome Balance. Unhealthy daily habits and activities may affect the natural pH values of V areas and disrupt the balance of microbiome. Uticare offers users with a comprehensive way to maintain a favorable pH value and the V-health


As mentioned, Uticare works as a preventative measure to maintain V-health or it works as an instant relief when problems strike. As recommended, it is best to take 1-2 capsules daily as a protective measure to maintain good V-health. If you have a recurring V-issue, it is recommended to take 2 capsules a day as a form of treatment (for 3 months). If you have an existing V-issue and need fast relief, take 4 capsules at a go.


Uticare does not contain any western medical substances, and was approved by FDA and awarded with 14 international patents. The unique combination of US Patented PACran and French Patented Utirose kills up to 99% of Bacti-E and 92% of Bacti-C (e.g E.coli. & Candida) simultaneouly within 24 hours.


Uticare comes in 30, 120, 240 and 360 capsules supply. Have received a 30 capsule box (1 month supply) for review. I’m taking Uticare once daily as a form of preventive measure and also to maintain optimal health for my V-area. I don’t have much V-related problem and I’m also using feminine wash on a daily basis. The only issue that i’m facing is the occasional itch (Especially when approaching the time of the month) which can be rather annoying~ haha!


The capsule is easy to swallow and there’s no weird taste / after taste. Will recommend that you take Uticare in the morning after breakfast. I’m someone with a weak gastric hence i will experience discomfort if i take supplements on empty stomach.


Till date, i have taken 15 capsules before my period came yesterday without any warning / symptoms (Luckily i was at home!!) . As mentioned, i will always experience itchiness 1-2 days before the arrival of my period but there was none this month~ Guess that Uticare is working its charm! 🙂 Will resume taking the remaining capsules after i’m done with my period and i will update in due course!


Before i go, here’s some tips whereby you can keep your ensure that your V stays in the pink of health!

2 3

30 days capsule pack retails at HKD 358 (about SGD 65.20). You can purchase Uticare online via this website. If you are residing in Hong Kong , you can also purchase them via designated Mannings stores or Ballyhoo~ For more Information, you can head to Uticare’s Facebook Page or Website

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend ahead! 🙂

* Disclaimer: Products Descriptions, Printscreens and information are extracted from Uticare’s Website.

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