Ready for Chinese New Year With My New Hair-Do by Le Jean Hair & Beauty Salon~

Hello everyone! It has been 4 months since my last visit to Le Jean and till date, my hair color still looks good (Apart from the black roots. haha!). Decided to get a hair cut and hair color done as Chinese New Year is approaching. 🙂

No prize for guessing but i headed back to Le Jean Hair & Beauty Salon to get my hair done! For the past years, Le Jean Hair & Beauty Salon has been taking excellent care of my hair and i will walk out of the salon happy and satisfied each time. Le Jean is truly a hidden gem with very affordable prices and most importantly, excellent services! Jean (Its creative director) has more than 30 years experience and she’s London Trained. Having won a few awards before  (eg. 2011 Successful Entrepreneur & 2013 Singapore Excellence Award), so you will be in good hands!

Pardon my damp and messy hair! haha~

Due to the fact that charges are reasonable and quality of the hair services is good, Le Jean Hair & Beauty Salon will always be packed with customers. I was there on a weekday and the salon was packed! But thank God that i made an appointment so i don’t have to wait so long for my turn.

As usual, i did not have any hair style in mind and told Jean to decide for me~  Jean gladly took on the challenge and assured me that i would be satisfied with the end results. She told me that she will use ash brown as a base colors while completing the look with some highlights. As my spectacle frame has green color at the sides, Jean told me she will do green + light brown highlights for me to complement it. There’s no need to do any bleaching as she will be using a new hair dye which doesn’t requires pre-lightening of hair. 🙂

Without further adieu, Jean started off with the highlights! After waiting for 30 mins,the highlight colors had set in so it is time to wash it off! Jean remembered that i have scalp issue so she took that into consideration while dyeing and washing my hair (like rinsing with cold water and applying the hair color away from it~).

Highlighting in progress~

Newly washed hair!

Next, Jean colored the remaining portion of my hair with ash brown and i like the fact that the hair dye is odorless! After coloring my hair so many times at different salons, i must say that the ones that Le Jean is using has the best effect on my hair! Color stays vibrant for a long period of time and it doesn’t dries out my hair as much! Moreover, it is odorless!

After drying my hair, Jean trimmed my hair a little and Knowing that i have sensitive scalp, Jean also applied the BioSys scalp revitalizer before she blow dry my hair! This cooling scalp treatment (aka ‘爽’ treatment. LOL!) acts as intensive care for my scalp to help prevent persistent thinning hair and regulates sebaceous secretion. It contains special botanical extracts to help promote hair growth, nourishes and strengthens the hair bulb. This treatment also helps to re-activate the circulation in the scalp and restores hair to its optimum condition. The scalp treatment is soothing and refreshing! Love the long-lasting cooling sensation that came after the revitalizer touched my scalp, 爽!

Even after the hair color, my hair still remains glossy and soft (see the obvious healthy-looking shine!). Do you know that all stylists at Le Jean will style your hair (it is complimentary!) after each chemical treatment? This time, Jean did C curls for me which i love it soooo muchhhh!

After 2 hours, i left the salon feeling very happy and satisfied! The different colors and highlights created so much depth and it brightens up my appearance! I cannot stop touching my hair as it seems so much softer and smoother as compared to before.. 😛

Thank you Le Jean Hair & Beauty Salon for taking good care of my hair all these years! Le Jean is truly a hidden gem with very affordable prices and most importantly, excellent services!

Currently, Le Jean Hair & Beauty Salon is having amazing promotion to celebrate its 15th Anniversary:

  1. Color (One tone): $70 all length
  2. Argan Oil Rebonding / Korean perm: $108


Le Jean Hair & Beauty Salon is located at 14 Scott Road #04-17 Singapore 228213. Make your appointment by calling 67372272 or 96649275.

Thank you Le Jean Hair & Beauty Salon for the love and i’m already looking forward to my next hair appointment!

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