Ribena’s Newest Ready-To-Drink Product – Ribena Sparkling Cans‏!

It seems like yesterday that we have celebrated Christmas and New Year. Now in the blink of an eye, Chinese New Year is arriving in less than 2 weeks!!! The significance of the Chinese New Year is all about ‘Renewal’ and ‘Starting Afresh’..  Hence, if you think that Year 2015 started and ended rough, fret not as you can ‘bring’ in new opportunities to start afresh in this coming new year.. Therefore, it is important to introduce positive vibes and new energy into your home and life this Chinese new year. How? You might ask? If you are clueless on what preparation work to get you ready for Chinese New Year, i have prepared a checklist of the basic tasks you should do. 🙂

Chinese New Year Checklist:

() Spring Cleaning and throwing away ‘bad / spoilt’ items

() Shopping for groceries /stocking up on food items for visitors

(X) Decorate the house with Chinese New Year luck-bringing decorations

(X) Get a new hair cut/ hair do

(X) Preparation of new notes and red packets

(X) Shop for new outfits to wear during the new year

As you can see, i’m more or less prepared for CNY 2016! Later in the afternoon, we would be shopping for groceries and stocking up on food + drinks for the visitors! Talking about beverages, i’m excited to share that Ribena has introduced Ribena Sparking Cans, just in time for CNY 2016! Ribena Sparking Can is a refreshing variant of Singapore’s all-time favourite blackcurrant beverage, with a fizzy twist. Not only is one is able to enjoy all the healthy, refreshing goodness of Ribena, the added sparkle just makes consuming this wholesome beverage even more fun, refreshing and exciting.


Picture from Google Image

A little background story on Ribena- Developed in 1938 by Dr. Vernon Charley of Bristol University, the blackcurrant syrup derived its name from Ribes Negrum, the Latin word for blackcurrant. Ribena was first launched in Asia (Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong) in 1980s. Made from 100% New Zealand blackcurrants, with no artificial colour, flavour or sweetener, it was the first beverage to contain the fruit goodness of blackcurrants, rich in Vitamin C. Each serving of Ribena meets the daily Vitamin C requirements of both adults and children, building the foundation of a healthy and happy life.

Since its global introduction 75 years ago, Ribena has stayed true to its original positioning, packing the beverage with Vitamin C. A crucial component in our diet, the consumption of Vitamin C brings about numerous health benefits. This natural antioxidant stimulates the body’s immune system, and helps to neutralise harmful toxins.


Beside being a household name, Ribena continues to impress 75 years on, with a wide range of products and beverages. Constantly striving to develop new drinks and flavours to suit every palate, it maintains its position as a leading brand in the beverage industry by evolving – from cordials, to the ready-to-drink range, and now, Ribena Sparkling Cans.


Presented in a sleek can, this refreshment is a perfect combination when effervescence meets the fruitiness of fresh blackcurrants. It is also a healthier alternative to the typical carbonated drink in the market.


Ribena Sparkling Can’s thirst-quenching bubbly satisfaction comes with added benefits. This
refreshing beverage is naturally sweetened by the finest New Zealand-grown blackcurrants, a
superfood which comes with nutraceutical benefits.


It contains antioxidants and anthrocyanins, providing a wide array of health merits. Each 325ml Ribena Sparkling Can contains 24mg of Vitamin C, giving an added boost to one’s body system. Moreover, Ribena Sparkling Can has one of the lowest sugar levels as compared to other carbonated drinks, making it a to-go treat for all.


This festive season, share the refreshing goodness of Ribena Sparkling Cans with family and friends as a perfect complement to a hearty meal.


Ribena Sparkling Cans is available at all leading supermarkets and convenience stores island-wide. Ribena Sparkling Can (325ml per can) is retailing at $6.20 for a 6-pack, and $1.45 for a single can.


I have to say that Sparkling Ribena can be additive! Not only it is refreshing, the drink isn’t too sweet so you will finish 1 can without realizing it.. 😛 My MIL will be getting more for CNY from NTUC (Heard that there’s a promotion going on~)


Do give this refreshing carbonated variant of the all-time favourite blackcurrant beverage in can form a try today! 🙂

Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from Ribena’s Presskit.

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