Pampering Your Love Ones With Que Origin~

Blessed & Prosperous Lunar New Year everyone!! Hope everyone had a great time feasting and catching up with your love ones~ Was looking through the calendar and i realized that this Sunday is Valentine’s Day (aka friendship day!)! if you are clueless on what you can get for your friends and SO, why not consider customizing something useful for them? 🙂

Few weeks ago, Que Origin has sent me a customized gift which consists of three Shower Bath! Que Origin is a completely new brand started from scratch aiming to provide nourishing body care.

Que Origin embraces in the healing power of nature, and sourcing for wholesome ingredients. Que Origin pursue in cherishing inner self and body by transforming daily shower into a serene aromatherapy sanctuary, without compromising quality over value. The first product launched by Que Origin is the Shower Bath which can be used as both body wash and bubble bath. It is formulated with natural oil, infused with botanical extracts and scented with only natural essential oils.

Que Origin has excluded numerous harmful chemicals (like Parabens, Sodium Laurel Sulphate , Synthetic fragrance, Sodium Hydroglycinate, Phenoxethenol and sulphates) from the formulation and only include carefully selected essential oils from Australia. The oils are then transport them to Korea facilities with GMP for manufacturing. Thus making sure that each and every bottle was made with purest ingredients in an advance facility. Each shower gel holds a reservoir filled with carefully picked naturally derived ingredients – Aloe Vera, Argan oil and potent botanical extracts to gently soothe and calm skin. With this series of luxurious shower bath, Que Origin is offering a brand new experience in cleansing, leaving skin invigorated, deeply hydrated and smoothly cleansed.

This Valentine Day, you can customize your own personalized bottle of shower bath for your love ones~ You can choose from a selection of templates or you can upload your own images! Here’s my personalized bottle of shower bath and i’m keeping it till i get my new house~ It is so pretty till i cannot bear to use it.

My personalized bottle of Lavender Shower Bath has a calming and soothing effect which improves sleep quality. It also contains anti-inflammatory benefit while also helping to relieve anxiety and promote relaxation. The series of Shower bath is formulated with natural oil, Argan Oil! Argan oil is often called ‘Liquid Gold’ that is rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids as emollient rather than petroleum derived Petrolatum or Mineral Oil.

All the shower baths are scented with natural essential oil and infused with all natural botantical extracts chosen these for their excellent individual qualities. Formulation also includes Grapefruit which stimulates the production of skin collagen. Grapefruit has excellent astringent and exfoliating properties which helps even out & brighten complexion.

For the Rose lovers, the Rose Geranium Shower Bath (Scented with natural essential oils) will help to lessen fatigue and promote emotional wellness. Unwind after a long day of work with Rose Geranium as it helps to relieve anxiety, calm, uplift our spirit while promoting feeling of sensuality & receptivity.  Like the other range of Shower Bath, the Rose Geranium Shower Bath not only calm the senses but it also calms skin while improving firmness with Raspberry. Aloe Vera extract will further sooth the skin while keeping it well hydrated with improved elasticity~

I brought the Lemongrass & Sweet Orange Shower Bath along with me during my US Trip . This Shower Gel has revitalize, rejuvenating and stimulating properties which will help to uplift mental clarity. It also helps to balance skin while protecting it with its astringent properties. Like the rest of the Shower Gel, it contains Panthenol (Vitamin B5). This effective emollient improves elasticity, hydrates and moisturises skin. Vitamin E as part of the formula acts as an
natural skin conditioning agent and provides anti-aging properties.


Do you know that Que Origin looks into the fine details too? From the texture when you use to how your skin reacts when in contact. Even with numerous amount of good ingredients, we should not forget the importance of pH level. The skin’s barrier, which is known as the acid mantle, is the first defence mechanism against germs, pollutions, toxins and bacteria as well as keeping moisture. To work its best, the acid mantle should be slightly acidic, at a 5.5pH. When it’s too alkaline, skin becomes dry and may even get eczema. Skin may also be more susceptible to disease, viruses and fungal infections. Que Origin knows the importance of this aspect and fine-tuned the formula to the pH level (pH 5.5 ) where the skin can receive all the goodness from the ingredients.

20160120_100753_zpsdahxonwm Desktop5

I have packed this shower bath into my luggage to bring along to US as the weather would be cold and dry. Need something that is gentle but effective for daily cleansing. Que Origin’s Lemongrass & Sweet Orange Shower Bath has a ginger-ish Lemongrass scent (I know there’s no such word! Haha) which is rather invigorating and uplifting! I love how the bathroom smells after my shower.. Because this can be used for bath / shower, the gel texture is on the thicker side. Hence, i would recommend to lather it with small amount of water before applying it onto your body (if not, it gets difficult to spread and foam it up~).  A small amount is enough to cleanse the body well and also easy to wash it off without any residue left behind… After cleansing, my skin clean feels clean and refreshed without any tightness.. Another thing that i observed is that the shower bath is really gentle on skin and it does not strip excessive moisturize off my skin.. Normally if i goes to a cold and dry counter, the skin on my legs will turn really dry and itchy after shower. This time, i did not experience skin itchiness after shower and i’m pretty impressed~

Sounds good? Quote “Jermaineee” to get $3 off for orders under $10* and $5 off for orders over $10*! (*shipping excluded). In addition, Que Origin offers free delivery within Singapore if you spend $25 and above. Delivery costs only $5 if your order is below $25.

Que Origin Shower Gel retails at $7.90 for 250 ml and $14.80 for 730 ml. Customization of bottle starts at $10.90 for a bottle. You can place / customize your orders via Que Origin’s website.

For latest news / promotion and information, you can head to Que Origin’s Facebook page.

Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from Que Origin’s Presskit.

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