Reveal a Brand New Layer Of Glowing Skin With Dr. Belter Cosmetic’s Derm-A Renew Treatment

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In the midst of the busy-ness, i have allocated some pampering time for myself and off i went to Annabelle Skin. This time, i have tried one latest skin treatment by Dr Belter, an internationally acclaimed natural and organic skincare brand from the Europe. This award-winning German brand embraces a philosophy of using raw and natural ingredients combined with technology to formulate perfection for the skin. The new treatment is known as Derm-A Renew which is a Fruit acid treatment for skin in need of peeling and accelerated renewal. It is made possible by Dr. Belter Cosmetic’s new range of fruit acid products developed with its signature GreenTec concept to treat skin problems like acne, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, fine lines, scarring and ageing due to sun exposure.

By leveraging on Dr.Belter Cosmetic’s signature GreenTec concept which combines natural and medicinal plants with high-tech pro-medical active ingredients, this unique facial treatment sets itself apart from others in the market with several notable features. While most peeling treatments in the market focus solely on peeling, the new Derm-A ReNew treatment is even more precise and targeted as it is developed with two key concepts – ‘Skin Renewal’ through the use of Dr.Belter Cosmetic’s newly developed fruit acid concentrates and ‘Skin Nourishment’ through use of the brand’s line of ampoules and facial masks tailored to the skin’s needs.

Regular, systematic fruit acid treatment leads to an activation of cell division in the basal layer and consequently to an enhanced renewal of the skin layers. It also triggers an increase of fibroblasts and their connective tissue products, thus increasing the skin’s moisture and tone. One of the common problems of aged skin is the long regeneration cycle of approximately 40 days. Fruit acid treatment can stimulate the skin to accelerate its regeneration cycle to a pace of a typical young skin in approximately 28 days.

Through an eight-session Derm-A ReNew treatment facial treatment, skin will be stimulated to experience the significant effects of a visibly refined skin profile. Before the Derm-A ReNew treatment, Mandy explained to me that the treatment will start cleansing, followed up by Derm-A-ReNew Preparation Cleansing Toner, a refreshing and anti-irritation liquid toner that works to ease and cool the skin before the course treatment with fruit acids.

This is followed by the treatment use of Derm-A ReNew Skin Renewal Concentrates, a specific complex based on five standardised plant extracts, namely sugar cane (glycolic acid), blueberry (lactic acid), orange and lemon (citric acid) and sugar maple (malic and tartaric acid). The extracts within the concentrates work to breakdown the intracellular substances, and peel off dead cells, stimulating skin regeneration and increasing cell renewal rate to lead to an improved skin structure and complexion.

The concentrates come in 10%, 20% and 40% fruit acids, and are used throughout the course of the eight-session treatments. The therapist will start from the lowest concentration of 10% for the first two sessions, and gradually increase the levels according to the skin condition as the treatment progresses every bi-weekly for an effective result. During each session, the concentrate will be administered step-by-step with a mask brush onto the face and neck and left on the skin for three – six minutes from the time of application.

Following that, the Derm-A-ReNew Neutralising Gel will then be applied with a mask brush to soothe and calm the skin, before it is layered again with the goodness of Dr.Belter Cosmetic’s range of ampoules and masks tailored to specific skin needs as part of the finishing care in the treatment

Took a quick picture before the Derm-A ReNew treatment commerce! As you can see, i have post acne brown marks which i wish to get rid of. My skin tone is also dull and lifeless. As my skin is on the sensitive side, Mandy will start off with the lowest concentration – 10%.

I’m not new to chemical peel as i have done it twice but the downtime can be unpleasant. Will try to avoid doing it if possible.. Told Shirley from Annabelle Skin my concerns and she assured me that there will not be any downtime / discomfort. So rest assured that before the start of every treatment, the beautician will always check for any skin sensitivity or disorders.

As i did not have any makeup on my face, Mandy used »Sensi-bel« Delicate Cleanser to cleanse my face thoroughly. After which, she applied the Derm-A-ReNew preparation cleansing toner.

Before applying the Fruit Acid skin renewal concentrate, Mandy reminded me to keep my eyes shut. She applied the 10% skin renewal concentrate a with mask on face and neck. During the process, i felt mild stinging sensation on some areas of my face (Which is bearable and Mandy will reduce it by fanning the sensitive areas). The fruit acid was left on my skin for about 5 mins before it was cleansed off throughly. After drying my skin, Mandy applied the intensa-med Derm-A-ReNew neutralizing gel with mask-brush and remove again with compress.

Once done, clogged sebum and impurities are removed from my pores with Annabelle’s special extraction method. As Annabelle Skin does not promote squeezing to get rid of impurities, a special extraction tool is used together with special technique instead. As a result, it is not as painful as compared to conventional extraction. Moreover, skin is less angry and not as red after extraction! This time, extractions did not hurt as much as Mandy said that the  Fruit Acid will push impurities to the surface (which makes extractions much easier!)

Once Skin Renewal is done, Skin Nourishment is carried out with the application of »intensa« ampoule and Mask. For my skin, Mandy has used the #04 Ampoule Sea Algae Extract which is known for healing, re-mineralising and firming properties. After applying the ampoule, Mandy applied a layer of the Ginkgo Biloba Solid-Bio-Matrix-Fleece Mask to soothe and restore my skin with frail capillaries. This mask also increase deep hydration and firmness with its pure, insoluble collagen fibres contained in the mask.


Proper care of skin after Derm-A ReNew treatment is very important in order to achieve better results. To better take care of the new layer of skin, it is best to avoid excessive sun exposure. Sunblock is also important after the procedure as new skin is more susceptible to sun damage. I’m currently using Dr Belter Sun Protection (SPF 30) Face Elixir and i cannot stop raving about its texture. The sunblock has a fluid serum like texture and it feels so light on skin. It does not leave behind any stickiness, white cast and greasiness after applying. Moreover, it can be easily washed away with your regular cleanser (No need makeup remover) so i need not worry about it being too heavy and clogging my pores. The formula consists of protective concentrate for the face protects the sensitive skin from sunburn and other harmful effects of the sun. It uses biological cell protection complexes, such as Ectoin®, a special DNA shield from the plant cassia alata to prevent sun-induced skin aging and the formation of hyperpigmentation.

The picture is taken after Derm-A ReNew treatment and my skin turned so much smoother and brighter instantly!

After treatment, you can also ‘maintain’ the results by making use of Derm-A ReNew homecare products. The following fruit acid products helps to skin consistently renewed skin even in between treatments. This light, night care emulsion that promotes dermal regeneration to maintain the refined pore profile and also helps to diminish the appearance of undesired pigmentation and wrinkles. It is available in fluid 10% (for acne and black-heads prone skin) and Oleo serum 10% (for more mature, dry and prematurely aged skin).

Skin Renewal Fluid 10%, 30ml SGD88 & Skin Renewal Oleo Serum 10%, 30ml SGD108

My Experience with Derm-A ReNew treatment: 

Hours after Treatment – Skin felt clean and light! There’s no redness and no discomfort~ It is the direct opposite of what i experienced after normal chemical peel.

The Next Morning After the Peel – My skin is so smooth and bright that it glows (i’m not kidding!!).. Definitely loving the softness and smoothness. There’s no peeling, no redness and no itchness.

Day 3 and Beyond – Skin still stays soft, smooth and bright! On day 3, fine shreds of dead skin surface after i tone my skin with cotton pad. There’s no discomfort and no itchiness.  2 weeks after the treatment (as you can see from the picture below), skin still stay smoother to the touch and it is still so bright!  My husband was asking me what i did to my skin as it is so ‘glowy’! There’s some dark post acne marks which lightens after the treatment and i’m definitely loving the results~ Can’t wait for my upcoming facial treatment this sat! 🙂

2 Weeks After Treatment

Now, compare it to the skin that i had before facial treatments at Annabelle Skin.. Such a tremendous improvement isn’t it? 🙂


The Dr.Belter [Derm-A ReNew] treatment is available at SGD 238 and is suitable for both male and females, as well as different skin conditions including acne, enlarged pores, dull skin complexions, scarring, pigmentation, and mature, wrinkled skin

Dr. Belter Cosmetic products and treatments are available exclusively at:

Annabelle Skin
The Adelphi, 1 Coleman Street
#02-42, Singapore 179803
Tel: 6336 8975

* Disclaimer: Products Description, Photos  & information are extracted from Annabelle Skin’s Presskit and Dr Belter’s website

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