Experience Oil as Light as Feathers with Lucido-L Argan Oil~

Ooopss! I’m so sorry for the disappearing act again as i have been really busy!!!! Just came back from a 2 weeks business trip and straight after returning, i had to pack and prepare to move over my new house!!  These few months have been a really challenging period while trying to juggle work and house renovation matters. I really wish that i’ve more time to sit down for some ‘ME’ time!! Talking about which, i have to start to prepare for my upcoming business trip to Australia tomorrow. 😦

Due to the lack of ‘ME’ time, it has been 5 months since i last visited a hair salon!! OMG!! As a result, my hair is in a very bad state – Dry, damaged and full of tangles! Sob! As i had some time to spare during dinner time on Wednesday, i have decided to pop in to a salon to have a quick hair cut.. The stylist had a hard time trying to comb my hair due to tangles! Not forgetting that it was a painful experience as some part of my hair had bad tangles. Before i left the salon, she reminded me to use hair oil to treat my hair on a daily basis..


Dry and Damaged Hair!! 😦

As i am a very lazy person, i will minimize the amount of products i used on my hair. I don’t even use conditioner on my hair on a regular basis due to laziness.. hahaha! This time, i will heed the hair stylist’s advise and use hair oil to treat my hair so that it won’t tangle so much..  Thanks to Lucido-L, i have two bottles of Argan Oil which will be put to good use. 🙂


Are you often caught in a dilemma of wanting beautiful hair but tired of using hair treatment products due to its texture? Many ladies will shun away from usual hair oil because they are greasy, weigh down your hair and leaves unsightly streaky hair thereafter. Lucido-L understands and this is why they have formulated the Lucido-L Argan Oil with such light  texture. Understanding the ease of beauty of hair styling does hand in hand with healthy hair. Lucido-L’s latest offering of the Argan Oil Series promises softer, silkier and shinier hair without the baggage of heavy and limp hair. Despite being incredibly lightweight, this series is jam-packed with everything Argan oil offers – Moisturizing, Repairing, Hydrating and Nourishing.

Lucido-L Argan Oil is extremely lightweight as it is compressed under high pressure (10,000m deep-sea pressure) to flatten each molecule. The increased surface area helps to boost absorption and coats each hair strand with smooth and silky finishing. Completed with a fruity floral fragrance made up of ingredients such as apples, peaches and jasmine, your hair will smell as good as it looks.


Lucido-L has sent me two types of Argan Oil for review and they are the Argan Oil Ex Oil and Argan Oil Rich Moisture. Do you know that Argan Oil is known as ‘liquid gold’? Argan Oil is an organic product extracted from the kernels of argan trees in Morocco. Packed with high performance ingredients such as antixoidants, fatty acids and Vitamin E, argan oil moisturizes and promotes healthy hair growth. This exotic blend not only repairs damaged hair, it treats split ends and also leaves hair with a veil of natural healthy shine.

If you have thin/ normal hair, use the pink bottle, Argan Oil Ex Oil for feather-light and flowy hair.


Argan Oil Ex Oil (For Fine to Normal Hair) deeply moisturizes hair for a consistent healthy glow and suppleness.


If you have thick/ damaged hair, use the gold bottle – Argan Oil Rich Moisture for luxurious, smooth and silky finishing.


Argan Oil Rich Moisture (For Thick / Damaged Hair) intensively repairs hair for a consistent healthy glow and suppleness.


Both the Argan Oil Ex Oil & Argan Oil Rich Moisture can be used as a UV protector, hair treatment and heat protector.

UV protection: Use in the day to protect hair against harmful UV damage and also helps give hair a healthy glow

Use on towel dried hair to deeply repair hair from within

Heat protection: Use before hair dryers/ styling tools to protect hair from direct heat damage



I’m using the Argan Oil Rich Moisture as i have thick and damaged hair.. Lucido-L is stored in a dark glass bottle to prevent the light from breaking down the healing properties of Argan Oil.. Packaging wise, i love the glass pump bottle as it is more sturdy and convenient to use.

Will use the 1 pump of the  Argan Oil Rich Moisture on each side of my hair in the morning. Since Argan Oil Rich is oil-based, it might seem oily and heavy. However once it is fully absorbed, there’s isn’t any greasy heavy after-feel. A personal tip, do not pump the oil and apply it on your hair at one go.. Instead, pump in small quantities and work through your hair in sections to achieve better results.. The treatment oil has an amazing fruity scent and i cannot emphasize how much i love the smell!! After application, hair tames down, looks shiner and feels smoother instantly. I can slide my fingers through my hair easily to detangle. You can use this treatment oil in many ways such as heat protector, to hold curls better, pamper your hair throughout the day, before shampoo to nourish and prep hair etc. :)

New folder8

Argan Oil Ex Oil and Argan Oil Rich Moisture retails at $16.90 each.

Lucido-L will be announcing a big surprise (read: free samples) on their Facebook page very soon. Simply head over and follow them to receive updates!

* Disclaimer: Products Description and information are extracted from Lucido-L’s Presskit.

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