Time for VeDO & OhhhBunny~ :)

It has been close to 7 months since we moved over to our new house and we are enjoying the new-found freedom! hahahaha~ We kept plants and pets while my husband is able to hog the TV the entire day! LOL! Ahhh, the perks of a new house.. 🙂


The other day, i was approached to review products from VeDO & OhhhBunny. Consulted my husband and he said why not since we have privacy now~ hehe!

A little company profile for VeDO and OhhhBunny:

At VÄ“DO, the brand develop, manufacture and market intimate lifestyle products. The brand’s designers and engineers are dedicated to develop toys that are not only beautiful but also help to achieve ultimate sexual experience. The complex engineering behind the designs is to always deliver a high performance product, and yet to remain environmentally friendly and body safe. All VÄ“DO’s products are manufactured from premium quality silicone material with a seamless finish. VÄ“DO brand combines quality and affordable prices. It is also known for its simplicity and durability enriching the idea of “easy to maintain” and “easy to operate”. We believe quality products do come with quality service. VÄ“DO is meant to deliver the experience of “Quality” into your midnight pleasure.

Currently VÄ“DO offers eighteen female and eight male products. Each comes in three attractive colors and beautiful packaging.


Photo from VÄ“DO’s FB page

OhhhBunny is a manufacturer of intimate lifestyle products for those with a thirst for exuberant bedtime adventures. OhhhBunny’s dedicated team of bunny-centric designers work tirelessly to ensure that all their products are crafted to the highest standards known to man- or rabbit-kind. Taking inspiration from nature’s most wild ambassador, all rabbits created look every bit as good as they feel.

All OhhhBunny products are made from premium materials and rigorously tested to ensure maximum comfort and durability. Environmentally friendly and sustainable, OhhhBunny uses only the highest quality silicone that is pliable, seamless and warms to your touch quickly. Tested and certified under the supervision of international laboratories the bunnies are as safe and durable as they are nice and naughty!

With a range to suit any taste and every desire, OhhhBunny’s rabbit inspired products can be as gentle or adventurous as you choose. Whether you and your bunny are going solo or spicing things up with a partner, OhhhBunny guarantee an experience so pleasurable it will inspire you to go at it… like rabbits.


Photo from OhhhBunny’s FB page

After camping on both websites as i cannot make up my mind which to try, i have shortlisted 2 items from respective websites. From VÄ“DO, i have selected a ‘Peach Vibrating Egg’ and ‘Frisky’ from OhhhBunny. Once i have placed my order, items were sent promptly from Hong Kong via registered post in a discreet package (Transit time is about 9 days).


‘Frisky’ from OhhhBunny is a vibrating ring designed for dual use so that your partner never feels jealous of your bunny love. Designed to help the gentleman to stay harder longer, while the vibrating ears massage the lady’s clitoris with every sensual move.



Powerful motors
5 vibration modes
One button easy control™
Extremely quiet
Velvety smooth silicone
Splash proof – suitable for shower
Rechargeable (USB cable included)
Running time 2 hour

Height: 8cm, Inner diameter: 3cm


Each ‘Frisky’ comes with a ‘Bunny Ring’, USB charging cable, Bunny travel bag and Manual. I like the fact that the Bunny Ring is chargeable and it doesn’t runs on batteries which can be troublesome (as i have to remove it when not using it to prevent any oil seepage). Frisky Bunny can operate for 2 hours when it’s fully charged.


The charging status will display through the bunny’s beautiful LED signal. Red led lights indicates that Frisky Bunny is being charged. Green led lights indicates Frisky Bunny is fully charged and ready for use. To charge, just slide the cable’s DC jack into the charging hole of Frisky Bunny (which is located near to the on/off button. It will take up to 3 hours to fully charge your bunny.


The Frisky Bunny has five hopping, ear twitching, body shaking, toe curling vibration modes, enabling you to unlock all your sexual desires. Frisky Bunny fits right in my hands and i cannot stop fondling its silky and smooth texture. Made from high quality medical grade silicone, it doesn’t compromise on health and safety! Frisky Bunny is also splash proof which means you can wash your clean your bunny before and after each use with a soft cloth, antibacterial soap and warm water. You can also use it in the shower but take care not to fully submerge the entire bunny into water


Frisky Bunny come with a one touch button control at the side. With a single touch, control all your favorite toe curling modes. To use it, press the Power Button to turn it on and press the Power Button again to change vibration mode. To turn it off, just hold the Power Button for 1 second. Personally, we will recommend to slip the ring on before arousal if not it is impossible to put it on. Personally, i love the pulsation mode while the husband prefers the normal vibration mode. The one button control makes it very easy for us to alternate between the 2 preferred modes. The motor is also powerful but the vibration sound can be on the louder side if you switch it on a higher speed. Overall, it has been a pleasure using the Frisky Bunny as it hits all the right places. 🙂


Next up, i have chosen a ‘Peach Vibrating Egg’  from VÄ“DO which is a Kegel Ball! Kegel balls,  are small weighted devices that can help strengthen a woman’s vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. Strong pelvic floor muscles help prevent urinary and fecal incontinence especially after pregnancy and Childbirth. Kegels helps to tone pelvic floor muscles and kegel exercise involves repeative action of holding your urine and letting go.. You also make use of devices to increase resistance to increase challenges which in turns better tone your muscles. Strong Pelvic Floor muscles not only prevent urinary incontinence but it also helps to improve your bedroom life. 🙂


VÄ“DO ‘Peach Vibrating Egg’ delivers discreet and deeply gratifying sensations. This remote-controlled egg allows you to change any of the 10 vibration modes with a touch of a button. Designed to provide you with pleasurable vibrations while building and toning pelvic muscles. The team behind VÄ“DO has designed the Peach Vibrating Egg in such a way that it is well-designed, pliable and durable. Because users have to insert it into their most delicate area, the Peach Vibrating Egg is made of high quality silicone with a seamless finish so it doesn’t compromises on health/safety. Moreover, it is certified by the International testing laboratory
which means quality isn’t comprised! Device is light weight and waterproof with sound reduction system. It also comes with multiple vibration mode which suits different needs and preferences.



Powerful motor
Remote control
10 vibration modes
One button easy control™
Extremely quiet
Velvety smooth silicone
Splash proof – suitable for shower
Rechargeable (USB cable included)
Running time 1hour

Height: 15cm, Max diameter: 3.5cm


To use it, you must use activate the remote control by pressing the ON/OFF Button on toy. The toy will start vibrating for a few seconds then shut off. Now with the remote control activated, you can now switch between vibration mode. To turn off toy vibration, press and hold remote control button for 5 seconds. To turn off both remote control and toy, press and hold ON/OFF button on toy for 5 seconds.

img20161211174556 img20161211174619

The VÄ“DO Peach Vibrating Egg has a velvetly smooth silicon texture which will make insection easy. It has the right amount of weight which will create that sufficient amount of resistance when you do your kegel exercise. Like what it promises, it has discrete quiet vibration.. As i have just recovered from mild yeast infection (main culprit is the overuse of Pantyliner!), i will start on Kegel exercise with the VÄ“DO Peach Vibrating Egg then. Looking forward to it as a friend told me that it works wonders for her as compared to kegel exercise without any devices. 🙂 Personally, i felt that my pelvic muscles are less toned as before after pregnancy so i’m hoping that Kegel Exercise will help improve it.


Retail Price: 

Frisky Bunny – USD 39.99, VÄ“DO Peach Vibrating Egg – USD 54.99

VÄ“DO and OhhhBunny’s products can be purchased online via http://www.vedotoys.com/ and http://www.ohhhbunny.com/

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from VÄ“DO and OhhhBunny’s presskit and website


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