Oil Blotters no more with La Roche-Posay’s Serozinc, 1st Oil Blotter Mist~

Hello my dear readers, Blessed 2017 and may this new year be a good one for all. 🙂 Hope everyone had a fun time celebrating X’mas and New Year.. During the X’mas and New Year period, i went through a surgery which i have been putting off for a long time as i hate the recovery process. :/ But Praise God that everything went on fine and i have understanding bosses and colleagues who covered my work when i was on leave.

As you know, walking after surgery can be cumbersome and painful~ Also, there’s no way that you can wash your face and take a shower until 24-36 hours after surgery. As i have sensitive oily acne prone skin, cleaning it with wipes aren’t sufficient and i cannot wipe off often due to skin sensitivity. Luckily, i have packed La Roche-Posay’s Serozinc into my hospital bag and this Oil Blotter Mist is God-Sent to keep my skin feeling happy and oil free during my hospital stay (and also after discharge!)~


La Roche Posay’s Serozinc is the must-have Skincare Sensation around the world. This purifying, soothing and mattifying Mist was initially launched only in France, but a flood of online posts and comments from consumers in praise of this product helped drive its launch in the UK, Italy, China, Korea and now Singapore!


I’m sure La Roche-Posay is no stranger to many and i’m an avid user of some of its products – namely Effaclar Gel Purifying Foaming Gel Cleanser, Physiological Soothing Toner and now Serozinc!

Highly recommended by more than 25,000 dermatologists worldwide, La Roche-Posay offers a unique range of daily skincare developed with dermatologists to meet their standards in efficacy, tolerance and elegant texture for increased compliance. La Roche-Posay skincare products are formulated with La Roche-Posay thermal spring water designed to achieve healthy skin, more specifically the ones with sensitive skin.


The products, developed using a strict formulation charter, include minimal number of ingredients to reduce side effects and reactivity. Additionally, La Roche-Posay products undergo stringent clinical testing to guarantee effectiveness and safety, even on sensitive skin.


La Roche-Posay skincare products are formulated with La Roche-Posay thermal spring water and Serozinc is also not an exception. Power packed with three key ingredients, this French pharmacy “Must-Have’ is a purifying and soothing facial mist featuring Zinc, La Roche-Posay thermal spring water and Sodium Chloride. All of which are specially designed to target key signs of oily, blemish prone skin. Ideal for even the most sensitive skin, Serozinc contains no parabens, alcohol and perfume.


Complementing the clinically proven Effaclar Range, Serozinc helps to regulate sebum and soothe acne and inflammation. Instantly, the skin is visibly reduce of shine. With regular use, complexion becomes clearer with less breakouts and inflammations, and tightened pores. Its mattifying properties also make it a perfect makeup primer or setting mist that enables makeup to last longer. It is of no surprise why Serozinc is a HG beauty product for many worldwide!


With the formulation of each product, La Roche-Posay will work closely with healthcare professionals to meet the needs of those with sensitive skin; be it fragile, dry, reactive, or chronic acne-prone, atopic or allergic skin types. For the launch of Serozinc, the team at La Roche-Posay has contacted Dr. Lynn Chiam, a renowned Dermatologist in Singapore to discover more on skin related issues.

Q: Oil Blotters are widely used as a quick-fix solution to remove excess sebum. But what typically happens after as skin becomes oily again very quickly. What is the rationale?

A: While oil blotting papers can have a temporary effect, they have no effect on the production of sebum. You may consider using a product that can suppress the production of sebum. A product that contains zinc can help in this.

Q: On the same topic of sebum, we want to delve deeper into the domino effects of having excessive sebum production. The release of excessive pro-inflammatory cytokines, due to excess sebum secretion, can lead to inflammations. When it interacts with p.acne lipases, an enzyme released by p.acnes, hyperkeratinization occurs. This then leads to formations of new imperfections called micro comedones which can easily escalate to acne problems

A: To answer this question, i want to talk about an effective dermatological active ingredient like Zinc. Zinc has anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to reduce bacteria, p. acnes, count by inhibition of the enzymes called p.acne lipases. Another proposed mechanism is also the suppression of sebum production by its anti-androgenic activity. All these help to regulate sebum and reduce the worsening of the acne condition.


Q: What happens if you suffer from sensitive but acne prone skin? Does this make it difficult to find the right skincare products to treat acne? What should he/she look out for in the ingredient list?

A: Try to avoid any products that contain perfume, alcohol, preservatives or agents that might irritate the skin. Every skin is unique so you have to be patient when looking for the right product.

Q: Acne is by no means an issue reserved for teenagers. We realized that even up to adulthood, more women are suffering from imperfections, breakouts and acne. For some, teenage acne simple continues into adulthood, while others see spots appearing for the first time past the age of 25. How different is teenage acne from adult acne?

A: While is it common to get acne in puberty, up to 25% – 40% of people still suffers from adult onset acne. Unlike teenage acne which is due to surge in hormonal levels, adult acne can also be related to stress and environmental changes. For women especially, the production of androgen hormones decreases over the lifetime. Thus it is not uncommon to have acne as well as dry skin in adults. In adults, the pigmentation left behind by acne may take longer time to heal


Personally, i dislike the use of blotters as it can only remove oil temporarily and after that, my skin will turn even oilier! Moreover, the use of blotters will spread bacteria from your hands to your face which results in breakouts~ Normally i will just leave it as it is and the layer of sebum on my face can be quite unsightly. When i first held La Roche-Posay’s Serozinc in my hands, i was quite skeptical that it will work as it sounds too good to be true! However, it has been highly raved by many so i guess it will work as promised..

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Serozinc has the same packaging as the Thermal Spring Water and it comes in a 150ml spray bottle. Besides being an oil blotter spray, you can also use it as a toner or to set your makeup. When i was in the hospital, i was using this in between face cleansing with wipes to help with oil control and also curb sebum production. I love how refreshing when it comes into contact with skin and it perks me up instantly. After a few sprays, i will let it dry by itself and skin felt light + the greasiness has disappeared. As it does not contains alcohol, it is safe to spray it over all over your face (including the eye area) and it does not cause any redness / stinging sensation.


Have been using Serozinc for the past 2 weeks (about 2-3 times a day) and i love how gentle it is on my sensitive skin. It leaves my skin feeling soothe and refreshed instantly. Moreover, it will ‘remove’ the heavy-ness of greasy on my skin and leave skin looking matt for long. I’m loving it!


Matt and Oil-Free Skin after use~

La Roche-Posay’s Serozinc is available online via Lazada and in major pharmacies like Watsons, Guardian, Unity, selected hospital pharmacies and Derma Center (Westgate #02-33).

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from La Roche-Posay’s presskit 

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