My Skin Journey With Annabelle Skin | Combating Acne & Sensitive Skin

It has been sometime since my last update about Annabelle Skin. As mentioned in my previous blog post, i went for a surgery in December and my doctor has put me on medication (Visanne). While on medication, it has brought about unpleasant side effects and one of the major side effect would be increased oil secretion! It has been a longggg time since i had such oily skin, blackheads and breakouts. Not forgetting, my skin has become extremely patchy and sensitive. During that 3-4 months, my confidence level dropped (This explains the lack of skin updates) but the team at Annabelle Skin painstakingly nursed it back to health! Today, my skin is finally back to normal and i can never thank Annabelle Skin enough. Signed for a new package yesterday and i can say that i can never ever live without Annabelle Skin. 🙂

A hidden gem in the Adelphi –Annabelle Skin (Founded in 1994) aims to serve as the trusted skin and body care companion to its clients as they go through different stages in life by providing quality treatments, effective results and personalized service. Annabelle Skin strongly believes that everyone’s skin condition is unique. Each skin and body treatment will be customized accordingly with the combination of skillful manual methods with advanced scientific beauty technology, using high quality products made with natural ingredients from Europe to produce the best and most effective results.


What set Annabelle Skin different from other salons which i have been to is that each facial treatment will be customized. During that few months where i experienced bad breakouts, focus was on treating my breakouts and sensitive skin.  I did Dr.Belter Derm-A ReNew treatment and treatments which incorporate its Line-A products. Line A offers special and very effective products to ensure gentle, effective treatment of people with seborrhoic inflamed skin with acne. I’m thankful for the customized treatments in accordance to skin condition as it really help address and target problem areas better! For me, my skin condition improved and stabilized during each and every treatments. Without it, my skin won’t be able to improve so fast.


The last facial treatment i had focused on repair and treating leftover breakouts.  The facial treatment started off with cleansing. As i did not have any makeup on, Mandy went straight into normal skin cleansing  with the use of Dr Belter Sensi-Bel Delicate Cleanser followed by Sensi-Bel Delicate Tonic to remove remaining residues.  After which, it was left under cold steam for 15 mins to calm and hydrate my skin further before extraction. Over at Annabelle Skin, they do not promote squeezing to decongest pores. Extraction is done using a special extraction tool from Switzerland together with special technique to remove blackheads & clogged sebum. As a result, it is not as painful and red as compared to conventional extraction.

After extraction, Mandy sterilized my skin with a high frequency machine to kill bacteria on the skin’s surface.. During the process, i experienced a mild slight ting-ing sensation. After which, she applied Dr Belter Algae Extract (Ampoule No.4) on my face and neck. Algae and sea extracts contain are multitude of highly effective substances. After which, Line A mask was applied on as the last step to combat current and subsequent breakouts.

The photo below was taken 2 days after facial! Only the extractions done at Annabelle Skin does not leave my skin looking swollen and patchy. Post facial, my skin is smoother, brighter, healthier and less oily + sensitive. There are some minor purging but it cleared up pretty fast.

2 weeks post facial, my skin still stays healthy and active breakouts were reduced significantly. Photo was taken after applying a thin layer of tinted moisturizer as i had to attend a wedding lunch.

If you are interested in trying out Annabelle Skin, they are offering my readers 1st facial trial at 50% off, plus free skin analysis and tester set! Just have to quote my name ‘Jermaine Liang‘ when you are booking your appointment.

Dr. Belter Cosmetic products and treatments are available exclusively at:

Annabelle Skin
The Adelphi, 1 Coleman Street
#02-42, Singapore 179803
Tel: 6336 8975

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from Dr Belter’s website

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