My Skin Journey With MY Medical Aesthetics | DiscoveryPICO Laser Treatment

Hello everyone!!!! It has been a while since i visited an Aesthetic clinic. As i am on back on medication, the unpleasant side effects are back! One of the major side effect is increased oil secretion! As you know, breakouts and blackheads will come hand in hand when skin is oily.. As a result, i have to battle with patchy skin, extremely oily skin and breakouts. Although i am going for regular facial to treat acne and sensitive skin, it is still not sufficient!! Decided to seek medical help and the first doctor that came to my mind is Dr Lim (From Trinity Medical). Contacted him and realized that he has just set up his new clinic at MY Medical Aesthetics. Roughly told him about my skin condition and he suggested that i give the DiscoveryPICO laser treatment a try!

MY Medical Aesthetics is conveniently located in Bugis, beside Bugis+ shopping mall. You will walk past Mellower Coffee and the clinic is just located on the next level! Very convenient!


108, Middle Road, The Prospex, #03-03/04
Singapore 188967 
+65 6873 8238

Picture from Mellower Coffee Facebook Page

Upon stepping into the clinic, i was greeted warmly and welcomed by the clinic assistants who assisted me in the registration process. Registration was done fast and waiting time is short (If you made appointment). The clinic is very spacious, modernly decorated (Love the modern English theme!), clean and neat with chic furnishings. Completed with soft lightnings, it creates an non-intimating atmosphere which puts one at ease.

About MY Medical Aesthetics

Managed by Dr Lim Ming Yee, MY Medical Aesthetics offers  the latest technologies that are evidence-based, safe and effective, right in the heart of town with your privacy and comfort in mind. MY Medical Aesthetics is a results-driven medical aesthetics practice that delivers desired natural-looking results at affordable prices. Patient’s needs are at the heart of what MY Medical Aesthetics focus on, Dr Lim will recommend you only the services that he believes will improve the way you look.

All of life’s greatest pleasures starts with feeling good about yourself. Whether it’s for a new job, a new relationship, or just for yourself, MY Medical Aesthetics will help one reveal his / her inner beauty.

 Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday : 10 am to 7 pm

Saturday: 10 am to 3 pm

Sunday & Public Holiday: Closed

Please call (+65) 6873 8238 or WhatsApp (+65) 8127 8238 to book an appointment.

Picture from MY Aesthetic FaceBook Page

On my first appointment, a detailed consultation assessment was done by Dr Lim to understand more about my lifestyle, skin history, skin issue and condition before customizing appropriate procedures for me. Dr Lim explained that he will recommend treatments in accordance to skin condition to address and target problem areas better! I love this personal touch as skin condition will be ever-changing due to external factors and stress level.

After chatting and accessing my skin, Dr Lim said that my skin condition has improved but due to the high sebum production (Due to the medication), it has resulted in oily and congested skin. He also said that my skin is sensitive as there are red patches all over. Hence, he recommended me to undergo DiscoveryPICO Laser Treatment to reduce oil secretion, pores size, acne, post acne marks and also to improve skin brightness and texture.

Sounds good! Dr Lim also made sure that my concerns are well taken care of and also ensure that i’m comfortable with the recommended procedures before bringing me to the treatment room.

How does the DiscoveryPICO work?

Being a fast, safe, less painful and suitable for all treatment, DiscoveryPICO uses the most advanced laser technology for the treatment of larged pores, decoloration of skin, pigmented lesions, aged skin and tattoos. DiscoveryPICO represents the second generation of picosecond lasers that due to its proprietary technology, is the most innovative medical laser available today in the market. It has an Nd:YAG double-wavelength laser source emitting at both 1064nm and 532 nm. Most of the aesthetic clinics in Singapore right now are using the traditional Q-Switched lasers that break down the pigmented particles in granules.

DiscoveryPICO works in Picosecond pulses which will be absorbed by the pigmented lesions and then fragment the pigments into thin “dust”, which is easier to be eliminated by the body immune system thus more effective! DiscoveryPICO series can treat different tattoo colors, superficial and deep pigmented lesions by using Q-Switched and Photo-Thermal pulse emission modes, as an exclusive feature of this laser, with possibilities to treat aged skin effectively.

DiscoveryPICO series is indicated for the use of:

– Tattoo Removal
– Benign Pigmented lesions Removal
– Hair Lightening
– Skin Rejuvenation
– Foot Skin and Nail condition

Photo from DiscoveryPico’s website


A thin layer of carbon lotion prior treatment to enhance the absorption of the laser beam. Dr Lim told me that i might experience some purging (aka breakouts) as the laser peel will ‘push out’ impurities that are embedded deep within my pores. For my skin, Dr Lim will different settings with the DiscoveryPICO machine. The laser setting is important and the technique to do the laser also play a part to achieve good results (hence it is important to find an experienced doctor whom you can trust).

Firstly, Dr Lim used quasi long pulse 1064nm wavelength to heat up my skin to shrink pores and to reduce oil reduction. When the laser was administered on my skin, i felt heat and prickling sensation which wasn’t painful but just a little uncomfortable. The intensity increased when Dr Lim concentrated on areas whereby there was a lot of clogged pores. Still bearable!

Second pass, he used the Q-switch (nano second) to get rid of the carbon particles and death skin cells on the skin surface. The buzzing sound got louder but there wasn’t any pain or discomfort. Third pass, 1064nm wavelength (pico second) was used to even out the skin tone and reduce pigments. No pain and discomfort either! What’s good about the pico second laser pulse is that the laser is very fast and fine, leaving the skin have a pinkish tone instead of overall redness in Q-switch pulse in high setting.

To reduce the purging effect, Dr Lim also arranged for me to undergo LED pulsed light (LPL) treatment. He used 415nm wavelength blue light to reduce acne inflammation and bacteria. What a nice touch and this is the reason why i trust Dr Lim so much as i’m always in good hands! He knows what’s the best treatment and tools for individual condition!

Everything was done in about 20 mins and i was rather surprised to see that there’s no redness or ‘raw-sensation. As there’s no downtime, you can just resume your normal duty right after the treatment. Instantly, my skin felt smoother to the touch, cleaner and skin tone is more even with improved clarity. Ahhh, the beauty of laser treatment!

Left – immediately after treatment Right – 1 hour after treatment

On the 3rd day onwards, i did experience some breakouts which i had already braced myself for as my skin is congested. Dr Lim did ask me to get an oil-free cream which helps to control breakouts which i didn’t (Stubborn me! I am going to get it during my next visit). Reminder to self not to scrimp on skincare as combination treatment with the right skin care will help achieve greater result! Despite the purging, skin is less greasy, brighter and more radiant. i also observed that my pore size has shrunk! After a week, the breakouts from purging started to clear.

Day 2 after treatment

Now it is 12 days post treatment and i felt that my skin appears to be healthier with reduce oil secretion, breakouts, less redness and more even skin texture (My post acne marks also became lighter!). The more controlled oil secretion has also results in lesser clogged pores and bumps. Overall, i felt that my skintone is brighter and so much more even (and radiant)! Even with light makeup (loose mineral foundation and blusher only), my skin still looks good and healthy! Can’t wait for the 2nd treatment next week and i will be back with more updates. Meanwhile, have a blessed week ahead! 🙂

* Disclaimer: Description & information are extracted from MY Medical Aesthetics and DiscoveryPICO’s website. 

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