A Single or a Bouquet of Roses is the Best for Valentine?

Hello my readers, do you know that Red Roses are the most classic and romantic flowers to give on Valentine. It is because they are the most popular symbol of love, and Valentine is the day of love. Each year, people would like to celebrate Valentine by not losing a chance to expressing their love to the loved ones. And one of the great ways to express the love is by giving Roses as the Valentine’s Day gift. But before you give this flower as the Valentine’s Day gift, make sure you understand the meaning of the number of flower you want to give. Surprise your sweetheart and show your love to her with Little Flower Hut. They provide unique floral arrangements, a big bouquet of roses and also you can customize your flower gifts by adding an extra little gift to make this day even more memorable.

What is the best for Valentine’s Day: a single or a bouquet of Roses?

It is said that when you give a bouquet of Roses means that you really love the recipient. The “many” also often leaves a longer impression to the receiver since it conveys an elegant statement of love. A bouquet of 100 Roses, indeed, will look extra beautiful and spectacular and it will immediately melt the heart of the recipient. But it does not mean that the other numbers are meaningless.

A bouquet of 12 Roses is also a great way to express your love. However, 12 can represents many things in life: a complete cycle, the full-12 hours of clock, 12 pairs of ribs in a body of human, even the 12 signs of Zodiacs and months in a year. This number gives a sacred, universal, and mystical quality to a meaningful message which is “a complete and true love”.

Then there is a single Rose. Even though a single Rose often lead and associated to stinginess by most of people, it is actually also a meaningful gift when you dig the meaning deeper. A single Rose can express a beautiful message like: “There is no one else but you”.

So, the point is: there is no one is better than the other one, it is all depends to the intention of the giver to the receiver. After all, flowers—especially Roses are the perfect way to say your “I love you”, mostly in a special day like Valentine. No man can ever go wrong in giving their woman this kind of flower as the Valentine’s Day gift. Combine the flower with the other cute gift such as chocolate or a Teddy Bear also will be a great idea to win her heart. 🙂

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