My Skin Journey With MY Medical Aesthetics | Part 2 & 3

Hello everyone!!!! I’m here to update on my 2nd and 3rd treatment process at MY Medical Aesthetics! After the 3rd treatment, my skin has shown tremendous improvement despite the fact that i am on medication with unpleasant side effects.

During my 2nd appointment, Dr Lim did a check on my skin progress and said that there’s still room for improvement. As some parts of my skin are congested, Dr Lim recommended me to do deep cleansing with extraction before DiscoveryPICO Laser Treatment. Do note that treatments over at MY Medical Aesthetics will be customized and Dr Lim will recommend treatments in accordance to skin condition which targets problem areas better. In addition, Dr Lim will always ensure that my concerns are well taken care of and also ensure that i’m comfortable with the recommended procedures before treatment.

The clinic assistant, Crystal cleansed my skin and did some extractions before the ProFacial Aqua Peeling Treatment.  ProFacial™ is all-in-one solution for multi-dimensional, effective facial care by combining four technologies of Aqua Peeling, Ion Lifting, Multipolar RF and Ultrasound.

The Aqua Peeling treatment promotes Deep Cleansing and Peeling utilizing three solutions –

  • Lactic Acid (AHA substance receptive)
  • Salicylic Acid (BHA and fat soluble)
  • Highly enriched hydro-essence containing EGF element

During the treatment, the machine will create a painless suction force while dispensing the different solutions onto my skin. During the process, there wasn’t any pain or sensitivity. After that, my skin felt smoother to the touch and there wasn’t any redness!

After the Aqua Peeling treatment, my skin is ready for the DiscoveryPICO laser treatment! Being a fast, safe, less painful and suitable for all treatment, DiscoveryPICO uses the most advanced laser technology for the treatment of larged pores, decoloration of skin, pigmented lesions, aged skin and tattoos. DiscoveryPICO represents the second generation of picosecond lasers that due to its proprietary technology, is the most innovative medical laser available today in the market. It has an Nd:YAG double-wavelength laser source emitting at both 1064nm and 532 nm. Most of the aesthetic clinics in Singapore right now are using the traditional Q-Switched lasers that break down the pigmented particles in granules.

DiscoveryPICO works in Picosecond pulses which will be absorbed by the pigmented lesions and then fragment the pigments into thin “dust”, which is easier to be eliminated by the body immune system thus more effective! DiscoveryPICO series can treat different tattoo colors, superficial and deep pigmented lesions by using Q-Switched and Photo-Thermal pulse emission modes, as an exclusive feature of this laser, with possibilities to treat aged skin effectively.


A thin layer of carbon lotion prior treatment to enhance the absorption of the laser beam.  For my 2nd treatment, Dr Lim used the same settings as the first treatment. At the start of the treatment, Dr Lim used quasi long pulse 1064nm wavelength to heat up my skin to shrink pores and to reduce oil reduction. I felt heat and prickling sensation which wasn’t painful but just a little uncomfortable. The intensity increased when Dr Lim concentrated on certain areas (still bearable).

Next, he used the Q-switch (nano second) to get rid of the carbon particles and death skin cells on the skin surface. The buzzing sound got louder but there wasn’t any pain or discomfort. at the end of the treatment, 1064nm wavelength (pico second) was used to even out the skin tone and reduce pigments. No pain and discomfort either! What’s good about the pico second laser pulse is that the laser is very fast and fine, leaving the skin have a pinkish tone instead of overall redness in Q-switch pulse in high setting.

To reduce the purging effect, Dr Lim also arranged for me to undergo LED pulsed light (LPL) treatment. He used 415nm wavelength blue light to reduce acne inflammation and bacteria.

Like the first treatment, there’s no redness after DiscoveryPICO laser treatment . As there’s no downtime, you can just resume your normal duty right after the treatment. Instantly, my skin felt smoother to the touch, cleaner and skin tone is more even with improved clarity.

20 mins after treatment

This time round, i did not experience purging and i was applying the oil-free cream prescribed by Dr Lim religiously to help control breakouts. 3rd day after treatment, i felt that overall skin tone is less red, more radiant and skin still feels very smooth. My skin’s oil secretion level has reduced significantly and skin is much healthier.

3rd day after the 2nd Skin Treatment

1-2 weeks later, skin is less congested, less bumpy, more radiant and it still remains healthy with reduced breakouts, and clogged pores (due to the reduction in oil secretion).  Pore size has also shrunk! I also observed that my post acne marks has started to fade gradually.  Also, i’m happy with my facial hair doesn’t appears to be really black and visible as the laser treatment has reduced my facial hair pigments.

1 week after the skin treatment (With light makeup on)

2 weeks after the skin treatment

On the 3rd treatment, Dr Lim recommended me to get Carbon Laser Peel done as he is still not satisfied with the oil secretion level from my skin. Carbon Laser treatment is a laser procedure that uses a carbon layer as a photo-enhancer to improve the skin’s radiance and promotes a smooth and glowing complexion. The Carbon Laser Peel helps to refine enlarged pores, reduce oil secretion, remove blackheads, and achieve a whitening effect. It is delivered by a state-of-the-art Q-switched Nd:YAG Laser Machine which sends short, rapid and high intensity pulses of light. The combination of the short wavelength and rapid light pulses results in maximal treatment of the skin lesions while preserving the surrounding skin.

How it Works

Tthe Q-switched Nd:YAG laser is used to heat up the skin and cause an explosion of the carbon particles. The laser light is absorbed by the carbon lotion, focusing the laser energy on the epidermis skin layer. As the laser moves across the skin, the smoke from explosion of carbon particles is gently vacuumed up, exfoliating the skin and removing any debris in the pores. The treatment reduces pore sizes and the thermal effect of the laser beam stimulates collagen renewal.

Before the treatment, a layer of carbon lotion is applied on my entire face and allowed to dry over a few minutes before the Carbon Laser Peel commences.

Carbon Laser Peel will not cause any scabs, pain or bleeding hence no numbing cream is required.  This treatment is also non-invasive and gentle. Carbon Laser Peel is highly effective if patients wish to reduce pore size, fine lines, and blemishes. This treatment will also improve and rejuvenate skin tone, giving a more youthful appearance.

When the laser was administered on my skin, all i felt was prickling sensation which wasn’t painful but just a little uncomfortable. Dr Lim concentrated on the areas whereby there’s breakouts and the intensity increases (But still bearable). After doing laser on the whole face, Dr Lim proceeds to blast the carbon off. The buzzing sound got louder but there wasn’t any pain or discomfort. Here’s a photo taken right after treatment. There’s not much redness and my skin tone looks much brighter! My skin also felt very clean, ‘light’ and smoother to the touch.

1 hour after treatment

I woke up to oil-free skin the next day!! This is something which i really want to see after so long!! After three treatments, i could feel that my skin is less greasy (Even my husband agrees with me) and skin appears to be brighter and more radiant. i felt that my skin tone appears to be healthier, more even with reduce breakouts and sensitivity. The more controlled oil secretion has also results in lesser clogged pores and bumps. Overall, i felt that my skin tone is brighter and so much more even (and radiant)!

Dr Lim told me that he will be doing a more intensive laser treatment during my 4th visit which will help to curb oil-secretion and to get rid of post acne discoloration. Will update again in due course. If you are looking for a highly experienced doctor to treat your skin issue, look no further as Dr Lim knows what’s the best treatment and tools for individual’s condition! You will be in good hands!

Thank you for reading and Happy New Year to everyone! 🙂

MY Medical Aesthetics:

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Singapore 188967 
+65 6873 8238

Opening Hours:

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Saturday: 10 am to 3 pm

Sunday & Public Holiday: Closed

Please call (+65) 6873 8238 or WhatsApp (+65) 8127 8238 to book an appointment.

* Disclaimer: Description & information are extracted from MY Medical Aesthetics and DiscoveryPICO’s website. 

2 thoughts on “My Skin Journey With MY Medical Aesthetics | Part 2 & 3

  1. Chloe says:

    Hi, I am looking for reviews on My Aesthetics and came across your post. I have acne problems for many years and would like to look for Dr Lim for treatment.
    Can I check with you the estimated cost for the various treatment?
    Thank you.

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