It’s time to say adios to kinks and split ends. Invisibobble is here to the rescue!

After the recent hair loss episode (Due to certain medication that i had to take), i had to cut short my hair. Now that the hair fall is under control, i can keep it long again! But before i can do that, i will need to survive through the awkward phase! To embrace the transition period, i’m well equipped with a cap and hair rings to prevent embarrassing bad hair days. Talking about hair rings, i finally came across a brand which works so well in helping me achieve a neat short pony tail. 🙂

Invisibobble® is a revolutionary hair tool that has been launched in Singapore recently. This Traceless Hair Ring is a worldwide bestseller packed with lots of benefits, made in Germany.

The Revolutionary Styling Tool and Traceless Hair Ring currently has four collections launched in Singapore –  ORIGINAL, SLIM, NANO and POWER, available in a wide range of colors! Invisibobble® has been distributed in over 70 countries and has won the award for 50 invisibobble® ORIGINAL hair rings sold every minute by Cosmo Beauty Awards 2014.

The invisibobble® Hair Ring does not absorb perspiration and dirt which makes it hygienic and anti-allergic, leaves no traces in the hair and it even retracts in hot water!

Invisibobble® has found its way into the hair of girls and guys for good reasons. Why? Hair caring, no kink, strong hold – invisibobble® ORIGINAL’s unique spiral shape makes it possible! That’s why the invisibobble® hair tie is the perfect companion for every occasion, the traceless hair ring!

For sporty chicks, the invisibobble® POWER will give your hair an EXTRA strong grip and if you are a fan of funky hairstyles the invisibobble® NANO styling hair ring will make you go crazy!

For fashionistas go for the SLIM elegant ring, which is delicate for the hair and can also be worn as a fashionable bracelet around the wrist. Without an effort, the invisibobble® SLIM creates a bouncy ponytail or a voluminous bun.

Closing the gap between hair ties and bobby pins, invisibobble® NANO is the one and only styling tool you’ll never ever want to miss!

Thanks to Suzanni Beaute, i was given an opportunity to try the Invisibobble Slim and Nano~ Wanted something which has a firm grip on my short ponytail but yet looks elegant and stylish. When sometimes i’m feeling vain and want to style my hair into braids, the Invisibobble Nano will help me achieve the hairstyle i want. 🙂

Invisibobble® Hair Ring – Nano & Slim

Closing the gap between hair ties and bobby pins, Invisibobble® NANO is the one and only styling tool you’ll never ever want to miss! No kink, no hair breakage, no tangles – as a knight in spiral armor the invisibobble® NANO doesn’t compromise any of the invisibobble® benefits.

Whether beginner or pro, romantic braid or casual half bun – the little styling tool is there to offer a helping hand. The invisibobble® NANO allows you to separate smaller hair sections, fix elegant updos or secure impressive braided styles – no need for clips or bobby pins!

Invisibobble Nano comes in 3 hair rings per box and available in two different colors – True Black and Crystal Clear.

Invisibobble NANO in Crystal Clear

Invisibobble® SLIM is also known as the elegant hair ring with an intricate touch to the famous spiral shape of the ORIGINAL hair tie. The invisibobble® SLIM is the perfect tool for both a stylish office hairdo and for a bouncy evening look without the need to no need to sacrifice style for comfort.

To dress casually but still look sophisticated while standing out is the ultimate #stylinggoal for most women trying to strike the balance between “over-the-top” and “underdressed”. Obviously, the right hairdo is just as important as the outfit. And the invisibobble® SLIM hair tie the perfect tool to easily create a bouncy ponytail or a voluminous bun. Besides looking delicate in the hair, you can also wear the Invisibobble SLIM like a fashionable bracelet!

Invisibobble SLIM comes in 3 hair rings per box and available in four different colors – True Black, Chrome Sweet Chrome, Crystal Clear and Bronze Me Pretty.

Invisibobble SLIM in Bronze Me Pretty.

I have thick hair so i have to change my hair ties very frequently as they get stretched out fast. With Invisibobble SLIM, i can easily bring it back to shape with hot water – amazing! Invisibobble SLIM is also able to hold my short pony tail securely in just 2 wraps without too much tension. It also doesn’t rip out my hair during removal and i love how gentle and comfortable it felt~ Alsoit doesn’t leave a deep kinks or any marks in my hair as compared to other hair ties~ At $9.90 per box, it is definitely a good hair accessory to own~

For more information on Invisibobble, you can go to their website. 

Invisibobble is available at selected SASA stores, (BHG stores except Seletar Mall) and Suzanni Beaute’s online

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from the Invisibobble’s presskit and website

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