Beauty Delight In Every Bite With Ceramiracle Ageless Delight Beauty Chocolate Supplement!

Today, i am back with a review of an interesting yummy supplement which will fight signs of aging! In January, Ceramiracle has launched the Ageless Delight Beauty Chocolate and this is the first clean-label, sugar-free dark chocolate beauty supplement infused with skin-benefiting ingredients that are wrinkle fighting while providing hydration to the skin!

If you are new to Ceramiracle, let me do a brief introduction! Ceramiracle believes that Beauty is a universal language. The brand’s core value of Prejudice-Free drives the company’s operation which gives birth to prejudice-free products featuring universal formulas suitable for all skin types. The formulation of every single product is researched and tested for its efficacy to ensure its suitability for all skin types.

Ceramiracle’s One Formulation for all skin types promises Universal Efficacy and simplifies skincare because Ceramiracle products are all-embracing and work effectively for everyone. This is the defining hallmark that distinguishes Ceramiracle and its products from other brands in the market. Ceramiracle is also a PETA-certified brand and all its products are cruelty-free, vegetarian-friendly and do not contain harmful preservatives, fragrances or unsafe chemicals.

With this new launch, Ceramiracle is making waves in the world of beauty supplement by bridging the gap between food and beauty with many people’s favorite sweet treat – Chocolate!

Chocolate is considered an indulgence to many, yet it may not be known to most that dark chocolate contains nutrients that positively affect skin health as a powerful source of antioxidant. Ceramiracle’s Ageless Delight Beauty Chocolate supplement is made with 70% organic South American Dark Chocolate plus other skin benefiting ingredients targeted at rejuvenating skin to bring forth a natural ageless radiance. This 100% sugar-free and vegan-friendly dark chocolate-based beauty supplement works to improve the skin’s hydration*, this unique chocolate supplement helps to iron out the wrinkles and fine lines*, while delivering a potent dose of antioxidants.

*Based on a placebo-controlled, double-blind ingredient study conducted with 33 volunteers over a 6 week period.

Ageless Delight Beauty Chocolate supplement is vegan, cruelty-free and xylitol sweetened with no sugar. It contains zero fillers, preservatives, dairy, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soybeans or artificial flavor. With the Ageless Delight Beauty Chocolate supplement, you can now indulge in chocolates without guilt!

Each box of Ageless Delight Beauty Chocolate supplement contains 20 solid mini dark chocolate bars infused with skin benefiting ingredients such as fucoidan, polyphenols & phytoceramides.

Fucoidan not only stimulates collagen production, but is also an excellent protector of the skin’s natural elasticity, keeping away telltale signs of aging, like wrinkles and fine lines. Polyphenols are naturally packed with antioxidants which aids in skin firming and rejuvenating its appearance. Phytoceramides help to recreate the protective skin layer that has been lost to time. By binding the skin together and locking in moisture, it improves the skin’s density and restores elasticity.

Key Ingredients:

– 70% Organic South American Dark Chocolate

Packed with a host of nutritional compounds, dark chocolate is an excellent source for the daily-recommended intake for minerals like manganese, copper, iron, and magnesium. It is also loaded with antioxidants like polyphenols, flavanols, and catechin.

– Premium Fucoidan from Bladderwrack seaweed (Fucus vesiculosus)

Ageless Delight Beauty Chocolate supplement’s clean and pure Fucoidan hails from the pristine waters of the Tasman sea. Fucoidan is a known antioxidant with in-vivo studies showing the ability to support our skin against external stressors. Fucoidan is also an excellent protector of the skin’s natural elasticity.

– Phytoceramides (from Rice Extract)

These naturally found substances help the skin recreate its protective skin layer that has been lost to time. They bind the skin together, bringing back its youthful plumpness by better locking in moisture and hydrating the skin from within. Phytoceramides have also been shown to improve skin’s density, which in turn aids in the smoothening of the wrinkles, thus giving  skin an ageless radiance.

“It is no longer enough to provide our skin with an external shield that may wear off over time. Our skin needs to be cared from starting with its deepest layers. From skin supplements to healthy foods, there are an abundance of natural ingredients that can heal the skin from within and bring back its youthfulness.” – Eugene He, CEO of Ceramiracle

I’m so excited when i have received the product as i am a chocolate lover and this dual chocolate supplement also provides skin loving benefits. It is recommended to consume one square of chocolate supplement daily. Taste wise, it taste like normal chocolates and there’s absolutely no funny after-taste~ Packaging wise, each chocolate comes in a pretty mint packaging which makes it convenient to consume on the go! Moreover, i also realized that the chocolate don’t melt easily which is a big yay in our hot & humid weather! After finishing about 10 chocolate supplement, i do observed that my skin is less sensitive, calmer and less tight (which means more hydrated!) Will definitely consume this supplement diligently for good skin 🙂

Ageless Delight Beauty Chocolate supplement is exclusively available at all Robinsons Singapore
stores and on, priced at S$69 / box of 20 individually packed pieces.

Limited Time Offer: FREE mask with every Beauty Chocolate purchase. Add The Reboot Mask to cart and use the code SELFCARE at checkout! Bridge the gap between food and beauty with the latest Ageless Delight Beauty Chocolate that smoothe out the signs of time effortlessly while giving you a guilt-free indulgence

Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from Ceramiracle’s Presskit & Website

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