Cook Out @ Cairnhill

Hello everyone! What is your favorite local food? For it, it has to be Satay and BBQ Chicken wings but sad to say that it is difficult to locate it in Punggol!  I have been staying in Bedok for many years and the access of food is something i am not accustomed to after moving to Punggol…

Last Saturday, i’ve attended the Cook Out at Cairnhill (Organized by BBQ House & Scatter Media) event and i’m glad that i can now prepared Satay and BBQ Chicken Wings at the comfort of my home! Cook Out At Cairnhill is an event dedicated to showcasing the talents of social media influencers who have shared their life experiences and hobbies with the general public. This event features guest blogger, Diana Gale of The Dosmetics Goddness Wannable (a well-known blogger and winner of 2015 & 2014’s Singapore Blog Awards for Best Cooking Blog). At the event, i was given the opportunity to try out food (kindly sponsored by BBQ House & prepared by Diana) and to mingle, bond and enjoy a unique culinary experience with other lifestyle bloggers.



In line with the spirit of innovation and local heritage, BBQ house is the proud sponsor of Cook Out at Cairnhill, in a show of support to local creative culinary talents.

BBQ House Pte Ltd is Singapore’s leading BBQ food supplier. Established early in 1970’s. BBQ House started as a satay supplier and has grown since then to offer even more great tasting BBQ products at an affordable price. BBQ House is a one-stop BBQ solution for both cooked and raw food, supplying not only as a wholesalers but directly to consumers on

BBQ House Logo


Enjoying your BBQ in a dine in environment? Yes as it is made possible by BBQ House!

BBQ House seeks to bring out the best of the outdoor grill into the dine-in experience. It is often difficult to control the quality of grilled meats during outdoor barbecues. Meats get charred, overcooked, under-cooked easily. Events outdoors while fun, tend also to require effort to organize and can also be hot, smokey and sweaty.

BBQ House has solved this problem easily by introducing its pre-cooked meats like its chicken satay in a ready-to-eat package with 10 sticks of chicken satay and curry gravy. Besides chicken satay, BBQ House also offers pre-cooked beef and mutton satay as well as pre-cooked grilled chicken wings.


If you are worried that ready-to-eat package, fret not! At the event, there was a satay demonstration which illustrates the effort that goes into these satay. Over 20 ingredients are used to make the satay and its gravy, including shallots, galangal, lemongrass, turmeric powder, mixed five spices, red sugar, curry powder, salt and BBQ House’s secret ingredients. 🙂

New folder9

One of the most popular products after BBQ House’s satay, is the BBQ Chicken wings ! Once again, preparing and grilling the chicken wings to a consistent standard requires skill and time.
Good news is BBQ House’s pre-cooked wings take only 3 minutes in the microwave or 5 minutes at 250 degrees in the oven and is ready to serve, in the same delicious standard!



I have high expectation for satay and the small pieces of meat on the skewer must firstly be moist, flavorful and tender!  The dipping satay sauce must be of the right consistency and rich with peanut taste as well! I love my satay well coated with peanut sauce!



BBQ House’s ready-to-eat chicken satay met all my expectations. In just 3 minutes in the microwave, i will get to savor perfectly cooked and wonderfully succulent chicken meat with each bite. There’s even a tantalizing smoky taste on top of the delectably sweet BBQ marinade The zesty peanut sauce has the right consistency and favor which complements the delicious satay~


I’m also a big fan of chicken wings! BBQ / Grilled ones in particular and i’m so glad that i can prepare it at home so easily!  To be frank, i tried the wings with no expectations as i don’t expect it to taste as good since they are pre-packed wings. However, i was in for a surprise after i took the first bite. The BBQ marinate is done just right – flavorful and not too sweet. The meat is not dry and best of all, the wings are not oily… Since it is mid wings, it makes eating so much more pleasant… I’m certainly stocking up on more!


At the Cook Out event, we were given the opportunity to witness Diana Gale in action and also taste some dishes that she had prepared for us. Diana has been featured in numerous magazines and online news portals. Her wide range of recipes features breakfasts, mains and lots more. Each recipe is fastidiously done with her audience in mind and i have to say that her passion for cooking and creative flair is respectable.



New folder10


Cream of Corn Soup


Fried Rice with Spiced Chicken and Vegetables

Tasty and spicy, Chicken Curry is also the favorite for many. BBQ House has specially provided some insights on how this is done. The preparation of the curry includes the use of ginger, chopped garlic, and onions mixed together and put into the grinder. Next add the curry powder with water into a paste and together with the pounded mix, rub it into the chicken wings. This is then left for at least an hour before frying the chicken with some vegetable oil. Next curry paste is added further to thicken the curry, along with a moderate amount of coconut milk.

As i was too full, i did not give the curry and grilled stingray a try.. But my husband loves the curry and he mentioned that he would attempt to cook it one day… (Good luck to my stomach! lol!)

2 FotorCreated

BBQ House’s pre-cooked products are simple and easy to prepare yet delicious at the same time. The satay and chicken wings served perfectly supplemented the home cooked meal, balanced with a rice, soup and vegetable dish. With no more than 5 minutes to cook, this is a perfect addition to the busy working family.

Thank you BBQ House and Scatter Media for the kind invitation and for feeding us so well~



BBQ House ready-to-eat Satay Packs are now available online, selected stores islandwide and at the World Food Fair from 8-11 September @ Singapore Expo Hall 6.

Price List:

Pre-cooked chicken Satay pack: $4 for pack of 10 satays
50 sticks pre-cooked satays: $17.50 (chicken), $18.50 (beef satay) & $20.50 (mutton)
10 pre-cooked bbq chicken wings: $12
Nonya chicken curry: $20 for a serving for 10 persons

* Disclaimer: Products Description, information and photos are extracted from BBQ House and Scatter Media’s Presskit.

(Event) INNI by La Source launch‏

Hello everyone!! Took time off to attend the launch of INNI at La Source Spa last month and it was such an indulgent experience! The award-winning La Source Spa, formerly known as LS Philosophy, is where one’s journey into holistic living begins. La Source Spa is Singapore’s award-winning luxury day spa and offers a true 360-degree approach to beauty and well-being. Specializing in pampering yet result driven face and body treatments, the spa features a range of spacious treatments suites, some with over-sized baths and steam rooms to enjoy. There’s also a fully equipped Hair Room provides a range of hair treatments and solutions to complete the experience.

Once i stepped into La Source Spa, i was welcomed by a nice soothing scent and a calm tranquil environment with soft music playing in the background.. This is definitely the place that one should go to unwind and pamper yourself from top to toe!

At the launch event, we were introduced to INNI by La Source which is La Source Spa’s debut of its own 100% natural skincare brand. INNI, short for infinity was born out of its founder Jane Soon’s love for purity and wellness. Reflecting her belief in the importance of tracing back to the source, all the ingredients within the INNI line come from natural sources. Every product is made without the use of parabens, mineral oils, artificial colorants, perfumes or fillers, making it suitable for all skin types and highly effective.

Each product harnesses the revitalizing and purifying properties of INNI’s signature ingredient, Austrian Heilmoor clay, a rare nutrient rich peat known for its therapeutic properties that offers amazing restorative and anti-aging benefits for the skin.

Currently, there’s 4 different ranges which address four major skincare concerns: Whitening, Hydrating, Purifying and Anti-Aging. There’s also specialty products, blends and body range products to care for your skin and health. La Source Spa’s exclusive spa products ‘INNI’ are 100% natural and use only the finest plant-based ingredients.

Will start off with the introduction of the Purifying Range. INNI Purifying Range serves to purify and balance skin by harnessing the antibacterial and stimulating properties of Tea-Tree Oil and Lavender Oil. It removes the toxins and bacteria that build up throughout the day, leaving skin feeling refreshed, supple and boasting a healthy, youthful glow.

One item that i’m tempted to try will be the Youthful Glow Radiant Serum as this multi-action serum targets imperfections including hyperpigmentation, sunspots and acne scars.  When applied to cleansed skin daily, the light-gel serum brightens and tightens the complexion leaving it with  a radiant glow. Was told that this is suitable for acne-prone sensitive skin which is what i need as i cannot use whitening products for my post-acne marks as it is too harsh.

INNI Purifying Range

Dehydrated Skin – The Root of All Evil (aka Skin Problems) so the INNI Hydrating Range is packed with active moisturising ingredients to help soothe and protect the skin while preventing further aging. Fast-acting extracts from Aloe Vera, Shea Butter and Vitamin C all help to hydrate thirsty skin, returning your complexion back to balanced  moisture levels.

INNI Hydrating Range

The Youthful Glow Enzyme Peel is one of the star product in this range. It contains nutrient-rich exfoliating formula of Pumpkin Pulp, Papaya, and Pineapple, This peel is designed to penetrate the skin and refine the appearance of pores. Skin will be refreshed, brigher, more even and youthful withr regular use.

Youthful Glow Milk Cleanser is another star product and this gentle and non-drying cleanser uses a blend of refreshing and soothing ingredients such as Chamomile, Lavender and Arnica. This effective cleansing lotion leaves skin feeling nourished and revitalised, while offering a lasting fresh and dewy glow.


Next, for people who wish to brighten and lighten your skin, INNI Whitening Range is curated to provide a complete skin care solution to brighten and lighten all skin tones. The use of powerful ingredients such as St John’s Wart, Kelp and Papaya all work in unison to achieve dramatic results.

INNI Whitening Range

The best-selling product from this range has to be the Illuminating Whitening which contains unique, intensive formula of vitamins and minerals  extracted from Kelp, Grapefruit and Kelyzyme clay.  This high-performing mask leaves skin feeling light  and looking bright.

INNI Age Defying Range is designed specifically to rewind time. Potent ingredients such as CoEnzyme Q10, Horsetail plant extract and Vitamin C work in unison to reverse visible signs of aging as well as reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

INNI Age Defying Range

INNI Whitening Range’s must check out products are the Miracle Glow Age Defying Serum and Miracle Glow Age Defying Cream. Miracle Glow Age Defying Serum is a concentrated serum that incorporates the renowned age defying effects of Palmitoyl Tripeptide, DMAE and Alpha Lipoic Acid. The serum helps to lift dullness, highlighting the skin’s natural glow while minimising the look of fine lines and wrinkles. It is best to apply daily before moisturising.

Miracle Glow Age Defying Cream is a multi-action, all-in-one cream that contains CoEnzyme Q10, Horsetail plant extract and Hyaluronic spheres that work hard to combat signs of aging. When added to your daily skincare routine, this rich, nourishing cream works hard to lift dullness, replenish skin’s moisture and minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles.


The INNI Specialty Range is created to target specific skin concerns, offering solutions that are suitable for all skin types. These mousse, gels, make-up removers and balms are perfect for daily use or when skin is in need of healing.

INNI Specialty Range

INNI Blends Range is formulated to provide a range of solutions in everyday health and skincare. Each solution helps to cure both short and long-term ailments. Some of the best-selling blends include the Health Blood Circulation, Breathe Respiratory, Balance Dermal, Sleep Relaxation and Calm Peace of Mind.

INNI Blends Range

The INNI Body Range offers a comprehensive selection of fresh and healing body products. Using only 100% natural ingredients, INNI harness the power of Mother Nature to achieve soft and supple skin.

I love the Release Soothing Balm from the body range as this soothing tension balm relaxes head, neck and shoulder muscles and is a nifty cure for migraines. With Peppermint, Melissa and Magnesium Ascorbate, the balm instantly relaxes and soothes, providing instant calming relief.

To showcase the efficacy of the products, the founder of La Source Spa has personally curated six indulgent facial rituals for women and men. The signature Age Defying Facial combats wrinkles by providing deep hydration to the skin while rebuilding collagen and elastin fibres. The luxurious experience starts with a deep cleanse and peel to prepare the skin before a lifting facial massage works to relax tired facial muscles and tone the skin. Other hardworking treatments include the Purifying Facial, Brightening FacialRebalancing Facial, Red Carpet Facial and the Gentlemen’s Facial as well as a series of pampering INNI body treatments such as the signature La Source Deep Tissue Massage that is restorative and helps with anti-aging.

I was also treated to a 60 mins signature La Source Deep Tissue Massage and i have truly enjoyed the massage. Not only that aches on my lower back and sore shoulders were relieved, the tension and fatigue from daily stress just melted away. Also love the masseur who used the right amount pressure to concentrate on my areas of tension and pain. 🙂

Do give this local luxury skincare brand a try as it is priced very competitively. Before i go, i would like to share some festive cheer whereby you can bring that bit of INNI-Beauty magic to you and your loved ones. With the holiday season approaching, there is no better way to spread the festive cheer than to celebrate with the gift of clear, beautiful skin.

Gift Set #1: Age-Defying Power Duo Skincare Gift Set ($298)

Pamper your loved one with the gift of youthful skin with two of INNI’s top-selling hero products. It includes the hardworking Miracle Glow Age-Defying Serum and Miracle Glow Age-Defying Cream. Paired together, this is a dynamic duo that will ensure radiant, youthful skin — perfect for the party season.

Gift Set #2: Age-Defying Skincare Gift Set ($478)

Indulge that special someone with the Age-Defying Skincare Gift Set. This ultimate package has been specially put together for those looking for comprehensive skincare and results and has been designed specifically to rewind time. Start your regime with the Youthful Glow Enzyme Peel before applying the signature Miracle Glow Age-Defying Cream for deep hydration and Youthful Glow Eye Balm to help brighten those dark rings. The Illuminating Whitening Mask will help you achieve clearer and smoother skin.

Gift Set #3: Relaxation Blends Set ($98)

In the stressful world we live in, there’s no better gift than that of rest and relaxation. The Relaxtion Blends set allows you to choose a mixture of two blends (Health – Blood Circulation, Breathe – Respiratory, Balance – Dermal and Calm – Peace of Mind)


Gift Set #1: Age-Defying Power Duo Skincare Gift Set ($298)


Gift Set #2: Age-Defying Skincare Gift Set ($478)


Gift Set #3: Relaxation Blends Set ($98)

To complement the gift sets, La Source Spa has also come up with a special list of festive treatments to be enjoyed (or gifted) this festive season, Promotion Period: 11th December 2015 to end of February 2016

Quick Party Prep ($288 worth $336, 15% off)
a. Red Carpet Facial, 75mins
b. Hair Shampoo & Basic Styling, 45mins

Ultimate Party Prep ($398 worth $474, 15% off)
a. Red Carpet Facial, 75mins
b. Massage (choice of: La Source Signature Deep Tissue Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Detoxifying Massage, Tension-Relieve Massage and Prenatal Massage), 60mins
c. Hair Shampoo & Basic Styling, 45mins

INNI products and treatments are available exclusively at La Source Spa, #01-03/04, 15 Scotts Road, Thong Teck Building (Tel: 6732-1318).

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from INNI’s presskit 

Hydra 3HA | SOTHYS 3D Hydrating Programme‏

Hello everyone, i’m back with an update on the Sothys 3D Hydrating launch event that i’ve attended one month ago. What’s the importance of hydration you might ask? Dehydrated skin is actually the root cause of all your skin related concerns like aging and sensitive skin.

If you have oily / sensitive skin, you will need to keep your skin well moisturized so that it won’t give the brain the signal to produce more oil to protect it which will in turn leads to breakout. When skin lacks moisture, it will turn dry and cause irritation (Hence the sensitive skin). If you have normal skin type, it is important to maintain the healthiness of skin types with moisture. If you have dry skin, you will need intensive moisture to restore suppleness and prevent premature aging.

For myself and many others, we spent long hours in air-conditioned environment hence we cannot run away from dry and dehydrated skin problems. As mentioned earlier, a lot of skin issues surfaced due to skin being too dry so the undeniable truth is that hydration is important for all skin types! As such, Sothys Advanced Research Team has developed a 3-dimensional hydrating solution (Hydra 3HA) to restore hydration for a long-lasting beauty. This high performance hydrating solution to RESTORE, REGENERATE, REACTIVATE your skin for plump and smooth complexion.

Well-moisturized skin appears visibly younger and stands up better to the test of time. Driven by the latest advanced research discoveries on its exclusive ingredient, 1055 boletus extract, Sothys is now reinventing its hydration programme with a triple hyaluronic acid.  This new programme is a concentration of efficiency at the cutting edge of innovation, including an Intensive treatment and home care products! In the nutshell, SOTHYS Hydra 3HA will restore, reactivate and regenerate your skin for 8 continuous hours! Now you can preserved your skin’s radiance and youthfulness daily at the comfort of your home.

Sothys is a professional skincare line from France. Being in the market for more than 60 years, Sothys has grown to become a luxury beauty brand with presence in 110 countries. Sothys’ emphasis is on Innovation, Quality and Efficacy and it invests heavily in research and development in new technology and training. Sothys products have also won various awards such as beauty brand of the year by Harpers Bazaar and Simply Her. Sothys Hydra 3HA , being the latest innovation will let skin stay adequately hydrated for plump and smooth complexion with radiant glow.

SOTHYS Hydra 3HA – Empowered with patented 1055 Boletus Extract and High and Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid, this three-dimensional approach provides powerful hydration that starts from deep within the skin cells at the gene level to the surface moisture barrier. It’s an all-encompassing and long-term solution to effective skin hydration that acts from 3 dimensions to:

i) Restore immediate hydration to deeper levels of epidermis

ii) “Re-train” skin’s ability to optimize its own skin hydration by stimulating trans-epidermis water flow and the expression of skin’s hydration gene

iii) Protect the skin against moisture loss.

Sothys Hydra 3Ha will Restore, Reactivate, Regenerate skin with the following highly effective formula and active ingredients:

Ha.hPM – Ha. hPM in patch form + ‘Quenching’ active ingredients to immediately restore hydration

b1055 – Patented 1055 boletus extract + Regulating active ingredient will reactivate the skin’s hydric memory

Ha.bPM – Ha. bPM + Restructing active ingredients will lastingly regenerate the epidermis.

SOTHYS Hydra3Ha™ Programme comprises of a range of home care products and treatment. The home care line consists of 3 products: Hydra3Ha™ Intensive Hydrating Serum , Hydra3Ha™ Hydrating Gel-Cream / Cream and Hydra-smoothing Mask. 

SOTHYS Hydra3Ha™ Programme also consists of a Hydra3Ha Hyaluronic Acid Intensive Treatment which supply skin with 1 hr 15 mins of continuous hydration. This luxury treatment was specially designed to meet the hydration needs of all types of skin, with a special six-phase protocol, exclusive Digi-esthetique modelling techniques and the latest generation of hydrating active ingredients. Instant results will be shown after 1 treatment (up to 71% hydration).

Hydra3Ha™ Intensive Hydrating Serum will be the first step to regenerate the skin for lasting hydration. This intensive hydrating serum will have a synergistic action with creams to offer skin with high performance moisturizing solution.

Lightweight intensive serum immediately restores skin’s moisture with long-lasting results. Skin is intensely moisturized and feels regenerated. Youth is preserved.

Proven Efficacy:
– Up to +60% hydration
– Reduction in water loss: 36%
90% users found it more effective
*Conducted on 20 models

Apply morning and/or evening over the entire face and neck area. Follow with skincare cream.

Next, the Hydra3Ha™ Hydrating Cream / Gel-cream will immediately restore moisture and protect skin on a daily basis. Under the Hydra3Ha programme, there are 2 types of cream with two different texture to immediately moisturise the skin and protect it day after day.

Cream: A creamy balance texture (For Normal to Dry Skin)

Gel Cream: A texture that is both fresh and creamy (For Normal to Combination skin)

Immediately quenches dehydrated skin and provide daily protection. Skin’s radiance and youthfulness are preserved daily. 2 textures to meet the sensorial needs of different skin preference.

Proven Efficacy:
+46% hydration after 3 hours
– Continuous hydration up to 8 hours
*Conducted on 24 models

Apply morning and/or evening over the entire face and neck area after the Intensive hydrating serum.

On a weekly basis, the Hydra-smoothing Mask will enhance skin’s hydration, texture and rejuvenation. The mask will immediately hydrates and envelops the skin in softness. It also restores skin’s elasticity so skin appear smoother and visibly younger after use.

Proven Efficacy:

– +14% smoothing result
*Conducted on 15 models, 1 hour after removing mask

– 95% satisfaction that skin is hydrated, smoother and rejuvenated
*Conducted on 20 models who uses mask twice a week for 2 weeks

Apply thick layer on entire face & neck for 10 – 15 minutes, then rinse off. Use once or twice per week.

Meanwhile, here’s some photos which i have taken at the launch event and enjoy them before i go into details with my review of the serum.

Time for Caricature!


My Caricature by Ye Ruoshi.

As mentioned in earlier blog post, my skin was badly dehydrated after a skin analysis done during my facial. Hence, the beautician has told me to use more hydrating products and i will be putting the Intensive Hydrating Serum to the test! To be frank, i’m not using moisturizer regularly as i’m worried that it will be too rich for my sensitive / easily clogged skin. Hence, i was told to use serum instead as texture will be lighter so there’s nothing much for me to worry about. The Intensive Hydrating Serum is housed in a pump dispenser bottle (more hygienic) and 1-2 pumps are sufficient for my entire face. It has a light lotion-like texture and it smells really divine (Therapeutic floral scent)! It gets absorbed into my skin very fast without leaving behind any heavy / sticky sensation. My skin feels refreshed, softer and less tight instantly! Have been using it on a daily basis at night (so you can see how much i love it)! As you know, i have combination sensitive skin and like how the serum treats the dry part of my skin, doesn’t add to skin’s oiliness and doesn’t cause any additional breakouts. When i went for my recent facial, my beautician also commented that my skin is much more healthier and hydrated! Only down side is the cost but i feel that a little goes a long way so one bottle should be able to last me for at least 3 months. 🙂

New folder

Hydra3Ha Intensive Hydrating Serum retails @ $185 (50ml)

Hydra3Ha Hydrating Gel-Cream / Cream retails @ $165 (50ml)

SOTHYS Hydra 3HA products are available for sale via these appointed Salons. For more information and updates on Sothys, you can head to their FB page or Website

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from Sothys’s presskit and website.

Loacker Celebrates 90 Years With The Launch Of Its New Raspberry Yoghurt Flavour in Singapore

Bello!!!! Finally i have spare time to blog as work has been really hectic for the past week!! Was really exhausted after i reached home and i felt so much better after a good rest last night! 🙂 In the midst of my hectic work schedule, i took time off to attend Loacker’s launch event at Two Bakers last Monday.

I’m sure Loacker is no stranger to many and it is many family favorite for generations and a household name throughout the region.. Loacker is an iconic Italian wafer and cookie company based in the South Tyrol region since 1925 which has become an internationally famous brand.. What has always helped Loacker is their firm family status – each step is determined by the Loacker family, and for generations they have only set the highest quality standards. For all the diversity of Loacker’s ranges, an unchanging fundamental rule for Loacker is to be identical in every market and to adhere to an identical packaging design. People recognise Loacker’s products immediately – first by the packaging, and then by the inimitable, fresh taste of its wafers.Who can resist the taste of rich, delicious and crispy wafer biscuit? My personal favorite has to be the hazelnut and dark chocolate wafer!

Loacker was awarded the Candy Industry’s Kettle Award in 2003. The Candy Industry’s Kettle
Award represents the highest recognition an individual working within the U.K.
confectionery industry can attain. The brand was also awarded the Sweets Global Award in
2007 by the Sweets Global Network in Germany. Natural, delicious, and of the highest
quality, Loacker wafers are universal snacks that are enjoyed globally

For generations, Loacker has procured selected, premium ingredients from pure, natural
environments to produce its unique wafers and chocolate delicacies. Hazelnuts used in
Loacker wafers are from Naples, Italy, while the authentic vanilla pods are from Reunion
Island in France.

This year, Loacker celebrates its 90th anniversary with the release of its Raspberry-Yoghurt flavour in Singapore. Loacker’s Raspberry-Yoghurt is a delicate new taste, tart and creamy, yet with the same fresh crispness of its other flavours.

Smooth with a tangy edge, Loacker’s new Raspberry-Yoghurt is a layered sensation of
flavours. Between Loacker’s signature light and crispy wafers is an appetising cream filling
made of fresh raspberries paired with the smoothness of yoghurt. One can enjoy the
delectable taste of Raspberry-Yoghurt in easy bite-size Quadratini wafers, or as a classic
wafer bar.

Each easy bite-sized Quadratini cube wafers are made with the Loacker family’s secret recipe.  74% of the wafer consists of the cream filled with the finest Raspberry-Yoghurt cream filling without with no added flavourings, hydrogenated fats and preservatives.

Loacker uses only the finest ingredients: for every 100g of raspberry-yoghurt cream filling,
about 10g of sun-ripened raspberries are gently processed, with no hydrogenated fat and no
added flavorings or preservatives. 74% of the wafer consists of the delicious cream filling,
poised to delight your taste buds with the rich and piquant flavor of Raspberry-Yoghurt. It is
the perfect treat for Singaporeans who are on the lookout for exciting new tastes.

At the event, the team at Loacker and Two Bakers has prepared something special for those present at the launch event. A special Loacker dessert menu was specially created for the event and we were in for a treat! Our dinner and drinks are even Halloween-inspired!

Chocolate Cake with Pink Vanilla Buttercream (With Loacker wafers as decorations)

Coconut Coated Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Buttercream (With Loacker wafers as decorations)

Mini Ricotta Cheesecake (Raspberry Wafer)

Tiramisu (Espresso Wafer)

Panna Cotta Glass Verrine with Raspberry Sauce (Milk Vanilla Wafer)

Lavender Lemon

Butternut Mushroom Risotto

4 Pairs of Eyes are staring at you! haha!

We were pampered with more ‘Treats’ (not Trick!) from Two Bakers

Loacker Quadratini Raspberry-Yoghurt is available in three different sizes:

Loacker Quadratini Raspberry-Yoghurt 220g (Large family pack, Retail Price: S$4.95)

Loacker Quadratini Raspberry-Yoghurt 110g, (Fun-sized pack, Retail Price: S$2.95)

Loacker Raspberry-Yoghurt 37.5g (Convenient-sized wafer bars, Retail Price: S$1)

I’m sure many ladies will like the Raspberry-Yoghurt wafer as it has a slight sourish, creamy and berry taste! But don’t say i never warn you – Once you pop this crispy bite size delight into your mouth, it is so hard to stop. hahahaha! So addictive! My MIL loves it as well and below, is the 2nd pack that she has purchased and there’s only a little left in the current packet (FYI, she has a fussy taste bud.. hehe!)

Thank you Loacker Singapore and Media Flair for the kind invitation and for showering us with so much love & hospitality! Thank you for feeding me well with all the Wafers, Chocolate wafers, and Premium Patisserie Gran Pasticceria (not forgetting the gigantic float!)

Before i go, I Loacker Singapore is giving away this inflatable Loacker mattress! From now till 30 Nov 2015, just head to Loacker Singapore’s FB page and tell them what you love about Loacker to receive a complementary inflatable Loacker mattress!

Loacker’s new Raspberry-Yoghurt flavor and other products can be found in selected NTUC
FairPrice, Cold Storage, 7-Eleven, Cheers outlets and selected cafés islandwide.

Another exciting news to share: Loacker is now bringing its iconic wafers to cafes around Singapore as well. Singaporeans can now savour their favourite Loacker wafers at selected cafes around the island, such as The Sandwich Shop Pte Ltd, The Canopy Café Pte Ltd, Ah Dong Teh House, Doi Chaang Coffee (Clementi & Rochester), and Ice Cream Chefs to further enrich their café experience 🙂

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from Loacker’s presskit.

Achieve Absolute Wellness With The All-Natural Spa Ceylon Detox Range

Last week, i was invited to the Spa Ceylon boutique @ Wisma Atria to learn more about the brand’s new products launch. Spa Ceylon is the world’s leading Luxury Ayurveda brand which combine the use of powerful, age-old Ayurveda formula and the finest natural ingredients to provide the ultimate in luxury for health, well-being and relaxation. Spa Ceylon products are the result of nearly 50 years of expertise in the field of natural health and beauty products from the pioneers in modern Ayurveda beauty care in Sri Lanka.The highly-treasured and pampering Spa Ceylon ranges inspired by the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda* promises to rejuvenate one’s senses and will hydrate, treat, purify and soothe the body.

*Considered by many to be the oldest of healing arts, Ayurveda is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Ayus’ and ‘Veda’ which means The Science of Life. Ayurveda, practiced in the grand palaces of Ceylon thousands of years ago, is a holistic approach that treats the root cause of illness, in body or mind. The Ayurveda treatment is dispensed based on the distinct pattern of energy or Dosha (Vatha, Pitha and Kapha) possessed by all individuals. It is through the balance of the Doshas that the mental and physical wellbeing of each individual are achieved.


Photos From Spa Ceylon’s FB page

Spa Ceylon offers an extensive range of all-natural, high-performance and environmentally-friendly products for Skin, Hair, Body and Wellness, from treatment oils, massage balms, body lotions, moisturizing balms, to foot care and herbal compress. All Spa Ceylon products are free of paraben, paraffin and alcohol. Its precise production and quality assurance procedures incorporate traditional herbal prescriptive with modern dermatological science, to protect and deliver the herbal benefits of the all-natural ingredients in their high-performance formula. Spa Ceylon promotes environmentally friendly products; they are not tested on animals, and are 100 percent vegetarian. The brand is also an advocate of sustainable harvesting and supports community fair trade.


Photos From Spa Ceylon’s FB page

Due to the recent haze invasion, the fine dust particles are affecting our health and the irritant effect of the haze is taking a toll on our skin as well. During this period, my skin has turned sensitive, blotchy and i also have to deal with sudden breakouts! One of my friend even suffered from skin allergic whereby she broke out in itchy rashes!

Overtime, the accumulation of toxins and impurities in our bodies leads to a wide range of issues, from deterioration of the skin to detrimental health conditions. Understandably, detoxification has been on a meteoric rise over the past years as more and more people become aware of its importance. As much, i’m glad that Spa Ceylon, the world’s leading luxury Ayurveda brand with nearly 50 years of expertise in the field of natural health and beauty products, has introduced a comprehensive range of all-natural and high-performance Detox products!

The Spa Ceylon’s Detox range is infused with powerful Ayurdeva herbs, purifying ocean minerals and potent Ceylonese essential oils, which can help draw out harmful toxins, deep-seated impurities and negative energies from the skin to promote purity and natural balance. The luxurious products shield our skin from harsh environmental pollutants, promote clearer, brighter and visible youthfulness, and improve overall skin health for absolute wellness. The balancing natural aromas also soothe, calm and clarify our senses for total peace and equilibrium.


The Spa Ceylon’s Detox range includes the Red Sandalwood Body Essence, Eucalyptus Bath & Shower Gel, Sarvavishadi Body Treatment Oil, Citrus Brown Sugar Crystal Gel Hair Remover, Hot Sugar Body Scrub, Ceylon Coffee Body Polish Gel & Bamboo Charcoal Body Pac.

First up, the Bamboo Charcoal Body Pac (400g, SGD 45.90) will help remove buildup of impurities and tonic. This complete natural purifying treatment works by drawing out harmful toxins and deep-seated impurities from skin. The Bamboo Charcoal Body Pac works best for normal to oily skin (Kapha).

DETOX - Bamboo Charcoal Body Pack

The synergistic blend of carbon-rich natural Bamboo Charcoal, deep-action Mineral Clays and Red Sandalwood helps clear clogged pores, remove excess oil & deep cleanse skin. Powerful Calumba Wood, Margosa and Kokum Bark help purify and draw out toxins, promoting natural balance. Sweet Almond, Virgin Coconut and Pure Bees Honey hydrate, nourish and protect, while antiseptic Eucalyptus helps soothe, clear and refresh.

Spa Ceylon recommends that the Bamboo Charcoal Body Pac is used twice weekly. Simply apply a thick layer all over hands, legs and body. Leave on for 15 minutes, massage lightly and rinse off with water (and milk if possible). So far, i have tried it once as i’m having a back & chest acne (Sigh!). Because you have to leave it on for 15 mins in the shower, do find something to keep you occupied while the body pac works its magic. The texture of the body pac is just right – not too thick and not too watery so application is a breeze. It also smells quite pleasant as well – light woody scent. There’s no stinging sensation upon application and washing it off is easy as well. Immediately after washing it off, skin feels smoother to the touch. The skin tone also appears to be brighter!


I cannot emphasis how important it is to exfoliate regularly (1-2 times weekly) in order to keep skin healthy + imperfections at bay…Especially when it is so hazy nowadays, it is important to remove all dust, excessive sebum and impurities which contributes to skin problems.. As such, i’m excited to see the Ceylon Coffee Body Polish Gel (500g, SGD 53.90) as i have used coffee scrub during a spa session in Lombok! It smells really amazing and i love the end results.

The Ceylon Coffee Body Polish Gel has a natural formula blended with detoxing Ayurveda herbs, minerals and essential oils. Coffee, Turmeric, Kokum Bark and Indian Gooseberry helps purify and draw out toxins from the skin. The unique crystal complex of pure Sugar Beads, Ocean Salt and Kokum Butter exfoliates, smoothens and polishes the body, Virgin Coconut and Rice Bran, Almond and Wheatgerm help nourish, hydrate and revitalize, instantly revealing softer, more radiant looking skin. Purifying Eucalyptus and Orange help clarify and balance the senses. The product can also help to remove Sunburn and increase skin radiance. The Ceylon Coffee Body Polish Gel works best for normal to oily skin (Kapha).

Spa Ceylon recommends that the Ceylon Coffee Body Polish Gel is massaged into clean, damp skin using gentle circular motions. Apply all over body, working extra on rough and discoloured areas. Rinse off and pat skin dry. Do not apply to damage or irritated skin.Texture wise, the body polish gel is on the thicker side (Jelly-like) but once it gets into contact with water, it is very easy to spread it across your body. The polish gel smells really heavenly (I love the coffee scent)! I would prefer that the scrub bits are coarser. After washing it off, i love the fact that skin felt smoother and there’s no waxy film left behind!

Next, there’s another unique thermal exfoliating treatment product in the detox series! Introducing the Hot Sugar Body Scrub (600g, SGD 55.90) this unique thermal exfoliating treatment is enriched with minerals to assist in drawing out harmful toxins and deep-seated impurities from the skin. This product can help to fight and reduce Cellulite at the same time! The Hot Sugar Body Scrub works best for normal to oily skin (Kapha).

It contains natural Cane Sugar crystals, deep-action Indian Ginseng and purifying Flowers of Zinc combine with Mineral Clays to warm and purify body, clearing clogged pores, removing dead skin cells and smoothening skin. Sandalwood and Ginger promote overall skin cell renewal and helps balance skin, while antiseptic Eucalyptus helps soothe, clear and refresh.

Spa Ceylon recommends  that you use the Hot Sugar Body Scrub twice weekly. Apply all over hands, legs and body. Massage into clean damp skin, with circular motions till warming heat is felt. Work extra on rough/ dry and problems area. Rinse off with water when the scrub cools down. The Hot Sugar Body Scrub has a thick creamy texture and it contain fine grainy particles . Due its creamy consistency, it makes application fuss free and convenient. The Scrub has a nice woody scandal wood scent and upon spreading it on my skin, there will be a slight heated sensation which intensifies upon massaging. Despite being thick, the scrub could be rinsed off easily without leaving greasiness / stickiness behind. The scrub is really good in getting your skin silky smooth (even on my legs where there’s a lot of scaly patches!). Upon closer look, my skin appears to be brighter, more supple and moisturized (not to mentioned clean)!

The detox range also consists of the Citrus Brown Sugar Crystal Gel Hair Remover (600g, SGD 42.50). This 100% natural traditional formula is enriched with pure Brown Sugar, Lemon and Honey in a unique crystal gel complex to gently, yet effectively remove body hair. Purifies and exfoliates skin surface, revealing softer smoother, visibly radiant skin. Soothing Marigold and calming Lavender help protect skin, while awakening Pink Grapefruit helps refresh the senses.

Cleanse and thoroughly dry areas to be treated. Apply gel on skin in direction of hair growth, working on small areas no larger than the size of a waxing strip. Place waxing strip over gel, press and smooth over skin, rubbing in the direction of the hair growth. Pull strip off in opposite direction. After waxing is complete, rinse skin with cold water and spray on skin tonic. Place tub in hot water to soften gel if required.

*Not suitable for use on face or neck. Patch test on back of your hand before first use. Do not apply to sun-burnt skin/sensitive skin / moles / varicose veins. *Avoid sunbathing / Sun-bed use for at least 24hrs before & after use. Minimum hair length of 5mm (1/4 inch) required for effective removal.

It is suitable for all skin type (Tridosha). Was not given a sample of this to try so i cannot comment further. However, i don’t really like the idea of DIY waxing at home as i have no guts to pull the waxing strip off myself. hahaha!

Next, the Sarvavishadi Body Treatment Oil (250ml, SGD 34.50) is a powerful traditional Ayurveda detox formula handed down through the centuries. Enriched with a complex blend of herbs which are infused in cold pressed Coconut Sesame Oils to assist in drawing out harmful toxins and deep-seated impurities from entire body system. It can help soothe and relieve insect & mosquito bites and related discomfort, while improving overall health and well-being. It is suitable for all skin type (Tridosha). For Specific Treatment, Use twice daily. Apply on areas to be treated and lightly massage. Leave-on. For Full Body Massage: Use Weekly. Massage and leave on for 60min.

The treatment oil don’t smell so nice as compared to other products in the detox range. I have used it on mosquito bites (using a cotton bud as i don’t wish to get my fingers oily) and it reduce itchiness fast. The mosquito bites also flattened and reduced in redness in a few days. Much faster when compared to treating it with my regular ointment.

My favorite product from the Detox range has to be the Eucalyptus Bath & Shower Gel (250ml, SGD 30.90). It has a powerful purifying formula to assist in drawing out harmful toxins and deep-seated impurities from the skin. Purifying Turmeric, Camphor, Margosa, Indigo and Calumba Wood help remove excess oil, deep cleanse, protect and improve overall balance. Organic fresh Aloe Vera cools entire body system, while Coconut, Sweet Almond and Olive gently nourish skin. Antiseptic Eucalyptus helps soothe, clear and refresh mind and body. The Eucalyptus Bath & Shower Gel works best for normal to oily skin (Kapha).

Firstly, i love that the Eucalyptus Bath & Shower Gel gives off a refreshing and cooling sensation when using it. It is great for cooling off and unwinding after a long warm day & soothe prickly heat during warm humid summers. Secondly,  a small amount (It has a gel texture which foams up well) is able to do a good job keeping my skin smooth, clean and radiant. The texture of the body wash has a gel base and it foams up well.. It is also easy to wash it off and clean feels squeaky cleans without any tightness.. After cleansing, it leaves my skin feeling clean, smooth and refreshed!


After all the cleansing and scrubbing, end the detox treatment process with the Red Sandalwood Body Essence (250ml, SGD 30.90). This extra light day treatment to protect skin from harmful toxins and harsh environmental factors.The synergistic blend of Red Sandalwood, Turmeric, Licorice and Margosa help protect skin, diminish dark spots and improve discoloration. Naturally caring Aloe Vera, Rice Bran, Carrot and Mango hydrate and nourish skin while soothing Witch Hazel keeps skin radiantly fresh all-day. Aromatic Lemon refreshes the senses. The Red Sandalwood Body Essence  works best for normal to oily skin (Kapha).

Spa Ceylon recommends  that you use the Red Sandalwood Body Essence twice daily. Apply all over hand and body and gently massage until absorbed. The  Red Sandalwood Body Essence has a light gel texture and it gets absorbed into skin fast without leaving any stickiness / greasiness behind. Although i am not a sandalwood scent person, the red sandalwood that Spa Ceylon is using actually smells pleasant and aromatic.

Before i go, i will tell you more on some new products that Spa Ceylon has launched recently.

This is one very interesting product – ‘Heat Pack for the Back’. It is filled with herbs inside and you are supposed to microwave it before using it… Supposed to ease back pain and stain! I’m getting this soon and i will let you know how it fares? 🙂

Herbal Compress~

This is my favorite product from the Sleep Therapy Collection, it has a brand new look! This Sleep Body and Pillow Spray will gently quell the senses and working as you sleep, It is a quick-drying, non-oily, alcohol-free natural mist to soothe and calm the body and mind. Aloe vera and soothing witch hazel help cool, hydrate and protect skin.

Brand new Recovery sets which you can bring around with you conveniently since it is travel size. I love these sets as you can get to try out the products first before committing to the full-size ones~




Hand creams!!!! I’m loving the Lemon grass’s hand cream!


As mentioned, Spa Ceylon is an advocate of sustainable harvesting and supports community fair trade. By ensuring fair trade, Spa Ceylon has been helping to develop sustainable businesses that have a positive effect on the surrounding communities. It also mean that any produce Spa Ceylon obtained from these farms is well and fairly paid for. Spa Ceylon’s Aloe Vera project in Kalpitiya is a great example of fair trade at work. This year, there’s the Forest Trail collection and every purchase from this collection, Spa Ceylon donates 10% of the product price towards “SPA CEYLON Save the Majestic Ceylon Elephant” conservation initiatives.


Here’s a special promotion that Spa Ceylon has! When you purchase $99 and above, the Cardamom Rose Gift Set (below) will be gifted to you! While Stock Last!

The Spa Ceylon boutique is located at Wisma Atria, #01-43. For more information on Spa Ceylon, please visit website and Facebook page.

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from Spa Ceylon’s website and Presskit.