Loacker Celebrates 90 Years With The Launch Of Its New Raspberry Yoghurt Flavour in Singapore

Bello!!!! Finally i have spare time to blog as¬†work has been really hectic for the past week!! Was really exhausted after i reached home and i felt so much better after a good rest last night! ūüôā In the midst of my hectic work schedule, i took time off to attend Loacker’s launch event at Two Bakers last Monday.

I’m sure Loacker is no stranger to many and it is many family favorite for generations and a¬†household name throughout the region.. Loacker is an iconic Italian wafer and cookie company based in the South Tyrol region since 1925 which has become an internationally famous brand.. What has always helped Loacker is their firm family status ‚Äď each step is¬†determined by the Loacker family, and for generations they have only set the highest quality¬†standards. For all the diversity of Loacker‚Äôs ranges, an unchanging fundamental rule for¬†Loacker is to be identical in every market and to adhere to an identical packaging design. People recognise Loacker‚Äôs products immediately ‚Äď first by the packaging, and¬†then by the inimitable, fresh taste of its wafers.Who can resist the taste of rich, delicious and crispy wafer biscuit? My personal favorite has to be the hazelnut and dark chocolate wafer!

Loacker was awarded the Candy Industry’s Kettle Award in 2003. The Candy Industry‚Äôs Kettle
Award represents the highest recognition an individual working within the U.K.
confectionery industry can attain. The brand was also awarded the Sweets Global Award in
2007 by the Sweets Global Network in Germany. Natural, delicious, and of the highest
quality, Loacker wafers are universal snacks that are enjoyed globally

For generations, Loacker has procured selected, premium ingredients from pure, natural
environments to produce its unique wafers and chocolate delicacies. Hazelnuts used in
Loacker wafers are from Naples, Italy, while the authentic vanilla pods are from Reunion
Island in France.

This year, Loacker celebrates its 90th anniversary with the release of its Raspberry-Yoghurt flavour in Singapore. Loacker’s Raspberry-Yoghurt is a delicate new taste, tart and creamy, yet with the same fresh crispness of its other flavours.

Smooth with a tangy edge, Loacker’s new Raspberry-Yoghurt is a layered sensation of
flavours. Between Loacker’s signature light and crispy wafers is an appetising cream filling
made of fresh raspberries paired with the smoothness of yoghurt. One can enjoy the
delectable taste of Raspberry-Yoghurt in easy bite-size Quadratini wafers, or as a classic
wafer bar.

Each easy bite-sized Quadratini cube wafers are made with the Loacker family’s secret recipe.  74% of the wafer consists of the cream filled with the finest Raspberry-Yoghurt cream filling without with no added flavourings, hydrogenated fats and preservatives.

Loacker uses only the finest ingredients: for every 100g of raspberry-yoghurt cream filling,
about 10g of sun-ripened raspberries are gently processed, with no hydrogenated fat and no
added flavorings or preservatives. 74% of the wafer consists of the delicious cream filling,
poised to delight your taste buds with the rich and piquant flavor of Raspberry-Yoghurt. It is
the perfect treat for Singaporeans who are on the lookout for exciting new tastes.

At the event, the team at Loacker and Two Bakers has prepared something special for those present at the launch event. A special Loacker dessert menu was specially created for the event and we were in for a treat! Our dinner and drinks are even Halloween-inspired!

Chocolate Cake with Pink Vanilla Buttercream (With Loacker wafers as decorations)

Coconut Coated Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Buttercream (With Loacker wafers as decorations)

Mini Ricotta Cheesecake (Raspberry Wafer)

Tiramisu (Espresso Wafer)

Panna Cotta Glass Verrine with Raspberry Sauce (Milk Vanilla Wafer)

Lavender Lemon

Butternut Mushroom Risotto

4 Pairs of Eyes are staring at you! haha!

We were pampered with more ‘Treats’ (not Trick!) from Two Bakers

Loacker Quadratini Raspberry-Yoghurt is available in three different sizes:

Loacker Quadratini Raspberry-Yoghurt 220g (Large family pack, Retail Price: S$4.95)

Loacker Quadratini Raspberry-Yoghurt 110g, (Fun-sized pack, Retail Price: S$2.95)

Loacker Raspberry-Yoghurt 37.5g (Convenient-sized wafer bars, Retail Price: S$1)

I’m sure many ladies will like the Raspberry-Yoghurt wafer as it has a slight sourish, creamy and berry taste! But don’t say i never warn you – Once you pop this crispy bite size delight¬†into your mouth, it is so hard to stop. hahahaha! So addictive! My MIL loves it as well¬†and below, is the 2nd pack that she has purchased and there’s only a little left in the current packet (FYI, she has a fussy taste bud.. hehe!)

Thank you Loacker Singapore and Media Flair for the kind invitation and for showering us with so much love & hospitality! Thank you for feeding me well with all the Wafers, Chocolate wafers, and Premium Patisserie Gran Pasticceria (not forgetting the gigantic float!)

Before i go, I¬†Loacker Singapore is giving away this inflatable Loacker mattress! From now till 30 Nov 2015, just head to Loacker Singapore’s FB page and tell them what you love about Loacker to receive a complementary¬†inflatable Loacker mattress! ‚Ä™

Loacker’s new Raspberry-Yoghurt flavor and other products can be found in selected NTUC
FairPrice, Cold Storage, 7-Eleven, Cheers outlets and selected cafés islandwide.

Another exciting news to share: Loacker is now bringing its iconic wafers to cafes around Singapore as well.¬†Singaporeans can now savour their favourite Loacker wafers at selected cafes around the island, such as The Sandwich Shop Pte Ltd, The Canopy Caf√© Pte Ltd, Ah Dong Teh House, Doi Chaang Coffee (Clementi & Rochester), and Ice Cream Chefs to¬†further enrich their caf√© experience ūüôā

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from Loacker’s presskit.

Achieve Absolute Wellness With The All-Natural Spa Ceylon Detox Range

Last week, i was invited to the Spa Ceylon¬†boutique @ Wisma Atria to learn more about the brand’s new products launch.¬†Spa Ceylon is the world‚Äôs leading Luxury Ayurveda brand¬†which combine the use of powerful, age-old Ayurveda formula and the finest natural ingredients¬†to provide the ultimate in luxury for health, well-being and relaxation. Spa Ceylon products are the result of nearly 50 years of expertise in the field of natural health and beauty products from the pioneers in modern Ayurveda beauty care in Sri Lanka.The highly-treasured and pampering Spa Ceylon ranges inspired by the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda* promises to rejuvenate one‚Äôs senses and will hydrate, treat, purify and soothe the body.

*Considered by many to be the oldest of healing arts, Ayurveda is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Ayus’ and ‘Veda’ which means The Science of Life.¬†Ayurveda, practiced in the grand palaces of Ceylon thousands of years ago, is a holistic approach that treats the root cause of illness, in body or mind. The Ayurveda treatment is dispensed based on the distinct pattern of energy or Dosha (Vatha, Pitha and Kapha) possessed by all individuals. It is through the balance of the Doshas that the mental and physical wellbeing of each individual are achieved.


Photos From Spa Ceylon’s FB page

Spa Ceylon offers an extensive range of all-natural, high-performance and environmentally-friendly products for Skin, Hair, Body and Wellness, from treatment oils, massage balms, body lotions, moisturizing balms, to foot care and herbal compress. All Spa Ceylon products are free of paraben, paraffin and alcohol. Its precise production and quality assurance procedures incorporate traditional herbal prescriptive with modern dermatological science, to protect and deliver the herbal benefits of the all-natural ingredients in their high-performance formula. Spa Ceylon promotes environmentally friendly products; they are not tested on animals, and are 100 percent vegetarian. The brand is also an advocate of sustainable harvesting and supports community fair trade.


Photos From Spa Ceylon’s FB page

Due to the recent haze invasion, the fine dust particles are affecting our health and the irritant effect of the haze is taking a toll on our skin as well. During this period, my skin has turned sensitive, blotchy and i also have to deal with sudden breakouts! One of my friend even suffered from skin allergic whereby she broke out in itchy rashes!

Overtime, the¬†accumulation of toxins and impurities in our bodies leads to a wide range of issues, from deterioration of the skin to detrimental health conditions. Understandably, detoxification has been on a meteoric rise over the past years as more and more people become aware of its importance.¬†As much, i’m glad that Spa Ceylon, the world‚Äôs leading luxury Ayurveda brand with nearly 50 years of expertise in the field of natural health and beauty products, has introduced a comprehensive range of all-natural and high-performance Detox products!

The Spa Ceylon’s Detox range is infused with powerful Ayurdeva herbs, purifying ocean minerals and potent Ceylonese essential oils, which can help draw out harmful toxins, deep-seated impurities and negative energies from the skin to promote purity and natural balance. The luxurious products shield our skin from harsh environmental pollutants, promote clearer, brighter and visible youthfulness, and improve overall skin health for absolute wellness. The balancing natural aromas also soothe, calm and clarify our senses for total peace and equilibrium.


The Spa Ceylon’s Detox range includes the Red Sandalwood Body Essence, Eucalyptus Bath & Shower Gel, Sarvavishadi Body Treatment Oil, Citrus Brown Sugar Crystal Gel Hair Remover, Hot Sugar Body Scrub, Ceylon Coffee Body Polish Gel & Bamboo Charcoal Body Pac.

First up, the Bamboo Charcoal Body Pac (400g, SGD 45.90) will help remove buildup of impurities and tonic. This complete natural purifying treatment works by drawing out harmful toxins and deep-seated impurities from skin. The Bamboo Charcoal Body Pac works best for normal to oily skin (Kapha).

DETOX - Bamboo Charcoal Body Pack

The synergistic blend of carbon-rich natural Bamboo Charcoal, deep-action Mineral Clays and Red Sandalwood helps clear clogged pores, remove excess oil & deep cleanse skin. Powerful Calumba Wood, Margosa and Kokum Bark help purify and draw out toxins, promoting natural balance. Sweet Almond, Virgin Coconut and Pure Bees Honey hydrate, nourish and protect, while antiseptic Eucalyptus helps soothe, clear and refresh.

Spa Ceylon recommends that the Bamboo Charcoal Body Pac is used¬†twice weekly. Simply apply a thick layer all over hands, legs and body. Leave on for 15 minutes, massage lightly and rinse off with water (and milk if possible). So far, i have tried it once as i’m having a back & chest acne (Sigh!). Because you¬†have to leave it on for 15 mins in the shower, do find something to keep you occupied¬†while the body pac¬†works its magic. The texture of the body pac is just right – not too thick and not too watery so application is a breeze. It also smells quite pleasant as well – light woody scent. There’s no stinging sensation upon application and washing it off is easy as well. Immediately after washing it off, skin feels smoother to the touch. The skin tone also appears to be brighter!


I cannot emphasis how important it is to¬†exfoliate¬†regularly (1-2 times weekly) in order to keep skin healthy + imperfections at bay‚ĶEspecially when it is so hazy nowadays,¬†it is important to remove all dust, excessive sebum and impurities which contributes to skin problems.. As such, i’m excited to see the¬†Ceylon Coffee Body Polish Gel (500g, SGD 53.90) as i have used coffee scrub during a spa session in Lombok! It smells really amazing and i love the end results.

The Ceylon Coffee Body Polish Gel has a natural formula blended with detoxing Ayurveda herbs, minerals and essential oils. Coffee, Turmeric, Kokum Bark and Indian Gooseberry helps purify and draw out toxins from the skin. The unique crystal complex of pure Sugar Beads, Ocean Salt and Kokum Butter exfoliates, smoothens and polishes the body, Virgin Coconut and Rice Bran, Almond and Wheatgerm help nourish, hydrate and revitalize, instantly revealing softer, more radiant looking skin. Purifying Eucalyptus and Orange help clarify and balance the senses. The product can also help to remove Sunburn and increase skin radiance. The Ceylon Coffee Body Polish Gel works best for normal to oily skin (Kapha).

Spa Ceylon recommends that the Ceylon Coffee Body Polish Gel is¬†massaged into clean, damp skin using gentle circular motions. Apply all over body, working extra on rough and discoloured areas. Rinse off and pat skin dry. Do not apply to damage or irritated skin.Texture wise, the body polish gel is on the thicker side (Jelly-like) but once it gets into contact with water, it is very easy to spread it across your body. The polish gel smells really heavenly (I love the coffee scent)! I would prefer that the scrub bits are coarser. After washing it off, i love the fact that skin felt smoother and there’s no waxy film left behind!

Next, there’s another unique thermal exfoliating treatment product in the detox series!¬†Introducing¬†the Hot Sugar Body Scrub (600g, SGD 55.90) this¬†unique thermal exfoliating treatment is enriched with minerals to assist in drawing out harmful toxins and deep-seated impurities from the skin.¬†This product can help to fight and reduce Cellulite at the same time!¬†The Hot Sugar Body Scrub¬†works best¬†for normal to oily skin (Kapha).

It contains natural Cane Sugar crystals, deep-action Indian Ginseng and purifying Flowers of Zinc combine with Mineral Clays to warm and purify body, clearing clogged pores, removing dead skin cells and smoothening skin. Sandalwood and Ginger promote overall skin cell renewal and helps balance skin, while antiseptic Eucalyptus helps soothe, clear and refresh.

Spa Ceylon recommends  that you use the Hot Sugar Body Scrub twice weekly. Apply all over hands, legs and body. Massage into clean damp skin, with circular motions till warming heat is felt. Work extra on rough/ dry and problems area. Rinse off with water when the scrub cools down. The Hot Sugar Body Scrub has a thick creamy texture and it contain fine grainy particles . Due its creamy consistency, it makes application fuss free and convenient. The Scrub has a nice woody scandal wood scent and upon spreading it on my skin, there will be a slight heated sensation which intensifies upon massaging. Despite being thick, the scrub could be rinsed off easily without leaving greasiness / stickiness behind. The scrub is really good in getting your skin silky smooth (even on my legs where there’s a lot of scaly patches!). Upon closer look, my skin appears to be brighter, more supple and moisturized (not to mentioned clean)!

The detox range also consists of the Citrus Brown Sugar Crystal Gel Hair Remover (600g, SGD 42.50). This 100% natural traditional formula is enriched with pure Brown Sugar, Lemon and Honey in a unique crystal gel complex to gently, yet effectively remove body hair. Purifies and exfoliates skin surface, revealing softer smoother, visibly radiant skin. Soothing Marigold and calming Lavender help protect skin, while awakening Pink Grapefruit helps refresh the senses.

Cleanse and thoroughly dry areas to be treated. Apply gel on skin in direction of hair growth, working on small areas no larger than the size of a waxing strip. Place waxing strip over gel, press and smooth over skin, rubbing in the direction of the hair growth. Pull strip off in opposite direction. After waxing is complete, rinse skin with cold water and spray on skin tonic. Place tub in hot water to soften gel if required.

*Not suitable for use on face or neck. Patch test on back of your hand before first use. Do not apply to sun-burnt skin/sensitive skin / moles / varicose veins. *Avoid sunbathing / Sun-bed use for at least 24hrs before & after use. Minimum hair length of 5mm (1/4 inch) required for effective removal.

It is suitable for all skin type (Tridosha). Was not given a sample of this to try so i cannot comment further. However, i don’t really like the idea of DIY waxing at home as i have no guts to pull the waxing strip off myself. hahaha!

Next, the Sarvavishadi Body Treatment Oil (250ml, SGD 34.50) is a powerful traditional Ayurveda detox formula handed down through the centuries. Enriched with a complex blend of herbs which are infused in cold pressed Coconut Sesame Oils to assist in drawing out harmful toxins and deep-seated impurities from entire body system. It can help soothe and relieve insect & mosquito bites and related discomfort, while improving overall health and well-being. It is suitable for all skin type (Tridosha). For Specific Treatment, Use twice daily. Apply on areas to be treated and lightly massage. Leave-on. For Full Body Massage: Use Weekly. Massage and leave on for 60min.

The treatment oil don’t smell so nice as compared to other products in the detox range. I have used it on mosquito bites (using a cotton bud as i don’t wish to get my fingers oily) and it reduce itchiness fast. The mosquito bites also flattened and reduced in redness in a few days. Much faster when compared to treating it with my regular ointment.

My favorite product from the Detox range has to be the Eucalyptus Bath & Shower Gel (250ml, SGD 30.90). It has a powerful purifying formula to assist in drawing out harmful toxins and deep-seated impurities from the skin. Purifying Turmeric, Camphor, Margosa, Indigo and Calumba Wood help remove excess oil, deep cleanse, protect and improve overall balance. Organic fresh Aloe Vera cools entire body system, while Coconut, Sweet Almond and Olive gently nourish skin. Antiseptic Eucalyptus helps soothe, clear and refresh mind and body. The Eucalyptus Bath & Shower Gel works best for normal to oily skin (Kapha).

Firstly, i love that the Eucalyptus Bath & Shower Gel gives off a refreshing and cooling sensation when using it. It is great for cooling off and unwinding after a long warm day & soothe prickly heat during warm humid summers. Secondly,  a small amount (It has a gel texture which foams up well) is able to do a good job keeping my skin smooth, clean and radiant. The texture of the body wash has a gel base and it foams up well.. It is also easy to wash it off and clean feels squeaky cleans without any tightness.. After cleansing, it leaves my skin feeling clean, smooth and refreshed!


After all the cleansing and scrubbing, end the detox treatment process with the Red Sandalwood Body Essence (250ml, SGD 30.90). This extra light day treatment to protect skin from harmful toxins and harsh environmental factors.The synergistic blend of Red Sandalwood, Turmeric, Licorice and Margosa help protect skin, diminish dark spots and improve discoloration. Naturally caring Aloe Vera, Rice Bran, Carrot and Mango hydrate and nourish skin while soothing Witch Hazel keeps skin radiantly fresh all-day. Aromatic Lemon refreshes the senses. The Red Sandalwood Body Essence  works best for normal to oily skin (Kapha).

Spa Ceylon recommends  that you use the Red Sandalwood Body Essence twice daily. Apply all over hand and body and gently massage until absorbed. The  Red Sandalwood Body Essence has a light gel texture and it gets absorbed into skin fast without leaving any stickiness / greasiness behind. Although i am not a sandalwood scent person, the red sandalwood that Spa Ceylon is using actually smells pleasant and aromatic.

Before i go, i will tell you more on some new products that Spa Ceylon has launched recently.

This is one very interesting product – ‘Heat Pack for the Back’. It is filled with herbs inside and you are supposed to microwave it before using it… Supposed to ease back pain and stain! I’m getting this soon and i will let you know how it fares? ūüôā

Herbal Compress~

This is my favorite product from the Sleep Therapy Collection, it has a brand new look! This Sleep Body and Pillow Spray will gently quell the senses and working as you sleep, It is a quick-drying, non-oily, alcohol-free natural mist to soothe and calm the body and mind. Aloe vera and soothing witch hazel help cool, hydrate and protect skin.

Brand new Recovery sets which you can bring around with you conveniently since it is travel size. I love these sets as you can get to try out the products first before committing to the full-size ones~




Hand creams!!!! I’m loving the Lemon grass’s hand cream!


As mentioned, Spa Ceylon is an advocate of sustainable harvesting and supports community fair trade. By ensuring fair trade, Spa Ceylon has been helping to develop sustainable businesses that have a positive effect on the surrounding communities. It also mean that any produce Spa Ceylon obtained from these farms is well and fairly paid for. Spa Ceylon‚Äôs Aloe Vera project in Kalpitiya is a great example of fair trade at work. This year, there’s the Forest Trail collection and every purchase from this collection,¬†Spa Ceylon donates 10% of the product price towards “SPA CEYLON Save the Majestic Ceylon Elephant” conservation initiatives.


Here’s a special promotion that Spa Ceylon has! When you purchase $99 and above, the Cardamom Rose Gift Set (below) will be gifted to you! While Stock Last!

The Spa Ceylon boutique is located at Wisma Atria, #01-43. For more information on Spa Ceylon, please visit website and Facebook page.

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from Spa Ceylon’s website and Presskit.

Tous Floral Touch – A Jewel representing an infinite spring

After a really lonnnggggggg week, the¬†Singapore Jubilee Year Independence Day Holiday is finally here!! Despite its name, long weekends never fail to feel short. Nevertheless, i will put the 4 days of leave to good use – Sleeping in, rotting at home, cleaning the room, blogging, visiting Jane and catching up with friends~!¬†‚̧¬†

After having my well deserved sleep (I slept till 9+ just now), it is time for me to clear my blog’s backlog ~ Few days ago, i have attended the¬†media launch of TOUS Floral Touch and i’m excited to share with you this new scent from my favorite brand!¬†Held at d’Good Caf√© @ Holland Village, the launch event was presented by Mr Javier Bacallado Ucelay, Training Manager of TOUS International who flew in from Spain.

Inspired by the packaging of the new TOUS Floral Touch, d’Good Caf√© was decorated (by the SASA Team) in gold and pink – pink flowers, gold leaves and TOUS bears¬†at each & every corner!

The high tea spread is also in gold and pink, decorated with TOUS bears. Our presskit also carries the same pink theme  (the TOUS pink paper bag & folder is so pretty!).

Before i go into the details of TOUS Floral Touch, let me tell you more on the brand (which may be foreign to us of us). Got to know more about TOUS during the a Fragrance workshop organized by SASA Singapore last year~ Bought my 1st fragrance from TOUS  (TOUS Love Moment EDT) right after the event as i fell in love with the scent!

Tous is a jewelry, accessories and fashion firm based in Catalonia, Spain. The brand was established in 1920 when founder Salvador Tous Blavi and his wife Teresa Ponsa Mas opened a small watch repair workshop that progressively grew in prominence in the jewelry industry. In 1965, Salvador Tous, the son of the founder, married Rosa Oriol ‚ÄĒ the pair pooled their talents, experience and creativity for the purpose of designing a new style of jewelry. At present, the brand name has more than 400 stores in 45 countries, and in cities such as New York, Paris, Moscow, Milan and Tokyo, among others. Since 1920, TOUS has created jewelry as the company‚Äôs core-business, but also produces a broad range of accessories, such as bags, watches, perfumes, eyeglasses, textiles and small leather goods

(Description extracted from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tous_Designer_House)

In 2006, perfumist Sophie Labbe created TOUS Touch, a floral fragrance for TOUS inspired by the brand’s Dune jewellery collection. ¬†TOUS Touch is Tous’s signature perfume range and it consists of the¬†Tous Sensual Touch (Left) and¬†Tous Touch (Right).

Tous Touch was created in 2006 by Sophie Labbe. It comes as EDT and the top note consists of freesia,lily and lotus. Middle note consists of luscious jasmine, osmanthus and thiare flower. The sweet fruity base brings notes of blueberry, raspberry, almond and vanilla.

Tous Sensual Touch is a new version of the perfume Tous Touch (Created by Veronique Nyber) and this new edition is of floriental ‚Äď woody character. Top notes include pink grapefruit aromas, red fruits and violet leaf and lead to heart of Sambac jasmine, orchid and tiare flower. The base features patchouli, vanilla and benzoin.

(Description extracted from http://www.fragrantica.com/)

Tous Sensual Touch (Left) and Tous Touch (Right).

Rosa is a  feminine fragrance created by Christine Nagel and launched in 2013. It contains
Bergamot &  Rhubarb (Top Notes), May Rose, Violet & Raspberry (Middle Notes) and Musk, Cashmeran & Vanilla (Base Notes).

In the spring of 2014, its lighter version called Rosa Eau Legere is launched. Christine Nagel created it to reflect delicate and subtle side of rose, awaken by morning dew. The top notes are fruity accords of orange, peach and mulberry. The heart consists of wild rose, rose superessence and magnolia. The base includes musk, suede and amber wood.

(Description extracted from http://www.fragrantica.com/)

Rosa & Rosa Eau Legere

Last Year, Love Tous Moments is composed by Sophie Labbe to convey the cheerful feeling of butterflies in the stomach, romantic daydreaming and happiness.. Top notes has a combination of citrus mixed with sparkling pink grapefruit and pink pepper. The heart of the composition mixes fruity scents of raspberry with floral accords of violet and lily of the valley, on a base of powdery iris and a creamy union of sandalwood, cedar and musk.

Bought this perfume last year as it has a deep significance (Came to know about this scent one day before i went into labor). I ‘named’ it as Jane’s scent as she loves it as well (Measured by the amount of kicks she gave me. LOL!). The smell of it makes me feel happy and loved!! ūüôā

(Description extracted from http://www.fragrantica.com/)

Tous Love (On extreme right)

Let’s not neglect the guys, here’s the fragrance range for the important guys in your life:

Tous Man by Tous (Clear Bottle) is an Oriental fragrance for men launched in 2004 by Gilles Romey. Top notes are made up of brazilian orange, ginger, grapefruit and sichuan pepper; middle notes are pineapple, red apple and campari; base notes are sandalwood, tonka bean, amber, cedar and white musk.

Sporty edition, Tous Man Sport (Blue Bottle) was created in 2010  by Vincent Salaire who enriched it with a cocktail of luminous lemon zest and aldehydes in union with woody nuances of cedar in top notes. Middle note reveals exotic ginger in contrast with fruity notes of apple. A base incorporates cashmere and musk supported with Atlas cedar and oak moss.

Tous Man Intense (Black Bottle) is an aromatic-fougere fragrance that blends notes of herbs, flowers and woods and is intended for active, daring and provocative men. The scent was developed by Alienor Massenet and Pierre Wargnye with the focus on orange and sage notes. Top notes include neroli, petitgrain from Tunisia and sage essence. Lavender, Tunisian orange blossom and sage absolute are placed in the composition’s core. The base is a classic fougere, made from tonka, moss, amber and musk.

(Description extracted from http://www.fragrantica.com/)

Tous Man Intense (Left), Tous Man (Middle), Tous Man Sport (Blue)

Here’s Training Manager from TOUS International, Mr Javier Bacallado Ucelay, who came all the way from Spain giving us a short presentation about Tous (the brand) and the new fragrance.¬†

In 2015, Tous Touch brings us a new fragrance to indulge in; a collectors’ limited edition with an ultra-feminine design; a subtle prelude to the aroma inside. The new Tous Floral Touch design contains to carry on the signature flower scent in the Dune Collection.¬†New Tous Floral Touch is also created by Sophie Labbe (Creator of Tous Touch) while keeping in line with the fragrance’s first floral edition in 2003.

This new fragrance has the same floral character as Tous Touch yet emphasizing its fruity side and adding a musky base.¬†The glass is embraced by a delicate tin laminate decorated with flowers among which the TOUS bear figure appears. The same floral motive is incorporated into the new fragrance packaging to remind us that this is a new, floral proposal for Tous’ most sensual fragrance.

A capricious floral touch~

Floral fragrances make up perfumery’s largest olfactive group, making originality in the composition a challenge for any perfumist. There is a wide repertoire of possibilities, from compositions based on just one flower, to legendary symphonies of floral bouquets.

Depending on how the essence is extracted, one flower can offer numerous olfactive facets, making the possibilities within the floral family endless. One of the main traits of Tous Touch fragrance family is that the floral accent is always situated at the heart of the olfactive pyramid.

Top Note: Violet leaves, mandarin, bergamot

Tous Floral Touch contains citrus top notes of mandarin and bergamot complemented with a touch of violet leaf.

Heart Notes: Gardenia, Jasmine, Tuberose

The majestic heart is filled with white flowers. The silky sweet aroma of gardenia blends with the intoxicating power of the tuberose, while fresh jasmine, so radiant, tenacious and filled with different olfactive facets, becomes the queen of the composition.

Base Notes: Nectarine, Sandalwood, white musk

Sandalwood and white musk create a warm base to the fragrance which is rounded out with a delicate fruity hint of nectarine.

‘A¬†Infusion¬†of Vitality created from capricious floral notes’ –¬†Tous Floral Touch

What i love about this scent:

Tous Floral Touch¬†smells really lively and it makes me happy when i wear it! It doesn’t smell like¬†fake floral or too overly sweet which makes it elegant and wearable enough for many. Upon spraying on, my nose immediately picks up the gourmand scent with a tinge of citrus scent. Once it settles down, it stays and form the character of the scent‚Ķ After sometime,¬†I also detected delicate tinge of sweet yet spicy scent (Since it contains ginger)! It also smells a little musky which isn’t overpowering and i find that it gives the fragrance more character! To conclude, ¬†Tous Floral Touch has the right mix and perfect balance with its sweet yet not overpowering Floral scent. Trust me, it will brighten up your mood once you detect its scent¬†ūüôā

What I dislike:

Hmmm! I can‚Äôt really think of one but¬†maybe the fact that it isn’t as lasting as it is a EDT (Eau de Toilette). EDT only¬†consists of 4-8% concentration of scented compounds so it is less concentrated (thus not so lasting). ¬†To make it more lasting, i find that spraying the fragrance onto my¬†clothes instead of ¬†body helps.

Tous Touch Floral Edition (30ml & 100ml) is retailing at $59 and $99 respectively, available exclusively (next month) at all SASA stores

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from TOUS’s Presskit and Various Websites (Stated above) 

Triumph Singapore | Orchard Gateway 1st Anniversary Celebration | 20 years of Maximizer Magic

The Triumph boutique located at Orchard Gateway turns one on Saturday, 6 June 2015, and i was invited to join in the celebration! This year, Triumph also celebrates 20 years of Maximizer Magic! Since the introduction in 1995, the ever so popular Maximizer collection remains a firm no.1 choice for women who enjoy confidence-inspiring feminine apparel in Asia. Extremely well-love by women in Asia (myself included!), the maximizer bras have also clinched numerous award over the year.


I’m a big fan of Triumph as their lingerie are visually appealing, comfortable and excellent in quality.. If you take good care of it and hand-wash it, one piece is about to last you for years~ As¬†mentioned, i’m in love with their Maximizer Collection as it gives me extra confidence.. ūüėõ


My newest purchase from¬†Triumph is from the brand new Magic Wire¬†collection. Went to purchase it almost immediately after i saw the¬†TVC, hahaha! The¬†Magic Wire¬†collection is Triumph’s breakthrough innovation which provides absolute comfort. The Magic Wire Bra features Triumph’s best fit¬†innovation as it gives the wearer ultimate comfort¬†& fit –¬†Enjoy the comfort of an unwired bra and the support of a wired bra!


Experience the ‘No-Wire Sensation’

Triumph’s innovative Body Make-up Magic Wire push-up bra offers unrivaled wearing comfort. The bras from this collection offers a beautiful lift and support with a ‘barely-there’ feeling. Invisibly integrated into the mounded cups, the silicone wire creates a natural stunning cleavage. Soft lining, side panels and silky straps do not pinch and are invisible under close-fitting garments. It also has a deep plunge so it doesn’t show under revealing necklines.


Experience the magical ‘No-Wire’ Sensation with the Silky Smooth Magic Wire Bra today!


If you are looking for a bra that breathes (Esp if you have sensitive skin), the Body Make-Up Collection would be suitable for you! Nothing says comfort wearing a bra that you can barely feel. The Body Make-Up Bras now comes with breathable cups for increased ventilation to suit women with sensitive skin or those looking to stay fresh longer.


The breathable cups are made from the world’s finest cotton which is incredibly durable and soft, without compromising comfort. The breathable cups are also designed in a way that it allows extreme ventilation for maximum comfort.


The Body Make-Up Collection also provides high-definition invisibility thanks to its extra flat straps and body hugging moulded cups. The second skin feel of this lightweight bra by Triumph comes from its soft, innovative lightweight and soft lycra material for sensational comfort. What’s more, it comes with 4¬†flexible strap options (Classic / Crossback/ Strapless / Halter).


With 3 sold per min in Asia, the Aqua Enhancer collection must have done its job well to allow ladies to bask in elevated womanly confidence.¬†Triumph’s award-winning Maximizer Aqua is the ultimate push up bra that creates added volume, incredible push-up and stunning cleavage! The specially designed Aqua padding give you a boost of up to 2 cup sizes and add a natural bounce to your every step! It is definitely a MUST-HAVE secret weapon in every woman’s wardrobe. Right now, they have added the Aqua Deep V to the collection which will bestow you with an alluring cleavage under deep plunging tops and dresses! ūüôā


Triumph’s Maximizer Sexy Cushion series introduces the all new Memory Cushion padding. With this new intelligent patented technology, the memory padding will suit & remembers the natural contour of your curves, providing maximum comfort and a natural looking cleavage!


I’m so gonna get the Sexy Cushion Deep V bra¬†(In Mint) as it is really pretty while it also fits me comfortably.


Post-Delivery, i have been trying¬†hard to hide my flabby tummy with excessive loose skin~ I’m still on the lookout for the perfect shape wear that will conceal my imperfection well. The SA has recommended me the¬†Shape Sensation Cool’s¬†High Waist Short Girdle that will help with tummy control and shaping~¬†Triumph’s Shape Sensation series offers Shaping control ranging from Light, Medium to Firm levels.



Welcome to the world of Valisere!¬†Valisere has been meeting the needs of women for sensual moments since 1860. Valisere Lingerie unleashes a woman’s fantasies and illuminates her stage from which to embark upon her journey into a world that inspires and highlights her erotic side. A World, Where she becomes ‘Femme’.¬†Valisere’s Collection is certainly no exception, offering a scintillating range of sensual possibilities, which delve ever deeper into the limitless realms of women’s fantasies.


Valisere is available only at Triumph Boutiques in 313@Somerset, I12 Katong, ION Orchard, Isetan Scotts, Metro Paragon, OG People’s Park, Robinsons Raffles City & Centrepoint, Takashimaya, TANGS Orchard.


As the event falls early in the morning, Triumph & Mission Juice prepared brunch + healthy cold pressed juices for us to kick-start our day. ūüôā If you are wondering what is so special about the cold pressed juices from Mission Juice, let me tell you!¬†Instead of the usual centrifugal juicers which tend to destroy enzymes and vitamins, Mission Juice only use the best-in-class cold pressed juicers. This allows them¬†to preserve more of the nutrients in the juice, resulting in a tastier, healthier and more radiant juice drink!


What i have on my hand is One of Mission Juice’s best seller – The Mean Green.¬†I’m someone who cannot leave without my greens in my diet and this green detox juice is good for anyone who is¬†looking for a healthy juice that is packed with¬†nutrients and vitamins from fresh garden veggies and fruits! The Mean Green’s combination is refreshing yet not over-powering (with the taste of veggies since the taste is balanced out with fresh fruits). What i like about the juice is that it is fresh, pure and ‘solid’~ ūüôā


Mean Green (Celery, Spinach, Kale, Cucumber, Green Pepper, Green Apple, Lemon)

In conjunction with the Great Singapore Sale, Triumph is offering irresistible deals:

Buy any 3 items, receive 1 item FREE*

Buy any 5 items, receive 2 items FREE*, including a $50 voucher* and a free towel cake*

Buy any 6 items, receive 3 items FREE*, including a $60 voucher* and a free towel cake*

*While stocks last. Terms and Conditions apply.



The adorable Cake Towel (While Stock Last)

If you prefer shopping online, Triumph is also available online. There will be exclusive attractive weekdays flash sales and also special offers (Only available online):

25% off (Min 4 pieces and above) – Enter GSS15CM. Valid till 2 Aug 2015

Get $10 off for first sign-up. Valid till 2 Aug 2015 

Free shipping with min $100 spent


Thank you Triumph Singapore for the kind invitation and i will be back with more updates soon! Have a blessed week everyone!

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from Triumph’s website and Presskit.

A High Tea Date with Dilmah in Singapore Style – Share your favourite tea-inspired moments to win an all-expense paid trip to Sri Lanka

Hello Everyone! I have blogged about the Dilmah Real High Tea Global Challenge in April and this challenge started back in 2007 in partnership with the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS) has travelled across the world with the participation of some of the finest hospitality venues in the world, in search of that quintessential Afternoon tea for the 21st Century. Open to culinary professionals, the Challenge allows masters of the culinary trade test their metal in the Toughest Tea Challenge in the World, with national winners from around the world travelling to Sri Lanka in July to participate in the Global Real High Tea Challenge to determine the Global Real Tea Champion.

As a prelude to the grand finale of the Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge in Sri Lanka this July, Dilmah has launched ‚ÄúTea Inspired me‚ÄĚ, an online competition where participants will stand to win a 10-day, all-expense paid trip to Sri Lanka. In addition, the winner will get an opportunity to witness Singapore representative, Tess Bar & Kitchen, compete against culinary heavyweights from 13 other countries at the global stage of the Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge.


(From L to R) Head Chef Martin Wong, Chef Eric Neo, Founder of DIlmah Tea Mr Merril J. Fernando, Bartender Lee Zhang An, Black Hat Chef Bernd Uber, Director of Dilmah Tea Dilhan C. Fernando

Ever had a #teainspired moment or a beautiful snapshot that you’ve made over a cup of tea?.

Dilmah‚Äôs ‚ÄúTea Inspired me‚ÄĚ is an international online challenge that encourages tea aficionados to share their favourite tea moments in photography, video, audio or in written form. All tea-inspired entries must center on the five themes – Tea and friendship, Tea and Memory, Tea Me and Grandma, Tea Kids and Tea and Ethics.

To participate, upload your #teainspired moment, either in photo, video, audio or written format, to this website by 20 June 2015. This free online competition allows participants to submit multiple tea-inspired moment. Tea Inspired Me is conducted on two levels; global and national. The national edition of the competition is held in 16 countries, including Singapore, and each national winner will receive a weekend package for two at an exclusive 5 star hotel and exclusive Dilmah gift packs.


About Dilmah Tea

Dilmah Tea was born in 1988 when Merrill J. Fernando offered consumers Garden Fresh, Single Origin, Pure Ceylon Tea, packed at origin. That was the first time that a tea producer offered tea that was picked, perfected, packed and branded at source, direct to consumers. Currently,  Dilmah Tea extensive range includes traditional Speciality Gourmet and Premium Tea, Herbal Infusions, pure Green Tea and Fun flavoured Teas, Spiced Chais, Organic Tea, the Dilmah Exceptional range with its contemporary selection of teas, boutique Watte and t-Series teas, the exclusive Teamaker’s Private Reserve teas and the latest Dilmah 25th Anniversary Silver Jubilee Gourmet range and the vibrant and exciting Vivid tea selection.

Dilmah takes the lead in bringing innovation to a global tea category that has suffered decline as a result of commoditisation. Signature events such as the Chefs & the Teamaker and Real High Tea are innovations that seek to educate and inspire hospitality professionals to offer their guests a completely new tea experience. The events foster greater respect for this healthy, natural and versatile beverage. The Dilmah School of Tea seeks to inspire passion in tea through knowledge of the artisanal aspects of tea amongst hospitality professionals, tea aficionados and consumers. The emphasis is on the importance of Real Tea and the versatility of this natural herb in Tea Gastronomy, food pairing and Tea Mixology.

The Dilmah family tea company has embodied the vision of its founder, to offer tea with authenticity, quality, natural goodness and ethics to tea drinkers around the world. By marketing his tea direct to consuming markets, Merrill J. Fernando ensures that the earnings from Dilmah remain in Sri Lanka to be shared among workers and the community. Merrill’s desire was to make his business a matter of human service. Today, Dilmah is recognised as the world’s only genuinely ethical tea. Earnings from the sale of Dilmah tea support the work of the MJF Charitable Foundation, a charity established by Merrill J. Fernando, which touches the lives of thousands of underprivileged people each year.

dsc02580 (1)

‚ÄėHost a Dilmah Real High Tea‚Äô Challenge

In its mission to reignite the ‚Äútea‚ÄĚ in high tea, Dilmah will be inviting cafes and restaurants in Singapore to host their own interpretations of Real High Tea. Participating establishments will receive a Dilmah Starter Kit, comprising an indulgent selection of handpicked teas and herbal infusions from the Exceptional Range, and are required to incorporate any of these teas into their own interpretation of Dilmah high tea from 20 to 28 June 2015.¬†High tea menus will be reviewed by Dilmah‚Äôs panel of Singapore‚Äôs top food bloggers and judged on the perfect brew, the pairing of tea with food as well as the overall presentation. The winner will walk away with an all-expense paid trip to Sri Lanka for a culinary tea adventure at the Dilmah School of Tea in November.


Tess Bar & Kitchen’s bespoke tea-inspired menu -1¬†


Tess Bar & Kitchen’s bespoke tea-inspired menus -2

I will be uploading my¬†#teainspired moment soon and thank you¬†Dilmah Tea for sending me the kit so that i can complete the mission. ūüôā

‚ÄúTea Inspired me‚ÄĚ Challenge

For further information on the competition, log on to http://realhighteaathome.com/teainspiredme.

Campaign hashtags: #teainspired #dilmahtea

To get more tea-inspired creations, visit https://www.facebook.com/teagastronomy

‚ÄėHost a Dilmah Real High Tea‚Äô Challenge

For more information and to register, visit http://hostadilmahrealhightea.com/registration or contact Francesca Quah at pr@foodcult.com.sg.

Dilmah Tea’s¬†Instagram |¬†Twitter¬†| Website


* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from Dilmah’s presskit