10 Essential Skincare Tips from Dermatologists

Buying expensive skincare products or adding more items to your usual beauty routine is not always the solution to having flawless and glowing skin. There are lots of simple ways you can achieve healthy and radiant skin. 

The specialists at Dermatologist Singapore shared some skincare advice with us on this topic. We asked them for tips on how to prevent common skin problems like breakouts and dry skin, for instance. 

From choosing the right products to creating a healthy diet, here are some easy tricks that can help improve your daily skincare routine — regardless of your skin type. 

1. Use the correct facial cleanser for your skin type 

Even if you’re consistent with your skincare routine, it won’t work if you’re not using the right product for your skin type. 

If you have oily or acne-prone skin, for example, you need a facial wash with salicylic gel or benzoyl peroxide. 

For those who have dry skin, it’s recommended to use a moisturizing glycolic or milky cleanser. 

Meanwhile, a brightening wash that has an alpha hydroxy acid works great for skin with brown spots or melasma. 

In short, before you buy a product, make sure to check its ingredients and see if they fit your skin type. 

2. Moisturise both day and night 

Some people tend to moisturise only once a day. However, dermatologists say it’s important to moisturise every morning and night. This will help prepare your skin before the day starts and rejuvenate it after a long day. 

Find a gentle moisturiser that is made for everyday use, comes with no heavy fragrance and doesn’t cause irritation, especially for those who have sensitive skin. 

3. Hydrate inside and out 

Hydration is not only good for the body, but for the skin as well. Skin experts say that lack of water leads to less radiance and more sag. 

Therefore, when choosing a cleansing, moisturising, or anti-ageing product, you must check if they have hydrating formulas. Most importantly, try to drink 8 glasses of water every day to keep yourself hydrated — be it rain or shine. 

4. Exfoliate a few times per week 

To remove all dirty skin cells that cause dullness, use a cleansing product that’s pH-neutral. This way, you won’t have dry skin as you exfoliate. 

Your body needs exfoliation too so don’t just focus on your facial skin: pay attention to the needs of your body skin as well. 

5. Maintain a healthy diet 

The team at Gastroenterologist Singapore advised everyone to have a healthy diet with a focus on omega-3. This will increase your skin’s ability to hold onto moisture.

For instance, adding flax seeds or walnuts to your salad will give an instant boost of omega-3. Also, make sure to eat foods with low carbohydrates.  

6. Use products that contain essential vitamins 

In line with having a balanced diet, it’s also vital to give your skin the vitamins it needs. This includes using serums and creams that contain topical antioxidants that nourish the skin. 

These vitamins can also help repair damage to the skin from sun damage. Serums/creams can be applied under your sunscreen for added protection. 

7. Clean your makeup tools regularly 

Simple yet crucial things like constantly cleaning your makeup brushes and other tools can help fight infection and clogged pores. 

For concealer and foundation brushes, they must be washed at least once a week. 

For eye makeup brushes, it’s advisable to clean them twice a month. Most other brushes can be cleaned once a month. 

8. Wear sunscreen 

Due to the daily UV exposure that causes visible signs of ageing, you need to protect your skin by wearing sunscreen. Whether it’s summer or rainy season, UV rays can penetrate through clouds, rain, and fog: that’s why it’s recommended to apply sunscreen whenever you go out. 

Pick a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher for best results, by the way. Anything lower won’t help you much.

9. Avoid touching your face frequently 

As much as possible, avoid touching your face to prevent the spread of bacteria that may lead to breakouts, scarring and wrinkles. It’s a common mistake!

10. Don’t use too many products 

Using a variety of skincare products all at once is harsh on the skin, which may result in clogged pores and breakouts as well. Simplify your routine and only use products that work best for you. 

CHO Renew – To Clean Intestine, Clear Skin & Better Immunity!

Hello everyone!!! Since young, i have been ‘suffering’ from poor intestinal health! Despite incorporating fruits and vegetable into my diet (not forgetting drinking enough water), i’m still having constipation issues! 😦 It will worsen whenever i travel due to the sudden change in diet.  You cannot imagine how terrible i feel when there’s nooo output for 4-5 days.. One fine day, my friend introduced me to Probiotics and i never look back since… It improved my constipation problem but it has to be refrigerated (really troublesome!) so i cannot bring it along when i travel.


Two weeks ago, AFC has sent me one of their best seller product – CHO Renew, a proprietary intestinal health formula that contains 170 billion patented Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) – FK-23 and Bifidus Bacteria BB536; two of the most studied beneficial bacteria which are naturally found in our intestines.

Founded in 1969, AFC Japan is a leading brand in anti-aging science and nutritional research. Backed by a team of reputable and dedicated scientists and research personnel, together with the unwavering dedication towards product efficacy, quality and safety, AFC has innovated many products that are category leaders and are well trusted by millions of customers in Japan and worldwide. AFC is exclusively managed and distributed by Lifestream Group Pte Ltd, Singapore. Founded in 2003, Lifestream Group brings together the best products for good health, beauty and wellness. Today, Lifestream Group is proud to house two great brands: Lifestream and AFC.



What made CHO Renew different from other probiotics in the market is that it has a formula that’s high strength, heat-treated, stomach acid resistant, highly stable and 3x more effective than live probiotics in supporting immunity.


Unlike other products that contain only probiotics and/or prebiotics that are easily destroyed by harsh stomach acids and high temperatures, CHO Renew is a high potency inner cleansing formula that contains 170 billion patented and most researched probiotics – heat-treated FK-23 Bacteria and high strength Bifidus Bacteria BB536, both bacteria strains are highly stable to survive harsh stomach acids to reach the intestine intact. It also contains synergistic ingredients such as prebiotics and dietary fibre for detoxification as well as skin-loving pure silk peptides to promote clarity of skin from inside out.

6 7

A Clean Intestine is the Key to Good Health

Did you know that your gut flora was formed right after you were born? After birth, your body starts to encounter good and bad bacteria and begins to build your immune system. As you grow, your gut bacteria serves as a barrier protecting your body from the bad bacteria and pathogen you come across. However, the percentage of good bacteria in our intestine declines with age. It has been shown in recent research that by the time one reaches their 60s, the significant drop in the number of bacteria in their gut, will make one more susceptible to gastrointestinal infections, bowel conditions and problem as follows:


Healthy intestines with a balanced gut flora high in good bacteria is critical for good intestinal health, immunity and overall well-being. There are three types of bacteria in our intestine – good, bad and neutral bacteria. As such, poor intestinal health is the root cause of many chronic disease. Hence, it is important to spring clean your gut to remove accumulated intestinal waste. Detoxification restores the gut flora balance to facilitate healthy bowel movement and promote overall wellness.



CHO Renew is a superior inner cleansing formula that exceeded the above criteria in delivering high strength probiotics and other nutrients to support overall immunity, vitality and skin health. 

 Active Ingredients per Sachet:

Heat-treated Enterococcus Faecalis FK-23 Extract & Bifidobacterium Longum BB536 (170 billion), Silk Peptides 30mg, Dietary Fiber, Inulin, Oligosaccharide, Champignon Extract, Vitamin B2


CHO Renew is specially formulated with 170 billion patented Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB)-FK-23 and Bifidus Bacteria BB536, two of the most studied beneficial bacteria which are naturally found in our intestine.

170 Billion Probiotics – Highest And Most Potent In The Market

LAB are most beneficial and fast colonizing probiotic sources, and when consumed in adequate amounts have been shown to aid digestion and re-balance gut flora, providing relief from the following health issues related to poor gut health:

Patented Heat-treated FK-23 Lactic Acid Bacteria

•  Fully heat-resistant and highly stable to survive heat and harsh stomach acid, to reach the intestines intact
• Cultivated from pharmaceutical proprietary heat treatment method
• Scientifically proven to be 3 times more powerful than live probiotics in supporting strong immunity
• Effectively remove accumulated intestinal waste and restore gut flora balance

Patented Bifidus Bacteria BB536

• Resident bacteria which will not be rejected by the body
• One of the most researched probiotics in the world
• FDA GRAS certified in USA, 2009
• Resistant to stomach acidity, allowing it to reach the intestine intact
• Improves intestinal environment, supports bowel regularity and reduces allergic symptom

Premium Prebiotics (Inulin & Oligosaccharide)

• Food for probiotics to grow, multiply and thrive in the gut
• Works best when combined with probiotics to achieve maximum health benefits

Pure Silk Peptides

• Contain constituent amino acid of Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF) in skin
• Support skin repair, improve skin firmness and hydration level

Essential Dietary Fiber

• Soften stools to ease bowel movement and support excess fat removal
• Bind toxins up to 10 times its weight


Taking CHO Renew on a regular basis will give you better intestinal health, immunity and complexion. You will be killing many birds with just one stone! 🙂

When intestine is clean, toxin and accumulated waste will be removed. CHO Renew will also restores and improves good bacteria in the intestine for healthy gut flora.

With clean intestine and good bacteria with healthy gut flora, there will be reduction in constipation and diarrhoea. CHO Renew will regulate bowel movement to reduce constipation or diarrhoea, and improve digestion.

CHO Renew is formulated with high strength lactic acid bacteria that are compatible to our body to help inhibit the growth of bad bacteria and promote a clean and healthy gut environment. As 70% of body’s immune cells resides in the intestine, maintaining a clean and healthy gut environment is crucial in keeping optimal immunity.

Friendly bacteria help to cleanse the intestines of toxins and waste which would otherwise be circulated around the body; resulting in inflammation on the skin surface. CHO Renew contains 170 billion Lactic Acid Bacteria to actively detoxify the gut. In addition, it also contains pure Silk Peptides which support skin repair and improve skin clarity and hydration.

IMG20160809132711  IMG20160809132852

I will never fail to suffer from constipation whenever i’m overseas and it can be a mood dampener! This time round, i have packed 5 sachets of CHO Renew in my luggage during my beach vacation to Belitung. What i love about CHO Renew is how travel-friendly it is! I don’t have to worry about keeping my probiotics chilled to prevent damages to its properties.. Moreover, the sachets packaging makes consumption more hygienic and convenient.

IMG20160809133051 IMG20160809133139

I have taken CHO Renew on a daily basis (for 5 days) before breakfast. My friend told me that it is better to consume Probiotics on empty stomach..  Every morning, i will consume the powder bit by bit with sips of water in between. The powder has a slight sourish orange taste which i like 🙂 The powder will turned into a starchy and thick consistency when it comes into contact with water. Hence, it is better to drink enough water in between to wash it down.

IMG20160811075816 IMG20160811075845

The next morning after i consumed  my first sachet of CHŌ Renew, i had output!! For the remaining days, i have daily output! hahaha! Not to worry, CHO Renew is a supplement and not laxative so it won’t cause loose stools / stomach upset (which often assocaite with laxative) Without constipation and bloated-ness, i could fully enjoy my vacation. 🙂


CHO Renew is available for purchase online at $41.40 for 15 days supply. 

* Disclaimer: Products Description, information and printscreens are extracted from Lifestream Group’s website

Indulge in Retail Therapy via Beautiful.me!

Few months ago, i have blogged about Beautiful.me, a Singapore-based Premier eShopping Club that offers an extensive range of over 6,000 beauty, body and baby products at amazing Prices + Free Delivery. Founded and headquartered in Singapore, Beautiful.me is managed by a group of retail and business professionals who aspire to change the way Asian women shop for all things beauty.

I’m someone who does most of my shopping online as i am very lazy to visit brick-and-mortar stores and dislike crowds! With Beautiful.me, it is easy to shop anytime, anywhere with just a click away. This means no more waiting for the next big sale, and no more carrying around heavy shopping bags filled with beauty and personal care essentials. Moreover, orders will be delivered right to the doorstep the following day. With such convenience and cost savings,Beautiful.me will be useful for working women and busy mums.


Previously, i have ordered things from Beautifulme and I find that the eStore is very easy to navigate as it is segmented into various categories – Beauty, Body, Baby, Brands and Hot Deals. The layout of the website is easy on the eyes and very user-friendly as there are sub categories so you can locate what you need easily. If all things fail, there’s always the search function.


Beautiful.me aims to provide its members with a smarter way to shop at the best prices possible. What i love most on Beautiful.me is that i have instant access to flash sales which allows more cost savings. Every purchase will also comes with Smart Reward Points, which can be redeemed for free samples, product trials and gifts. There’s also the smart shopping cart technology to help members track the amount of cost savings, offering various delivery and packing options that come with bonus rebates (See Chart below) — allowing members to save even more.


As i’m moving in to my new place next month, i have already planned to make Beautiful.me my preferred e-shopping destination for some of our beauty and personal care essentials. 🙂 Few months ago, Beautiful.me had a Bazaar whereby there’s amazing shopping deals and fun activities like Hello Kitty Manicure by OPI, games and many more. I was honored to be given the opportunity to attend the Hello Kitty Bento Workshop and hereby sharing some pictures taken during the workshop. 🙂


Tools and Ingredients Required for the Bento



Bento completed by the Instructor.


Bento Making in Progress.


I know it doesn’t looks appetizing but I have tried my best!! Nonetheless, thank you Beautiful.me for organizing such a fun Bento workshop!

At the end of the Bento Workshop, Beautiful.me presented me with a huge paper bag that’s packed with many products that i saw at the Bazaar (Thank you!).

Here’s some of the products that you can purchase via Beautiful.me. Not only that there’s beauty, supplements  and personal care essentials, you can get baby-related products via Beautiful.me as well. At the Bazaar, i saw a few mummies buying diapers in bulk so you can gauge how affordable the prices are. 🙂

I’m someone who relies on supplements heavily as i felt that my diet has insufficient mineral and nutrients content. To make up it, i’m taking supplements like Multi-vitamin, fish oil and grape seed extract to help restore my body to a place of balance. I’m definitely seeing the benefits as i don’t fall sick so often and i have healthier skin + hair. 🙂

In the bag, there’s Blackmores Odourless Fish Oil 1000 Mini Caps (400caps).  It is a must that my fish oil must not have any fishy after taste and it must be pure (Does not contain contaminants like mercury).  Fish oil is a great way to boost omega-3 intake for people who don’t eat enough fish however sometimes large capsules can be hard to swallow. Blackmores Odourless Fish Oil Mini Caps provide the same strength of omega-3s as a standard fish oil 1000 mg but in a half sized capsule. Plus they are odourless without the use of artificial surfactants, so there’s no fishy aftertaste. At Blackmores, the fish oils are rigorously tested for quality and highly purified.

Blackmores Odourless Fish Oil 1000 Mini Caps

I have just started on this new bottle of Blackmores Odourless Fish Oil 1000 Mini Caps as i have finished my previous bottle of fish oil (from another brand). The Blackmores fish oil’s size is half of what i used to consume in the past which makes it easier to swallow. There’s no fish after taste which is a big plus point!


2 capsules a day for healthy brain and heart~

I have passed the FatBlaster Coconut Detox 2 Day Plan and Bioglan Superfoods Chia Seeds to my husband.

The FatBlaster Coconut Detox 2 Day Plan is the exciting new program to help one flush away toxins while reducing belly bloat and puffiness to help one feel lighter, rejuvenated and get the body you want – all in just 2 days! Hydrating Coconut Water : Coconut Water, known as nature’s sports drink, is loaded with electrolytes essential for cellular metabolism and is great for hydrating the body. It is taken from the young coconut and is virtually fat-free! Medium Chain Triglycerides : They are found in mature coconuts and have been clinically studied to better understand their benefits. They have been making headlines for their role for thermogenesis, the process that helps jump-start your metabolism and fat-burning.

FatBlaster Coconut Detox 2 Day Plan 750ml

My husband has been adding the Bioglan Chia Seeds to his Yoghurt as part of his breakfast. Do you know that Chia seed is a super seed that does is all? A staple superfood, chia seeds can increase energy, digestive health, help manage blood sugar levels and improve overall wellbeing. Chia Seeds have traditionally been used by central and South American populations for as long as 5,000 years as a dietary mainstay. Recently, Chia seeds have become a staple item in Australian kitchens too. This is due to their high nutrient value, tangible benefits and ease of inclusion in cooking, meals and smoothies.

Bioglan Chia Seeds are high in fibre, calcium, complete protein, amino acids, slowly processed carbohydrates and loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and omega-3. Chia Seeds – added to any meal – can naturally boost your energy and improve your brain, heart and skin health, for better health from the inside out. Bioglan Chia Seeds are the richest plant-based source of omega-3, protein, dietary fibre and antioxidants available. Bioglan Chia Seeds are also high in fibre for good digestion & weight loss, high in protein for longer lasting energy, and so convenient to include in your meals.

Bioglan Superfoods Chia Seeds 750g

Clean skin is the first important step to flawless skin and the best thing you can do is to remove your makeup and double cleanse your skin daily. It is important to use effective products that will remove all dust, excessive sebum, impurities and make-up which contributes to skin problems (like clogged pores, acne and sensitivity).. If you are looking for an effective yet affordable makeup remover, look no further! BIFESTA will provide the simple, fuss-free and yet reliable makeup removal solution.

‘Bi‘ actually means Beauty or 美 in Japanese while ‘Festa’ is an abbreviation of Festival. Together, Bifesta means Beauty Festival, a celebration of beauty means Beauty Festival, a celebration of beauty where beautiful skin can be achieved quickly and easily with effective makeup removal. Bifesta is the first to introduce water-based makeup remover in Japan which is suitable for every skin type, lifestyle and occasions. Because Bifesta provided simple, fuss-free and yet reliable makeup removal solutions with added skincare qualities to cater to our hectic lifestyles, it has won many awards in Japan and Singapore. In Japan, 3 bottles of Bifesta makeup removers are sold every min in Japan.

Recently, Bifesta has launched their Konnyaku Jelly Makeup Remover which thoroughly removes make-up, even waterproof mascara in the shower. The Bifesta Cleansing Gel Liquid contains Konnyaku ingredient to suck up impurities, excess sebum and blackheads from pores. It also has absorbent hyaluronic acid and natural orange oil to hydrate skin at the same time. I will be posting a separate blog post on the  Konnyaku Jelly Makeup Remover range so stay tune.

Bifesta Cleansing Gel Liquid 230ml

As i have sensitive acne prone skin, my cleanser has to be gentle yet effective~ The Winter Organics Natural and Organic Chamomile Facial Cleanser has dual function as its formulation of pH5 is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin and speed up acne healing time with anti-inflammatory properties.

Refresh your skin with Chamomile Facial Cleanser for use day and night. Release the relaxing, soothing scent of a natural flower blend as you massage the cleanser into your moist skin. Soft chamomile, soothing aloe vera, sweet calendula, exotic ylang ylang, warm rosemary, and citrusy orange ingredients blend together for a luxurious natural fragrance. 

Winter Organics Natural and Organic Chamomile Facial Cleanser 100ml

The facial cleanser has a gel texture which spreads onto skin easily. Like most gentle cleanser, it doesn’t lather up much as too much foam will dries the skin.. I have to say that the citrus-y scent smells really heavenly and up-lifting! After cleansing, skin does not feels tight but yet it cleanse well. My sensitive skin approves it! 🙂


Formula 10.0.6 excels at perfecting troublesome young skin with ingredients that work. Created by a chemist in 1933, the current range now includes skin care products specifically designed to promote clear, healthy skin. Formula 10.0.6 Takeaway For Brighter Skin Kit has everything you need to achieve seriously bright skin. Packed with nutrious actives, these quick and easy-to-use products are the perfect combo for fast flawless skin. Infused with passionfruit, green tea,strawberry and yarrow.

Formula 10.0.6 Takeaway For Brighter Skin Kit consists of:

Formula 10.0.6 Best Face Forward Daily Foaming Cleanser (125ml)

For clear skin, get the obvious solution. Best Face Forward. This fresh, foaming gel cleanser washes away oil and impurities. It helps your skin look clean, clear and healthy every day. The Passionfruit reduces oiliness while the Green Tea exfoliates and soothes skin.

Formula 10.0.6 Pores Be Pure Skin-Clarifying Mud Mask (100ml)

Seeking Clarity? Search no more. Pores Be Pure is the skin-clarifying mud mask that helps to eliminate impurities and clear blocked pores. With the help of Strawberry, Yarrow and Rosemary, Pores Be Pure provides your skin with instant complexion perfection. Packed with anti-oxidants berries,great for memory and pores!

Formula 10.0.6 Takeaway For Brighter Skin Kit

After so long, my hair has grown to a length that i like but long hair aren’t easy to manage as it tends to get dry and damaged with lot of tangles + spilt ends.. As your hair gets longer, you will subject the same surface area with more and more chemical treatments overtime… In addition, your hair condition will worsen which leads to breakage which leads to hair loss!

In order to counter the above and to maintain healthy, Shiny, Smooth and Manageable hair, HASK products will be your hair savior!

HASK Bamboo Oil Strengthening Shampoo (355ml)

With ProDefense Complex, A protein-based complex that penetrates hair to build strength, reinforce & protect. Protect fragile hair from damage and breakage with Hask Bamboo Oil Strengthening Shampoo. Known to provide a strong foundation for hair, silicone rich bamboo helps reinforce hair strands, improve flexibility and prevent split ends. With ProDefense Complex, biotin and collagen, this shampoo fortifies as it cleanses, providing stronger and healthier looking hair.

HASK Bamboo Oil Strengthening Conditioner (355ml)

With ProDefense Complex, A protein-based complex that penetrates hair to build strength, reinforce & protect. Protect fragile hair from damage and breakage with Hask Bamboo Oil Strengthening Conditioner. Known to provide a strong foundation for hair, silicone rich bamboo helps reinforce hair strands, improve flexibility and prevent split ends. With ProDefense Complex, biotin and collagen, this conditioner detangles and softens, leaving hair stronger and healthier looking.

HASK Bamboo Oil Strengthening Deep Conditioner Pack (50g)

Hask Bamboo Deep Conditioning Packette with ProDefense Complex, A protein based complex that penetrates hair to build strength, reinforce & protect. This deep conditioner is a super strengthening, moisturizing treatment that will reinforce fragile hair. Silicone rich bamboo is known to provide a strong foundation for hair and fortifies to help improve flexibility, leaving hair resilient and less prone to split ends and breakage.

HASK Bamboo Oil Strengthening Shine Hair Oil Vial (18ml)

Gone are the days of broken, limp and lifeless hair! Protect fragile hair from damage and breakage with Hask Bamboo Oil Strengthening Shine Hair Oil. This lightweight, alcohol-free oil instantly absorbs to provide a strong foundation for hair with no greasy residue. Bamboo oil, with biotin and collagen, helps reinforce and prevent split ends, leaving stronger, healthier looking hair.

Will be reviewing this set of products in a different post so stay tune. 🙂

Cover Your Gray Waterproof Brush-In Dark Brown (15g)

Brush-In Waterproof Hair Color Touch Up (available in 4 shades) is perfect for hiding stray grays in the part and around the temples. The brush In applicator makes it easy to cover grays exactly where you need to, when you need to. When you are too busy for a full hair color service, cover your gray offers a full array of solutions to temporarily cover stray grays and re-growth. It is also perfect for use on eyebrows. The waterproof formulas are long-lasting and handbag friendly.

Next product comes in handy as my husband will kill me if i get another tattoo.. hahahaha! Using the “tattoo stamper” – U’rs Tattoo Stamper Waterproof (Available in 5 different designs), press on the skin as a simple stamp! It also looks good usability in a simple design. Since waterproof, it makes it long-lasting and can be ‘worn’ even while you swim.

The tattoo stamper is very easy to use and the it has right consistency which makes application easy. The right amount of ink is being dispensed each time you ‘stamp’ it.


The ink is also very long-lasting! I tried to subject it to running water and lots of friction but it still stays put!


Thank you for reading and remember to do some retail therapy on Beautiful.me

* Disclaimer: Products Description, information & Printscreen are extracted from Beautiful.me’s Websites & Presskit.

Pink State of V-Health with Uticare

Hello everyone!! Happy 2016 and wishing you a new year filled with new hope, new joy, new beginnings and great health! My 1st blog post of 2016 will be dedicated to something related to ladies which many are not comfortable to talk/share about it~ 🙂

Do you know that 3 out of every 4 females might have V-symptoms which possibly becomes a lifetime issue? Once there are V-symptoms, the problems will interrupt your daily routine and many times, it will turn into recurring issues.


(Image credits to Google’s image)

The pH value of 3.8 – 4.5 in the sensitive area provides an essential prophylactic protection against the bad bacteria. However, due to certain personal and environmental factors such as heavy workloads, consistent pressures, humid weather, poor public hygiene, etc., the normal pH value could not be maintained and cause disruptions to the micro-organism balance. It stimulates the growth of bad bacteria and hence, causing the V-symptoms. The University of Hong Kong discovered that more than 70% of V-symptoms cases were caused by Bacti-E, after conducting research with 592 females. Bacti-E attaches to the inner V-area and causes discomfort for most female. Bacti-C is a diploid fungus that is causal agent of opportunisticoral and genital infections in humans. Humid and damp environment stimulate the most yield of this fungus. If the yield is massive, the V-symptoms will be caused.


In the past, i have this misconception that using body wash is sufficient to cleanse the V-area. The truth is that body wash might be too harsh that it disturbs the PH level which leads to infection. In the event of vaginal infection, regular medications like topical creams, suppositories and antibiotics will be needed. However, it is possible to combat vaginal infection and other V-symptoms (like itch, burning pain, unpleasant odor) by using reliable cleansing product + supplements for the V-zone to maintain a balanced and ‘pink state’ of V-health


Recently, i have discovered a supplement known as Uticare which will be able to provide ladies with a fast relief for the V-symptoms and to maintain a healthy V-health. On top of that, It does not contain any western medical substances, and was approved by FDA and awarded with 14 international patents.


How does Uticare works? 

Firstly, it keep the good, eliminate the bad! Normal V-wash products or medication may remove good bacteria along with the bad ones, increasing the risk of overgrowth of bad bacteria and recurrence of the symptoms. Uticare out-competes only the bad bacteria and helps maintaining V-health sustainability.


Secondly, it provides fast Relief of Odor, Itch and Burning Pain! Uticare will work as a preventative measure to maintain V-health or it works as an instant relief when problems strike!The experimental test conducted by Hong Kong laboratory has shown that Uticare could kill up to 99% of Bacti-E & 92% of Bacti-C (e.g E.coli. & Candida) simultaneously in 24 hours. Uticare can help to prevent 2 kinds of common infections which ladies might face – “Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)” (Symptoms: Burning pain during urination) & Vaginitis (Symptoms: Itch, unpleasure odor & discharges).


Uticare also helps to reduce the chance of reoccurrence as it is formulated to prevent bad bacteria from attaching to tract walls, maintain good bacteria and modulate natural protection against the bacteria. When taken on a daily basis, Uticare helps to maintain Healthy Microbiome Balance. Unhealthy daily habits and activities may affect the natural pH values of V areas and disrupt the balance of microbiome. Uticare offers users with a comprehensive way to maintain a favorable pH value and the V-health


As mentioned, Uticare works as a preventative measure to maintain V-health or it works as an instant relief when problems strike. As recommended, it is best to take 1-2 capsules daily as a protective measure to maintain good V-health. If you have a recurring V-issue, it is recommended to take 2 capsules a day as a form of treatment (for 3 months). If you have an existing V-issue and need fast relief, take 4 capsules at a go.


Uticare does not contain any western medical substances, and was approved by FDA and awarded with 14 international patents. The unique combination of US Patented PACran and French Patented Utirose kills up to 99% of Bacti-E and 92% of Bacti-C (e.g E.coli. & Candida) simultaneouly within 24 hours.


Uticare comes in 30, 120, 240 and 360 capsules supply. Have received a 30 capsule box (1 month supply) for review. I’m taking Uticare once daily as a form of preventive measure and also to maintain optimal health for my V-area. I don’t have much V-related problem and I’m also using feminine wash on a daily basis. The only issue that i’m facing is the occasional itch (Especially when approaching the time of the month) which can be rather annoying~ haha!


The capsule is easy to swallow and there’s no weird taste / after taste. Will recommend that you take Uticare in the morning after breakfast. I’m someone with a weak gastric hence i will experience discomfort if i take supplements on empty stomach.


Till date, i have taken 15 capsules before my period came yesterday without any warning / symptoms (Luckily i was at home!!) . As mentioned, i will always experience itchiness 1-2 days before the arrival of my period but there was none this month~ Guess that Uticare is working its charm! 🙂 Will resume taking the remaining capsules after i’m done with my period and i will update in due course!


Before i go, here’s some tips whereby you can keep your ensure that your V stays in the pink of health!

2 3

30 days capsule pack retails at HKD 358 (about SGD 65.20). You can purchase Uticare online via this website. If you are residing in Hong Kong , you can also purchase them via designated Mannings stores or Ballyhoo~ For more Information, you can head to Uticare’s Facebook Page or Website

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend ahead! 🙂

* Disclaimer: Products Descriptions, Printscreens and information are extracted from Uticare’s Website.

Love Your Lubricant!  Smile Makers launches a new premium line of personal lubricants!

Hello my readers, not sure if you have read the Smile Makers post that i have blogged a few months back but let me refresh your memory as i have new products from Smile Makers to share!  Smile Makers produce the friendliest collection of personal massagers that i’ve ever come across (i’m sure many of you will feel this way too). Don’t you think that personal massagers available in the market are usually so boring and unappealing? Not anymore! Smile Makers range of personal massagers has ‘character’ and its sleek designs are inspired by four fun personalities – The Fireman, The Frenchman, The Tennis Coach and The Millionaire. Each product is completely phthalate-free, made with super-smooth, 100% body-safe, FDA-approved silicone. Smile Makers is inspired by the belief that beauty starts with a smile.  When you are smiling on the inside, you smile on the outside. And nothing is more gorgeous than that. Smile Makers’ mission is to make great products that promote healthy sex as a natural part of beauty care – helping women feel confident, sexy and happy, with or without a partner.

Beauty starts with a smile!

Smile Makers is rapidly democratizing the world of sexual well-being, selling  in over 3,000 health & beauty retailers in 10 European and Asian markets. It is the only sexual well-being brand that only sells in mainstream stores. Smile Makers Personal Massagers have been awarded with some of the creative world’s most prestigious prizes, including Cannes Lions (France), D&AD (UK), One Show (US), and AWARD (Australia).

The global market for lubricants is estimated at USD 1 billion. While some lubricants use is to playfully spice things up for couples in the bedroom, most is connected with dryness-related issues. Studies show that the use of lubricants for women is significantly higher at 25-45 than at younger ages. Yet, the top-brands in the market are not designed for women of this age group. This fact triggers off the founders of Smile Makers to launch yet another revolutionary skincare product for the most intimate and sensitive part of our bodies – A new line of premium personal lubricants. The ambition with Smile Makers personal lubricants is  very simple  – to give women a product that they will really love, The brand wants women to see this category as a part of beauty care, and want lubricant use to be as much a positive and pampering experience as using their favorite face crème.”

Qualitative research into lubricants users showed that women were generally dissatisfied with products on the market. Stickiness, lack of long-lasting lubrication, and unpleasant scents were commonly mentioned as causes of dissatisfaction. I have to agree on this as lubrication that i saw in stores are unappealing! 

Further, women commonly expressed concerns regarding the ingredients used in lubricants, prompting the brand to encourage consumers to educate themselves about what lubricants should and should not contain. “Women are mindful about what products they put on their face, and should be just as mindful about what  they put on the most intimate and sensitive part of their body,” says Mattias Hulting, the company’s Co-Founder.

Dr. James Lee said that a good lubricant must be water-­based, paraben-­free, and fragrance-free (To prevent irritation and itchiness).. “I recommend using water­‐based lubricants as they are not retained in your body and easier to wash off. They are also safe to use with latex contraceptives and can be used with silicone vibrators”,  says Dr. James Lee, Gynaecologist at  Astra Women Specialists, and the member of the International Urogynecology  Association, the International Continence Society, and the  International Society of Sexual Medicine.

Hence, the formulation of Smile Makers personal lubricants takes its cues from the world of luxury skin care. This includes a natural plant extract, which acts as a natural anti-irritant and regenerates the skin, and a new ingredient imported from France which helps create smooth slipperiness and a silky feeling after use. Smile Makers personal lubricants are water-based, pH-optimal, and use strictly the highest purity of ingredients available. The full range is completely paraben-free and fragrance-free, and also compatible with condoms and any silicone massagers.

Sophisticated, feminine, luxurious and pampering Lubricants!

For the first time ever, Smile Makers is introducing ingredients from luxury skincare into lubricants.  There are two ingredients that really make Smile Makers lubricants different. They are the Dipotassium  Glycyrrhizate (DPG) from Japan and Methylpropanediol from France.

Dr.Komathy Rajaratnam explains the ingredients, “DPG is  the soothing skin condition agent used by luxur  skin care brands such as Kosé, Kanebo, and Shiseido while Methylpropanediol provides a silky and moisturising feeling during and after use.

Detailed Ingredients List 

Water – The base of the lubricants is pure de-ionized water. Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate (DPG)
DPG is a natural extract from the licorice root. It regenerates the skin and is especially good for people with sensitive skin. It has an anti-stinging property to relieve itchiness or pain. Some super-premium face crèmes use DPG, but no other lubricant brand uses DPG.

Sodium Benzoate – It’s a pharma-grade salt that works as a broad-spectrum preservative.
Other lubricant brands often use parabens, which US FDA now deem as potentially dangerous(carcinogenic), or phenoxyethanol, which both the US FDA and Environmental Protection Agency have expressed concerns about.

Refined Glycerin – Purified using an ion-exchanger to meet the purity specifications by the European Pharmacopoeia (EP). A water-soluble synthetic used to make the lubricant slippery. Most brands use cosmetics grade glycerin, which gives the product a bitter taste. This is why the lubricant contains pharma-grade glycerin instead.

Methyl Propanediol – A water solubilizer added to give velvety silky feel during and after use. It mimics the slipperiness of silicone-based lubricants but feels more natural and is
compatible with massagers. Ever wonder why other lubricants are sticky? It’s because they use too much glycerin. Smile Maker use a mix of pharma-grade glycerin and methylpropanediol. This makes the lubricants long-lasting without becoming sticky, leaving users with a nice skin care- like feel after use.

Carbomer – Meets the purity specifications set by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP). To get the right thickness of a lubricant, most brands use cellulose, which does not provide the highest purity of the final product. The brand has chosen to use pharma-grade carbomer instead.That is why Smile Makers lubricants are crystal clear, completely odour-less, and wonderfully pure.

To match the formulation in quality, the lubricant is housed in a luxurious packaging designed by Smile Makers award-­winning  designer,  the creative mind behind SK-­II, Gucci and D&G’s elegant fragrance bottles. Gone are the days whereby you will want to hide lubricants in your cupboard because it is so unpleasant looking (Moreover, the whole thing screams LUBRICANT) ! Smile Makers’ lubricants are so elegant and classy looking (They really look like skincare products, so discreet!) so you can placed it on your vanity table witho worries!

Smile Makers personal lubricants are available in three different versions, so that everyone can find their personal favorite.

GENEROUS GEL (aka Rich Personal Lubricant)

Rich and luxuriously textured, this ultra-sensorial lubricant provides the right amount of cushioning.

STAY SILKY SERUM (aka Medium Personal Lubricant)

Silky and soft, this soothing lubricant instantly nourishes for a smoother, velvety feel.

LITTLE LIGHT LIQUID (aka Light Personal Lubricant)

As light as a feather, this lubricant is formulated for a natural sensation.

Have tested all the 3 lubricants on my hands and my personal pick is the Stay Silky Serum as the texture is just right (not too thick and not too flowy) and it leaves skin feeling silky + smooth! Little Light Liquid is a little too light in texture and i will prefer something with more cushioning. The Stay Serum has the right consistency that i prefer + it will leave skin feeling velvety smooth. Generous Gel will work well for people who needs better cushioning due to its thicker texture (If not, it will work best with your toys! :P)  In the past, i don’t have to use lubricant but the things changed (TMI so i won’t go into details! haha) after pregnancy so the use of lubricants will improve the situation (You don’t have to suffer in silence you know~). The packaging and the ingredients made it not to intimidating for me to use it. Even my husband said that it just looks like a normal skincare product. hehe!! Most important point about this lubricant is that it is ‘sperm-friendly’ as i’m TTC-ing for #2. haha~ Another important point is that all 3 types of lubricant can be washed off easily with water so it will not leave any residue. I also love the packaging – Discreet, Sophisticated-looking, Travel-friendly (30ml) and mess free pump bottle!

Following the successful launch of Smile Makers in a number of markets including France, Belgium, United Kingdom, and Taiwan, Smile Makers personal lubricants are now available in selected Watsons stores and retail at $29.95.

Before i go, i have 6 bottles of Lubricant to give away! Just be the first 6 to email me (Don’t be shy!) at jermaineee@hotmail.sg and a bottle of Smile Makers Lubricant will be given to you at random. Note: Due to my tight schedule, i am not able to meet up to pass it to you so you have to pay for $1 postage and i will mail it to you. Giveaway is only opened to readers residing in Singapore.

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from Smile Makers’ Presskit.