Summer Essential- AFC Collagen White Beauty!

Hello my readers, gonna squeeze in a blog post before i go on a two weeks hiatus from my blog! Will be heading to Korea and Taiwan for a short break. Decided to tag along with my Husband for his work trip to Korea and thank God for my last min leave approval. hahaha! I will be posting updates on Instagram and do let me know if there’s any ‘must visit’ place or restaurant in Seoul as it is my first time there (I don’t have time to do research since it is a last min decision).

Few weeks ago, AFC has sent me one of their latest product for review and who will say no to premium supplements for health, beauty and wellness? The beauty supplement that i will review in this post is the AFC Collagen White Beauty, which contains AFC Japan’s latest innovation in collagen technology.

Founded in 1969, AFC Japan is a leading brand in anti-aging science and nutritional research. Backed by a team of reputable and dedicated scientists and research personnel, together with the unwavering dedication towards product efficacy, quality and safety, AFC has innovated many products that are category leaders and are well trusted by millions of customers in Japan and worldwide.

AFC is exclusively managed and distributed by Lifestream Group Pte Ltd, Singapore. Founded in 2003, Lifestream Group brings together the best products for good health, beauty and wellness. Today, Lifestream Group is proud to house two great brands: Lifestream and AFC.

Boost skin perfection with AFC Japan’s new collagen formula

Unveil beautiful skin effortlessly with AFC Japan’s latest innovation in collagen technology, the MCP-EX Marine Collagen Peptides. Upping the ante on AFC Japan’s award-winning Collagen Beauty, the new formulation produced through a specialised hydrolysis process is scientifically proven to be 1.5 times more effective than regular collagen. Made from marine fish sources with 60 times smaller peptides than regular collagen for easy absorption, the proprietary Japanese formula effectively reduces the natural loss of collagen by delivering intense hydration where the skin needs most. It also boosts cell regeneration to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and open pores.

AFC Collagen White Beauty with MCP-EX Marine Collagen Peptides~

This key ingredient is now available in two new products – AFC Collagen White Beauty and AFC Collagen Beauty MCP-EX.  In Singapore’s fast paced and stressful society, it will never be too early to care for your physical well-being. Stress, insufficient rest and unhealthy diet will lead to early signs of detriment. Without you realising, the skin gradually begins to lose its elasticity and later, sag with the appearance of fine lines. Hence with the new launch, you can take charge (With just 3-6 pill daily) to restore youthful & healthy skin radiance while combating the first signs of ageing as soon as they surface.

Collagen Beauty MCP-EX is a premium collagen supplement with triple revitalising action to rejuvenate your skin from inside out for a new level of hydration, firmness and radiance. Specially formulated with superior nutrients that possess restorative properties, it contains proprietary MCP-EX Marine Collagen Peptides from Japan; and is enriched with Shark Cartilage Extract and Vitamin C*.

Shark Cartilage extract is a powerful natural moisturiser that hydrates and promotes skin elasticity, providing elastin and collagen to further regenerate skin for a firm and healthy appearance.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that is vital for skin radiance and clarity. It protects the skin from damage caused by free radicals and UV rays. It also promotes effective collagen absorption and synthesis

MCP-EX Marine Collagen Peptides is a 60X smaller premium fish collagen that is odourless and free from animal diseases. It is extracted through a specialised hydrolysis process are clinically proven to be 1.5X more absorbable than regular collagen. This ingredient will help body to replenish & stimulates production of collagen which refines wrinkles, fine lines and open pores.

Collagen Beauty MCP-EX. Collagen Beauty MCP-EX is best recommended as an overall skin vitality booster, addressing dehydration and improving the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and enlarged pores. It also evens out skin tone and clarity, promotes skin suppleness and radiance.


Picture from Lifestream’s website

Living in the tropics, the climate will tends to be hot with the sun showing no mercy! Hence, Protection against harsh UV rays is a major concern for most people. UV exposure will also accelerate photoageing & affect complexion (dark spots!)  and sometimes relying on only sunscreen won’t be enough (As we are not using sunscreen the correct way!). Apart from stress, environmental toxins and UV rays, an insufficient supply of collagen in the skin can also cause it to lose its radiance and succumb to dark spots and pigmentation.

Sun damage is a leading cause of dark spots. When our skin suffers UV damage, it produces melanin, which moves upwards to the skin surface and causes the skin to darken. Normally the darkening disappears once regular skin turnover occurs. However, if the damage is severe, skin turnover becomes irregular and causes the dark pigment to remain. These are what we called dark spots.

For a better protection and to fight against free radicals and the effects of stress, environmental toxins and UV rays, the AFC Collagen White Beauty will help to combat the first signs of ageing for skin to reveal a fair beautiful glow from within. The unique formula is fortified with three key potent skin whitening ingredients to fight against free radicals and the effects of stress, environmental toxins and UV rays. It inhibits the formation of melanin and diminishes the appearance of pigmentation and stubborn dark spots, to achieve clearer, brighter skin.

AFC Collagen White Beauty helps you fight the first signs of ageing to achieve fair, beautiful complexion

Collagen White Beauty is the latest addition to AFC’s award-winning Collagen series. A unique formula powered with three potent skin whitening ingredients, it is your ammunition against free radicals and the effects of stress and toxins. Most importantly, it replenish your skin’s collagen reserves to restore glow and radiance. Collagen White Beauty is best recommended to reduce the appearance of scars and dark spots, brighten a dull, uneven or sallow appearance and revitalise dehydrated skin. The formula is especially helpful for those who are frequently outdoors and exposed to UV rays.

Collagen White Beauty diminishes skin imperfections to help you regain fair, luminous skin. Formulated with proprietary MCP-EX Marine Collagen Peptides from Japan for 1.5 times better absorption than regular collagen, and fortified with powerful skin whitening ingredients,  Glutathione Yeast Extract, L-Cystine and Vitamin C; they work synergistically to repair damaged cells, repel free radicals and promote healthy cell turnover. With new melanin formation inhibited and stubborn spots eliminated, the result is clearer, evenly toned skin.

MCP-EX Marine Collagen Peptides

• Proprietary collagen peptides produced through a specialised hydrolysis process for 1.5X better absorption
• Intensely hydrates skin
• Firms skin, lightens fine lines and wrinkles
• Tightens pores and smoothes skin

Glutathione Yeast Extract

• A potent antioxidant and natural detoxifier
• Promotes skin renewal and repair
• Reduces pigmentation and dark spots by inhibiting melanin production
• Evens out skin tone for fairer, clearer complexion

, L-Cystine and Vitamin C

• Helps to brighten complexion
• Lightens existing skin pigmentation and dark spots. It also reduces dark acne scars


If you are wondering what’s the hype with Collagen, let me tell you! Collagen is essential for the maintenance of healthy skin, bones, joint and blood vessel. It provides natural structural support to maintain healthy-looking skin. It is the building block of cartilage that supports joint flexibility and cushioning. It supports bone density and stimulates bone formation. It promotes beautiful hair and strong healthy nails. It provides permeability and elasticity to the wall of blood vessels for healthy blood flow in the body.

Who is Collagen White Beauty suitable for?

Collagen White Beauty is recommended for adults of any age, gender and skin types, especially those who desire to have fair and even complexion. For best results, consume 3 to 6 caplets daily before bedtime.

Active Ingredient per 6 caplets (Contents: 250mg X 270 caplets)

MCP-EX Marine (Fish) Collagen Peptide, 780mg
Glutathione Yeast Extract, 201mg
L-Cystine and Vitamin C, 60mg

I was complaining to Dr Lim about my problematic skin (Worsen by the use of a wrong product) and he told me to use as little products as possible on my skin so that it won’t clog easily. This includes ditching my sunblock for the time being. He said that skin pigmentation problem is so much easier to treat as compared to acne (Which is kind of true)! Decided to give it a try these 2 weeks and not use sunblock to see if it makes a difference.

With the Collagen White Beauty, i felt more secured as it contains collagen to help my skin stay smooth & supple skin. Most important, it also inhibited new melanin formation, repair damaged cells, repel free radicals and promote healthy cell turnover.  Have not been using sunscreen and consuming the Collagen White Beauty for about 10 days. I observed that my skin is less clogged, more radiant and plump-up. There’s no much visible difference on whitening (As in overall skintone) but i felt that my post acne marks aren’t as brown as before. Not quite sure if it is due to the pills or my Carbon Laser Peel! However, i’m sure both work hand in hand to fade my acne marks! Definitely delighted that my clogged skin issue & post acne pigmentation is getting better! 🙂


My Daily Dose of Beauty and Well-being!

Before i go, here’s one piece of good news for everyone! In conjunction with the launch, AFC Japan has lined up a Lucky Draw contest:

From 1 April to 31 May 2015, consumers who purchase any AFC Collagen products can stand to win PANDORA Vouchers worth $1500 and $500 respectively, and 10 other attractive AFC prizes. To join the contest, simply email purchase receipt, name and IC number to or log on to for more details.

Participating AFC Collagen products include: Tsubaki Ageless, Collagen Beauty, Collagen Beauty MCP-EX and Collagen White Beauty.


Both Collagen White Beauty & Collagen Beauty MCP-EX  are sufficient for up to 90 days’ supply and will be available exclusively at Watsons in early April 2015. Collagen White Beauty retails at $48.90 (250mg x 270 caplets) and Collagen Beauty MCP-EX retails at $43.30 (300mg x 270 caplets). For more information, you can visit Lifestream’s website

* Disclaimer: Products Descriptions and information are extracted from Lifestream’s Press Release & Website.

Sip and Eat Your Way to Radiance & Better Well-Being with Koplina

Hello my readers, hope you are enjoying your long weekend! I’m certainly enjoying myself and love waking up late! Now it is time for me to start clearing my backlogs! 2 weeks ago, Koplina has invite me for a tasting session over a lunch to elaborate on their exclusive ‘bite-sized’ skin/body loving range. In the nutshell, Koplina offers Japanese health and beauty supplements. Manufactured in Japan by Magnas Corporation (‘Magnas’), Koplina’s uniquely-formulated products are designed to suit the modern lifestyles of the busy individual –presenting a delicious and convenient solution to healthy living and beauty from within. Magnas is founded in 1983 and they have been in the dietary supplement business for over 30 years, and now has over 50 health and beauty supplement products retailing throughout Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.


Koplina’s star products in Singapore include Collagen Jellies and Aojiru to address different skin / health concerns.  This dynamic duo of both edible jellies and beverages offer the best of both worlds to the health and beauty conscious. Jump-start the body’s natural detoxification process each morning with the Koplina Green Aojiru Matcha. Aojiru roughly translates to ‘green drink/juice’ in English, and has been a popular health supplement in Japan for over the last 75 years or so – often being touted as a Japanese secret to longevity.

For flawless looking skin, a range of Koplina Jellies cater to three different skincare needs will be the best midday snack: Collagen Jelly with Hyaluronic Acid (peach flavored) improve the texture and moisture levels of your skin; Collagen Jelly with Coenzyme Q10 (melon flavored) aids in defying the effects of aging by boosting skin rejuvenation, elasticity and firmness on a cellular level; and Placenta Jelly + Royal Jelly (rose flavored) aids in enhancing skin elasticity while promoting a fairer complexion.

Koplina Jellies have enjoyed immense success ever since their debut into the Japanese market in 2010, and have since expanded to markets in Southeast Asia. This product also comes highly recommended by regional print, television and online media over the last few years, with many noting how tasty it is without being overly sweet.

The dynamic duo of both edible jellies and beverages ~

Low in calories and small in size (each strip only contains 8-14 kcal and weight of 10 grams), this portable delicious sugar- and fat-free snack beauty treat is a delightful way to nourish skin and build new collagen fibers from within. My personal favorite would be the Koplina CoQ10 Jelly which contains real Hokkaido melon juice (no artificial flavoring) to help with skin rejuvenation and Anti-aging.

Rich in collagen, CoQ10 and Vitamin C, Koplina CoQ10 Jelly effectively combats the effects of ageing by regaining and retaining your skin’s elasticity and firmness. Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is vital in the production of energy needed for cells to grow and stay healthy, and is a natural substance that declines with age. It comes with a slew of health benefits that include: promoting skin repair and regeneration; stimulating collagen production; and acting against damage caused by free radicals. Vitamin C serves as a potent antioxidant and enhances collagen production, while collagen is also present. Collagen is a complex structural protein that is important for keeping skin smooth and supple.


The Koplina CoQ10 Jelly has a soft and bouncy soft consistency so it is easy to consume it down. Within each stripes, i can even see melon juice (Yummy!) and first bite tasted sour but it will be balanced out by the sweetness of the melon juice. The sweetness is moderate and not like those collagen drink which can be really sickening sweet. There’s also no fish/funny/weird aftertaste and it is so convenient to consume (as compared to taking collagen powder which i took in the past)! I don’t have to prepare a drink and then pour in collagen powder then get it to dissolve properly. Yay to Fuss-free consumption!

If your skin is feeling very dehydrated, the Koplina Collagen Jelly will be able to give you youthful & supple Skin from withinContaining real peach juice, the Koplina Collagen Jelly is packed with collagen, a complex structural protein to keep the skin smooth and supple; hyaluronic acid to retain and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (just 1g of hyaluronic acid as retain as much as 6000ml of water); as well as with six types of vitamins (C, B1, B2, Niacin, B12, folic acid) to support radiant skin, healthy hair and strong nails.

The Koplina Collagen Jelly has the same soft and bouncy soft consistency like the Koplina CoQ10 Jelly. However, this peach collagen jelly isn’t as ‘juicy’ as compared to the Koplina CoQ10 Jelly but it is less sweet. The jelly tasted like real peaches and i don’t have to chill it as it is really yummy on its own. Like all beauty & health supplements, it will take about 4-6 weeks to see & feel the difference so i cannot tell you how the Koplina CoQ10 Jelly has helped my skin. What i observed about taking collagen on a regular basis (which is quite costly to do so) is that my skin will feel more radiant and plump-up. If you have an important event (like wedding) coming up, i will recommend that you do so. 🙂


Was also given 2 stripes of the Rose flavored Koplina Placenta Jelly to try. It contains real peach juice & royal jelly to promote a brighter, smoother complexion. Pig placenta extract is a key ingredient in this yummy supplement, which helps to lighten freckles, pigmentation and dark spots, while also adding to skin elasticity and diminishing the appearance of scars, fine lines and wrinkles. Royal jelly helps to fight the effects the effects of aging, while collagen is present to keep the skin smooth and supple. Personally, i felt that this Collagen Jelly is the least sweet among all but it still tasted very yummy (with no fishy taste).

The three different types of Koplina Jellies are retailing for $28 (10 strips, 10g each) and you can take 1-2 stripes daily for beautiful skin~ Do take note that our body only needs 5000 mg of collagen daily so any amount in excess would likely not to be utilized by the body


If you ask me what is one food that i cannot live without, it has to be Vegetables as i will feel very uneasy if i do not take sufficient green~ I don’t know about you but it is quite difficult to consume sufficient vegetables if you dine outside (unless you take salad / Yong Tau Foo every meal!). Hence to ensure that i have enough essential vitamins and minerals, fiber, and other substances that are important for good health, supplements are just as important in my life!

Koplina has a star product that promotes ‘drinking Clean and Green’. If you suffer from irregular eating habits and constipation, dine out on a regular basis, or indulge in oily foods and meat often, Koplina Green Aojiru Matcha will ease these dietary-related problems within 4 – 6 weeks.

Aojiru has long been touted as a Japanese secret to good health and longevity, ever since its development in 1943 – a popular Japanese vegetable drink which translates directly to ‘green juice’. The unique, all-natural formula of Koplina Green Aojiru Matcha is targeted to boost intestinal health and metabolism; lower blood sugar; and provide essential fibres that are often missing from a modern diet, especially for those who do not regularly consume vegetables. Furthermore, its detoxifying effects are known to bring out a clearer, more radiant complexion as your body functions at its best.

High in dietary fibre, iron, folic acid and Vitamin A, the detoxifying drink contains the following ingredients:

Kyoto Uji Matcha – The finest green tea grown in the Uji region of Kyoto, Japan. It is rich in anti-oxidants, Vitamin C and chlorophyll.

Young barley grass – Contains a wide range of vitamins, minerals and proteins that are essential for a healthy diet, in addition to chlorophyll, anti-oxidants and detoxifying compounds. Young barley grass has the most balanced nutrient profile of all green plants, and is also known to reduce cholesterol levels, strengthen the immune system, and maintain healthy skin and bone metabolism.

Mulberry leaves – Traditionally used to treat inflammation caused by chronic diseases, mulberry leaves are rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants and have proven to alleviate and common disorders such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Lactobacillus – A beneficial type of bacteria to boost the immune system and enhance overall digestive health.


I’m sure you have heard of this phrase – You are what you eat! 

Often, our skin will suffer as a result of poor diet (too much fried food and irregular meals etc) and bad lifestyle habits (like late nights, insufficient sleep, not exercising and smoking etc).. As a results, your skin decides to go on strike and obvious tell-signs like blemishes, dull, aging, rough and sallow complexions starts to surface.

Poor diet and bad lifestyle habits not only affects the skin, it affects the inner state of your body.. In the long run, toxins are accumulated in our body and our body will have to fight really hard to maintain a healthy state. So how to treat your body and skin better? Beside leading a healthy lifestyle and having a balance diet, you can also choose to get rid of your daily toxins for a better well-being… Jump-start the body’s natural detoxification process each morning with the Koplina Green Aojiru to restore glow and radiance to your skin and revitalizes the body. Koplina Green Aojiru Matcha is most effective when consumed in the mornings on an empty stomach, while your body is already in natural detox mode and its absorption rate is at its optimum. Each 2.5g sachet of this versatile, pleasant-tasting drink can be mixed with 80ml of cold or lukewarm water, milk, yoghurt or any other beverage.

Not sure what’s wrong but my digestive system is a little haywire these days! Besides taking the jelly collagen, i’m taking the Koplina Green Aojiru once daily to promote detoxification and bring nourishment to my body & skin. Love mixing it in my fruit juices and i love how dissoluble it is! Previously i have tried another brand of green juice but the powder is not as fine so i will have to stir to dissolve it well. The Matcha taste of the Koplina Green Aojiru is distinctive and refreshing (but not sweet) and it tasted really good with fruit juice!

Koplina Green Aojiru with passion fruit packet drink~

After taking the Koplina Green Aojiru for a week, one obvious difference is that i’m doing my ‘big business’ on a daily basis so yay to no constipation.. As for my breakouts, it is still pretty much the same but i realized that it heals faster. Since my breakouts are hormonal, there’s nothing much i can do so i’m contented if healing takes place much faster~

Koplina Green Aojiru with apple, carrot & orange fruit juice

Koplina Green Aojiru Matcha is retailing for $69 (30 sachets) / $36 (15 sachets) and i would recommend it if you are looking for something to promote body’s natural detoxification process (without any side effects like diarrhea) with added nutrients and Vitamin~ If you are looking for something to help lower blood sugar and improves metabolism, this will be the right product for you as well!

Koplina Green Aojiru with beetroot cold pressed juice~

Koplina Green Aojiru Matcha and Koplina Jellies are retailing in Singapore at all SK-II Boutique Spa by Senze Salus, Pink Parlour, Nishino Pharmacy and John Little outlets as well as Viland (Far East Plaza) and Robinsons (Raffles City Shopping Centre).  It is also available online at

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from Koplina’s presskit

Watsons First-Ever Girls Day Out | Watsons eStore~

Two weeks ago, i’ve attended Watsons First-Ever Girls Day Out at Serangoon Nex. Was excited & happy to see some of my blogger friends after so long! The Watsons Girls Day Out is the summer’s biggest beauty extravaganza and it consists of 7 fun-filled days of pampering with the latest health and beauty introductions! Bringing forth the latest health and beauty brands from around the world, with some exclusive only to Watsons; one can expect a range of cosmetics, hair, skincare, inner beauty supplements, health, as well as a few surprise brands to pamper oneself from head to toe. Watsons is Singapore’s leading beauty and health retailer with more than 100 stores located islandwide and now they are extending their reach online! At the event, Watsons is proud to announce the official unveiling of its Watsons eStore, the brand’s online portal designed to complete a shopper’s 360 shopping experience.

Because there were many booths, we were all separated into different groups so that we have time to cover all! I have to say that we tried our best but we were unable to complete the tour as there were many things to try out! Haha~ P/S: This will be a really longgg post with many images and i will try to share as much as possible!

Will start the ball rolling with the latest Skincare Brands & Products that Watsons has in store for us:


Pure Beauty believes that beautiful skin can be derived from the benefits of natural, active ingredients. Using breakthrough technologies and innovative research, Pure Beauty combines extractions of key ingredients that result in a unique blend rich in antioxidants that helps to limit free radical damage and slow down the ageing process of the skin. At the Watsons Girls Day Out, we were introduced to their latest anti-ageing range- Pure Beauty Youth Restore Lift & Nourish Range.

Specially formulated with a combination of powerful antioxidant ingredients, Pure Beauty Youth Restore Lift & Nourish Range provides a luxurious range of skincare products that reduces wrinkles by 37% in four week*. The range utilizes a Multi-Functional Anti-Ageing System that uses Liftonin™, a proven active ingredient complex that can lift and firm skin, as well as Red Ginseng Peptide and vitamin-rich Noni Fruit extract to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Other nourishing ingredients include Sea Grapes extract, Blue Lotus extract and Bulgarian Rose Water, which work together to nourish and hydrate skin and restore radiance.

There’s four products in the Pure Beauty Youth Restore Lift & Nourish Range and they are the Firming Essence (Highly concentrated with active ingredients to reduce appearance of wrinkles and fine lines whiling firming skin), Firming Eye Cream (Highly concentrated eye cream with active ingredients to lift eye areas, define eye contours, reduces dark circles and puffiness around eyes),  Moisture Day Cream SPF20 (Provides complete protection against UVA/UVB, free radicals and dust damage while lifting, firming & moisturizes skin) and Repair Night Cream (Highly concentrated with active ingredients to reduce fine lines and improve dull complexion while you sleep)

Pure Beauty Youth Restore Lift & Nourish Range

Was given the Pure Beauty Repair Night Cream in my goodie bag and i love the Ginseng scent! Tried the repair night cream at the event itself and i was told that it will provide intense hydration, improve dullness and reduces fine line while you sleep. Texture wise, it is rather rich and creamy but it gets absorbed fast into the skin. P/S: You can get this item on the Watsons online store as there’s a 25% discount 🙂


Divinia is an expert of young skin and aims to deliver products of the best quality at affordable prices. Specially formulated for the female Asian skin, divinia has the best formula and provides a complete skincare range for females from 15-35 years old.

At the event, we were introduced to the Triple Hydration Range, which aims to provide maximum hydration in three different tiers (Restore, Repair & Lock) with the five different products:

Triple Hydration Essence
• Triple Hydration to keep skin’s hydration balance for 24 hours
• Fragrance / alcohol free
• Price: $17.90, 30m

Triple Hydration 5 in 1 Repairing Cream
• Softens outermost layer of skin to moisturize deeply
• Velvety soft gel-cream texture that is light on skin
• Price: $21.90, 80ml

Triple Hydration Sleeping Mask
• Higher concentration of ingredients to keep your skin hydrated all night long
• Fragrance / alcohol free
• Price: $21.90, 80g

Triple Hydration Cream Gel
• Triple Hydration Action – Boost, Repair, Lock
• Formulated with Avena Strigosa Seed Extract
• Price: $19.90, 50g

I don’t know why but i cannot find the any Divina products in my Goodie bag so i am unable to give it a try. 😦


With over 100 years of innovative medical skin science research, Eucerin guarantees reliable and highly effective product innovations on highest dermatological standards. There are over 650 international scientists deployed to Eucerin’s product development and innovation. Such dedication and commitment to tenacious research allow Eucerin to constantly introduce the latest, quality and effective dermatological skincare products for the benefit of consumers.

Eucerin introduces the latest non-invasive and painless way to firm skin and restore lost volume with the Eucerin Volume-Filler range. The clinically tested Eucerin Volume-Filler range has been designed to target specific layers of the skin where a loss of volume occurs. The Eucerin Volume-Filler goes deep into the skin to increase adipocytes and stimulate the skin’s collagen network to combat volume lost with three powerful ingredients – Magnolol, Oligo Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid. The Eucerin Volume-Filler range consists of a day cream ($75, 50ml), eye cream ($69, 15ml) and night cream ($75, 50ml).

Have passed the Eucerin Volumising Day Cream (For Dry Skin) to my colleague with dry Skin as it is not suitable for me. This day cream is formulated with Magnolol, Oligo Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid* to target the combined causes of a loss of volume. These three active ingredients will target specific layers of the skin and treat skin with loss of volume, definition or is sagging. It also contains SPF 15 with a UVA filter system to protect against photo-induced ageing.

*Combined, naturally-derived Magnolol increases the size and number of volume-boosting cells, whileOligo Peptides improve collagen renewal.Hyaluronic acid also improves moisture-retention levels for a plumped skin surface and reduced wrinkles.

My colleague has tried it out and she told me that she find the texture of the day cream to be thick and a little on the heavy side. However, it does not leave her dry skin oily but instead her skin felt very moisturized, plump and smooth after use. As it contains SPF 15, she can skip the use of her sunblock which is really convenient when she’s rushing for time in the morning.

Eucerin Volumising Day Cream (For Dry Skin)

Bio-Essence (NEW PRODUCTS)

Bio-essence has always been at the forefront of innovation in developing effective new products that serves consumers’ needs of achieving and maintaining gorgeous, healthy skin. Its latest range, the Bio-essence 24K Bio-Gold series has enjoyed tremendous success and popularity with its eye, neck and facial care products. This range has been expanded to include the enticing 24K Bio-Gold Water and 24K Bio-Gold Platinum Dual Cream. In addition to being a powerful anti-oxidant, gold can also strengthen skin and enhance the skin’s natural ability to renew itself, therefore improving skin elasticity. With multifold benefits of real 24K gold on the skin, the new additions to Bio-essence 24K Bio-Gold series are suitable for sophisticated women with pre-ageing concerns who are looking for lasting youthfulness and radiance.

24K Bio-Gold Water – Uniquely consists of 24K Bio-Gold and herbal extracts, stimulating skin renewal and helps repair, refine and mattify skin. Refines and tightens pores for finer, smoother skin

24K Bio-Gold Platinum Dual Cream – Comprises of Bio-Platinum Day and Night cream, providing 2x anti-oxidant power. Effectively stimulates formulation of collagen for skin’s elasticity and firmness to ensure youthful skin

Was given the 24K Bio-Gold Skin Radiance Cleanser in my goodie bag and this cleanser is uniquely rich in 24K Bio-Gold, Bio Mineral Amino Acid and herbal extracts which cleanses and revitalizes skin. Rich in anti-oxidant, this cleanser also helps skin fight against free radicals. The cleansing foam comes with shimmery gold flakes and it is really ‘luxuriously pretty’! As ‘rich’ (Pun intended) as it sounds, the cleanser will work into a rich creamy foam and it cleanses well without leaving behind a tight sensation after use.  There’s fragrance but it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. Will highly recommend this effective yet affordable cleanser!



Using Exclusive Skin Life Science™ with the unique Vichy Thermal Spa Water from the Auvergne region, Vichy breaks the standards to bring your skin to its best whatever your age and life conditions. With over 80 years of research, all formulas are developed to boost the natural dynamics of the skin optimal efficacy and are safe for all skin types, even sensitive skin. Before the event, i was thrilled to know that Vichy has introduced the Vichy Ideal White Range as my skin loves Vichy Products~ Till date, i’m happy with the different Vichy products i have tried all these years.

In the new era of whitening, Asian women now wants more than just the eradication and prevention of dark spots. Their vision of the ideal fair skin has three dimensions – Ideal Flawlessness, a spotless white without imperfections and yellow undertones, Ideal Translucency, a baby-softness arising from a perfectly hydrated skin and delicately smooth texture and Ideal Radiance, a rosy glow emanating from deep within.

Ideal White’s new Metabolic Whitening complex enhances the skin’s whitening balance and boosts skin’s metabolism for spotless, healthy glowing skin. The group of active ingredients functions in harmony with the three stages of melanin’s natural life cycle while targeting the other influencers of pigmentation disorders. The Ideal White range consists of a Deep Cleansing Foam ($39, 100ml), Cosmetic Water ($39, 200ml), Essence ($85, 30ml), Gel Cream ($59, 50ml), Emulsion ($59, 50ml), Eye Illuminating Concentrate ($65, 15ml), Spot Intervention ($69, 15ml), oil-free Daily UItra-Block in SPF 40 and SPF 50 ($49, 30ml each).

In the month of March, Vichy is giving out Limited Edition Swarovski’s element bracelet upon $100 purchase of Vichy Ideal White range to celebrate Women’s Day. Will not be trying the Ideal White Emulsion for now as i’m in the midst of reviewing some brightening products (which i will be talking about it soon!)


Hada Labo (Relaunched Product)

With the philosophy of ‘Perfect X Simple’, Hada Labo uses only the purest ingredients of the highest concentration that are clinically proven with high efficacy. Manufactured under strict pharmaceutical standards, there are no unnecessary additives or ingredients in the brand’s products that burden the skin.

During the event, we were told that Hada Labo has relaunched its signature Hada Labo Lotion that brings to the skin a new hydration high. Featuring an advanced new generation of four interlocked Hyaluronic Acids, the lotion is designed to unlock the secret to ocean-deep hydration for the skin. Improving on the typical Hyaluronic Acid, each new generation Hyaluronic Acid plays a crucial role in ensuring that skin’s hydration level stays in a continuous, super-charged mode by locking, replenishing and storing moisture into the deep layers of the skin. I have reviewed this lotion previously and if you wish to see how it fares, just search for it~ 🙂

Hada Labo Lotion retails at $22.90

L’Oreal Paris (NEW PRODUCT)

As the top beauty brand sold in retail outlets, L’Oreal Paris makes the most innovative products accessible to all. With 50 products sold every second worldwide, L’Oreal Paris offers from products of all types, from the excellence of its Research Laboratories. L’Oreal Paris has just recently launched a new product known as the Revitalift Magic Blur Instant Smoother Anti-Aging Moisturizer which acts like a ‘camera filter’. After use, this moisturizer will instantly blurs the look of pores, lines and imperfections. It is formulated with the OPTI-BLUR TECHNOLOGY which smoothes the skin’s surface with light-diffusing agents that immediately minimize pores, reduce lines and imperfections. If you use it on a regular basis (product is enriched with Pro-Retinol A), skin feels firmer and lines are reduced for a younger looking skin in just 4 weeks.

The other day i was testing this moisturizer before using my CC cream as i was attracted to it ‘blurring effect’. As you know, CC cream has no coverage and i need some help to minimize pores and imperfections without having to use foundation (Just wish to let my skin breath as i had some jawline breakouts recently).. The Revitalift Magic Blur moisturizer has a non-greasy mousse-cream texture (although quite thick IMO) and it gets absorbed easily without any heavy after feel. Instantly, my skin feels and looks smoother & fresh. The instant results were lovely but I can’t comment much on the anti-ageing aspect. 


Revitalift Magic Blur Instant Smoother Anti-Aging Moisturizer, retails at $41.90 (50ml)

Himalaya Wellness (NEW PRODUCTS)

Founded in 1930, Himalaya Wellness is a recognized global pioneer and leader in the use of modern science in the development of herbal products. They have a range of ‘head to heel’ herbal wellness and personal care products. Himalaya Wellness utilizes modern research and development practices to rediscover and validate Ayurveda’s secrets. Its stringent quality standards have led Himalaya Wellness products to be endorsed by over 300,000 doctors and accepted by consumers in over 65 countries.

The brand has recently launched the Himalaya Anti-Wrinkle Cream and Himalaya Revitalizing Night Cream:

The Himalaya Herbals Anti-Wrinkle Cream is an herbal formulation that works to delay wrinkles and tones up facial skin. Enriched with Alpha Hydroxyl Acids, skin nutrients and Vitamin E, the Himalaya Anti-Wrinkle Cream prevents oxidative skin damage, skin laxity and appearance of wrinkles. Dermatologically and hypo-allergenically tested, the Anti-Wrinkle Cream is made from 100% Herbal Actives and no animal testing is done with the product.

Voted as the ‘Best Night Cream’ by the Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine in the United States, the Himalaya Revitalizing Night Cream is a daily-use night cream is enriched with vitamins and essential oils, which nourishes the skin with nutrients and moisture. It also helps to revitalize dry lack luster skin and skin exposed to harsh environmental conditions and pollution.

Himalaya Anti-Wrinkle Cream and Himalaya Revitalizing Night Cream each retails at $14.95 (50ml)

Next, i will touch more on new haircare and body care products which you can find in Watsons. It is pretty extensive as well so please bear with me!


Originated in France with the finest selection of fresh florals, Kustie is a shower gel brand that is firmly rooted in the concept of enhancing beauty through nature. The brand uses nine unique filtering technologies (which includes ingredients that originate from globally renowned sources, are handpicked according to seasons to guarantee quality and freshness, free from transgenic technology, has a natural processing procedure, and uses green packing material and a supercritical CO2 extraction) to extract the purest form of essence from the flowers chosen to produce each shower and bath gel.

Every shower & bath gel is packed with handpicked petals, essential oils and natural nutrients to let the skin experience the freshest touch of nature at every wash. The gel foams easily to provide a relaxing environment for an indulgent bath, and rinse off readily for those in need of a quick refreshing shower. Choose from four floral scents – Chamomile, Cherry Blossom, Lavender and Rose to delight and awaken your skin. Made from 100% natural flowers, the shower & bath gels are suitable for all skin types.

Rose – Rich in Grape Seed Oil, Sea Salt and Rose Extract refined from flower petals

Chamomile – Rich in Grape Seed Oil, Deep Sea Salt and Chamomile Extract with small flower petals (Love the scent the most!)

Cherry Blossom – Contains natural cherry Blossom petals and hydrolat

Lavender – Contains hand-picked Lavender petals and essence

So delighted to see the Kustie Chamomile Shower & Bath Gel in my goodie bag and tried it almost immediately. I love how delicate it smells with the sweet tinge of chamomile with carefully handpicked natural petals inside.. Such a pretty sight~ The Chamomile shower & bath gel has a natural plant formula with Chamomile essential oil and natural nutrients to soothe and restore skin. The shower gel has a concentrated texture so a little goes a longgg way! Each time, i will only have to squeeze out a 50 cent size amount and it will foam up ‘abundantly’. It is really easy to rinse the foam off (The petals will get wash off easily too) and it leave my skin feeling clean, soft and smelling nice!


Keeping the essence of the Asian philosophy of “beauty from within”, ASIENCE approaches hair care from the fundamentals of health hair – the scalp. Made for Asian women who wish to improve the beauty of hair, the brand takes it one step further to “improve from the inside so that beauty shines on the outside.”

During the event, we were introduced to the new ASIENCE Inner Rich and Nature Smooth Ranges
Crystalizing the goodness of six natural ingredients into a single serum, ASIENCE introduces its brand new innovative haircare concept infused with the Beauty Serum. A concentrated infusion of precious oils and essences, the Beauty Serum deeply repairs, moisturizes and softens hair, giving it an instant boost of softness, smoothness and shine for youthful looking hair.

ASIENCE Inner Rich (Gold) – For dry, frizzy, and unmanageable hair

ASIENCE Nature Smooth (Blue) – For oily scalp and tangled ends

Both the ASIENCE Inner Rich and ASIENCE Nature Smooth range consists of a shampoo, conditioner and treatment care range. Will come to these conditioners soon as i have too much choices to choose from! Continue reading and you will know what i meant!

Bene Bluria & Rougeri (NEW PRODUCTS & EXCLUSIVE)

Award-winning Japanese professional haircare brand – MoltoBene, has been launching premium haircare ranges dedicated to developing high functional products for customers’ needs for almost 40years.  For Watsons Girls Day Out, the brand will be introducing two new ranges of haircare formulated with the use of the best natural ingredients targeted at treating damaged manes.

The Bené Premium Bluria (Restore hair health through deep cleansing) and Bené Premium Rougeria ( Rejuvenate damaged hair with intense conditioning) ranges are targeted at damaged mane that is exposed to the stress of daily wear, excess heat and specifically, the repeated use of products that contain silicone which causes hair follicles to clog.

Both Bené Premium Bluria and Bené Premium Rougeria ranges consist of shampoo ($19.90, 530ml), treatment ($19.90, 530ml), hair mask ($19.90, 210g) and night care milk (Bluria, $19.90, 115ml) / hair oil (Rougeria $19.90, 40ml).

Been looking for a deep cleansing shampoo as i have oily scalp. I have been advised to use deep cleansing shampoo to prevent scalp issues which will lead to HAIR LOSS! Found the BENÉ Premium Bluria Delicious SPA Shampoo inside the goodie bag and it looks promising as it is entirely free of silicone! Moreover, the brand is from Japan and they are well-known to formulate products that really work for Asians! The shampoo has a refreshing scent of Bluria rose (Smells so good!) and it contains light bubbles and rich green vegetable enzymes which cleanse the scalp and remove all traces of grease and impurities. There’s also ocean minerals which nourish the hair follicles, revitalizing the scalp for healthy hair. The shampoo has a transparent texture and 1.5 pumps is sufficient for my hair & scalp. It works into a rich lather which i like (Don’t really like non-foamy shampoo as i felt that it isn’t cleansing well!). The shampoo can be washed off with water easily and it leaves my hair and scalp clean. A good indicator when a shampoo isn’t suitable for me, my scalp will itchy during the day but after using the BENÉ Premium Bluria Delicious SPA Shampoo, my scalp did not itch! If you are looking for an affordable scalp care deep cleansing shampoo, look no further!


With nearly 40 years of expertise, the MoltoBene Group has been introducing professional salon products as well as premium retail hair care products dedicated to developing high functional products for customers’ hair needs. For Watsons Girls Day Out, the Japanese brand is launching two new ranges of honey infused haircare products to achieve moisturized hair. The daily wear and tear of styling, blow drying, and even towel drying can result in damage to the hair. Enjoy sweet-like-honey smelling hair that continues to stay nourished all day with the Honeycé Moisture Repair Series and Honeycé Juicy Spa Series, the 100% Japan-made hair care and scalp care range.

Honeycé Moisture Repair Series
Formulated with not one, but eight different types of honey sourced from different parts of the world: Manuka Honey, Raspberry Honey, Clover Honey, Rosemary Honey, Orange Honey, Lemon Honey, Acacia Honey and Blueberry Honey, the product range harnesses the great repairing power of its star ingredients to take care of even the most damaged hair. In addition, organic oils such as Argan Oil, Jajoba oil, as well as Keratin are added to repair hair from its core to become stronger and healthier.

Honeycé Juicy Spa Series
Improve your overall hair and scalp conditions with this spa range packed with lemon and royal jelly on top of the honey, organic oil and harm-free formulation that is unique to the brand. Targeted at improving scalp health to repair and promote growth of supple and shiny hair, the products is a good supplement to the daily haircare range. Clay and sea salt are added for thorough cleansing on scalp for better penetration of nutrients and oxygen, hence reducing hair loss.

The Honeycé Moisture Repair Series and the Honeycé Juicy Spa Series both feature a shampoo, treatment, hair mask and hair milk/hair mist. Each unique product retails at $19.90

 L’Oreal Paris Oleo Therapy (NEW PRODUCTS)

The No. 1 premium hair care brand in the market^, L’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise, introduces the new OleoTherapyHair Expertise’s First oil-infused replenishing system for dry & damaged hair. The new L’Oréal Paris OleoTherapy Sulfate-free system is made out of a heavenly blend of 6 Flower Oils – Argan Oil, Chamomile Oil, Gardenia Oil, Lotus Oil, Rose Oil and Flaxseed Oil. Flower oils have the unique ability to both cleanse and condition by breaking down dirt and residue at the same time, while deeply penetrating hair fiber to nourish hair from within, restoring hair in just one wash*. OleoTherapy lightweight blend get absorbed easily and provides deep nutrition for your hair, with no weigh-down effect and greasy residue. Its signature sulfate-free, paraben-free formula ensures the gentlest cleansing yet most effective cleansing for the already damaged hair. Shampoo and Conditioner retails at $15.90 each, while Hair Recovery Mask and Self-Heating Hot Oil retails at $19.90 and $25.90 respectively.

Have passed the OleoTherapy Shampoo to my husband for review as he has colored hair which is dry. He told me that the shampoo has a thick glue texture and he has to lather it up with water first before he can spread it evenly on his hair. Although the shampoo is sulfate free, it will work into a decent amount of lather. My husband felt that the shampoo is very nourishing and it leaves his hair soft but not oily. It also has a gentle formula that works for his sensitive scalp.

Watsons Hair Pro (NEW PRODUCTS and EXCLUSIVE!)

Watsons new haircare line from Japan – Hair Pro by Watsons – is the brand’s latest haircare line co-developed with Moltobene, a Japanese salon product manufacturer. Formulated with a formidable Heat Active Technology infused with NanoRepair™-EL, Hair Pro provides hair with a nourishing, salon-quality treatment even with blow drying. For Watsons Girls Day Out, the brand will be introducing its latest Heat-Active products for optimal styling of hair whilst staying free from damage.

Heat styling your hair is a common, easy way to get your mane looking more manageable and attractive. However, constant heat application to the hair via blow drying, curling and straightening can cause severe damage, making hair look dull and broken. Worry no more, as Hair Pro’s Heat Activated Technology is able to activate ingredients to protect hair against these damages. Upon heat activation from heat styling tools, the infused NanoRepair™-EL reacts and combines with the amines decomposed from protein, penetrating deep into each hair strand and providing much-needed damage-care from within.

Enhanced with a non-silicone formula which promotes effective absorption of oxygen into the scalp, Hair Pro products are also free from Parabens, Mineral Oils, UV Absorbers, Artificial Colourants and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. With an organic mix of Natural Organic Hybrid Rice Extract and Green Tea Extract from Japan, Hair Pro will help to boost the moisture levels in your hair, ensuring soft and healthy manes every day. Will give the Heat Active Hair Mask a try very soon and i’m pretty excited!

For nail / feet care, you can now DIY at the comfort of your home with the new products available in Watsons!


Depend is Sweden’s No. 1 best-selling cosmetic brand that has reached the country’s number one position on their focus categories: nail, nailcare products and niche products for the eye area.  For Watsons Girls Day Out, the brand will be introducing its very own in-house GelLack system to achieve easy and inexpensive, salon-perfect talons at home. Easier to apply and longer lasting than regular polish, its unique removal process ensures a fuss-free and healthier nail experience.

The start kit includes a before/after cleanser, base coat, top coat, an orange wood cuticle stick and an LED lamp. The LED lamp strengthens and dries the nails within minutes, leaving an extremely durable surface. For best results, use GelLack Colour (30 shades available) for a high-shine finish that will last up to two to three weeks. With the GelLack system, removal of nail polish begins with a simple massage of the moisturizing GelLack Removal Oil onto the nails. Soak the nails in warm water for a few minutes and the gel nail can be easily removed with an orange stick with no damage done to the nail surface.

The GelLack Obligatory Start Kit, GelLack Colour and GelLack Removal Oil will be exclusively available at Watsons from March 2015. They retail at $99.00, $13.50 and $6.90 respectively


A host of unsightly problems can occur when we neglect our feet, including hard skin and calluses. This is all the more prevalent if we often walk in high-heeled or ill-fitting shoes too often. In fact, hard skin is one of the most common foot conditions experienced by everyone globally. As many as three out of five people around the world suffer from hard skin, which equates to 60 percent of the world’s population.

For people who don’t have the time to hit the salon for regular pedicure to get rid of hard skin & calluses, you can use the Velvet Smooth Express Pedi which is a handy electronic foot file designed for ease of use. The Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi can be used in the comfort of one’s home to achieve beautiful and velvety smooth feet effortlessly and instantly.

Ergonomically shaped with a soft-touch handle, the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi is an electronic foot file specially designed with a fast rotating Micralumina™ roller head that gently exfoliates the feet. Within a single use, one can achieve results similar or even better than professional foot spa sessions. In addition, after every use, the roller head can be easily removed to wash or replace, offering a cost-effective solution for quick beautiful feet results.

The Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi is now retailing at Watsons stores for SGD $49.90. Roller head refill packs containing two replacement roller heads are sold separately and retail for SGD $19.90. Each roller head can be used for up to 12 treatments on both feet

Kerasal Nail (NEW PRODUCT)

For people who do manicure/pedicure on a daily basis and suffer from unhealthy nails as a result, Kerasal Nail is able to salvage and restore your nails. Kerasal Nail is a clear, colourless non-sterile topical solution that helps restore the appearance of dark and discolored nails. It also helps with softening and smoothening of the outer layers of the nail plate to restore the integrity of the nail surface for individuals who have brittle nails.

Kerasal Nail is a patented formula that combines the keratolyctic, nail softening and hydrating effects of propylene glycol, urea and lactic acid. It contains a unique technology that enables these beneficial ingredients to deeply penetrate the nail plate, so that the nail surface becomes smoother, has reduced discoloration and an improved nail appearance. Supplied in a plastic tube, it comes with a silicon drop tip to facilitate application of the solution to the nail. The ingredients in Kerasal Nail are fully biodegradable, and are free from preservatives and fragrances.

I have just removed my gelish nails (by myself) so my nails are really dry! Will apply Kerasal Nails to all my nails before going to bed. The solution spreads out easily due to the gel like liquid texture and the pointed tip makes it easy for me to spread it on my nails. It dries really quickly without stickiness so i can resume my normal duties asap. After applying for one week, i’m starting to see that my nails are not so dry (the white dried lines are dimishing). Not sure if it helps with whitening of yellowish nails as my nails are not yellow to begin with. 🙂

Kerasal Nail @ $29.90

For lifestyle products, Watsons will be bringing you the Energeyes & Smile Maker~ 


The advent of digital devices such as smart phones, tablets and computers has led to an exponential growth in their usage. Technology has since become an integral part of our lives, with most people spending a large portion of their time on them. With a staggering nine out of ten adults spending more than two hours each day using a digital device, it comes as no surprise that these lifestyle changes have led to an increase in eye-related complaints.

It has been found that the main cause of digital eye strain is due to the prolonged exposure to harmful blue light which is emitted from the screens of our digital devices. It induces excessive focusing of the eyes and reduces visual contrast which puts our eyes at a high risk of digital eye strain. Symptoms of digital eye strain include redness, irritation, blurred vision, eye fatigue and headache.

Symptoms of digital eye strain can be alleviated with Energeyes Digital Lenses which employs a proprietary technology that is able to reduce harmful blue light by up to 50% and eliminate glares from digital screens. Energeyes Digital Lenses are ideal for individuals who have no corrective needs and contact lenses users. For Watsons Girls Day Out, the brand is showcasing its latest eye ware to lessen the strain on eyes from glares from digital screens (Retails at $67.90).

Few years back when i did eye check, there was some abnormalities detected (at the back of my eyes, the ‘cup’ in my appears to be too large for my age) so i was told to keep this in close monitoring as it might eventually lead to Blindness!! Hence, i will want to make sure that i took extra care of my eyes to prevent further complication. Since last year, i have been wearing my spectacles with Crizal UV lens to reflect away UV rays (both front and back) that would cause further damage to the eyes. As you know, i cannot be wearing my spectacles all the time (Vainpot me) so the Energeyes Digital Lenses will come in handy when i wish to wear contact lenses. It will prevent digital eye strain is due to the prolonged exposure to harmful blue light which is emitted from my laptop and smart phone.. Say goodbye to redness, irritation, blurred vision, eye fatigue and headache! After using it, i felt that my vision is clearer, brighter and i felt more secured knowing that my eyes are more well protected. 🙂


This product got me feeling so shy yet excited!~ wahahahaha~ Introducing Smile Makers, the friendliest collection of personal massagers on the planet. Smile Makers’ mission is to make great products that promote healthy sex as a natural part of beauty care – helping women feel confident, sexy and happy, with or without a partner. The brand aims to be the friendliest collection of personal massagers and has sleek designs inspired by four fun personalities – The Fireman, The Frenchman, The Millionaire, and The Tennis Coach. Each product is completely phthalate-free, made with super-smooth, 100% body-safe, FDA-approved silicone.

Meet the “Men”

The Fireman (Red) – He knows his way around a fiery situation and he’s mighty skilled at cooling things down.

The Frenchman (Blue) – A cunning linguist, he may speak in a foreign tongue but he sure knows what he’s talking about.

The Millionaire (Purple) – A classic gentleman and an all-rounder, he’s here to pleasure you like the princess you are

The Tennis Coach (Yellow)– He’s sculpted and fit, with a forehand stroke designed to take very specific aim

Since its introduction in 2012, Smile Makers has earned glowing reviews from media, consumers, retailers and the medical community worldwide – including Belgium, France, Switzerland, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom – as a ground-breaking innovation within its category. Received the ‘Frenchman’ inside the goodie bag and this massager is designed to ‘Tickle’ like a feather~ Have tried to power on the ‘Frenchman’ and there’s different massaging mode and speed.. hahahaha~

I’m sure many of us hates going to the dentist! I HATE IT TOO!!! Therefore, prevention is better than cure… Many of us would make a lot of effort and take really good care of our faces and bodies to regular facials and massages; but how many of us actually make conscious effort to take care of our teeth? To help you achieve good oral hygiene and asthetic, Watsons is proud to introduce new products from the various oral care brands!


Established in 1933, The Hawley & Hazel Group is a reliable and trusted manufacturer of high quality oral care products. This includes the world-renowned Darlie brand of toothpastes and toothbrushes, which has a long history as one of the respected and recognized oral care names in Asia.

Shiny white teeth is key to turning up the charisma of a smile and a healthy oral cavity is essential to keeping each tooth looking sparkly white. The new Darlie All Shiny White Multi Care Toothpaste is a multi-care toothpaste tasked to effectively whiten plus deliver seven other benefits all in a tube to achieve a healthy brilliant smile with daily use.

The whitening 1 + 7 benefits include:

• Removes plaque
• Strengthens enamel
• Cares for the gums
• Provides deep cleaning
• Prevents cavities
• Strengthens teeth
• Freshens breath

The Darlie All Shiny White Multi Care Toothpaste retails at $3.45 for 140g and is available at selected Watsons stores.


If you have sensitive teeth, switching to a sensitive toothpaste such as Sensodyne toothpaste can make a big difference in not only your enjoyment of everyday life, but in your overall oral health as well. Sensodyne is the dentist recommended brand for sensitivity, offering a range of specifically formulated toothpastes. Sensodyne toothpaste works to relieve tooth pain due to sensitive teeth and provides lasting protection all day, every day when used as directed.

Whitening treatments are known for causing sensitivity. Sensitivity occurs when the dentine, which is the inner part of the tooth usually covered by an outer layer of enamel or gum becomes exposed, usually through gingival recession or enamel loss. Unlike other whitening toothpastes that are very abrasive and can worsen sensitivity, Sensodyne True White has a breakthrough patented formulation that is clinically proven to relieve sensitivity. This is the first time that a toothpaste is able to provide sensitivity relief in an ultra-low abrasion formulation which has been proven to remove stains. The absence of abrasive silicas makes Sensodyne True White a unique formulation, making it different from other toothpastes.

Sensodyne True White also contains 5% STP. STP is a chemical that binds with calcium and prevents it from strengthening the plaque, resulting in a weaker plaque, allowing the toothbrush to more effectively clean the plaque. In addition, the binding of STP with calcium also prevents stain from attaching, providing stain protection for your teeth. Sensodyne True White is available at all Watsons stores and will retail for $10.90.


Every day millions of people around the world trust Colgate to help care for themselves and the ones they love. From oral care to personal care, from home care to pet nutrition, Colgate makes the products that make you smile. Throughout the world, smiles are the language of happiness, universal expressions of joy. The happiness, health and confidence that come from a bright, well-maintained smile dramatically impact quality of life. As a trusted partner, Colgate offers quality oral care products, including toothpastes and toothbrushes, as well as expert dental health information.

Colgate Total Pro-Gum Health

A healthy mouth begins with healthy gums. To address the needs of Singaporean adults with gum problems, Colgate-Palmolive has launched its first Alcohol-Free mouthwash with gum problems solution – Colgate Total Pro-Gum Health. Targeting the main cause of gum problems, a constant build-up of harmful bacteria in the mouth, Colgate Total Pro-Gum Health works by killing up to 99% of bacteria in your mouth. It also helps to prevent cavities, strengthen enamel and provide you with a long-lasting fresh breath without a burning sensation. Retails at $6.90, with an introductory price of $4.95 in March.

Colgate Optic White Plus Shine

A smile is the best accessory everyone can wear. Outshine the crowd with your smile by making your smile shinier and brighter with Colgate’s latest whitening toothpaste – Colgate Optic While Plus Shine. The ‘Micro-Crystal Particles’ in its newly upgraded formula will gently polish teeth, making your teeth one shade whiter and shinier within a week. With brighter and shinier teeth, it will definitely be a confidence booster! Retails $8.50 for 100gm. For more information on Colgate Optic White, please visit

Fancy supplements that will boost your health while rejuvenate & improves your well-being? At the event, we were treated to a detailed demonstration by Gene Oasis on their bird nests. Gene Oasis is the first and only licensed company to operate a certified factory for processing dried bird’s nest and bird’s next extracts. Seeking to provide a safer, healthier nourishment for the whole family. The products are free from harmful chemicals such as nitrites and bleaches, and are scientifically rid of microbial pathogens, including the bird flu virus. With the highest assured quality. Yu Pin Zhen’s Pure De Yan bird’s nest products are a nutritious treat perfect for people of all ages at all stages of their lives. For Watsons Girls Day Out, the brand is introducing Concentrated Bird’s Nest, its latest bird’s nest product. It is pre-cooked in a concentrated form, one can choose to eat it straight out of the jar or as a supplement to sweet desserts or savory dishes.


Do you know that Bird’s nest is a natural tonic delicacy suitable for consumption by males and females of all age group?

Wellness of Bird’s Nest:

• Beneficial to the lungs, stomach and kidney
• Boost recovery after surgery
• Activate rejuvenation
• Promotes brain development
• Enhance nutrition during pregnancy, post pregnancy and confinement

Yu Pin Zhen’s Pure De Yan bird’s nest isn’t too sweet and does not taste artificial. The small bottle of bird nest that you see below has a generous amount of pure birds nest which is still in visible chunky shreds. My TCM sinseh also told me that good bird’s nest won’t melt / break easily when cooked. The texture of the bird nest is smooth and overall taste is not too sweet! The Concentrated Bird’s Nest comes in two packaging sizes – $95, six bottles x 30ml or $152, two bottles x 150ml. It is exclusively available at selected Watsons stores.


With the aim of using the best in nature to improve the one’s well-being, Kinohimitsu offers a range of range nutraceutical products for all detox, health and beauty needs. The brand utilizes the energy and healing properties of plants in their products to provide thorough, quick and effective remedies to boost the quality of the human body. The key to looking one’s best is to have healthy, glowing skin.


During the event, i was particularly attracted to the Kinohimitsu BB Drink . One bottle of BB drink will bring about functional, instant effect and helps restore skin’s natural glow and clarity – not only on the face but the entire body, including the back, hands and legs. It works best for dehydrated, oily and acne skin. Often, skin may look dull and lifeless due to a lack of hydration, lack of essential vitamins or adverse environmental conditions. The Kinohimitsu BB Drink is an instant drink targeted at brightening tired looking skin back to its healthy luminous best. Infused with hydrolysed bird’s nest, chicken cartilage (a source of hyaluronic acid) and fermented yeast (a source of co-enzyme Q10, CoQ10), the drink nourishes, hydrates and rejuvenates every single skin cell in the body for a baby-like, rosy complexion.

The recommended consumption rate for the Kinohimitsu BB Drink is one bottle per day, and is to be shaken well before drinking. What i love most is the taste as it is not overly sweet and it is very tasty! I don’t even have to drink it cold and it already tasted really nice. Currently, there’s a promotion at Watsons and The Kinohimitsu BB Drink Value Pack retails at $39.90 for a pack of six, with four complimentary bottles. Really good deal!


Kinohimitsu also offers a product to care for our eyes! Caring for your vision can lead to a better quality of life. Your eyesight impacts your performance at work, school, and home. When your vision health is at its best, you perform better in all aspects of your life. However, over time free radicals and environmental exposure such as blue light could damage of eyes, leading to premature macular degeneration and other eye discomforts such as chronic dryness and red veins. Kinohimitsu EyeBright is designed to offer in depth protective elements to the eyes. Coupled with FloraGLO® Lutein, DHA, Lycopene and potent anthocyanins (Maqui Berry Extract & Purple Rice Extract) for ultimate nourishment to the eyes.

Now i’m taking 1 sachet a day before breakfast and i will consume it directly!  Together with the Energeyes Digital Lenses, i hope to protect my vision before it worsen. By taking it directly, it reminds me of the ‘pop-pop’ candies that i had when i was young! The powder tasted good on its own (it has a sweet berry taste) and really easy to swallow it down without any weird after taste.

Aiming to the the Kinohimitsu 6 Day D’tox Plum Juice as my body is in due of a detox and i’m facing digestive issues recently.. This six day program is a smart way to flush out toxins from your body within 2-4 hours , without disrupting my daily life.  J’pan D’tox Juice contains no additives that provides high concentrations of dietary fiber which increases the beneficial cultures in the digestive tract and helps fortify the body’s defenses.

For the makeup junkies, SilkyGirl, Revlon & Kate have launched new products this year!

A home-grown color cosmetics brand of Alliance Cosmetics, SILKYGIRL is an exciting brand that offers a complete range of colur cosmetics for fun-loving teenagers and young working women who desire to beautify themselves. Created especially for young Asian women between the ages of 18 to 25 years, SILKYGIRL aims to develop the right product that brings out the best in oneself. The SILKYGIRL color palette ranges from bold and fun to romantic and exhilarating hues that easily complements one’s mood and persona. The brand aims to help aspiring women look and feel good, as well as believe in themselves.

Attracted to the all new SILKYGIRL Go Matte Lipcolor so i went back to get one in Mystic Rose shade. It has a really sweet rose pink color suitable for everyday use (with an introductory price of $9.90)!  This new matte finish lipcolor from SILKYGIRL glides on easily for a more comfortable wear. Designed to stay on lips for hours on end, SILKYGIRL Go Matte Lipcolor contains Shea Butter, Safflower Oil and Papaya Extract to moisturize, nourish and smoothen lips. Available in 6 shades It’s also made of carmine-free ingredients, is fragrance-free and is not tested on animals. Like all Matte lipstick, the SilkyGirl go Matte Lipcolor will tend to accentuate cracked and dry lips so don’t forget to exfoliate for a smooth and pretty application.


SilkyGirl has also launched hair-dyes which is a ammonia-free hair color which allows you to achieve natural looking shade of your choice. Enriched with Argan oil, olive oil, Panthenol, whild mango butter and aloe vera, this permanent hair color will nourish & deeply moisturized hair with a healthy shine while preventing dry and damaged hair.

Founded in 1932, Revlon is a global color cosmetics, hair color, beauty tools, fragrances, skincare, anti-perspirant / deodorants and beauty care products company whose vision is Glamour, Excitement and Innovation through high-quality products at affordable prices. Revlon is one of the strongest consumer brand franchises in the world, with products sold in over 100 countries across six continents.

Heard so much about Revlon Lip product and foundation as they are highly raved. Glad to inform that there will be more lip product and foundation added to the collection.

Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stain

Revlon’s latest lipstick technology brings an innovative formula that provides immediate hydration for your lips. Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stain is not a traditional lipstick. It is a liquid lipstick! Infused with water-like hydration, it gives your lips a moisture rich spa throughout day. The Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stain is available in eight trend-setting shades and retails at $20.90. It is available in Watsons, Guardian and major departmental stores.

Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Effect Makeup

The Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Effect Makeup is an innovative foundation that gives skin a poreless, airbrushed look. Featuring light-filtering technology and soft focus pigments that filter light to give skin a flawless, luminous finish, the lightweight formula offers skin medium to full coverage. The Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Effect Makeup is available in five high resolution shades and retails at $30.90. It will be available in Watsons, Guardian and major departmental stores from March 2015.

I know we will spend as much effort to doll ourselves up so that we will look out best, but it is just as important to remove our makeup at the end of the day so that our skin will look the best as well… Watsons is proud to present 2 brand new makeup remover products to help you maintain clean and clear skin.


Bioderma’s approach involves reactivating the skin’s natural resources to help it recover the normal functions of healthy skin. With its philosophy of Biologican Mimetism – to innovate by formulas and patents that mimic the natural processes of healthy skin, Bioderma only uses ingredients that are strictly necessary, and selects the purist ingredients at the right doses. For Watsons Girls Day Out, the brand will be introducing Bioderma Sensibio Lait Cleansing Milk, the new addition to its exclusive cleansing range only available at Watsons.

With an ultra-light texture, Sensibio Lait does more than just gentle cleansing and removal of make-up from face and eyes. This unique formula containing the TOLERIDINE® patent biologically increases the skin’s tolerance level and reduces skin sensitivity over time. Its non-rinse formula is fragrance-free, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. Have seen the cleansing power of the cleansing milk at the event, it is able to remove tough and stubborn waterproof makeup in just one swipe.. Will certainly give this a try soon when my current HG Covermark Cleansing milk finishes.

Bioderma Sensibio Lait is available exclusively at Watsons from March 2015 at $26.90 (250ml).

Fans of Cetaphil, the No. 1 Dermatological Skincare Brand in Singapore, can now achieve cleanliness on-the-go with the latest Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths.

Adapted from its best-selling predecessor, Gentle Skin Cleanser, the high-quality, one-use woven cloths are pre-moistened with the soap-free formula to remove make up and dirt without causing irritation, anywhere, and any time of the day. With the same effectiveness and gentleness of the cleanser, the cleansing cloth ensures that perfectly cleansed and supple skin is always within an arm’s reach.

The Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths infused with the Gentle Skin Cleanser is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin. The travel-friendly pack comes complete with ultra-soft, non-comedogenic, fragrance free and pH balanced cloths that contain humectants water, stearyl alcohol and propylene glycol to lock moisture into the skin, cetyl alcohol, allantoin and zinc gluconate to support the skin barrier and surfactants, to gently break up dirt and impurities on the skin’s surface. The re-sealable lid ensures that the 25 pre-moistened cloths do not dry out and moisture is sealed tight within the package – perfect for men and women leading active lifestyles who desire clean, supple and healthy skin on-the-go. Will be reviewing this soon as Cetaphil has just sent me another pack! So Stay Tune! 🙂

Hope you find the introductions & short reviews beneficial! I have also gave the Watsons eStore a try when i need to replenish some necessities. Watsons has heard the feedback of their customers and has expanded their digital footprint with the launch of their online store, bringing convenience right to customers’ doorsteps, especially for individuals who do not have time to visit Watson’s brick-and-mortar stores or people who wish to avoid the crowds.  With a 24/7 shopping offering, it is easy to shop anytime, anywhere with just a click away which enhances customers’ shopping experience.

The Watsons eStore not only features in-store products, but also will also feature many more exclusive products and brand offerings, as well as bulky items that are not typically available in brick-and-mortar stores. I find that the eStore is very easy to navigate as it is segmented into various categories – Health, Skin, Makeup, Hair, Personal Care, Baby and Lifestyle. In addition, i can even locate the latest deals and promotions very easily under the ‘HOT’ category.

With the online shopping, i am able to skip payment queues and i can choose between self collection or delivery.. Delivery is free for those who spend a minimum spend of $80 and items will be delivered within the next two days by a trusted and reputable carrier. I chose self collection as there’s a Watsons store located at Punggol Plaza which is a 5 mins walk from my place. When the items are ready for collection (Within 3 working days for my order), i received an sms and an email notification. Items were packed in a box securely and i can just grab and go.. 🙂

Online shoppers are also able to enjoy deals and gift with purchases just like at the store, with the listing of redemption schemes and promotions laid out on the purchase page itself. As part of Watsons’ 27th anniversary celebrations, the brand would like to thank customers for their loyal support throughout the years with a special surprise gift added to each purchase order for online shoppers during the entire birthday month of March.

 Thank you so much for reading and remember to visit the Watsons’ stores to check out the new arrivals~

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from Watsons Singapore’s website and Presskit

Promoting healthier snacking in Year 2015 with BoxGreen’s Natural, Healthy and Delicious snacks

Hello Everyone! I’m back from Finland and i had so much fun! Experienced many things for the first time which i will share more with you soon! 🙂 When i came back to Singapore, the first thing that i miss about Finland is the winter! Singapore is just so hot and humid. Now i’m back to reality, i cannot deny that i miss Finland very much! Not that i don’t miss my family and friends in Singapore, i do but at the same time missing Finland for many things. #PostHolidayBlue

It was nice coming back to parcels and it certainly helped to chase some of my post-holiday blues away. Featuring one of the parcel which is the BoxGreen, this monthly subscription snack box contains natural and delicious snacks. If you are equally passionate about both food and health, BoxGreen is all about promoting healthier snacking by sourcing and delivering natural and healthier snacks straight to the customers hands, in the most hassle-free way possible.


Like every holiday, i will always over eat and consuming unhealthy (comfort) food. Hence, i will normally reduce my food intake and also try to eat healthly when i’m back. Last night, i woke up hungry and couldn’t go back to sleep (Due to Jetlag and hunger!) The BoxGreen is god-sent as i can fill my stomach with something healthy (Instead of chocolates which i will usually snack on!).


BoxGreen has the same concept as Beauty Box subscription service whereby you will receive a box filled with specially picked surprise mix of healthy snacks which will be delivered right to your mailbox.. Subscription fee will cost about $20 per month and upon becoming a member, you will gain instant access to the most exciting way for you to discover interesting wholesome snacks.


BoxGreen thinks that healthy lifestyle should be worry-free and full of pleasant surprises. This is why they came out with this monthly healthy snack box concept which allows subscribers to enjoy healthy innovative snacks every month. Consumers can also discover snacks the a-la-carte way at BoxGreen Market, the place where one can purchase individual snack packs with no subscription required. If you’ve been thinking about subscribing but want to try a few snacks first, it is made possible for you! 🙂

The standard BoxGreen has been sent to me when i was away for vacation in Finland and inside the box lies four (80g each) of BoxGreen’s most popular snacks in 2014. Each of the 80g packs will bring you the gift of health as it is all natural healthy snacks that does not contain preservatives. This explains the shorter product life span and do take note of the ‘Use-by’ date.. Apart from consuming these portioned amounts directly from the packs, these snacks can also be incorporated into recipes or served as toppings to create even more goodies! How nice!!


The first pack that i opened up to try in the middle of the night is the Pina Okinawa which consists of Edamame & Pineapple. When i was expecting, i love snacking on Edamame as it is the perfect midday low-calorie ‘pick-me-up’ snack which contains an excellent source of nutrients like Vitamin E, protein, iron, and calcium. As for pineapple, i’m not a big fan of it but the dried pineapple cubes in Pina Okinawa tasted really good! Pineapple will really help if you have constipation problems and it also promotes healing and reducing inflammation. This is why i kept taking pineapple juice (Although i dislike it) after my double eyelids surgery and it helped to speed up my healing process.


Pina Okinawa

The other 3 packets that i have yet to try are the Cheng Tng, Macritchie Midnight and Pre-Apple Crumble. The Cheng Tng snack pack is the most interesting out of all and this ready to eat out the bag Chinese Dessert is BoxGreen’s own concoction. Containing Lotus seeds, the Cheng Tng snack has a good source of protein, potassium and magnesium.


Cheng Tng

Craving for something sweet? The Macritchie Midnight will satisfy your sweet tooth with some extra nutritional punch! It contains 3 of my favorite and they are Dark Chocolate Nibs, Whole Hazelnuts, Dried Cranberries and Pumpkin Seeds. Now i can indulge in something sweet but yet not feel guilty. 🙂


Macritchie Midnight

Add flour, sugar, water, eggs & the Pre-Apple Crumble then apply heat and you will have a decent apple crumble. Alternatively, you can just open the pack up and eat it on its own. Sprinkle some on plain yogurt and the walnut, apple and raisin will made it not so plain looking & tasting~


Pre-Apple Crumble

‘Life is like a Box of BoxGreen, you never know what you’re gonna get but it will be something healthy!’

If you wish to subscribe to better snack discovery, do it now as BoxGreen is offering my readers with a discount code which entitles you to 50% off for their first box. Just use this discount code JERMAINE50% to enjoy the discount.

For this new year, why not indulge in healthier snack for the name of health? Do consider BoxGreen as all the snacks are carefully picked & packed in the right proportions. Not to mention, they are really tasty yet wholesome snacks!

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from BoxGreen’s website and Presskit.

Supporting The Body’s Natural Ability To Self-heal & Reboot with Natroslim 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse

Hello everyone! Today i will be sharing more on one of the parcel that i have received recently.. Something which is beneficial to health and yet can help one to reach his / her slimming goals! Talking about parcels, my husband still look highly distressed whenever i have new incoming parcels as we ran out of space in the room (As I’m typing, few of my parcels are already sitting outside at the living room). Can’t wait for our new home to be ready next year!

Enough of rambling and i will start the ball rolling with the 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse, the all­new natural nutraceutical product which i have received from NatroSlim. NatroSlim 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse is a comprehensive detox program based on the naturopathic philosophy and it is designed to work naturally with your body by supporting the body’s natural ability to self-heal and reboot.

Daily exposure to stress, environmental toxins, additive and chemicals can affect our health and weight. NatroSlim 21 Days Ultimate Cleanse is an all natural, comprehensive detox program based on the naturopathic philosophy of ‘Weed, Seed & Feed’. NatroSlim is the region’s first weight management and lifestyle solution that is deeply rooted in Naturopathic principles.

NatroSlim is a weight management and lifestyle program based on naturopathic principles and focuses on holistic, educational and empowering tools and clinically sound supplements to help women and men achieve their weight and health goals. This program will be useful for both women and men who would like to reboot and retune their health, for general well-being or weight management.

Over the course of 3 weeks, the AM & PM supplements combined with the Day Health Transformation diet plan, will stimulate detoxification and enable your body to self-heal gently and naturally. Results you can expect from detoxification include:

Promotes weight loss / Feel less bloated and puffy / Healthier and clearer skin / Increased energy level / Improved digestion / Improved mood and focus / Feel recharged and energized

Why 21 Days?

You might have heard of, or even tried various 2 or 3 days detox programs, and more likely or not, they either do not work, or make you feel terrible. A proper detox program has to take into consideration the time required for the body to retune and readjust. Our cells take weeks to months to turnaround and it is simply impossible to do a proper cleanse in matter of days.

What makes Natroslim different and worth a try?  Firstly, Natroslim is the first detox program in Singapore that is a full program combining supplements and a health transformation guide. Secondly, it is gentle, non‐invasive and non­laxative. It will also support not just the digestive system but also every single facet of health.

Thirdly, the supplements and programs are developed in collaboration with medical and complementary health professionals based on the following guiding principles:

1. First do no harm –  Taking great care to ensure the products are safe, gentle and backed by research.

2. Adaptable– The programs can be adapted to fit one’s dietary beliefs and habits.

3. Sustainable – Programs and products are designed to ensure desired results are
achievable and most importantly sustainable.

4. Cutting edge – By combining traditional wisdom with modern science and technology to derive at unique & effective product formulas and feature ingredients.

5. Support – The brand is committed to listen and supporting consumers  in  their  health journey. You can contact the team at and they are committed to support you through your cleansing journey.

Eugene He is the creator of Natroslim and he is known to some as The Happy Naturopath’. He is an Australia trained herbalist, nutritionist, hypnotherapist, entrepreneur and health coach. He is known for his down to earth and hands-­on approaches when dealing with health issues. A firm believer that health starts in the kitchen, Eugene is also an avid cook and experimental food chemist. Till date, Eugene has inspired thousands of people including celebrities, executives, mums, dads and kids to live well, love themselves and look great.

Eugene went into private practice as ‘The Happy Naturopath’ and had a special interest in gut and mood relationships. Additionally he was also involved in anti-­ageing research and studies. In 2010, he joined a health product distributor in Singapore as a business consultant, managing globally acclaimed brands Solgar, Nelsons and BioMedica and provided training and support to doctors and health professionals in complementary medicine.

Despite the busyness in managing an organization, Eugene still finds priority for speaking engagements, as human interaction is still the most powerful education and motivation tool. In his free time, he enjoys traveling around the world to discover native remedies, culinary recipes and collecting various herbal specimens and essential oils. He is currently working on his first book on Natural Medicine to be released late 2014.

Each box of 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse contains 2 formulas, AM CLEANSE and PM CLEANSEAM CLEANSE contains 84 vegetarian capsules per bottle & PM Cleanse contains 21 powder sachet.

To enjoy full benefits, you are supposed to take both AM and PM Cleanse Formula daily (for 21 consecutive days) while adhering to tips and exercises stated in the accompanying 21 Day Health Transformation Program guide-book.

AM Cleanse Formula: Take 4 capsules with a large glass of water every morning before breakfast.

PM Cleanse Formula: Dissolve one sachet in a glass of water and consume every evening after dinner.


Ingredients of the 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse

Ingredients of the 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse

Inside each box, there will also be an accompanying guide-book, the 21 Day Health Transformation Program that contains comprehensive and useful tips on meals preparation and exercises to give you the necessary support during your 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse.

The accompanying 21 Day Health Transformation Program guide-book

As mentioned earlier, NatroSlim 21 Days Ultimate Cleanse is an all natural, comprehensive detox program based on the naturopathic philosophy of ‘Weed, Seed & Feed’:

(Week 1, Weeding phase): Elimination of the toxins and focusing on restoring the liver and circulatory system.

(Week 2, Seeding phase): Rebalancing of bowel flora and replacement of lost nutrients.

(Week 3, Feeding phase): Nourishing and feeling the difference in your body after completing the detox.

Week 1 (Days 1 – 7): The Weeding Week

This is the most crucial week of the program as it is not only the start, but also when preparation of the body for detoxification and elimination of accumulated toxin is done. During this week, some of us may experience mild headaches, nausea, itchy skin or disrupted sleep. These are normal side effects of the cleansing process but should symptoms be severe or unbearable, one should stop the program and immediately consult a physician to assess if you have an underlying health condition.

Week 1 (Days 1 – 7): The Weeding Week

Week 2 (Days 8 – 14): The Seeding Week

Now that the junk has been cleared out the body, it’s time to introduce the good stuff back to it. Week 2 focuses on replenishing the body with prebiotics and clean food to encourage the proliferation of healthy bowel probiotics. Due to the gut-brain relationship, one should feel a difference this week. The possible detoxification symptoms from Week 1 should have cleared and one should feel more energetic and alive.

Week 2 (Days 8 – 14): The Seeding Week

Week 3 (Days 15 – 21): The Feeding Week

It’s time to reward your body with quality, nutrient dense foods to prepare it for graduation. In Week 3, an antioxidant rich diet is introduced to the body with beneficial phytonutrients. You will learn dietary habits that should become part of your diet for life. Rejoice, relive and enjoy your newfound state of health.

Week 3 (Days 15 – 21): The Feeding Week

Inside the guidebook, there are also recommended low intensity and high intensity exercises together with recipes which will support your 21 days detox journey.

Because my body is still in the midst of recuperating, i have decided to get my husband to embark on this 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse program. He has been blaming me for his weight gain as i can never finish my food and he hates wastage! hahahaha~

Throughout the 21 days, his lifestyle remains pretty much the same while he was taking the AM & PM Cleanse formula.. Since it is not disruptive to his daily life, he finds it very easy to adapt to the program… As for his diet wise, he followed some of the diet guidelines stated on the guide-book…

Every Morning, he will take the 4 AM Cleanse Formula capsules before his breakfast with 1 cup of water…


At night after dinner and before he sleeps, he will take the PM Cleanse Formula dissolved in a cup of water. The PM Cleanse formula drink has a slight orange taste and it taste better with cold water…

After embarking on the 21 Days Ultimate Cleanse program, here’s his experiences:

Week One: To prep my body for the detoxification, i’ve cut down on carbohydrates and fried food while jogging for at least 30 mins this week.  Throughout this week, i feel hungry very easily due to the reduce intake of carbohydrates but luckily i’m discipline enough to resist snacking.  From the 2nd day onward, i have loose stools so the ‘output’ process is rather smooth sailing. My sleep is quite disturbed but i’m not sure if it is due to stress or the cleanse program.

Week Two: Diet wise is pretty much the same and i’m introducing yogurt into my diet… I only managed to run twice this week.. Ooops! Week two is so much better as compared to week one as i don’t grow hungry that easily. My body is getting accustomed to the new routine and i feel more energetic. Sleep isn’t so disturbed and i feel refreshed in the morning. I also feel lighter and stomach did not feel as bloated as before. Still experiencing loose stools but not as ‘loose’ as compared to week one.

Week Three: Still cutting down on carbohydrates and i increased my fruits & vegetable intake.. Still taking yogurt and running 3 times this week.  I’m able to sleep very soundly this week and waking up refreshed! I feel that my gastric and digestive system is getting much better as i don’t burp / get bloated so easily.. My pants don’t feel as tight as before and to my surprise, i lost 1 kg..

Overall, i will recommend the 21 Days Ultimate Cleanse program coupled with a sensible exercise routine and change in diet.  You also have to be disciplined to cut down on your carbohydrates. I strongly believe in a more sustainable approach to weight loss and better health so I generally do not make recommendations for anyone to take on any detox program with an aim of having the easy way out to lose weight without any physical effort.  The 21 Days Ultimate Cleanse program is not disruptive and quite sustainable so i will repeat this program three months later for better well-being.


Before i go, here’s some FAQ that you might have in regards to the 21 Days Ultimate Cleanse program:

How often should I do the program?

It is recommended that you run the program once every three months for optimal well-being.

What do I do in-between programs?

It is recommended that you maintain the NatroSlim diet and limit exposure to known
food allergens. To maintain your digestive health, it is recommended that you take LACTOLEAN daily. If you would like to lose more weight, it is recommended that you take ACTIVATE for two

Are there any side effects or contradictions?

The 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse is not suitable for pregnant women or people with severe health conditions and under medication. The cleanse is also not suitable for children under the age of 18. There are no known side effects aside from the ones related to detoxification during the first week. Mild headaches, nausea, itchy skin, loose stools or disrupted sleep are some manifestations as a result of the cleansing process but these symptoms are usually self-limiting and will resolve within a few days.

NatroSlim 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse is exclusively available at Guardian Singapore from 1st November 2014, and at both Guardian AND Watsons from January 2015. The program retails at S$129 for a box.

* Disclaimer: Products Descriptions and information are extracted from NatroSlim 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse’s Press Release. Do note that individual results may vary.