ShopBack: Online shopping with cashback and a Sephora sale!

Hello everyone!! It has been 1 month plus since we have moved to our new house and we are settling down fine!! Here’s how a lazy Saturday looks like when the husband don’t have to travel for work..  We are still in the midst of housewarming and we are currently inviting our friends & relatives in batches.. In this way, we will be able to play a better host 🙂

Food-wise, i’m sooo thankful for food delivery portals like Food Panda which offers many choices (Besides the regular fast food deliveries~). Do you know discount code is not the only way you can enjoy some cash savings for your food orders? On top of that, you are entitled to cashback too!  Good things must share! 🙂


You can enjoy cashback when you shop or order food online via Shopback! When you spend online through ShopBack, a portion of your purchase will be given back as Cashback. This means extra, unlimited savings whenever you shop online!  Founded in 2014, it has grown to become Singapore’s Top Cashback Website. What i like about ShopBack is that it works with many different popular merchants like Groupon, JetstarSephoraGuardian and many more.

The print-screen below shows some of the merchants which consists of fashion, travel, electronics, dining and so much more. How ShopBack work is by affiliate marketing. For each sales generated on the various sites, ShopBack receives a commission and then portion of those earnings are passed back to the shoppers.  Without much fuss, you can get up to 30% Cashback when you shop online for needs~


Online Sale and Deals

ShopBack helps you get the best deals and discounts on 300+ online stores, plus Cashback! As mentioned, you can enjoy even more cost savings by utilizing coupons / vouchers/ promo codes/ discount code on top of cashback. Click here and you can gain access to all the vouchers / discount codes! Gone were the days whereby you have to use search engines to find one (Only to discover that it is invalid. haha!). Time for more online shopping!!!!!!


Here’s a video to show how ShopBack works but nothing beats a real life example right? 🙂 At a recent house-warming, my husband and i had use ShopBack while ordering from Foodpanda. As a result, we enjoyed 8% CashBack effortlessly.

Firstly, log in to your account and click on any store and get redirected to the merchant’s website. In our case, we clicked on Food Panda and was redirected to the website. If you cannot locate the shop / brand / product you want, you can use the search function 🙂


Locate what you want.


Click on the ‘Shop-Now- Button


Redirecting in progress

Once re-directed, stay on the same browser and shop as usual on merchant’s site to make your purchase. Cashback will be processed once you have made your purchase. You can locate it in your ShopBack’s account within 48 hours, under the ‘Pending’ tab



Cashback will turn ‘Redeemable’ once order is validated by the merchant. This will take 30-60 days to ensure that there is no order cancellation/return/exchange. An email will be sent once the cashback is credited to your account.



Lastly, Cashback can be ‘Cash out’ easily to your PayPal or bank account. Just get your bank account set up and your payout will be credited once you have ‘confirmed’ your payout on ShopBack.

You can request for payout once you’ve reached Redeemable Cashback of $10.00
Bonus can only be cashed out when your Redeemable Cashback reaches $10.00


Cost savings is as easy as 123 with SHOPBACK..

From now on, remember to incorporate ShopBack during your online shopping / ordering to earn more savings through cashback, coupons and deals! 🙂

Thepowerof2DJ’s Honeymoon in Finland – Update #1

Hello my readers, it has been many months since my honeymoon to Finland and i’m ready to blog about it (Way overdue i know! haha). Why Finland you might ask? For many years, i have been dreaming of a White Christmas. My husband has yearning to visit Finland but i’m really worried that i cannot take the harsh winter.. Eventually, we have decided to head to South Africa for a more exotic honeymoon and we have paid for the deposit at the Natas Fair. However, we have to cancel it as Jane entered our lives the following month. Due to the turn of events a few months later, i have a lot of spare time during my Maternity Leave. My husband also has to clear his leave so he suggested that we head for the long overdue honeymoon in December. His first choice is Finland (obviously) and we decided to just do it!

We booked our trip very last-minute in October and being the peak season, we were really lucky to grab the very last 2 air tickets on Finnair (On both Departure and Arrival Flight)… Due to the time constraint, we engaged the help of a tour operator to arrange for land tours (Meaning, she will only help us with the reservation of our air tickets, accommodation and railway tickets). We prefer a F&E trip, we don’t like to follow rigid schedule (too much constraints & restrictions) and i dislike travelling with too many people. If i did not remember wrongly, the air tickets cost about $1.5k each and this is the only airline that offers direct flight to Finland from Singapore. Overall, the flight experience was good with friendly and attentive crew~ The 2 meals provided were delicious as well but the only complaint was the lack of leg space (SQ’s flight has bigger leg space!). hehe~

Tip #1: If possible, do self-check in the day before in case flight overbooked. You can also select your favorite seat and in our case, seats near the window!


Check out my furry and warm boots!

We arrived Finland in about 12-13 hours and i was thrilled when the plane was about to land as most places were covered with snow! Thank God for providing us with the means so that we have this opportunity to experience such a magical moment.

It was about 6.30am when we arrived Helsinki and we cleared immigration swiftly before collecting our luggage. We had an internal flight to catch at 11+ hence there was so much time to kill.. :/ After self-check in & bag drop was done for our next flight, we roamed around the airport. It was snowing while we arrived! Yay!! Since it was the winter season, there was little day light so the skies remained dark and gloomy most of the time.

We also purchased SIM card bundle from R-Kioski (Convenience store) at the arrival hall. We bought the Saunalahti Perhenetti Prepaid Bundle which costs 39,00 € which consists of a Mobile Broadband (WIFI) router and a Saunalahti Prepaid Mobile Broadband simcard (Including one month data in Finland and 6 € Balance for calls).

Tip #2: There’s individual sim card available but we reckon the bundle is more worth it as we would be relying heavily on the internet (on the go) and we would be there for 2 weeks. Moreover, we wouldn’t have to go through the hassle to top it up from time to time. Saunalahti ‘s network is stable, fast and has coverage at all the places we went so i will highly recommend it. 🙂


There’s plenty of cafes to get your food fixs and free WIFI at the airport to help us kill time… For Pandora lovers, there’s an outlet in the airport itself so that you can get your accessories at tax-free prices.. Don’t say i never share 😛

Rovaniemi is the first destination that we were heading to and it is the capital of Lapland.. Rovaniemi as it is the Official Hometown of Santa Claus and it is an urban oasis amidst the Arctic wilderness, where culture and wild activities and fairytales come together (Quote from Will touch on what’s in Rovaniemi in my next blog post so stay tune.

We chose to take an internal flight to Rovaniemi to save time as it only takes 1 hr 15 mins to arrive there (as compared to taking an overnight train). Finnair and Norwegian Airline flies there and we took Norwegian Airline as it is a budget carrier (Hence tickets are more affordable). We booked the internal flight tickets ourselves as it was a last-minute decision (as we decided not to take overnight train). Paid about $464.22 for 2 pax and the flight experience was good as well! Comfortable leather seat and leg space is decent as well.. Their air crew also emphasized a lot on safety which we really appreciate (Unlike certain budget airline that i took in Singapore)

Check out the really adorable decoration on the baggage carousel!! Our baggage came out really fast as well and i was really excited to begin our winter land adventure!

The lazy Polar Beer & Reindeer!

Cute Huskies!

Waiting for my luggage and i can’t wait to start my winter adventure

To get to our hotel in the city, we took the Airport Bus right outside the first exit near to the  baggage carousel area (Basically, you just have to walk straight).. The bus will be waiting outside whenever there’s any flight incoming and no booking is required. Bus fare starts from 7 € from the airport to the city. The bus will leave immediately after the arrival of Finnair and Norwegian Flights so you have to be quick! The bus journey to our hotel took about 45 mins and i was busy enjoying the scenery along the way. The driver will help you with your luggage after you alight and Finnish are really friendly people! 🙂


Picture taken from Google’s image

Plenty of Snow & Pine Trees!

-14 degrees~

We stayed in City Hotel Rovaniemi and we chose this hotel as it is located in the main city area whereby the city shopping centre is located in the vicinity (Just across the street). Check in was done fast by helpful and attentive hotel staff! Our room + Bathroom were small but adequate for the both of us! It has a modern touch and filled with the needed amenities (Like heater, toiletries and coffee-making factilities etc). The in-room WiFi was complimentary, fast and stable so we have nothing much to complain about.. Bed and pillows were comfortable and it really helped to ‘shorten’ my jetlag sympton. Breakfast provided by the hotel was really good as well and i enjoyed it very much!

#Tip 3: You can use online travel search engine like / Expedia to check out different choices /comparison of flights and timing. Likewise for hotel rooms! Sometimes, it will be more affordable to book your flights or Hotels via these online portals instead of booking direct through the airline / hotels’s website. At the same time, you can enjoy more cost savings by utilizing coupons / discount codes from sites like CupoNation

We arrived on 24 Dec so the hotel was hosting Gala Dinner (on 24th and 25th Dec) for their occupants! It was a really nice touch as almost all the shops were closed (Including cafes and Restaurants)~ Special mention to the employees as they have to work on a holiday and coping with the large amount of guest during the Christmas Period (The hotel was fully booked while we were staying there).

Here’s what we had on the first night (Clockwise Direction):

Smoked Salmon Herb Cream and Roe, Grilled Filet of Beef, Reindeer Carpaccio with dried and preserved berries, Fire Frilled White Fish and Strawberry Champagne Sorbet (Not in picture). 

Almost everything beside the Reindeer Carpaccio were delicious! I took a small bite of the Reindeer Carpaccio and it has a stronger and weirder aftertaste as compared to the mutton. No price for guessing who ate it in the end (The dustbin. lol!)

After dinner, we went to explore the hotel area. All the shops were closed due to the festive season and we wanted to walk to the Arktikum (Arctic Centre and Regional Museum of Lapland) located 15 mins away from the hotel. Bad choice and we gave up halfway as the extreme cold was too much for us to bear!

Tip #4: Do bring along a mask as the cold air that you breathe in will make your nose very dry and uncomfortable (Some will even experience nose bleed). If possible, wear spectacles with anti-fog lenses or contact lenses (Bring a bottle of eye drop along). If not, your spectacle lenses will fog up and freeze (no Joke!)

City shopping centre

Us with the fogged up and Frozen Spectacle lenses!

Went back to the hotel for a short rest and proceeded to the lobby again as the staff told us that Santa Claus will be paying a visit. I did not expect that he will arrive on a Reindeer Sled! Omg!

Do you know that Reindeer is a species of deer that’s native to Arctic?

Look at the thick amount of fur! Reindeer are built for staying warm in freezing temperatures!

After staring at the Reindeer indoors, my husband suggested to run outside and take a picture with the Reindeer. We were under-dressed and our down jackets were in the rooms (There was not enough time for us to go up and grab it).

We were freezinggggg after spending less than 3 mins outside (Temperature was -19 degrees) but it was worth it!

Alright! I will end a picture with the (Not so happy looking) Santa Claus and that’s all for Day 1! We only had a few hours to spare as we reached the hotel at about 3 pm and many attractions were closed~ Went to bed early to prepare for Day 2 as we had to wake up early~

Stay Tune to my next update and Happy Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all my muslim friends and readers. Have a great weekend everyone!

(Travel) Must visit in Kaohsiung, 高雄 – Jing Yuan Leisure Farm,淨園農場!

Hello everyone! The first blog post for December will be dedicated to personal updates.. hehe! It has been months since i last came back from Taiwan and I’ve been missing this place.. Despite of visiting the country many times, i will never get sick of it. 🙂 Besides the nice scenery and weather, what i love about Taiwan will be the friendly & warm people who will go all out for you.. On many occasions when we asked for directions, people will always bring us there or explain till we understand. Not only that, the transport system is so much better than Singapore whereby people will queue to get into the train orderly and they won’t push and shove! Train service is much more reliable with no train breakdowns and also better frequencies. Lastly, i love the shopping and food there (comes with excellent service as well) so there’s 101 reasons for me to visit Taiwan again & again. 🙂

On a side note – If you are heading to Taiwan soon, Taiwan now offers  free Wi-Fi to all tourists. All you have to do is to register an iTaiwan account at Taiwan Tourism Bureau counter/center and show their your passport for ID identification. Once done, you can log in using your account FOC. You can check out this link for more information.

In this post, i will be touching on Jing Yuan Leisure Farm, 淨園農場 as my colleague was asking me about the things to do and must visit places in Kahsiung..  淨園農場 came to my mind immediately and hence i have to share it with my readers (and her of course!)


Photo from 淨園休閒農場 fb page

淨園農場  is located at 小港區明聖街135巷10弄12號 Kaohsiung, Taiwan 812 (No. 12, Alley 10, Lane 135, Míngshèng St, Xiaogang District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 812)


高雄車站→69號公車(2號出口)往小港→明聖街下車 →淨園機場咖啡休閒農場
69號公車 草衙站-淨園 停留10站 (明聖街公車站牌離淨園票亭約300-400公尺)
平日首末班車 06:00-22:30 10-30分鐘一班

(草衙站-R4A) ※轉搭公車:2號出口→出口上來自對面空廚與SUM 優質汽車聯盟平行道路(中安路)→轉搭69號公車→明 聖街下車→淨園機場咖啡休閒農場

下車後轉搭捷運→草衙站(R4A)下車→公車OR捷運 接駁車→淨園機場咖啡休閒農場

計程車 草衙站-淨園 3.4KM 車資約 $115
夢時代-淨園 6.9KM 車資約 $180
左營高鐵站-淨園 16.9KM 車資約 $370

What we did was to take KMRT from Formsa Boulevard to CaoYa station and we tried to take bus 69 from 優質汽車聯盟平行道路(中安路) but we missed it (do take note that bus frequency is every 30 mins interval). Hence, we took a cab in the end and it cost us less than SGD $10… For convenience sake, i will highly recommend that you take a cab from CaoYa station so you don’t have to walk so much. Entry fee costs NT200 and you can enjoy rebate if you dine at the cafe inside. 🙂

Upon stepping in, a huge pond awaits you whereby you will see many flamingo, roaming ducks and  hippopotamus.. I’m amazed that the place is so clean and well maintained and there wasn’t any stench!!

‘Birds of a feather flock together’

The pink long-legged beauty standing only on one leg with the other tucked beneath its body

The ‘shy’ trademark –  3/4 submerged in water and showing only its eyes, ears, and nostrils!

Beautiful & Intelligent Parrots!

Who will emerge as the winner in the starring game?

A trip to 淨園農場 isn’t completed until you’ve visited the ‘Cute Animal’s Area’! Cuteness overload so let my pictures do the talking. 🙂

When do piglet stop being so darned cute?? I saw the piglet from far and i ran in immediately to ‘sayang’ them! There’s one on leash which kept rushing towards my camera and hit his/her nose against my camera lens!! SO KE AI!

Curious Piglet on leash! Irresistibly cute!!!!

If you dare, you can carry these cute little piglet. 🙂

Taiwanese are always good at ‘cute-ifying’ things – Check out the lizard’s name. LOL!

Mr Turtle & ‘Edison Chen’

Next up, my hubby’s favorite dog with a mistaken identity. . Initially he thought it was a panda but upon closer look, it is actually a dog in disguise..  In case you are wondering if this is the ‘love-product’ between a panda and a dog – it is not! The black parts are from black dye ‘painted’ on a ‘Chow-Chow’ (i hope i got it right), mystery solved! We took many pictures and video with’ Xiao Yuan Zai’ before proceeding to explore other parts of the farm (pictures below!)

Bello! I’m ‘Xiao Yuan Zai’ with panda eyes!

Really looks like panda from far!

Now it’s my turn to disturb the birds!

Mandarin Ducks should always come in pairs. 🙂

Furry Raccoon!

ROAR!! The chill lion with nicely groomed mane!

The lioness is really fierce.

The highlight of the farm visit would be the ‘encounter with the 草泥马’! Our initial plan was to visit the 草泥马 farm in Taichung but it was out-of-the-way and hence we came to 淨園農場 as there’s 草泥马 too. ‘草泥马 (alpaca) is a domesticated species of South American camelid. It resembles a small llama in appearance’ – Wikipedia.

When we were there, the 草泥马 were lazing under the shade. We tried to get them to come out but to no avail . So we sat down, waited but they continued to laze around.. So i went to ask the auntie who was preparing food for the animals and she told me to get some carrots to feed them.. So in order to get the  草泥马 to gather at the fence area, you have to lure them with food (whereby you can purchase it inside)..

Why are you hiding?

The sweet temptation of food!

See! All will swamp towards you if you have food in your hands.

They might be taller than me but they are so docile & approachable

Disturb only!

After spending time with the animals, you can end the day by winding down and relaxing at their alfresco cafe. 淨園農場 is located near to Kahsiung airport  so you can eat, drink, chat while watching planes take off from the runway (you can even see horses roaming nearby the cafe too).. As the weather was hot, we did not try their steamboat (which looks so good) and all we had were cakes + drinks.. It tasted pretty delicious and not expensive (you can offset the total amount with the rebate coupon)!

Up up in the sky! How i wish my life is as carefree…

I really love 淨園農場 as you can ‘re-connect’ back to nature and get away from the hustle and bustle of a stressful environment… Living in Singapore’s fast-paced environment, we will tend to lose the childlike sense of life when we constantly fill lives with worries. Occasionally, we ought to cast all the worries away by relaxing, having fun and living in the present. 🙂

22 months old Double Eye Lids | Recommended Hotels in Taipei near Regent Clinic!

Hello everyone! It has been close to 22 months since my double eyelids surgery and i’m glad that my sharing has helped many in one way or another.. 🙂

Recently, i’m getting many emails from readers asking me for recommendation for hotels which is near to the clinic and also the current state of my double eyelids.. Hence, i will just do a quick update to show you how does my eyes look like currently and also some accommodations that i have stayed in Taipei during recent years.

First and foremost, present to you my close to 2 years old double eyelids (Pardon the little eyeliner bits left behind after cleaning away my eye makeup). The crease was what i chosen* for – Not too low in height and natural so it won’t look weird when i’m not wearing any makeup.

*To refresh your memory, Dr Chen simulated three different level of crease based on my 黃金定位點 and I chose the medium crease as i wanted a more obvious result but not too high crease!

As for the scar from the incision, it has healed really nicely. The scar is small and not really visible even closeup. Many people were surprised that i went for surgery as they couldn’t tell (as there’s no visible scarring and result is so natural).

Natural looking double eyelids without much scarring! 🙂

The appearance of my eyes with heavy eye make-up (Mascara, falsies, eyeliner & eyeshadow). Picture was taken during my pre-wedding shoot and the rare occasion whereby i will have such thick makeup on.

Full eye make up on

As for the recommended hotels, i will suggest staying in Da-an area as it is strategically located 1 stop away from ZhongXiao Dun Hua Station. Personally i love staying in this area as the location is good (near the major attractions and shopping centers) and there’s plenty of food around the vicinity. One stop from Daan station is Zhongxiao Fuxing station from where you can interchange to the Blue Bannan line (Most of the tourist attractions are accessible through this line) and the nearest station to Regent Clinic.. Have stayed in 3 different hotels located near Da-an station and they are Fu Hao Hotel, Park Taipei Hotel and Hotel Eclat.


Picture extracted from

Fu-Hua Hotel (Approximately $100 plus per night for smallest room)

Sorry but i don’t have the pictures of the room that i stayed in previously (if i never remember wrongly, i was having an arguement with my hubby so i wasn’t in the mood to take pictures. LOL!). However, you can check the pictures out via Tripadvisor 

Out of the 3 hotels, Fu-Hua Hotel has the best location as it is only less than 30 seconds walk from Da-an MRT station. Seems like a family run hotel and check in/out was relatively fast. Upon check in, i was surprised to receive keys instead of security card.. Personally, i don’t find it safe as it might slip your mind and there’s risk of forgetting to lock the door when you head out..

Room wise, the furnishing ia contemporary and pleasing to the eye. As we stayed in the executive room (商務客房), there wasn’t much space left as the king size bed took up most of it.. My hubby had to leave his luggage near to the door area while i put mine on the other side of the room (if not, it will be impossible to open up our luggage). The bed and pillows are lush and comfortable.. Entire room is very clean and there isn’t any no weird / stale scent in the room. Bathroom is on the smaller side as well and there’s no bathtub. Clean towels and toiletries are provided.. WLAN is fast and stable… Breakfast was provided and it was Taiwanese buffet fare style.. Food selections were limited but tasted nice.. 🙂

Will recommend this hotel if you are looking for one which is affordable with good location.


Picture from Fu-Hua Hotel website


Picture from Fu-Hua Hotel website

Park Taipei Hotel  (Approximately $200 per night for superior king on Agoda (limited time offer deal))

Decided to stay in this hotel as there was a flash sales going on Agoda and we paid about $150 for the deluxe King Room (Room Only).. During the point of booking, we were not very sure on the exact location and all we knew that i was located in Da-an area. Upon reaching Park Taipei Hotel, we were pleased to find that the hotel is located in a good location. Da-an station is located just a 2 min walk away (across the road)… We also observed that there’s a new station in the midst of construction and it is just located outside the hotel! Not sure when will it be ready but it should make communing even more convenient in the future (Hope the hotel won’t increase the room rates!)

Room – Spacious with ample space for walking even with all the furnishing + 2 open luggage. Bed has good support (medium firm) and comfortable with silky linen!  Pillows are plush and not too soft.. Amenities wise and aircon are working fine but WLAN is a little weak as we got the corner room.. My hubby went to test the signal strength nearer to the lift area and it was better there. Room is carpeted and very clean without stale smell.

Toilet- Huge toilet for the room that we have stayed in. Completed with bath tub, separate shower area and complete set of toiletries. Temperature control for shower is easy to control and drainage is good. .

Environment- Located across the road and within 2 mins walk from Da-an station, the location is a big plus point to make travelling easy. Security is good as you will need your room access card to activate the lift and also the door of your own room..

 Services- Excellent!! Once you alight from the taxi, there would be someone helping you with your luggage. Everyone was all smiles and very helpful. The staffs were very quick to react to our requests and needs. Check in was fast and they allowed us to check in 2 hours before time without us even requesting for it (first time we have encountered this as most hotels in Taipei are really strict with the check in time). The manager even show us to the room and gave us a room introduction…

Will recommend this hotel if you are looking for one with top-notch service, comfortable room and good location.

King Size Bed

Ample Space to walk around and to open our luggage

Robe, Safe & Drinking Water Provided

The see through toilet (you can wind down the blinds for privacy)

Toilet is big and has a separate shower area

Toiletries are provided

Soaking in the bathtub and watching TV is made possible

Hotel Eclat (Approximately $250 per night for Deluxe room)

This boutique hotel is highly raved online and we were attracted to the furnishing and decoration of the hotel. Although location is not so good (about 10-15 mins walk to Da-an MRT station), the room definitely made up for this short coming.

The 5 star service experience started with us alighting from the taxi, immediately the staff came forward and helped us with our luggage. Upon reaching the counter, the receptionist addressed my husband by his surname even before he said anything. Check in was done fast and the receptionist even brought us up to the room while giving us a hotel / room tour. Even we asked for directions, they patiently explained to us twice to make sure that we understood. All i can say is that all the staffs were really attentive, service oriented and polite!

Eclat is a boutique hotel with luxurious & stylish feel! From the hotel lobby to the rooms, it is classy decorated with a prestige feel!! To access to your room level, you would need to tap your room card so security is good. Upon entering our  deluxe room, i was all surprised to see it filled with high-end equipments (even the toilet bowl and LED lighting! LOL!). The room might be small for some, space was sufficient for the 2 of us as we could open our luggage and still walk around comfortably. Almost all the items in the room are of top quality, – TV, sound system, pen, toilet bowl, coffee machine etc were all branded! Even the writing pen is from Mont Blanc and the toiletries are from Molten Brown! Sleep quality was good as well as you get to choose the type of pillows that you like..

Room service was quick and prompt as something was wrong with the safe upon check in. The maintenance team came within 10 mins and replace the flat battery. Excellent service recovery!  Oh yaa! I have to mention about the breakfast! They served nice english breakfast set and i could even request for egg benedict!

The staff went all the way out even when we checked out, making sure that we have enough water to drink and even offered us food. They helped us to get a taxi and even walked us to the taxi while helping us with our luggage. Overall, it was a good experience and will highly recommend if you don’t mind the location, want to pamper yourself a little for a different luxurious feel.

Such a beautiful room with high-tech features and i love the bed linen’s design (king sized bed)!

Different types of pillows given!

Complementary tasty local treat + Weather of the day

Average sized room

One of the installed gadgets completed with branded sound-system

Nespresso and Fruits provided! I have the feature the damn cool phone and clock!

Even the hangers are so stylish! Hubby told me that the safe that the hotel provided is a really good one.

Really love the bathroom furnishing (There’s a TV inside too). Enough said!

Molten Brown miniature toiletries, comprehensive shower facilities and Deluxe Toto Toilet

Guess this final post will sum up my double eyelids surgery experience.. Please feel free to email me if you have any more questions and i will try my best to assist you.. Meanwhile, this coming week will be terribly busy for me due to closing so i have to take a short break from blogging.. Promise that i will be back soon! 🙂

Thanks for reading and have a great week ahead! 

* Disclaimer: Results might vary among individuals and the above services / Accommodations are not sponsored.

Happy 2013 everyone..

Hello everyone how are you? I’m in Taiwan now and currently Cingjing to be exact.. Capturing the nice moments and blogging from my phone.. 🙂

This place is cold but no regrets coming here as the air is fresh and I managed to catch the sunset.



Not forgetting the comfy minsu and the really cool room with roof top windows.
I can just lie on the bed while watching the clouds float by… ohh! The fog cleared in the middle of the night so the skies are filled with stars.. really beautiful!!!


Alright! Time to go!! Going for my 8 hours tour to Hehuanshan and Taroko gorge now…

Happy new year and may the coming 2013 be a blessed one for you!