Thepowerof2DJ’s Lovenest– Update #1 (Defects Check)

Hello everyone, Sorry for disappearing again as i was so busy with work and the defect inspection process!! As you know, i have collected the keys to my new house 3 weeks ago.. As want to move in as soon as possible, we went straight into defect checks on the same day itself. As per the feedback from other residents in our Facebook Group, the defects are not so bad (Thank you Developer!) so we have decided not to engage any professional defect finder to help in our defect inspection. Instead, we have engaged the help of our ID, Parents in Law, Ben & Helen (My cousin & my friend) to assist us with the defect checking! (Thank you guys!)


Thank God that the defects in our unit are very minor and everyone who helped in the defect checking were saying that the developer did a very good job this time… The only ‘major’ defect is with the Balcony door as something is wrong with the tracks~ The glass sliding door does not move smoothly so both sides of the panels cannot be pushed to the end.

Other small defects include:

Balcony: Some balcony tiles have stains but we did not raise this problem to the developer as we will be doing decking so that it will be in line with our house theme.

Kitchen: There are stains and stains on the kitchen cabinet & wall. One of the hinges fell off when we opened up one of the cabinet. We will be removing the door of the kitchen due to the poor design. Our kitchen is already small enough and the door will be hazardous once opened!

Living Room: Not much major issues apart from 1-2 hollow tiles, stains and some incomplete grout between the joints of the tiles.

Main Door: Viewfinder has a crack at the bottom and there’s some stains on the door as well… Stopper at the top (I don’t know what is the correct term) doesn’t close the door smoothly.

Toilets: One of the shower screen door cannot close tightly… Both shower head holders are not screwed tightly… There are also stains and minor stains. There are minor scratches and stains in both toilets. Water pressure is also on the weak side and some helpful neighbors have already told us how to rectify the problem.

Bedrooms: For the flooring,  there’s 1-2 hollow tiles, some chipping of tiles and stains~ As for the wardrobes, there are minor stains and scratches. For the windows, some fine scratches on both the glass and window frames.

Walls: We left the aircon running at full blast overnight and there are some cracks on the wall… There are also stains on the wall but it won’t be an issue since we will be repainting the entire house.

Overall, we are quite satisfied with the workmanship for our development. Not to mention, the defect rectification team is really efficient. Few days after we submitted the defect list, they called us for a joint inspection so that they can rectify the defects. My parents in law helped us as my husband was away and i couldn’t take time off from work.

However, the actual defect rectification process took longer than expected and along the way we found more defects… In between, i have to go down personally to ‘chase’ them as i wish to start the renovation asap! In total, they took 2 weeks to rectify most of the defects. When i went to check a few days ago, some of the reported defects are (mostly the incomplete grout ) still not done! Made some noise and they said they will rectify it by Monday. I know they have their constraints as well as they have so many units to handle so i have decided to sign the documents for handover.

New folder7

We will be starting our much-anticipated renovation tomorrow and i’m glad to have engaged the help of a really talented and responsible ID. Will be more with more updates on the renovation so stay tune! Ending off with a picture of the pool at night~ Really love the peaceful and tranquil environment~ The most favorite feature has to be the ‘floating’ pavilion! 🙂


Picture from Waterbay’s Facebook page

In the meantime, i’m open to home related collaborations so you can keen to email me if you are keen to work with me. Thank you!:)