Thepowerof2DJ’s Lovenest– Update #1 (Defects Check)

Hello everyone, Sorry for disappearing again as i was so busy with work and the defect inspection process!! As you know, i have collected the keys to my new house 3 weeks ago.. As want to move in as soon as possible, we went straight into defect checks on the same day itself. As per the feedback from other residents in our Facebook Group, the defects are not so bad (Thank you Developer!) so we have decided not to engage any professional defect finder to help in our defect inspection. Instead, we have engaged the help of our ID, Parents in Law, Ben & Helen (My cousin & my friend) to assist us with the defect checking! (Thank you guys!)


Thank God that the defects in our unit are very minor and everyone who helped in the defect checking were saying that the developer did a very good job this time… The only ‘major’ defect is with the Balcony door as something is wrong with the tracks~ The glass sliding door does not move smoothly so both sides of the panels cannot be pushed to the end.

Other small defects include:

Balcony: Some balcony tiles have stains but we did not raise this problem to the developer as we will be doing decking so that it will be in line with our house theme.

Kitchen: There are stains and stains on the kitchen cabinet & wall. One of the hinges fell off when we opened up one of the cabinet. We will be removing the door of the kitchen due to the poor design. Our kitchen is already small enough and the door will be hazardous once opened!

Living Room: Not much major issues apart from 1-2 hollow tiles, stains and some incomplete grout between the joints of the tiles.

Main Door: Viewfinder has a crack at the bottom and there’s some stains on the door as well… Stopper at the top (I don’t know what is the correct term) doesn’t close the door smoothly.

Toilets: One of the shower screen door cannot close tightly… Both shower head holders are not screwed tightly… There are also stains and minor stains. There are minor scratches and stains in both toilets. Water pressure is also on the weak side and some helpful neighbors have already told us how to rectify the problem.

Bedrooms: For the flooring,  there’s 1-2 hollow tiles, some chipping of tiles and stains~ As for the wardrobes, there are minor stains and scratches. For the windows, some fine scratches on both the glass and window frames.

Walls: We left the aircon running at full blast overnight and there are some cracks on the wall… There are also stains on the wall but it won’t be an issue since we will be repainting the entire house.

Overall, we are quite satisfied with the workmanship for our development. Not to mention, the defect rectification team is really efficient. Few days after we submitted the defect list, they called us for a joint inspection so that they can rectify the defects. My parents in law helped us as my husband was away and i couldn’t take time off from work.

However, the actual defect rectification process took longer than expected and along the way we found more defects… In between, i have to go down personally to ‘chase’ them as i wish to start the renovation asap! In total, they took 2 weeks to rectify most of the defects. When i went to check a few days ago, some of the reported defects are (mostly the incomplete grout ) still not done! Made some noise and they said they will rectify it by Monday. I know they have their constraints as well as they have so many units to handle so i have decided to sign the documents for handover.

New folder7

We will be starting our much-anticipated renovation tomorrow and i’m glad to have engaged the help of a really talented and responsible ID. Will be more with more updates on the renovation so stay tune! Ending off with a picture of the pool at night~ Really love the peaceful and tranquil environment~ The most favorite feature has to be the ‘floating’ pavilion! 🙂


Picture from Waterbay’s Facebook page

In the meantime, i’m open to home related collaborations so you can keen to email me if you are keen to work with me. Thank you!:)

Thepowerof2DJ’s Honeymoon in Finland – Update #1

Hello my readers, it has been many months since my honeymoon to Finland and i’m ready to blog about it (Way overdue i know! haha). Why Finland you might ask? For many years, i have been dreaming of a White Christmas. My husband has yearning to visit Finland but i’m really worried that i cannot take the harsh winter.. Eventually, we have decided to head to South Africa for a more exotic honeymoon and we have paid for the deposit at the Natas Fair. However, we have to cancel it as Jane entered our lives the following month. Due to the turn of events a few months later, i have a lot of spare time during my Maternity Leave. My husband also has to clear his leave so he suggested that we head for the long overdue honeymoon in December. His first choice is Finland (obviously) and we decided to just do it!

We booked our trip very last-minute in October and being the peak season, we were really lucky to grab the very last 2 air tickets on Finnair (On both Departure and Arrival Flight)… Due to the time constraint, we engaged the help of a tour operator to arrange for land tours (Meaning, she will only help us with the reservation of our air tickets, accommodation and railway tickets). We prefer a F&E trip, we don’t like to follow rigid schedule (too much constraints & restrictions) and i dislike travelling with too many people. If i did not remember wrongly, the air tickets cost about $1.5k each and this is the only airline that offers direct flight to Finland from Singapore. Overall, the flight experience was good with friendly and attentive crew~ The 2 meals provided were delicious as well but the only complaint was the lack of leg space (SQ’s flight has bigger leg space!). hehe~

Tip #1: If possible, do self-check in the day before in case flight overbooked. You can also select your favorite seat and in our case, seats near the window!


Check out my furry and warm boots!

We arrived Finland in about 12-13 hours and i was thrilled when the plane was about to land as most places were covered with snow! Thank God for providing us with the means so that we have this opportunity to experience such a magical moment.

It was about 6.30am when we arrived Helsinki and we cleared immigration swiftly before collecting our luggage. We had an internal flight to catch at 11+ hence there was so much time to kill.. :/ After self-check in & bag drop was done for our next flight, we roamed around the airport. It was snowing while we arrived! Yay!! Since it was the winter season, there was little day light so the skies remained dark and gloomy most of the time.

We also purchased SIM card bundle from R-Kioski (Convenience store) at the arrival hall. We bought the Saunalahti Perhenetti Prepaid Bundle which costs 39,00 € which consists of a Mobile Broadband (WIFI) router and a Saunalahti Prepaid Mobile Broadband simcard (Including one month data in Finland and 6 € Balance for calls).

Tip #2: There’s individual sim card available but we reckon the bundle is more worth it as we would be relying heavily on the internet (on the go) and we would be there for 2 weeks. Moreover, we wouldn’t have to go through the hassle to top it up from time to time. Saunalahti ‘s network is stable, fast and has coverage at all the places we went so i will highly recommend it. 🙂


There’s plenty of cafes to get your food fixs and free WIFI at the airport to help us kill time… For Pandora lovers, there’s an outlet in the airport itself so that you can get your accessories at tax-free prices.. Don’t say i never share 😛

Rovaniemi is the first destination that we were heading to and it is the capital of Lapland.. Rovaniemi as it is the Official Hometown of Santa Claus and it is an urban oasis amidst the Arctic wilderness, where culture and wild activities and fairytales come together (Quote from Will touch on what’s in Rovaniemi in my next blog post so stay tune.

We chose to take an internal flight to Rovaniemi to save time as it only takes 1 hr 15 mins to arrive there (as compared to taking an overnight train). Finnair and Norwegian Airline flies there and we took Norwegian Airline as it is a budget carrier (Hence tickets are more affordable). We booked the internal flight tickets ourselves as it was a last-minute decision (as we decided not to take overnight train). Paid about $464.22 for 2 pax and the flight experience was good as well! Comfortable leather seat and leg space is decent as well.. Their air crew also emphasized a lot on safety which we really appreciate (Unlike certain budget airline that i took in Singapore)

Check out the really adorable decoration on the baggage carousel!! Our baggage came out really fast as well and i was really excited to begin our winter land adventure!

The lazy Polar Beer & Reindeer!

Cute Huskies!

Waiting for my luggage and i can’t wait to start my winter adventure

To get to our hotel in the city, we took the Airport Bus right outside the first exit near to the  baggage carousel area (Basically, you just have to walk straight).. The bus will be waiting outside whenever there’s any flight incoming and no booking is required. Bus fare starts from 7 € from the airport to the city. The bus will leave immediately after the arrival of Finnair and Norwegian Flights so you have to be quick! The bus journey to our hotel took about 45 mins and i was busy enjoying the scenery along the way. The driver will help you with your luggage after you alight and Finnish are really friendly people! 🙂


Picture taken from Google’s image

Plenty of Snow & Pine Trees!

-14 degrees~

We stayed in City Hotel Rovaniemi and we chose this hotel as it is located in the main city area whereby the city shopping centre is located in the vicinity (Just across the street). Check in was done fast by helpful and attentive hotel staff! Our room + Bathroom were small but adequate for the both of us! It has a modern touch and filled with the needed amenities (Like heater, toiletries and coffee-making factilities etc). The in-room WiFi was complimentary, fast and stable so we have nothing much to complain about.. Bed and pillows were comfortable and it really helped to ‘shorten’ my jetlag sympton. Breakfast provided by the hotel was really good as well and i enjoyed it very much!

#Tip 3: You can use online travel search engine like / Expedia to check out different choices /comparison of flights and timing. Likewise for hotel rooms! Sometimes, it will be more affordable to book your flights or Hotels via these online portals instead of booking direct through the airline / hotels’s website. At the same time, you can enjoy more cost savings by utilizing coupons / discount codes from sites like CupoNation

We arrived on 24 Dec so the hotel was hosting Gala Dinner (on 24th and 25th Dec) for their occupants! It was a really nice touch as almost all the shops were closed (Including cafes and Restaurants)~ Special mention to the employees as they have to work on a holiday and coping with the large amount of guest during the Christmas Period (The hotel was fully booked while we were staying there).

Here’s what we had on the first night (Clockwise Direction):

Smoked Salmon Herb Cream and Roe, Grilled Filet of Beef, Reindeer Carpaccio with dried and preserved berries, Fire Frilled White Fish and Strawberry Champagne Sorbet (Not in picture). 

Almost everything beside the Reindeer Carpaccio were delicious! I took a small bite of the Reindeer Carpaccio and it has a stronger and weirder aftertaste as compared to the mutton. No price for guessing who ate it in the end (The dustbin. lol!)

After dinner, we went to explore the hotel area. All the shops were closed due to the festive season and we wanted to walk to the Arktikum (Arctic Centre and Regional Museum of Lapland) located 15 mins away from the hotel. Bad choice and we gave up halfway as the extreme cold was too much for us to bear!

Tip #4: Do bring along a mask as the cold air that you breathe in will make your nose very dry and uncomfortable (Some will even experience nose bleed). If possible, wear spectacles with anti-fog lenses or contact lenses (Bring a bottle of eye drop along). If not, your spectacle lenses will fog up and freeze (no Joke!)

City shopping centre

Us with the fogged up and Frozen Spectacle lenses!

Went back to the hotel for a short rest and proceeded to the lobby again as the staff told us that Santa Claus will be paying a visit. I did not expect that he will arrive on a Reindeer Sled! Omg!

Do you know that Reindeer is a species of deer that’s native to Arctic?

Look at the thick amount of fur! Reindeer are built for staying warm in freezing temperatures!

After staring at the Reindeer indoors, my husband suggested to run outside and take a picture with the Reindeer. We were under-dressed and our down jackets were in the rooms (There was not enough time for us to go up and grab it).

We were freezinggggg after spending less than 3 mins outside (Temperature was -19 degrees) but it was worth it!

Alright! I will end a picture with the (Not so happy looking) Santa Claus and that’s all for Day 1! We only had a few hours to spare as we reached the hotel at about 3 pm and many attractions were closed~ Went to bed early to prepare for Day 2 as we had to wake up early~

Stay Tune to my next update and Happy Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all my muslim friends and readers. Have a great weekend everyone!

What’s your Love Language? | Fish & Co Love Bounty

Since Valentine day is coming, i shall touch on something related to Love and Relationship! ❤

Do you know what is your partner’s love language? According Dr. Gary Chapman, bestselling author of The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts, each and everyone of us speaks a primary love language (also known as emotional communication preference). Understanding each other’s love language is a key to success in maintaining a strong and healthy relationship. If ‘Love Language’ sounds foreign to you, let me give you a short introduction on what are they:

Words Of Affirmation: This language uses words to affirm other people. If your partner’s love language is ‘Words of Affirmation’, he/she will need reassurance on why you love her and what is it that makes him/her special to you? A Simple ‘I Love You’ will be able to build and foster strong relationship and break any barrier between the both of you.

Acts of Service: For these people, actions speak louder than words. If your partner’s love language is ‘Acts of Service’, they feel that love is shown through actions. Show that you care and love your partner by offering to do something for him / her. Through the acts of services and assistance, it means the absolute world to your partner.

Receiving Gifts: For some people, what makes them feel most loved is to receive a gift which are given from a place of genuine affection and admiration.  Gifts are visual representations of love and great affection. If this is your partner’s love language, gift-giving will show that he/she is cared for, and are prized high above.

Quality Time:  The gift of your time and undivided attention will show your partner that he/she is important to you (and that you love him / her). Nothing says, ‘LOVE’ by showering him / her with full, undivided attention. Being there for your partner (physically and mentally) will make your partner feel truly special and loved. Distractions, change of plans, or the failure to listen can be devastating. Quality Time also means sharing quality conversation and doing things together as a couple!

Physical Touch: To this person, nothing speaks more deeply than appropriate touch. This language isn’t all about anything sexual. If your partner’s love language is ‘Physical Touch’, any form of touch will release powerful and wonderful feelings inside of him / her. Hugs, pats on the back, holding hands, and thoughtful touches are all representation of concern, care, and love. Physical touch fosters a sense of security, love and belonging.

*Explanation extracted from

What’s your Love Language?

For me, my Love Language has to be Quality Time! When my husband spares me his time and attention, it proves that he loves me and finds me important! When i’m feeling down or happy, it is important that he talks and earnestly listen to me (with no forms of distraction in place). I will feel loved when we spent time with each other and just being there for each other. I feel that i’m his priority in his life when we build our lives around each other. I absolutely disliked it when he gives me the cold shoulder and has no time for me.. Recently, he has been so busy at work and travelling so much till i feel so neglected! Sigh!!! So when Fish & Co invited the both of us to attend their Valentine’s Day Cooking Workshop, i’ve decided to postpone my appointment to attend it with him. It will be so fun learning to cook together as a couple and spending quality time together! If you are wondering why my husband looks so sleepy in most of the photo, it is due to the fact that he just came back from France that very morning. LOL! 

During the workshop, we are honored to have Fish & Co’s Resident Chef, Mr. Calvin Tan to show us know to whip up a tasty and hearty Valentine’s Day meal without breaking a sweat. During the special three-hour session, we were taught how to prepare a starter, main course and a mocktail. Here’s some of the pictures that we took during the event. Enjoy! 🙂

Glad to say that our answers are mostly similar! 🙂

A letter specially for me! 🙂

Before we start preparing each dish, Mr. Calvin Tan will brief us through the steps and what we need to take note of. He’s such a friendly and humorous chef!

Started off with an Appetizer – Garden Salad. Ingredients required are Dressing, Japanese Cucumber, Cherry Tomatoes, Mesclun Salad Mix, Sliced Fried Garlic, Ikan Bilis and Japanese Mayonnaise.

All you have to do is the cut the vegetables, toss the salad and add in the toppings!

Never mess with someone with a knife!

Preparing the greens!

Tadahhhh! Our version of the Garden Salad! Not only it looks good, it tastes really good as well (HAHAHA!)

Next, we get to prepare the main course which is Baked King Prawns with Ebiko Roe served with coleslaw and Paella Rice.

My husband prepared the Paella Rice (which is his favorite) while i made the Coleslaw from scratch.

Mixing the rice with butter, spices, seafood, pepper and raisins.

Shredding the Carrot before cutting the Cabbage!

The end product! We are really generous with the coleslaw! hahahaha!

The highlight of the main course is the Baked King Prawns with Ebiko Roe with Mozzarella Cheese on Top. Simply sweet, cheesy and delicious!

To end our cooking workshop with a sweet and lovey dovey note, we get to prepare a mocktail known as Deep Love! We are supposed to pour the Grenadine Syrup, Passion Fruit Cordials and Pineapple Juice to create three different layers. Patience and Steady hand is the key!

At the end of the workshop, we get to sit down and consume the food that we have prepared! We are really pleased with our creations! Thank you Fish & Co + The Good Folks for this arranging this fun and interactive workshop! 🙂


Despite what love language u speak, i’m sure everyone will agree that love should be served in whole and hearty portions which leave you with that warm, fuzzy feeling in your heart. For this V’day, bring the similar whole and hearty warm fuzzy feeling to your loved ones’ heart (and Stomach!) with Fish & Co’s Love Bounty Meal~ Fish & Co is bringing back the Love Bounty after its unforgettable debut last V’day, Tue love will always find its way back to you isn’t it? 🙂

The Fish & Co. Love Bounty features perfectly grilled king prawns, a juicy medley of mussels, scallops, prawn fritters and grilled tender white fish, served on top of glorious Paella rice and fluffy buttery mashed potatoes, along with two soup of the day and two soft drinks.

Fish & Co. Love Bounty Platter for TWO symbolized Love in excess, Love with no hidden agenda or first impressions, Love as it simply is! This set will be perfect for everyone, regardless of your love language. 🙂

The Fish & Co Love Bounty retails at $59.95 and will be available from 9-15 February at all Fish & Co Restaurants in Singapore.

One Word to sum up 2014…

Hello Everyone,

I’m currently In Kuopio and will be heading to the capital city of Finland, Helsinki in a few days time.. One more week to go and we will be returning home.

For the past one week, I had fun! I love the weather, the relaxed lifestyle, the friendly & warm people and the food here.. The most memorable moment is that we managed to catch the northern lights for two consecutive days. Our guide was sharing more on the northern lights with us and one thing he said made me so emotional.

Some Scandinavians believe that the Aurora are their lost children. Although I know that my lost child is currently in heaven safe in God’s cradle, I was really happy to see the aurora! It just felt that Jane is back to see us & waving at us 🙂


For 2014, there’s only one word to sum it up – Jane! Despite her short stay on earth, she has bought so much joy to us and taught us so much..

In case you are wondering what happened, I have given birth to Baby Jane prematurely at week 32 of my pregnancy.. Due to cord prolapse, the doctor has to deliver her asap (7 weeks earlier) with an emergency c-section. Despite this and the fact that Jane had been diagnosed with complications, she was a fighter who never made a single whine with all the needles poking into her body to deliver oxygen and medication. Fate got the better of her when no more heartbeat was detected as she was pulled out of our arms after hours of cuddling.

There isn’t a moment that we won’t miss her and we are certainly looking forward to the day when we will reunite with her once again.. Won’t be sharing more as I just want to give Jane the honor so I’m penning this down briefly.  Before the year 2014 ends, do join us in remembering Jane who’s in a better place.


For the new year 2015, I pray that God will bless us with the desire of our hearts and continue to keep our love ones safe..

Happy New Year everyone and I hope that the coming 2015 will be a really blessed & smooth one for you! 🙂

Hiatus Notification | Wet Brush Holiday Dazzler Squirt Collection | Models Own Diamond Luxe

Hello My Readers,

Wishing you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year in advance! I guess this will be my last blog post in 2014. The next three weeks are going to keep me very busy as i’m heading for my way overdue honeymoon. Because of this, I’m going to be taking a short hiatus from my blog but i will be posting updates on Instagram!

For many years, i have been dreaming of a white Christmas. Thank God for providing us with the means so that we have this opportunity to experience it. It’s going be a fun & magical couple of weeks and when I get back, i’ll share more about my little adventure!


Picture from

Before i go for my honeymoon, i would like to share more on the a parcel that i have received earlier.. One of the item i have received for review is from the Wet Brush Holiday Dazzler Squirt Collection which will make the perfect stocking stuffer this holiday season to gift one with tangle free hair. The collection is available for a limited time only this holiday season and features the trademark Wet Brush Intelliflex bristles, which are ultra-thin and provide pain-free detangling without damaging or breaking the hair!


The Wet Brush is the best-selling detangling hairbrush in US and it comprises of specially formulated soft flexible IntelliFlex™ bristles which detangle hair with ease. The intelliFlex bristles are thin, strong and highly flexible with its adaptive flexibility to eliminates tugging, tearing, pulling and ripping when one combs his / her hair. Thanks to Suzanni Beaute, i was gifted with the Wet Brush Holiday Dazzler Squirt in Blue for review. The compact size brush is so travel-friendly that i bought it along with me when i went to Bangkok last week. Not only that it occupy little space in my luggage, it also kept my thick and easily tangled hair knot free.


The Intelliflex bristles are what make the Wet Brush so special that it has set a milestone in the hair care industry. The Bristles are ultra thin and flexible which enables protective, effortless and pain-free detangling without damaging or breaking the hair. The bristles are firm enough to comb through knots, yet flexible enough to be gentle on the scalp. They glide through hair (wet or dry) effortlessly detangling and prepping for healthy styling. The bristles are also longer which allows for more elasticity when brushing through any type of hair, making it easier and more comfortable to comb through knots.

The Polytip ball on top of the bristles cushions the bristles’ contact with the scalp, ensuring gentle massage actions that stimulate circulation at the follicle which is a proven benefit for overall hair health. The brush’s soft floating cushion compliments its super flexible bristles to provide even more flexibility and protection, making it more responsive to tangles and knots while providing a barrier between the brush and the scalp.


I have been using the Wet Brush for many months and it is an excellent detangling brush (so good that i have ditched my other brushes!) I love how it detangles my hair with ‘zero-friction’ so as to provide greater comfort, ease and zero pain.

As mentioned before, I have thick hair with coarse texture and it gets tangled very easily… I have to use a conditioner daily so as to achieve a smoother and manageable hair texture.. Detangling of knots can be painful and frustrating; not to mention that my hair will drop and break if i exert too much force to comb through the knots.

With the Wet Brush, i’m actually looking forward to comb my hair! This brush makes my combing experience easy and painless! This brush will just glides through my hair and it gets the tangles out quickly without requiring me to tug too much. This means lesser breakage, no pain and fewer hair drop. After combing is done, my hair also appears to be smoother and less frizzy! I’m really pleased with the hair brush as it helps detangle my hair without much effort, lesser damage and no pain.

The Wet Brush Holiday Dazzler Squirt works as effectively as the regular wet brush, just that it is smaller in size. While holidaying in Bangkok, i will shower the first thing i got out of bed and there will be plenty of tangles. When i get out of the shower with my hair wet, i just have to glide the brush through my hair effortlessly without pain and the tangles will be removed in just a few stroke. It causes less damage to hair when it detangles hair so effortlessly and painlessly. I observed that there are less breakages and hair loss ever since the use of the wet brush! You have to experience the effectiveness yourself! 🙂


This Christmas, the Wet Brush Holiday Dazzler Squirt will make a great gift for anyone and everyone. Each brush is retailing at $11.90 and it is available in Blue, Green, Red and Purple. You can get them at aLT @ BHG, Metro (Seng Kang  & Centrepoint), Robinsons and selected Guardian, Sasa and Watsons


Another item which i have received within the same parcel is from the Models Own first ever ‘luxe’ collection – Diamond Luxe! With a prestige looking gold cap, each polish contains Diamond Dust to deliver a completely different golden metallic finish. Known and famed for their fearless colour selection, Diamond Luxe is available in a rainbow of five very wearable, fun shades – Princess Pink, Trillion Taupe, Heart Red, Asscher Blue, Radiant Pink.


Perfect for the holiday seasons, the new Diamond Luxe collection features five brand new opulent polishes that are Luxe by name and Luxe by nature. Each bottle of Diamond Luxe nail polish contains ultra-fine gold glitter dust which gives a hint of sophisticated shimmer, coupled with the colourful shades for year round grown-up glam.


Have requested for the Diamond Luxe nail polish in Trillion Taupe as i’m in love with natural looking shades recently.. Trillion Taupe has a very natural creamy browish-nude shade with sprinkles of fine shimmery golden dust.


The Diamond Luxe nail polish in Trillion Taupe has a thick consistency formula which dries relatively fast so it is quite challenging to achieve a nice finish. The trick is to be fast and apply an area in just one stroke so you won’t end up with ‘streaks’. For best results, it is recommended to use a base coat and a top coat together with ONE LAYER of Diamond Luxe nail polish in Trillion Taupe. Because the polish is highly pigmented and thick, more than one layer of the nail polish will result in thick & uneven finish. Without a top coat, the nail polish will feel sticky to the touch even after drying. Hence, it is recommended to apply a thin layer of top coat for a smoother and shinier finish! Other than the thick texture, i cannot find other fault with the product. Application is made easy as the brush bristles are dense and sturdy. The nail polish is also quick drying, long-lasting (It only chipped after a week). The unique mix (creamy natural shade with ultra smooth sprinkling of gold sparkles) gave my nails a chic, natural look.


Models Own’s Diamond Luxe nail polish is available at aLT@BHG, John Little Plaza Singapura, Robinsons JEM, selected Guardian,Watsons and Sasa stores, retailing at $14.90

Thanks for reading and i’ll be back with more updates in a couple of weeks!

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from Models Own and Wetbrush’s website and Presskit.