Unveiling Althea’s Beauty Boxes~

KOREA! I cannot stop raving how much i love their skincare products, food and K-dramas! Currently counting down to my Korea Trip in April and i’m certainly looking forward to shopping, eating and stocking up my skincare essentials. I’m sure many of us here love Skincare and Beauty Products from Korea and will try all ways to get it (be it getting friends to purchase when they head to Korea or getting it online).

Despite the increasing popularity of K-beauty items in the world, there was not a one-stop shopping destination where every and anyone in the world could enjoy authentic K-beauty products at a reasonable price, just as Korean consumers do in Korea. Hence, Althea was founded to bridge authentic K-beauty to SEAsians.

Althea innovates the cross border distribution channel to connect K-beauty suppliers directly
with SEA consumers. So now, it just feels that you are shopping at Korea with Althea! Althea offers comprehensive K-beauty selections at the lowest price to consumers and strives to become the gateway to the world, most favored by K-beauty suppliers.

If you love Beauty Boxes, you will be glad to know that Althea also carries Beauty Boxes~  Unveiling the latest addition to the Althea Korea family are their line of limited edition beauty boxes, specially curated by the fairy team in Seoul. Since the launch of the thematic boxes every month from October, each carefully curated boxes were SOLD OUT so fastest fingers first! 🙂

Every month, the fairy team will release 2 types of beauty boxes – Althea Boxes and Trend Boxes!

  • Althea Boxes are based on specific themes, giving customers and fans a chance to get their hands on a mix of loved and new favorites. Release frequency: twice a month.
  • Trend Boxes, on the other hand, will be packed with hot products (either a new brand or new products from an existing brand) based on some of Korea’s biggest beauty trends. Released frequency: once a month

Each box can hold anywhere from 6 – 12 full-size products depending on the theme and value. The best part is that you can buy only if you like it! There’s no commitment to subscribing for a monthly, quarterly or yearly payment to get these beauty boxes. The only downside is that these beauty boxes are limited in quantity (while stocks last) on a first come first serve basis. I have to say that it will be SOLD OUT very fast so don’t procrastinate.

The first Althea Box that i have carted out is the [Althea Box] Hair Box which retails for S$33 whereby it consists of products that’s worth $110. Shipping is complimentary as my purchase is above $29. For just $33. i have received 7 full size (fresh!) hair products which is super worth it (so it was sold out shortly after launch!). Expiry dates for all the products are in 2018 / 2019 so rest assured that products in the beauty boxes are fresh batches.


As i placed my order during the Christmas period, my Hair Box came in a nice Christmas theme box with Greeting card inside. 🙂 My personal favorite from the Hair Box are the Innisfree Green Tea Mint Shampoo and Piolang Raspberry Hair Vinegar which helps to curb scalp itchiness. Moreover, it leaves my hair smelling nice and feeling soft.


The 2nd Beauty Box which got me excited was the [Althea Box] Mermaid Box as i was so into ‘Legend of the Blue Sea’ but i was too late to grab one before it was sold out! 😦 However, Tammy from Althea reserved one set for me when it was restocked and sent it to me for review!! Thank you! 🙂 Last check, the Mermaid Box is sold out once again and there will be no more restock… In order not to have any regrets, sign up for Althea’s newsletter and you will be informed if there’s any new launches / promotions.


My [Althea Box] Mermaid Box were delivered within a week upon order confirmation and products came individually wrapped in a thick layer of bubble wrap and delivered timely via courier.


[Althea Box] Mermaid Box is HEAVY as it contains 7 full size products which i will be reviewing some of the products. More details below!

Son & Park Beauty Water
Chica-Y-Chico Skin Glow Essence
Rire Lucent White Pearl Cream
Witch’s Pouch Real Skin Moisture Ampoule Base
Tony Moly Luminous Goddess Aura Crystal Light
CFC Lab Argan Glow Hair Oil
Chica-Y-Chico Mermaid Mask


I’m not familiar with the brand Chica-Y-Chico and i have tried to do some research of the brand online. However,  i’m unable to locate any website in English so there’s no brand introduction this time.  Chica-Y-Chico Mermaid Mask is the first item i have tried from the Mermaid Box as my skin is very dehydrated and oily recently (due to medication i have to take during surgery).. By feeding it with AQUA, the oil secretion will be more control so the mask came in really handy! Chica-Y-Chico Mermaid Mask contains multiple complex including seaweed, pearl and hyaluronic acid gives a surge of moisture to skin instantly.

The beauty secret of the Little Mermaid Princess Ariel is the plentiful seaweed that surround her and the pearls she always wears. They kept her skin moisturized and glowing even after she became a human. Pearls, the precious jewel of the sea and seaweed are full of healthy ingredients that intensely hydrate and soothe dehydrated skin for dewy, glowing skin. 


First impression of the Mermaid Mask is that it is richly soaked with essence! Secondly, i love how easy it is to apply the mask as it has a plastic sheet. The mask sheet is thin but sturdy and it fits onto the contour of my nose very well. Once you have adhere the mask onto your skin, remove the plastic sheet and then adjust the mask accordingly. Upon application of the mask, there’s an instant soothing and refreshing sensation. During the 20 mins of application, there’s no discomfort or stinging sensation. After removing the face mask, my skin feels so much smoother, brighter and softer to the touch. The mask is very moisturizing and soothing as skin no longer feels tight and it became ‘light’ after i remove it.. The next day, i woke up to not so tight, radiant and less oily skin! I’m really impressed as there’s excellent results with only one application! This Mask is exclusive in the Mermaid Mask hence i cannot get it on Althea. Shall stock up when i head to Korea in April 🙂


After using Chica-Y-Chico Mermaid Mask and seeing results, i applied the Chica-Y-Chico Skin Glow Essence right after removing the mask. An essence is to be used after toner and before moisturizer. For people with dehydrated skin, Essence helps add another layer of hydration before you apply your moisturizer. The Skin Glow Essence hydrates skin and brightens by improving dullness from deep inside. It contains Hologram-Complex that reflects the light falling on the face to give a three-dimensional effect to the curves. Five main benefits of the Glow Essence includes supplying of nutrition, soothing, vitalizing, whitening and improving radiance.


Chica-Y-Chico Skin Glow Essence is formulated with brightening complex made up of pearl extract and 9 botanical formula:

1. Pearl extract: Pearl has been considered as one of the high-end cosmetic ingredients for the great beauties in the history, for Cleopatra and Yang Guifei. It contains 14~18 kinds of amino acids including 8 different essencial amino acids. They improve the elasticity of your skin and hydrate, help to maintain firm skin.

2. Hydrolyzed Conchiolin Protein: This is one of proteins from shells, protect pearl and the wall of a pearl. It is also known that it affects the beautiful glow of the pearl. It vitalizes your skin and cares for energetic skin.

3. Whitening-9 Complex: Whitening-9 complex is composed with extracts from 9 different white-coloured plants (Lotus, Mulberry root, Freesia, Snow lotus, Daisy, Madonna Lily, Huttuynia cordata, Edelweiss, Ginseng). It protects your skin from the external environment by outstanding anti-ageing effect, cares for transparent glowing skin by whitening effect.

If you are looking for a non-sticky essence to give you instant brighter skin, look no further! Chica-Y-Chico Skin Glow Essence has a gel base and it leave the skin feeling refreshed after application (Which is good for my sensitive and easily irritated skin). Texture is non-greasy and it gets absorbed well into my dehydrated skin. There’s no adverse reaction like redness after application. Upon closer look, there’s actually subtle shimmery particles which helps brighten and create dimension. As i always have dull skintone, the brightening results is even more obvious on my skin. However, the hydration level is not as ‘powerful’ so do not use this essence to substitute your moisturizer. I did tried using it alone (skipping moisturizer) and my skin felt tight during mid day.


Witch’s Pouch Real Skin Moisture Ampoule Base is the savior for people who wants a product that works for their dry and sensitive skin (which also works as an effective makeup base!). Witch’s Pouch Real Skin Moisture Ampoule Base is a hydro soothing moisture ampoule + real skin makeup base that contains stable and integral Gold to deeply hydrate skin. At the same time, it has a light texture that’s weightless while leaving you with a dewy finish. Witch’s Pouch Real Skin Moisture Ampoule Base has several beneficial effects and they are the skin brightening, stress alleviating, moisture evaporation blockage, intense moisture capacity, soothing substances reinforced and base with low irritation

Active Ingredients includes 

Gold – imparting moisture constantly to the skin. The integral substance that removed the skin exhaustion and stress, purifies the harmful substances and enhances the skin condition, raising the makeup fit

Ceramide as skin component, moisture attracting substance blocking moisture evaporation

Hyaluronic Acid as a nature derived moisturizing component, holding onto the moisture

Aloe Vera Leaf impart moisture deep into skin

Souble collagen delivers moisture energy and firming effect

Skin loving blend of Arrow Root, Licorice Peony, Cnidium, Aloe Vera Leaf, Elm root, thrumwort seed, centelle, fig, portulaca


Do you know that ampoule has the highest concentration of enriching active ingredients, followed by the serum and the essence. Ampoules are for people who need an instant skin care effect. Hence, one drop is supercharged with more goodies and will better improve the quality of skin and heightens the overall skin-boosting effect (As it is meant to use on top of toner and moisturizer). First impression of the Witch’s Pouch Real Skin Moisture Ampoule Base is that it is very classy and my husband commented that it must be expensive. haha. When i first came into contact with the texture, i’m in awe as it is so light! Upon spreading, it turns watery and it just feels like i’m applying water on my skin. Due to its texture, it gets penetrated into my skin quickly without any heavy after-feel… The gold flakes will disappear after application and it seems to help brighten up my overall complexion.  After use, skin looks softer, smoother and calmer… I also have better hydrated and less tight skin. I found myself reaching out to this ampoule very often in the morning and i felt that my skin felt less oily at the end of the day with this.



Before and After

Next, Son & Park Beauty Water (a cult favorite) is something which i am looking forward to use . Son & Park Beauty Water is a multi-function product which can be used as a cleanser, toner, exfoliator, primer, hydrator and setting spray! This smart cleaning liquid is made from natural plant extracts that gently cleans and moisturizes to deliver smooth, revitalized and hydrated skin.

Son & Park Beauty Water is created in mind for a clean base for the next steps in our skincare and makeup routine. The Beauty Water is not just a cleanser, it has mild exfoliation abilities with willow bark and papaya extract to buff awat dead skin cells, revealing brighter and smoother skin. Lavender water, rose water, and orange fruit extract impart a subtle hydration so skin can be prepped for subsequent products. Beauty Water can be used in the morning to create the perfect base for makeup application, midday as a refresher, and night after cleansing to remove remaining impurities. Suitable for all skin types, Beauty Water has a pH of 4.5, effectively resetting the skin’s natural pH after cleansing.


The beauty water is ideal for cleansing your face during a long flight, as a toner, wiping off residue after masking and freshening up your skin during the day. Currently, i’m using another brand of beauty water but i find that the Son & Park Beauty Water fares so much better at fraction of the price! Texture wise, it win hands down as it is watery and does not leave behind an oily firm over using. Secondly, it does not contains as much fragrance and the Son & Park Beauty Water has a medicated smell which i like! 😛 Son & Park Beauty Water has a gentle formula as it doesn’t sting or cause my skin to be red. Despite being mild, it does remove residues on my skin well. It also  leaves my skin feeling refreshed and soothing sensation after use.. After applying the toner, skin feels clean, soft and looks more supple! It will also calm my skin and refreshes it without any drying effect..Love it!!!


Next up, i will be talking more about a hair care product known as the CFC Lab Argan Glow Hair Oil with 50 year history! CFC Lab Argan Glow Hair Oil has a light formula without stickiness, a gorgeous scent and it contains no harmful ingredients. Rich in Argan Oil, Daucus Carota Sativa (Carrot) Seed Oil, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Sclerocarya Birrea Seed Oil, Avocado oil, Vaccinium Myrtillus Oil, Hippophae Rhamnoides Oil, Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Oil, and Macadamia Integrifolia Oil, the Argan Glow Hair Oil has excellent moisturizing, protection , soothing and repairing effect.


Been using the CFC Lab Argan Glow Hair Oil as a heat protector before i blow dry my hair. Will use 1 pump for each side of my hair and the  hair oil has a sweet and refreshing mix of fruity flora scent. As the CFC Lab Argan Glow Hair Oil is oil-based, it will be oily to the touch. But once it is fully absorbed, there’s isn’t any greasy heavy after-feel left behind. After application, hair feels very soft and smooth and i can glide my comb through it.  After blow drying my hair, my hair  appears to be shiner, more volumized and tamer (lesser flyaway hair).


Left – Behind, Right – After

As i no longer apply makeup on my skin (except lipstick), i have passed the Tony Moly Luminous Goddess Aura Crystal Light to my friend who will put it to better use. The Luminous Goddess Aura Crystal Light is a liquid type highlighter infused with skin shining complex – pearl, amethyst, and diamond extract. The highlighter is also formulated with Micro Sparkling Pearl, Skin Shining Complex, 3 blends mix of botanical oil and oil controlling powder. This highlighter can be mixed with base products / foundation which will give you natural and glowing finish. Previously, i was using this highlighter and it is the one that’s pink in color. SA recommended the pink shade as i have fair skin. When applied onto my skin, it has a subtle shimmery white pearly finish which is very natural. The texture isn’t heavy and it blends well without leaving behind greasiness.


Lastly. there’s the Lucent White Pearl Cream which contains pearl extracts of 1020ppm and pearl powders of 70ppm that will change dry and rough skin into a radiant skin that glows from the inside! The pearl extracts and pearl powders inside the cream makes face look more distinct and lively. Lucent White Pearl Cream also contains five kinds flower extracts (Peony, Lily of the valley, Magnolia liliflora DESR Leontopodium alpinum, Lilium candidum extracts) helps with whitening, brightening and anti-wrinkle so that skin will glow like a pearl. Have yet to give this a try and will come to this soon 🙂



Before i go, i have a confession to make! I ordered the newly launched [Trendy Box] Smart Beauty Tool Box yesterday!I’m hooked on Althea’s beauty boxes and i felt that Althea has brought K-beauty and Beauty Boxes to a whole new level~  Whether you’re looking for tried and true favorites or hankering for the hottest, freshest products to dip your fingers into, Althea’s beauty boxes are a great way for you to add to your beauty arsenal 🙂

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from Althea’s & Misc website

ShopBack: Online shopping with cashback and a Sephora sale!

Hello everyone!! It has been 1 month plus since we have moved to our new house and we are settling down fine!! Here’s how a lazy Saturday looks like when the husband don’t have to travel for work..  We are still in the midst of housewarming and we are currently inviting our friends & relatives in batches.. In this way, we will be able to play a better host 🙂

Food-wise, i’m sooo thankful for food delivery portals like Food Panda which offers many choices (Besides the regular fast food deliveries~). Do you know discount code is not the only way you can enjoy some cash savings for your food orders? On top of that, you are entitled to cashback too!  Good things must share! 🙂


You can enjoy cashback when you shop or order food online via Shopback! When you spend online through ShopBack, a portion of your purchase will be given back as Cashback. This means extra, unlimited savings whenever you shop online!  Founded in 2014, it has grown to become Singapore’s Top Cashback Website. What i like about ShopBack is that it works with many different popular merchants like Groupon, JetstarSephoraGuardian and many more.

The print-screen below shows some of the merchants which consists of fashion, travel, electronics, dining and so much more. How ShopBack work is by affiliate marketing. For each sales generated on the various sites, ShopBack receives a commission and then portion of those earnings are passed back to the shoppers.  Without much fuss, you can get up to 30% Cashback when you shop online for needs~


Online Sale and Deals

ShopBack helps you get the best deals and discounts on 300+ online stores, plus Cashback! As mentioned, you can enjoy even more cost savings by utilizing coupons / vouchers/ promo codes/ discount code on top of cashback. Click here and you can gain access to all the vouchers / discount codes! Gone were the days whereby you have to use search engines to find one (Only to discover that it is invalid. haha!). Time for more online shopping!!!!!!


Here’s a video to show how ShopBack works but nothing beats a real life example right? 🙂 At a recent house-warming, my husband and i had use ShopBack while ordering from Foodpanda. As a result, we enjoyed 8% CashBack effortlessly.

Firstly, log in to your account and click on any store and get redirected to the merchant’s website. In our case, we clicked on Food Panda and was redirected to the website. If you cannot locate the shop / brand / product you want, you can use the search function 🙂


Locate what you want.


Click on the ‘Shop-Now- Button


Redirecting in progress

Once re-directed, stay on the same browser and shop as usual on merchant’s site to make your purchase. Cashback will be processed once you have made your purchase. You can locate it in your ShopBack’s account within 48 hours, under the ‘Pending’ tab



Cashback will turn ‘Redeemable’ once order is validated by the merchant. This will take 30-60 days to ensure that there is no order cancellation/return/exchange. An email will be sent once the cashback is credited to your account.



Lastly, Cashback can be ‘Cash out’ easily to your PayPal or bank account. Just get your bank account set up and your payout will be credited once you have ‘confirmed’ your payout on ShopBack.

You can request for payout once you’ve reached Redeemable Cashback of $10.00
Bonus can only be cashed out when your Redeemable Cashback reaches $10.00


Cost savings is as easy as 123 with SHOPBACK..

From now on, remember to incorporate ShopBack during your online shopping / ordering to earn more savings through cashback, coupons and deals! 🙂

Pampering Your Love Ones With Que Origin~

Blessed & Prosperous Lunar New Year everyone!! Hope everyone had a great time feasting and catching up with your love ones~ Was looking through the calendar and i realized that this Sunday is Valentine’s Day (aka friendship day!)! if you are clueless on what you can get for your friends and SO, why not consider customizing something useful for them? 🙂

Few weeks ago, Que Origin has sent me a customized gift which consists of three Shower Bath! Que Origin is a completely new brand started from scratch aiming to provide nourishing body care.

Que Origin embraces in the healing power of nature, and sourcing for wholesome ingredients. Que Origin pursue in cherishing inner self and body by transforming daily shower into a serene aromatherapy sanctuary, without compromising quality over value. The first product launched by Que Origin is the Shower Bath which can be used as both body wash and bubble bath. It is formulated with natural oil, infused with botanical extracts and scented with only natural essential oils.

Que Origin has excluded numerous harmful chemicals (like Parabens, Sodium Laurel Sulphate , Synthetic fragrance, Sodium Hydroglycinate, Phenoxethenol and sulphates) from the formulation and only include carefully selected essential oils from Australia. The oils are then transport them to Korea facilities with GMP for manufacturing. Thus making sure that each and every bottle was made with purest ingredients in an advance facility. Each shower gel holds a reservoir filled with carefully picked naturally derived ingredients – Aloe Vera, Argan oil and potent botanical extracts to gently soothe and calm skin. With this series of luxurious shower bath, Que Origin is offering a brand new experience in cleansing, leaving skin invigorated, deeply hydrated and smoothly cleansed.

This Valentine Day, you can customize your own personalized bottle of shower bath for your love ones~ You can choose from a selection of templates or you can upload your own images! Here’s my personalized bottle of shower bath and i’m keeping it till i get my new house~ It is so pretty till i cannot bear to use it.

My personalized bottle of Lavender Shower Bath has a calming and soothing effect which improves sleep quality. It also contains anti-inflammatory benefit while also helping to relieve anxiety and promote relaxation. The series of Shower bath is formulated with natural oil, Argan Oil! Argan oil is often called ‘Liquid Gold’ that is rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids as emollient rather than petroleum derived Petrolatum or Mineral Oil.

All the shower baths are scented with natural essential oil and infused with all natural botantical extracts chosen these for their excellent individual qualities. Formulation also includes Grapefruit which stimulates the production of skin collagen. Grapefruit has excellent astringent and exfoliating properties which helps even out & brighten complexion.

For the Rose lovers, the Rose Geranium Shower Bath (Scented with natural essential oils) will help to lessen fatigue and promote emotional wellness. Unwind after a long day of work with Rose Geranium as it helps to relieve anxiety, calm, uplift our spirit while promoting feeling of sensuality & receptivity.  Like the other range of Shower Bath, the Rose Geranium Shower Bath not only calm the senses but it also calms skin while improving firmness with Raspberry. Aloe Vera extract will further sooth the skin while keeping it well hydrated with improved elasticity~

I brought the Lemongrass & Sweet Orange Shower Bath along with me during my US Trip . This Shower Gel has revitalize, rejuvenating and stimulating properties which will help to uplift mental clarity. It also helps to balance skin while protecting it with its astringent properties. Like the rest of the Shower Gel, it contains Panthenol (Vitamin B5). This effective emollient improves elasticity, hydrates and moisturises skin. Vitamin E as part of the formula acts as an
natural skin conditioning agent and provides anti-aging properties.


Do you know that Que Origin looks into the fine details too? From the texture when you use to how your skin reacts when in contact. Even with numerous amount of good ingredients, we should not forget the importance of pH level. The skin’s barrier, which is known as the acid mantle, is the first defence mechanism against germs, pollutions, toxins and bacteria as well as keeping moisture. To work its best, the acid mantle should be slightly acidic, at a 5.5pH. When it’s too alkaline, skin becomes dry and may even get eczema. Skin may also be more susceptible to disease, viruses and fungal infections. Que Origin knows the importance of this aspect and fine-tuned the formula to the pH level (pH 5.5 ) where the skin can receive all the goodness from the ingredients.

20160120_100753_zpsdahxonwm Desktop5

I have packed this shower bath into my luggage to bring along to US as the weather would be cold and dry. Need something that is gentle but effective for daily cleansing. Que Origin’s Lemongrass & Sweet Orange Shower Bath has a ginger-ish Lemongrass scent (I know there’s no such word! Haha) which is rather invigorating and uplifting! I love how the bathroom smells after my shower.. Because this can be used for bath / shower, the gel texture is on the thicker side. Hence, i would recommend to lather it with small amount of water before applying it onto your body (if not, it gets difficult to spread and foam it up~).  A small amount is enough to cleanse the body well and also easy to wash it off without any residue left behind… After cleansing, my skin clean feels clean and refreshed without any tightness.. Another thing that i observed is that the shower bath is really gentle on skin and it does not strip excessive moisturize off my skin.. Normally if i goes to a cold and dry counter, the skin on my legs will turn really dry and itchy after shower. This time, i did not experience skin itchiness after shower and i’m pretty impressed~

Sounds good? Quote “Jermaineee” to get $3 off for orders under $10* and $5 off for orders over $10*! (*shipping excluded). In addition, Que Origin offers free delivery within Singapore if you spend $25 and above. Delivery costs only $5 if your order is below $25.

Que Origin Shower Gel retails at $7.90 for 250 ml and $14.80 for 730 ml. Customization of bottle starts at $10.90 for a bottle. You can place / customize your orders via Que Origin’s website.

For latest news / promotion and information, you can head to Que Origin’s Facebook page.

Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from Que Origin’s Presskit.

Spreading the Althea Christmas Cheer!

On an early morning, my alarm clock went off and i was struggling to open my eyes. I grabbed my spectacles,  switched off the alarm and on the lights…

This sight greeted me (not again!!!) – My alpaca is trying to ‘escape’ with my Althea Limited Edition Christmas Box. Inside contains some Korean skincare products that i have ordered recently!!!


Old habits die-hard and after being caught in the act, she has to surrender what she took. With a sorry look (NOT AGAIN), she told me that she cannot resist the pretty Christmas box!! :/


Then, my alarm clock went off again and this time i woke up for real. It was yet another bizarre dream!  I must be feeling very insecured again and worried that people will take away my things without permission. hahahaha! 

Anyway, i have just done some Christmas shopping for myself on Althea. You should know how much i love Korean skincare products and cosmetics after visiting Korea in May. Despite the increasing popularity of K-beauty items in the world, there was not a one-stop shopping destination where every and anyone in the world could enjoy authentic K-beauty products at a reasonable price, just as Korean consumers do in Korea. Hence, Althea was founded to bridge authentic K-beauty to SEAsians.

Althea innovates the cross border distribution channel to connect K-beauty suppliers directly
with SEA consumers. So now, it just feels that you are shopping at Korea with Althea! Althea offers comprehensive K-beauty selections at the lowest price to consumers and strives to become the gateway to the world, most favored by K-beauty suppliers.


The best of K-Beauty is found right here in Althea with competitive prices offered along with a comprehensive line of beauty products from Korea

What i love about Althea:

Authentic Products from Korea: If product is confirmed non-authentic, Althea will honor return anytime and refund 200% of purchase value. Now you need not worry that you will put your skin and health to risk by using ‘fake’ products.

Free Shipping: Products are directly hand-picked and packed from Althea warehouse in Korea. Enjoy free delivery to Singapore for all orders above S$50 in a single order. My order came within 1 week after placing my order. Pretty fast IMO!

Best Price Guarantee: Althea takes great care to ensure prices stay competitive. If you happen to find a better price on a particular item, Althea will match it (Subjected to these terms and conditions)! After looking through the prices of the items on the website, i can say that it is very close to Korea’s pricing.. Moreover, there are always different on-going promotions so there’s always an excuse to shop. 🙂

30 Days Unconditional Returns: Return shipping fee will be covered by Althea, need i say more?

1 2 3 4

I did my early X’mas shopping on Althea due to the Christmas promotions!! Earlier i have mentioned that pricing on Althea is very competitive and now you will get to enjoy these special elements when you do your Christmas shopping on Althea!

What’s Special This Christmas?

  1. Free Shipping with purchases above S$30
  2. S$7 off S$50 purchases with code XMAS-SG
  3. Limited Edition Christmas Beauty Box (while stocks last)
  4. Christmas sales and promotions (Eg 1 for 1 deals) on Althea Korea Singapore

sg-althea-xmas2DSC04627 DSC04629


The Limited Edition Christmas Beauty Box

My products came individually wrapped in a thick layer of bubble wrap and delivered timely via courier. My items were delivered within a week upon payment and i’m really impressed with the short transit time.. 🙂



Individually wrapped items

Before purchasing a full size skincare product, will you obtain a sample first to try?  I’m sure most of you will request for samples to try to ensure it is right for you before making a purchase. Even when in Korea, the SAs will always include some samples along with your purchase. Althea included some free samples along with my orders so it just feels like shopping in Korea. Thank you!


First product which i added to my cart is the LABSTORY Pure Aqua Ice Toner and as per description, it is great for summer and poplar among Kpop stars!! As you know i have sensitive skin which can be warm to the touch, hence this toner will comes in handy as a form of cold therapy to calm down skin sensitivity (thus reducing skin irritation due to sensitive skin!). This Pure Aqua Pore Tightening Ice Toner made of Glacial Milk, Lentil Seed, Witch Hazel Water, Alfalfa, Strawberry and Spinach Leaf which lowers skin temperature while tighten pores at the same time. Will let it out soon and update on how it fare!


LABSTORY Pure Aqua Ice Toner

Next, i have also ordered the Tony Moly Panda’s Dream Eye Patch to try. As usual, i was attracted to the adorable packaging. The Panda’s Dream Eye Patch is formulated with amino acids rich which help brighten the skin around the eyes, diminish the look of dark circles and fine lines, and improve moisturization. The adorable eye patches are designed to resemble panda eyes once applied. It does not contain Parabens, talc, benzophenone, silicone and tar color.


Tony Moly Panda’s Dream Eye Patch

Hahahaha! These eye patches not only looks cute but it feels great upon application~ A cool and refreshing sensation will set in after application which makes my tired eyes feels really good. Texture might on the thicker side but it goes away after you pat the essence in after you remove the mask. It does have a slight brightening effect and i love how it leaves my delicate eye area smooth after usage!

20151209_210004 (1)

Next up, i needed a new puff for my foundation so i have decided on the TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Marshmallow Puff after reading the reviews on Althea. This Marshmallow Puff will help to achieve flawless finish with its pillowy soft sponge texture. It easily absorbs product and ideal to use it with BB cream and foundations. This reusable applicator’s handy, ergonomic shape lends to its versatility and precision, you can even use it to apply eye shadow and under-eye concealer!


TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Marshmallow Puff

Last but not lease, the final product that i purchased is an eyecream for my eyes as i need to do something to my ‘worsening’ panda eyes. Need something light and the Wonder Ruci Light Light Eye Balm caught my attention!  Wonder Ruci Light Light Eye Balm is an innovative, lightweight eye balm that moisturizes, brightens, and strengthens the skin around the eyes while diminishing the appearance of dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines. The ultra lightweight formula goes smooth and easy. The balm texture prevents cracking and drying under and around eye for perfect makeup application. It can be worn alone or under makeup. I gave it a try and the texture is really light light! haha.. The balm texture glides on my eye area smoothly and it leave behind a silky finish (No greasiness). It also helps to brighten my under-eye instantly.

Christmas is coming in 2 weeks and i’m already done with my Christmas Shopping. What about you? 🙂 If you have not, fret not as it is still in time to order some gifts for your love ones (or yourself) via Althea~ 🙂

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CentelLaca A-Clear Eraser | Q-depot

Hello everyone, some readers have emailed me enquiring on a Korean Skincare product (CentelLaca A-Clear Eraser) whereby i have mentioned briefly in my previous blog post. Hence to benefit everyone, i will be doing a full review on the product itself and also the online portal (Q-Depot) whereby you can order this product. 🙂


Korean cosmetics and skincare products are well-known for being effective and for offering excellent value for money. Every Korean product is created with the motto that “Natural is the Best.” They are made with natural ingredients that have restorative and deep-conditioning benefits. I’ve discovered many great products in Korea and now i don’t have to worry about not able to replenish it! Q-depot.com makes it accessible for everyone to purchase these products. Tthis online portel offers many Korean cosmetics & Skincare products with fast delivery and affordable prices (At least 10-20% lower than the pricing in Singapore!).


I love shopping on Q-depot.com as there’s a huge collection of Korean Cosmetics and Skin Care products. Currently, there’s thousand of Korean cosmetics and skin care products from 25+ brands and yet counting. Having one of the largest collection of Korean Cosmetics and Skin Care products online, Q-depot.com is committed to provide almost every product that you’re looking for.

Secondly, everything on Q-depot.com are authentic and ‘fresh’ products that are shipped directly from Korea. Moreover, prices are very close to what you are getting in Korea so it is as good as shopping in Korea by yourself without having to walk and carry the shopping bags! haha! In the event if you are not satisfied with your products, Q-depot.com also offers a 30 Days Free Return Policy with no question ask and full refund. Hence you can shop online and enjoy the experience with a peace of mind. It is also easy to navigate through the website and there’s a Live Chat function on the website and help will be rendered promptly to make your shopping experience pleasant!

Lastly, there’s free Worldwide Shipping For Orders Above US$ 69.00 & Fast door-step delivery for customer convenience. Even if orders cost below US$69, the shopping charges are affordable as well and you can take a look at the charges here. Sometimes, there’s even shipping promotion and i certainly love it as Q-depot.com shoulders our shipping cost for ultimate convenience and satisfaction. My order took about 5 -7 days to arrive at my door step which is pretty fast IMO. My product is securely wrapped in a thick layer of bubble wrap and placed within a sturdy box. Hence, you need not worry about breakage / spillage during delivery.


This time, i have ordered the W.Lab Centellaca A-clear Eraser and W.Lab Black Kill 3-Step Nose Pack. Decided to give it a try as W.Lab which has received premium brand awards and 2015 Korea Satisfaction Consumer Index. This Korean Skin Care brand is very popular in Korea~


Will be touching more on the CentelLaca A-Clear Eraser (As per request from my readers). Decided to get this as it is one of the best-selling product and i love experimenting with anti-blemish creams.  What do i look for in a anti-blemish cream is that there must be no stinging sensation when applied on, gentle on skin yet effective, good healing and drying power and doesn’t leave an obvious brown mark when the pimple / acne healed.

CentelLaca A-Clear Eraser heals irritated acne ranging from Pimple, Millet Seed Acne and Cystic Acne. It doesn’t contains Antibiotic and Steroid Ingredients so it is suitable for all skin types. While it heals acne, it also helps to treat acne scars. Sounds like what i need! 🙂

If this brand sounds new to you, you are right as W.Lab was founded two yeas ago in Korea. W.Lab offers various products and cosmetics to solve and address each and every skin concerns. Despite being a new brand in the market, it is very popular in Korea due to its highly effective and natural products. Each product from W.Lab are formulated using carefully chosen, natural and highly reliable ingredients that’s safe for our health. The company also invests heavily in R&D for continuous product enhancement for the benefit of their consumers.

The CentelLaca A-Clear Eraser is one of W.Lab‘s best-selling and also Q.depot’s highly recommend product. It is highly effective in healing irritated acne (pimple, millet seed acne, cystic acne). Besides combating breakouts, it also treats acne scars and post acne marks. Suitable for all, even sensitive skin or pregnant woman as it does not contains Antibiotic and Steroid

Active Ingredient: Centella Asiatica Extract 10,000pm, Squalane, Allantoin, Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Root Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Paeonia Albiflora Root Extract, Salvia Officinalis (Sage) Leaf Extract, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Leaf Extract, Hyaluronic Acid


When i first received the item, i was quite surprised to see such a long squeeze tube. It contains 30ml of cream so it will last me quite a while. The CentelLaca A-Clear Eraser has a white cream texture which gets absorbed fast without a trace~ It doesn’t feels oily and it is fragrance free. Upon application. there’s a soothing sensation to help reduce any form of irritation. Personally, i find the A-Clear Eraser good in healing those big cystic acne within a week. As you can see from the picture below, i have an acne on the side of my nose bridge..  After applying a thin layer of the cream for 2 days, the acne ‘ripen’ and i managed to squeeze the junk out.. hahahaha! Another thing that i love is that the cream isn’t harsh and it is non-drying so it does’t cause any peeling. Even when i use it on freshly squeezed pimples (oops), there’s no stinging sensation. I also love the fact that the cream promotes scar / post acne marks healing! Basically, i’m really happy with this product!




2 days later

If you are lemming for some Korean Skincare or Cosmetics, why not visit Q-depot.com? For more information and promotion, you can visit Q-depot’s Website | Facebook Page | Twitter 

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