Nilufer Tea – Organic blessings, Ready to be enjoyed~

For a long time, coffee has been a major part of my morning routine and it is something i cannot do without. However, i am trying to cut my caffeine intake (For obvious reasons) so a friend of mine suggested that i switch to drinking Fruits and Herbal Tea. Besides being a healthier choice, Fruits and Herbal tea are both refreshing and energy boosting so it can be the perfect pick me up in the morning. Most of all, it is not caffeine based and it is packed with vitamins and antioxidants!

While searching for a good fruits and Herbs Tea online, Nilufer Tea caught my eye. Nilufer Tea is an organic herbal tea company that prides themselves for ethically sourcing quality ingredients that are organic and pesticide-free. To them, tea is not only a beverage, but a way of life. They are committed in bringing their loyal customers and consumers not only the best teas, but also the best digital wellness content so that one can start living the best life.

Picture from Nilufer Tea’s Facebook

Do you know that Nilüfer rigorously follows organic and pesticide-free farming practices and put sustainable development and mother nature first. Unlike other tea brands, they do not crush or compress the herbs and flowers so consumer can enjoy the full benefits.  Not only that, Nilufer tea comes in artisan packaging which makes it the prettiest tea i have ever come across!

Nilufer’s Tea Concept

At Nilufer, they believe that making quality tea is more than just a business, it’s a way of life. Encouraging the step away from non-environmentally friendly practices. Working together with small farmers throughout Japan, they are involved in every step of the process, from recipe creation to harvesting. By relying on notable, independent farmers for most of their ingredients, they are doing their best to boost employment opportunities in farming villages while encouraging the demand for sustainable and fair farm practices to continue in future.

Nilüfer, where beauty meets benefits

Unlike other tea brands, Nilufer does not crush or compress their herbs and flowers. Nilufer ensures that all raw ingredients stay whole in order to ensure that customers are able to experience the highest grade of blends. Customers will find themselves experiencing bliss like never before with the floral and fruity recipes. Not only will the tea taste phenomenal, but one will also experience how close to impossible it is to say that your brew won’t be aesthetically pleasing to the point where you’d find it hard to put that camera down.

Bringing Nature Into Your Cup

Embrace the crisp flavour and fragrance of mother nature with Nilufer tea. Say goodbye to imagining what fruit-of-the-earth teas taste like. Here at Nilufer, they proudly develop unique recipes for each blend of tea. They tirelessly handcraft each tea bag individually, using only the finest quality of organic herbs and dried fruits. Ingredients are screened strictly in order to ensure quality control. Hence, ensuring that with every sip, customers get nothing less than the best.

First up –

The Floral Blossom (Gift Set) comes with 8 sachets in a pretty gift box which will rejuvenate skin’s glow. The floral blossom tea will help to enrich skin with vitamins from rose petals, corn flower, lavender, chamomile, lemongrass blended with citrus which will leave your skin with a velvety glow.

Floral Blossom has skin loving benefits and the blend also contains Chamomile and lavender which helps to calm and relax one’s body and has properties that aids with digestion. Not only that, the rose petal inside the blend emits the aroma that also helps to calm the mind and maintain a woman’s hormonal balance (Very useful to alleviate discomfort during the time of the month!)

I have also received 3 packets of Premium Herbal Tea Mix which consists of the Ginger Rooibos, Rose Paradise, Floral Blossom, Orange & Chamomile and Blue Ocean Tea

Refresh and boost your resistance with the Ginger Rooibos Tea (with Red Rooibos, Apple Mint, Ginger, Lemongrass). The blend of red rooibos, mint and peppery ginger gives a Spicy Earthy taste.

Revitalize Your Soul with the Rose Paradise Tea. Bring out the femininity in you with a beautiful blend of rose and hibiscus. It is sure to leave you drowned in its heavenly floral aroma alongside a hint of strawberry. Proudly organic and pesticide free herbs only.

For centuries, rose teas have also been used as a medicinal drink due to a plethora of benefits for your body. It enhances skin radiance and is used to alleviate hormonal imbalance or menstrual issues in women.

Orange & Chamomile Tea (with Chamomile, Lemongrass, Spear Mint, Rosehip, Lemon, Ginger, Marigold, Pineapple) will calm nerves with a load of chamomile, a hint of spear mint, lemongrass and ginger blended with lemon for an awakening citrus flavour.

Inspired by the Setouchi ocean, the butterfly pea and blue mallow flower in the Blue Ocean Tea changes hot water into a beautiful cup of blue that is rich in antioxidants. A mixture of mint, lemongrass and lavender adds a refreshing taste to rejuvenate your senses.


If you are using a cup for the tea, it is recommended to use hot water and cover for a few mins in order to extract the natural vitamins. The Floral Blossom smells aromatic and the chamomile scent is distinctive (I like!).  The synergy combination of rose, chamomile and lavender with other ingredients makes the taste wonderful, tasty and refreshing! As the tea tastes light and refreshing, it goes really well with my egg tart to aid digestion and to remove food after-taste. With the right cup of tea, it will compliment the food that you are having and not mask the taste of the food~ Instead, you will bring the taste to a whole new level! 🙂

Nilüfer’s Floral Blossom

The Blue Ocean Tea changes hot water into a beautiful cup of blue that is rich in antioxidants. Not only it is a treat for my eyes but the combination of mint, lemongrass and lavender rejuvenate my senses as well. The Blue Ocean Tea blend consists of Butterfly pea, Blue mallow flower, Mint, Lemongrass and Lavender. I love how the lavender’s pleasant floral taste contrast with the sweetness of mint. Good as a mid day perk me up, the Blue Ocean tea will help with anxiety relieving which melts away stress and calms the mind.

With such an excellent range of  Fruits and Herbs Tea selection, Nilufer Tea caters to all niches and people from all walks of life. There is always a tea for everyone and different occasions.

Nilufer Tea can be ordered online or purchased at selected places in Singapore. Thank you Leah for sending me some of Nilufer tea selections for my review! 🙂

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from Nilufer Tea’s website