Designed by Michelle Cheng 🙂

Do note that all entries appearing on Jermaineee are maintained and written by the author (which is myself) and any reviews / thoughts are my own truthful opinion.. I’m currently working in a manufacturing industry hence i am not affiliated to any companies or brands mentioned in this blog… If products / services are sponsored, it will be stated and mentioned as part of the entry.. Please keep in mind that everyone is unique so what works for me might not have the same results on you.. Since results vary from individual to individual, i will not be held responsible if the end results are undesirable..

I’m sure you can see these terms in some of my blog posts title and if you are wondering what it means, I’ll be glad to explain more…

(Announcement):  Latest updates on a product / service in the form of a blog post and purpose is to promoting the interests or opinions of corporate sponsors.. Do note that there will be minimal personal opinion from me in such posts.

(Event): If a blog post falls under this category, you will be reading more about things that happened during the event that i have attended.. That’s right, content will be more about event coverage and there will be  minimal personal opinion from me.

(Sponsored Review): As the term has suggested, items that i reviewed in such posts are sponsored by various companies.. Reviews and most inputs in such posts are based on my own opinions..

For the above three categories, do note that no monetary terms and conditions are involved (only products or services will be rendered) so you can rest assured that my inputs / reviews are all truthful…


Content, photos and videos that appear on Jermaineee are copyrighted by me unless stated otherwise. If you have to publish or extract anything from this blog, I’ll appreciate if you credit me  / my blog accordingly.

That’s about it and I hope you will enjoy your stay here! 🙂

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