Dual Anti-Aging Efficacy with Revitalift Laser X 3 Anti-Aging Double Serum

Couple of months ago, i was sharing that L’Oreal Paris has tailor-made anti-aging solutions to target the specific skin issues faced at different ages. Do you know what you have to start to prevent skin ageing at the age of 25? I know, the truth hurts! From the age of 25, the skin’s natural protective barrier starts to weaken and signs of aging start to appear. Coupled with stress, poor diet and late nights, your basic hydration regime might not be sufficient to combat premature aging.

For the 25+, L’Oreal Paris recommends the use of the L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser X 3 range to combat against Premature aging!  Revitalift Laser X 3  is formulated for the young skin and this range promises to bring about visible efficacy of skin quality transformation. It targets lines, pores and skin roughness.

Revitalift Laser X 3 mimics the effects of a laser treatment to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkle.. After years of intensive research, L’Oreal Paris laboratories came out with this anti-aging skincare inspired by dermatological procedures. This skincare range contains concentrated powerful anti-aging active Pro-Xylane to provide triple action (Resurface, Correct Wrinkles & Replump) to improve skin’s quality.. This range contains 3% highly concentrated Pro-Xylane and it is proven to be able to correct wrinkles,  reduces fine lines, reduce pores visibility, increase skin smoothness and re-plump skin to increase elasticity.

Pro-Xylane is a naturally-derived ingredient from the beech wood plant. By penetrating the extra-cellular matrix that supports skin structure, Pro-Xylane can restore skin’s overall health and suppleness

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When it was launched in 2013, Revitalift Laser X 3 was the 1st anti-aging skincare range that was inspired by Intense Pulse Light (IPL) technology for skin quality transformation. In 2017, a new innovation known as the Revitalift Laser X 3 Anti-Aging Double Serum is formulated to reduce emerging signs of aging like fine lines, enlarged pores and skin roughness. At the same time, it also strengthens the skin barrier and replenish lost nutrients in order to prevent future signs of aging.

With its dual efficacy in anti-aging that corrects first signs of aging and prevents future signs of aging, it is no wonder that 70% of women agree it is better than the leading 300€ anti-aging cream (Based on results on a UK Sequential Blind Use Test with 150 women over 4 weeks). 
Revitalift Laser X 3 Anti-Aging Double Serum is made and directly imported from the USA, Singapore is one of the first Asian countries to launch this latest serum! Lucky us! 🙂

Revitalift Laser X 3 Anti-Aging Double Serum combines two highly concentrated ingredients (6% Pro-Xylane and 2% Vitamin C) that combine at the last moment upon dispensing for dual anti-aging efficacy. Developed after 14 years of research and 30 patents by L’Oréal Paris Laboratories, Pro-Xylane is the key ingredient in the range that penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin to correct first signs of aging like fine lines, enlarged pores and skin roughness. Vitamin C has anti-oxidant effects which boost collagen and protects the skin from daily aggressors that can cause aging. It acts on the surface of the skin to strengthen the skin barrier and replenish lost nutrients that prevent future signs of aging.

This formula has been dermatologically tested to be suitable for sensitive skin and visible results will be seen in just 3 days.

Day 1: Skin is revitalized with moisture. Skin feels softer, smoother and more supple
Day 2: Skin feels noticeably firmer and looks more elastic
Day 3: Skin texture is resurfaced for visible radiance and luminosity
In 1 week: Fine lines and wrinkles appear noticeably smoothed

Because i have sensitive and oily skin which trigger acne and redness if i don’t take good care of them, Mandy (my beautician) will always remind me to improve on skin hydration!! One can never underestimate the importance of hydration as many skin problems will surface when skin being dehydrated.. When skin lacks moisture, it will turn dry and cause irritation (Hence the sensitive skin). When skin is dry, it causes more oil / Sebum to be produced so as to protect the skin (Body’s natural reaction and hence the oily skin + outbreaks). When skin is dehydrated, it will weaken the skin’s natural protective so signs of aging will also appear on top of the previous skin problems mentioned!

Nowadays, i will adhere to a strict skincare regime which focuses on hydration (which will also in turn prevent premature aging) and i’m definitely seeing tremendous results~ After cleansing and toning, i will use a serum religiously before applying my moisturizer. Do you know that serum is made up of small molecules and hence it will penetrate deeper into the skin’s layer which better delivers active ingredients into your skin? Likewise, the Revitalift Laser X 3 Anti-Aging Double Serum which combines two highly concentrated ingredients (6% Pro-Xylane and 2% Vitamin C) will penetrate deeper into skin to correct first signs of aging and prevent future signs of aging.

The Revitalift Laser X 3 Anti-Aging Double Serum comes in a dual-barrel pump bottle that will dispense two types of active ingredients (6% Pro-Xylane and 2% Vitamin C) at the same time. Personally, i will mix both up first before applying it onto my face.

Texture wise, both types of the gel cream are non-oily and it get absorbed into my skin rapidly leaving behind soft and matt skin. There’s the Revitalift Laser X 3’s signature floral scent associated with its other products for this serum and that’s another thing which i like for this range! It smells really good!! During application, there’s no stinging sensation (My sensitive skin is ok with it) and i love the fact how the serum left my face matt-looking. Immediately, my parched skin is well moisturized and soft to the touch~ Overall skin tone is also more even and calmer~ As it gets absorbed quickly, i can follow-up with my moisturizer soon.. Next morning, there’s no skin tightness and skin looks very supple. After using it for a week, my skin isn’t as oily and sensitive as before. Skin texture is also more refined and radiant. Looks like it is working very well to guard and strengthen my skin barrier 🙂

With both the Revitalift Laser X 3 Day Cream and Anti-Aging Double Serum Double Serum working hand in hand to provide double-action anti-aging efficacy, I can say bye-bye to premature skin aging!

The new Revitalift Laser X 3 Anti-Aging Double Serum Double Serum retails for $49.90, and is available at all leading Watsons, Guardian, major super/ hyper markets and beauty marts. For more information and updates, please visit L’Oreal Paris’s Website  or Facebook

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from L’Oreal Paris’s Presskit and Website


Make an IMPACT on all occasions with Impact Mints!

Hello my readers, what is something which you cannot leave home without? For me, it has to be money (obviously), tissue and mints!!!! My favorite brand of Mint has to be Impact Mints due to its stylist compact design and delicious fruity favors~ Personally, i find it important to keep my breath fresh so having a tin of Mints in my bag is a MUST!

‘Fruity and Fresh way to make an IMPACT in your life to Fresh Up Your “Air”

Impact Mints has been around in Asia for many years. They started in Japan in 2002, followed by South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Brunei. Impact Mints comes in 5 flavours such as blackcurrant, fresh mint, strawberry and the latest addition – mango. Each compact tin of Impact Mint is developed and made in Germany,ensuring the highest quality and the aroma sugar-free candies are made with no artificial coloring.










I have been a loyal customer of Impact Mint for many years because of its compact tin packaging~ I had enough of flimsy packaging which tears and dispensing sweets all over my bag so Impact Mints’ superior tin packaging keeps my mints secure. Moreover, it is so compact but yet there’s 70 mini mints to keep your breathe fresh for many occasions.. There’s also a plastic insert which ensures perfect hygiene and prevents accident spillage!


Another love factor of Impact Mint is the delicious fruit flavours and it is sugar-free. It is good for the health conscious me who is trying to control my sugar intake. Carrying a tin of Impact Mint gives me the confidence on the go. After having my meals, i will always look forward to having Impact Mint and allow its refreshing fruity sensation linger!

Impact Mints comes in 5 core flavours such as blackcurrant, fresh mint, strawberry and the latest addition – Mango. Impact Mints retails at $2.60/100g each (comes with 70 mints~)

Mango Mints (My Favourite Flavour!)

Get a burst of island flavour as the sweet mango does the tango with your taste buds~

Blackcurrant Mints

This has become a favourite among many as they taste the berry flavour with a hint of mint, watering your mouth and reaching every taste buds.

Peach Mints

Uses a special Japanese peach to ensure the fragrance and taste is transferred to every part of your senses. A sensation in itself unmatched by any other.

Strawberry Mints

The perfect red strawberry which your can enjoy every day with a glass of champagne or without, its like the real thing, tasty.

Fresh Mints

The stylish black tin in combination with perfect freshness from their unique spearmint mix has ensured its constant companion of many.

My husband’s favorite is the Fresh Mints as it contains the right amount of Mint to freshen his breath. He prefers something that is not to overpowering and ‘spicy’ so Impact Mint’s Fresh Mint suits his taste buds~ He has packed it into his hand carry luggage so that he can enjoy it while on the plane and during his business trip~

I’m giving away Impact Mints in 5 different flavours to one of my readers. Just email me and tell me which is your favorite flavour~ I will randomly select one lucky reader! 🙂

Impact Mints and other Impact Mint products can be found in selected NTUC FairPrice, Cold Storage, Giant, Sheng Siong, SPC, Caltex 7-Eleven & Cheers outlets.

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from Impact Mint’s Presskit 

Taiwan Beauty Alliance 2017 Returns to Excite With 12 New Brand

Following a successful run last year, the Taiwan Beauty Alliance returns for its second installment with an exciting new line-up of 12 beauty companies making new forays in the Singapore market. The new brands include Biochem, City Color, Dr. Morita, Kuan Yuan Lian, Lab101, Lam Sam Yick (LSY), Miss Hana, My Beauty Dairy, Tsaio, SH-RD, Solone and VitaGold. The product launch and networking event aims to highlight Taiwan’s best in the beauty industry and create collaborative business opportunities in the SEA region

Themed ‘a New Era of Beauty‘, the beauty trade gateway event is presented as an emporium showcase where brands will showcase their latest hero products. The event also highlights a mini-series of panel discussions to present insights to Taiwan’s latest beauty trends and developments. They will focus on three main topics: Bio-technology Innovations for Anti-Aging, Fashion Forward Beauty and Consumer Trends, and Botanical Beauty. Taitra set up the Taiwan Beauty Alliance to boost the personal and cosmetics industry. Taiwan’s beauty industry represents one of the most dynamic examples of a continuing quest to breakdown boundaries, to challenge and to generate new ideas. Taitra is excited to present this platform to share the excitement of Taiwanese brands with friends from around the region.

Talking about Taiwan, i will never get sick of this country despite visiting it many times. Besides the nice scenery and weather, what i love about Taiwan will be the friendly people who will go the extra mile for you.. On many occasions when we asked for directions, people will always bring us there or explain till we understand. Not only that, the transport system is so much better than Singapore whereby people will queue to get into the train orderly and they won’t push and shove! Train service is much more reliable with no train breakdowns and also better frequencies. Lastly, i love the shopping (Clothes, Shoes and Beauty Products) and food.  There’s 101 reasons for me to visit Taiwan again and again. 🙂

Despite missing the chance to attend Taiwan Beauty Alliance 2017 due to work commitment, i am thankful that Access Communication sent me a beauty bag packed to the brim with the latest and hottest beauty hero products of all 12 participating brands. I’m still in the midst of trying them out but in the meantime, i will share more on the products which i have tried and tested! 🙂

Kuan Yuan Lian 廣源良

In 1986, Mr. Shi found two bottles of luffa water from wife’s. Although wife’s mother was 80 years old at that time, she still had smooth skin. With valued and thankful heart, Mr. Shi wanted to produce skin care products with Taiwanese nature herb plant, enlightened water. ”Nature Insistence, Friendly Brand” and made in Taiwan are always the belief of KYL. When products are gradually acknowledged by customers, it will help KYL to take an important position in domestic and foreign market.

In order to provide customers with better products, KYL invested a lot in R&D to elevate production technique. Today it’s been proved that KYL not only can produce natural products but also make elegant skin care products. This is not only the promise to customers but the insistence of elevation of KYL brand value. Recently, KYL developed many kinds of series of products, and exported to Southeast Asia, China and other overseas markets. Its professional R&D team is continuing to develop other creative product series, such as aloe, cucumber, rose and green tea and strictly select and extract from many good local quality botanical essence. The brand also insist on manufacturing natural and clean skin care products in Taiwan.

Picture from Kuan Yuan Lian’s FB page

Inside the bag, i have received three premium products from Kuan Yuan Lian and they are the Luffa Cucumber Water Soothing Moisturizing Spray Mist, Luffa Gel and Green Bean Cleanser

The Luffa Cucumber Water Soothing Moisturizing Spray Mist contains Luffa Extract (Sponge Cucumber). Luffa extract is a gift from the nature to all women well-known in Taiwanese tradition. Luffa extract acts as a natural skin moisturizer to soften and refresh skin. Luffa Cucumber Water Soothing Moisturizing Spray Mist moisturizes dry skin instantly through natural and rich supplemental cucumber extracts and soothes sensitive skin through a weak acid based mist that restores unbalanced pH level. It can be used as a toner or before applying make up to retain moisture.

I’m using the Luffa Cucumber Water Soothing Moisturizing Spray Mist as a toner and i love how refreshing my skin felt during use. There’s no distinctive fragrance and good for people who prefer their products to be fragrance-free. It is gentle on my skin and my skin felt light and soft after use.

The Luffa Gel is another star product and main ingredients consist of Loofa Extract and Camomile Extract. Luffa Gel can be used in two ways:

Cleaning Gel: help to remove traces of impurities on skin.

Facial Gel Mask: light, gel-type mask. Help to relieve the uncomfortable feeling of dry, tight, and harsh skin. Restore the skin’s optimum moisture level. It smooths out the appearance of fine lines caused by dehydration and leaves the skin feeling soft and supple.

This product will be put to good use when my current supply of cleanser runs out! It certainty looks promising because it consist of Luffa extract which is beneficial to skin 🙂

Kuan Yuan Lian Green Bean Cleanser can be used for facial wash, mask or scrub. It can be used when showering as well. It thoroughly removes dirt, cuticle and sebum, leaving skin clean, soft and healthy with the nutrient of green beans. The Green Bean Cleanser can be used as a facial wash or mask.

Facial wash: Lather  the powder with water and massage it over face for around 1 minute. Rinse off with lukewarm water. Then, rinse with cold water to tighten pores.

Mask: Lather the powder with water and apply it over face. Wait for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with water.

Have always wanted to try powder form Green Bean Cleanser as i will always see them in Taiwan’s Watsons / Beauty Stores. Kuan Yuan Lian Green Bean Cleanser is made of pure green bean and you can either use it as a facial cleaner or mask~ Love how it is packed into small sachet for single use. Personally, i am using it as a mask by adding small amount of  Luffa Spray for an extra refreshing touch. The mask will help to deep cleanse and remove oil from your pores. It also helps to remove dead skin cell and leave behind soft skin. It doesn’t cause any discomfort to my skin during usage but the mask don’t smell pleasant (smells like raw bean sprout. After leaving it on for 5-10 mins, i will wash it off with warm water. Immediately, skin looks cleaner and brighter! It is also softer to the touch. 



‘TSAIO’ in its original language means ‘finding herbs and natural spirits in the mountain.’ . TSAIO focused on the “plant regeneration ability” and hoped to give herbal skin care products more profound significance values. TSAIO’s natural skin care products consists of wide ranges of everyday use products from head to toe, pursuits high-level quality of complexion by working with global R&D partners in Japan and the EU over 40 years. TSAIO develops excellent quality products with affordable prices. TSAIO is known as “the natural skin care expert”. Brand value comes from the concept that no matter how serious the catastrophe, after the catastrophe, plants still able to rebirth strongly. TSAIO takes the “plant regeneration ability” to give herbal and organic skin car e products more profound significance values.

TSAIO products are sold in all major department stores, international cosmetic/ drug chain
stores, supermarket and online stores over 10 countries and covers more than 6000 selling
points in Taiwan. TSAIO is the only major Taiwan skin care brand use in 5 stars hotels.

I have brought this Travel Kit from TSAIO for my recent trip to Chiang Mai which consists of Camellia Nourishing Shampoo, Scutellaria Firming Body Wash, Chamomilla Facial Wash Foam and Sweet Orange Moisturizing Mask.

Personal favorite will be the Chamomilla Facial Wash Foam as it smells like Chamomile – soothing and refreshing. It works into a rich lather and cleanse well without stripping away too much moisture. After washing it off, skin felt clean and there’s no tight sensation. I have sensitive dehydrated skin and this works well in removing residues yet stays gentle on my sensitive skin.

Shaan Honq Intl 昇宏國際

Every women dream about owning their own furry coat, but they don’t realize they already have one in possession. Like the feathers of a swan, hair is women’s most natural and priceless piece of fur coat. Why do women like fur coats? Simply because it represents style, noble, elegant, extravagant and full of femininity. A piece of precious fur coat, its texture must be smooth, light and bright. SH-RD Haircare series is made to fulfill every woman’s dream of owning a furry coat simply by having a Light as a Feather hair. SH-RD will allow you to own your own unique piece of pure and feather-like light and smooth hair just like swan’s beautiful feather.

Shaan Honq International Corp, established in 1985, as the leading role in professional MIT brand in the global hair industry , developing worldwide multivariate services with manufacturing, marketing, education, fashion hair books and magazines and hair salon chains. The founder was dedicated to providing innovative and exceptional high-quality products for
hairdressers and consumers, assisting them in creating beautiful works of art. As a global beauty corporation with its own R&D Laboratory, Shaan Hong offer a wide selection of high quality luxury hair products, all proudly Made in Taiwan. From product development to customer service, its goal is to provide all our customers with a unified and satisfaction guaranteed experience.

Picture from Shaan Hong’s FB page

Its star product, SH-RD Protein Cream (for hair) is found inside my beauty bag. SH-RD Repair Series is designed for those lifeless hair caused by over-processed environment factors. SH-RD is a series of products that addresses hair that has been damaged by environmental factors, daily life stresses and chemical services. This series of products help provide nutrients to damaged shafts, repair damaged hair and restore lifeless hair back to health. Formulated with special ingredients, Rosemary (Anti-bacterial, accelerates blood circulation, normalizing effect on metabolism) and D- Panthenol (Vitamin B5 Complex, Repairs & Re-conditions scalp and hair), they help to accelerate blood circulation, anti-bacterial, repair and condition scalp and hair.

SH-RD Protein Cream contains the unique combination of Rosemary, D-Panthenol and Silk Protein complex which helps to repair, moisturize and give protected shield. With this unique combination, it helps to block UV rays and environmental damages, which helps to lock in hydration. This instant leave in treatment protects hair from chlorine during swimming as well as promote healthy, shiny, soft and bouncy hair.

SH-RD Protein Cream has a gel texture and it has a pleasant floral scent. Just a small 5 cent coin amount is enough to treat my dry hair. As i have bleached my hair a few months back, my hair is on the extremely dry side. After using the SH-RD Protein Cream, dry ends become healthier looking and i can comb thru my hair easily. Hair also became tamer so i don’t have to tie it up. If you are looking for a non-greasy hair treatment product, i will highly recommend the SH-RD Protein Cream.

Middle: Dry and Damaged Hair Right: Easy to comb thru hair after using SH-RD Protein Cream

Dr Jou Biotech 森田藥粧

A “Safe, Secure & Effective” philosophy is the brand concept that Dr. Jou Biotech Corp. strongly believes. The brand develops new products every year and continues to gain popularity internationally, reaching out to Hong Kong, China, Macao, Singapore, and Malaysia. The brand is becoming one of the leading brands overseas and on the must-buy list for travelers visiting Taiwan, and which is available in retail stores in 4 of the main South-East Asian Markets at the moment, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia and the Philippines.

Dr. Jou Biotech Corp. budded in Taiwan and is now blooming throughout Asia. The 82-year-old brand has a core value of trust, which has been passed down from the “Changhua Old Street” legacy. Merging with a new and evolved management team from the 3rd generation dedicated to making “Safe, Secure & Effective” medical grade skin care the key corporate concept. Dr. Jou Biotech Corp.’s goal is to become “Asia’s Mask Expert”, helping consumers become more confident and beautiful with the use of Dr. Jou’s masks. Popular products include Dr.Morita medical facial mask and Dr. Jou Skincare products.

The brand has recently launched a globally innovative Hyaluronic acid facial mask. It was developed by the research and development team led by Dr. Jou Chun-Hsu. After one year and half of effort, the new series of products has been successfully created.

The Six Essence Hyaluronic Acid Hydra Mask Sheet has the greatest feature of infusing six Japan-made superior Hyaluronic acid ingredients into the essence. Furthermore, through the hydra introduction by unique facial sheets, skin problems such as rough skin or wrinkles etc. caused by over dehydration will be eliminated, for a moisturized, hydrated and radiant effect.

The director of DR.JOU Biotech Corp., Dr. Jou Chun-Hsu said, “As a matter of fact, in the fast-growing ASEAN market that catches global attention, the ‘MIT facial masks’ have been increasingly gaining reputation among the Southeast Asian women.” Dr. Jou carries out the mission of the “best-selling MIT facial mask in Asia” through consistent research and development as to create “sales perfection.”

Two weeks after the launch of the product, the “Dr.Jou Six Essence Hyaluronic Acid Hydra Mask Sheet” won good reviews during product trials on Japan’s largest website for Beauty Product Information: “@cosme.” Not long ago, the DR.JOU Six Essence Hyaluronic Acid Hydra Mask Sheet was granted the Silver Quality Award during the 2017 Monde Selection, a leading European evaluation award. The new product this year, the Six Essence Hyaluronic Acid Hydra Mask Sheet has been innovatively formulated considering regional climate, culture and customs in order to create the best essence for the Southeast Asian skin types and for winning beauty lovers’ hearts in Southeast Asia.

Dr Morita Hyaluronic Acid Essence Mask contains Hyaluronic Acid, cucumber extract, Ceramide, Marine Collagen, Licorice, Seaweed and other natural composite moisturizing ingredients. It aids in ensuring all-day hydration and effectively smoothes out fine lines while preventing skin aging. The Hyaluronic Acid Essence Mask is soaked with essence and the cotton sheet of the mask is strong and sturdy. There’s a plastic piece on the other side which aids me in the mask application. The mask is able to adhere to my skin well so absorbent of serum can be maximized. Mask has no fragrance which might irritate skin and not much stinging / hot sensation during mask application. Upon removal of mask, it doesn’t leave my skin red but instead it looks brighter and more dewy. There’s no need to rinse your face the mask does not leave sticky aftermath. I can apply my moisturizer next! The next day, i woke up to well hydrated , radiant and calmer skin.

Lam Sam Yick 林三藝

Lam Sam Yick Brush pens was founded in Fuzhou, Fujian Province in 1917, specializing in making all sorts of writing brushes for calligraphy. In 1946 the company relocated to Taipei ,Taiwan. Since then, the company has been dedicated to the study of brush hair and imported raw materials from overseas, making it a renowned brand in the market with a history that spans four generations and successfully opened up a new market for handmade brushes with the brand “LSY professional cosmetics brushes”

With the concept of “precision making of the brush” Lam Sam Yick, a Taiwanese writing brush maker for more than a century, has successfully opened up a new market for handmade brushes with the brand“LSY professional cosmetics brushes. Made with only the finest hair, this craft of perfection has been made the top choice makeup tool among makeup artists and stylists, and on the internet, attracted much media attention as well as caused a shopping frenzy. Hero products include Clean Face Brush, Face Mask Brush, Clean-Acne Brush.

I was gifted with the Lam Sam Yick Clean Acne Bye Bye Brush for review and this specially designed two-layer brush has a mix of different diameters in the inner and outer layers. With the inner layer bristles smaller than your pores made of 0.07 mm, it is able to penetrate deep into the pores where the underlying dirt are. While the 0.10 mm outer bristles are responsible for loosening the blackheads/whiteheads and acnes, accelerates the acne health and boosts metabolism time. LSY Clean Acne Brush is made of Synthetic Fibers where bristles will not break. Designed with a softer-touch exterior and a harder-touch interior bristles.

Pauline Lan mentioned in a Taiwan Beauty Show that she was able to remove her blackhead which was located near her bust for 10 years. Only after using LSY Clean Acne Brush, her 10 years trouble was eliminated with this brush! You can check out the video below.

It is recommended to use the LSY Clean Acne Brush together with your cleanser. After lathering your facial foam and spreading it on your face, wet the brush with water and work it on your nose, cheeks and chin in a circular motion for 30 seconds. Focus on problem areas and remember not to exert too much force while using it. The brush can be used daily and once done, rinse face with water and then follow-up with toner to close pores. It is also important to clean your brush correctly to prolong the life span. Just place it under running water and then dap excess water from brush bristles before airing dry. Do not soak the brush in water.

I am always bothered with my strawberry nose full of white / black heads. Normally it can only be removed fully during facial. However the Clean Acne Brush is able to keep my pores on my nose clean with just one application! It is very simple to use, use it when you have applied facial foam on your skin and just move the brush in a circular motion for 30 seconds. The bristles feel very soft so you need not worry about it being harsh. The first time i used it, i am amazed to see most of the black / whiteheads on my nose gone! I kid you not!


Gold Nanotech 京華堂

Gold NanoTech Inc. (GNT) is the only company in the world researching and manufacturing medical metals to such high specifications and standards. In the field of medical research, their products regarding medical applications of metals are widely adopted by government-owned agencies. All products containing nanometals manufactured from GNT are authorized to use its “Nautilus logo” and “GNT Gold” brand name so as to verify their high specification and distinguish them from counterfeits.  VitaGold is Gold Nanotech’s beauty care brand utilizing PVD-processed pharmaceutical-grade GNT Gold nano-particles. This brand passed skin irritation and sensitivity testing conducted by the North American Science Association (NAMSA). Suitable for all skin types, the energy of metallic elements give users healthy skin cells and a glowing complexion.


Addition of gold to skin care products can be dated back to the Ming Dynasty. In the Compendium of Materia Medica, the function of gold in beauty care is described as follows: “Ingestion of gold can calm the nerves, enhance beauty, promote circulation and strengthen the body”. Topical uses of gold are also documented. One is for eye treatment in which a gold ring is heated red and then swept across the upper and lower face several times a day. Another is for treating toothache in which a gold needle is heated and placed onto the tooth and can stop the pain immediately.

In Japan’s Edo period (1600-1867), addition of gold leaves to cosmetics was described in the book of Supplementary Jade Wisdom. A gold containing cosmetic white powder which can brighten skin tone, eliminate acne and prevent aging was introduced.

The mystery of legendary formulas consisting of natural refined trace elements and pure gold particles has been gradually uncovered and proven by modern biomedicine. Scientific studies suggest that trace elements act as coenzymes that participate in various important physiological activities in the skin. These coenzymes cannot be synthesized in vivo, thus are relied on external supplementation. In modern medicine, use of these trace elements to activate cells for burn treatment and tissue repair is available, and among these trace elements, pure gold plays a very important role. Was gifted with the Gold particle liquid which is an ampoule to supply skin with autologous collagen and Hyaluronic acid. It helps with anti-oxidation, face lifting and smoothen fine lines. Passing this on to my mum as this will be useful for her skin. 🙂

Tairjiuh Enterprise 台鉅企業

Tair Jiuh Enterprise was founded in 1982. As the time passed, TJ Group had accumulated the experiences in the cosmetic area globally. TJ Group has the integrated system for production, supply and marketing, and because of the fully integrated system which has made TJ Group a very competitive position in the field. Thought the years, Tair Jiuh produced thousands of cosmetic products for OEM/ODM customers. In recent 10 years, Tair Jiuh started promoting its own brand City Color all over the world.

The main purpose of creating City Color is because Tair Jiuh believe “when women are willing to change, the world will become better.” Tair Jiuh’s committment is to offer premier quality, affordably priced cosmetics to consumers. Tair Jiuh aims to provide both professionals and newcomers with the tools necessary to develop and perfect their knowledge and experience with cosmetics. Tair Jiuh’s vision is to be the most accessible brand of make-up in the world.

City Color is a full range beauty brand committed to offer premier quality products without high prices. Inspired by the lifestyle and energy of a global metropolis, City Color brings finely produced formulas, highly pigmented shades, and on-trend collections while always maintaining pocket friendly prices. City Color’s mission is to equip everyone with professional quality makeup.

City Color has gifted me with the Contour Palette which is one of its best-selling contour product! Achieve an ultra defined and sculpted look with Contour Palette. Contour Palette consists of true matte contour and bronzer shades which works with all skin tones and blend to a seamless shadow. There’s also a shimmer highlight which adds a glowing radiance and lift up cheekbones. This velvety smooth formula is a pressed fine powder that allows for light application with serious color payoff.

The Palette also includes an easy-to-follow instruction guide and it can be used in different ways to contour + highlight:


Diagonally under your cheekbones and hollow of your cheeks
Sides of your nose from the bridge straight down
Under your hairline
Directly on your jaw line and under your chin


Apply to areas where you desire warmth, like your cheeks and temples


Center of your forehead
High point of your cheekbones
Bridge of your nose
Cupid’s bow
Tip of your chin

A beauty-blogger favorite, the Contour Effects palette is perfect for both beginners and professionals, and is ideal for all skin types. If you are looking for an easy to use, highly pigmented contour palette which can be used wet or dry, look no further. 🙂

President Pharmaceutical  統一藥品

My Beauty Diary was born in 2003. It has shaken the whole skin care market with the launching of a wide variety of facial masks with excellent ingredients and bargain prices. It has soon become Taiwan’s leading facial mask brand. My Beauty Diary has successfully marketed its products to 13 overseas countries and regions across North America, Europe, and Asia. Since its foundation in 2003, the brand has not only become widely accepted by consumers in Japan, Korea, and Greater China, but its exceptional quality and product safety has helped the brand reap numerous beauty awards and rave reviews from consumers. The brand sells more than 2.5 billion sheets of masks in a year, offering consumers a great variety of sheet mask choices and skincare at reasonable prices.  My Beauty Diary is every young woman’s trusted friend and companion looking after her skin, helping her grow to become more beautiful and confident day-by-day.

My Beauty Diary has just revamped its popular Natural Key Line range of masks! Originating from Taiwan and a pioneer in the facial mask industry, My Beauty Diary is continually seeking improvements in their mask formulas and has done so again this time round. Introducing the industry’s first 5-minute mask that efficiently and effectively delivers moisture replenishment and continuous hydration to the skin. With its advanced triple-action formula featuring an all new deep penetrating serum ingredient – Tinysome, it only takes 6 seconds for the serum containing all the intense moisturizing ingredients to penetrate the skin’s epidermis. Now you can feel the same moisturizing results in just 5 minutes!

Building on the foundation of its high-performing mask serums, My Beauty Diary’s R&D team has found a revolutionary breakthrough formula for its serum. The upgraded Natural Key Line Series features two new serum types.  My Beauty Diary masks are free of harmful paraben preservatives, alcohol, mineral oils, colouring agents and fluorescent agents, and are safe for use on all skin types including sensitive skin.

My Beauty Diary is a must buy Mask brand i have to get whenever i am in Taiwan (PS, it is cheaper there!). My husband has tried the Black Pearl Brightening Mask which is formulated with black pearl extracts that’s rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Extracted from black pearls grown in the ultra-clear and clean seas of Tahiti through hydrolyzation, the mask will rapidly nourishes and hydrates dull and tired skin, revitalizing skin to a youthful and bright condition. As a result, skin appears clear and bright, with a refined and delicate texture for a lasting, flawless beautiful look. The mask comes with a plastic sheet which allows my husband to apply it easily on his face without the need to seek help from me. The mask is well-soaked with essence too. The material of the mask is also strong and it contours around his face well. Upon application, he said that it is cooling and refreshing. After removal, his skin tone became brighter and there’s no sticky residue left behind.

Unicare Biotechnology 詠麗生化科技

Lab101 is a professional medical skin care brand from Taiwan which commits to create simple, scientific, effective formula in a full range of products for delivering the views of ideal skin.

Why Lab 101?

– To address our core value: based on dermatology, our products are formulated with high-efficiency and safety by professional, scientific demonstration.

– Be a skin care brand which is as famous as Taipei 101, a landmark skyscraper of Taiwan.

– Be a skin care brand which is over 100 points, continuously dedicating in developing ideal and
suitable products.

– In English, 101 means “solution” that represents our brand value: “Provides you correct and suitable skin solution.”

Lab101 Safety Commitment:

 High efficacy, Hypo-allergenic
 Adhere to safe and additive free
 Medical skin care lab
 Strictly follow ISO 22716 (GMP) manufacturing processes
 Active ingredients from globally well

Bought the Lab 101 Travel Kit to Chiang Mai and gave the Bio Brillance Radiance Fluid a try!  Bio Brillance Radiance Fluid helps strengthen skin’s natural moisture barrier and reduce the appearance of dark spots. Made to treat spot, dull skin and uneven skin tone, Bio Brillance Radiance Fluid will improve skin’s texture, skin tone and radiance.

Active Ingredients:

● Mild exfoliation with DermalRx® SRC to stimulate skin renewal, actively refine and restore skin texture and radiance.

● AA-2G promotes collagen synthesis, inhibits melanin production and fades existing melanin to brighten skin.

● Tranexamic Acid helps reduce the activity of tyrosinase, improve the look of dark spots and prevent skin from UV damage.

The Bio Brillance Radiance Fluid has a light gel texture and it gives off a faint floral scent. It gets absorbed into my skin quickly without any heavy / greasy feeling left behind. After application, skin felt softer to the touch and it appears to be brighter! It is suitable for sensitive skin like mine as it does not cause any stinging sensation or redness after application.

Miho International 美合國際

Miho International Cosmetics Co., Ltd started with E-SHOP and has 19 retail stores “ 86Shop” in Taiwan currently.Through data analysis of our own sale channels, Miho can easily track the consumer needs and develop products matching with the market trends. Therefore, Miho developed various private brands, including the cosmetic brand- Miss Hana. Miss Hana’s goal is providing the outstanding quality, affordable price and the trendy cosmetics for young women. All the top quality, long-lasting and smudge-proof cosmetic products are made in Taiwan.

Picture from 86Shop’s Website

Inspired by the wedding vision that every girl has in mind, Miss Hana was created as a perfect, elegant and intellectual brand to arouse a girl’s desire for romantic love. With the brand concept revolving around “name brand level quality, modest luxury, new fashion leader”, Miss Hana aims to provide “Made In Taiwan” beauty products which is transfer-proof, pigmented and smudge-proof with name brand quality at affordable prices for young females.

Arwin Bio-tech 台灣雅聞生技

Arwin Group strives to create the sanctuary of medical cosmetics by integrating production,
experience, tourism, and shopping industries. It endeavors to implement “The Beauty Business”
with the mission to “beautify women throughout, from head to toe, and from inside out”.
In recent years, it has been more committed to the development of affordable high quality, DIY,
aesthetic grade skincare products- Biochem. Arwin Group has an advanced laboratory team
and dedicated to research and development. The company is proud of completing the entire production process from research, development, product testing also quality control to packaging in Taiwan. Arwin has the most diversity product catalogue as well as the advanced integrate laboratory. It established a dust free GMP plant with steady temperature and humidity to manufacture the products with special functions.

High Quality · Affordable Price · Professional Care

Sweet Rose Perfumed Soap – Cleans, lightens, brightens skin. The scent of white sea rose mixed with a romantically sweet vanilla peach is like falling in deep love.

Rose Rejuvenate Night Jelly Mask – Includes Vit B5 and Gold foil to effectively improve dry skin and intensive repair damage skin due to sun exposure.

Rose Rejuvenate Cream – Increases skin’s absorption rate, allowing skin care products to be absorbed into the deepest layers of your skin. With its unique weak acid breathable base, mild not easy to stimulate. Rose hip extract smooths fine lines, and turning back the aging of your skin and restoring delicate skin.

Rose Rejuvenate Essence – It can effectively helps to oil control, speed up collagen synthesis to prevent skin aging. And adding Gold Foil Ingredients can speed up the adsorption of the skin

Rose Rejuvenate Essential Lotion – A light touch of rose fragrance brings back the radiant skin of youth. Smooths wrinkles, whitens, moisturizes, softens, and tightens skin all in one bottle! Vegetarian friendly.

GHK-CU Moisture Revitalizing Mask – Containing rich essence, moisturizing your skin by supplying water from outside to the inside

Whitening Moisture Revitalizing Mask – Developed for solving problems such as dullness, spots forming and uneven skin tone for Asian Skins

Have tried the Sweet Rose Perfumed Soap which will help to cleanse, lightens and brightens skin after use. Not a big fun of soap as it is not convenient to use and store as compared to shower foam / gel. However, the Rose mixed with light fruity scent smells good so i cannot resist trying it! There’s a net provided which helps to create a rice lather during use and you can hang it to air dry the soap after use. Hence, i am enjoying using the Sweet Rose Perfumed Soap as it is easy to use and foams up so easily~ Moreover, the soap will not turn mushy due to the net which you can hang to allow the soap to air dry~ The soap does a good job in cleansing the skin on my body. It is not drying and after rinsing if off, my skin became smoother and brighter!

Masacy 姿華

Solone is a renowned make up brand in Taiwan and products are awarded by
famous and publicly recognized beauty media such as, Fashionguide, UrCosme and Best of the Best Beauty. Solone products were also recommended by a Taiwan popular variety show, Lady First, whose quests are mainly celebrities.

Founded in 1991, Solone is a masstige Taiwanese cosmetics brand. The brand strikes to consistently develop new makeup product lines with brilliant ideas. Quality is Solene’s high priority that all products are developed in Taiwan with careful & guaranteed quality management. Solene aims to continually bring the best quality and essence of the beauty into its revolutionary products. Taiwan to worldwide, Solone observes carefully the needs of women and brings the inspiration of the balance between inside confidence and outside beauty. Its star makeup products include eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, eye shadow, lip gloss, powder, blush and makeup accessories

My HG eyeliner is Solone Bold Liquid Eyeliner and i will always stock up whenever i head to Taiwan (I think it has made its appearance on my instagram a few times!) This is the only long-lasting eyeliner i have ever come across which will not smudge on my extremely oily eyelids~ At the end of the day, most of the pigments stay intact! I kid you not! Moreover, the eyeliner is so affordable…

From Clockwise Direction:

Solone Long-Lasting Perfect Brown Pencil – With natural and gentle color, which can help your eyebrow looks more natural and tri-dimensional. Easy to color and the self-rotated design makes it more convenient to use.

Solone Magic Liquid Eyeliner – Target for oily eyelid. New technolgy prevents smudge and delicate pigments from England and spongy applicator with unique shape delivers powerful, robust colors

Solone Vivid Fantasy Smoody Pencil (Eyeliner & Shadow) – Dual use as an eyeliner or eyeshadow (2in1) with Brilliant colour, totally water-proof and smudge-proof formula. Gel Like Smoody Pencil can be used as an eyeliner along with a smudging option for a less defined look. The Swivel type design makes it very convenient to use as there’s no need for hard-sharpening.

Solone Perfect Drawing Eyeliner – The built-in Swarovski crystal will add on shining glamour and elegance. With its 10 sec speedy dry easy to apply formula, it will help users achieve a smooth and good color texture application. It is also water-proof and skin-oil resistant.

Solone Fantasy Wonderland Eyeshadow Kit –  A wonderful development on eyeshadow kit that comes with eight attractive colors featuring base, lid and liner shades to flatter all skin tones. From a soft matte to shimmer and metallic, you can work out 18 different variety of looks. The kit also comes with 1 double ended sponge applicator. It is so easy to get standout eyes thanks to Solone’s new eyeshadow kit with the highly pigmented colors with sophisticated shimmer, blends easily with soft texture.

Solone Light Tattoo Brow Gel – It gives you long-lasting and worry-free eyebrow with its Tint+Nourishment+waterproof formula~ Now you can achieve tattoo eyebrows without having to do eyebrow embroidery. It comes with 3 free printed Card form eyebrows inside the packaging to help you achieve embroidery-like brows~

Will be doing a comparison between the Solone Magic Liquid Eyeliner and Solone Perfect Drawing Eyeliner. Perfect Drawing Eyeliner (On the left) is in pencil form and Magic Liquid Eyeliner comes with a fine felt tip to dispense the liquid liner. For beginners, i will recommend the use of the Perfect Drawing Eyeliner because it is much easier to use and control.

Solone Magic Liquid Eyeliner has a board base so it is good for people who loves their lines to be thick (Like me!).. Solone Perfect Drawing Eyeliner will be good to create fine and define lines. Color turnout wise, both are as pigmented!

Long-lasting wise, both eyeliner can withstand water, oil and slight friction without budging. Only with intensive cleaning and rubbing, the Solone Magic Liquid Eyeliner started to fade but the Solone Perfect Drawing Eyeliner still stays strong! The long-lastingness of both eyeliners are pretty impressing! This is why Solone eyeliners will always be my HG!~ 🙂

Running under water and wiping it dry with tissue (Top) Running under Cleansing Liquid and wiping it dry with tissue (Bottom)

Scrubbing it off with soap and then intense rubbing with tissue paper

Many consumers are nowadays more conscious of their skin requirements and personally i am glad for the emergence of many new Taiwanese cosmetic and skincare brands in recent years.
Say yay to safe and effective products from Taiwan! Thank you Access Communication and the different brands for giving a chance to try out so many products~

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from Taiwan Beauty Alliance’s Presskit and website

Restore, Recharge & Rejuvenate With The All-New Spa Ceylon Virgin Coconut Collection

Two weeks ago, i was invited to the Spa Ceylon @ Wisma Atria to experience its latest product range harvesting on the goodness of virgin coconut. Spa Ceylon is the world’s leading Luxury Ayurveda brand with boutiques that span across 57  branded  stores across  12  countries growing rapidly to expand their global footprint across South Asia, the Far East and Europe. With its rich heritage, a wealth of expertise and strong Ceylonese identity, Spa Ceylon has become ‘the world’s largest Luxury Ayurveda  chain’ in the world that is renowned  for promoting  health, well-being  and relaxation.

Combining the powerful, age-old Ayurveda formula and the finest natural ingredients, Spa Ceylon products are the result of nearly 50 years of expertise in the field of natural health and beauty products from the pioneers in modern Ayurveda beauty care in Sri Lanka.The highly-treasured and pampering Spa Ceylon ranges inspired by the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda promises to rejuvenate one’s senses and will hydrate, treat, purify and soothe the body

Considered  by  many  to  be  the  oldest  of  healing  arts,  Ayurveda  is  derived  from the Sanskrit  word ‘Ayus’ and ‘Veda’ which means The Science of Life.  Ayurveda, practiced in the grand palaces of Ceylon thousands of years ago, is a holistic approach that treats the root cause of illness, in body or mind. The Ayurveda treatment  is dispensed  based on the distinct pattern  of  energy  or  Dosha  (Vatha,  Pitha  and  Kapha)  possessed  by  all  individuals. It is through  the  balance  of  the  Doshas  that  the  mental  and  physical well-being of each individual are achieved.

Today Spa Ceylon produces over 150 all-natural  Ayurveda inspired personal care & wellness formulae, Their complete range comprises prestige skin, body, bath, scalp & hair care preparations,  oils,  balms  &  potions,  home  aroma  blends,  candles,  diffusers,  incense,  herbal  infusions & teas, handmade stoneware and spa accessories.

Spa Ceylon promotes environmentally friendly natural products; they are not tested on animals, and are 100% vegetarian. The brand is also an advocate of sustainable harvesting and supports community fair trade. By ensuring fair trade, Spa Ceylon has been helping to develop sustainable businesses that have a positive effect on the surrounding communities. All Spa Ceylon products are free of paraben, paraffin and alcohol. Its precise production and quality assurance   procedures  incorporate   traditional   herbal   prescriptive  with  modern   dermatological science,  to  protect  and  deliver  the  herbal  benefits  of  the  all-natural   ingredients   in  their  high- performance  formula.

Recently, Spa Ceylon has launched its  all-new Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Collection. Drawing from the numerous beneficial and therapeutic properties of the finest coconuts sourced in Ceylon, consumers are in for a luxurious treat with products ranging from scalp  care  and  body  care  to  aromatic  essential  oils  and  hand  creams that  will  delight one’s senses and improve overall wellness.

Infused with the purest Virgin Coconut oil extract, the Virgin Coconut Oil Collection is designed to promote youthful, glowing radiance for skin. It has repairing and anti-oxidant  properties which helps correct uneven skin tones and hydrates skin,  leaving it feeling  silky  smooth  without  a greasy finish.  Coconut oils are also effective in treating dandruff-prone scalps. As such, Spa Ceylon’s Virgin Coconut  hair products which is enriched with essential quality  proteins, helps to address  various scalp issues and nourishes damaged hair to achieve that ideal luxuriant and healthy-looking tresses.

I will kick-start the introduction of the Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Collection with the series of ultra-nourishing  Virgin Coconut Butter packaged in handy 25g circular tins embellished with vibrant flowers motifs emblematic of the Ceylonese heritage! Available in four variations, Grapefruit, Lavender, Jasmine, Lemongrass,  this multi-purpose  butter  is guaranteed to provide the  necessary  hydration  to  one’s  lips,  skin,  elbows,  feet  and  hair  while promoting a tranquil effect.

Suitable for all dosha and skin types, the  Virgin Coconut Butter  collection consists of four types of 100% natural multi-usage ultra- nourishing  butters   made   from   certified   organic Virgin  Coconut from Ceylon. The Virgin Coconut Butter is also blended with aromatic  essential  oils to   soothe,   refresh,   balance   and   energise  skin, calming and relaxing the senses.  It can be used on lips, skin, elbows, feet and hair to hydrate, softens, protects and care for it.

Virgin Coconut Natural Butter Collection (100g/3.52oz) – SGD 40.90

Neroli Jasmine Virgin Coconut Natural Butter is a 100% natural multi-usage ultra-nourishing butter made from certified organic Virgin coconut from Ceylon designed for all dosha types. It is blended with aromatic Neroli Jasmine essential  oils  to  calm and refresh skin, grounding and balancing the senses. At the same time, it deeply hydrates, softens, protects and cares  for lips, skin, elbows, feet and hair.

Neroli Jasmine Virgin Coconut Natural Butter (25gr) – SGD 13.90

Ylang Lavender Virgin Coconut Natural Butter is blended to soothe and balance skin, promoting calm and tranquility. Suitable for all dosha types, the 100%  natural multi-usage   ultra-nourishing butter with certified organic Virgin coconut from Ceylon deeply hydrates, softens, protects and cares  for lips, skin,  elbows,  feet and hair.

Ylang Lavender Virgin Coconut Natural Butter  (25gr) – SGD 13.90

Pink Grapefruit Virgin Coconut Natural Butter is formulated with aromatic  essential  oils  to refresh  and  renew skin, awakening & energising the senses. Suitable for all dosha types, it deeply hydrates, softens, protects and cares  for lips, skin,  elbows,  feet and hair.

Pink Grapefruit  Virgin Coconut Natural Butter (25gr) – SGD 13.90

Lemongrass Mandarin Virgin Coconut Natural Butter has a soothing and refreshing effect to relax + calm the senses during use.  A  100%  Natural  multi-usage ultra-nourishing butter made from certified organic Virgin coconut from Ceylon. It deeply hydrates, softens, protects and cares  for lips, skin,  elbows,  feet and hair.

Lemongrass Mandarin Virgin Coconut Natural Butter  (25gr) – SGD 13.90

As with every Spa Ceylon launch, a key highlight lies in its signature Home Spa Set. The premium set includes various Virgin Coconut products from scrubs, organic oil, serum and soap that allow users to indulge in head-to-toe happiness.  They  also  make  perfect  gifts  and  are convenient beauty kits  to carry around in gym bags, or even in luggage during travels.

Immerse in the soothing and aromatic fragrance of the Virgin Coconut collection as it uplifts and balances your senses, while providing the necessary grounding and restoration of energy. All the products in the Spa Ceylon’s Virgin Coconut Oil range are free of silicones, paraben, paraffin and alcohol, and are suitable for all skin types. They are environmentally friendly, not tested on animals, and are 100 percent vegetarian.  Spa Ceylon captures  the romance  of old Ceylon combined  with ancient Ayurveda  wisdom to create their range of majestic royal spa rituals & luxury product formulae designed to soothe, calm & relax the body, mind & soul.

What’s in the Virgin Coconut Home Spa Set?

Face & Body Refining Scrub – A unique 100% natural complex of pure Virgin Coconut Oil and Virgin Coconut Crystals naturally extracted and  sourced from the finest fresh coconuts, handpicked from the lush tropical gardens of Ceylon. Rich in nourishing vitamins and protective anti-oxidants to exfoliate, refine & renew skin, promoting  overall wellness.  With each use, it hydrates, smoothens  and revitalises to reveal softer, more radiant skin instantly.

Hair & Body Natural Butter is a 100%  natural  multi-usage ultra-nourishing butter of pure  Virgin Coconut  Oil  naturally extracted  and  sourced  from  the  finest  fresh coconuts from the lush tropical gardens of Ceylon. This nourishing hair and body butter is rich in vitamins and protective anti-oxidants to help reinforce,  repair & fortify skin, promoting overall wellness. You can use it to cares for lips, skin, elbows, feet & hair – All in One!

Pure & Natural Organic Oil is a 100% pure Virgin Coconut Oil, naturally cold pressed and sourced from the finest fresh coconuts, handpicked from the lush tropical gardens of Ceylon. Rich in nourishing  vitamins  and protective anti-oxidants  to  help  reinforce,  repair  and  fortify hair.  When used on skin, it hydrates, nourishes, softens, smoothens and brightens for total care.

Face & Body Soothing Serum is rich in nourishing  vitamins and protective  anti-oxidants to help reinforce,  repair and  fortify  skin,  promoting  overall  wellness. With regular use, it hydrates, nourishes,  softens  &  smoothens  face  & body, evening  out skin tone and improving  visible youthfulness. Enjoy the goodness of 100% pure Virgin Coconut Oil~

Inside the Virgin Coconut Home Spa Set, there’s also the Ceylon Tea Ylang Luxury Soap and Intensive Hand Cream.

Ceylon Tea Ylang Intensive Hand Cream is infused with a soothing blend of Green, White & Black Teas – rich in natural anti-oxidants & nutrients. Sweet Almond, Wheatgerm, Soya & Virgin Coconut moisturise, nourish & care for dry & rough hands. Pure Mango Butter & Kokum Butter help hydrate, protect & preserve youthfulness. Rice Bran & Soya soften & smoothen skin for total hand care. Enriched with mystical Ylang Ylang & sensual Tuberose to help balance the senses & protect subtle energize.

The Ceylon Tea Ylang Luxury Soap is a luxuriously creamy natual cleansers enriched with Virgin Coconut, Rice Bran, Wheatgerm & Almond to Moisturise, nourish and soften skin. Pure Mango Butter & Kokum Butter help hydrade, protect & preserve natural balance, while fresh Aloe Vera helps cool & comfort skin. Infused with pure aromatic essential oils to sooth calm & relax your body, mind and soul.

Under the Virgin Coconut collection, there’s also the Scalp & Hair Caring Oil which is suitable for all dosha & skin types.  A 100% natural ultra-light blend of pure Virgin Coconut Oil naturally  cold pressed and sourced from the finest fresh coconuts of Ceylon. This rich in nourishing vitamins and protective hair oil contains anti-oxidants to help reinforce, strengthen & fortify scalp and   hair balance. It is effective in repairing hair damage, hydrates, conditions and protects hair. It also helps in controlling dryness and split ends and promotes overall hair health.

Have tried out 5 products as follows from the press kit and i’m so excited to share with you my thoughts!

Pink Grapefruit Virgin Coconut Natural Butter
Lemongrass Mandarin Virgin Coconut Natural Butter
Face & Body Refining Scrub
Pure & Natural Organic Oil
Ceylon Tea Ylang Intensive Hand Cream

My favorite product from the Home Spa Kit has to be the Face & Body Refining Scrub as it smells really awesome! It smells like Ondeh Ondeh and the Delicious scent of delicious of pandan, coconut and gula melaka makes me want to eat it!! hahaha~ It is important to exfoliate skin on a regular basis so as to prevent pile up on skin’s surface (so you can prevent dullness, roughness and congestion of pores!). If you have sensitive skin like mine, what you can do is to mix the refining scrub with your cleanser so that it is milder on skin. The refining scrub contains fine scrub particles which is not too abrasive but it does a good job in removing dead skin cells. I did not experience any stinging sensation upon using. After washing it off, skin appears to be brighter and much smoother to the touch. Will definitely repurchase this!

Ceylon Tea Ylang Intensive Hand Cream

This hand cream smells nice too (smells like freshly brewed tea!) and the texture is creamy (yet not oily). It gets absorbed fast and well without leaving behind any oily film! It is very hydrating as well plus it kept my skin smooth and silky.

Kept the Lemongrass Mandarin Virgin Coconut Natural Butter in office as i will tend to suffer from extremely dry skin on my hands as i have to wash them frequently.  The Natural Butter comes in a really sleek and pretty tin. It smells like natural lemongrass and it has a balm texture. As the natural butter is quite concentrated, a small amount goes a long way to keep my skin healthy! Although it leaves behind a slight greasy film , it did a good job in keeping the skin on my hands healthy. Normally i will suffer from red patches on the skin of my hands, daily application of the natural butter helps prevent it! Yay to no more skin irritation! The efficacy of the Pink Grapefruit Virgin Coconut Natural Butter is the same (Just that it has a refreshing Grapefruit scent!). As such, i prefer to use this on my lips to keep it chap-free~

Untitled collage (2)

I’m using the Virgin Coconut Pure & Natural Organic Oil to condition my hair before hair wash. The oil smells so heavenly (coconut-ish) and it has a thick consistency. As texture is quite heavy, a small amount should suffice if you are using it as a hair treatment oil. As you know, i have bleached my hair few months ago in order to achieve pink hair. As a result, my hair has turned dry and i will have bad tangles after hair wash. As i do not like using conditioner, my hair is like hay!!! After doing pre-wash conditioning using the Pure & Natural Organic Oil, my hair isn’t as dry as before and it is easier to comb it after washing. 🙂


Spa Ceylon boutique is located at Wisma Atria, #01-43.  For more information on Spa Ceylon, please visit its website and Facebook page

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from Spa Ceylon’s Presskit and website

My Skin Journey With Annabelle Skin | Combating Acne & Sensitive Skin (Part 2)

Due to hormonal imbalance, i have been suffering from bad bout of jawline breakouts recently. Once again, i turned to Annabelle Skin to address my skin woe! Had enough of those large, deep  and painful cystic pimples on my jawline!

A hidden gem in the Adelphi – Annabelle Skin aims to serve as the trusted skin and body care companion to its clients as they go through different stages in life by providing quality treatments, effective results and personalized service. Annabelle Skin strongly believes that everyone’s skin condition is unique. Each skin and body treatment will be customized accordingly with the combination of skillful manual methods with advanced scientific beauty technology, using high quality products made with natural ingredients from Europe to produce the best and most effective results. 

Grace accessed my skin before treatment and besides jawline breakouts, my skin feels warm to the touch. It is never easy treating acne prone sensitive skin as acne-fighting products tend to be drying. However, i felt safe entrusting my skin to Annabelle as they know what’s best for me and customized a facial treatment that best addresses my skin issues .

Grace started off with skin cleansing with the use of Sensi-Bel Delicate Cleanser followed by Sensi-Bel Delicate Tonic to remove remaining residues. Sensi-bel Delicate is Dr.Belter’s special care line for long-term or temporarily hypersensitive skin. All products are dermatologically tested, free of colourants, perfume and official preservatives. It also contains Derma Lipid-Membrane Structure (DLS) components, a top grade skin-identical cream base without emulsifiers that does not cause skin irritation and ensures penetration of active ingredients for healthier skin.

Because my skin is sensitive, there’s no exfoliation done this time and Grace went straight to extraction! As much as i hate extractions, it has to be done to remove blackheads and clogged sebum. Over at Annabelle Skin, they do not promote squeezing to decongest pores. Extraction is done using a special extraction tool from Switzerland together with special technique to remove blackheads and clogged sebum. As a result, it is not as painful and red as compared to conventional extraction. Moreover, the beauticians are all well-trained so they are really fast and skillful in removing impurities. After extraction, Grace sterilized my skin with a high frequency machine to kill bacteria on the skin’s surface.. As Grace knew that i am TTC-ing, she checked if i am comfortable with the use of the high frequency machine. I love how attentive and caring everyone at Annabelle Skin are!

After extraction and sterilizing my skin, Grace applied Dr. Belter Intensa Ampoule No. 7 – Aloe Vera Concentrate on my skin and neck area. This ampoule has calming, protective and balanced properties of “lily of the dessert” extract to pamper and benefit particularly tender, sensitive or damaged skin.  Normally ampoule will always sting my skin but the Dr. Belter’s ampoule doesn’t.

While waiting for ampoule to be fully absorbed, Grace applied a later of  Dr. Belter Intensa Mask, with an ultrasonic equipment to aid absorption of the products and to cool down the temperature of my sensitive skin.. This treatment will help to refine pores, treat skin redness and to subside the appearance of blood capillaries. To finish off the entire treatment, Grace applied Dr Belter’s Vital-C Mask which contains Acerola extract and Vitamin C as active ingredients. The mask is power in texture and it is to be mixed with water to form a rubber-like peel-off mask.. Cold water was being used while preparing the mask and i love how cooling and soothing it felt on my skin. 🙂

Straight after treatment, skin redness reduced immediately and skintone became brighter. Always love the post facial glow and radiance! With most of the clogged sebum removed, skin feels so much smoother!

On the next morning, one of my cystic acne (which has been there for 1 week plus) on my jawline flatten and is less painful to the touch. On some of the areas whereby extraction were done, there’s minor purging which went away by the 3rd day.

After each and every treatment at Annabelle, i felt that it helps to strengthen skin’s resilient. With the treatments, it brought about improvements such as reduced skin sensitivity, less redness and improved skin clarity. Gone was the days whereby i have really bad skin a few years back. You can see the difference for yourself from the picture below 🙂

Untitled collage (1)

Left: Skin Condition before going to Annabelle Right: Skin Condition after my last facial treatment at Annabelle

Dr. Belter Cosmetic products and treatments are available exclusively at:

Annabelle Skin
The Adelphi, 1 Coleman Street
#02-42, Singapore 179803
Tel: 6336 8975

* Disclaimer: Products Description & information are extracted from Annabelle Skin’s Presskit and Dr Belter’s website