(Sponsored Review) Have you heard about the all-new ZA Hydration White series & Aqua Label’s Gold Series?

2 weeks back, i was invited to a pre-launch event by ZA and Aqualabel whereby i was introduced to the newest additions to the brands.. Weather in Singapore has been really crazy nowadays – very harsh sun + little rainfall.. Besides piling on sunblock to eliminate the harm from UVA/UVB exposures, other methods of coping with the hot weather will include a good skincare system in place to improve skin’s health and also drinking enough water to prevent dehydration…

To deal with dark spots while prevent skin from darkening due to sun exposure, ZA is proud to prevent a new range that will contribute to visibly brighter, hydrated and more translucent skin.. In the all-new ZA Total Hydration White series, three products – Za Total Hydration Day Cream White, Night Cream White and BB Cream will form the “White Evolution”.

Here’s bare-faced Charmian trying on the new ZA Hydration White BB cream.. As compared to the first BB Cream UV from ZA, the new version of ZA Hydration White BB cream contains higher SPF (SPF 50 PA+++), and better coverage. Moreover, the BB cream is more long-lasting and has additional whitening capability while it covers because it contains Double Whitening complex whitening agents, Tranexamic acid & Vitamin C.

With just one layer, Charmian’s skin looks more even, smoother and brighter.. Best of all, the BB cream looks very natural on her without any greyish tone..

The new ZA Hydration White BB cream is said to contain many benefits all in a tube. It helps to correct patchiness, brightens skin, act as a makeup base, shield UVA rays, moisturize skin, silky smooth clarity,  is non-sticky, make skin vibrant, cover dullness, conceals pores, create healthy skintone. Basically, it is all-in-one product that contains sunscreen, skincare and high coverage uniform complexion ‘enhancer’.

Characteristics of the ZA Hydration White BB cream

1) Acting as a make-up base or foundation, the BB cream is long-lasting as it controls excessive sebum production. Hence, it will leave skin silky smooth and fresh for long hours without having the need to touch up.

2) It helps to absorb excessive sebum as it contains Oil control powder made from potatoes (Whereby it has a hollow structure to absorbs sebum)

3) It also contains poreless powder to smooth out complexion and to hide imperfection as the powder creates a natural light diffusing effect so that pores and bumpy surfaces are hidden.

4) As mentioned, the BB cream helps in skin’s whitening process because of Orange oil ingredient.. It is extracted from all natural orange fruits and the extract helps to deoxidize formed melanin on the upper epidermal layer.. Overtime, spots and freckles will be lighten and skin tone will brighten.

5) Shield skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays as it contains SPF 50 PA+++.

First impression: Not bad! Feels light on my skin and blends into my skin easily without oily film.. Moreover it don’t have a grey cast on my skin and it looks really natural with the yellow beige tone. Although it contains high SPF 50 PA+++, the BB cream isn’t as greasy as i have imagined.

My Verdict: Tried this BB cream when the state of my skin is dull with some breakouts..  Because it contains SPF PA+++, i did not apply another layer of sun-screen beforehand.. Upon application, the BB cream glides on easily without leaving ashy tone behind.. Instead, my skin brightens up and skintone becomes more even… As there’s only one shade for this BB cream, i’m glad that it does not turn out to be too dark on my skin and upon blending it becomes a natural beign tone.  Coverage is decent (I would say medium) as it managed to conceal most of my post pimples marks but it doesn’t hide redness well and i have to use my tinted pimple cream to ‘concel’ one red angry acne. Overall, the texture is light, non-sticky and not cakey.. Will recommend this if you are running late in the morning and will want a fuss free product to hide some of your skin’s imperfections.

As you know, it is a MUST to apply moisturizer before you apply your makeup as it act as a protective shield… As part of white Evolution, ZA also introduces a whitening day cream and night cream to protect + whitens skin 24/7…

The ZA Total Hydration Day cream white support whitening by suppressing possible skin’s melanization while reduces dark spots and freckles.. It stays light on skin but yet hydrating enough without greasiness.. After application, skin will also appears to be brighter.

Characteristics of the  ZA Total Hydration Day cream white

1) The day cream contains Amino mineral complex which helps supply moisture to skin and prevent skin from drying..

2) Has double whitening capabilities as the day cream has whitening agents tranexamic acid and Vitamin C.. With this complex, melanization will be controlled and pigmentation / dullness will be eliminated to attain skin clarity.

3) Fortifies the skin’s protective barrier and makes skin resistant to damage

4) Shield UVA and UVB to firmly protect skin against UV damage (SPF 18 PA++)

First impression: Although i don’t like moisturizer that is cream-based as they tend to be heavier, i have to say that the ZA Total Hydration Day cream white can be absorbed into my skin fast without any oily after feel… I love the fact that it leaves my skin matt looking..

My wedding is approaching and i wish to stay fair but sad to say that the weather is terribly hot recently. Therefore i have decided to use the Day Cream on my upper body as a form of sun-protection.. Because the texture is light, it gets absorb into my skin really fast without weighing it down.. After using it for a few days, it doesn’t lead to clogged pores on my chest area and i really love the mild citrus scent of this cream… The one rant about this product is the ‘not so high SPF’ which requires me to reapply it often so as to stay well-protected.


At night before you sleep, ZA wants you to indulge in whitening process too! With the ZA Total Hydration Night cream white, the night cream will moisturize your skin to give you luminous, fair and well-protected skin the next morning. 

Characteristics of the ZA Total Hydration Night Cream White 

1) Night cream contains raspberry fruit extract that moisturizes skin from within coupled with double whitening agent for fairer, smoother and more luminous skin.

2) Like the day cream, it suppress melanization, improves spots and freckles and dullness.. Overtime, bright skin with better clarity can be attained…  Night cream also contains the same double whitening complex (whitening agents)tranexamic acid and Vitamin C.

3) The night cream will form a barrier to protect skin from damages and replenish it with plenty of moisture .

First impression: I was expecting the night cream to be creamy in texture but glad to know that it is actually gel-based. After spreading it over my skin, it melts into a light watery layer and then disappears into skin without leaving my skin sticky.. After application, i love how it leaves my skin hydrate, soft and supple!

If you are interested to get any of the 3 products, it is available exclusively in Watsons at pocket friendly prices..

BB cream UV White, $15.90

Total Hydration Day Cream White, $14.90

Total Hydration Night Cream White, $14.90

So what’s new from Aqua Label? If you are following my blog (in particular the Watson’s Day Out Entry), you will know about the existence of this new ‘GOLD’ range…

The all-new GOLD range is actually a new skincare series from Aqua Label to address Skin-aging’s concerns. Recently i have come across so many anti-aging products but what’s so special about this range is that it contains Fermented Royal Jelly!!! I’m currently taking Royal Jelly supplements as it is rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals and said to improve skin’s texture, balances hormones and helps to improve vitality… As such, this star ingredient in the GOLD range will activate skin cells and build on skin’s youthful vitality by revitalizes the dermis and help increase fibroblast. Moreover, the royal jelly went through Fermentation whereby revitalizing effect will be boosted and brings about more beneficial effects.

In addition, it contains the brand’s patented High Density Moisture (Aqua EX base) technology that will keep every inch of the skin hydrated so as to bring about a dewy glow.  Another effective ingredient will be M-Tranexamic Acid which reduces chronic inflammations and by doing so, it helps achieve luminous skin when dark spots and freckles are eliminated.

Upon usage, users have feedback that there were instant effects whereby skin feels softer, more supple and less dry… With regular use, skin will be more moisturized and there will be reduced signs of aging and dehydration. This range of products also contains soothing and subtle rose mist fragrance to give a comfortable feeling when using it.

The Anti-aging Gold range has three items under its series and they are exclusively available at selected Watsons stores.

AQUALABEL Wash Ex ($17.90, 130g)

A creamy cleansing foam which cleanse the skin effective yet staying gentle on the skin. Containing Hyaluronic Acid and Asian Ginseng Extract, it will fight signs of aging by providing skin with an ultra-moisturizing boost.

AQUALABEL Lotion Ex ($26.90, 130ml)

Acting as a toner / softener  this lotion rich with double Hyaluronic Acid will prep skin with nourishment to increase its elasticity and active ingredient M-Tranexamic Acid to reduce pigmentation.

AQUALABEL Royal Rich Essence ($35.50, 90ml)

This moisturising essence is rich in Hyaluronic Acid and Asian Ginseng Extract to increase skin’s hydration while staying light in texture. Upon application, skin will be instantly rejuvenated and appears to be more radiant.

Was given the AQUALABEL Wash Ex for review and i have passed it to my fiance as he ran out of facial cleanser.. I’m currently reviewing another cleanser for acne-prone skin (On top of the newly added DHC washing powder) so can’t give this a try yet..

Ingredient List.

So after trying it, here are his reviews:

Texture: Rich creamy foam after lathering with water. The facial foam has a nice floral scent but it isn’t overwhelming so i can accept it..

Ease of Use: Although the cleanser has a creamy foam texture, the cleanser can be easily rinsed off without much rubbing…

Overall Experience: After washing off, my skin feels clean and it doesn’t feels tight… Normally i will have dry patches on skin if the cleanser is too drying.. However, i did not experience any after washing the cleanser off.. Will definitely continue to use this cleanser in the long run..


Before i go off, if you are a ice-cream lover like me! Do give Seventh Heaven a try as they serve really awesome Ice cream and Waffles! Not only that, i love their website and it has been sometime since i came across such a well-designed site.. Really magical and it really captivate my heart! Click on it and you will know what i meant.. 🙂

Seventh Heaven is located at Orchard Central (Level 2). Being the first Singapore gourmet retail / events ice-cream company which offer customization services, it tailors savory ice creams to suit the high standards of corporate customer’s preferences  As for retail consumers, one can expect high quality and sinfully creamy ice-creams that are so irresistible.

The ZA / Aqua Label event was held at Seventh Heaven and first ice cream that Charmian recommended me was Bak Kwa ice-cream!!!! I have to say that the ice cream selection can get really exotic and besides Bak Kwa, be prepared to see flavors like Pineapple Tart and Kuek Bangkit!!!

For a start, i ordered the ice-lemon tea and i thought it will be the regular ice tea with a slice of lemon.. I was in for a surprise when i was served with ice-tea + LEMON SORBET!! In the past, i love sorbet a lot (the more sour, the better!).. But nowadays i have such weak gastric that i don’t dare to take too sourish or spicy food.. The sorbert from Seventh Heaven was sour (a little too sour to my liking) and icy.. To combat the level of sour-ness, i added quite a fair bit of sugar syrup and allowed the sorbert to melt on its own.. The drink actually tasted good when the sorbet melted into the ice-tea bit by bit and mixed with the sugar syrup.

Ordered the Waffle Set with 1 Scoop Ice cream and i regretted not sharing it with others.. Personally i felt that the set was enough for 2 paxs so i had a hard time trying to finish eating it (but sad to say i never did).. The waffle was done just the way i like it – Crispy, slightly buttery, fresh, dense and not too dry!!! The scoop of  salted Caramel ice-cream complement the sweetness of the waffle very well.. How can i not mention about the texture of the ice-cream? The ice cream has a super creamy but not too sweet and smooth texture that tasted really superb! I was raving to my fiance about this waffle set and he told me he also wants to try! Alright, i shall give him a treat one day..

Seventh Heaven also generously served us with a HUGE Rainbow Mudpie but I was too full from the waffle + ice cream so I had to give it a miss.. 😦

Do remember to check out the newly launched ZA and Aqua Label products in Watsons store… I will strongly urge you to try the affordable ZA night cream and BB cream!

Will be back with more reviews once i return from Malacca… I’m taking a short break before the crazily packed May arrives! In the meantime, take care everyone! 🙂

(Event) Presenting the Watsons’ 2013 Spring Colour Report!

Hello everyone!!! Finally i have a less busy week so i have more time on hand to blog!! I’m sure this is a common woe among many full-time working bloggers and how i wish there are more than 24 hours a day.. haha!

Anyway i better not side track and today i will be sharing more on the event i attended on 21 Feb @ 7 Adam (ooops! Pardon me as my blog post came one month late).. Thank you Watson Singapore and Valerie for the invitation~!

This beauty day out event, known as Watsons’ 2013 Spring Colour Report translates the latest runway beauty trends into chic looks that are suitable for everyday wear! Inspired by Spring, Watsons unveils a plethora of new and exciting beauty and health brands to help you achieve a radiant and healthy glow.

Launched in conjunction with Watsons’  dynamic brand revamp, which brings about a more refreshing, vibrant and personalized shopping experience; the 2013 Spring Colour Report will help to reinforce these movements. In the nutshell, this event showcases four main platforms (Cosmetics, haircare, skincare and supplements) which emphasis the brand’s new approach to deliver a more engaging and innovative retailing experiences based on customers’ evolving needs.

A vibrant WOW regional marketing campaign will be kicked in to support this new Watsons’ shopping experience. Lively and colorful visuals will fill up the stores and more interactive retails concepts + creative advertising platforms will be introduced to enhance your shopping experience.

Currently, Watsons Singapore has more than 100 stores island wide (with more than 30 pharmacies located in keystores) and more than a million customers’ visit everyday.. Its 7000 sq ft flagship store in Takashimaya Shopping Centre carries more than 13,000 products of which 150 are exclusive beauty and health brands. With the brand revamp, you can be expected to see new storefronts, more health and beauty services and increased extensive product range from quality world-renowned brands + Watsons’ house brands.


Photo taken from Watsons Singapore FB page

Before the start of the tour, one of Watsons’ representative held a short introductory session to touch on Watsons’ new directions, diverse mix of new and exclusive brands and products which will get consumers ready for Spring 2013.

Some of the exclusive brands featured in the Spring Colour Report 2013 will be categorizes as per follows:


1) Candy Doll, Jewelove, Eyemazing

2) Heroine Make

3) Elite

4) Rock Beauty

Masstige Skincare

1) AquaLabel

2) Senka

3) Olay

4) Pure Beauty


1) DR. WU Clinical Skincare

Oral Health Supplement for Inner Beauty

1) Glow

2) BRAND’S InnerShine

Because of the big crowd, we were all separated into different groups to prevent overcrowding issue at each booth…

First Stop for the Dark Pink Team – The Pure Beauty Booth!

Watson’s own product line – the Pure Beauty brings you affordable, safe and dermatological-tested skincare products that are carefully formulated after a decade of research. Pure Beauty believes in helping consumers to be comfortable in their own skin and this can be achieved from the benefits of active ingredients from mother nature. As such, Pure Beauty uses breakthrough technologies and innovative research to incorporate key ingredients extracted from plants to create a special blend rich in antioxidants (which will limit free radical damage and slow down skin aging).

If you love skincare products from Korea, you will be glad to know that Pure Beauty is a skincare line inspired by nature (contains no Paraben, Lanolin and Alcohol) and created in Korea using antioxidant rich ingredients.

Its antioxidant-based skincare lines include Brightening, Skin-fortifying and moisturizing products. In 2013, Anti-aging product line known as the Antioxidant Pomegranate series will be added.. The Pomegranate Antioxidant series will protect skin against harmful free radicals and retain collagen reserves.. Containing intense antioxidant Swiss Radicare and Organic EcoCert ingredients (such as Organic Hamamelis Water, Organic Apricot Kernal Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil and Organic Lemon Balm water), skin will be reinvigorated and appears to be more luminous.

The Pure Beauty Pomegranate Antioxidant series contains nine products:

1) 2-in-1 Foam Cleanser (100ml, $13.90). This dual-function cleanser can be used as  cleanser and purifying mask to remove impurities and detoxify irritants. It also contains red microbeads infused with Vit E to moisturize and nourish skin for a more supple complexion.

2) Exfoliating Gel (100ml, $19.90) is gentle on skin and yet provides effective exfoliation to remove keratin and sebum.. It contains Japanese Elm Root Extract to even skin tone and hydrates skin.

3) Toner (130ml, $13.90). Contains Bulgarian Rose Water, this toner will soothes, moisturize and soften skin while prevent skin dullness.

4) Serum (30ml, $27.90). This special care serum will moisturize, detoxify skin and promote skin regeneration while it guard against harmful free radicals.

5) Eye Gel (15ml, $21.90) will combats tell-signs of aging, alleviates puffiness, dark eye circles and fine lines. It also has brightening, hydrating and firming effects.

6) Day Lotion SPF 20 (50ml, $23.90). This lotion is to be used in the day to hydrate, nourishes and protect skin against UV rays and pollution. It also act as a make-up base to prolong makeup.

7) Night Cream (50ml, $23.90) works overnight to diminish signs of aging while it hydrate and revitalize skin. Int he morning, you will wake up with younger looking and clearer skin

8) Facial Mask (5 pcs per box, $23.90) contains natural herbs and fruits complexes which boosts skin metabolism and improve skin elasticity (deep down the skin)

9) Eye Mask (5 pcs per box, $14.90) has a unique multi-antioxidant formula to target delicate skin around the eyes to refresh it, reduces fine lines and to remove puffiness.

Was given the Toner, Eye Gel and Night Cream in the goodies bag

Next, my team proceeded to the GLOW’s Booth and GLOW offers high quality health and dietary supplements which have undergone stringent quality control and standard operating procedures. The products are also made in Good Manufacturing Practices-certified manufacturing facilities, audited by the Food and Drug Administration.

One of its new product in 2013, the GLOW IGNITE 2.0 is made of 100% natural proprietary blend of powerful fat burning botanical extracts, clinically proven(Manufactured in USA and backed by 20 clinical studies)  to promote weight loss. GLOW ignite 2.0 is the improved version of the Glow Original (launched in 2012).. The improvements and benefits are as per follows:


Higher-potency ingredients with more than 98-99% active components
It doesn’t contains Caffeine thus making it 100% stimulant-free
Made of 100% Vegetarian Capsule which helps to protect the ingredients and promote best absorption. The capsule also contains an addition of patented Svetol and GCA with Antioxidants (contain > 95% polyphenols); not diluted with generic, unproven green coffee bean extracts.

1) Accelerates maximum fat loss
2) Increases metabolism
3) Decreases glucose absorption
4) Burns fat faster
5)  Curbs Appetite
6) Oxidizes visceral (belly) fat cells
7) Reduces waistline circumference
8) Increases lean mass to fat mass ratio for toned body appearance
9) Reduces body fat by forcing the release of fat from adipose tissues and using fat as a source of energy

Glow Ignite Box

$128, 60 capsules(One month supply)

If you have been to Taiwan, i’m sure you have seen this brand in屈臣氏 (Watsons)…  Dr Wu’s product lines are developed by reowned Dermatologist  Dr Wu Ying-Ching after 30 years of clinical experience and extensive skincare research. This highly effective skincare products targets skin problems faced by Asian using advanced patented technologies.. Products are also suitable for all skin types as they are free from additives, alcohol and have a high concentration of safe yet effective high-grade actives.

One of the signature product line will be the renewal range containing premium Mandelic Acid; this gentle yet effective range will renew and refine the skin to improve clarity + texture. One star product in this range will be Intensive Renewal Serum with Mandelic Acid with 1 bottle sold every 15 seconds.

For 2013, Renewal Cleansing Mousse ($45.90, 160ml), Intensive Renewal Toner ($45.90, 150ml) and Intensive Renewal Lotion ($59.90, 50ml) are added to range to further enhance the clarifying and refining needs of those with sensitive skin.

My favorite Japan Cosmetic brand is also part of the 2013 Spring Colour Report and you can read more about this brand HERE.. Mascara is one of Herione Make‘s star product and its famous over five million Long & Curl Mascaras have been sold since 2005. The award-winning mascara (voted as the No. 1 @cosme’s prestigious Best Cosme Awards in 2009 and 2010) currently have improved formulas to provide 120% longer lashes and 130% more volume.

Heroine Make’s latest Product which you can expect in 2013 will be the BB Mineral Loose powder (price TBC, 6g). This is Heroine Make’s first BB Mineral Loose powder and it is available in 2 shades (#1 and #2). The BB mineral loose powder contains long-lasting mineral powder which helps to combat shine for a smooth, natural and translucent appearance.

The next booth we visited the Olay’s booth but since it was a combined session with some other groups, i was standing right behind and thus unable to capture a decent photo.. 😦

Olay is created by Graham Wulff who understands his wife ‘hate-affair’ with thick greasy and waxy beauty products.. Hence, Olay products are created and they are light in texture, highly moisturizing with can be easily absorbed by skin… Overtime, Olay has become one of the most recognizable brands in the world today.

New to Olay will be New Generation Olay Regenerist series and this range is powered by Skin Energizing Technology to boost natural surface skin renewal and fight skin fatigue. The revolutionary Skin Energizing Technology consists of three anti-aging ingredients to increase skin cell energy for improved skin responsiveness and boost antioxidant protection.


Photo taken from Watsons Singapore FB page

Was given the New Generation Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream (50g, $49.90) in my goodies bag. This cream contains Lys’lastine, Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid to improve skin’s elasticity while it works to moisturize the skin. At the same time, it covers the skin with a velvety smooth finish and reduces appearances of  fine lines, pores and uneven skin-tone.

Will give this cream to my aunt with aging skin concerns as this cream has been proven to regenerate skin up to two times faster (compared to a US$250 luxury cream) and hydrates better than 19 luxury creams in the US by boosting natural skin renewal in just five days, while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in just one jar.

In 2013, the anti-aging line will be added to Aqualabel’s babies! Developed by Shiseido, AQUALABEL is a Japanese skincare series committed to bringing trusted skincare expertise to every Asian woman. Each product is specially formulated with a “Super Skincare-Charging System” that infuses skin with long-lasting supply of moisture.

If you wish to maintain the youthfulness of your skin, the all-new AQUALABEL Anti-Aging Line is your savier! Formulated with the brand’s patented Aqua Ex Base technology that will hydrate every corner of your skin to keep fine lines away! It also contains M-Tranexamic Acid which alleviates chronic inflammations to prevent dark spots and freckles + Fermented Royal Jelly that activates skin cells for a youthful vitality.

The anti-aging range contains three items and it will be from March 28 in Watsons stores:

1) AQUALABEL Wash Ex ($17.90, 130g)- Cream based cleansing foam which contains Hyaluronic Acid and Asian Ginseng Extract to cleanse skin gentle while deeply hydrates skin to elimate signs of aging..

2) AQUALABEL Lotion Ex ($26.90, 130ml): a rich textured lotion enriched with double Hyaluronic Acid to nourish the skin and increase its elasticity, and active ingredient M-Tranexamic Acid to lighten spots

3) AQUALABEL Royal Rich Essence ($35.50, 90ml): a moisturising essence containing double Hyaluronic Acid, Asian Ginseng Extract to bring instant rejuvenation and lustre for that dewy glow.

In addition, Aqua Label has added another product range (in green packaging) to treat acne /scarring skin concerns! This Anti-acne whitening care range prevents acne, soothes inflammation, hydrates skin and inhibits + lightens post acne marks.  Sounds really good and very interested to give this range a try! 🙂

Anybody wants the Senka Hoshitsu Lotion? Will give it to the first person to email me @ Jermaineee@hotmail.sg and meet up will be at my convenience..

Under the same company- Shiseido, Senka is an exclusive brand to Watsons and it aims to take good care of customers’ skincare needs. Its slogan, “The skincare made with you” is embedded into the brand’s philosophy where identifying and meeting customers’ needs are of paramount importance. The skincare products under the Senka are developed through thorough research, advanced technologies and strong development capabilities thus making it top quality + eco-friendly.

SENKA’s key product ranges are fragrance-free, gentle on skin and contains no artificial colours which include:

• Hoshitsu Lotion• Whitening Lotion • UV Protection• Cleansers•

More information can be found HERE


My last booth of the Day which got me really really excited as i was looking for one of their product in Taiwan.. Was searching high and low for it but it was sold out in all the Watsons i went… Presenting to you, the Elite Models cosmetics are developed to bring the latest makeup trends to the everyday woman. Inspired by runway fashion and with the expertise of makeup artists with more than 30 years experiences, Elite aims to provide professional yet affordable makeup to help one “Be a supermodel in her own way”.

Makeup ranging from $7.90 – $26.90

For Spring Colour Report 2013, I have to touch on 2 star products from Elite models makeup range. First, presenting the Fantastic Primer ($24.90, 15ml), a gel texture makeup base suitable for all skin types. This primer forms the ‘pillar’ for even and long-lasting makeup whereby the water-based gel moisturizes skin whilst its non-greasy finish keeps skin matt and helps the foundation to adhere. The primer has a pleasant cucumber fragrance for that extra fresh and clean sensation. Formulated with anti-aging, anti-pollutant agents and Plankton to fight skin oxidation, this primer helps you to achieve a radiant, healthy and beautiful complexion.

Next, this product got me all excited as i was searching for it high and low in Taiwan previously!!! Was impressed with the texture and long-lasting power of the eyeliner after the make-up artist used it on my eyes for my prewedding photoshoot… Will be sharing my review on this and one other Elite product in another post so stay tune.. 🙂


Swatches – Grey and Black

For the adventurous, Rock Beauty carries a wide series of fashionable cosmetics to help customers DIY editorial beauty looks themselves. Drawing inspiration from fashion industries and collaborations with famous designers, Rock Beauty products flaunt runway looks as easy as 123 (with easy-to-use stick-on cosmetics and other embellishments for the nails, eyes, body and lips). For Spring Colour Report 2013, new products to be included under Rock Beauty’s ever-growing umbrella will be Nail Rock and Eye Rock ranges.

Eye Rock ($11.90 each) :

1) Eye Rock Designer Liner – Ready-to-wear liners (long-lasting, waterproof and easy to apply) to help achieve ’60s-inspired winged’ flick.

2) Eye Rock Crystal Tattoo – Enables you to add crystal embellishments to your eyes to help create runway couture looks(Comes in six unique designs).

 Nail Rock ($9.90 for standard stickers and $14.90 for 3D stickers)

If you don’t have the time to go for manicure, you can turn to the Nail Rock nail wrap whereby you can apply it at the comfort of your own home.. Requiring only 15 mins to apply without any drying time, the Nail Rock offers lasting coverage without chips nor stains of up to seven days on nails and eight weeks on toes.

Nail Rock Classic – Nail Rock designer wraps in 16 stylish designs such as Money, Disco, Tribal Gold or Gold Cheetah.

Nail Rock 3D collection – With added texture / bumps / glitters, the 3D collections comes in four amazing for that extra effect on your nails.

After visiting the Rock Beauty’s booth, i left the event earlier as i wasn’t feeling very well.. Hence, no more pictures from the event and i can only show you products in my goodies bag…

Candy Doll, Jewelove, Eyemazing

Made in Japan, CandyDoll is a range of cosmetics whereby you can achieve the Gyaru, or cute and doll-like look. It is fronted by popular model and Japanese teen idol Tsubasa Masuwaka.

The wide range of CandyDoll cosmetics include:

1) Mineral Powders – Comes in Face Powder ($33.90, 10g) and Crystal Face Powder ($33.90, 10g). Both products do not weight down the skin as they have fine textures that glide on smoothly for even application.

2) Lipsticks – Comes in Two shades for that natural nude look – Ramune Pink and Apricot Beige lipsticks ($25.90, 3.5g).. The moisturizing lipstick is highly pigmented and it glides on so smoothly and naturally.

3) Shading Powder ($29.90, 10g) – A soft matte, silky smooth bronzer that gives skin a flawless natural tan coverage effect. It is made from mineral powder and created a shade darker than foundation to contour the face and create a slimmer face shape

4) Makeup Base series – Makeup Base with SPF 30 ($37.90 30g) which enables you to keep makeup on longer, brighten skin and also protects the skin from harmful UV rays.

Other CandyDoll makeup products also include blushers, highlights, concealers, as well as lipsticks and lip glosses.

Jewelove (known as Jewerich in Japan) is one of the most popular eyelashes brand in Japan which gives you attractive and kawaii looking eyes for the perfect Kawaii look. Exclusively available at selected Watsons stores for $22.90 (two pairs), two new collections include:

1) Eyelashes #P3 – Developed by Hoshino Kana (popular kawaii model in Japan),  these matte brown and black lashes emphasize the width of the pupils to give you doll-like eyes.

2) Eyelashes #P4 – Designed by Mai Hirose from Popteen, these lashes will extend to the corners of eyes to enhance the fullness of pupils thus making them look bigger and rounder.

BRAND’S InnerShine is a new category (100% fruit essences oral beauty supplements) under the BRAND’S umbrella, which promotes beauty and the range includes InnerShine Berry Essence, InnerShine Prune Essence, as well as InnerShine Berry Essence with Grape Seed Extract.

In 2013, BRAND’S InnerShine Marine Collagen Essence Strip ($30, pack of 10 strips) is introduced to address skin health and beauty concerns. This supplement uses breakthrough technologies from Japan that promotes the absorbability of Collagen in our bodies as  the collagen peptides found in the product are 100 times smaller than native collagen. Low in calories and small in size (each strip only contains 12kcal and weight of 10grams), this portable beauty treat is a delightful way to nourish skin and build new collagen fibers from within.

In addition, the product contains a unique collagen matrix that combines hydrolyzed deep-sea fish-derived collagen with Niacinamide (Vitamin B3 which promotes energy for skin’s growth and repair) and Vitamin E (protects the skin from photo-ageing). Formulated with premium Kyoho Grape Juice, the fruity-flavored strip is delicious and the jelly format makes it convenient to consume.

Lastly, Toni & Guy brings you the Casual, Classic, Glamour and Creative collections. Founded in 1963 in London by brothers Toni and Guy Mascolo, it is the biggest independent salon chain with 409 salons in 44 countries. Known for its innovative to hairdressing, clients can be expected to receive creative, quality and consistent services.

I will be passing these 2 products from the new collections to my fiance and hope he will enjoy using it!

Sea Salt Texturising Spray (To increase texture & body)

This Spray will help to create texture and body with light hold. It is suitable for all hair types and perfect for achieving tousled waves with natural movement.

Texturising Glue (For androgynous hold)

 This cream-like glue is perfect for contours and to separates layers for firm hold whilst adding texture.. Good to work on androgynous styles, fringes, textured lengths or layers.

Thank you Watsons Singapore for organizing this event and for bringing in so many brands and products.. With so many products to choose from at Watsons, you will definitely be spoiled for choices..

Before i go, do like Watsons FB page for more information on promotions and products updates… I will be back soon and take care for the time being!

Disclaimer: Photos and content are extracted from the press-kit unless stated otherwise

(Advertorial & Review) Looking your best with Perfect Fit 2-way foundation & Concealer!

Here’s take a trip down memory lane..

Remember this ZA 2 way foundation??? This  foundation has oil control + sun protection function + provide natural finish was launched in 1998.

Yes i do! I remembered seeing it in Watson and this is ZA’s first 2 way foundation.  This revolutionary foundation gained recognition by being the No 1 selling foundation in Watson and had won multiple awards (Watson H&B in 1999-2001 and Her World Reader’s Choice award from 2000-2001).. 

(Photo credits to ZA’s Facebook)

In 2003, ZA reformulated its award-winning foundation and changed the packaging to an iconic blue shade.. The improvised  version continued to clinch many other awards like Cleo Crush award in 2003 and Watsons Health and beauty awards from 2002-2009.

(Photo credits to ZA’s Facebook)

In 2010, ZA-2 way foundation changed its iconic blue color and went pink… Beside this, there were changes in the name (known as Skin Beauty 2-way foundation) and formula.. The new formula includes ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid (Moisturizes), Poreless powder (Smooth finish) and luminous powder (for the extra glow)..

Skin Beauty 2-way foundation continued to be the top-selling foundation, clinching the Watsons Health, Wellness and Beauty Awards in 2010-2011. It also won other beauty award such as Cleo Beauty Hall of Fame 2010-2011 and SWW Best Beauty Buys 2011.

(Photo credits to ZA’s Facebook)

In 2012, ZA further enhanced the quality and finish of Skin Beauty 2-way foundation.. Known as the Perfect Fit 2-way foundation, the new formula has high moisturizing skincare ingredient to care and cover up imperfections. This powdery foundation can be used both moist / dry for that bare skin look with natural glow. The quality of the sponge has also been improved so as to allow a more uniform and smooth-looking finish…

Thanks to Charmian, i had the opportunity to discover more about this new product range before it is launched in the local stores.. Besides the improved formula in the foundation, there are some changes in the concealer as well. The new concealer has pink packaging and it will covers pores / imperfections in more naturally.

Event is held in Relish @ MyVillage Serangoon Garden. This restaurant is under the Wild Rocket Group and the owner specializes in Asian-Western fusion cuisine. Relish has another outlet in Cluny Court and this restaurant is well-known for its unique and traditional burgers. 

The restaurant has a relaxing, chill and cozy ambiance ( I love the chic and clean black and white furnishings!!)

The operating hours are as per follows:

Weekdays: Monday to Friday
Lunch : 12 noon till 3pm (last order @ 2.30pm)
Dinner : 6.00pm till 10pm (last order @ 9.30pm)
Weekends: Saturday & Sunday
Whole Day Brunch : 11am – 9.30pm (last order @ 9.30pm)

Was served Ice Lemon Tea upon arrival and Carol had already started eating as i was slightly late.. oops!

Before the event, my fiance wanted to visit this restaurant as he had a great dining experience over at Wild Rocket… Therefore, i held great expectation for their burgers and was glad that it did not disappoint me..

The patty is really thick and tender which made chewing so easy… The sauce is savory and leave behind a slightly tangy after-taste… YUMMY! Will be back for more as i wanna try their Japanese Curry Chicken Katsu burger next!! 

Alright! Back to the topic, I’ll touch on the foundation and tell you more about this new improvised product..

photo (31)

ZA foundation lover, you can now ‘Go Perfect’ with Perfect Fit Two-way foundation which can be used either moist or dry… The new version also comes with a refined sponge that is softer and more supple.. The new sponge contain plant fibers that are kneaded to give it a soft texture.. In this way, a smoother and more even-textured finish can be achieved as it improves the adherence and spread of the foundation.. 

Beside the sponge, the improvised formulations of the ingredients are as per follows. 
1) Micro-fine powder 

Consisting of Poreless Powder and Smooth powder so it will spread more evenly over skin and conceal large pores.. The poreless powder is a silky smooth spherical powder that diffuses light to ‘cover-up’ pores and bumpy skin surface.. On the other hand, the smooth powder will enable the foundation to spread easily over skin surface..

End result: Natural and bare-skin finish.

2) Water-holding Collagen and High Moisture Hyaluronic Acid
To impart a smooth and make skin looks dewy / moisturized.
3) Anti-shine Powder and Bright Keep Pigment
To ensure long-lasting and fresh-looking makeup, the anti-shine powder will absorb and solidify sebum.  By doing so, there will be less shine, stickiness and oxidation to make your base make-up last. The foundation has been tested and proven through Shiseido test that it has a threshold of at least 8 hours make-up hold. The foundation is also coated so the pigment surface won’t get stained so easily by sebum. This will prevent oxidation and enables a long-lasting fresh make-up look.

4) SPF 20 PA++ and Vitamin E Derivation.

These skin-caring ingredients will maintain skin’s health; protect skin from harmful UV rays and to prevent sebum oxidation. It is also dermatologist-tested and doesn’t clog pores.
Therefore, you can have beautiful looking skin with the 10 perfect benefits (Spreads lightly, applies smoothly, high covering powder, even finishing, reduces pores visibility, even out skin-tone, correct dull skin, non-greasy overtime, high staying power and retain brightness)..The new improved foundation also has new color variations in 8 new shades that will complement the skin tone of Asian woman and bring out your very best.  

Previously if you cannot find a shade that is close to your skin color (there are only 4-6 shades for previous foundation ranges), don’t fret as the 8 new improvised shades will bound to bring closer compatibility.

Was using Shade 21 previously so i asked for OC00 shade while selecting the perfect fit foundation.. Who knows that i have became one shade darker due to longer exposure to the sun!! Argghhh!!! Because my office is located in such a ulu location, i have to walk at least 15 mins to and fro the MRT station every weekday without fail (add on another 15 mins when i travel out for lunch)… Reminder to self that i should bring an umbrella out the next time… Alternatively, i can choose to spam more of the foundation as it has sun-protection benefits.. 🙂

How many of you love ZA’s Concealer Perfection??? ME included… Thanks to the recommendation from Lynn, i was hooked on this concealer as it conceals well without clogging my pores…  No doubt it is the No 1 selling concealer in Watsons ever since its launch.. Every year without fail, it will win the Watsons award and also other awards such as Simply Her Smart shoppers Award (2007) and Singapore Women’s Weekly Beauty Best Buys 2012.

(Photo credits to ZA’s Facebook)

But the goodness doesn’t stop there! The ZA’s star concealer has just gone through a makeover recently so the new formula not only covers imperfections but it will also retains a bare natural look on skin… 

The packaging is now in pink and this improved product will add on to the radiance of your skin with its real perfect powder + skin fit prescription (It is also Dermatologist testing and non-clogging to pore).. This new combination targets imperfections and covers them well while imparting a natural looking finish.. It has been tested and proven that the real perfect powder has excellent covering power to conceal dark circles / spots / freckles and blemish marks..

You don’t have to worry about cakey patches because of the skin fit prescription which will enhance the hold of makeup but yet stays lightweight on skin… The combination with the real perfect powder will make the concealer fit firmly over skin so there’s no chance for creasing / fading for long-lasting coverage. To enhance the amount of radiance after application, the new concealer also contains water holding collagen and Moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid to give a smoother / moisturized finish… Lastly, it also contains the ZA’s signature ingredient which is Vitamin E derivative to prevent sebum oxidation and to care for the skin.

Here’s the color chart which will tell you the best shade for your skin color.. Because i became tanner, i have to use shade 2 instead of shade one… Sigh!

Beside the 2 new products launch in the make-up range, Aqualabel has also added another new baby to their Moisturizing Red Range..

Known as the Aqualabel Collagen GL cream, it is a high performance gel with 5-in-1 benefits.. It can be used as a lotion / Essence / Mask / Cream / Emulsion…

Lotion : Softens your skin and preps it for next skincare product

Emulsion : Balance skin’s natural oil

Essence: Target dehydration and aging problems

Cream: To retain moisture for long hours

Mask: Works as a sleeping mask to lock in goodness when skin needs extra moisture boost

How does it work?

Firstly, it contains high concentration of collagen which will supply generous suppleness to skin… Secondly, the water soluble collagen will improve the skin’s ability to retain moisture and increases skin elasticity.. Thirdly, the Hydroluzed collagen increases density of Collagen Fibroblasts (which is the main cell of dermis) to increase skin’s firmness.. Fourthly, the double hyaluronic acid composition will boost moisture supply to the skin.. Lastly, the Jelly like texture will help all the nutrients to be absorbed into skin easily…. 

Because it is a 5-in-one product, it will be useful on days when i feel lazy! Basically you can use it after toner and your skin will be well protected and moisturized with only 1 product… Retailing at $33.50 for 90g, you can find it in most Watsons store 


So now it is Review time…

I have Perfect Fit 2-way foundation shade OC10 in my hands and i’ll apply it on my skin dry…. Personally, i prefer to use a brush to apply the foundation across my face (like loose powder) as this method will pick up fewer pigments (so that the tendency of it clogging my pores will be lower)… This time will be an exception as i will use the sponge during application to test out its efficacy.

As compared to the previous sponge, the new sponge is softer and more dense… It also seems to be able to pick up more pigments so just a gentle reminder to have a lighter touch when swiping if you prefer a more natural finish.

Texture wise, i find that the foundation is finer as compared to the skin beauty 2-way foundation… Therefore, i find it very easy to achieve an even application as it spreads over skin very smoothly.. Coverage is pretty decent as well as it can cover the discoloration of my skin well (as you can see from the 2nd picture).. As coverage is good, i don’t have to apply another layer so the powder stays light on my skin.. After application, the finish looks natural and no ‘cakey-ness’ detected.. Because my skin is more on the oily side (till now only Accutane (a potent medicine) has the ability to do control the oil), my skin is shiny after lunch but i’ll say that stickiness is minimized… If you are looking for an affordable foundation with fine texture, decent coverage and natural finish, you can consider getting this as the refill only costs $18.50.. 

The Perfect Fit 2-way foundation (Refill) is available at Watson exclusively from 11 October onwards.

Next, i’ll be using the Perfect Fit Concealer to conceal my dark eyes circles… Due to the strict orders of my beautician, i will be banning the use of concealer on my pimples / pores as my pores will get clogged easily… The perfect fit concealer doesn’t feel greasy and sticky and it can be blended easily.. As the texture is slightly more fluid, it won’t make your under-eye area appear to be dry and cakey (So there’s no need for you to apply eye-cream before you apply the concealer)… The concealer is also long-lasting as my dark-eye circles are still well-hidden at the end of the day. 🙂

The ZA Concealer is something that i cannot live without in order to look more awake… 

Texture wise: It is more on the fluid side and it is non-oily / greasy.. Can also be blended into skin easily to conceal problem areas.

Before : Panda Eyes

After: Brighter eyes as dark eye-circles are toned down.

The Perfect Fit concealer is available at Watson exclusively from 11 October onwards at $13.90 each.

Before i go, ZA cosmetic is joining hands with Japan casual label Lowry’s farm!!! They will be holding something really exciting as you will get to find your PERFECT fit for a perfect you! Gather your friends for this upcoming 17th Oct event and register your interest thru this LINK

(Registration will close 15th Oct or when all slots are taken, whichever earlier)

Enjoy yourself!! XOXOXO!

Unveiling the Beauty Scene Investigation ♥

A series of murders have occurred in Beauty Country and i am invited as one of the ‘BEAUTY POLICE’to help unravel the truth of these gruesome murder cases.Armed with my camera and ‘hand-cuff’, i made my way down to Beauty Country located at ‘Shiseido Office’ and the Sheriff awaits us.

Before venturing to crime scene, we had a meeting and were given a briefing of the findings till date.

The evil killer who has escaped but not to worry because we will track her down!!

Poor Victims calling out for help. May peace be with them 😦

Frustration with Shampoo??? Looks like the killer needs help for her hair.


Angry over poor make up base??

Looks like the killer needs a good cleanser as well!

The killer is definitely facing problems with smudging and inferior eye make up.

We have drawn to a consensus, the killer hates inferior make-up, skincare and body-care products!!

Despite the doings of the evil clutches of the serial killer,there are some STRONG survivors who have managed to escape! Maybe the killer cannot bear to sentence them to death??

Due to their skin and hair loving characteristics, the killer has decided to spare them and they are rescued and placed in somewhere safe.

So Watson has decided to reward them!!!

Talking about double victory!

Come on, let me tell you why they deserve this recognition..

Aqualabel is a relatively new ‘kid’ in the block but despite these they are very recognized.

One item which is worth mentioning will be the Aqualabel White Clear Foam as it has won the ‘best selling whitening cleaner’. Available in 30g tube @ $16.90, it contains white clay powder which removes dirt and excess melanin. While cleansing, it keep skin soft and hydrated with Hyaluronic acid and Moist Aqua Keeping Base.

With its rich foam, it promise to pamper your skin.

Next up, Tsubaki Damage Care Range winning the best damage care range. I actually have friends who will lug these back from Japan as it wasn’t available in Singapore previously.

Finally have the chance to try it when it is made available in Singapore and i have never look back since.
You can have beautiful and shiny hair due to its Tsubaki oil EX’s, shine pearl lipid, shining sensor mechanism and Tsubaki Amino formulations.

Hair will be healthy, strong and radiance from inside out.

Shampoo (220ml and 550ml) – $9.90 and $18.90
Mask – $21.90

In the make-up category, ZA and Majolica Majorca are the big winners.

Let me start with Majolica Majorca first.

♥ ♥ Jewelling eyes (Best selling Quad Eyeshadow)
12 sparking palettes @ $27.50 each

Contains translucent pearls that will shine from all angle and palette of four colors will help you achieve nice day – night look. Application is now as easy as ABC.

♥ ♥ Lash Beautifying Mascara Frame Plus (Best selling Lengthening Mascara)
1 size @ $25.90

Containing Jet black fibers + oil mascara liquid base which will give you a long lasting application (waterproof and resistant to oil). It will also give you a natural look with its unique coil and comb wand. With Vitamin E and Macadamia Nut Oil which will treat and enhance lashes.

♥ ♥ Perfect Automatic Liner (Best selling Eyeliner)
7 colors @ $22.90 each

Felt tip with soft bristles for easy application and intense color formulation which will give you thick and bold lines. Its fix polymer will be resistant to sweat, sebum and tears.

Now, it’s ZA’s turn!!

♥ ♥ Everbrown (No.1 Selling Eyebrow pencil)
3 shades @ $11.90

It keeps brows fresher and longer with its formula of non sticky oil, pigment and wax. Suitable for sensitive skin, it promises easy application which enhance control and no sharpening is needed.

♥ ♥ Concealer Perfection (No.1 Selling Concealer)
3 shades @ $13.90 each

Its creamy texture conceals without harming the skin. Vitamin oil helps to achieve excellent and long lasting coverage. It will help to even out skin tones and reduces imperfection with its natural flat + shading oil powder.

♥ ♥ Skin Beauty 2-way Foundation (No.1 Selling Foundation)
8 shades @ $18.50 for refill and $9.90 case

This is one of my favorite foundation as it is so friendly to the pocket and yet it works so well. It provides me with smooth and flawless skin due to its spherically-shaped pore-less powder. Not forgetting the radiance due to hyaluronic acid. Most important of all, it is skin loving with Vitamin E and Minerals with non-comedogenic formulation with sun protection.

♥ ♥ True White Plus 2-way Foundation (No.1 Selling Whitening Foundation)
4 shades @ $20.50 for refill and $9.90 case

Gives you luminous skin with a bright glow with its spotless brightening powder. Its whitening C ingredient helps to lightens dark spots and acne scars. With SPF20/PA++, it protect skin from the sun and nourishes skin with its Vitamin E + Minerals.

The goodies bag full of goodness and LOVE.

Personally, i have tried the Tsubaki shampoo + conditioner, Majolica Majorca eyeshadow, ZA concealer.

The Tsubaki shampoo and conditioner really pampers my hair and i have less tangled hair after using it for just 3 days… Gonna try their hair mask next 🙂

First encounter with Majolica Majorca eyeshadow is during my overseas trip to Taiwan few years back. It wasn’t launched in Singapore yet and the packaging really caught my eyes so i just had to purchase it. Good buy as the color is pigmented and long lasting.

ZA concealer is the first concealer that i have ever tried. Affordable and it doesn’t clog the pores. Only rant is that the coverage might be a little too light as it doesn’t cover up some of my brown acne marks.

The goodies doesn’t stop at this, We were given a chance to ‘Bling’ the ZA casing as well.

Now, i have a special casing that everyone will be envious of.. hehehe!

A new friend made.

Its Pretty Xin yi with her Chio casing..
Her camera is Bling to the max and she told us that she took one day to complete it.
Now i also feel like decorating mine. Hehehe!

Next, Shiseido ushered us into a cab and brought us to Iluma…
Dinner will be at Empire state and i heard so much about the nice dessert from Vivian.

If you are looking for nice and innovative American food (Blended with an Asian twist), Empire state
will be the best place to head to. Once you step into the place, you’ll be greeted by the friendly service crew and you’ll be spoil for choices. Get ready to indulge in their ranges of hearty dishes from big yummy burgers to scrumptious pizzas, pastas and not forgetting desserts which will leave you wanting more.

Empire state
has tied up with Shiseido in a special collaboration.

During the month of August, ZA and Majolica Majorca will be pampering dinners at Empire state with a free make over. You will expect treats from Empire state as well. 🙂

Now you can truly unwind after a long day of work. You need not worry about not looking Good after stuffing yourself with good food.

For more information, stay tune to these FB accounts

Empire state


Majolica Majorca

The food that i had during the event.

1) Earl Grey Tea

My stomach wasn’t feeling too good so i had something hot to calm it down. Don’t be too shy to ask for water top up as their friendly service crew will be more willing to do so.

2) Mushroom Soup

Thick and creamy. You can actually chew on the mushroom bits with every mouthful.

3) Fish and Chip

If you are a cheese lover like me, you’ll love the sauce and seasoning. The fish and chip is non-oily and fried to perfection. The tender and juicy fish and chip comes in a big serving so you can share it with your friends (if you are a small eater).

4) Brownie with ice cream

Dessert is always one of my ‘happy food’ and this brownie really leave my day on a very happy note.
The brownie is very rich yet it is not too sweet….
Topped it up with a bit of ice cream and life is so PERFECT!

You should try it and you’ll know what i meant..

While eating, our eyes and ears are also in for a treat.
A make-up demo was presented to us ‘LIVE’ while we were indulging in the delicious food.

You can easily create a flawless and lasting look for the night with affordable ZA and Majolica Majorca products.

Some tips which i find it interesting will be:

1) Concealer can act as your eye primer so eye make-up will be more vibrant and it lasts longer.

2) When using blusher, ensure there’s shading (From darker to lighter). If you are doing a night make-up, it will be a direct opposite (Lighter to darker towards your hairline)

3) When applying eye-liner, remember your water-line as well. If you are worried about smudging eyeliner, get Majolica Majorca automatic liner as it is really long lasting

4) When applying eye shadow, apply the color inwards to blend it more evenly and to prevent a mess on the outer eyelid area.

Tadah, the model is ready to rock the world!

The pretty ladies @ the same table as me..

Meet Patricia and Min Sin!

Thank you Yanny, Feli and Samantha for the invite. I have truly enjoyed myself and i’m really well taken care of.. 🙂

Before i go, do you know that Shiseido has a ‘BEAUTY ROOM’

Services Offered:

1) Eye brow shaping ($10)
2) makeover ($15)
3) Facial treatment (from $25)
4) Make up (From $55)
5) Theme parties
6) Consultations and work shops

Now you can look good when you step out of their room. Get your affordable treats by calling 67398671 to book your appointment.

Ok! Last one!!! To celebrate their winnings, here’s some special promotions @ Watson from 28th July – 24th August..
Remember to grab these lovely babies!

Till then! 🙂