(Event) All about Za’s 15th Anniversary Party, Naho Ogawa Designed Case, ZA Perfect Fit Foundation & Cleansing Oil!

Last week, i attended Za’s 15th Anniversary party held @ Windowsill Pies. Located at 78 Horne Road (near Jalan Besar Stadium), there’s coffee, tea, pies and a place for gathering over at Windowsill Pies.

At Windowsill Pies, you won’t have to take the humble pie as all the pies found here are made with freshest ingredients and with each details being paid attention to.. Each bite are guaranteed to be really exciting and flavorful!

Featuring some of the pies available during the event:

1) Grasshopper Pie

Inspired by a classic cocktail, this pie is minty (with a  fresh mint cream) and full of chocolate goodness (chocolate base with clusters of  dark chocolate + salty chocolate cookies on top).

2) Smore’s Pie

For people who have sweet tooth, the S’mores pie will satisfy your cravings as it is filled with milk chocolate pudding, sticky dark chocolate fudge, toasted marshmallows and graham crackers.

3) Banana Brittle Pie

Great source of Vitamin A and other minerals, the Banana Brittle Pie is filled with the goodness of Sweet banana plus salty caramel!

4) Strawberry Lemon Tart

Something fruity, tangy and refreshing? This tart combination will never fail to disappoint your taste buds.

5) Funny Apple Pie

The apple pie contains juicy apples baked in a fragrant almond custard and topped with rum-soaked raisins, now you don’t have to wait till X’mas to enjoy this!

*Note: Description of the pies taken from Windowsill Pie’s blog.

Since the Strawberry Lemon Tart is highly recommended by Kai Ling, decided to give it a try! No regrets as the strawberry lemon tart tastes really fresh without being too sweet and with the extra zest. The crust is flaky and buttery with generous fillings on top! Shiok!

Since 1997 (i was only 14!) , ZA has been a well-loved brand among ladies who love affordable, quality and fuss-free skincare and beauty products.. Throughout the years, ZA has obtained numerous awards and recognition, thanks to the support of many!

In 2013, it will be ZA’s 15th anniversary and to celebrate this special occasion, ZA will be introducing a limited edition foundation case to thank all its supporters.. 🙂

Many thanks to the ZA Team for inviting me to this special occasion! My first encounter with ZA products was during my polytechnic days and ZA’s Groovy Smoovy was my first ZA item! Throughout the years, my ZA makeup + skincare collection grew as i always love how affordable yet effective the products are…

To commemorate this special date, ZA has collaborated with Naho Ogawa to come out with a Limited Edition foundation case!  Naho Ogawa is a freelance illustrator born in Tokyo and has graduated from New York’s Parsons School of Design in 1998. Her career began while she was still in college and in 1999, she has worked with Anna Sui on T-shirt designs.. Her other designs appeared in Magazines such as Vogue Italia and Vogue Korea.

The inspiration for the case evolved from a ZA lover and lets call this fan ‘the ZA girl’. She is always full of energy and will always be part of all the hottest parties in town… During her favorite brand’s 15th Birthday, she gathers all her girlfriends for a celebratory session whereby they dress up and paint the town red.

To put her best face forward for this anniversary party and to look perfect in pictures, she has turned to ZA Perfect Fit Concealer for help to conceal imperfections.

ZA Perfect Fit Concealer contains real perfect powder and skin fit prescription which targets imperfections and covers them well while imparting a natural looking finish.. During the party, The ZA girl don’t have to worry about cakey patches because the skin fit prescription will enhance the hold of her makeup and the real perfect powder enables the concealer to fit firmly over skin for long-lasting coverage. Most important of all, the concealer contains the ZA’s signature ingredient, Vitamin E derivative to prevent sebum oxidation and to care for her skin…

After concealing is done, The ZA girl turns to her trusty ZA Perfect Fit Foundation next for ‘base-makeup help’.. One of ZA’s best-selling foundation, the 2 way cake is formulated with water holding collagen and hyaluronic acid to plump her skin with moisture keeping it well hydrated throughout the night. Like the concealer, the foundation also contains poreless powder and oil control powder to keep her face matt and fresh while she parties all night long… Comes with SPF20PA++, it helps to protect her skin from harmful sun-rays when she makes her way home during the day..

Thank you ZA for blessing with the limited edition case and perfect fit 2 way foundation! I have reviewed the foundation in my earlier post and if you are interested to know how it fares, click on this link.. 🙂

Normally i won’t post press-kit on my blog entry but this is too pretty for me not to do so…

Thank you ZA for organizing such a fun anniversary party and feeding us with such tasty pies! Appreciate all the effort put in! 🙂

Before i go, i have something new from ZA to introduce!! At the end of the day, it is important to remove your makeup before heading to bed so that your skin can breathe.. By practicing healthy hygiene  skin will stay healthy and breakouts free.. Moreover, you won’t risk staining your pillow case and will feel more at ease while you sleep with clean skin.. 🙂

If you are looking for an affordable and powerful makeup remover, why not consider the always popular oil-based makeup remover? ZA’s star product in its makeup remover series – The Deep Cleansing Oil (which was launched in 2003) is able to remove stubborn and waterproof makeup while it deeply cleanse pore clogging sebum.

In 2008, ZA has revamped the packaging and formula (added with more skin-loving ingredients) of the deep cleansing oil.. Over the recent years, there is an influx of more innovative oil-based makeup remover that includes those which can be used with wet hands.. Therefore to meet up with the demand, ZA has further revamped its cleansing oil and came out with 2 new cleansing oils…


Photo from ZA Singapore’s FB page

The new and improved cleansing oil range includes the Deep Cleansing Oil as well as another new member – Smooth Cleansing Oil (with can be used with wet hands).  The 2 types of cleansing oil comes in 2 sizes (100ml & 200ml) to meet with different economical requirements.

Deep Cleansing Oil & Smooth Cleansing Oil

Last year, i have reviewed the Deep Cleansing Oil and the product stays gentle on my sensitive skin while it is able to remove my long-lasting waterproof make-up. It can be cleansed off easily without any oily film left behind and leaves my skin clean and supple..

Featuring a new trendy packaging, the revamped Deep Cleansing oil contains new and improved ingredients which will remove stubborn makeup + impurities / sebum which will clog pores.. The lightweight oil contains Extra Virgin Olive Oil which has high content of minerals and Vitamins. Along with Jojoba oil, it acts like skin’s own moisture layer while it deep cleanse and keeping skin moist, healthy and clean.

Note: Deep Cleansing Oil should be applied on dry face with dry hands only


Photo from ZA Singapore’s FB page

The Smooth Cleansing Oil is new to the ZA skincare family and this innovative product can be used with wet hands to remove stubborn makeup, pores impurities and clogged sebum. The new cleansing oil has a smooth texture which will glides over skin to swiftly lift off impurities and makeup. Unlike normal cleansing oil, the Smooth Cleansing Oil will not turn cloudy when mixed with water and can be rinsed off without leaving skin sticky..

With Key ingredients Extra Virgin Olive Oil (which contains high contents of Vitamins and Minerals) and Grapeseed Oil (Rich in Linoleic Acid and polyphenol), the cleansing oil will cleanses skin effectively and conditions skin so it stays beautiful.

Note: Smooth Cleansing Oil can be used with wet hands


If you are interested in getting any of the stuff above (will be available in Watsons), the prices and launch dates are as per follows:

Smooth Cleansing Oil 

100ml – $15.50

200ml – $24.90

Launch date – 25 April 2013

Deep Cleansing Oil

100ml – $13.50

200ml – $22.90

Launch date – 25 April 2013

ZA Perfect Fit Foundation – $18.50 (already in stores)

Naho Ogawa Designed Case – $9.90 (Launch date – 4 July 2013)


Thanks for reading and hope you will have a nice week ahead!!

Ohhh, from now till early June, I’ll be busy with my wedding preparation and the big day itself.. Therefore, I’m not sure if I’ll have the time to blog but i will try to update if time permits… Apologies for the short hiatus and I promise i will be back real soon!

Highlights for Week 08 – Eventful Saturday with ZA Cosmetic preview launch.

Hello everyone, hope that this week has been kind to all of you..
:DSorry for the lack in updates as I am really busy at work…
I have just started work in a new company and currently trying to adapt to the 100% change in job scope..
As i have no prior experience in what i’m doing now, many new challenges awaits me but i’m all game for it!Despite the hectic schedule, i’ll still find time to blog and share new things with all my readers…

Few hours ago, i attended ZA Cosmetic Preview Launch whereby they will be showcasing some new products…

Event is held at Selfish Gene Cafe which is located at 40 Craig Road

Located near Tanjong Pagar Market, walk straight and turn left at the junction…
Walk straight in the direction of the shop houses and you can locate the cafe in the middle of the street…

In the nutshell, Selfish Gene Cafe is a laid back cafe which serves a variety of western cuisine like sandwiches, salads, Coffee, tea, pastry, homemade baked goodies etc.. 

Upon stepping in, you will have a warm and cozy feeling whereby you can sit back and relax…

This is how life should be – Full of Happiness and Positiveness while keeping it Simple and Unpretentious. 

This cafe also serves all day breakfast @ affordable prices.. 🙂

This tag-line really caught my attention…

Gene is really passionate in providing all customers with excellent food.. Your taste buds are in for a treat! 

As i had a very sinful and heavy breakfast prepared by sweet D (Thank you!!!), i only ordered Tea and Tiramisu to ease my greediness and ‘itchy mouth’….

I’m sure many of you have heard of and tried ZA’s foundation.. 

Since the launch of ZA in 1997, this brand has been recognized worldwide with its outstanding range of base products… Some products worth mentioning will be its Skin Beauty 2 Way Foundation, Concealer Perfection and True White Plus 2 way foundation…

Research conducted by ZA revealed that Asian Woman in their 20s prefer to use foundation to conceal skin imperfections and to brighten their skin. In addition, they prefer whitening functions in their foundation and will prefer it in liquid form..

Hence, due to the preferences of the target group, ZA formulated a new 3 in one liquid foundation that will conceal imperfection, brighten and whiten skin..

Introducing the new baby – ZA True White Plus Liquid Foundation

This liquid foundation will give you pearly bright skin with radiant finish while it whitens and minimizes dark spots, freckles and pores.. 

Celebrity Make-up Artist Larry Yeo loves this product and he claims that this foundation glides on smoothly.. He raves that the excellent array of film formers- Spotless Brightening Powder will give an smoother and brightening touch which awakes skin instantly.

6 Characteristics of ZA True White Plus Liquid Foundation 

1) Bright White Complex helps to reduce dark spots, imperfections, freckles and pores. It comprises of  
Spotless Brightening Powder and Poreless Powder to give skin a pearly white luster and clarity.

The spotless brightening powder will help reflect white lights from the exterior to minimize the look of imperfections and bring out the skin’s inner light. In this way, skin will look more radiant, clearer and brighter..

The poreless powder will helps reduces pore openings by diffusing lights and minimizes visibility. The silky light texture spreads over skin effortlessly to hide bumpy surfaces.

2) Treats the root cause of dark spots and pigmentation with Vitamin C derivation which suppresses the production of Melamie.

3) Prevents sun-damaged skin with its SPF 25 PA++ protection.

4) Contains signature ingredients (Tested by dermatologists to prevent any form of allergy) – Minerals, Vitamin E, hyaluronic acid.

5) Spreads smoothly without any heavy and cakey feeling.

6) Long lasting finish which gives you fresh and beautiful skin all day long.

To use, push dispenser once and spread foundation evenly from the centre of your face (Outwards). If you need better coverage on certain areas of your face, just take a small amount and pat it onto affected spots.. 

To further address the need for brighter finish on skin tone, this new foundation focuses more towards a pinkish tone. In this way, shades of the same luminosity (from existing range) will look brighter upon application.. There’s 6 colors to choose from… 

As i have yellowish skin tone, OC00 is the suitable shade for me..

Tested the liquid foundation on the spot and i really love the smooth texture.. The watery texture will melt into a powdery form when you spread it so there’s isn’t any greasy feel.. It feels very light on skin without any unpleasant fragrance.. It also leaves behind a pearly sheen which instantly brightens up my dull skin.. 

If you are looking for a make-up removal to remove your make-up at the end of the day, try another ZA’s star product – The Deep Cleansing Oil.

Now available in a larger bottle (200ml), this cleansing oil with excellent cleansing power will dissolve pore-clogging sebum, impurities and make up residue easily and thoroughly. Most important of all, it is dermatologist tested. It works even on comedo deeply embedded in pores and on hard to cleanse water-proof make up… Formulated with natural plant oils and Vitamin E, this cleansing oil liquefies instantly once it is in contact with water which leaves skin smooth after cleaning. 

During the session, Gene also taught us coffee art.. How cool is that??

Ingredients needed:

1) Foamy milk

2) Chocolate Syrup

3) Chocolate powder

4) Toothpick

5) Stable hands.

You can start off with sprinkling some coco powder onto the milk…

Next, squeeze the chocolate syrup on..

Lastly, use a toothpick to swirl the chocolate syrup around..

Tadahhh, your coffee art is now ready!

Pretty Yiying creating her master piece.. 

Here’s my ugly looking coffee art.. Hahahaha!!

Now, i will put the products to the test… As theyran out of my shade for the True White Plus liquid foundation, i can only review it on my face once they have courier it to me…

Meanwhile, i will test the cleansing oil using the good old method… I will see how it fares in removing my daily make-up which consists of waterproof mascara and eye-liner…

Cleansing oil is watery and light weight. I can easily spread it & cleanse my makeup off.

The cleansing oil has a slight scent which reminds me of baby wipes. Upon make up removal, the cleansing oil feels warm and smooth.  All my make-up, including my waterproof eyeliner and mascara can be removed effortlessly without much rubbing. Skin doesn’t feel greasy after I wash it off.

After cleansing off, I follow up with my toner and no make-up residue is observed. The product is gentle enough for my sensitive skin and yet strong enough to remove my long-lasting waterproof make-up. It can be cleanse off easily without any oily film left behind. Instead, it leaves my skin clean and supple. Will highly recommend this cleansing oil as it works very well without a hefty price tag..

ZA True White Plus liquid foundation is retailing at $23.50 while ZA Deep Cleansing Oil is retailing at $22.90..

It will be available exclusively in Watson stores from 01 March 2012 onwards…

Till then!

(Sponsored Review) Say Bye-Bye to Panda eyes and Make-up residue – Hada Labo Cleansing Oil

After 8 months battle with all the awful acne, i can finally say good-bye to my medication..

No more dry lips and skin….
Although my skin is much clearer and smoother now, i cannot take things for granted..
Daily skin maintenance is very important to prevent my nightmare from coming back!!
As i have to pile on make-up on a daily basis, proper removal of make-up is a MUST in order to allow my skin to breathe…
Not only that, i must ensure that there’s no make-up residue left behind to prevent any dirt from accumulating in my pores….

Thanks to Thesamplestore and Hada Labo, i’m now making the first step to better skin maintenance..

Introducing the all new New Hada Labo Cleansing Oil with High Purity Oliver Oil

Its gentle formula with no unnecessary additives (No fragrance, color, oil, alcohol) has Superior Cleansing abilities with Ultra Pure Oil which removes all water-proof make up.

If you wish to remove lighter make up or don’t like oil cleanser, Hada labo also has another hydrating make-up removal which is water-based. It contains two types of Hyaluronic Acid, normal and Super Hyalronic Acid to hydrates and cleanse.

Let’s put it to the test!!!

Pump it once.

Applying the cleansing oil only on one side of my face (left side)
(i need a clean hand to take the pictures. haha)

Massaging the cleansing oil on the left side of my face

Allow Emulsion in order to further melt away your make-up residue

Tadah!! Clean skin!~
(Argghh! My untidy brows!)

My Verdict

As compared to other oil cleanser that i have tried, this oil cleanser doesn’t feel as oily and it is fragrance free…
One pump is sufficient to remove all the make-up on one side of my face.. Texture wise – it is not too runny so you will have cleansing oil dripping all over your hands… My eye-make up are mostly water-proof as i have very oily eyelids but this oil cleanser melts it away effortlessly.. Some cleansing oil will give me panda eyes as my eyeliner / mascara are not removed thoroughly (despite intensive rubbing) -_-

Best of all, there’s no oily film left behind and my skin really feels soft after usage. No sight of adverse reactions (Note: clogged pores and pimples) after using it for 2-3 times…

Where to Buy?

The Hada Labo Hydrating cleansing oil is priced at $29.90 and will be available at Watson (Exclusively) from 1st November onwards.

The Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Make-up remover is priced at $17.90 and will be available at Watsons, Guardian, Fairprice and other major departmental stores

(Event) So fair, you’ll glow.

Was invited to an event by KANEBO last week
Although i have heard of this brand, i admit that i have not tried anything from them.
But but, there’s always a first time for everything..
🙂The agenda for this event is to introduce their Freshel range, mainly to meet whitening and moisturizing needs.

Event is held at Drink Culture

Located @ 51 Kreta Ayer Rd, it is a cocktail bar popular with young working executives who wants to unwind.

Since i’m not very familiar with Chinatown area, Vivian and i wasted 30 mins walking in the wrong direction (in high heels) ! Please salute us! hahaha!

Pardon us for being so sweaty-looking in this picture..


Since the theme is in white, Drink Culture’s Decor really goes hand in hand.
Its modern furnishing and lighting in white gives a comfy feel.
The only complain is that the place is quite dim but luckily i brought my camera flash along.

**Drum roll**

Introducing the Freshel (by Kanebo) skin care and cosmetic range.

Freshel Moist Lift – Made by Kanebo for busy women (who are always in the office) and suffer from dehydrated skin; this skin care range will act swiftly to take care of dry / tired skin after a long day at work.

Before you step out for work, its BB cream (Moist Life W Cream w SPF 23PA++) will help your skin glow and to protect it.

Was given this BB cream in the goodies bag, will review it once i have tried it. 🙂

Luxurious moisturizing ingredients

Adhesive collagen
Hyaluaronic Acid
Silk Essence

Freshel White C – Made by Kanebo for busy women (who are always on the go) and suffer from dark spots.This  whitening series will softens the stubborn layer of stratum corneum from exposure to UV rays. It also contains  exfoliating and moisturizing fruit acid mixture with permeable vitamin C to act as whitening agent .

 Its BB cream (White C W Cream UV with SPF 32 PA++) will continue to whiten your skin while you are at work.


Penetrating Vit C (Active whitening ingredient)
Adhesive collagen (Moisturizing ingredient)
Alpha hydroxy acid mixture
Citrus peel extract
Orange peel extract

If you are interested in full product listing, please click here

Behind me is ‘Science Experiment’ Counter’ !!!

It got me feeling excited! Used to love chemistry a lot in school.

Mingled around with other blogger before i settle down for a drink.

 ‘ Desert Rose’ – a refreshing and light drink 🙂

The presentation kick start with an entertaining skit about the importance of whitening.

Yin vs Yang (Tanned Vs Fair), which will you choose?

For me? Obviously, fair skin is important to me.

Experiment starts!

 First experiment: Freshel Cleansing Oil is being put to the test!

Obviously, you cannot use normal cooking oil to remove your make up. It will only clog your pores and make your skin even oilier. As you can see on the left, cooking oil will float upon contact with water (No reaction). Thus, you cannot remove your make-up using it.

When Freshel cleansing oil comes into contact with water, the oil will react and emulsify. Mixed together with the water, it will remove every stubborn make up without any oily film left behind.

I’m going to put this to the test later, so continue to read on.

Second Experiment: Freshel Moisture Soap

Sodium Chloride (to represent sweat and sebum on our skin) was added to the beaker with Moisture soap and water. End result, it dissolved in water and no residue were left behind. ONLY Bubbles on top due to the excessive stirring.

Next, it’s the innocent looking XYZ wash

When Sodium Chloride was added to XYZ wash + water, outcome after stirring = a pudding like substance.

Imagine how clogged your pores will be after using this wash for a long period of time


Last experiment: Remove the dot!

Their whitening range contains an L Ascorbic that will remove pigmentation and stubborn spots

Just one drop of L Ascorbic onto the dark patch (created by Amino acid + water) and the spot just turned clear instantly.


All these will be the wonders that Kanebo’s products will bring to our skin!

After all the excitement, i was so hunggrrryyyy!! Luckily Finger food were being served. Yummy!

The yummy smoked duck. I think i had about 6 pcs despite having a bad throat inflammation, greedy me!

Ending off with a photo taken with some pretty blogger.

Nice meeting Wendy, Jessie and Celeste..


My VerdictKanebo Freshel Cleansing Oil


Time to decorate my hand using my waterproof make-up.

Just one pump and it is sufficient to remove your make-up.
A little goes a long way.

Massage your skin gently and your make up will melt away

Massage with water to allow emulsion and to remove left-over make up. Rinse again with water and all the stubborn waterproof make up are removed effortlessly.

As mentioned in my previous blog post, i am not a fan of cleansing oil as i find it oily. But this cleansing oil did change my perspective as it removes ALL make up so easily and IT DOESN’T leave an oily film. After using for few days, no clogged pores are observed. Also, there’s no fragrance so it won’t irritate your nose.


During this GSS period, Freshel and Watsons are bringing you some great deals!!
Enjoy 30% savings for the below two products ( selling at $39.90 instead of $57.00).

 Moist Lift W Cream ($33) + White C Cleansing Oil ($24)
White C W Cream UV ($33) + White C Cleansing Oil ($24)

Promotion will be valid from 9th June to 27 July from these selected stores: