(Sponsored Review) Dasoda MG Mega Liquid Liner & Dasoda MG Mega Liquid

It has been sometime since my last eyeliner review as I did not come across a brand which left a big impact behind… However two weeks ago, Sasa has sent me some make-up items from Dasoda for review and I’m really very impressed with the eyeliner!!!

** Will also review the concealer in this post and will blog more about the mascara soon. ūüôā

Dasoda is a brand from Japan and it symbolizes sweetness and loveliness.. Dasoda has brought many women special happiness and beauty to shine and live their own life story as beautiful heroines. Products under the brand are gentle to skin and are highly safe to be used on skin / eyes.


Picture from Dasoda’s FB

The eyeliner that i am raving about in this post is known as the Dasoda MG Mega Liquid Liner and this eye-liner charger does not contain coal-tar colorants (like Yellow no 4, Blue no 1, red no 227) so colorant¬†don’t¬†remain on the skin. When colorant doesn’t remain on skin, it won’t harm the skin by causing pigmentation as the eyeliner can be easily¬†washed off warm water and facial cleanser.

The eyeliner has a water-proof formula which resists tears, sweat and water. Even when it is wet, it won’t smudge.¬†When it is dry, the water-resistant polymer in the eyeliner will coats the surface and making it smudge-free for hours…

The eyeliner also has a fast-dry formula so you won’t stain your eyelids when you blink right after application. Hence, you can achieve a clear thick defined line with many layers as it doesn’t smudge nor stain.

Lastly, this eyeliner is combined with moisturizing essence that cares for the eye area as u draw a clear defined line (Moisturizing ingredients: hyaluronic acid, collagen, keratin, panthenol).

Just because it works and brought about amazing results, the¬†Dasoda MG Mega Liquid Liner has once topped the chart in Cosme (Japan’s largest cosmetics and beauty¬†comprehensive site).

Something which i really love about the eyeliner will be its brush which enables me to achieve smooth drawing… I’m not a big fan of eyeliner with very fine brush as i will tend to draw a thicker lines on my lids hence it is easier if the brush is on the thicker side..

Dasoda MG Mega Liquid Liner has an exquisite eyeliner brush specially designed with bristles of a specific length and elasticity as well as a unique angle for each bristle. With these, the dense black ink of the eyeliner will adheres to the brush better so that you can draw a striking and lustrious deep black line in just one stroke

As a comparison, i will make use of another eyeliner brand as a¬†benchmark¬†in various ‘tests’… Both eyeliners produce a thick and obvious black line.. For Heroine Make eyeliner, i have to draw the line twice in order to achieve the same density as Dasoda’s (with just one swipe)… Also¬†if you look closer, Dasoda’s line appears to be more lustrous… This is due to the fact that Dasoda MG Mega Liquid Liner¬†contains the blackest¬†possible¬†carbon black ink which can produce a different result from a thin black die ink.

I have also subjected both eyeliners to running tap water and both eyeliner stays on strong… Next, i tried to rub away both lines and sad to say that Heroine Make’s did not ‘survive’ from the friction…. +1 to Dasoda’s highly water-proof and smudge-free formula.

I have mentioned earlier that Dasoda’s eyeliner contains non-penetrating carbon black ink so it will just adheres to the skin surface (as such, no pigmentation occur).. Hence, it can be easily wipe off with one sheet of make-up remover wipes… If you wish to remove the eyeliner make-up fast, simply just use warm water and your facial cleanser to wash it away.¬†

As you know i have oily skin and oily eyelids so most eyeliner won’t last on my lids for more than 6 hours… From the picture below, i have used Heroine Make’s eyeliner on one eye and Dasoda’s on another.. Took this picture after 1o hours of application so¬†pardon¬†my really oily looking skin… Most of the line created by Heroine Make’s eyeliner has ‘gone with the oil’ and¬†wiping¬†with tissue while most pigments created by Dasoda’s eyeliner still remains intact..

The Dasoda MG Mega Liquid Liner¬†retails at $19.90 and it is available exclusively at Sasa.. Will highly recommend it if you are looking for one eyeliner that is long-lasting yet can be easily removed during the cleansing process.. Moreover, it brings about an intensive black line which i adore! ūüôā

Ohh! To ensure a smooth flow of ink¬†during application, you might have to make sure that you store the pen tip facing downwards for about 5 mins before you use it.. Other than this, there’s isn’t any more rant about this eyeliner and hope you will love it as much as i do.. ūüėÄ

Dasoda MG Mega Liquid concealer

I’m not a big fan of concealer as it will tend to clog my sensitive and easily clogged skin.. Will usually steer clear of them unless i have big zits which need major coverage.. Due to the feasting of junk food during the CNY period, i have developed this really big acne on my chin-line which is badly¬†inflamed¬†and red!

Therefore, i have put the Dasoda MG Mega Liquid concealer to good use.. Available in two shades, the mega liquid is available in Natural & Ocre and it is a 3-in-1 product!

The concealer is packaged in a clicker calligraphy brush¬†pen style which makes application more hygiene and ‘hands-free’.. You can just dap the concealer onto areas which requests concealing while you using your concealer brush to blend it in. During the¬†initial¬†use, i have difficulties trying the get the concealer out.. I have no ides how many times i ‘clicked’ it and i have to switch hand as my injured wrist hurts from all the clicking.. However for the¬†subsequent¬†uses, no such problem faced as 1-2 clicks will able to get the concealer out..

Beside acting as a concealer, Dasoda MG Mega Liquid can also be used as a highlighter by adding brightness, dimension and harmonizes all the features of the face. It also provides lifting capabilities as it contains various ingredients that prevents firms that skin.. Daily use will prevent around the eyes age spots, wrinkles and dryness.


Texture of the concealer is very light-weighted and non-greasy… Upon blending, the concealer will into a powdery texture and it doesn’t leave behind an oily aftermath.


As for the concealing power, ¬†it is able to hide redness very well with just a thin layer… As you know the skin on our acne / pimples will always be more oily than other part of the face, hence re-application of concealer will be required during the later part of the day.. As for the¬†Dasoda MG Mega Liquid, it is able to last for about 6-8 hours before touch up is required.. IMO, the lasting power is not bad (although not as long-lasting when compared to Mac’s)


The Dasoda MG Mega Liquid retails at $25.90 at all Sasa outlets… Hope you have enjoy reading my review and have an enjoyable sunday! ūüôā

(Advertorial & Review) Looking your best with Perfect Fit 2-way foundation & Concealer!

Here’s take a trip down memory lane..

Remember this ZA 2 way foundation??? This  foundation has oil control + sun protection function + provide natural finish was launched in 1998.

Yes i do! I remembered seeing it in Watson and this is ZA’s first 2 way foundation. ¬†This revolutionary foundation gained recognition by being the No 1 selling foundation in Watson and had won¬†multiple awards (Watson H&B in 1999-2001 and Her World Reader’s Choice award from 2000-2001)..¬†

(Photo credits to ZA’s Facebook)

In 2003, ZA reformulated its award-winning foundation and changed the packaging to an iconic blue shade.. The improvised  version continued to clinch many other awards like Cleo Crush award in 2003 and Watsons Health and beauty awards from 2002-2009.

(Photo credits to ZA’s Facebook)

In 2010, ZA-2 way foundation changed its iconic blue color and went pink… Beside this, there were changes in the name (known as Skin Beauty 2-way foundation)¬†and formula.. The new formula includes ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid (Moisturizes), Poreless powder (Smooth finish) and luminous powder (for the extra glow)..

Skin Beauty 2-way foundation continued to be the top-selling foundation, clinching the Watsons Health, Wellness and Beauty Awards in 2010-2011. It also won other beauty award such as Cleo Beauty Hall of Fame 2010-2011 and SWW Best Beauty Buys 2011.

(Photo credits to ZA’s Facebook)

In 2012, ZA further enhanced the quality and finish of Skin Beauty 2-way foundation.. Known as the Perfect Fit 2-way foundation, the new formula has high moisturizing skincare ingredient to care and cover up imperfections. This powdery foundation can be used both moist / dry for that bare skin look with natural glow. The quality of the sponge has also been improved so as to allow a more uniform and smooth-looking finish…

Thanks to Charmian, i had the opportunity to discover more about this new product range before it is launched in the local stores.. Besides the improved formula in the foundation, there are some changes in the concealer as well. The new concealer has pink packaging and it will covers pores / imperfections in more naturally.

Event is held in Relish @ MyVillage Serangoon Garden. This restaurant is under the Wild Rocket Group and the owner specializes in Asian-Western fusion cuisine. Relish has another outlet in Cluny Court and this restaurant is well-known for its unique and traditional burgers. 

The restaurant has a relaxing, chill and cozy ambiance ( I love the chic and clean black and white furnishings!!)

The operating hours are as per follows:

Weekdays: Monday to Friday
Lunch : 12 noon till 3pm (last order @ 2.30pm)
Dinner : 6.00pm till 10pm (last order @ 9.30pm)
Weekends: Saturday & Sunday
Whole Day Brunch : 11am ‚Äď 9.30pm (last order @ 9.30pm)

Was served Ice Lemon Tea upon arrival and Carol had already started eating as i was slightly late.. oops!

Before the event, my fiance wanted to visit this restaurant as he had a great dining experience over at Wild Rocket… Therefore, i held great expectation for their burgers and was glad that it did not disappoint me..

The patty is really thick and tender which made chewing so easy… The sauce is savory and leave behind a slightly¬†tangy after-taste… YUMMY! Will be back for more as i wanna try their Japanese Curry Chicken Katsu burger next!!¬†

Alright! Back to the topic, I’ll touch on the foundation and tell you more about this new improvised product..

photo (31)

ZA foundation lover, you can now ‘Go Perfect’ with Perfect Fit Two-way foundation which can be used either moist or dry‚Ķ The new version also comes with a refined sponge that is softer and more supple.. The new sponge contain plant fibers that are kneaded to give it a soft texture.. In this way, a smoother and more even-textured finish can be achieved as it improves the adherence and spread of the foundation..¬†

Beside the sponge, the improvised formulations of the ingredients are as per follows. 
1) Micro-fine powder 

Consisting of Poreless Powder and Smooth powder so it will spread more evenly over skin and conceal large pores.. The poreless powder is a silky smooth spherical powder that diffuses light to ‚Äėcover-up‚Äô pores and bumpy skin surface.. On the other hand, the smooth powder will enable the foundation to spread easily over skin surface..

End result: Natural and bare-skin finish.

2) Water-holding Collagen and High Moisture Hyaluronic Acid
To impart a smooth and make skin looks dewy / moisturized.
3) Anti-shine Powder and Bright Keep Pigment
To ensure long-lasting and fresh-looking makeup, the anti-shine powder will absorb and solidify sebum.  By doing so, there will be less shine, stickiness and oxidation to make your base make-up last. The foundation has been tested and proven through Shiseido test that it has a threshold of at least 8 hours make-up hold. The foundation is also coated so the pigment surface won’t get stained so easily by sebum. This will prevent oxidation and enables a long-lasting fresh make-up look.

4) SPF 20 PA++ and Vitamin E Derivation.

These skin-caring ingredients will maintain skin‚Äôs health; protect skin from harmful UV rays and to prevent sebum oxidation. It is also dermatologist-tested and¬†doesn’t¬†clog pores.
Therefore, you can have beautiful looking skin with the 10 perfect benefits (Spreads lightly, applies smoothly, high covering powder, even finishing, reduces pores visibility, even out skin-tone, correct dull skin, non-greasy overtime, high staying power and retain brightness)..The new improved foundation also has new color variations in 8 new shades that will complement the skin tone of Asian woman and bring out your very best.  

Previously if you cannot find a shade that is close to your skin color (there are only 4-6 shades for previous foundation ranges), don’t fret as the 8 new improvised shades will bound to bring closer¬†compatibility.

Was using Shade 21 previously so i asked for OC00 shade while selecting the perfect fit foundation.. Who knows that i have became one shade darker due to longer exposure to the sun!! Argghhh!!! Because my office is located in such a ulu location, i have to walk at least 15 mins to and fro the MRT station every weekday without fail (add on another 15 mins when i travel out for lunch)… Reminder to self that i should bring an umbrella out the next time… Alternatively, i can choose to spam more of the foundation as it has sun-protection benefits.. ūüôā

How many of you love ZA’s Concealer Perfection??? ME included… Thanks to the recommendation from Lynn, i was hooked on this concealer as it conceals well without clogging my pores… ¬†No doubt it is the No 1 selling concealer in Watsons ever since its launch.. Every year without fail, it will win the Watsons award and also other awards such as Simply Her Smart shoppers Award (2007) and Singapore Women’s Weekly Beauty Best Buys 2012.

(Photo credits to ZA’s Facebook)

But the goodness doesn’t stop there! The ZA’s star concealer has just gone through a makeover recently so the new formula not only covers imperfections but it will also retains a bare natural look on skin…¬†

The packaging is now in pink and this improved product will add on to the radiance of your skin with its real perfect powder + skin fit prescription (It is also Dermatologist testing and non-clogging to pore).. This new combination targets imperfections and covers them well while imparting a natural looking finish.. It has been tested and proven that the real perfect powder has excellent covering power to conceal dark circles / spots / freckles and blemish marks..

You don’t have to worry about cakey patches because of the skin fit prescription which will enhance the hold of makeup but yet stays lightweight on skin… The combination with the real perfect powder will make the concealer fit firmly over skin so there’s no chance for creasing¬†/ fading for long-lasting coverage. To enhance the amount of radiance after application, the new concealer also contains water holding collagen and Moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid to give a smoother / moisturized finish…¬†Lastly, it also contains the ZA’s signature ingredient which is Vitamin E derivative to prevent sebum oxidation and to care for the skin.

Here’s the color chart which will tell you the best shade for your skin color.. Because i became tanner, i have to use shade 2 instead of shade one… Sigh!

Beside the 2 new products launch in the make-up range, Aqualabel has also added another new baby to their Moisturizing Red Range..

Known as the Aqualabel Collagen GL cream, it is a high performance gel with 5-in-1 benefits.. It can be used as a lotion / Essence / Mask / Cream / Emulsion…

Lotion : Softens your skin and preps it for next skincare product

Emulsion : Balance skin’s natural oil

Essence: Target dehydration and aging problems

Cream: To retain moisture for long hours

Mask: Works as a sleeping mask to lock in goodness when skin needs extra moisture boost

How does it work?

Firstly, it contains high concentration of collagen which will supply generous suppleness to skin… Secondly, the water soluble collagen will improve the skin’s ability to retain moisture and increases skin elasticity.. Thirdly, the Hydroluzed collagen increases density of Collagen Fibroblasts (which is the main cell of dermis) to increase skin’s firmness..¬†Fourthly, the double hyaluronic acid composition will boost moisture supply to the skin.. Lastly, the Jelly like texture will help all the nutrients to be absorbed into skin easily….¬†

Because it is a 5-in-one product, it will be useful on days when i feel lazy! Basically you can use it after toner and your skin will be well protected and moisturized with only 1 product… Retailing at $33.50 for 90g, you can find it in most Watsons store¬†


So now it is Review time…

I have¬†Perfect Fit 2-way foundation shade¬†OC10 in my hands and i’ll apply it on my skin dry…. Personally, i prefer to use a brush to apply the foundation across my face (like loose powder) as this method will pick up fewer pigments (so that the¬†tendency¬†of it¬†clogging¬†my pores will be lower)… This time will be an exception as i will use the sponge during application to test out its¬†efficacy.

As compared to the previous sponge, the new sponge is softer and more dense… It also seems to be able to pick up more pigments so just a gentle reminder to have a lighter touch when swiping if you prefer a more natural finish.

Texture wise, i find that the foundation is finer as compared to the skin beauty 2-way foundation… Therefore, i find it very easy to achieve an even application as it spreads over skin very smoothly.. Coverage is pretty decent as well as it can cover the discoloration of my skin well (as you can see from the 2nd picture).. As coverage is good, i don’t have to apply another layer so the powder stays light on my skin.. After application, the finish looks natural and no ‘cakey-ness’ detected.. Because my skin is more on the oily side (till now only Accutane (a potent medicine) has the ability to do control the oil), my skin is shiny after lunch but i’ll say that stickiness is minimized… If you are looking for an¬†affordable¬†foundation with fine texture, decent coverage and natural finish, you can consider getting this as the refill only costs $18.50..¬†

The Perfect Fit 2-way foundation (Refill) is available at Watson exclusively from 11 October onwards.

Next, i’ll be using the Perfect Fit Concealer to conceal my dark eyes circles… Due to the strict orders of my beautician, i will be banning the use of concealer on my pimples / pores as my pores will get clogged easily… The perfect fit concealer doesn’t feel greasy and sticky and it can be blended easily.. As the texture is slightly more fluid, it won’t make your under-eye area appear to be dry and cakey (So there’s no need for you to apply eye-cream before you apply the concealer)… The concealer is also long-lasting as my dark-eye circles are still well-hidden at the end of the day. ūüôā

The ZA Concealer is something that i cannot live without in order to look more awake…¬†

Texture wise: It is more on the fluid side and it is non-oily / greasy.. Can also be blended into skin easily to conceal problem areas.

Before : Panda Eyes

After: Brighter eyes as dark eye-circles are toned down.

The Perfect Fit concealer is available at Watson exclusively from 11 October onwards at $13.90 each.

Before i go, ZA cosmetic is joining hands with Japan casual label Lowry’s farm!!! They will be holding something really exciting as you will get to find your PERFECT fit for a perfect you! Gather your friends for this upcoming 17th Oct event and¬†register your interest thru this LINK

(Registration will close 15th Oct or when all slots are taken, whichever earlier)

Enjoy yourself!! XOXOXO!

(Sponsored Review) My Little Makeover Session with K-Palette.

Thanks to the collaboration between Sasa and K-Palette, i was given a chance to attend a makeover session with Japanese Makeup Artiste Miko Yatsu.. 

(Thank you Kiyora for the kind invitation)

Have mentioned about SASA many times in my past entries so i won’t go through it again.. ūüôā

As for K-Palette, it is a brand under Japalang Pte Ltd and it specializes in Eye-cosmetics… Ever since its launch in Singapore in 2007, it has won many¬†prestigious¬†awards every year without fail.¬†

FYI, Japalang specializes in providing beauty and personal care products in Singapore.. In addition, it is providing one-stop business solution for sales, marketing, brand development and distribution. Japalang is the distributor for many quality and popular brands available in the mass market like Cure Natural Aqua Gel, K-Palette, Steamcream and beautyblender. The company is also working with many established partners like Watsons, Sasa, Takashimaya and BHG to bring quality products to larger consumer groups.

Originated from Japan, K-Palette is highly raved for its eye-makeup products – esp the long-lasting and award-winning range of ¬†‘One Day Tattoo’ eye cosmetics…¬†¬†One star product under the ‘One Day Tattoo’ range will be 24 hours real lasting eyeliner as it is known for its patented micro fiber brush and waterproof polymer molecule which gives quick-dry + lasting eye makeup.

With its success over the years, K-Palette has maintained its market position and continues to wow audiences in the mass market with more product ranges to cater to more consumers.

The makeover will be conducted by Japanese Makeup Artiste Miko Yatsu.. 

‘A good make up artist should be able to bring out the best and purest aspect of your skin. Good make up makes you look naturally beautiful and beautifully natural’ ~¬†Miko Yatsu

From Japan, Miko Yatsu is a professional make-up artist and trainer with more than 20 years experience in the beauty industry.
Since young, Miko-san shows great passion in Beauty and this made her¬†pursued¬†her dream in New York. Training under legendary fasion and make-up artist Linda Mason, Miko-san developed excellent make-up skills set.¬†Currently, Miko-san focuses on training and imparting her make up skills to Cuore’s corporate staff as well as those in beauty salons. ¬†From time to time, she can be seen doing makeup for models for women’s magazines as well as runaway fashion show.

During the makeover, Miko-san will be focusing on eye-makeup using highly-raved K-Palette eye-make up products as well as newly launched products.

While waiting for my turn, i stood around the make-over booth snapping pictures to kill time.. Here’s Carol having her make-over and i have to say that Miko-san is really fast and accurate with her hands.. In no time, Carol has pretty and awake eyes…¬†

Finally my turn!! While Miko-san prep my skin (Blotting my oily eyelids and concealing the dark eye-circles), the translator asked me for my preferred eye-makeup look.. I opted for pink eye-shadow (as usual) for a softer and subtle look.. 

**Thank you Jones for the photos!! ūüôā¬†

Step one: Eye-shadow goes on first..

Step Two: Blend Blend Blend to achieve even application…

Step Three: Eye-liner to open up my tired-looking eyes, mascara to create long and curl lashes and ending with defining of my eye-brows.

The end result! Loving the eye-brows especially as it is so defined!!! Jones told me that my eyes are much bigger after the make-over..¬†Thank you Miko-san! ūüôā

At the end of the event, i brought home three items that Miko-san used during the makeover.. Sasa also included some sample products and vouchers in the goodies bag..  

1) K-Palette Zero Kuma Cover Control Concealer [01 Natural Beige)

Available in three shades, 01 Natural Beige, 02 Yellow Beige, 03 Orange Beige
Available in SASA @  S$19.90

The Zero Kuma Cover Control Concealer has good¬†moisturizing¬†effects so it works as a perfect eye concealer to hide eye’s imperfection… As every individuals have different concerns and skin tones on our eye area, the concealer comes in three¬†different shades with different beauty benefits to target individual eye skin problems..
Dark Circles + Dryness? #01 РNatural Beige to the rescue!
Contains special hydrating ingredients like Super lower-molecular Hyaluronic Acid-A, Water-soluble Collagen and Rose Water to moisturize dry under-eye areas while concealing minor dark circles.
Dark circles + Dull skin and pigmentation? –¬†#02 – Yellow Beige will combat it!¬†
Light shade covers dark circles (caused by pigmentation or skin dullness) effortlessly while brightening your eye area with ingredients like Vitamin C Derivative, Chamomilla Recutita Extract and Prune Extract.
Dark circles + Poor blood circulation? –¬†¬†#03 – Orange Beige is your savior!
This shade will conceal dark circles due to poor blood circulation. This concealer has an orangey shade to hide blood vessels around tired eyes well. It also improve blood circulation with ingredients like Swertia Japonica Extract, Silver Birch Leaves Extract & Amino Acid (Glycine).
**Information above extracted from K-Palette’s facebook

I have yet to review this item but Miko-San used this concealer in Shade 01 to conceal my eye-circles…¬†I have to say that the texture is really light, non-oily and it did not cause any breakouts around my eye-area. (Normally if i used too rich eye products, i will get pimples on my eye-area)..

2) K-Palette 1Day Lash Perm 

Newest addition to the award-winning 1 Day Tattoo eye cosmetics, the¬†1Day Lash Perm will give you long and curl lashes.. The secret lies in the curl-keep polymer known as the ‘acrylates polymer’ that will curl the eyelashes instantly just with one coating. Upon application, the polymer will also reinforce the durability of the curl and bring you long-lasting results.¬†Beside this, it contains Pullulan which creates long and defined lashes without clumps.¬†

The 1Day Lash Perm mascara will fits all eye-shapes and sizes due to its design of the brush. The design of the brush is enhanced  thus making application easy for all users. 

The brush is made up of different ‘pattern’ – the shorter bristle side of the brush will help coat the mascara from root to tip of the lashes effortlessly.. The convex curve and the optimal length of the brush will curl and separate lashes upwards.. The pointed fine tip of the brush will reach the inner corner of the eyes and lengthens all short lashes.

3) K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner

The 24H Real lasting eyeliner is first launched in Singapore in November in 2007 and has been a favourite due to defined brush tip and long-lasting formula. Right now, there’s an improved version with a super sharp brush tip of only 0.05mm which allow users to draw very defined and delicate line.

Like the previous formula, the new version also promises long-lasting results in its ability to withstand humid weather and dry air-conditioned interiors. It also contains the same water-resistant polymer molecule which will intimately adhere to skin and stays on all day.. The new version also retained its superior fast drying properties so that you can use your eyelash curlers immediately after application of eyeliner. 
The all-new patented 0.05mm ultra-fine micro-fiber soft brush application will better reinforce that the liquid eyeliner does not drip messily or create too thick lines on your eyelids. 

It is suitable for everyone (even those with sensitive eyes / skin) as it is made of unique conditioning formula consisting of saga essence, pantenol and chamomile essence and would not cause irritation.

The eyeliner has the finest tip that i have ever seen and tried.. The 0.05mm tip is quite ‘solid’ whereby the brush fibre won’t give way while you applied pressure during application… Previously i was using one eyeliner whereby the brush fibre is so¬†flimsy that i made a mess while trying to draw a straight line..¬†¬†

The tip is so fine that i can draw really defined lines! Will recommend this eye-liner for beginners who want a liquid eyeliner that’s easy to use.

As Singapore is really humid and warm, we will tend to sweat a lot so smudging make-up will be inevitable. Tested the 24H Real lasting eyeliner under running water for a few seconds but the pigment stays on..

Since it is so long-lasting, some of you might wonder if removal will be a pain in the ass?? Don’t worry, i have tried + tested it and removal can be done using warm water + some rubbing.. If you don’t wish to tug so much on your delicate eye area, you can remove it easily with tissue make-up removal / your regular eye-make up removal.. I’m really surprised that such long-lasting eyeliner can be removed so easily!~ I like!

It’s really hard to find one eyeliner that will stay on my very oily eyelids; even with a primer, my eyeliner will start to smudge and stain my under-eye after a few hours. Tested the 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner on my eye-lids without any primer¬†and i’m glad to inform that my eye-liner line is still intact at the end of the day (i took the picture at the end of the day and you can see the line even on my very oily-looking eyelids with little smudges on my under-eye).. There are minor smudges at the bottom of my under-line but none on the top of the eyelids…¬†I will highly recommend this product as it is so quick and easy to apply with long-lasting results.. Not to mention, the defined brush tip allows me to control the thickness of the line and to ‘dispense’ the right amount of pigments without much mess created.. Only dislike about this product will be the packaging as you have to place the eyeliner upright, if not you will have black pigments flowing out and you will stain your hands when you uncap the eyeliner.IMG_2637_zpsbc9943b9 (1)

If you need more information about the brand, you can check out the links below ūüôā

Singapore: http://www.kpalette.sg
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kpalettesingapore
Twitter: @kpalette.

Have a Nice Day everyone! ūüôā

Cover Cover up with Mac studio finish concealer

Even if you have a lot of acne / acne marks on your face, don’t despair..
You can still be ÁĺéÁĺéÁöĄ!

Don’t be fooled by this misconception that you should avoid make-up at all cost

As long as you use a suitable range of cosmetics and with proper removal at the end of the day, it won’t worsen your skin condition.

I’m a victim of post acne marks which is really a pain in the ass!
Thank God for concealer which will help me to achieve a flawless look…
So today i’ll share with my readers on my HG concealer, which is the…..

Mac Studio Finish Concealer
(photo & description credits of Mac website)

‘‚ėÖ Lightweight and allows easy blending.

‚ėÖSmooth and long-wearing natural coverage.

‚ėÖWater-resistant and fragrance-free.

‚ėÖ Concentrated to give excellent coverage.

‚ėÖ Good to hide dark circles, blemishes, moles, tattoos and birthmarks.

‚ėÖ Enriched with antioxidants.

‚ėÖ Contains Silica to adsorb the skin’s oils.

‚ėÖ SPF 35 and available in many shades.


Mine is in NC 20 and this concealer costs me $30. (7g)

You can choose to apply it with your finger tips, concealer brush or sponge.

I don’t really like the packaging as it tends to get really unhygienic to dig into the same pot over-time.
In addition, the whole pot of concealer tends to dries up faster with this packaging.
It’s just my personal preference so you can take it with a pinch of salt.

Let the pictures do the talking..
I have this red mark on my hand due to excessive scratching…

After applying a thin layer of the concealer, the redness is mostly gone..
Purposely took a macro view to emphasis on the ‘now invisible’ red mark.

I know that the concealer looks white on my hand but it is due to the USS trip..
My body is at least 1-2 shades darker than my face as i only remembered to apply sunblock on my face.
Only during later part of the day, i applied tons of sunblock on my body but it was too late…

My Verdict:

The concealer is creamy so i can blend it easily on my face. One thing which i love about this concealer is that it provides very good coverage and yet it doesn’t feels oily / heavy on my skin. I love the way that it covers up most of my post acne marks with a natural finish. Even my dark eyes circles are covered up perfectly with this concealer. You don’t have to apply a lot to achieve the cover-up effect so one tub can last me for a long long time.

As my skin will tend to become oily in the later part of the day, this concealer will stays on and i don’t have to touch up and will covers up imperfection for the whole day! The formula might be too dry to be used on the under-eye but to prevent cakey-ness / lines, you can apply a layer of eye cream prior to application.

Please do not judge me when you see my bare face below.

Keep in mind, i’m using a loose powder with zero coverage.
With this concealer, i don’t need to use foundation to hide my scars! hahaha!
See how the concealer managed to cover up most of my imperfection to give me a flawless look..

You cannot see most of my marks unless you stand close to me and scrutinize my face..

I’ll be a loyal customer of this concealer in the near future and you are strongly encourage to do so too.