Win Free Room Nights at Bay Hotel Singapore!

Situated across Vivocity and near to famous attractions like Sentosa and Mount Faber,
a new four-star destination hotel is opening in Singapore in the first quarter of 2012.Beautifully positioned at the gateway to Sentosa, nested in the lush atmosphere and excellent views of Mount Faber, Bay Hotel Singapore will entice travelers with tastes of urbane and adventure experiences.**Images are from Bay Hotel’s website and Facebook page.

A little background information about Bay Hotel Singapore

Bay Hotel Singapore

50 Telok Blangah Road

Tel: 6818 6666

Fax: 6818 6688


– Owned and managed by Bay Hotels and Resorts, a property development and management firm.

– Passion towards creating and innovating a standard in hotel operations and to deliver the best guest experience.

– Business model consisting of lean operation (reduced layers of hierarchy) to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

With modern, comfortable and well-appointed rooms, coupled together with quality
restaurants, facilities and excellent services; travelers who are away from home are in for a treat.

Exclusively for Facebook Fans of Bay Hotel Singapore, Bay Hotel Singapore is organizing an online treasure hunt competition +  some questions about the hotel.

By participating, you can win a free night stay and there are six free nights’ stays up for grabs.

How to Participate:

1) ‘Like’ Bay Hotel Singapore’s facebook page.

2) There are 2 parts to this competition: Treasure hunt and Q&A session

Treasure hunt will follow a Christmas theme and you will have to find 10 Christmas icons amidst images of the hotel. (it can be found in the photo album of Bay Hotel’s FB page)

Items to find (in no particular order):

   1. Santa
   2. Christmas tree
   3. Sitting reindeer
   4. Christmas star
   5. Candy cane
   6. Christmas hat
   7. Bells
   8. Christmas ornament
   9. Snowman
  10. Christmas wreath

After which, Evidences must to be sent by email to (

  * Evidence must be in the form of

1) Naming the specific location the icons are in

2) Screenshots of where the icons are

In your email, you must also include the answers to these questions :

1) What is the name of Bay Hotel Singapore’s Pan-Indonesian restaurant?

2) What are the opening hours of Bay Hotel Singapore’s pool?

If you are able to fulfill all criteria, you will stand a chance to win the prize.

Each lucky winner will stand to win a one night stay in the Deluxe Queen Room (worth S$450++) for 2 persons, including breakfast, internet access and minibar, subjected to terms and conditions.

There will be 2 lucky winners per treasure hunt and from now till Feb, there will be a total of 3 treasure hunts

First treasure Hunt will commerce on 16th Dec 2011 (9am) and ends on 1st Jan 2012 (9pm) and winners will be announced in early Jan 2012

Good Luck! 🙂

It’s finally in my hands! :)

Finally, the Vichy Challenge has came to an end..
First time cooperating with June and i am amazed by the chemistry that we have..
Indeed, we are rewarded for our hard work and originality (praise the Lord!)..
Despite some setbacks and misunderstanding that happened during the challenge, I’m glad that we have tide thru and made it !!
Anyway, i do not wish to open up the can of worm as people have eyes to see so I shall not reveal much here..Skipped my lesson yesterday to collect my prizes..
The moment which i am waiting for!!
Some pictures which June has taken when i was busy with the products selection..
(All my pictures are credit to June)
Big big thanks to everyone who have contributed in any ways.. 🙂

Had a hard time trying to make my selection due to the wide range of products

Here’s my final choice:

1) Calming cleansing solution
2) Double corrective whitening Essence
3) Purifying Foaming Cream Cleanser
4) Eye Roll on
5) Daily Exfoliating Cleansing Gel
6) Normateint Anti-Imperfection Foundation
7) Active Anti-imperfection Concentrate
8) Drying Concealing Anti-Imperfection Stick

Ohhh! The latest gadget in my hands (Finally!)

The pretty ladies behind the scene(Thank you for everything)

Thank you Vichy for organising this challenge…

You have blessed me with the skin transformation & confidence level that i need.. No words can describe how grateful i am ♥

We are all winners!!

A picture paints a thousand words:
Million Milllon thanks to all the voters who have voted for June and me…
Our hard work paid off!!
We won’t make it without your support…
Special thanks to June, the group of loyal voters, Gerald (for allowing us to interview you) and of course Vichy + judges…
Congrats to all the 4 challengers for obtaining better skin..
We are all winners!


My problematic skin history! :)

Hello everyone,Will like to share with you guys a little about my skin history…

I have been plagued with acne problem, very oily skin and enlarged pores since i am 14..

This picture (on the right) was started before the start of the acne ‘war’..
(You can see some inflamed acne already starting to appear on my skin)

It has definitely affect my life in a very negative way..
In secondary school, i have no confidence to talk to people due to my skin problems..
Yes, I have big inflamed acne all over my face..
Was always thinking that people will judge me because of my face..
It came to a point whereby i do not have much friends and i fell into depression..
Took me a lot to overcome this..

After i stepped into the working society and become more financially stable, i seek help from dermatologists..
Till date, there are about four dermatologists which i have seek help from..

1) Derm A: Steroid creams and products given. It was so harsh on the skin that i experienced numbness when i applied the cream on.. Don’t like the feeling so i seek help from another Doctor after a year

2) Derm B: Birth Control Pills and products given.. This treatment went on for about 2 years and i decided to stop it… Skin problem came back twice as bad
3) Derm C: Antibiotics and products given… I don’t see much changes so i changed doctor again

4) Derm D: Antibiotics and AHA products given.. Also, he recommended me to go for laser and botox to remove skin imperfection.. It was too expensive to maintain hence i gave it a miss. The AHA products caused a lot of redness and peeling… I will experience bad outbreaks and i have to start a new course of antibiotics to control it..

That’s how bad my skin condition is and i have really spent a lot of $ trying to have clearer skin..
I came to know about Vichy products due to my sister..
She is having the same skin concern that i am facing…
I guess it runs in the family as many of my relatives (including my brother) has the same skin type..
After she started on Vichy products, her skin shows a lot of improvements..
and Yes! Vichy products are also working its magic on me too!

See my before and after picture!



I am really amazed as i am not under any medication to achieve these results!
Despite of the stress level that i am facing due to work and school, acne outbreak is not so angry as before and there is reduced redness/enlarged pores..
To conclude: Vichy Normaderm products are really effective yet ‘wallet friendly’..

Today is the last day of Voting for the Vichy challenge..
Please show me your support one last time by voting for my pictures/Videos..
How to Vote?

1) Click on the link below
2) Make sure that profile belongs to Jermaine Liang
3) Click on all the 15 links
4) Click the green VOTE button at the bottom
5) Done! 🙂

Make sure you like VIchy’s FB too in order for them to contact you in the event that you have win the $300 hamper..

Please help me ! Voting ends 12am tonight!
A lot of time and effort are put into this challenge so please support us!


Normaderm Zero Imperfection 2-week challenge

My dear friends, Please support me by voting for

Step One: Click to enter my profile (Jermaine Liang)
Step Two: Click on all 3 pictures to cast votes, remember to click on ‘Vote’ (yes, all 3 pictures can be voted once daily)
Step Three: Repeat Step 1 & 2 to vote for me daily.. 🙂

Round one of Voting will end on 31 October..
Please help me to increase my chance of entering the first round..
With the haze and all the accumulated stress, pimples/Acne have been popping out like nobody’s biz..
So i really wish to try out this wonderful range of product..

Will update with the skin analysis outcome after 28 October..
Wish me luck people…