(Sponsored Review) ‘Three-course meal’ to radiant skin from top to toe!

It is approximately 25 more days to the big day and in order to look my best on 250513, I am taking extra care in maintaining my physical appearance… Hereby, let me share with you on the ‘three-course meal’ (Three Tips) to radiant skin from top to toe!


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First Course: Sufficient Sleep

Getting enough quality sleep and a good sleep habit plays a vital role in protecting our mental / physical health, ensuring quality of life and general well-being.. Skin-wise, sleep plays an important role if you want your skin to stay in excellent condition… This is because as you sleep, the body will work hard to heal and repair your body by releasing hormone to promotes normal growth, repair cells and tissues. Deep sleep will also helps to strength the immune system and defends the body against foreign or harmful substances. If you are facing ongoing sleep deficiency, you will definitely face skin issues like dull-skin, pimples outbreaks and dark eye circles.. =/

Previously i was facing insomnia due to stress and i have researched on some methods to help me sleep better.. Tried out some tips so here are three of my favorite methods (With visual aids below):

See no light: Our bodies are designed to sleep in a quiet and dark environment. When resting in a dark room, our body will start to produce Melatonin which prepares us for sleep.. While asleep, melatonin will also act as anti-oxidant to clean out the free radicals and other toxins in the body.. Therefore sufficient sleep plays a critical role to recuperate and restore health and physical well-being.. To enable the body to produce Melatonin, it is important to rest in a conducive and dark environment. One recommendation is that you can use an eye-mask to shield out lights.. 🙂

Hear no sound: As mentioned above, a quiet environment is also important for a good night sleep. If you are a light sleeper (like me), getting quality sleep will be a challenging task when you are being disturbed by the slightest sound. I will suggest that you can purchase an ear plug which will help you to block out majority of sound so that you can get into deep sleep fast…

Speak no more: Keep quiet, relax, unwind and clear your mind! Soon enough, you will find yourself drifting into LALA land.. Also, try not to get too worked up and overly anxious over losing sleep (as you will find it hard to sleep if you are feeling tense).. Try making yourself a cup of camomile tea to sooth your nerves if you are tensed.

If everything fails, just start counting sheep! Bahhh~~

Second Course: Cleanse & Exfoliate

After a good night sleep, its time for your shower to refreshen up and also keep yourself clean!  I cannot emphasis how important it is to cleanse your skin well daily and to exfoliate regularly (1-2 times weekly) in order to keep skin healthy + imperfections at bay… In order to achieve it, it is important to use effective products that will remove all dust, excessive sebum, impurities and make-up which contributes to skin problems.. In addition, you will need a perfectly cleanse skin in order to prep it for your other skincare/ Bodycare products (So that whatever you applied on will be fully absorbed and penetrated by the skin).. So if you think that your skincare / Body-care products aren’t working well, maybe you should take a step back and look at your basic cleansing routine.. If your pores are congested with impurities and residues, how can your skin be radiant?

For the Face:  

For effective cleansing, i’m currently using Babor Bi-Phase cleansing set which consists of HY-Ol and Phytoactive… The Bi-Phase cleansing will allow you to enjoy clear skin by deep cleansing it so that valuable ingredients of your skincare products will absorbed and processed effectively.

Because i have facial skin which clogs so easily, i will also need to exfoliate my facial skin once a week to remove stubborn dead skin cells and built up… My current favorite will be the honey scrub from Honey Way and i love how it buffs away dullness from my skin and how bright and clean my skin feels after exfoliation.

Bleah! Dead Skin Cells be gone!!

For the Body:

My definition of a good body cleanser will be one which will be able to deep cleanse to get rid of impurities / sweat / oil , kills germs to prevent diseases, eliminate BO and lastly to nourish skin while staying skin friendly. It is essential to shower everyday with a reliable body wash in order to keep skin clean, maintain good skin’s health and most importantly to prevent diseases.

Dettol is my family members’ choice of bodywash and it is also a household brand well-known for its antiseptics personal and home-care products. With a diverse range of products, Dettol is a highly trusted brand coined as safe, effective and of exceptional quality.

In May, Dettol is going to launch a new bodywash known as Dettol Radiance which is not only able to cleanse skin, remove germs, nourish skin but also able to rejuvenate, purify and help skin regain radiance.. Thank for Dettol for this god-sent product (just in time) as i need to boost the radiance of my skin..

Formulated with a unique blend of Vitamin B3 and C* (the booster for beautiful skin), Dettol Radiance replenishes skin with needed nutrients to promote rejuvenation, purification and revitalization of skin. Together with Dettol’s renowned germ protection capabilities to cleanse and remove germs, this perfect combination will reveal the skin with inner radiance, shine and healthy glow.

*Vitamin B3 is able to contribute to younger and firmer skin while Vitamin C has antioxidant properties to promote healthy + supple skin/

Dettol Radiance range is available in body wash and Soap Bars (RSP: $3.20 to $10.90).

On a daily basis, i’m using the all-new dettol radiance wash to keep my skin smooth, clean and radiant… I always love how Dettol’s body wash smells!  The new Dettol Radiance body wash has a slight citrus floral scent cupped together with the Dettol’s signature antiseptic smell. The texture of the body wash has a rich cream base and it foams up well.. Because it is so creamy and foamy, it is easy to spread all over the body with just a small amount.. It is also easy to wash it off and clean feels squeaky cleans without any tightness.. After cleansing, it leaves my skin feeling clean, smooth and smelling nice… Because it contains Salicylic acid, it helps to calm down the redness of my chest acne… After using it for a week, there’s no adverse reactions like itching or red patches.. However, I did not see much difference on the radiance part..

Same like our face, we must not neglect our body as well as the skin on our body needs regular exfoliation to remove dead skin cell built up so as to promote regeneration and absorption of body lotion… Overtime, the skin on the body will appear to be smoother, more radiant and healthier.. If you have sensitive skin like me, you can just use a normal body wash and exfoliating cloth to ‘scrub’ your skin… I’m using Dettol Radiance body wash together with my exfoliating buff to exfoliate my skin! It works the same (without the harshness of body scrub that contains beads) but it doesn’t cause any stinging sensation and red patches. I love how smooth, bright and clean my skin is after exfoliating.

Third Course – Sun Protection

Living in the tropics, the climate will tends to be hot with the sun showing no mercy! Hence, Protection against harsh UV rays is a major concern for most people. Do yu know that the sun’s ultraviolet b (UVB) rays causes sunburn and ultraviolet a (UVA) rays lead to photo-aging and skin cancer?  UV exposure will also accelerate eye aging and triggers cataract (Not forgetting higher risks amongst other vision problems as well)…

Therefore, for healthy and radiant skin, it is vital not to skip sunblock in your daily skincare routine.. The function of a broad-spectrum sunblock is to shelter your skin by absorbing these dangerous rays. This will prevent them from posing harm to your skin by penetrating deep into the skin layers.

Currently, We have sun protection for our skin, body, lips and hair and now even for the eyes! Just like what Rilakkuma is doing, prevention is always better than cure!


I’m not afraid of what the sun can do to me! I have sun protection from Head to Toe! Hehe!

Lastly, my secret to smooth, soft and radiant skin – Sun-protection is the key! For both the face and body,  broad-spectrum protection against broad-spectrum UVA and UVB rays is very important for me to prevent pigmentation, dull skin and skin cancer… I will also recommend the use of  minimum SPF50 PA+++ high protection sunblock to stay well-prepared against harmful sunrays (Even if you are staying indoors). It is also important to reapply sunblock throughout the day as the properties of sun protection will diminish due to sweat, serum and friction etc.

Hope you will enjoy the 3 little tips that i have just shared! Stay happy and may you have a great week ahead!

(Advertorial) Au naturale with Dettol Natural

Last Week, Shumin and Melvin from Vibes Communication have sent me a parcel!

Inside, it contains a set of Dettol’s newly released body wash from The Dettol Natural range!

The Dettol natural range promises to bring you healthy and soft skin while you soak in nature’s best-kept secret.

In this range, you can choose from Natural Nourishing / Soothing body wash which brings about deeply nourished and
moisturised skin with trusted germ protection.

Dettol has been a house-hold brand for decades and i’m sure this brand is no stranger to anyone… Since its establishment in 1932, Dettol has always been a trusted antiseptics brand worldwide with its diverse personal and home-care products that brings about effective germ protection. Dettol has placed paramount importance on strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines across all processes; from raw material selection, manufacturing to product quality control. This is why its products are of safe, effective and exceptional quality.

(Photo credits to Dettol’s website)

Derived from its R&D’s findings, Dettol discovered that consumers are looking for a reliable body wash that provides nourishing and soothing properties, coupled with germ protection abilities. Dettol has also discovered that the secret to attaining au naturale, glowing skin lies in both the results of both health and beauty.  This perfect balance can be achieved by getting back to nature so it is proud to introduce a luxurious shower experience with its newest range of body wash, Dettol Natural.

Dettol Natural range will provide your skin with a true encapsulation of nourishment, moisturisation and protection after cleansing. Formulated with the finest of ingredients gifted by Mother Nature, the body wash brings beauty back to its basics, going back to nature to hydrate and revitalize the skin.
The range consists of two variants – the Nourishing and Soothing range and both are infused with long-lasting fragrance and Dettol’s trusted germ protection. The range will also liven up your bathroom as the packaging comes in warm and inviting colors to further emphasize on mother nature.

Dettol Natural Nourishing Body Wash:

Formulated with rich soothing almond extracts and silky olives, Dettol Natural Nourishing Body Wash aims to restore moisture and leave skin feeling soft, tender and supple 24/7. 

This body wash is perfect for people who wish to pamper their skin luxuriously and at the same time revitalise and reinvigorate their senses.

Available in Gel-based (2 sizes), refill pack and Soap foam for different individual preferences.

250ml – Body Wash (Gel-based)

950ml – Body Wash (Gel-based)

Refill packs

Soar Bar – 120g

Dettol Natural Soothing Body Wash:

Created with a relaxing concoction of fresh flowers, namely Calendula and Chamomile that are usually used for its soothing effects

Dettol Natural Soothing Body Wash complements the needs of those with sensitive skin who needs gentle but effective cleansing. In addition, the calming scent of Calendula and Chamomile promotes relaxation benefits which helps one to unwind in today’s hectic lifestyle.

250ml – Body Wash (Gel-based)

950ml – Body Wash (Gel-based)

Refill packs

Soap Bar 120g

Currently using the Dettol Natural Soothing Body Wash as i have sensitive skin on my body.. My skin will turn flaky and become irritated if i use too harsh products… The soothing body wash has a mild smelling chamomile scent which smells really pleasant… It also works into a rich lather which can be easily cleanse off and it doesn’t strip off my skin’s natural moisture.. After cleansing, my skin feels soft, supple and clean.. If you are looking for an affordable body wash which will give you beauty benefits without compromising on germ protection, The Dettol Natural range will be a safe bet.. 🙂

The Dettol Natural range retails from S$3.20 – S$9.90 and is available at all leading hypermarkets, supermarkets and pharmacies in Singapore. Grab yours today!