(Sponsored Review) Unveiling Greedy Chimp June’s Summer Loots!

Happy weekends everyone!! How’s your Saturday??

I just came back from an event (Clinique’s) and i’ll share more on the new product that they are launching next week.. Right now, we (my hubby & myself) are waiting for our friends to come over and i have some time to spare. Might as well put it to good use (instead of napping) and blog while waiting! 🙂

Few weeks ago, i was feeling unwell (the usual monthly headache & cramps) hence was on MC resting at home .. Was feeling damn sian and restless till i received a delivery which instantly brightened up my day. Unveiling Greedy Chimp June’s Summer Loots – filled with specially picked surprise mix of snacks (known as LOOTS) delivered right to my doorstep!


Greedy Chimp is a food subscription service whereby you will receive a bag filled with specially picked surprise mix of snacks (known as LOOTS) which will be delivered right to your doorstep every month..

June’s Greedy Chimp Bag is based on ‘Summer’ theme (THE TASTE OF SUMMER)!  Summer in Singapore this year is a little different as it is also hazy despite being HOT!!! Thank God that the haze has cleared and the blue skies are out so it’s the best time to get your picnic and beach mats out! During your picnic session, the Greedy Chimp’s summer menu will get your stomach filled! Yum Yum!! Let check out 7 items in my bag.. 🙂


Troo Freeze Dried Bananas

Snacking can be healthy and guilt-free with Troo Freeze Dried Fruits! The fruits are freeze-dried at temperatures below -40 degrees Celcius, which allows the nutrients to be preserved for long duration. Made with real fruits, with no added preservatives and no allergy-triggering soybean, peanut, buckwheat and egg, this is a healthy and nutritious snack to be enjoyed anytime during the day.

Selection of fruits available: Banana, Korea Strawberry, Korea Apple,
Korea Pear, Pineapple

In case you are wondering why you are not seeing this snack on the shelves of supermarkets, this is because it is sold exclusively at Greedy Chimp. You can contact the team at wantsnacks@greedychimp.com to place your orders.

Troo Freeze Dried Bananas tasted exactly like the real bananas, just that it is freeze-dried and crunchy!! It’s a good thing to have before your exercise session as it supplies you with the needed pre-workout energy! Love the crunchiness and hence cannot stop popping it into my mouth! 😡

The pack is resealable so the content will stays fresh.. Only thing that i don’t like about this snack is that it is very sticky after biting into it (and hence it will stick onto my teeth and i will have to brush my teeth to get rid of the remains!).

Nongshim Champong Noodles

For fans of instant noodles, Nong Shim has a new Spicy Cuttlefish Flavor Premium Noodle Soup favour in the market! Indulge in the robust flavor of these thick and chewy Champong Spicy Premium Noodles and satisfy your blazing summer hunger pangs with this yummy quick fix! Not a big fan of instant noodles and i have passed it to my hubby to try (he always says that i’m treating him like my personal dustbin! LOL)! Nonetheless, i hope he will love it! 🙂


Available at: All major supermarkets

Purence Dew Water (Original)

There’s many reasons to drink water, keeping yourself hydrated, better health and have shinier hair and beautiful skin! Summer will be hot hot hot and the best way to protect yourself from the summer heat will be to hydrate yourself with water as clear as morning dew!

Introducing Purence Dew – the beneficial water to helps our body to fight against cholesterol, atherosclerosis and constipation! It is free from inorganic minerals (which can cause heart disease, arthritis, rheumatism etc), heavy metals, and pesticides that are harmful to the body.

Available at: Fairprice Xtra, Fairprice Finest, Cold Storage, Groxers.com

The bottle of the Purence Dew Water is really eye-catching as it has a unique shape and color! It taste exactly like water and there’s no mineral water taste! The only downside is that the drink is more expensive than mineral water, good things doesn’t come cheap. 😡


Morinaga Choco Balls

Chocolates – My happy food! The Morinaga Choco Balls is made perfect for popping and these chocolate coated balls has a little favour surprise hidden inside.. In my bag, i have received the one with peanut. This is also sold exclusively at Greedy Chimp and you can enquire through wantsnacks@greedychimp.com to purchase more!

Choose from peanut, caramel or strawberry filling!

Anything associated with chocolates, i will love it! The packaging of the Morinaga Choco Balls is so eye-catching and the chocoballs with peanut is so yummy + crunchy/crispy!! Choco-ball yummy yum!

Jelfy Gummy Candy

For Hello Kitty and Doraemon lovers, here’s a collectible. hehe!  Available exclusively at Greedy Chimp, these gummies come in juicy flavours that add a sweet, citrus punch to your snack inventory! Gave this pack away to the girl whom my mum is babysitting.. She was so excited and told me that she will seek approval from her mummy to eat the gummies! Really guai (obedient!)..

Sold exclusively at Greedy Chimp.

Kimmy Seasoned Seaweed

Available in Wasabi and Original favor, the Kimmy Seasoned Seaweed is thinly sliced and crispy for pure enjoyment..  Do you know that Seaweed is great for digestive health since it is high in fiber and high in nutrients yet low in calories? 🙂

Price: $4.95 / 6 packs, Sold exclusively at Greedy Chimp.

Luckily i did not get the wasabi favored seaweed as i’ll enjoy the original favored ones better. Don’t really like the ‘sending the heat up my nostril’ sensation and i will only appreciate wasabi with salmon. The original ones are light in taste, slices are thinly sliced and crispy!

iGen Sugar Free Mints

Last item in my bag, it is the iGen Sugar Free Mints which will keep my breath minty fresh.. Best of all, it is sugar-free and it is available in 2 choices – zesty strawberry or the freshest double mint.

Selection: Strawberry / Double Mint. Available at: Cheers, Fairprice Xpress

Was struggling to slide open the tin but despite this minor hiccup, the spearmint favored mint is refreshing and helps to freshen up my breath.

To subscribe to Greedy Chimp and have your own bag delivered to the comfort of your house, you can choose from the following three billing cycle :

Monthly – $14.90
Quarterly – $44.70
Annually – $178.80


For subscribers, you can now share your love for the snacks you received by heading to the website to rate + review!


You can find out more about Greedy Chimp via these social platform:

Instagram – @greedychimp

Thanks for reading and have a nice sunday ahead!

Food Review @ Award Winning Tonny Restaurant

Groupon has to be my fiance’s favourite online site for good food / shopping deals..
Few months back, he paid for a deal which includes 5 Course Abalone Set Meal for Two at Award Winning Tonny Restaurant.. 

Value of this set meal costs $43 per pax but he only paid $21.50 for One Groupon deal (So it’s $43 for 2).. Before getting the deal, he went to Hungrygowhere to check out reviews and it seems not bad.. In addition, he found out that Tonny Restaurant is awarded as being the Top 100 Gourmet Restaurants in Singapore and it is opened by Chef Tonny Chan  (from Hong Kong)..  For every dish, it is made only with fresh ingredients by Chef Tonny himself.. Impressive!

Photo from: https://www.facebook.com/tonnychanrestaurant/info


Located at 325/327 Joo Chiat Road Singapore 427582, this restaurant near Dunman Food Centre and can be easily located (the signboard is red in colour and has a mini glass of fame – There are many pictures of Mr Tonny taken with many different celebrities)..

Upon stepping in, we are quickly shown to our table with smiles.. The interior furnishing looks casual and it gave us this no-frills dining experience feeling..

Photo from: https://www.facebook.com/tonnychanrestaurant/info


The 5 Course Set includes:

Crispy Yam with Truffle Oil
Double Boiled Soup with Hong Kong Wonton
Butter Sauced Escargot and Fish Fillet 
Braised Fresh Abalone (Ten Heads with Broccoli and Fried Rice)
Chilled Lemon Grass with Snow Fungus

First Dish: Crispy Yam with Truffle Oil

Not only the presentation looks good, it taste really delicious! The finely cut yam is nicely fried till perfection – Crispy and non-oily.. With the touch of the Truffle oil, each mouthful is flavourful and yet not too over-powering in taste.. This dish can be easily washed down with tea without any oily after-feel..

Second Dish: Double Boiled Soup with Hong Kong Wonton

To be frank, i’m a little disappointed when i lifted up the lid of my soup bowl.. Basically, the bowl was filled up to the brim with chicken soup but there’s only one wonton… 😦

The double boiled chicken soup is sweet and concentrated so i guess the chef has boiled it for hours.. Since i don’t feel thirsty after the meal, i can conclude that NO MSG has been added in the process.. Nothing to shout about for the Wonton but i’ll really appreciate if more wonton can be added..

Third Dish: Butter Sauced Escargot and Fish Fillet 

Lightly battered Fish Fillet is slightly soggy due to the butter sauce.. Fish tastes fresh but i just dislike fried items that are soggy when i bit into it… This dish will be made better if grilled fish is used instead.. On the side note, the escargot is sweet and butter sauce is savoury.

Fourth Dish:Braised Fresh Abalone (Ten Heads with Broccoli and Fried Rice)

Fried rice, to start with does not even look like fried rice. It is presented in a yellow looking form with bits of eggs and gravy over it. The gravy, while making the fried rice soggy, serves to give the otherwise tasteless fried rice some flavor. The fried rice is not oily though, but somehow that leaves me thinking if it is steamed or fried. I am not a big fan of abalone and I hardly eat them. I can only say that it looks quite small, is chewy enough but not rubbery. 

Last Dish:Chilled Lemon Grass with Snow Fungus

Refreshing taste but i find this desert on the sweet side.. Will prefer that the desert comes with a stronger taste of Lemon Grass and with more snow fungus..

At the end of the meal, we paid $8++ for a pot of tea and wet tissues.. Whether or not we are returning to the restaurant for the second time, we are actually sitting on the fence for this.. 

Overall, we are quite happy with the quality and taste of most of the dishes.. In addition, the place doesn’t charge GST and service is good.. However, we have the feeling that we are being short-charged as we are using Groupon.. If we have to pay the full price of $43 for this 5 course meal, then the food portion doesn’t justify for it… Maybe we will give it another chance if we are around the area as their crab congee looks good.. 

Till then!! Blessed Weekend ahead! 🙂

Week 17’s Highlight: Not so nice experience at Alli Oli…

I don’t know about you but what irks me the most will be poor customer service..

Having said, i was from customer service line previously and i know how some unreasonable customers can be a pain in the ass.. But nevertheless, they are still customers so they must be treated with due respect…

Recently, i visited a cafe and was so pissed off by the ‘services’ render till i have to rant.. Come! Let me tell you more…

(Photo from Google’s image)

Name of the cafe / deli is Alli Oli located at Marina Bay Link Mall (8A Marina Boulevard, #B2-45) and it specialize in Spanish-style deli food items. My bf bought this Groupon deal online as they serve all day breakfast and i’ve always love hearty breakfast…

The deli is located beside a super market and the whole place looks very crampy. There are very little tables and chairs which are positioned really close to each other… But that’s not the whole point, my happy mood as dampened by the poor attitude of the service staff… Upon stepping in, we were ‘greeted’ by a waiter who was not exactly friendly and appeared rather impatient.

He pointed to a table for 4 and while making our way in, he raised his voice telling us not to occupy 4 seats.. The cafe was not even 1/4 full and why bother to signal us to such a big table when it wasn’t intended for us in the first place?

Waited for 5 mins and still no menu in sight.. I was really hungry so my bf asked for the menu.. Guess what? The waiter replied us with: Yes Yes i know, it’s coming… Unwillingly, he handled us the menu and once again, he was quite reluctant to take our orders…

Many of our requests were turned down:

We wanted to order Salad (NO SALAD)
We wanted to order sides (But he told us that we cannot order as we were using the voucher.. Hello! No such term and condition was stated in the vouchers)

Throughout, he was really grumpy and he served us damn unwillingly.. Most of the time, he mentioned about the vouchers many time.. At this point of time, i was really pissed!! Since your mamangement is using Groupon as a source of marketing, you should not provide such substandard services.. If not, all plans will just backfire and go down the drain…

Enough of the ranting, i was hoping that the food will compromise for the poor service.. We ordered one large bowl of mushroom soup, one American breakfast set, one beef set, a pot of tea and a cup of iced latte worth a total of $40.40.

The best item will be the mushroom soup and was the saving grace to a otherwise disappointing meal. Although soup appeared to be watery, it was flavorful and smooth with lots of mushroom bits. Although we ordered large, portion was a little on the small side so it wasn’t enough to share..

My bf had the beef set and he said that it was average. The mushroom gravy had good portions of mushrooms but the beef was a bit tougher then he would like. The waiter did not ask him how he will like the beef to be done, and he was also not sure if there was an option to start with. To be fair, the side salad was fresh and tasted good.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for me in order to have a good start in the morning.. But sad to say that the worst item was the American breakfast set which we ordered. I love my breakfast to be hot but most of the items (the set consists of scrambled eggs, toast, baked beans, sausage, hash-brown, bacon) was barely lukewarm… The scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage was dry and the beans looked and taste exactly like the canned version you can get from supermarkets.

To make things worse, this set which cost $12+ was served on a takeaway tray which reminds me of food served on the plane (which tasted much better!!!). Come on, we deserve something better right????

Ice Latte?? Tasted more like iced Milk and luckily we had our much needed dose of coffee at home before heading out…

The organic berry tea that i have ordered tasted good but i can easily purchase it from supermarkets..

Sad to say, i won’t be returning to this place after such an unpleasant experience.. Overall, I would say that you can get better food and services elsewhere easily…

Authentic Thai cuisine @ Ah Loy Thai Restaurant

Missing Thailand so much!!!..

Cheap Massage


Vibrant Nightlife

Food, Glorious Food!

Being a glutton, i miss Thai food the most..
So when Elfaine from Thesamplestore invited me for a Thai Food Tasting session, i was thrilled!
Despite the fact that i’m on a diet now, a little thai food won’t kill right?? :p

So here i am @

Ah Loy Thai Restaurant

Located at 100 Beach Road
#01-39/40 Shaw Tower

To avoid long waiting hours, i’ll suggest that you come a little early the lunch / dinner crowd sets in..
When i arrived at 3 plus, the place is about 3/4 full..
When i left at about 5 plus, there is a Queue outside…
Good things are worth the wait right? 🙂
But a little tip, you can make a reservation before hand to skip the wait…

Although the restaurant draws a large crowd during operation, the setting gives me a warm and cosy feeling..
Each and every corner are furnished with a nice touch of modern Thai culture which aren’t too overwhelming..
Embrace in the vibrant atmosphere while catching up with friends and filling your empty stomach..
Life is good, isn’t it? 🙂

Thai Lemon Glass Drink – $2.30

Upon settling down, i was served with one of their signature drink – Thai Lemon Glass Drink…
Drink is refreshing due to lemon glass but it is a little on the sweet side…

Papaya Salad – $5.30

This dish is very popular in Thailand but in Sg, we prefer Mango salad (i’m not an exception as well)… Before every hearty meal, i’ll prefer to have an appetiser to prep my stomach and taste buds.

This papaya salad is light, spicy and sour so it entices my tastebuds … I love the tomato especially as it is firm and juicy.. Yum Yum!

Fried Butter Calamari – $7.00 ★★

I’m a big fan of Calamari and this dish which is one of Ah Loy’s specialities does not fail me…
The calamari are crispy yet not oily, juicy and texture is just right (it is not rubbery which makes chewing difficult).. The buttery taste and great seasoning (slightly salted with egg) made the whole dish so perfect!

Sinful i know!

Tom Yum Seafood – $6.90

Tom Yum soup is one of the MUST order dish to complete your thai food cravings.. Although this soup only costs $6.90, Ah Loy is pretty generous in the soup’s ingredients which are fresh and tasty.. As i have a weak gastric, i only had a few mouthful of the soup as it is a little too spicy / sour that my tongue is numbed… Once you have swallow the soup, the spiciness will linger and builds up in your mouth; so if you have a low threshold for chilli, i’ll suggest that you order the clear soup instead..

Thai Style Fish Clear Soup (Non-spicy) – $6.00 ★★

Similar taste compared to Tom Yum Seafood but minus the spicy factor… Soup is appetizing and flavoursome which ‘induces’ my appetite so that i can digest more food… Like the Tom Yum Seafood, portion is decent enough to share between 2 – 3 paxs.

Thai Mango Crispy Chicken – $7.50

The portion is large as usual and the chicken is fried well enough so it is very crispy..
I like the fact that this dish isn’t too oily and that it comes with generous fresh garishes..
However, i will prefer to have more mango sauce being poured onto this dish to give it a better tangy taste.

Thai Green Curry – $6.50

Another not to be missed dish while having thai food – The Green Curry… Ah Loy’s green curry is rich, aromatic and flavourful with juicy and tender chunks of boneless chicken to complement it.

Every mouthful of this sweet curry broth brings about a strong coconut /milk taste which can be a little too ‘Je-Lat’ so i will suggest that you take it together with rice.

Pineapple Fried Rice – $5.90

I will expect my pineapple fried rice to have floss and cashew nuts on top of the usual pineapples and prawns. I was disappointed when I saw this dish as its appearance doesn’t appeals to me. Although the dish looks simple but the rice is not dry, hard nor oily… Sad to say, the taste is too mild and I have eaten better pineapple rice elsewhere. 

Tom Yum Fried Rice (3pm – 6pm) – $6.90 ★★

If you want some rice with a more powerful taste, i’ll suggest that you order their special Tom Yum Fried rice.. Ah Loy is one of the few places offering this dish from 3pm – 6pm.. Its tom yum fried rice is really delicious and it feels as if you have soaked your rice in Tom Yum Soup.. Rice has a unique spicy taste which is not too overwhelming. Only complaint is that the prawns are a little too soggy.

Thai Garlic Pork (Ge Tiam Mu)  – $6.90 ★★

 Next, this is certainty a dish to try! Any food fried with Garlic will get me hooked and addicted to….
Although the pork is deep fried, it is NOT oily at all.. Also, there’s no fatty deposit on the meat so you can eat this dish ‘in peace’… The seasoning on the meat taste really wonderful and it leaves me wanting more!!! Do take it together with the cucumber and chilli sauce.. Shiok man!!

Thai Pandan Chicken – $9.00 ★★

Thai Pandan Chicken consists of chicken wrapped in pandan leaves help trap flavours. Although the chicken looks charred, it doesn’t have a burnt taste.. Instead, chicken is moist, soft, juicy, tasty and well-marinated. In addition, i can detect a little pandan taste when i bite into the chicken.. This dish is slightly on the oily side and it is a little cumbersome to eat.. Oh well, for delicious food, it is worth all the calories and effort.. =D

Thai Fried Keotow (Phad Thai) – $5.90

If you prefer to eat noodles instead of rice, you can give Phad Thai a try.. FYI- Phad Thai is the thailand version of fried kway teow and it is usually accompanied with peanut, chilli flakes, sugar and lime… Ah Loy’s Phad Thai doesn’t come with sugar but it is still tasty…The noodles are springy, not sticky and certainty not oily..

(TOP) Fried Sweet Potato Leaf (Spicy/Non Spicy) – $4.50
(BOTTOM)  Fried Kailan (Spicy/ NonSpicy) – $4.50

Both vegetable dishes are fried with chilli and garlic. Vegetables are fresh and crunchy so both dishes are nice and tasty.. However, i’ll prefer my vegetable to be cooked the healthier way so i think that Ah Loy’s veggie is a little oily and salty… To overcome this shortcoming, i took both dishes with rice.

Stir-Fried Basil Leaf with Chicken – $5.80 ★★

This dish is stir-fried so it is healthier… I love it! Chicken is well-done, non-fatty and not dry.. Basil leaf is fresh with awesome taste of chilli and garlic… For the price, Ah Loy is really generous with the portion…

Stir Fried Basil Leaf with Pork – $5.80

Another version with Pork and this is more popular with Singaporean… Maybe i am the odd one who prefers the chicken version… Personally i find that the pork taste is too strong and i certainty doesn’t like that… Other than that, i’ll also prefer more Basil leaf should be thrown in. A little less meat and loads of vegetable! 🙂

Thai Lemon Fish (New New!!) – $13.50 (TOP)
Thai Lemon Grass Steam Fish – $13.50 (BOTTOM)

Both dishes are both as good – one with Lemon taste and one with Lemon Glass.. I’ll prefer the one with lemon as i cannot accept the strong taste of lemon glass… Fish is steamed to perfection as meat is fresh and smooth… The meat doesn’t not have any fishy smell/taste (Due to the lemon glass / lemon) and it will melt in your mouth.. The dish also comes with a lot of gravy and you can practically treat it as a soup as all nutrients are inside.. Gravy isn’t too salty and it is rather refreshing.. Do try it!

Only rant is that the fishes are too skinny!! But for the price you are paying, you cannot expect too much right? hehe~

Thai Crispy Spicy Sauce Fish – $12.00 ★★

This fish is another star dish worth ordering as it is is nice and affordable. Fish is crispy on the outside and soft  inside. Yummy Yummy!!  Since it is fried fish, meat is usually tougher but i can poke my fork in and pick the meat off easily so softness is acceptable..

You have to make sure that you take the meat together with the chilli sauce on the fish… The chilli sauce made the fish taste unique as it is not the usual thai sweet chilli sold outside.. There’s a slight ginger taste cupped with slight sweetness. But due to the massive amount of chilli seed, it can get a little too spicy so get some water ready..

Thai Black Pepper Crispy Fish (New New!) – $14.50

Sorry, i cannot give my review for this dish as i did not try it… But from the appearance, it must be a really solid black pepper dish.. See the amount of black pepper ‘floating’ on the sauce.

Beside the dishes mentioned above, Ah Loy has many other food selections as well…
Do note that those dishes with ★★ beside them are the MUST TRY (IMO)..

Overall, it is worth to visit Ah Loy for good and authentic Thai cuisine at affordable prices..
Taste is very similar to what you will get in Thailand.
Only thing, you must be patient enough to Q and to wait for your food..

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday : 12pm – 8.15pm
Saturday – Sunday: 1pm – 7.15pm

(Closed on PH)

Will end this post with a group shot..

All the full and pretty ladies falling in… 😀

Merry Merry Xmas everyone!!!

(Advertorial) At Creation Cafe, you’ll fall in love with the pasta

Was invited by Elfaine (from Thesamplestore) last Saturday for a food tasting session @ Creation Cafe
Over the past few years, i’ve been patronizing Creation but i’m a little put off by the cramp space..
The cafe is rather small so it can be a little stuffy too…
However, the cafe serves fantastic food @ affordable prices so it’s worth trying it.Address:

100 Beach Road, #01-43 Shaw Leisure Gallery.
Tel: +65 6291 8308

Operating Hours:
Mon–Thu: 12pm–2.30pm, 6pm–9pm
Fri–Sat: 12pm–2.30pm, 6pm–9.30pm

Their wall of fame..

Look at the variety of pasta…

They have set lunch @  $ 9.90  which includes soup, main course and a drink.

Best of all, they don’t charge consumers with GST / Service Charge.

Cream of Mushroom Soup

The soup of the day was Cream of Mushroom soup and it is my all time favorite. Prefer that my mushroom soup is less creamy as too much will leave me feeling sick…

The one which was served was just right – not too creamy, savory, thick, smooth and not too milky; so i did not face any difficulties finishing it… One minus point will be the soup was lukewarm; it will be perfect if the soup is piping hot!!!!


i’ll always order this whenever i visit Creation as i love pasta with cream base. The cabonara cream sauce is thick, smooth, creamy but not to the extent of being to overbearing.. Pasta is springy too but i find that the bacon is too little….
If there’s more bacon, this dish will be perfect.. Hahaha!

Seafood Spicy Crab Meat

if you love seafood, you ought to order this pasta.. The prawn / crab is sweet, juicy and fresh.. As you can see from the picture, they are pretty generous with the seafood. Sauce is full of favor; tangy but not so spicy till your tongue will call for help… The sauce tastes sweet / sour so it will further ‘entice’ your taste buds which increase your appetite.

Java Curry Pasta

If you want to SPICE up your dinner, this Java curry Pasta will be the answer..
The curry cream base is thick and i love the taste of the combination of milk + spices. Prawn and Salmon are also fresh and sweet. Only downside will be that the pasta / sauce is a little too sticky for my liking..

Seafood Laksa cream Pasta

When this dish was being served, i was like huh??? Laksa pasta???
Unique fusion of laksa and pasta so now i know that laksa can be mixed with cream to form a cream pasta!!!
I’m someone who isn’t adventurous with food so i cannot accept the taste of this dish…. That’s why people always said that i am damn choosy and fussy with food.. This pasta is creamy with a robust taste of laksa and it just taste like laksa with overdose of coconut milk… It is just too special for my liking.. Hahaha

Mushroom Risotto

To be frank, i was already very full when they served this last dish…

In addition, i don’t really like rice so i don’t think it’s really fair for me to do a review on this… But if you are looking for rice instead of pasta, you can give this a try… The cream used is rich but not too overbearing and portion is big with plenty of mushroom.

Every Blogger went home with a nice bag of cookies from ‘The Wooden Spoon’.

100 Beach Road, #01-24 Shaw Leisure Gallery
Tel: +65 6297 8839
(Close when everything is sold out)

This cozy little shop specializes in brownies, muffins, cookies and scones (equivalent to happy food for the soul).
 Everything will be baked to perfection by a grandma (who is the owner of this cozy little shop).. Since everything is hand-made, you can expect very fresh and yummy confections…. Do note that everything produced by Granny will be in limited quantities so do come early for your purchases to avoid disappointment.

The Oatmeal and Raisin Cookies is fresh, crispy and not too sweet.. The texture is also moist enough for that extra kick (i just dislike cookies that are so dry that i find it damn hard to swallow it).

Even D commented that the cookies are nice. LOL!

Thank you Thesamplestore, Creation Cafe and The Wooden Spoon for giving me a nice gastronomic experience..