(Advertorial) All about Organix and Teens Model Search Grand Finals 2012

Hello everyone!!! How are you??

Finally it’s the long weekend and we can get our well-deserved rest…. Even though i have to work on Saturday, i won’t let this dampen my mood and will want to pamper myself!! Have scheduled a facial session on Saturday after work to care for my face… My hair needs some TLC as well and Organix has generously provided me some products for me to indulge in some hair pampering moments…

Organix® believes that Beauty should be pure and simple.. With this philosophy, the hair-care products they offer will  ‘Indulge your hair the way nature intended’.

Like the brand’s name has suggested, Organix formulas are sulfate and paraben free. Not only that, they smell absolutely fantastic as well! As such, Organix is for anyone who wish to make excellent choices and are more concerned with the integrity of ingredients in the products they are using.

Organix haircare line consists of products like Teatree Mint, Smoothing Shea Butter, Soft & Silky Vanilla Silk, Revitalizing Pomegranate Green Tea, Enriching Cucumber Yogurt, Fortifying Lavender Soymilk, Energizing Passionfruit Guava, Rejuvenating Cherry Blossom Ginseng, Nutritional Acai Berry Avocado, Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil, and Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy..

Aside from the main hair-care line, Organix also offers a body and skin care range! Because products are good and ‘natural’, this brand has won many beauty / health awards world-wide..

Let us now take a glimpse: 

2011 – SELF Healthy Beauty Award Best All Around Conditioner
2011 – People en Espanol Star Beauty Product
2010 – Allure Best of Beauty Natural Wonders
2010 – All*You Best Beauty Buy Best Conditioner
2010 –  Health World’s Best Beauty Buys
2009 – Family Circle Beauty & The Best
2008 – SELF Healthy Beauty Award Best Hair Mask
2008 – All*You Best Budget Beauty Buy Best Shampoo
2008 – People Style Watch Best Shampoo
2008 – WWD Beauty Biz Best executed Launch Strategy

I’ll share more on the review of the products soon but in the meantime if you are interested in purchasing any of the products, the point of sales are as per follows:

Watsons, Sasa, Robinsons, John Little, BHG, Cold Storage, Marketplace, NTUC Finest & Carrefour.

Organix also has an exciting event to share with my readers! I’m sure you have heard of the Teens Model Search 2012 but did you know that Organix is one of the proud sponsors of the Teens Model Search 2012 (TMS)?

This year’s Teens Model Search in built on the theme to Save the Environment.. Organix being a sulfate-free and paraben-free hair-care line with environmentally friendly packaging (all Organix bottles are made from recycled / recyclable post-consumer resin) makes it very suitable to be in line with the Save the Environment theme of the TMS..

As part of the sponsorship, the 12 pairs of TMS finalists were treated to an Organix photo shoot and a chance to try out the range of products. At the end of the event, the finalists also shared their experience and their lovely testimonies of Organix hair care range are profiled in the November issue of Teens Magazine and on Organix Singapore’s Facebook page. Do take some time to check it out and in the meantime enjoy some pictures taken during the photo-shoot. 😉

Details of the Teens Model Search Grand Finals 2012 are as follows:

Date : 17 November 2012
Location : Bugis+ Atrium Level 2
Voting : Online voting will be opened till 7 November

To vote, log on to http://www.teensmag.com.sg..

If you have time to spare, do show your support by voting and attending the grand final event as well!!

Have a great weekend everyone and i’ll be back soon! 🙂

Disclaimer: Photos are extracted from the press-kit unless stated otherwise

(Advertorial & Review) Senka and Ma Cherie exclusive preview launch

Want sweet smelling, manageable hair and healthy skin with products from Japan?
No, they are not gonna burn a hole in your pockets..
If you are interested, just continue to read on…

(Picture from http://www.shiseido.co.jp/macherie/index.html)

One week ago, Charmian from Shiseido Singapore has invited me to the preview launch of her two new ‘babies’ – Senka and Ma Cherie. Although the preview launch fell on my anniversary day, she was kind enough to extend the invitation to me and present to me first before ‘releasing’ me for my anniversary dinner (So touched!! Thanks for being so sweet and understanding.. hehe)

Anyway back to the topic, event was held at OCTA HOTEL @ MILLENIA WALK.. Initially, i thought that it is a hotel but it is a restaurant in actual fact.. Hahahaha! Pardon my ignorance…

Did a quick check online before the event to understand more about the two new product lines.. Will first start on with Ma Cherie first.. 🙂

Ma Cherie first originated from Japan and this hair care product line promises to address all hair concerns in a sweet and luxurious manner. Ma Cherie meant ‘my sweetheart’ in French and its products will leave hair soft and silky with romantic fragrance that lingers.

The first secret to smooth hair lies in its Champagne Honey Gelee’s composition that gives hair long lasting smooth texture. The composition includes champagne, honey and other moisturizing ingredients (see below) that will retain moisture thus preventing flyaway hair..


I know many ladies will prefer hair products that will leave their hair smelling nice for as long as possible.. Me too! Especially in Singapore’s climate aas i’ll tend to perspire a lot.. Besides giving you smooth hair, Ma Cherie’s long-lasting romantic fragrance secrets lies in the sugary harmony of its unique ingredients. This ‘special mix’ has a sweet and fresh aroma with a hint of musk that smells like fresh fruits in the shower. After the hair is dry, the scent will settle down into a sweet floral and sensual scent… 


Under the Ma Cherie hair care series, there are two types of ranges: Air Feel and Moisture.

The Air Feel Range will be suitable for ladies who want to achieve hair with volume. This range will give flat hair volume while leaving it smooth without weighting it down.

The Moisture range will be suitable who has dry and damage hair that needs extra moisture boost.. This range will help treats dry ends and leaves hair manageable and silky smooth.

The Air Feel Range consists of Shampoo (200ml/500ml), Conditioner (200ml/500ml) and treatment (180g).. Prices range from $10.90 – $19.90 respectively.

The Moisture Range consists of Shampoo (200ml/500ml), Conditioner (200ml/500ml) and treatment (180g).. Prices range from $11.50 – $20.50 respectively.

If you wish to try out the basic cleansing products first before getting the retail size, there’s travel set available for both ranges (shampoo & conditioner 50ml) @ $8.90..

Beside the products that you saw above, Ma Cherie has other additional products that will address common hair issues like frizzy flyaway hair, SOS for last-min bad hair day and also fighting against odor. Some products that caught my attention and are considering getting:

1) Hair Fragrance – This will come in handy if i go to smokey area for lunch / dinner because i’ll really smell like the place after i walk out.. This hair fragrance will give my hair lingering delicious scent and fight against odor… 

2) Aqua Energy Mist – Catchy name! I have heard of facial mist but not energy mist for the hair! This product is actually a mist leave on treatment to tame Frizzy hair.. Since moisture level is 3/5 stars, it will leave hair tame and smooth.

3) Perfect Shower Moist – As the name has suggested, this product is to be used ‘to replace to state of hair after shower’ as it is a bed hair fix.. Just have to apply it onto frizzy hair (meant to be applied on dry hair) and it will act as a leave on treatment to refresh hair instantly.. No more excuses for bad hair days.. 🙂

4) Aqua Dew Energy EX – As you know i have very dry hair due to multiple chemical treatment and sensitive scalp, so i cannot use too rich products on my hair.. This Aqua Dew Energy EX is actually a gel leave on treatment for damage hair (To be applied on dry hair).. With 4/5 stars of moisture level, it will add gloss and treat dryness of hair instantly.

5) Air Feel / Moisture Treatment – Beside daily conditioning of hair using conditioner, it is always good to apply intensive treatment to hair at least once weekly to restore shine to hair… 

6) Hair Oil – I was using hair oil previously due to the damaged state of my hair (if not i cannot even comb it properly!). This oil leave on will help treat damaged hair as it is highly moisturizing (5/5 stars) and it will revive extremely stiff + damaged hair strands.

Beside the products above, there are more under this product range. For the full misc products list, you can refer to the picture below..


Next up, introducing Senka  – ‘The Skincare made for you’. 
A little background information on Senka – The project team is established and products are created from the requirements of its customers. Senka strongly believes that skincare is something necessary to use on a daily basis and this is why one should select the optimal products that will address individual’s skin concern. This is why Senka is dedicated to develop products that will enable users to enjoy the beneficial effects after regular use. Senka’s aim is not to develop fly-by-night products but to build long-term relationship with everyone because they care.

The 5 promises of Senka
1)To thoroughly research and identify your needs.
2)To create innovative products by adopting a fresh development style and applying advanced technology
3)To sell only safe and trustworthy products made in Japan
4)To focus on product quality rather than packing frills
5)Our products will be kind to the environment.

Senka offers 4 different product ranges:

1)   Senka Hoshitsu Lotion – The one step solution to Hydrating

2)   Senka Whitening Lotion – The whitening  lotion comparable to serum

3)   Senka UV Protection – Complete protection against UV

4)    Senka Cleaner Range – Effective yet gentle cleansers

The first range will be the SENKA Hoshitsu lotion which will be the one step solution to moisturizer.  This range originated from customers who want products that have excellent moisturizing capabilities without adding on the number of products to their daily skincare lotion. After listening to more than 4000 people’s wishes and many trial and errors, the SENKA Hoshitsu lotion is now borne to provide everyone with the 1 step only moisturizing lotion
Under the Hoshitsu Lotion range there are three products:
1)Hoshitsu Lotion (Moist), 200ml @ $16.90
Suitable for normal to dry skin
To be used after cleansing, the unique SENKA micro-moisture manufacturing process will allow rich level of moisture to reach deep into skin’s layers.
2)Hoshitsu Lotion (Fresh), 200ml @ $16.90
Suitable for normal to oily skin
To be used after cleansing, this lotion made from moisturizing cream will lock in ultimate hydrating power to reveal elastic skin with no sticky after feel
3)Hoshitsu Emulsion, 150ml @ $16.90
To be used after lotion, the light texture will help retain moisture for a long period of time


The key to moisturizing the SENKA Hoshitsu lotion lies in the Micro Moisture Manufacturing process and its ingredients (Hyaluronic Acid and Royal Jelly GL).
The Micro moisture manufacturing process helps to achieve the moisturizing level of a cream in a lotion by using an original emulsifying technology. In this technology, plenty of concentrated moisturizing cream components are combined into the water-soluble moisturizing liquid. As a result, products are non sticky and super hydrating.
The key ingredients also bring about double goodness in moisturizing
Hyaluronic acid is well known for its moisture retaining properties and SENKA has integrated two types into the lotion. The first type has sticky characteristics and the second helps to retain the lotion longer into the skin. This combination will help improve the lotion’s texture when applied and also the moisturizing properties.
Royal Jelly provides effective properties that are not too heavy for daily usage. In addition, Royal Jelly is packed with many good effective elements which are beneficial to skin. The ‘GL’ stands for glycerine, a moisturizing agent which will further adds on to the moisturizing capability of the lotion

Next, it’s SENKA whitening lotion and this range of whitening lotion will give results comparable to serum. With the expertise accumulated from the research and development of the SENKA Hoshitsu lotion, the team worked on these whitening products using feedback from many customers in the market regarding the existing whitening products in the market.. As such, this range will provide an one stop whitening effect and moisture supply to the skin without hefty price tag..

Like the SENKA Hoshitsu lotion, the whitening lotion also has the same Micro-moisture manufacturing process to better enhance serum effect of the whitening lotion… In addition, usage of Vitamin C in SENKA whitening lotion will further accelerate whitening capability.. With Vitamin C as another key ingredient, it will prevent the appearance of new spots and freckles by slowing down the production of melanin. As Vitamin C will become fragile when in contact in water, SENKA has use a stable derivation of Vitamin C to ensure optimal whitening effect as Vitamin C.


Under the ‘Lotion made from Whitening Serum (The SENKA Whitening lotion range) there are two products:
1) Whitening Lotion (Fresh), 200ml @ $17.90
Suitable for normal to oily skinTo be applied after cleansing on a daily basis, this whitening lotion will help achieve hydrated, visibly brighter and luminous skin.. With formulated progressive release Vitamin C, this whitening lotion will guard against melanin production and pigmentation. 2) Whitening Lotion (Moist), 200ml @ $17.90
Suitable for normal to dry skin

To be applied after cleansing on a daily basis, this whitening lotion works the same as the Whitening lotion (Fresh) to bring you the best whitening + Moisturizing results. Most important of all, both products do not contain fragrance and artificial colors.

Any skincare brand won’t be completed without a product with UV protection so SENKA is not an exception.. The research and development of SENKA UV protection took 5 years before discovering a technique to create a gel that can be used with SPF 50 rated products. Why did SENKA go through the trouble of R&D for this unique gel? Because with a gel form SPF 50 UV protection product, the texture won’t be sticky and it will spread more evenly over skin. As such, anyone who uses this product will enjoy the pleasant feeling on skin during application. 

The SENKA UV Protection range will reliably blocks strong UV rays for long period of time (Both UVA and UVB).. As such, skin will be protected against harm like dryness and pigmentation formulation. The UV Protection gel has a mineral water based texture (as it contains 100% mineral water) that can be absorbed fast into the skin without leaving a white cast. After application, there will not be any greasy film leave but instead silky smooth finish.. The UV protection range also act as a pre-make up base for a smoother application of foundation.


The UV Gel comes in two types of SPF – SPF 50/PA++ and SPF 27/PA++.

The Perfect UV gel (SPF 50/PA++) retails at $16.90 for 40ml. It is suitable for people who engage more in outdoor sports / activities and get high exposure to UV-rays. Suitable for all skin type as it is fragrance free, contains no artificial color, no mineral oil and dermatologist tested.

The Pure UV gel (SPF 27/PA++) retails at $16.90 for 80ml. It is suitable everyday use and for all skin type. It is also fragrance free, contains no artificial color, no mineral oil and dermatologist tested.

Last but not least, SENKA has a cleaner range which i absolutely adore!!! Saw this range of products in Taiwan 2 years back and i bought back some products to try.. Since it is so affordable and effective, i’ll have to trouble my friends to help me purchase it whenever they go to Taiwan.. Right now, it is available in Singapore and i’m really glad!!!

You must try the perfect whip as the foam is dense and it removes make-up / impurities well without drying out the skin… I love it!

Perfect Whip (120g @ $12.90)

Perfect as a cleanser, the dense and long-lasting foam will protect skin while it removes impurities from every pore. Suitable for all skin types, it will leave skin soft and moisturized.

Perfect Gel (160g @ $13.90)

Suitable for dry and dry combination skin, this gel-based cleanser contains micro-size smooth oil particles that will remove make-up and mascara.. Now make-up can be wiped off in one single step without any sticky after feel.

Perfect Liquid (150ml @ $16.90)

The perfect liquid will dissolve heavy and waterproof make-up and dirt instantly.. There’s no need for double cleansing and it is suitable for Oily and Oily combination skin + Normal and normal combination skin.

Perfect Watery Oil (230ml @ $22.90)

Suitable for normal to Oily skin, this watery oil make-up cleanser will remove make-up (Even water-proof ones) / impurities effortlessly without much tugging and scrubbing needed. Its gentle formula can be washed off instantly without any oily after feel and it can be used on wet skin as well.

Perfect Oil (150ml @ $16.90)

Similar to the Perfect Watery Oil, this perfect oil will removes stubborn make-up well without oiliness. Not only that, it will also remove pore-clogging impurities at the same time.. This cleansing oil will be more suitable for skin facing major clog pores issues.

At the end of the event, Charmian gave me three items to bring home to try! She can really read my mind as 2 of the items were what i wanted~! Thank you babe! 🙂

My favorite item among all – The Aqua Dew Energy EX

Ever since i did multiple color jobs to my hair over a short span of 5 months (which includes bleaching and few coloring session), i am always on a look out for effective moisturizing hair-care products.. However due to my sensitive scalp, i cannot use too moisturizing and rich products as i will ended up having dandruff.. Therefore, the only solution is to use non-oily leave on treatment for my damaged hair..

First of all, this Aqua Dew Energy EX has a gel texture which can be absorbed easily without any stickiness / oily-after feel… 


After applying on my dry hair, it adds on some shine to my dull hair (as you can see from the picture on the right) and i can comb through my dry ends easily… On top of that, it has a sweet floral and fruity smell so you can have nice smelling hair as well.. This product will be good for people who wants something that’s as moisturizing as hair oil (but dislike the oily texture of oil).


Hoshitsu Lotion (Fresh)

Somehow this lotion reminds me of Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Lotion and i’ll let you know how it fares after i have reviewed it.. 🙂

Ma Cherie’s Hair Fragrance

I’m in love with the sweet fruity scent which isn’t too overpowering and just two sprays will be enough to keep my hair smelling nice for half a day… I find that the scent will last longer if you spray it on wet hair before blowing dry your hair.. It is also able to mask odor very well so i’ll re-spray the hair fragrance straight after lunch to get rid of any lingering odor from the ‘not so well ventilated lunch place’. Only complaint about this item will be the packaging as i’ll prefer something smaller which will be handier to carry it around… 


For more information about the 2 new product ranges, you can refer to their websites and Facebook accounts.



Take care everyone!

(Sponsored Review) My INOA hair experience with Salon Vim.

Do you have a love-hate relationship with hair coloring?? 

For me, i do!

I love having a new hair color but i really hate the process.. What i really cannot stand will be the odor emitted by the hair dye which will lingers on my hair for days… If you share the same sentiments as me, continue reading!! 

L’Oreal Professionnel has a revolutionary hair color series which will change the way on how conventional haircolor works.  Introducing INOA ODS2, a new and unique technology that answers the unlimited color desires of many (Minus the discomfort).. 

With more than 50 million in-salon applications in 2 years, 90000 INOA Salons and more than 200000 colorists using INOA, no doubt INOA will become the color of the future.. So what’s the secret behind it?

Unlike conventional hair color brands which uses ammonia-enriched water based formulas, INOA has a new breakthrough color process using ODS2 technology (Oil delivery system). This revolutionary techology utilizes the wonders of oil to optimize color performance using minimal concentrations of MEA (an alternative alkaline agent to replace Ammonia). 

So i have decided to get my INOA hair color done at Salon Vim as this salon is highly recommended by my fiancé (Yes yes! His status has upgraded but more about that the next time).. 

 So here am i at Salon Vim @ 313!

(Photo from Salon Vim’s FB)

Located in 313 @ Somerset (Orchard Road #04-07/08/09 Singapore 238895), its simple yet modern furnishing and soft lighting put me at ease.. One thing i love about the salon will be the superb service and its operating hours! I find it really hard to find a salon that will open till 9.30pm which enables me to fix appointment even after work.. 🙂

Opening Hours : 
Monday to Friday 11am – 9.30pm
Saturday to Sunday 10.30am – 9.30pmTel: 68847757 / 68847767(Photo from Salon Vim’s FB)

Entered the salon with my ‘Parrot-lookalike’ hair (As someone has claimed) as i was helping Yvonne in her hair competition… As such, i have a few colors on my hair which most of it have faded off + ugly black roots on the top… 

In order to obtain the result that Yvonne wanted, my hair was bleached twice and colored / highlighted straight after the pre-lightening. Hence, my hair is really really dry and brittle.. Before the appointment, i was telling my fiancé that the hair stylist will find it challenging to cover up my hair color due to the different color tones (Esp the pink highlights)..

Katherine was assigned to do my hair and i was glad as she is an expert in the balayage hair color technique..Getting a trusted hair color expert is really important so he/she must have the skills to transform the hair color into one’s unique feature.

Before the hair color was done, Katherine showed me the palette of colors in the INOA series and told me that she will use the Balayage hair color technique on my hair… I told her that i wanted a more subtle look and that she can play around with red colors… 

If you are interested to know what is Balayage, here are my findings (Extracted from Salon Vim’s FB)
‘Balayage is a technique that is great for anyone who appreciates a little versatility in their color but who doesn’t have time for a lot of maintenance. It also works well for the client who likes a more sunkissed… or natural look. It is a great technique for shoulder length and longer hair. Balayage is the perfect color technique for all seasons, as it offers the same benefits as someone who would be spending a lot of time outdoors. However, it is not recommend it for someone with a lot of grey or shorter, finer textured hair.
The technique, that is becoming more and more popular, definitely offers many advantages. It is a foil free color application in which your stylist hand paints your highlights. Picking up layers and “sweeping” the color on different sections of the hair allows the stylist to move more quickly and efficiently while picking the proper placement for the color. It focuses more on the base of the hair shaft rather than concentrating on the root area. Thicker sections will lead to a more bold highlight while smaller will do the opposite’
(The end result will be something like this)

Katherine has chosen a dark purplish tone for the upper portion of my hair and a more obvious reddish tone for the bottom…

Once i have given her the green light to go ahead, her fast and furious hands started to work magic on my hair..

As mentioned, the technique doesn’t requires any foil to be placed on my hair to create the gradients on my hair… So it doesn’t take a long time before Katherine is done with my hair…

Look at my pretty hair and i really love it!!! Katherine is really professional as she is able to use the right combination of shades which adds depth and dimension at the right place… Most important of all, she chose exactly the right color to suit my complexion. 

To sum it up – My Experience at Salon Vim and INOA is good as no bleaching / pre-lightening is needed to cover and even out the colors.. With the Balayage technique and 2 different INOA colors, it is sufficient to create nice looking gradients on my hair…  Initally, i thought my hair will be patchy due to the different toned of highlights i have on my hair but i’m glad it didn’t.. Upon application, i did not sense any odor as INOA doesn’t contains ammonia so i had unsurpassed comfort during the process.. At the end of the session, i am quite surprised that my hair texture isn’t as dry as i thought and hair is smooth to the touch..  Hair looks conditioned, shiny and color is vibrant .. I’m really pleased with the end results as IONA brings about vibrant colors without bleaching and it doesn’t leave hair damaged and dry.

INOA also doesn’t irritate my scalp as i did not experience any burning sensation during hair coloring.. I have to highlight that my scalp is very sensitive after the last bleaching session.. My hair is really smooth and i really cannot keep my hands off it.. 

Katherine also told me to extend the perfection of my vibrant hair color by using color shampoo and conditioner.. L’Oreal Professionel also sent me their new dimension of hair-care products formulated in synergy with the INOA hair color. 

With Argan Oil to help restore lipid and  Anti Oxydant Green tea which protects the external layer of hair colored with INOA, the hair-care range will help supply 5 times more nutrition to the hair which will in turn extend the color intensity and shine. 

You can choose from RINSE-OUT PROTECTIVE CONDITIONER (150ML, $28) –  On surface film that wraps around the hair, fibre by fibre
Suitable for fine hair 
PROTECTIVE CREAM SHAMPOO (250ML, $22) – Generous and creamy compact lather 
For all hair types 
SULFATE FREE RINSE-OUT PROTECTIVE MASQUE (200ML, $38) – Classic airy lather 
Suitable for thick hair 

The Protective Cream Shampoo has a creamy texture and shampoo doesn’t contains sulfate (cleansing agents generally used in shampoos). Instead, it contains a gentler cleansing agent which is more tolerant and won’t disturb the orginial state of the hair and scalp. The shampoo works into a rich and gentle lather so it enables me to cleanse my hair easily… The shampoo has a nice scent which gives me a excellent sensory experience. The shampoo is really gentle and it cleanse well as i do not experience any itch in scalp (Normally my scalp will protest by itching / flaking if the shampoo is too harsh)..  After washing it off, hair is smooth and there isn’t much tangles. 

After which, i followed up with the protective conditioner which helps to keep my hair soft and supple.. The texture is creamy but non-oily so it can be cleanse off easily…. Love the fact that it leaves my hair smelling very yummy!!  The only thing that i dislike will be the packaging as the shampoo will just flow out easily which results in wastage… To resolve this, i have to place the shampoo in opposite direction…

Thank you L’Oreal Professionnel and Salon Vim for giving me awesome looking hair!

(Event) Chromatics by Redken – Prismatic Permanent Color with Zero Ammonia

In conjection with the 2012 Audi Fashion Festival and Blueprint Trade Show and the launch of Redken’s all new colour range – Chromatics, Redken has organized a private hair workshop for invited guests…

Thank you Dale for the kind invitation! 🙂

So i’ll start with a little introduction on Redken, i’m sure you have seen its products in selected professional salons..

Paula Kent Meehan (An American actress and Entrepreneur) and Jheri Rhedding (Her hairdresser) have established this brand in the 1960s. Ever since the launch, Redken’s focus has been set out on researching and developing superior products.

The brand is always focusing on scientific approach to beauty and is committed to salon education. Integrating this “Beauty Through Science” philosophy into its business plan, it has formed a vital part of the brand’s heritage and has give rise to many technologically advanced products in the industry.


In 1993, Redken moved to 5th Avenue NYC and became synonymous with urban-inspired fashion, innovation and street smart. Every aspects of Redken stays in line with its unique mix of core values:

Fashion – Derived from the creativity spirit, energy and style of the streets of NYC.

Science – Groundbreaking products through pioneering research and patented innovations.

Inspiration – Staying on top of artistic expression backed by education through exchange, so that salon professionals can learn better, earn better and live better.

Event was held at L’Oreal Academie’s Office @ Beach Road and it was my 3rd time here.

The highlight of the hair workshop will be the Chromatics range which provides prismatic permanent color and it contains no ammonia. This New Prismatic Permanent Colour Line from Redken offers breakthrough professional formula offers incredible hair fortification benefits and colour results.

** 2X Fortified Hair
(Fortifies the cuticles for 2X less breakage when using Chromatics Hair color system with 20 volume Oil in Cream Developer and Redken Hair cleansing cream shampoo vs uncolored hair treated with non-conditioning shampoo)

** Zero Ammonia and no Odor
(For unsurpassed client comfort)

** 100% Gray Coverage and 4D color results
(Ultimate gray coverage, multi-level dye deposit, Radiant Reflection and lasting vibrancy)

** Ultimate Salon Experience
(Conditioned and hair shine color that’s rich and even from root to tip)
(Fast, easy mixing in 1:1 ratio, creamy with drip-free consistency and inspiring shade palette with endless mixing possibilities)


CHROMATICS range features a full range of 4-Dimension stunning shades for unlimited colour possibilities and uses breakthrough ODS2 (Oil Delivery System) and Protein Extract Technology to fortify hair up to two times its original strength..

Hair Fortification – Redken’s Professional Technology

The CHROMATICS Range employs Redken’s exclusive ODS2 (Oil Delivery System) + Protein Extract Technology to fortify hair up to two times its original strength while delivering colour pigments at the same time.

So how does ODS2 works? This Oil Delivery System (ODS2) is a protein extract technology with Zero Annomia which revolutionizes the way ingredients are delivered to the hair strand.. The cuticle will be enveloped in a layer of protective oil-based formula which allow active ingredients to be propelled into the cortex.

The end results will bring about hair that’s 2X fortified with high dimension color and stunning shine.

The CHROMATICS line differentiates itself by bringing 4-Dimension (D1 – D4) Colour Results so that your stylist can translate the latest runway trends naturally and vibrantly into your hair:

. D1 – 100% Grey Coverage (First Redken Haircolour product to guarantee holistic coverage of grey hairs)

. D2 – Multi-Level Dye Deposit (a deeper, richer evolution of Redken’s signature multi-dimensional colours, balancing between translucent for a natural look and denser for great coverage)

. D3 – Radiant Reflection (natural and natural warm shades have cool and warm reflects effect for glowing lustre)

. D4 – Lasting Vibrancy (high colour retention and soft strengthening for high-shine colour treatment)

Unlike other haircolour lines, CHROMATICS contains zero ammonia as it uses low levels of an alkaline agent (MEA) replacement. Odour is thus eliminated for the ultimate comfortable hair-colouring experience and complete enjoyment. As mentioned, ODS2 increases the action potential of the hair-colouring system by layering hair fibres with the special oil coating. This also helps MEA to penetrate better so that long-lasting pigments and protein extracts are propelled inside the follicle cortex for deep absorption. This will help you achieve strong, soft and vibrant tresses with zero smell.

The composition of the hair color are also completed with a rich creamy consistency which offer a luxurious hair-colouring experience like no other.

Chromatics offers a full palette of amazing shades so that your hair stylist will not run out of choice when customizing a color that will be perfect for you…

With a full-hued palette, the CHROMATICS collection contains over 48 shades from natural, cool, warm and clear ranges, enabling your stylists to permutate and mix endless colour tones according to their own creative inspirations and the season’s hottest looks for the unique you!

Here are some looks to provide you with some inspiration if you are bored of your current hair color..

Rich Brunettes

Chromatics burnettes are deep, luxurious and radiant with Dimension

Bold Blondes

From eye-catching platinum to rich gold, Chromatics has a full palette of blondes with stunning shine as it leaves hair 2X fortified.. No more dry and damaged blonde hair!

High Impact Reds and Coppers

Chromatics reds and coppers are bold, brilliant and super long-lasting.

During the hair workshop, we are honored to have Jorge Joao – Redken Artist / Co-Owner of KOI Hair Studio, Canada to share his experiences and tips with us..

Jorge Joao’s biography:

1) From Ontario, Canada

2) Redken professional hairstylist who is famous in the industry and has performed at many key global hair and industry events in Canada and North America.

3) Also featured in a wide array of TV and lifestyle magazines, he has worked his way into becoming one of the most prominent and promising hair designers.

4) His biggest achievement will be the Toronto Fashion Week in March 2012 as Jorge led the Redken partnership and his team of 20 stylists. Known for his positive attitude and energy, his talented team took on styling 100 heads a day.

5) He is well-versed in ‘clashes of textures’, creating a fusion of both wet and dry textures as his signature. he has also vast experience with Fashion Weeks on an international runways scale such as New York City, Milan and Paris.

6) He was also recently awarded the accolade of the 23rd annual Contessas, a prestigious celebration that brings to light the achievements of Canada’s top hairstyling talent. His enthusiasm for sharing his knowledge and daring to push the limits of fashion have won the hearts of many and helped make his mark on the global stage.

During the Q&A and hands-on presentation, i can really see fire in his eyes.. A talented hairstylist who is humble and shows so much energy and passion in his work.. His vibrant attitude really lighten up the room and atmosphere…

Here’s some looks he has created during the workshop.. Enjoy the photos! 🙂

Fringe Braids ~ For the greek goodness look..

For bad hair days, you can bun up your hair with a slight twist..

At the end of the hair workshop, Redken has provided us with some highly raved products..

As i don’t style my hair, i have passed the Hairspray and Hair Clay to my beloved boyfriend…
As for the dry shampoo, i’ll review it once i have tried it… For the lazy days when i don’t feel like washing and blow-drying my hair.. hahaha!

Before i go, i’ll like to inform my readers that Redken CHROMATICS is available from May onwards at all Redken hair salons.

For more information on Redken, you can check it out HERE…

Have a great week everyone!

(Sponsored Review) Style Aromatherapy ~ Nature Embraces Science!

Few weeks back, Henry from Style Aromatherapy sent me for hair care products for review…
I have to admit that i have never heard of this brand before..
Went ahead to do my mini research and here’s my findings!
:)In the nutshell, Style Aromatherapy deals exclusively in skin, hair and scalp products formulated with essential oils with natural anti-aging properties. Its innovative products are created as an dynamic and quality presence in the high potential world of natural cosmetics. All product lines are the results of intensive R&D, marketing studies and substantial investments. As its products are rich in professional and functional benefits, Style is becoming one of the fastest growing categories in the Personal Care Sector.

As mentioned earlier, this professional product line contains nourishing and protecting natural essential oils that pampers the hair and scalp. With carefully-chosen ingredients with high efficacy, different product ranges will help different individuals answer specific needs of five separate hair types.

Style understands that scalp condition and the flexibility, strength, texture and appearance of our hair, tend to deteriorate and become unsatisfactory as we age. Hence to address our concerns, Style Aromatherapy’s products delivers professional results while maintaining gentleness. Not only it contain the latest aesthetic technology, effective ingredients / mineral and delightful aromatherapy effects, it also has patented anti-aging benefits

This one of a kind anti-aging formulations for all its Aromatherapy Hair Products to effective answer both scalp’s specific needs, as well as providing solutions for every type of hair problem. The proprietary Natural Anti-Aging technology “NAA” is fortified with Borage Seed Oil. The Borage plant’s essential oils prevent the accumulation of free radicals and thus slow down the aging process of the scalp.

Characteristics of Style Aromatherapy Products:

The wonder of dead sea mineral inside

 Being one of the lowest point on earth, the Dead Sea is full of life-supporting matter. This natural sea is rich in minerals and contains the world’s highest concentration of minerals. Several scientific studies have proven that many ailments can be relieved by Dead Sea Minerals as minerals found in the Dead Sea are essential to human life itself. For eg: Circulation, metabolism, and relaxation are all supported by Dead Sea minerals.

Dead Sea minerals are also tested with a variety of skin related health conditions which shown favorable results.
The Dead Sea minerals contains 21 minerals which all exhibit anti aging properties. These natural minerals – such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, strontium, boron and iron – are essential to maintaining healthy, supple skin, scalp and hair. To conclude, the Dead Sea minerals will make your hair looks younger, softer, healthier with anti aging effects.

The art of aromatherapy

Since many people are showing concern on using fraganced products but will still pefer that hair products must smell nice.
Therefore to create ‘safer scents’, Style Aromatherapy haircare has used the art of aromatherapy to glorify tresses, formulating the most effective mixes and quantities according to individual hair type. Aromatherapy’s history dates back 6,000 years. The ancient Egyptians, the Israelites, and the Chinese used aromatherapy, as well as the early Greeks and Romans. Nothing beats products making use of nature itself as part of its beauty treatments.

Goodness of Borage Seed Oil

Borage Seed oil is derived from a plant that possesses natural anti aging properties. Way back in ancient Rome, people were using it to enhance natural beauty. It was even used by world class ancient beauties like Cleopatra and Nefertiti. In modern days, research has shown that Borage seed has several compositions that are very identical to the human skin cell structure and also acids that are beneficial for the skin, scalp and hair.

Being a a regenerating oil, it is rich in natural sources of gamma linoleic acid (GLA 24%), an omega-6 fatty acid. This contributes to the healthy function of cellular membranes by maintaining the stability and fluidity of dermal cells and preserving the skin’s natural water-loss barrier.

In addition, it can provide the human body with an essential fatty acid that will diminishe naturally as they age; resulting in a loss of firmness, hydration and elasticity. Acting as a very powerful anti aging agent, it helps to speed up the skin repair process and restores the skin’s youthfulness, softness and elasticity.

The genius of ‘natural anti-aging’

Style Aromatherapy is committed to using natural therapies to address concerns on anti-aging. Its methodology begins with understanding the reasons behind on why the process is accelerating, and then to offer solutions to deter this deterioration.  The anti-aging formula delivers for the first time, a remarkably effective answer to the skin and scalp’s specific needs, as well as solutions for every type of hair problem. Based on proprietary Style Aromatherapy Natural Anti-Aging technology “NAA” and fortified with Borage Seed Oil and Dead Sea Minerals that has invaluable anti-aging properties, every product category contains pure essential and aromatherapy oils to provide a targeted natural response to the specific needs of the body, hair and scalp.

As mentioned, there’s many different ranges to cater for different needs..

 Unique aromatherapy oils are added to each of the six hair categories, providing a specific and natural treatment for each hair type.

If you are looking for a range for your Dry / Thick / Severely Damaged Hair, try the Intensive Repair Range.
 It contains NAA (Natural Anti-Aging) technology and is enriched with natural Borage Seed Oil, Dead Sea Minerals and Burdock Oil. Burdock is a medicinal herb and its oil extract can be used to promote healthy hair, relieve scalp irritation and improve scalp / hair condition. Also, it is rich in phytosterols and essential fatty acids to supply the required nutrients for healthy scalp and promote natural hair growth.

Products in this range includes:

Leave in Hair moisturizer

Suitable for daily use and say bye-bye to styling products (2 in 1 product)

Promotes softness and flexibility which allows easy styling and protection for your hair and scalp.

Hair Mask

Once weekly 5 mins treat for your hair to further enhance stronger, shiner and shiner hair.

Up to 3 times more softer hair and knot free in comparison to regular conditioner.

Hair serum

Non-rinse formula and suitable for daily use on both dry or damp hair.

Its concentrated formula will protect and nourish hair on a daily basis.

Acts as a nice smelling hair fragrance too. Gives hair up to 3 time more softness, shine and vivality.


Cleanses, protects and strengthens hair which is mild but effective for daily use.


Restores hair’s youthful appearance and leaves behind a nice scent!

For people with thinning hair / premature gray hair problems, you can turn to their Hair Loss Control range. Often, hair loss issues are normally caused by DHT which is genetic in nature. DHT is the conversion of testosterone to a derivative known as DHT. It works to breakdown a hair follice by attracting itself to genetically predetermined hair follicles. This will cause blood supply that feeds a hair to become damaged.

Graying hair is often caused by lack of pigmentation which are mainly due to genetic issues. But external factors can also contribute to these problems with scalp becomes unbalanced, over-oily or uncleaned… Subjecting hair and scalp to overly hot heat and excessive chemicals are causes too… Lastly, stress and lack of nutrition and vitamins are contributing factors as well. 

Hair Loss Control series helps to address these problems using an unique formulation featuring NAA (Natural Anti-Aging) technology, natural amla, gotu kola, Dead Sea minerals and borage seed oil. Gotu Kola (Centella Asiatica) is used as a medicinal herb in Ayurvedic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. It contains a longevity factor called ‘youth Vitamin X’ said to be “a tonic for the brain and endocrine glands.” It is believed that extracts of the plant help circulation and skin problems and protect from the harmful activity caused by DHT.Gotu kola extract also purifies the blood and improves the growth and the health of hair. In addition, the series contain Indian gooseberry – Amla (one of the most often used herbs in Indian ayurveda). It has a reputation of being the source of powerful rejuvenation. When used on the scalp, it helps to control hair loss, stimulates hair follicles thus promoting hair growth and also improves texture of the hair. Amla is also a powerful natural anti-oxidant (as it contains natural Vitamin C) that prevents greying and hair loss. 

Products in this range includes:Leave in Hair moisturizer

Ingenious time-saver product (suitable for daily use)
Balances, protects, nourishes and sets hair which actively combat thinning and graying hair problems.

Hair Mask

Nourishing hair loss control mask to be used once a week to enhance the beauty of your hair while fighting against hair loss / graying issues.

Up to 3 times more softer hair and knot free in comparison to regular conditioner.


Pamper, soften and to protect hair from damage, hair loss / graying woes.
Gives hair a remarkable shine and fresh feeling.


To be used after the shampoo, this luxuriant conditioner leaves hair full of life, smooth and silky!

If you have Colored / Highlighted HairEver Lasting Color Protector will help guard and protect your vibrant hair color.
The unique formulation featuring NAA (Natural Anti-Aging) technology, is fortified with Everlasting Oil, Dead Sea Minerals and enriched with Borage Seed Oil. Everlasting Oil will protect color and prevents it from fading; while protecting the hair and promoting a glossy, rich appearance. The plant’s essential oils prevents the accumulation of free-radicals and thus reduce the aging process of the scalp.Products in this range includes:

Leave in Hair moisturizer

Revolutionary cream that both nourishes and styles hair at the same time.

Light and fresh texture will balance and leave hair healthy. Not only it impart shine, it will retain hair color while protecting it from external harm.

Hair Mask

Balances and nourishes hair while leaving behind a healthy sheen. 

Up to 3 times more softer hair and knot free in comparison to regular conditioner.

Apply it after shampooing for an intensive and rejuvenation conditioning experience.


Leaves hair and scalp clean while providing your hair with the needed nutrients and softness.


Natural anti-aging helper for both hair and scalp. It acts as the perfect mate for the ever lasting color protector shampoo.

If you wish to dispels dandruff for good, try their Anti-dandruff series for Total Dandruff & Scalp Care

This is the only Anti Dandruff product line to offer a complete Hair care and Styling solutions, based on essential & aromatherapy oils with advanced Anti Dandruff and Natural Anti-Aging properties for hair and scalp.The unique formulation featuring unique Naa (Natural Anti-Aging) technology is fortified with natural Botanical Cremogen Complex, Dead Sea Minerals and Borage Seed Oil that designed specially to give a total dandruff and scalp treatment. 

A special bland of botanical extracts (Camomile, Stinging Nettle, Coltsfoot, Horsetail, Rosemary, Melissa Balm Mint, Horse Chestnut, Sage) helps to reduce the sebum secretion and re-balance the scalp. This range also contains natural Botanical Cremogen complex that will banish dandruff and leave hair shiny and healthy. Now you can eliminate the root cause of dandruff without using harsh chemical products.

Products in this range includes:Leave in Hair moisturizer

Moisturizing hair cream with a light texture that cares and balance your scalp.

Eliminate dandruff, reduces scalp problems, style and nourish hair all at once.

Hair Mask

Intensively nourishes and moisturizes hair. When used on a weekly basis, you will enjoy balanced scalp with no dandruff with the peace of mind of protection against UV and pollutants.

Up to 3 times more softer hair and knot free in comparison to regular conditioner.

Hair Serum

Last step of treatment on a daily basis which provides intensive care for dandruff and scalp problems. 

It balances the scalp while maintaining hair elasticity and vitality. 

It also acts as a heat protector while you subject hair to heat with anti-pollutant benefits.

Softening and adding gloss to hair while speeding up dying and styling time. 

Gives hair up to 3 time more softness, shine and vivality.


Cleanse hair which removes dirt and dandruff which leaves it healthy, lustrous and fresh.


Solves dandruff problem while imparting a nice sheen and healthy texture for an revitalizing effect.

Curl Control series for For Wavy / Curly / Difficult to StyleHair. 

The unique formulation enriched with Dead Sea Minerals and Yarrow Oil. Yarrow oil is valued for its medicinal properties, was used by the ancient Greeks to heal the battle wounds. The plant is rich in antioxidants and fatty acids that keep hair flexible, replenished, glossy, and conditioned, while ensuring a well-balanced, healthy scalp. In addition, it imparts intensive moisture, nourishment and suppleness to the hair fibers. As a result, hair will be easy to style and curls will be enhanced with luster and shine.

Products in this range includes:

Leave in Hair moisturizer

The only leave in hair product that both styles and nourishes your hair.  
Perfect to use daily to instantly style your curls while leaving it feeling soft and light. 

Hair Mask

Formulated to balance, nourish hair and promote a rich, shiny glow. 
When used weekly, it enhances curls and impart luster along with a wonderful fragrance.Up to 3 times more softer hair and knot free in comparison to regular conditioner.

Hair Serum

A highly concentrated serum formulated to keep hair supple and full of vitality.

Protects and moisturize delicate brittle hair from environmental threats and from split ends. 

Gives hair up to 3 time more softness, shine and vivality.


Cleanse and imparts intensive moisture, nourishment and suppleness to hair fibers.Makes hair easy to style while enhancing curls.

Protects and enhances hair by imparting luster and shine along with a wonderful fragrance.


Gives amazing nourishing and moisturizing results for your hair, while leaving it feeling light and refreshed using the innovative naa.
Sculpting Glaze – Curl Sculptor
Hold curls in place and also moisturize, nourish the hair shaft and make hair shine! 

Excellent for instant enhancing and styling hair and curls. It also conceals the damages of regular styling
gel or wax to the hair and scalp.

For Thin / Limp / Delicate Hair, there’s the Volume Recharge
Based on a unique formulation featuring NAA (Natural Anti-Aging) technology and fortified with Dead Sea Minerals and Evening Primrose Oil. Evening Primrose oil, which has aroma therapeutic properties and imparts volume and suppleness to the hair, while strengthening the hair fibers. Imparts intense luster and shine along with a wonderful fragrance.Products in this range includes:

Leave in Hair moisturizer

Versatile product that styles and supply hair with nutrients at a go.. In addition, it keeps hair soft and supple..

Hair Mask

Formulated to balance and nourish hair and promote a rich, shiny glow.

Up to 3 times more softer hair and knot free in comparison to regular conditioner.

Hair Serum

Softens thick and unmanageable hair.

Restores shine and softness to dull, lifeless hair

Strengthens brittle hair and promotes healing and nourishment to hair damaged by chemicals

-Protects against UV damage and other environmental factors. Gives hair up to 3 time more softness, shine and vivality.


Natural anti aging source for hair and scalp.

Aromatherapeutic properties and imparts volume and suppleness to the hair, while strengthening the hair fibers. Imparts luster and shine along with a wonderful fragrance.


Adds volume and suppleness to the hair, while strengthening the hair fibers.

Imparts luster and shine along with a wonderful fragrance.

The most exclusive range that they carry will be the Ancient Secrets – Moroccan Argan.

Moroccan Argan Oil is the fastest growing segment during the last 3 years within the professional hair care market. Argan oil produced from the nuts of the Argan tree growing in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains, has unique restorative and therapeutic properties”. Containing the strongest anti-oxidant properties found in nature, and lineolic acid (Omega 6), Omega 9, Vitamin E and Squalene, this oil can strengthen and care for hair, skin and nails. Also famous for its remarkable anti-aging properties, Moroccan Argan oil is also a natural sun filter with remarkable properties that protect hair and skin cells and keep them replenished and moisturized.

Ancient Secrets unique formulations design specially to treat damaged hair, enriched with proprietary Natural Anti
Aging technology “Naa”, is fortified with natural Traditional oils, Dead Sea Minerals and Borage Seed Oil that effectively
protect hair and scalp.
Products in this range includes:Leave in Hair moisturizer

Versatile product that styles and nourishes hair at the same time. It also provides hair with scalp control and this new generation product will help you save time as you can now do without styling products..

Hair Mask

Deeply hydrating once a week hair mask will soften and protect hair to leave it healthy looking.

Strength hair shaft, increases volume and shine and recondition the scalp (reduces dehydration / oilness / dandruff)

Hair Oil

Maintains hair elasticity and vitality while protecting it from heat and chemical treatments.

Reduces split ends and also reduces drying and speeds up styling time.


With the natural Moroccan Argan Oil, dead sea minerals and Borage seed oil, hair will be cleanse with shine and fresh after feel.


Used after the shampoo will infuse your crowing glory with lush and light while protecting it from external damages.

If you are interested in the above products, it is exclusively available in Guardian…

Personally, i have tried the Intensive Repair Hair moisturizer for the past 2 weeks and one thing which i really love will be its sweet smelling scent… This hair moisturizer has a creamy texture which gets absorbed into the hair fast after some rubbing… After which, there is no greasy and heavy after-feel.. This will be a good alternative if you don’t like to use hair oil to keep your hair soft… After application of this hair moisturizer, my hair feels soft to touch and it really smells great! As mentioned earlier, this is a 2 in 1 product which moisturizes and also enable you to skip styling products (as it will help keep your hair in place) As my hair is rebond, it is pointy straight so i cannot really comment on the styling part. I can only say that it helps to keep my baby hair in place.. Also, not much fly-away hair is observed so my hair looks tidier.. Will recommend this as it is really light-weight which will not weight down our hair in Singapore’s humid climate.. 🙂

Have a good week everyone!