Q1 to Q4 2012 in a flash!

Hello everyone! I’m back from Taiwan and i really thank God for blessing us with amazing weather during the past 10 days! Photo-shoot went on well and we can’t wait to see the photos soon! Went to many places, stuff ourselves silly with a lot of good food, countdown in Taipei and welcomed 2013 with the mind-blowing fireworks from Taipei 101!!

On the flight to Taiwan, i had a lot of time to do some self-reflection and i have to say that 2012 has been really kind to me! Shall share with you on the different meaningful events that happened during the year! 🙂

Q1 of 2012

1) Thanks to sister Helen, i have secured a new job in an US MNC with a comfortable pay (although it is not a lot but it is substantial enough for me).. Although job scope is entirely different as i don’t have any logistics background, I’m thankful for the conducive environment, nice boss and helpful colleagues..


Photo credits to Google image

2) On Jan 02 2012, i finally bid good-bye to my single eye-lid eyes! Took the plunge and went ahead with the procedure in Taiwan! My double eyelids are already 1-year-old and i love it!! If you are considering to do it, why not read more about the procedures to gain more understanding? 🙂


I love my eyes!

Q2 of 2012

1) Finally graduated from University and had my convocation in May 2012! Being a part-time student, it wasn’t an easy journey but i did it with flying colors and even earned myself an achievement award.. All glory to God!


2) Was given a chance to be a hair model! In order to achieve such hair color, i have to go thru 8 hours of bleaching x 2, coloring and highlighting! Not forgetting the amount of hair-spray and styling products that Yvonne piled on my hair.. But i had a lot of fun and also not forgetting a different look… 🙂


Picture credits to Yvonne and Jingna

Q3 of 2012

Went to Krabi with my dearest Derrick but never expect that he will propose to me! Nothing too fanciful, just the way i like it – Private, Intimate yet Sweet… Our wedding luncheon will be held on 25 May 2013 and will be kept small as well…


1+1 = 2…


108 stalk of roses – Will you Marry me?


My exclusive Brellia bling bling!

Q4 of 2012

Went for my first concert in November as part of my Birthday Present (Thank you my Fiance!).. One word to sum up Yoga Lin’s (林宥嘉) Fugue World Tour 2012, ‘AWESOME‘!!!  The 3 hours literally flashed by and i was so captivated by all his songs.. 林宥嘉, I’m looking forward to your next concert and album release!

401293_10151246102454070_2084797019_n (1)

During the X’mas season, we went to Taiwan again (My second home!) for our pre-wedding photoshoot!! Since it was winter, we practically ‘freeze ourselves silly’ while struggling to pose nicely.. hahahaha! But many many thanks to the professional photographer, photographer’s assistant, Make-up artist and the driver for making things possible! Can’t wait to see the final photos in weeks to come!


After completing the photo-shoot, we went for our pre-wedding honeymoon! LOL! Visited Taipei, Taichung, Cingjing and Hualien during the remaining 8 days.. Will share more about it in my 2013 blog entries when i have the mood to blog about it! hehe~


Just like what Genesis 9:13 has stated – I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth. In 2012, God has displayed his blessings upon my life in many different ways.. Therefore in 2013, reminder to self not to stop counting my blessings and always be a blessing to others as well.

Happy 2013 to everyone and may the new year be a fruitful one!

Happy 2013 everyone..

Hello everyone how are you? I’m in Taiwan now and currently Cingjing to be exact.. Capturing the nice moments and blogging from my phone.. 🙂

This place is cold but no regrets coming here as the air is fresh and I managed to catch the sunset.



Not forgetting the comfy minsu and the really cool room with roof top windows.
I can just lie on the bed while watching the clouds float by… ohh! The fog cleared in the middle of the night so the skies are filled with stars.. really beautiful!!!


Alright! Time to go!! Going for my 8 hours tour to Hehuanshan and Taroko gorge now…

Happy new year and may the coming 2013 be a blessed one for you!

Another Year Older, Another Year Wiser..

Happy Birthday to my Love!

Another Year Older, Another Year wiser!
May the Lord bless you abundantly in all areas of your life 🙂  

It’s the 2nd Birthday that i have spent with him, more to come i know.. But decided to make his day really special so i was squeezing my brain juice trying to make the day memorable..

Decided to rope in his friends as part of the celebration and so we kick-start his birthday celebration one day earlier.. Originally, we were supposed to meet his friends (monthly gathering) but i decided to spring a little surprise.. Told Xiao Yun and Gang that he was craving for the food in Putien so ‘hush hush’ arrangement was made.. His friend treated as if they had forgotten about his Birthday and we were so glad that he did not sense anything amiss…

Yours truly arranged for a cake to be served after dinner and he was caught by surprise.. We were caught by surprise too due to the ‘cheesy’ birthday song that Putien played while the staff brought the cake to our table.. hahahaha!

photo (10)

The next day, we went to Sentosa early in the morning for a staycation cum trip to USS..
Decided on the USS package in Mövenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa which consists of the following:
(Will blog about the hotel soon in another post)

Deluxe room accommodation (king or twin) for 2 people
Buffet breakfast for 2 people
2 one-day passes for Universal Studios Singapore which can be used on weekdays as well as weekends
2 one-day passes for the Maritime Experiential Museum™ (including admission to the Typhoon Theatre)
Complimentary Monorail Sentosa Island Pass for two for the duration of your stay
20% discount on food and beverages during your stay, inclusive of in-room dining

Since it was his birthday, the hotel staff actually allowed us to check in early (at 9.30am).. Bummed around in the room and hotel’s facilities before heading to USS..

The hotel is located opposite Imbiah station (monorail) and we have to take one stop to the Waterfront Station.. Upon reaching USS at 10.30pm, it was already so crowded!!!

First Stop: TRANSFORMERS The Ride @ Sci-Fi

Although we were there early, waiting time was about an hour.. In the midst of waiting, there was technical fault and we waited for another 15 mins.. But the wait was worth it as the ride was really awesome!!! During the ride, we ride on an Autobot called EVAC and we zoomed through tunnels, buildings and down the rooftop.. All 3D movies should be made this way! hehehe!!

After the ride, we decided to get the express pass ($50 per pax) as we did not want to waste much time q-ing… Previously, i missed out a lot of rides due to the long waiting time.. The express pass was really worth it as we get to experience all the rides (minus the wait).

After the transformer ride, it was already 12 plus so decided to head for lunch… He find this ‘ship’ really cool so it deserved a picture shout-out.. It rained shortly after this picture was taken (arghh, the cranky weather!)

Had lunch at Chili’s outside USS and food was really good… Ordered my favorite Buffalo wings while he ordered the Southern Smokehouse Bacon Big Mouth Burger… If you are into spicy and sour stuff, you’ll love the buffalo wings.. Most important of all, you must compliment it with the blue cheese dressing.. Simply yummy!

As for the Burger, portion is big so you can actually share it… The beef patty is really yummy and juicy (in fact, it is the best burger which i have eaten).. Gosh! I’m actually feeling very hungry while typing this..

After lunch, we decided to take things slow so no exciting rides until our food gets digested.. So off we go to the Merry-go-round, River tour (A Crate Adventure), Madagascar Boogie, Shrek 4D etc..

At 3.50pm, we proceeded to the water world where he wanted to sit at the splash zone! -_-

He truly enjoyed the show but there was a gitch so there was a rewind right in front of our eyes.

Last stop: The Lost World..

Did not get to try most of the rides here during my last visit and i was glad that we did not have to q forthese rides:

Canopy Flyer


Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure

Had a little accident during the rapids adventure as i was too gan chiong.. Both of us ended up with ‘Ba lu ku’ on our heads.. hahaha!


At 6.30 pm, the rides came to a closure in order to make way for the parade.. Personally, i preferred the ones in HK disney land as it is bigger in scale and there’s more interaction.

We left USS at about 7pm and proceeded to the Beach station.. Chanced upon this restaurant and it is highly raved for its delightful ambiance… It is located near the beachside in Rasa Sentosa (On a side note, we almost chose this as our wedding venue but due to the cranky weather in Singapore, we decided not to take the risk).. 

Requested for the alfresco seats on the deck whereby we can have a romantic dining experience (Imagine this: having a panoramic view of the South China Sea while we dine)… Initally i was worried that we were under-dressed but some patrons also wore causal attires (So i guess it is a norm?)

As i’m a small eater, we ordered 2 sides and 1 Main to share (he ordered red wine to go along with the mixed grill).. The caesar salad is fresh and i really love the crotons! I forgot the name of the other dish but it consists of prawn, scallop and crab meat.. Not only it looks pretty, it taste really good as well.. All items on the plate are fresh and juicy… As for the mixed grill, it is definately value for $$ as portion is pretty big.. The meat are grilled to perfection as well – tender and Juicy.. Most important of all, the lamb doesn’t have any weird taste.. Yummy!

The dinner costed about $130 and i had 15% off due to DBS card discount.. Will definately recommend this place to anyone as the ambiance + food is good and you don’t have to break the bank while doing so.. 🙂

My dearest Derrick, Hope you have enjoyed yourself on this special day..
Now, can you tell me what wishes did you make? 


** I’ll be contacting the winners for the CHO Beauty giveaway soon.. Keep a look out.. 🙂

(Week 25 Updates) My Unforgettable Stay in Amari Vogue Krabi

Hello everyone, It has been one month since i’m back from Krabi and life has been really busy!
Despite being so busy, there’s a need for me to pen down this entry on my unforgettable stay in Amari Vogue Krabi.

Came across this hotel as it is highly recommended in Tripadvisor and reviews have stated that this hotel has a laid-back and luxurious environment.. In addition, the resort is located near / next to a private beach (Tub Kaek Beach) with rooms that have breathtaking ocean views.. Although it is secluded, it is still accessible to the islands available around Krabi.

Took their Amazing Summer package at THB 19,400 which includes:
(works out to $792 for 3 nights stay)

– 3 nights stay in Deluxe room including daily breakfast for 2 persons
– Roundtrip Transfers Krabi Airport
– THB 2,000 Baht Spa or Dinning Credit
– Guaranteed Late Check-out until 14:00 hrs.
– Welcome Drink
– Fruits & Flowers
– Free WiFi Internet Access
– Free use hotel kayak upon availability

Upon reaching the arrival hall in Krabi’s Airport, the driver greeted us warmly while bringing us to the Van (Our Plane was delayed for an hour so the poor chap had to wait for us)

The journey from the Airport to the hotel took about 40 mins and there wasn’t any jam (Unlike the road conditions in Bangkok).. After reaching the hotel, we were greeted by few of the hotel staff and they helped us immediately with our bags..

Even thought we were 2 hours ahead of check in time, no questions were asked and check in was done fast.. While processing our check-in, Warm towels and cold drinks were served…To my surprise, the GM of the hotel (Michael) came down to welcome us personally as well!!  Such warm hospitality! You will never receive this kind of service in Singapore…

Michael told us that he had arranged a room on the top floor for us so that we could enjoy the sea view… As per my understanding, there are only 57 rooms in the hotel so you will not face any overcrowding issues… 

We were bought up to our room which were well-prepared and i cannot stop wow-ing while the team leader showed us around the room… Were a little disappointed with the fruit platter as the fruits were a little too ripe for our liking…

I’ll always check out the toilet in the hotel first, weird i know.. haha! The toilet in the room is big, clean and completed with ocean-feel furnishing.. Something which i like will be the separate shower area as i always hate wet toilet seat! 

The bathtub is also positioned strategically as you can watch your favorite TV program while you soak inside the tub.. If you want to shower or bath in private, you can also lock the window.. 🙂

Furnishings have an elegant Lanna-inspired setting and every items in the room are well maintained (despite the hotel is already 5 years old)… The room is approximately 50 square metres so there’s ample space all around.. The room is also flooded with sources of soft lights so you need not worry about the room being too dim..

The king size bed is neither hard nor soft (just the way i like it) and covered with comfy quilts and covers.. Pillows are soft and fluffy! There’s also a couch at the side of the room for us to indulge in TV program or some readings..

Here’s the coffee and drinks area.. There will be 4 bottle of complimentary water which will be topped up daily…

Just step outside and there’s a private balcony perfect for some relaxing and quiet moments.. Because it was the monsoon season, we did not get to spend much time at the balcony. Due to the strong wind, the couch would be wet after the rain stops… As for the privacy, it is not really that private after all as people could see what you are doing.. I’m not complaining as i’m able to have a nice sea view from the balcony area.. 🙂 

The resort has a nice laid-back and garden setting with 2 restaurants, 1 lounge and a Spa center inside.. Other facilities include swimming pool, Jacuzzi and a fitness room etc..

The Lotus Restaurant (picture below) serves Thai food and Daily Breakfast while you can enjoy Seafood / Italian food at the Bellini…

The Sunset Lounge serves many nice cocktails and alcoholic drinks while enjoying the beautiful sun set every evening…. 

To get to the private beach, It’s just a 5 mins walk from the Lotus Restaurant..

Something important to highlight (if you are travelling with small kids / elderly),there’s quite a fair bit of stairs in the resort so it might pose some inconvenience while moving around.. 

Since there’s only 57 rooms in the resort, you will not expect an overcrowded pool as well! There’s no need to fight for sun-beds nor   fighting for a space to swim… From the end of the poolside, you can see the sea and Hong’s Island.. Really breathtaking views. 

The private beach area!!! It was really quiet and beautiful!! Did not have the chance to visit Hong’s Island but i will be back the next time to visit 🙂

The calm sea during low-tide and after sunset.. 🙂

If you wish to have a romantic dinner by the beach side, Arrangements for dinner can be made at 2500 Baht per person.. Although it is pricey, we don’t get much chances to do such a dinner in Singapore.. Beside, the quality of the set dinner is really good and portion is big as well.. However, please take note that there will be small crabs moving around but rest-assured that they won’t climb up your chairs and tables.. haha!

After a nice dinner, you can end the night with some cocktails while soaking up the peaceful night scenery..
The cocktails are cheaper as compared to Singapore and they are really concentrated!!

As many of you should know by now, my bf proposed to me during the trip and he told me that the hotel staff really helped him in many areas.. Despite me being very alert, i did not sense and suspect anything at all… Kudos to Michael and his team members for going the extra mile in making sure that the ‘back-end work’ ended up well… 🙂

The beautiful and Huge Bouquet of fresh red Rose.. 108 Stalks prepared by the team and i was so touched.. More on the proposal in the future post so let’s move on..

Therefore to sum up, here are the pros and cons:

1) This resort is quiet, well maintained and the room is large, well furnished and clean… The housekeeping team will actually make your bed twice and deliver complimentary tea-time snacks in the late afternoons..2) Level of service is really good and i will rate it 10/10.. Everyone in the hotel are always smiling and sincere in helping you with all your needs.. Most of the staff can actually remember our room number and our preferences for beverages during breakfast.. When we are indecisive about the island hopping packages, they made really good recommendation on which to take while keeping into consideration on our needs.. The day before we depart, reminders and arrangements for airport transfer have been made without us asking them to do… 

3) The food was great and the breakfast is nice with a wide spread of food… They even have an area for making fresh fruit juice and for ordering freshly made waffles too..

4) The only small downside is that the Hotel is quite far from the Ao Nang.. In Krabi, Taxis are expensive and pre-arrangements needs to be done.. To make up for this shortcoming, Amari caters shuttle bus service twice a day but seats are limited (only 10 seats) so booking in advance is needed. The shuttle bus will leave the hotel at 1:00 and 4:00 pm and return at 4:30 and 8:00 pm and journey will take about 20 mins..

I’ll definitely return to  Amari Vogue in the near future.. Thank you for leaving behind such great and sweet memories for the both of us.. 😀

(Week 22) Hello Krabi & My little hair adventure..

Hello everyone, i’m going on a short vacation to Krabi so blogging will resume next weekend.. 🙂
My first beach holiday (Bintan is not counted) so i’m really excited!!!

Will be taking Tigerairways and ticket costs about $275 per pax and the only direct flight available. Since it will only be 1 hr 30 mins flight, i can do without comfy seat, inflight entertainment and food.. hehe!

As for the hotel, we have chosen Amari Vogue Krabi as we prefer a laid-back and luxurious environment.. In addition, the resort is located near / next to a private beach (Tub Kaek Beach) with rooms that have breathtaking ocean views.. Although it is secluded, it is still accessible to the islands available around Krabi..

(Photo credits to http://www.amari.com/vogue/photogallery.aspx?photoid=2)

Took their Amazing Summer package at THB 19,400 which includes:
(works out to $792 for 3 nights stay)

– 3 nights stay in Deluxe room including daily breakfast for 2 persons
– Roundtrip Transfers Krabi Airport
– THB 2,000 Baht Spa or Dinning Credit
– Guaranteed Late Check-out until 14:00 hrs.
– Welcome Drink
– Fruits & Flowers
– Free WiFi Internet Access
– Free use hotel kayak upon availability

If you prefer night life or will wish to stay in somewhere more accessible yet affordable (with restaurant and shops nearby), then hotels in Ao Nang will be a better choice..

See the picturesque sun-set from the private beach!!!
Will post more pictures when i’m back!

(Picture credits to https://www.facebook.com/#!/AmariVogue)

If you are following my updates in FB, you would have seen my new hair-do..

Was Yvonne’s hair model for her hair competition and i really love her hair creation! She’s from Sabun Cabane @ Tanglin Mall btw! 🙂

I had to bleach / pre-lighten my hair TWICE (my poor scalp) as my hair color was dark brown previously.. Somehow, first bleaching came out uneven so second bleaching was done to even the color..

Omg, yellow hair made my skin appeared to be extra yellowish.. haha!

After a few hours, the base color and different highlights were done and it was already 1am..
Gosh!! Luckily D came with bubble tea and subway sandwich, if not i’ll faint from hunger!

Before the photoshoot, i had to go to the salon to ‘set’ my hair.. 

1) Sculping lotion was applied and rollers were placed onto my hair…

2) Next, netting was wrapped over the rollers to secure it.

3) Next, steaming starts.. Yvonne told me that this method of setting hair is really old school but it is the most effective one..

4) After an hour plus, my hair became ‘curly fries’

5) Next, waves were created using a lot of hair clips, lots of pushing and hair spray (**CHOKES)

6) I have to walk out of the salon and travel to the studio in this state.. hahahaha!

7) After few hours of make-up + waiting + shooting in the cold studio, the end result as follows..

See! Many of you said that i looked naked but i was wearing something!

Cam-whored the moment when i reached home.. I really love the different colors in my hair but not the thick make-up.. :/

Out of the 4 colors, i love PINK the most!! Although bleaching was done twice, my hair isn’t as dry as i thought it will be.

Here are the photos submitted!! I am really praying hard that Yvonne will get into the finals!!

(Both photos credit to Jingna and Yvonne)

That’s all for today!
Shall head home to pack my luggage now!

Till then!