(Sponsored Review) Dasoda MG Mega Liquid Liner & Dasoda MG Mega Liquid

It has been sometime since my last eyeliner review as I did not come across a brand which left a big impact behind… However two weeks ago, Sasa has sent me some make-up items from Dasoda for review and I’m really very impressed with the eyeliner!!!

** Will also review the concealer in this post and will blog more about the mascara soon. ūüôā

Dasoda is a brand from Japan and it symbolizes sweetness and loveliness.. Dasoda has brought many women special happiness and beauty to shine and live their own life story as beautiful heroines. Products under the brand are gentle to skin and are highly safe to be used on skin / eyes.


Picture from Dasoda’s FB

The eyeliner that i am raving about in this post is known as the Dasoda MG Mega Liquid Liner and this eye-liner charger does not contain coal-tar colorants (like Yellow no 4, Blue no 1, red no 227) so colorant¬†don’t¬†remain on the skin. When colorant doesn’t remain on skin, it won’t harm the skin by causing pigmentation as the eyeliner can be easily¬†washed off warm water and facial cleanser.

The eyeliner has a water-proof formula which resists tears, sweat and water. Even when it is wet, it won’t smudge.¬†When it is dry, the water-resistant polymer in the eyeliner will coats the surface and making it smudge-free for hours…

The eyeliner also has a fast-dry formula so you won’t stain your eyelids when you blink right after application. Hence, you can achieve a clear thick defined line with many layers as it doesn’t smudge nor stain.

Lastly, this eyeliner is combined with moisturizing essence that cares for the eye area as u draw a clear defined line (Moisturizing ingredients: hyaluronic acid, collagen, keratin, panthenol).

Just because it works and brought about amazing results, the¬†Dasoda MG Mega Liquid Liner has once topped the chart in Cosme (Japan’s largest cosmetics and beauty¬†comprehensive site).

Something which i really love about the eyeliner will be its brush which enables me to achieve smooth drawing… I’m not a big fan of eyeliner with very fine brush as i will tend to draw a thicker lines on my lids hence it is easier if the brush is on the thicker side..

Dasoda MG Mega Liquid Liner has an exquisite eyeliner brush specially designed with bristles of a specific length and elasticity as well as a unique angle for each bristle. With these, the dense black ink of the eyeliner will adheres to the brush better so that you can draw a striking and lustrious deep black line in just one stroke

As a comparison, i will make use of another eyeliner brand as a¬†benchmark¬†in various ‘tests’… Both eyeliners produce a thick and obvious black line.. For Heroine Make eyeliner, i have to draw the line twice in order to achieve the same density as Dasoda’s (with just one swipe)… Also¬†if you look closer, Dasoda’s line appears to be more lustrous… This is due to the fact that Dasoda MG Mega Liquid Liner¬†contains the blackest¬†possible¬†carbon black ink which can produce a different result from a thin black die ink.

I have also subjected both eyeliners to running tap water and both eyeliner stays on strong… Next, i tried to rub away both lines and sad to say that Heroine Make’s did not ‘survive’ from the friction…. +1 to Dasoda’s highly water-proof and smudge-free formula.

I have mentioned earlier that Dasoda’s eyeliner contains non-penetrating carbon black ink so it will just adheres to the skin surface (as such, no pigmentation occur).. Hence, it can be easily wipe off with one sheet of make-up remover wipes… If you wish to remove the eyeliner make-up fast, simply just use warm water and your facial cleanser to wash it away.¬†

As you know i have oily skin and oily eyelids so most eyeliner won’t last on my lids for more than 6 hours… From the picture below, i have used Heroine Make’s eyeliner on one eye and Dasoda’s on another.. Took this picture after 1o hours of application so¬†pardon¬†my really oily looking skin… Most of the line created by Heroine Make’s eyeliner has ‘gone with the oil’ and¬†wiping¬†with tissue while most pigments created by Dasoda’s eyeliner still remains intact..

The Dasoda MG Mega Liquid Liner¬†retails at $19.90 and it is available exclusively at Sasa.. Will highly recommend it if you are looking for one eyeliner that is long-lasting yet can be easily removed during the cleansing process.. Moreover, it brings about an intensive black line which i adore! ūüôā

Ohh! To ensure a smooth flow of ink¬†during application, you might have to make sure that you store the pen tip facing downwards for about 5 mins before you use it.. Other than this, there’s isn’t any more rant about this eyeliner and hope you will love it as much as i do.. ūüėÄ

Dasoda MG Mega Liquid concealer

I’m not a big fan of concealer as it will tend to clog my sensitive and easily clogged skin.. Will usually steer clear of them unless i have big zits which need major coverage.. Due to the feasting of junk food during the CNY period, i have developed this really big acne on my chin-line which is badly¬†inflamed¬†and red!

Therefore, i have put the Dasoda MG Mega Liquid concealer to good use.. Available in two shades, the mega liquid is available in Natural & Ocre and it is a 3-in-1 product!

The concealer is packaged in a clicker calligraphy brush¬†pen style which makes application more hygiene and ‘hands-free’.. You can just dap the concealer onto areas which requests concealing while you using your concealer brush to blend it in. During the¬†initial¬†use, i have difficulties trying the get the concealer out.. I have no ides how many times i ‘clicked’ it and i have to switch hand as my injured wrist hurts from all the clicking.. However for the¬†subsequent¬†uses, no such problem faced as 1-2 clicks will able to get the concealer out..

Beside acting as a concealer, Dasoda MG Mega Liquid can also be used as a highlighter by adding brightness, dimension and harmonizes all the features of the face. It also provides lifting capabilities as it contains various ingredients that prevents firms that skin.. Daily use will prevent around the eyes age spots, wrinkles and dryness.


Texture of the concealer is very light-weighted and non-greasy… Upon blending, the concealer will into a powdery texture and it doesn’t leave behind an oily aftermath.


As for the concealing power, ¬†it is able to hide redness very well with just a thin layer… As you know the skin on our acne / pimples will always be more oily than other part of the face, hence re-application of concealer will be required during the later part of the day.. As for the¬†Dasoda MG Mega Liquid, it is able to last for about 6-8 hours before touch up is required.. IMO, the lasting power is not bad (although not as long-lasting when compared to Mac’s)


The Dasoda MG Mega Liquid retails at $25.90 at all Sasa outlets… Hope you have enjoy reading my review and have an enjoyable sunday! ūüôā

(Sponsored Review) Majolica Majorca’s Chapter 36 – Secret Blink

Hello Lovelies, I’m back with the Majolica Majorca‚Äôs¬†post which i have promised you earlier on. ūüôā

For Spring 2013,¬†Majolica¬†Majorca¬†launches¬†another new¬†chapter¬†(Chapter 36) with the theme Secret Blink. In this collection, attention will be given to the corner of the eyes and lips. Alluring eyes have always been highly adored by many and Chapter 36 will emphasis on increasing the eye’s width… Expanding on the theme of a secret garden, color focuses of Secret Blink will be on soft and pale tones to bring a more captivating look.


Majolica Majorca’s Chapter 36 РSecret Blink brings you 5 new exciting products which includes:

1) Lash Expander Edge Meister

2) Lash Jelly Drop

3) Majoromantica M (Limited Edition)

4) Skin Remaker Case 2013 (Limited Edition)

5) The Little Humming Book 1 (Limited Edition)

In this collection, Majolica Majorca presents to you the first ever Fragrance РMajoromantica M..  This first fragrance launched by Majolica Majorca has a mysterious garden scent that will stir your curiosity.

Top Note: Floral Citrus (Black rose, Rose, Freesia, Peony, Jasmine, Violet, Lily of the valley, Pear & Orange peel)

Middle Note: Fruity (June berry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Blueberry & Sweet chocolate)

Last Note: Sweet & Bitter (Brown sugar, Cedar Wood, Sandalwood, Amber, Musk & Cacao powder)

The top note and middle note consists of a luscious arrangement of citrus fruits, basic red fruits and concentrated flowers which will leave a light and gentle fragrance on skin. While the last note with the combination of sweet chocolate and Cacao brings about a subtle and mysterious scent!

The Majolica Majorca’s Mystic Garden has a sweet fruity scent that isn’t too overwhelming.. Love to use this scent together with my Lancome’s La Vie Est Belle as the fruity sweet scent compliment each other!¬†¬†The dainty bottle won’t occupy too much space in my bag so it is so convenient to bring it around! Another interesting fact about this¬†fragrance¬†will be that it will react differently on each individual.. When i applied it on, it smells sweet and fruity but on Yiying, it smells musky.. Hehehe! Interesting isn’t it? Do note that this item is limited edition hence be sure to grab one before it is too late..


RSP: $25.90

Next, there’s the limited edition Skin Remaker Case 2013 which is specially designed as part of the ‘Secret Blink’ theme… This foundation case houses the Skin Remaker Pore Cover (which is a powder foundation that will conceal pores with a long-lasting and silky smooth finish).. Available in 4 shades, the fine-textured foundation with a radiant + flawless finish contains SPF, is non-comedogenic and dermatologist-tested.

RSP for case: $13.50, Skin Remarker Pore Cover (Refill) – $25.90

For the eyes, Chapter 36 also brings to you a new generation of mascara (Lash Expander Edge Meister) focusing on promoting ¬†evolutionary lengthening and strengthening eyelashes… After make-up removal and as part of your skin-care routine, the Lash Jelly Drop will act as a rich treatment gel for your eyelashes.

Initially i thought that the Lash Jelly Drop is another make-up product (mascara base to be exact) due to the packaging.. In fact, it is a rich lash treatment gel to bring you darker, shiny¬†and stronger lashes. The lash jelly drop contains Arginin which will help repair lashes, while wild rose extract and glycerin will moisturize lashes… With regular use, the lash jelly drop will treat each damaged lashes by giving it shine, elasticity and moisture…

RSP – $25.90

Lash Jelly Drop has a gel texture which turns into a liquid consistency when you brush it onto your lashes. This makes it very easy to spread it and the mascara wand like applicator allows fuss-free application… I have¬†incorporated this product as part of my skin-care routine and will use it at night after i have removed all my make-up.. This is my second time using eye-lashes treatment (Previous one has an oily and heavy texture) and i have to say that Lash Jelly is non-greasy and not sticky.. After using it for a week (once daily), no¬†significant¬†differences in the¬†density¬†of my lashes observed but i have to say that my lashes seems stronger as i don’t see much lashes falling onto my cotton-pad during the removal of my eye-makeup..

Edited on 17/2 – After using the lash jelly for another week, the lower lashes on my left eye appears to be more dense and even! I’m so happy with the result as i was bothered by the unevenness of my lower lashes. ¬†


As you know, mascara from¬†Majolica Majorca are well-known for its fibers which gives great lengthening capabilities… The new Lash Expander¬†Edge¬†Meister¬†is formulated with 1.3 times more jet black fiber (when compared to Lash Beautifying Frame Plus) and liquid¬†lengthening¬†base for long and beautiful strong lashes.. The 4mm long black fibers will cleverly lengthens and strengthen your lashes while the liquid lengthening base will work to coat each lashes.

Eyelashes will also appear black velvety glossy as it contains gloss oil and speedy dry oil to enhance the curling power of the lashes. The mascara is also formulated with treatment ingredients for the lashes (Vit E Derivatives & Macadamia nuts oil) and it is sweat, oil, tear and water proof..

RSP – $25.90

The mascara also comes with a Duo comb that will help to widens and separates each and every lashes. To achieve wide, extended and beautiful lashes, it is recommended to use the main comb to slowly comb up lashes from root to tip with mascara as it will lengthen and separate lashes. Next, use the smaller comb to slowly comb through short lashes to elongate it.

Sounds really good right? I will try out this¬†mascara¬†once i have finished using the ZA killer volume mascara so i’ll let you know how it fares.. ūüôā


My favorite item in the collection 36 will be the Little Humming Book 1 which is introduced to commemorate Majolica Majorca’s 1oth Anniversary. This handy and fun make-up¬†palette¬†book contains an eye cream base, 2¬†eye-shadow¬†and a lip gloss.

RSP: $25.90

The inside of the make-up palette is designed like a mini book with pages printed with a secret garden theme…

From left to Right:

Eye Cream Base (No 1, Moonless night) – This cream base is be used as an eye shadow primer.. Recommended to use it on over eyelids as a base to add depth to the eye shadow..

Eye Shadow Base (No 2 & No 3, Flower dust / Green Shower)- Both eye-shadow in the humming book has a translucent color that has a glossy and sparkly sheen when used alone and magical when applied over the eye cream base.

Lip Gloss (No 4, Tulip Bed)- The lip-gloss inside my humming book is filled with moisturizing ingredients РRoyal Jelly EX (Acacia Honey, Royal Jelly Extract, Bees wax) to pamper your lips whole providing a healthy sheen.

To use the eye palette, you can apply the eye cream base first on your eyelids.. After which, apply the eye-shadow color that you desire and blend it on your lower lids as well..

Now its color swatches time! 

If you adore smokey eye make-up, my little humming book will be the perfect¬†palette¬†to have in your make-up pouch.. Because packing is so sleek and compact, it makes it so handy to carry it around…. The first color that captured my attention will be the dark-colored base which made the palette unique as most base will have a lighter tone.. But personally prefer applying the base first as it gives a more intense and 3D look… Upon layering on with the¬†eye-shadow, it will result in a shimmer¬†and sheen smokey eye color.

If you want a natural eye make-up look, you can skip the base make-up and just apply the¬†eye-shadow¬†on your upper and lower lids… ¬†For a sweet look, Flower Dust has a subtle touch of pink tone while Green Shower has a light mint color.. While applying and blending the eye make-up, remember not to apply too much force while swiping as the colors are really pigmented.¬†Eye-shadow¬†goes on very smoothly and it is so easy to blend… Moreover the colors stay on my oily eye-lids so no touch-up is required. Since item is limited edition as well, I’ll really highly recommend that you get this pretty gem early to avoid any disappointment.. ūüôā

Individual colors (without any mixing)

Without Flash

Colours (with layering)

With Flash

Colours with Layering

As for the lip-gloss, it left behind a pearly light pink sheen on my lips.. If you prefer a really glossy look, then you might have to apply another layer of clear gloss on as ‘Tulip Bed’ isn’t very glossy… As for the texture, it is on the creamier side so some might find it a little too heavy on lips.. Other than that, the gloss is long-lasting as i can eat and drink while the¬†lip-gloss¬†still stays on my lips…

Chapter 36 –¬†¬†Secret Blink is available exclusively at Watsons from 24 Jan 2013 (Lash Expander Edge Meister & Lash Jelly Drop) and 28 Feb 2013 (Majoromantica M, Skin Remaker Case 2013 & The Little Humming Book 1) respectively..


Have a nice day everyone and enjoy your CNY break! ūüôā

(Sponsored Review) One Girl, Three Looks with ZA’s Eyes Groovy, Lip Drops and Killer Volume Mascara

Hello everyone, how’s your preparation for Chinese New Year?

For the past few weeks, my parents have been busy with Spring Cleaning and preparation for the new year.. I am also slowly doing spring cleaning for my room so that i¬†have more excuses to buy more new items.. hahahaha! To begin the new year, I strongly believe in wearing new¬†clothing¬†as i¬†feel that i must replace my old clothing with new outfits so as to ‘remove any bad luck¬†accumulated over the past year’.

Likewise for makeup, i¬†will also tend to use new ones as I¬†wish to have a¬†beautiful¬†start to a new year… If you are as ‘pang-tang’¬†or vain as me and are sourcing for new make-up, I’m glad to share that ZA is adding more make-up items to their extensive product lines..

Thanks to Charmian, i attended the¬†Za Cosmetics | Majolica Majorca‚ÄŹ exclusive launch session 2 weeks back.. Here’s Charmian explaining to us that the Spring 2013 Trend consists of Grey Tone, Splashes of Pink. Sheer lips and Voluminous Lashes… As part of the 2013 Spring Trend, ZA is hereby bringing you new colors in the Eyes Groovy (also improved formula!) and Lip Drops Series.. Not forgetting new Mascara so that you can glam up your eyes.

Introducing the new babies in the make-up series (From Left to Right)

Eyes Groovy: Pinkish Brown, Clean Gray and Wine Red

Lips Drop: The Pink, Sweet Sweet and Crystal Queen

Mascara: Killer Volume Mascara

In the previous collection, there are six palettes in the eye groovy collection –¬†Lady Brown,¬†White Illuminator,¬†Icy Smoky,¬†Aqua Squash,¬†Mauve Berry and Glamorous Gold.. Was using the Mauve Berry palette on days when i¬†need a more natural make-up.. Mauve Berry’s¬†colors¬†are subtle, shimmery and it’s long-lasting… However, the colors are not pigmented enough if you prefer a more¬†obvious¬†eye make up (Color is¬†build-able¬†but you have to ¬†swipe a few more times in order to get more pigments on)..



Beside adding 3 more new colors to the collection, these three colors have improved formulation as well so the new palettes are more pigmented (YAY!)… I have tested it and i don’t have to swipe a few times in order to pick up more pigments..

Like the rest of the palette, these three eyeshadow Quad will help you create attractive eyes with its trendy colors and textures. The Eyes Groovy contains Brilliant Powder Complex so that you can achieve hi-fidelity colors and long-lasting texture.. The Micro powder and skin-fit formula allows you to blend the colors easily and smoothly while preventing oxidation / smudges.. It also cares for the delicate skin on your eyelids as it contains Vitamin E Derivative and it is dermatologist-tested.

First new color that i will touch on will be (07) Pinkish Brown and this palette will leave behind a demure and sweet impression with its soft pinkish brown tone.

Color¬†Swatch –¬†Pinkish¬†Brown (07)

Grey Tones are part of the Spring 2013 trend hence this (08) Clean Gray Palette will give you cool mysterious looking smoky eyes with its cool gray tone accented with a touch of white pearly effect.

Color¬†Swatch –¬†(08) Clean Gray¬†

For a more elegant look that involves splashes of pink, the (09) Wine Red Palette with colors that represents deep flavor of vintage wine will complete the look.

Color Swatch Р(09) Wine Red Palette 

In one of my entries, i have introduced Lip Drops during its first launch.. To refresh your memory, Lip Drops are available in 10 different girly shades and each tube is donned in limited edition floral packaging to evoke the images of love.. ūüôā

This tube lip gloss will instantly plump up your lips with a glossy and dewy finish.. Lip-Drops come with a drop seal prescription that will allow the lip gloss to spread easily with a fresh and non-sticky texture. It contains Collagen Complex to replenish lips with long-lasting moisture (up to 8 hours) and high shine surface.. It also cares for your lips as it contains Vitamin E derivative (Dermatologist tested) with a floral fruity scent.

New Colours added to the existing collection of 20 colors include (From Left to Right):

(11) Sweet Sweet – Clear Beige for sweet and adorable looking lips

(13) Crystal Queen Р Clear Color with a glitter of Gold Pearl

(12) The Pink – Faint Pink that will subtly brighten your lips.

Color Swatch Р(Left) Sweet Sweet, (Centre) Crystal Queen, (Right) The Pink

With the combination power of the Eye Groovy and Lip Drops, you can create three different looks:

Sweet Look РWith Pinkish Brown Eye Groovy+ Sweet Sweet Lip-Drop

Cool Look РWith Clean Grey Eye Groovy+ Crystal Queen Lip-Drop

Elegant РWith Wine red Eye Groovy+ The Pink Lip-Drop

I’m wearing ‘The Pink’ lip drop and personally i¬†feel that the sheer pinkish pearly tone is nice enough to wear it on its own… You can also choose to layer it on with your lip-stick for that extra glittery glow.. Texture wise, the lip gloss isn’t too sticky and it won’t leave my lips feeling dry.. Another plus point will be that the lip-gloss has a sweet and nice floral fruity¬†scent.

In the¬†February¬†launch, ZA is also bringing consumers with a power-packed mascara know as the¬†ZA Killer Volume Mascara! This¬†Mascara¬†contains ZA’s signature Vitamin E to pamper, repair and moisturize¬†your lashes. Best of all, it will leave your eyes charming for a long time with its waterproof and sweat-resistant¬†formula.

The mascara has a large spiral brush head and this will allow it to coat more eyelashes with mascara in just one swipe.. The hollow flexible bristles found on the brush head will help with a more consistent application to give you abundant and thick eyelashes.

When i¬†first saw the mascara, i¬†immediately commented on the size of the big¬†brush head.. Hahaha! But the ladies from the ZA Team reassured me that the tiny bristles on the brush head will make application easy as it¬†will reach out¬†to coat more lashes (as compared to its previous mascara).. Tested the mascara¬†before heading to M&M’s wedding and i’m really surprised that it is really ‘power-packed’.. I shall tell you why! ūüôā

Texture and color– The mascara¬†is intensively black and it allows me to have dramatic looking lashes after apply 3 coats.. If you prefer a tone-down natural look, this mascara¬†will do the job well with just one coat.. This mascara¬†is slightly on the moist side so it might take slightly longer time to dry. Personally i‚Äôll prefer my mascara to be slightly wetter as it will be easier to apply… Just try not to blink till it dries¬†up so that you won’t get smudges.. Despite not using any mascara base, the mascara is long-lasting enough to stay on my lashes for at least 6 hours before smudging.. This is really a good record as you know how oily my eyelids can be!

Issues pertaining to clumps– Below picture show two coats of mascara on my upper lashes) and one coat my lower lashes. If you apply 1-2 coats, there won’t be much clumps seen.. However if you apply 3 coats and above, there might be slight clumping so use a small eyelash comb to dislodge the clumps..

Ease of use:¬†¬†Despite the large brush head, the small¬†bristles allows me to coat my lashes easily… Because the tiny bristles are quite concentrated, one swipe is enough to ‘deposit’ enough mascara on most lashes.. The tiny bristles also reaches out to my lower lashes and hard-to-reach corner lashes so every lashes are nicely coated.

Volumizing effect-  As you can see from my pictures, my upper / lower lashes look really dense.  Also, the mascara gave me perfectly defined and separated lashes..


Event was held at epilogue café @ ION Orchard. Located at #04-16, this hidden gem is situated inside prologue РA heaven for all book lovers..  Beside browsing and buying books, you can also choose to rest your feet or satisfy your hunger pangs over at epilogue cafe. 

I had the piping¬†hot chicken pie with side salad and orange juice.. Never like a heavy dinner as i¬†will tend to have problems sleeping at night if i do… Chicken pie was baked to perfection – Crispy on the outside while stuffed with warm chicken bits on the inside… ¬†Slurp!~

For desert, i had the Epilogue’s Signature which is made up of Vanilla ice-cream with coffee sauce.. If you are a coffee-lover like me, you will definitely adore this sweet yet bitter combination~ Thank you to the ZA team for feeding with such quality food!

If you are wondering when will the new items be available in stores, I’m glad to tell you that some items are already available….

Eyes Groovy
Pink Brown, Cool Gray and Wine Red
$18.50, Launch Date: 24 Jan 2013

Lip Drops
Sweet Sweet, The Pink, Crysal QUeen
$11.90, Launch Date: 24 Jan 2013

Killer Volume Mascara
$18.50, Launch Date: 28 Feb 2013

Personally i¬†will highly recommend the mascara as it really work wonders for your lashes to give you stunning looking eyes! Moreover, the price is really friendly on¬†the pockets.. ūüôā


In my next post, i will be touching more on¬†Majolica Majorca’s Chapter 36 – Secret Blink… In this collection, key focus will be on the eyes and lips… The 5 new exciting products in the new collection includes:

1) Lash Expander Edge Meister

2) Lash Jelly Drop

3) Majoromantica M

4) Skin Remaker Case 2013

5) The Little Humming Book 1

Sound exciting? Remember to stay tune to my updates in 1-2 weeks time.. ūüôā

In the meantime,  will like to wish all my readers a Happy Lunar New Year in advance.. May you have a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year!! XOXOXO!

(Announcement) Running out of X’mas gift ldeas? Why not Consider the ZA Tokyo Limited Edition Set for your gfs?

If you are running out of ideas on what to get your Besties or Gfs as Christmas present, why not consider the ZA  limited edition set that features 1 limited edition case, 2 foundation and 1 bag?

This gift-set is available exclusively in ALL Watsons Singapore @ $33.50 and there are 8 different sets for 8 shades of Perfect Fit Two-way Foundation refill to choose from.

I don’t know if you remembered my post about the ZA gift set last year, the theme was built around Retro Pop..


Photo credits to ZA’s FB page..

Although ZA products¬†originated¬†from Japan (Since it is a stand-alone brand by Shiseido) , it isn’t sold in Japan’s market until late this year.. Initally,¬†Za products are only available¬†mainly at drugstores in China (including Hong Kong), Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam,¬†Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and New Zealand.

In August 17th 2012, ZA has hit another milestone and is finally launched in Japan with a total of 65 Stores. Another exciting Milestone will be that ZA has plans to increase the total number of stores to 300 stores by the end of 2012…


Photo credits to ZA’s FB page..

Therefore commemoration of Za Cosmetics Launch in Japan, the ZA Tokyo limited edition set is built around the ‘Nippon’ theme…. Ladies from Tokyo love all things kawaii, fashion and shopping.. Most important of all, they are geniuses at making themselves shine.. ¬†Don’t you agree that ladies from Tokyo are leaders of Asian¬†contemporaries¬†and fashion role-models? ūüôā

Hence, the limited edition case for this year encompasses the charm of Tokyo ladies in their upbeat world.. It feature a Tokyo Metropolitan Beauty girl who looks stylish and feeling chic surrounded by various Japanese elements.


Photo credits to Google image

This casing is really pretty and i cannot bear to use it!! This has to my favorite design among all the ZA casings… ūüôā


The designer behind ZA’s limited edition case for this year is¬†Ed Tsuwaki and he is¬†born¬†in Hiroshima in 1996. Being a versatile creator, he specializes in drawing, painting, illustration, art direction, graphic designing…


Photo credits to Google image

If case you are wondering why the neck of the¬†Tokyo Metropolitan Beauty girl seems so long,¬†neck women are actually one of Ed Tsuwaki’s notable works.. He is well-known for his characteristic figures featuring long-neck ladies and here’s some of his works done for¬†Vogue Italy, Starbucks, Marie Clarie Australia and Comme Des Garcons!


In order to complement the pretty casing, the ZA limited edition set also comes with a Canvas tote bag that features cute neko-chan.. Omg, it is so cute that i bought it out the next day as i cannot wait to show it to the world.. LOL!


The bag is big enough to fit in A4 size files / papers and roomy enough for you to store all your daily barangs..


Trying to imitate the long neck ladies. Major fail!


The limited edition set also comes with 2 Perfect-Fit 2 ways foundation refill.. This foundation has an improved formula and it contains moisturizing ingredients (water holding collagen and Hyaluronic acid).. It contains SPF 20 PA++ and has a brilliant finish that lasts up to 8 hours (due to bright keep pigment).. It also has anti-shone powder to keep excess sebum away.. If you wish to know more about the foundation, i did a review previously and you can click here to access that blog post..

I have to say that this ZA Tokyo limited edition set is so worth it as one foundation refill already cost $18.50.. (So 2 refills will cost $37).. I have yet to factor in the cost of casing and bag and the whole set only costs $33.50!!


Some ‘behind the scene’ photos taken at the event… ¬†The event is held at Zero Zero @ the Central and this restaurant serves¬†fusion food (based on a blend of Japanese, Italian & French cuisines).. The¬†restaurant¬†has beautiful and chic furnishings¬†completed¬†with terrific views of Clarke Quay!


The tables are decorated with ‘all things Japan’…

Here’s another promotion whereby you can get a free limited edition ZA x Ed Tsuwali Pouch and I’m so tempted to check it out as well!


It has been sometime since i last drank such nice fruity tea.. With every sip, you will experience a soothing sensation completed with the sweet apple after-taste…. Aww! So light and refreshing!!


Apple Rose Tea

I also had the Pomelo Orange and Mango Pannacotta which is one of their signature desert.. The Pannacotta has a denser texture (as compared to normal pudding) but i will prefer it to be sweeter as i find it a little too sourish and not to my liking.. The fruits РMango cubes, orange slices and Pomelo are really sweet thou!


Pomelo Orange and Mango Pannacotta

Before i go, will like to inform my readers that Za cosmetics is collaborating with Lowrys Farm for a styling workshop… Fashion Brand –¬†Lowrys Farm is No. 1¬†Causal¬†Brand in Japan and it has over 100 stores in Japan and In march 2012, this brand has arrived our shores.¬†The brand concept proposes refreshing coordinates of¬†timeless¬†basic and seasonal trends.. ¬†Items have simple yet realistic style¬†mixed¬†with updated current trends..


Photo credits to Lowrys Farm’s FB page

With each purchase of the Toyko limited edition ¬†gift-set, you are entitled to join the ZA / Lowrys Farm styling workshop, just e-mail your¬†name, NRIC and contact number to zacosmeticssg@gmail.com now to register! Remember to attach your proof of purchase (your receipt) as well ūüôā

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(Sponsored Review) My new found love – Jasmine water BB cream!

Hello everyone!! Now i’m back with the review of the BRTC BB cream as promised! ūüôā

If you are looking for a BB cream suitable for sensitive skin, continue reading! Before i tried the BB cream from BRTC, i will try to avoid using BB cream due to the texture.. Because the texture of BB cream tends to be on the thicker side, it’ll leave behind a sticky and sometimes greasy after-feel.. Because it is thick, my skin is unable to ‘breathe’ properly. Once the BB cream is mixed up with sebum on my face, pimples will start to erupt on my face..

Due to the thick texture of BB cream, my beautican has told me to steer clear of BB cream as she told me it will¬†definitely¬†clog my pores. I listened to her as she knows best and because of the nature of my skin, i cannot pile too many layers of skincare products / make up products in order to prevent breakouts…

Initially when SASA approached me to do this review, i rejected the offer as I’m afraid that my skin will have adverse reactions again.. However, Kiyora (the marketing in charge from SASA) has reassured me that the BB cream will be suitable for my sensitive / acne prone skin… Moreover, this BB cream has received many positive reviews so i have decided to take this ‘leap of faith’..

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‘As mentioned in my previous post,¬†BRTC is a popular cosmeceuticals¬†brand from Korea¬†and the company is the first to introduced Blemish Balm into Korea‚Äôs market and further enhanced it into multi-functional Blemish Balm Cream thus leading it into a world‚Äôs craze.. Its star product ‚Äď Multi-Functional BB Cream captured plenty of Asian women attention and created a sales record of 50000 in Japan..

The BRTC BB Cream Line is¬†dermatological¬†tested Smart functional BB and¬†Sun-care¬†product line..¬†The BB cream consists of sun care ingredients to help double protect against UV-A and B.. Beside this, the BB cream¬†provides customized solution to address different skin’s concern. With only one product, you can now create beautiful and healthy skin tone by maximizing the makeup effects as well as skin protection.

Although it is a 2-in-one product, the BB cream will feel like own skin while creating a real skin tone finish… Now you can be beautiful and skin will stay healthy with¬†BRTC BB Cream Line

The BRTC BB cream line is suitable for all skin-types (even those sensitive ones) as it contains Blue Complex, a plant patent ingredient. This blue complex was formulated and patented with the aim of improving skin and reducing irritation from external environment and sun damage. The Lavender and other blue flowers in the blue complex will activate the growth of new cells, helps with sebum control and provide hydration needs.

The ‘Blue Complex is discovered when French chemist Rene Maurice Gattefoss discovered the amazing healing power from blue flower when he burnt his hand during an experiment.¬†After he applied¬†lavender¬†extract on his burns, the skin on his hands healed very quickly without much complication..

Thus using the Lavender’s healing power, BRTC has gathered these blue color flowers backed up with research and state of the art science to formulate the best botanical skincare and cosmetics line for soothing and healing irritated and¬†sensitive¬†skin. After application, the blue complex will provide an immediate soothing function as well as anti-oxidation based on elements from blue plant as lavender and chamomile.

Photo extract from BRTC website

The BB cream that i will be reviewing today will be the Jasmine water BB cream¬†and this BB cream will help soothing , moisturizing of dry and sensitive skin while it covers up your skin’s imperfections.

The BRTC Jasmine Water BB cream is a triple function BB cream that will whiten, repair wrinkles and protect skin against harmful rays. The BB cream contains 5% jasmine extracts (real jasmine flower) that will provide full moisture control.

The BB cream formulated with Jasmine, together with the Blue complex will help soothe and moisturize  dry and sensitive skin and create moist and bright skin tone expression. Not forgetting this BB cream is a Perfect Protect system as it helps to provide oil control and prevent skin from sun damage.

This brightening, moisturizing and Soothing BB cream for Dry and sensitive skin will protect dry and sensitive skin from further damage (as it reduces inflammation, hydrates and re hydrates) while it creates a soft, bright complexion.

The ingredient list – see if you can spot the Blue complex composition.

Some key ingredients include:

Moisturizing and Soothing – Jasmine flower, Green Tea Plant, Portulaca Oleracea and Blue Complex

Nutrition Supply And Restoration – Sweet Almond oil and Centella Asistica

Whitening and Wrinkle care – Arbuntin and Adenosine

The BB cream has a creamy texture and can be absorbed easily into skin without oily / sticky after-feel.. What you see under the BB cream is a layer of moisture (Not Oil if you are thinking of that)… The BB cream also has a nice Jasmine scent and do you know that Jasmine will give you luxurious skin as it provides strong moisture control and enables smooth adhesiveness on skin.

I’m gonna put the BB cream to few tests..

Test of Coverage : Good as it  is able to conceal my greenish veins well and even out my patchy skintone.

Test of  Soothing Power: I have a red patch on my hand and normally it will take sometime before the redness will subsidy as i have thin / sensitive skin.. I applied some BB cream onto the affected area and leave it on for 10 mins..

After 10 mins, most of the reddness is gone ( FYI, i did not do any editing to this picture ).

Upon application of the BB cream onto my face, it doesn’t leave behind any¬†stickiness¬†and the color of the BB cream matches my yellowish¬†skin-tone¬†very well.. The BB cream also provides excellent coverage for my skin as it can hide most of my uneven skin tone (reddish patch on some parts of my skin + brown spots left behind by my pimples).. Although it covers imperfections well, the BB cream stays natural and make my skin look more radiant.. ¬†Best of all, my skin feels softer after i removed my make up (i guess it is the Blue complex at work!)… So far no breakouts or any adverse reactions as i have used it for a few times and with proper make-up remover, it won’t clog pores. Because my skin will become very oily after a few hours, i cannot comment much on the oil control function of this BB cream as i did not use a primer prior application… But what i can say will be that the BB cream doesn’t feels heavy on my skin at all times.. Lastly, i really love BB cream nice jasmine scent and it feels as if i’m wearing jasmine flowers on my face. ūüėÄ

As you can see from my picture below, the BB cream matches my skin tone very well and it looks so natural… If you are looking for a light-weighted BB cream suitable for¬†sensitive¬†skin, please do not wait any longer and try out the Jasmine water BB cream soon.

The BRTC BB cream Line is exclusively sold at S$32 each in selected SaSa Stores…. Do try it out and let me know how it fares..

Have a great week everyone! ūüôā