My Gelish Manicure & Pedicure experience @ Nail Tavern!

Last Week, Street Directory invited me for a Gel Manicure & Pedicure over at Nail Tavern which is located at a stone’s throw away from my parents’ place in Bedok! I have always prefer going to neighborhood salon as i feel that it is not so commercialize (hence services will be more personalized & pocket friendly)

At Nail Tavern, customer’s satisfaction will be their main priority and you will be well taken care by their warm,  friendly and experience manicurists. Nail Tavern provides a wide range of services that include spa treatments, gelish manicure, paraffin wax, waxing and so on. Nail Tavern operates on a 7 days basis, even on Public Holidays! Operating hours are from 11 am to 8 pm from Monday – Friday and 9.30 am to 7.30 pm from Saturday – Sunday + public holidays.

Upon stepping in, I was given a warm welcome by Irene (the owner of Nail Tavern).  I knew i was in for a nice pampering treat as the nail salon has a ‘spa-like’ ambiance – Modern and lush furnishing with earthly tones, completed with warm lighting and the soothing scent of lemon grass aroma oil. The size of the nail salon is also big and the manicure/pedicure area is fitted with a tinted grass panel so as to provide customers with more privacy during the pampering session.

Over at Nail Tavern, only quality nail lacquer such as OPI, China Glaze, Morgan Taylor, Magneto, Jacquline Burchell are being used for your gelish / normal manicure and pedicure. In total, there’s over 300 colors to suit different wants, requirements and needs.


China Glaze

Morgan Taylor

Jacquline Burchell


Array of Colors!

This was the first time i’m seeing a nail salon using self-designed hand towels embodied with the shop’s name… Something personalized, different and unique!

Besides using quality nail lacquer, Nail Tavern also uses La Palm Spa Products from the US. La Palm Products are of professional quality products made from pure and enhancing ingredients. For my hands, the nice smelling La Palm Mango Massage Lotion was being used to pamper them. Containing Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, it helps to relieve dry skin and nails + soften and condition cuticle. As for my feet, the manicurist applied La Palm Pedi Gel Scrub – Rose to helps soften and reduces calloused skin. Specially formulated with Sea Kelp, Aloe Vera, it conditions the skin thus leaving it soft and smooth.

Throughout the pampering session – cutting, filing, shaping, buffing, soaking, cuticle, massaging and polish, both manicurists are extremely detailed, precise, efficient and gentle. Especially on the cuticle removal part, there wasn’t any form of discomfort and they were really thoroughly. The manicurist also attended to my callus and fungus (on my big toe nail) very professionally and carefully without making me feel uncomfortable (yeah! i think that having fungus is embarrassing). She also gave me tips on how i should treat it and prevent recurrence.

The manicurist was really meticulous and patient while doing the nail art. She had to painstakingly stick the tiny metallic gold studs on my nails one by one (the hardest design was the cross as the studs kept sliding around due to the smooth surface as the glue needed time to dry). After completion, she was actually sweating from the effort and i really appreciate the high quality job done.

After 1 hour 30 mins, my Gelish Manicure and Pedicure were done! Was too engrossed chatting with Irene and catching up on TV show that time just zoomed past. I have to say that Nail Tavern has to be the most comfortable nail salon that i have been to.. Not only the boss is extremely friendly, the ample space and furnishing made me feel relaxed too. 🙂

Tadah! My funky and chic nails completed with metallic gold bits and pearls! I did not choose any design for my gelish manicure but instead told Irene to surprise me instead.. Therefore from my aura, she told her manicurist to do this set of nail design for me.. I’m really pleased with it and can’t stop touching + admiring it… hehe! My hubby said that i have bimbotic nails but my mother-in-law & friends find it nice as well. The guys just don’t get it! :p

Initially, i told Irene that i wanted a pedicure in Solid Tiffany Blue color but she suggested me to do a 2 tone effect with glitters..  Thanks to her suggestion, i have really pretty and shimmery nail color now! Since the base is transparent, new nails won’t look so obvious when my toe nails gradually grow out.

My first time getting a gelish pedicure as i want it to last as long as possible.. As i’m always in covered shoes and i tend to walk a lot, my pedicure will always chip within a week.. Now the gelish is 1 week old and it still looks like brand new! No chipping and still as shiny as ever so it will be gelish pedicure from now on… :p

Here’s Nail Tavern Price List for your reference. Do note that prices quoted for Gelish do not include Soak Off Services ($10 will be charged if your current gelish is done by Nail Tavern and $20 will be charged if you did your gelish outside). If you have decided to get another set of gelish nails done after removal, Nail Tavern will be glad to waive the $10 off (if your existing gelish is done by them) and for other customers, you will be charged $10 instead of $20. 🙂

Before i go, i will like to end off with some pictures which Irene has shown me at her salon.. If you are clueless like me on which designs to get, you can choose from these selections. You can also tell the manicurist / show her any designs that you want and she can re-create it for you too. Or simply, just leave it to Irene and she will get the manicurist to work the magic 🙂

To conclude, i will highly recommend Nail Tavern if you are staying in the east and looking for a nice, cozy and affordable nail salon with experienced manicurists to do your nails. I’m truly impressed by the skills and the great personalized service i have experienced at Nail Tavern.

My nail art was inspired by this customer’s design.

Love is in the air!

Cutesy Disney Inspired Nails

Polka Dots and Kitty!

Fruity Theme!

Nail Tavern is located at Block 56, New Upper Changi Road #01-1329 (Singapore 461056). You can call to book your appointment @ 6445 7703.

Directions to Nail Tavern: Nearest MRT station will be Tanah Merah. Once you get out of the gantry, take the escalator down and take a left turn. From the exit’s bus stop, take any bus (except 12, 38 & 48) and alight at the next bus stop. From the bus stop, walk straight, cross the road and you will be able to see Nail Tavern on the left side.

Have a good work week everyone! Will be back with more updates soon so take care in the meantime. 🙂

(Sponsored Review) Manicure and Pedicure @ Absolutely Nails

Last Saturday, i was invited by Dennis (Owner of Feet Haven Reflexology) for a manicure / pedicure session over at Absolutely Nails, its sister brand.

If you frequent the vicinity in Katong, i’m sure you have come across this premier foot reflexology spa located at 136 East Coast Road.. Feet Haven is established in April 2011 offering many massage services for the Shoulder and Neck and Body massage.  Within 2 years, Feet Haven Reflexology has won award by Harper’s Bazaar as being a provider of the Best Foot Massage. It was also rated as being the best value Spa with the highest rating of 8.5 by Simply Her Shopper’s review.

Absolutely Nails is a boutique Nail Spa, located  in the east @ Marine Parade Central (opposite the famous hawker centre).. The shop was previously named as Nailcoholics and around since early 2010… In 2013, the shop was acquired by the management team of Feet Haven Reflexology and renamed as Absolutely Nails.. Through this acquisition, the owners wish to bring the same positive service experiences to customers of  Absolutely Nails as well.


Picture from Absolutely Nails FB page

Focusing on serving customers located mainly in the east, Absolutely Nails is committed to provide excellent quality beauty services. It include Classic/French Manicure & Pedicure, 2D/3D Nail Art, Acrylic/Gel/Extension, hand & Foot Scrub / Paraffin Wac, Calluses / Crack Heels Treatment and Nail Vitamin Treatments…

Upon stepping into the Nail Spa, i was greeted warmly by the friendly manicurist. She showed me to my seat very quickly and served me with a nice hot cup of tea.. Service A+! 🙂

The size of the salon is small but cozy which puts me at ease… The furnishing and decoration gave the place a lush look completed by soothing jazzy music and slight tinge of aroma scent.

Decided to blink up my toe nails and had chosen a glittery light blue color from OPI collection… As for my nails, decided to do a pastel color to match my toe nails so i chose a teal color from the ORLY collection.


The manicurist (I have forgotten her name, my bad!) is friendly and skillful.. Normally, I disliked the cuticles cutting part during manicure and pedicure as i’ll tend to end up with ‘upset’ cuticles.. However during this process, the manicurist removed my cuticles meticulously and gently.. There’s no redness aka ‘upset’ cuticles at the end of the process.

As for the manicure, i asked for round shaped nails as my fingernails are taking forever to grow.. -_-

Here’s the end results! My first time having pastel color fingernails and i’m glad it turns out really nice! To sum it up, i have a great experience – from skillful manicurist, cozy environment to do my nails and also great results! 🙂

Absolutely Nails is open everyday from 10 am to 830 pm (Monday to Friday) and 10 am to 8 pm ( Saturday/ Sunday/ Public Holidays). You can check out their FB page or website for more information about the nail spa and also current updates / promotions..

Before i go, i will like to share with my readers on the current promotional packages that Absolutely Nails offers!

Absolutely Nails

Blk 82, Marine Parade Central.


Singapore 440082

Tel: 63453303

Have a great Sunday everyone! Rest well before the busy work week ahead!

Take care! 🙂