(Sponsored Review) Color Combos – Double Function Mascara

There is a Chinese saying – Good Things Come In Pairs (好事成双)! 

Often in life circumstances, the combination of forces will result in synergy which will bring about benefits such as improved results and better opportunities etc. This saying applies to cosmetics as well as often we will need to use more than 1 product to achieve the desired results.. One example will be mascara as most of the time i will layer on 2 types of mascara to achieve better volume and length.

Last month, SASA has sent me a double function (2-in-1 mascara) for review.. First time I’m seeing one mascara that comes with double wand mechanism!


Color Combos – Double Function Mascara (R.P $17.90 11ml)

Introducing the Color Combos – Double Function Mascara, this mascara is inspired by make-up artists and it has an innovative double wiper (wand) mechanism.. Being a two-In-one mascara, it allows users to create dual effects (Volume and Length) with just one mascara.


2 wands for Volume and Length!

One wand will help volumize lash for greater impression while the other helps to coat each lash evenly to creating long, separated and defined lashes.


First rave will be the casing of the mascara, it is beautifully decorated with Leopard prints on the dusty pink casing! Secondly, the mascara is in black! Personally i will prefer to use mascara in black as the black pigments will define my lashes for a more spectacular look.


Suitable for all, the mascara contains Beeswax (Provides long-lasting action) and Caranauba wax (Give luster to lashes) along with other ingredients:


Direction on how to use the 2 wands :

Wand #1: The wand at the bottom with silver rims

Use this wand to create Volume for a more dramatic look (suitable for clubbing and girls night out)



The wand on top will be wand #2 which will coat each lash evenly to create long, separated and defined lashes. It is suitable to be used solely for more natural day-time-up makeup and for lower lashes …

For 2-in-1 Volumizing + Defining, use #1 first on lashes for volume and then follow-up with #2 for definition.



One sentence that summarizes this mascara – Long lasting black mascara that will gives a gentle, natural look as lashes look more defined, longer and separated!

Texture: This mascara is on the ‘more moisturized’ side so application will be a breeze. Despite being moist, it dries up quickly after coating it on lashes. After application, mascara is non-sticky and does not cause my upper and lower lashes to stick together (like how some mascara do)… Despite putting on 2 layers, it won’t clump and lashes are nicely separated! Rant is that the mascara isn’t jet black enough so it can only create minimal volume.. Normally, i will use only 2 layers of mascara (with #1) but i guess the volumizing effect can be improved if you layer more than 2 layers? Mascara don’t have curling effect but it has a nice lengthening ability.

Brush: Both wands have fine bristle like design on the applicator so it can coat all my lashes easily. Both applicators are of the right size so i can move it around easily. Wand #1 can only create a little volume with 2 layers. Wand #2’s applicator is slightly smaller than Wand #1 and it really helps to separate my lashes which results in more even application. With only one layer using #2, lashes are visibly longer and more defined!

Staying Power:  Excellent as it won’t smudge despite the fact that i have oily eyelids and i did not apply any mascara base prior application. Mascara can be easily removed by any eye-makeup removal despite being so long-lasting! 🙂

Bare lashes

After application of mascara with both wands (#1 x 2 & #2 x 1)

After application of mascara with both wands (#1 x & x 1)

Lashes at the end of the day

After application of 1 coat of mascara with both wands (lower lashes)

Overall, i find that Color Combos Double Function is good in lengthening and separating my lashes.. As for volumizing, it is pale in comparison as compared to other volumizing mascara that i have come across (My current favorite will be ZA Killer Volume Mascara!). Basically you have to layer it for extra volume but i don’t like to apply too many layers of mascara.I will add points for the consistency of the mascara (not too wet and not too dry) plus it dries really fast and does not clump. The wand also separate my lashes very nicely and will recommend this if you need a mascara to use on a daily basis (whereby you want a natural and subtle look)


Exclusively available at all SaSa SG Stores, Color Combos Double Function Mascara is retailing at $17.90.

(Sponsored Review) One Girl, Three Looks with ZA’s Eyes Groovy, Lip Drops and Killer Volume Mascara

Hello everyone, how’s your preparation for Chinese New Year?

For the past few weeks, my parents have been busy with Spring Cleaning and preparation for the new year.. I am also slowly doing spring cleaning for my room so that i have more excuses to buy more new items.. hahahaha! To begin the new year, I strongly believe in wearing new clothing as i feel that i must replace my old clothing with new outfits so as to ‘remove any bad luck accumulated over the past year’.

Likewise for makeup, i will also tend to use new ones as I wish to have a beautiful start to a new year… If you are as ‘pang-tang’ or vain as me and are sourcing for new make-up, I’m glad to share that ZA is adding more make-up items to their extensive product lines..

Thanks to Charmian, i attended the Za Cosmetics | Majolica Majorca‏ exclusive launch session 2 weeks back.. Here’s Charmian explaining to us that the Spring 2013 Trend consists of Grey Tone, Splashes of Pink. Sheer lips and Voluminous Lashes… As part of the 2013 Spring Trend, ZA is hereby bringing you new colors in the Eyes Groovy (also improved formula!) and Lip Drops Series.. Not forgetting new Mascara so that you can glam up your eyes.

Introducing the new babies in the make-up series (From Left to Right)

Eyes Groovy: Pinkish Brown, Clean Gray and Wine Red

Lips Drop: The Pink, Sweet Sweet and Crystal Queen

Mascara: Killer Volume Mascara

In the previous collection, there are six palettes in the eye groovy collection – Lady Brown, White Illuminator, Icy Smoky, Aqua Squash, Mauve Berry and Glamorous Gold.. Was using the Mauve Berry palette on days when i need a more natural make-up.. Mauve Berry’s colors are subtle, shimmery and it’s long-lasting… However, the colors are not pigmented enough if you prefer a more obvious eye make up (Color is build-able but you have to  swipe a few more times in order to get more pigments on)..



Beside adding 3 more new colors to the collection, these three colors have improved formulation as well so the new palettes are more pigmented (YAY!)… I have tested it and i don’t have to swipe a few times in order to pick up more pigments..

Like the rest of the palette, these three eyeshadow Quad will help you create attractive eyes with its trendy colors and textures. The Eyes Groovy contains Brilliant Powder Complex so that you can achieve hi-fidelity colors and long-lasting texture.. The Micro powder and skin-fit formula allows you to blend the colors easily and smoothly while preventing oxidation / smudges.. It also cares for the delicate skin on your eyelids as it contains Vitamin E Derivative and it is dermatologist-tested.

First new color that i will touch on will be (07) Pinkish Brown and this palette will leave behind a demure and sweet impression with its soft pinkish brown tone.

Color Swatch – Pinkish Brown (07)

Grey Tones are part of the Spring 2013 trend hence this (08) Clean Gray Palette will give you cool mysterious looking smoky eyes with its cool gray tone accented with a touch of white pearly effect.

Color Swatch – (08) Clean Gray 

For a more elegant look that involves splashes of pink, the (09) Wine Red Palette with colors that represents deep flavor of vintage wine will complete the look.

Color Swatch – (09) Wine Red Palette 

In one of my entries, i have introduced Lip Drops during its first launch.. To refresh your memory, Lip Drops are available in 10 different girly shades and each tube is donned in limited edition floral packaging to evoke the images of love.. 🙂

This tube lip gloss will instantly plump up your lips with a glossy and dewy finish.. Lip-Drops come with a drop seal prescription that will allow the lip gloss to spread easily with a fresh and non-sticky texture. It contains Collagen Complex to replenish lips with long-lasting moisture (up to 8 hours) and high shine surface.. It also cares for your lips as it contains Vitamin E derivative (Dermatologist tested) with a floral fruity scent.

New Colours added to the existing collection of 20 colors include (From Left to Right):

(11) Sweet Sweet – Clear Beige for sweet and adorable looking lips

(13) Crystal Queen –  Clear Color with a glitter of Gold Pearl

(12) The Pink – Faint Pink that will subtly brighten your lips.

Color Swatch – (Left) Sweet Sweet, (Centre) Crystal Queen, (Right) The Pink

With the combination power of the Eye Groovy and Lip Drops, you can create three different looks:

Sweet Look – With Pinkish Brown Eye Groovy+ Sweet Sweet Lip-Drop

Cool Look – With Clean Grey Eye Groovy+ Crystal Queen Lip-Drop

Elegant – With Wine red Eye Groovy+ The Pink Lip-Drop

I’m wearing ‘The Pink’ lip drop and personally i feel that the sheer pinkish pearly tone is nice enough to wear it on its own… You can also choose to layer it on with your lip-stick for that extra glittery glow.. Texture wise, the lip gloss isn’t too sticky and it won’t leave my lips feeling dry.. Another plus point will be that the lip-gloss has a sweet and nice floral fruity scent.

In the February launch, ZA is also bringing consumers with a power-packed mascara know as the ZA Killer Volume Mascara! This Mascara contains ZA’s signature Vitamin E to pamper, repair and moisturize your lashes. Best of all, it will leave your eyes charming for a long time with its waterproof and sweat-resistant formula.

The mascara has a large spiral brush head and this will allow it to coat more eyelashes with mascara in just one swipe.. The hollow flexible bristles found on the brush head will help with a more consistent application to give you abundant and thick eyelashes.

When i first saw the mascara, i immediately commented on the size of the big brush head.. Hahaha! But the ladies from the ZA Team reassured me that the tiny bristles on the brush head will make application easy as it will reach out to coat more lashes (as compared to its previous mascara).. Tested the mascara before heading to M&M’s wedding and i’m really surprised that it is really ‘power-packed’.. I shall tell you why! 🙂

Texture and color– The mascara is intensively black and it allows me to have dramatic looking lashes after apply 3 coats.. If you prefer a tone-down natural look, this mascara will do the job well with just one coat.. This mascara is slightly on the moist side so it might take slightly longer time to dry. Personally i’ll prefer my mascara to be slightly wetter as it will be easier to apply… Just try not to blink till it dries up so that you won’t get smudges.. Despite not using any mascara base, the mascara is long-lasting enough to stay on my lashes for at least 6 hours before smudging.. This is really a good record as you know how oily my eyelids can be!

Issues pertaining to clumps– Below picture show two coats of mascara on my upper lashes) and one coat my lower lashes. If you apply 1-2 coats, there won’t be much clumps seen.. However if you apply 3 coats and above, there might be slight clumping so use a small eyelash comb to dislodge the clumps..

Ease of use:  Despite the large brush head, the small bristles allows me to coat my lashes easily… Because the tiny bristles are quite concentrated, one swipe is enough to ‘deposit’ enough mascara on most lashes.. The tiny bristles also reaches out to my lower lashes and hard-to-reach corner lashes so every lashes are nicely coated.

Volumizing effect-  As you can see from my pictures, my upper / lower lashes look really dense.  Also, the mascara gave me perfectly defined and separated lashes..


Event was held at epilogue café @ ION Orchard. Located at #04-16, this hidden gem is situated inside prologue – A heaven for all book lovers..  Beside browsing and buying books, you can also choose to rest your feet or satisfy your hunger pangs over at epilogue cafe. 

I had the piping hot chicken pie with side salad and orange juice.. Never like a heavy dinner as i will tend to have problems sleeping at night if i do… Chicken pie was baked to perfection – Crispy on the outside while stuffed with warm chicken bits on the inside…  Slurp!~

For desert, i had the Epilogue’s Signature which is made up of Vanilla ice-cream with coffee sauce.. If you are a coffee-lover like me, you will definitely adore this sweet yet bitter combination~ Thank you to the ZA team for feeding with such quality food!

If you are wondering when will the new items be available in stores, I’m glad to tell you that some items are already available….

Eyes Groovy
Pink Brown, Cool Gray and Wine Red
$18.50, Launch Date: 24 Jan 2013

Lip Drops
Sweet Sweet, The Pink, Crysal QUeen
$11.90, Launch Date: 24 Jan 2013

Killer Volume Mascara
$18.50, Launch Date: 28 Feb 2013

Personally i will highly recommend the mascara as it really work wonders for your lashes to give you stunning looking eyes! Moreover, the price is really friendly on the pockets.. 🙂


In my next post, i will be touching more on Majolica Majorca’s Chapter 36 – Secret Blink… In this collection, key focus will be on the eyes and lips… The 5 new exciting products in the new collection includes:

1) Lash Expander Edge Meister

2) Lash Jelly Drop

3) Majoromantica M

4) Skin Remaker Case 2013

5) The Little Humming Book 1

Sound exciting? Remember to stay tune to my updates in 1-2 weeks time.. 🙂

In the meantime,  will like to wish all my readers a Happy Lunar New Year in advance.. May you have a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year!! XOXOXO!

(Sponsored Review) My Little Makeover Session with K-Palette.

Thanks to the collaboration between Sasa and K-Palette, i was given a chance to attend a makeover session with Japanese Makeup Artiste Miko Yatsu.. 

(Thank you Kiyora for the kind invitation)

Have mentioned about SASA many times in my past entries so i won’t go through it again.. 🙂

As for K-Palette, it is a brand under Japalang Pte Ltd and it specializes in Eye-cosmetics… Ever since its launch in Singapore in 2007, it has won many prestigious awards every year without fail. 

FYI, Japalang specializes in providing beauty and personal care products in Singapore.. In addition, it is providing one-stop business solution for sales, marketing, brand development and distribution. Japalang is the distributor for many quality and popular brands available in the mass market like Cure Natural Aqua Gel, K-Palette, Steamcream and beautyblender. The company is also working with many established partners like Watsons, Sasa, Takashimaya and BHG to bring quality products to larger consumer groups.

Originated from Japan, K-Palette is highly raved for its eye-makeup products – esp the long-lasting and award-winning range of  ‘One Day Tattoo’ eye cosmetics…  One star product under the ‘One Day Tattoo’ range will be 24 hours real lasting eyeliner as it is known for its patented micro fiber brush and waterproof polymer molecule which gives quick-dry + lasting eye makeup.

With its success over the years, K-Palette has maintained its market position and continues to wow audiences in the mass market with more product ranges to cater to more consumers.

The makeover will be conducted by Japanese Makeup Artiste Miko Yatsu.. 

‘A good make up artist should be able to bring out the best and purest aspect of your skin. Good make up makes you look naturally beautiful and beautifully natural’ ~ Miko Yatsu

From Japan, Miko Yatsu is a professional make-up artist and trainer with more than 20 years experience in the beauty industry.
Since young, Miko-san shows great passion in Beauty and this made her pursued her dream in New York. Training under legendary fasion and make-up artist Linda Mason, Miko-san developed excellent make-up skills set. Currently, Miko-san focuses on training and imparting her make up skills to Cuore’s corporate staff as well as those in beauty salons.  From time to time, she can be seen doing makeup for models for women’s magazines as well as runaway fashion show.

During the makeover, Miko-san will be focusing on eye-makeup using highly-raved K-Palette eye-make up products as well as newly launched products.

While waiting for my turn, i stood around the make-over booth snapping pictures to kill time.. Here’s Carol having her make-over and i have to say that Miko-san is really fast and accurate with her hands.. In no time, Carol has pretty and awake eyes… 

Finally my turn!! While Miko-san prep my skin (Blotting my oily eyelids and concealing the dark eye-circles), the translator asked me for my preferred eye-makeup look.. I opted for pink eye-shadow (as usual) for a softer and subtle look.. 

**Thank you Jones for the photos!! 🙂 

Step one: Eye-shadow goes on first..

Step Two: Blend Blend Blend to achieve even application…

Step Three: Eye-liner to open up my tired-looking eyes, mascara to create long and curl lashes and ending with defining of my eye-brows.

The end result! Loving the eye-brows especially as it is so defined!!! Jones told me that my eyes are much bigger after the make-over.. Thank you Miko-san! 🙂

At the end of the event, i brought home three items that Miko-san used during the makeover.. Sasa also included some sample products and vouchers in the goodies bag..  

1) K-Palette Zero Kuma Cover Control Concealer [01 Natural Beige)

Available in three shades, 01 Natural Beige, 02 Yellow Beige, 03 Orange Beige
Available in SASA @  S$19.90

The Zero Kuma Cover Control Concealer has good moisturizing effects so it works as a perfect eye concealer to hide eye’s imperfection… As every individuals have different concerns and skin tones on our eye area, the concealer comes in three different shades with different beauty benefits to target individual eye skin problems..
Dark Circles + Dryness? #01 – Natural Beige to the rescue!
Contains special hydrating ingredients like Super lower-molecular Hyaluronic Acid-A, Water-soluble Collagen and Rose Water to moisturize dry under-eye areas while concealing minor dark circles.
Dark circles + Dull skin and pigmentation? – #02 – Yellow Beige will combat it! 
Light shade covers dark circles (caused by pigmentation or skin dullness) effortlessly while brightening your eye area with ingredients like Vitamin C Derivative, Chamomilla Recutita Extract and Prune Extract.
Dark circles + Poor blood circulation? –  #03 – Orange Beige is your savior!
This shade will conceal dark circles due to poor blood circulation. This concealer has an orangey shade to hide blood vessels around tired eyes well. It also improve blood circulation with ingredients like Swertia Japonica Extract, Silver Birch Leaves Extract & Amino Acid (Glycine).
**Information above extracted from K-Palette’s facebook

I have yet to review this item but Miko-San used this concealer in Shade 01 to conceal my eye-circles… I have to say that the texture is really light, non-oily and it did not cause any breakouts around my eye-area. (Normally if i used too rich eye products, i will get pimples on my eye-area)..

2) K-Palette 1Day Lash Perm 

Newest addition to the award-winning 1 Day Tattoo eye cosmetics, the 1Day Lash Perm will give you long and curl lashes.. The secret lies in the curl-keep polymer known as the ‘acrylates polymer’ that will curl the eyelashes instantly just with one coating. Upon application, the polymer will also reinforce the durability of the curl and bring you long-lasting results. Beside this, it contains Pullulan which creates long and defined lashes without clumps. 

The 1Day Lash Perm mascara will fits all eye-shapes and sizes due to its design of the brush. The design of the brush is enhanced  thus making application easy for all users. 

The brush is made up of different ‘pattern’ – the shorter bristle side of the brush will help coat the mascara from root to tip of the lashes effortlessly.. The convex curve and the optimal length of the brush will curl and separate lashes upwards.. The pointed fine tip of the brush will reach the inner corner of the eyes and lengthens all short lashes.

3) K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner

The 24H Real lasting eyeliner is first launched in Singapore in November in 2007 and has been a favourite due to defined brush tip and long-lasting formula. Right now, there’s an improved version with a super sharp brush tip of only 0.05mm which allow users to draw very defined and delicate line.

Like the previous formula, the new version also promises long-lasting results in its ability to withstand humid weather and dry air-conditioned interiors. It also contains the same water-resistant polymer molecule which will intimately adhere to skin and stays on all day.. The new version also retained its superior fast drying properties so that you can use your eyelash curlers immediately after application of eyeliner. 
The all-new patented 0.05mm ultra-fine micro-fiber soft brush application will better reinforce that the liquid eyeliner does not drip messily or create too thick lines on your eyelids. 

It is suitable for everyone (even those with sensitive eyes / skin) as it is made of unique conditioning formula consisting of saga essence, pantenol and chamomile essence and would not cause irritation.

The eyeliner has the finest tip that i have ever seen and tried.. The 0.05mm tip is quite ‘solid’ whereby the brush fibre won’t give way while you applied pressure during application… Previously i was using one eyeliner whereby the brush fibre is so flimsy that i made a mess while trying to draw a straight line..  

The tip is so fine that i can draw really defined lines! Will recommend this eye-liner for beginners who want a liquid eyeliner that’s easy to use.

As Singapore is really humid and warm, we will tend to sweat a lot so smudging make-up will be inevitable. Tested the 24H Real lasting eyeliner under running water for a few seconds but the pigment stays on..

Since it is so long-lasting, some of you might wonder if removal will be a pain in the ass?? Don’t worry, i have tried + tested it and removal can be done using warm water + some rubbing.. If you don’t wish to tug so much on your delicate eye area, you can remove it easily with tissue make-up removal / your regular eye-make up removal.. I’m really surprised that such long-lasting eyeliner can be removed so easily!~ I like!

It’s really hard to find one eyeliner that will stay on my very oily eyelids; even with a primer, my eyeliner will start to smudge and stain my under-eye after a few hours. Tested the 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner on my eye-lids without any primer and i’m glad to inform that my eye-liner line is still intact at the end of the day (i took the picture at the end of the day and you can see the line even on my very oily-looking eyelids with little smudges on my under-eye).. There are minor smudges at the bottom of my under-line but none on the top of the eyelids… I will highly recommend this product as it is so quick and easy to apply with long-lasting results.. Not to mention, the defined brush tip allows me to control the thickness of the line and to ‘dispense’ the right amount of pigments without much mess created.. Only dislike about this product will be the packaging as you have to place the eyeliner upright, if not you will have black pigments flowing out and you will stain your hands when you uncap the eyeliner.IMG_2637_zpsbc9943b9 (1)

If you need more information about the brand, you can check out the links below 🙂

Singapore: http://www.kpalette.sg
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kpalettesingapore
Twitter: @kpalette.

Have a Nice Day everyone! 🙂

(Advertorial) Be swept off your feet by Heroine Make..

Received a Rose Invitation to the Heroine Make Princess Ball Event..

Thank you EK Media and Mandom Corporation for the invite!

This event will be on leading Japanese drugstore label Heroine Make’s products.. In April 2012, this leading drugstore brand has a new and improved formulas for its award winning mascaras.. Our mission is to experience the new formula which gives 120% longer lashes and 130% more volume than the original raved about products.

Heroine Make is one of the brand that Mandom Corporation carries and it is from Japan. The Brand was created by the Isehan Group (a cosmetic manufacturer) which first founded its first Beni shop (first Japanese lipstick made from safflower) in 1825.. Hence, this brand is very established in Japan as it is one of the first Japanese cosmetic brand. As time passes, Isehan has developed more Japanese drugstore brands with its vast expertise and Heroine Make is one of its blockbuster! 

Heroine Make offers the ultimate long lasting eye makeup for modern ladies from all walks of life and for all occasions.. Ever since its release in 2005, this brand has become the most coveted eye products in Japan and Asia. Since its launch, more than five million of Heroine Make Long & Curl mascara have seen sold!! Its belief? Every woman is the leading lady in her own life story and should totally look the part…

Event is held at Mandom’s office in Great World City and upon arrival, i was given a personalized bracelet!! So sweet of them! 🙂

We were told not to apply any eye-make up as we will have a hands-on session… Did not sleep much the night before but was glad that my eyes wasn’t puffy… All thanks to my recent double eye-lid surgery which really made a big difference. Speaking of which, i will really need to find time to blog about my experience soon.. Since i have nice looking eyes now, i can now articulate this feature using pretty eye-make up..

The purpose of the hands on session is to allow us to experience the differences after eye-make up (using only Heroine Make products).. This isn’t my first encounter with Heroine Make products as i was using the eyeliner and BB cream previously.

Heroine Make’s ambassador is an anime character by the name of Himeko Elizabeth. You can call her Princess Elizabeth.

Here’s some products by Heroine Make and its expertise lies in Mascara.. One of its mascara – The Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara is the best seller and is voted as the No 1 Mascara in Japan by @cosme’s prestigious Best Cosme Awards in 2009 and 2010.. As mentioned, more than five million long and curl mascara have been sold since 2005… Recently, Heroine has came out with an improved formulas that offers more volume, length and oomph factor. 

Beside Mascara, Heroine has eyeliners and other eye make-up essentials.. Heroine also has a range of base make up for au natural coverage with skincare benefits.

As the event was at 11 am, the organizers were so thoughtful to provide food and drink for us! Simply can’t keep my hands off the sweet looking flora box!

Inside, there’s a customized Heroine cupcake, donuts and mash-mellows! Sugar overload!!

So what’s the secret behind the Heroine Make’s Award-winning eye products? It fulfills all the criteria of a good product that’s long-lasting, water proof and smudge proof.. Therefore with its long-lasting formula, you can cast your worries of getting panda eyes after a mascara meltdown.

It also features a curl set polymer that is light, fine and tight. Hence when you applied it to curled lashes, the shape will stay. Because of its light-weighted texture, you can brush on layers without worrying that it will look unnatural or clumpy…

Since the brand is from Japan, the brush is also designed to suit Asian eyes.. The brush is small enough to enable you to reach the finest lashes so it will allow you to work on your lower lashes as well…

Beside this, the color of the mascara is very intense and pigmented.. At the same time, it contains many lash loving ingredients..

Panax Ginseng Root Extract – Hydrates and revs up growth for fuller and healthier lashes

Eribotrya Japonica Leaf Extract – Stimulates hair growth and contains anti-inflammatory and astringent properties

Evening Primrose oil – Highly hydrating and anti allergic

Royal Jelly Extract – Rich in amino acids, minerals and Vitamins

Rose Hip Oil– Rich in linoleic acid and linolenic acid to deeply hydrates

Camelia oil – Deeply hydrates and help prevent and protect against lashes damage.

To top it off, the improved mascara have new packaging which feature a princess’ crown and lace patterns to reflect its true blue Japanese Heritage

Now the new packaging will brighten up your make-up routine and it can be so easily located.

Currently, Heroine Make has three types of mascaras which will give you different looks and effects.

1) Volume & Curl Mascara
(RSP: $21.90)

If your lashes are sparse and you want some vroomz factor, this mascara will give you a dramatic look with its 130% volume up effect..

This mascara also contains a new formula known as the feather-weight volume fit powder and together with polymer wax as another ingredient, helps to volume your lashes effortlessly without any clumps.

The wand is also conical in shape so the tapered end will enable you to reach the shortest lashes at the edge of your eyes easily..

2) Long & Curl Mascara
(RSP: $21.90)

This mascara has been voted as the no 1 mascara by @cosme’s prestigious best Cosme Awards in 2009 and 2010.. But it doesn’t stop there as the formula has been improvised…

The lengthening ability just got better as it contains 1.5 times longer fibre which has 120% of greater lengthening effects.. It also has a curved brush to ensure extra lift and easy application..

3) Impact Frame & Curl Mascara
(RSP: $23.90)

Lazy to put on falsies but you want va va vroomz lashes? This mascara has double power as it contain the best of Heroine Make’s volumizing and lengthening technology.

It has triple wax formula with extension wax for more length, hyper volume wax to max out volume by 180%
and joint wax to combine forces of the two.

The wand also features a separating brush on one side and a long-toothed plastic comb on the other side to ensure even application of each individual lashes.

Since the mascara are so long wearing, Heroine Make even has a special comb-through mascara remover to help with fast mascara removal.

This product enables you to sweep off any stubborn mascara by just combing the solution onto your lashes.. The fast working formula is gentle and non-stinging which helps prevent unnecessary tugging during make-up removal.

The gentle and non-stinging gel also contains lash conditioning ingredients as follows to nourish tips from root to tip.

Right now, i’ll start on the hands on session… Products used in helping me obtain bigger eyes will be

1) All the 3 Heroine Make’s Mascara
2) Heroine Make’s Eyeliner
3) Herione Make’s Eyelash Curler

I cannot live without eyeliner so this will be the first product to help me open up my eyes… Was using Heroine Make’s eyeliner previously and it is one of my HG.. As i have oily eyelids, this product is so long-lasting that it doesn’t smudge even when i don’t apply any eye primer prior application..

I find that the new formula is even more pigmented than the previous so i don’t need to ‘double coat’ to help me achieve an intense black look… Despite being long-lasting, it can be easily removed with any oil-based eye make up remover.

Next, i have to clamp my pointy straight lashes with the Heroine’s curler… Even the sponge is pink in color!!

I used all 3 different mascaras together to combine forces!

Step One: Long & Curl

My lashes are neither short nor long so i started off with extra length boost! With just one swipe of the mascara, the fiber made my lashes twice as long (i swear!!!)… I used it on my lower lashes as well and application is really a breeze due to the design of the wand (So there’s no staining on my lids)..

Step Two: Volume & Curl

So now my lashes are long, i added some volume to it by using the Volume & Curl Mascara.. Now my sparse and long lashes looks more balanced and thick… I’m surprised that my stubborn and pointy straight lashes are curled up! Even with two layers of mascara, it doesn’t weight my lashes down and there’s no clumps…

Step Three: Impact Frame & Curl

To complete my look, i applied one last layer of impact Frame & Curl Mascara.. This mascara is crazily pigmented so my lashes look intensively black! i like!!!! With 3 layers of mascara, i have really dolly eyes (as if i’m using falsies)..

To summarizes, all three mascaras have wand which allows easy application and helps prevent any mascara application… The texture isn’t too dry and runny so it dries up really fast… It is really long-lasting as i don’t experience any mascara melt-down despite not using any primer or base.. However, please be prepared that removal might be on the more difficult side due to the really long-lasting formula so i’ll suggest that you use their mascara remover first before you follow up by your regular eye makeup removal…

At the end of the event, i stole some pictures with other bloggers!

With the pretty sisters!!! I had fun trying the make-up with them!

Posing with Pretty Princess Elizabeth!

Saying Cheese with Both Chantana and Vivian!

Ending off with a group picture..

Before i go, Heroine hava just launched a simple Match & Win Photo Contest for you to play and win some prizes! Fret not as all the ‘before’ eye photos are anonymous.. Click here to join in the fun!

Heroine Make products are available at all major Watsons, Guardian, Sasa, Nishino and Meidi-ya.

Reveal your dolly side with Heroine Make!

Have a good Sunday everyone!

(Sponsored Review) Spinning around! – SaSatinnie 360 Rotating Mascara

I’m sure you have heard of Vibrating Mascara...

Do you know that vibrating mascara has now evolved to 360 Rotating Mascara???

Hereby presenting Sasatinnie

360˚ Electrifying Extreme Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara

Released recently in December 2011 and i’m honored to be given the chance to review this new product.
The brush not only it spins / rotates, this product promises to give me thick & long looking eye-lashes effortlessly.

This mascara is specially designed to fit into the busy schedule of today’s women; whether you are rushing for work in the morning or preparing for a big night out, this latest creation from Sasatinnie will ‘spin’ and provide fast and pretty fix.

The secret behind electrifying extreme lengthening and volumizing effect lies in its rotating brush. It will ensure comprehensive and even coverage for all lashes. In addition with every spin, the rotating motion will allow you to coat, lengthen and volumizes both top and bottom lashes 

The intense color-ed black mascara will also provides lashes with extreme water-proof and long lasting protection.. With zero smudges, there’s no need for touch up / worries about panda eyes.

Its non-clumpy formula will allow even application; with each coating, each lashes will be curled making it look voluminous.

So how does the unique wand with rotating brush works?

1) The brush will rotate 360˚ in both clockwise and anti clockwise direction. The cleverly designed 2-in-1 rotating brush head design will work on both top and bottom lashes

Different motions for different purposes – Its clockwise (upwards motion) will curl upper lashes and anti-clockwise (downwards motion) to spread out lower lashes.

2) There will be more even application to create longer looking lashes when compared to normal mascara application.

The rotating motion will ensure that the mascara gets coated on all lashes and separating them evenly.

I’ll often avoid applying mascara on the hard to reach short lashes at the corner of my eye as i will tend to smudge and ruin my eye-makeup.. No matter how nimble or careful my actions can be (NOTE: no big sweeping actions), i’ll still end up smearing mascara on my eyelids.

However, with this rotating brush i will not encounter this problem.

As the brush rotates at an optimal speed, it allows you to coat each lashes including those hard to reach lashes and short lashes swiftly.. You don’t have to move your hands so there isn’t a chance for you to ‘coat your eyelids accidentally’ (can you visualize what i’m trying to say? hahaha!)

  . In addition, the brush is perfectly created to suit Asian lashes which allows me to position and move the wand around my eye contours better…

The mascara wand has a single start/stop button makes it easy to use. To further enhance convenience, there is also no need to curl your lashes as the rotating brush head will gives you naturally curled lashes.

So how to use this mascara?

Remove mascara from packaging and there’s a small plastic strip between the cap and battery. Remove it.

Activate the brush by click on start/stop button. During application on upper or lower lashes, you can choose direction of the rotating brush head; each click changes the direction of the rotation.. Always make sure you are using it in the right direction and activate / deactivate the brush when necessary

This rotating brush is not encourage to be applied on dressed eyelashes as there’s a risk of lashes being drawn into brush. Battery (#LR1130 battery) life is 2 hrs and will power off within 90 sec

First click of the button will enable the brush to rotate in the clockwise rotation direction. Use this clockwise rotation for your upper lashes. Position the brush head at the upper lash line and move the brush upwards. You can repeat this step if you want a better effect.

To change the direction to anti-clock wise, press the button again to stop the rotating movement. Position the brush head at the lower lash line, and press the button to start the rotating movement. This will result in an anti-clockwise rotation and move the brush downwards from lower lash line and repeat application for better effect.

My VerdictSaSatinnie 360 Rotating Mascara

Weight and packaging of product – It contains 8.5g of mascara so it is value for money. The container is in black glossy finish so it is quite prone to scratches.. The handle of the brush is long enough which allows stable grab and hold.Texture and color- The black color is intensively black and i really love it as it will give my lashes dramatic results. This mascara is slightly on the wetter side so it might take slightly longer time to dry. Personally i’ll prefer my mascara to be slightly wetter as it is easier to apply on my lashes.. Even if it is wet, there won’t be any smudges as the rotating brush will get the product onto your lashes evenly.. As long as you don’t blink, there won’t be any smudges on your eye areas.

Issues pertaining to clumps- Below picture show two coats of mascara (upper lashes) and one coat for the lower. As you can see, there aren’t many clumps so you can apply more than a layer to achieve better effects.

Ease of use: The rotating motion makes application so fun and easy.. I just have to ensure that the correct direction is being used and i can get very nice lashes…  Also, there’s no need to hold on to the button as brush is fully automated. The short bristles on the brush are able to comb and separate well to give me even application.. What more can i ask for? 🙂

Lengthening and Volumizing effect-  As you can see from my pictures, my upper / lower lashes look really long and dense.  There’s no need for me to use a base with fiber to achieve better and dolly effects…

Lasting and Curling Power – The photo below is taken at the end of the day (at about 6 plus in the evening); my lashes stay curly and dolly even after 10 hours… Lasting power of the mascara is relatively good (I have oily lids to begin with) as i don’t see much smudges on the lower eye area.

Ease of removal – As mascara is highly water-proof, you might need to use an eye make-up removal to clean it off thoroughly..

Will rate this mascara 4/5 (minus 1 for the price factor)..

Do get it if you want an innovative and fun way to apply your mascara.

SaSatinnie 360 Rotating Mascara is available exclusively at Sa Sa Cosmetic @ $35.90