L’Oreal Men Expert’s revolutionary new products – The Volcano Red Foam Acne Deep Clear Solution & Hydra-Energetic Quench Max Ultra Hydration

L’Oreal Men Expert has launched revolutionary new products in June and has invited both my hubby and myself to the pre-launch event.. But sad to say that we cannot make it but Sharon was really thoughtful to send him the products for review…

Introducing the L’oreal Men Expert Volcano Red Foam Acne Deep Clear Solution and Hydra-Energetic Quench Max Ultra Hydration which addresses oily / acne-prone skin concern!


Volcano Red Foam Acne Deep Clear Solution (picture from Loreal’s fb)


Hydra-Energetic Quench Max Ultra Hydration

Hands up if your Boyfriend / Brother / Husband is using your skincare products and he is complaining that it isn’t working for him. My husband used to say that my skincare products (esp facial wash / scrub) causes him to breakout and this is the reason why he is steering clear of them. The reason behind is that Men’s skin will differ from Female’s skin as it will be thicker and tougher (due to higher amount of Male Hormones- Androgen). Sebum secretion for Male will also be greater due to Androgen and hence skin will be oilier and acne will be longer lasting as well.Hence to better address male skin concerns, it is better for them to use skin care that’s formulated for the male!

New introduction to the L’Oréal Men Expert Pure & Matte range, which is formulated for oily skin / acne prone skin, the L’oreal Men Expert Volcano Red Foam Acne Deep Clear Solution and Hydra-Energetic Quench Max Ultra Hydration will unleash acne-fighting force to fight against excessive oil and imperfection.

Guys, If you have acne / pimples problem which refuses to go away, it might be aggravated by excess sebum, dirt accumulated in the pores.. L’Oreal has made it possible for you to harness on the purging power of volcanic minerals to eliminate this skin issue! The Men Expert Pure & Matte Volcano Red Foam contains pure Volcano Red Foam Volcanic Mineral Extract to penetrates pores to remove dirt and 97% of oil for fresh, comfortable matte skin all day long.

Volcanic extract Well-known for its rich mineral content and excellent absorptive power.  Thus, it is effective at alleviating skin and pore problems; deeply purge pores by capturing and removing oil + impurities to make skin pure! The Men Expert Pure & Matte Volcano Red Foam is clinically proven to dries out pimples and prevent recurrence. With each wash, it removes 97% of oil which are the main culprit of pimples. Pimples happen when pores got infected as it have been clogged by dead skin cells stuck in excess sebum, which is produced by overactive oil glands.

Beside using volcanic mineral extract, the cleanser also fights acne using Salicylic Acid to clear skin of acne causing bacteria. At the same time, it treats existing pimples, remove root cause of acne and prevent acne from recurring.. After removing acne causing bacterial, Peppermint Extract as part of the ingredients will calm, soothe and provide immediate relief of redness and itchiness caused by acne.

This is our first time seeing a cleanser which is RED in color and it will turn white when you lather it with water.

Upon lathering, the cleanser works into a rich creamy texture instantly and it goes on smoothly to deep cleanse. My hubby was put off by the smell of the cleanser which i also agreed that the scent is unpleasant. He has oily skin and he felt that the cleanser cleanse well without drying his skin. It also can be rinsed off quickly to leave a clean & refreshing smooth feel (minus skin tightness). Overall, he felt that the cleanser is convenient to use, gentle on skin but yet it did a good job cleansing.

To make sure that the skin stays Matt for longer – Guys, you should apply the Hydra-Energetic Quench Max Ultra Hydration to keep skin moisturized and balanced! Many guys have this misconception that moisturizer will make skin oilier and there is no need to use one due to the humid + hot climate in Singapore. My hubby can even tell me that moisturizer is only needed when weather is very dry (like during winter)! -_-

The fact is when skin is dehydrated, the skin will secrete more sebum as usual to compensate for the lack of moisture! Hence, using moisturizer leads to oilier skin is just a myth as it is dehydrated skin that causes skin to be oily and more prone to acne!

To prevent skin from ‘suffocating’ and losing hydration in Singapore’s hot weather, the Hydra-Energetic Quench Max Ultra Hydration made use of a revolutionary technology (known as Skin Air-Conditioning System) that combines French Deep Sea Water with mattifying agents to supply skin with an instant icy-feeling and deep hydration.

The Hydra-Energetic Quench Max Ultra Hydration has an ultra-lightweight formula to give you comfortably, refreshing and well moisturized skin all day long. The Skin Air-Conditioning System will instantly give skin an ‘ Icy effect’ while it works to hydrates skin which neutralizes oil and sweat. Rich in minerals with French deep-sea water + Oil and sweat absorbing actives, skin stays cool and matte even in the hot weather!

The Hydra-Energetic Quench Max Ultra Hydration has a nice aqua hue and it has a transparent gel texture.

I have to coax my hubby into using the moisturizer a try as he has a ‘moisturizer is redundant’ policy.. Upon application, he said that there is a refreshing icy cold feeling which he thinks is too icy to his liking… But he said that it will be good on days when the weather is really hot and he needs something to calm his skin down… As for texture wise, he is surprised to ‘feel’ that it isn’t heavy on skin and can be easily absorbed without greasiness / sickness. It also leaves his skin looking matt without any film left behind for a dry touch feel. He also added that his skin is feeling less greasy during mid day after applying the moisturizer.. 🙂

Although he still feels that he don’t need to use a moisturizer daily (only when skin is flaky and dry), i’m glad that the Hydra-Energetic Quench Max Ultra Hydration did change his perceptive of moisturizer being too rich in our hot and humid climate.

Matt surface after application!

L’oreal Men Expert Volcano Red Foam Acne Deep Clear Solution and Hydra-Energetic Quench Max Ultra Hydration retails at $10.90 and $23.90 respectively.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend ahead! 🙂

(Review) Curél Moisture Face Milk

I’m nursing a migraine currently and trying hard to distract myself from the discomfort with blogging.. 😦

Anyway, i was looking for a moisturizer urgently as my Babor’s one ran out and i needed one till the new one comes in… Decided to check with Vivian as she has sensitive / pimples prone skin as well and she recommended me Curél Moisture Face Milk..

Did a check online and Curél (by KAO) will work best on normal, combination and sensitive skin… Tried and tested on many, the product range have helped many to improve dry, dehydrated and flaky skin issue significantly with just 2 weeks usage* ..

KAO has discovered that our skin has a barrier function and it has a protection function to prevent harmful irritants from external environment from entering the body through the skin… At the same time, it also prevent moisture loss from our body..

In the skin’s barrier function, Ceramide is one of the most important factors within… Ceramide is able to bind itself with water molecules and hold these water molecules. Therefore, when we do not have sufficient ceramide in the barrier function, the skin is unable to retain water effectively. Water will evaporates easily and skin becomes dry this leading to skin problems..

When skin’s barrier function becomes weak due to insufficient ceramide, skin problems caused by external irritation such as perspiration or pollution will occur very easily. Overtime, it will lead to skin sensitivity and people with sensitive skin will be very vulnerable to slightest environment change or external elements.

Therefore, Curel products will work towards replacing and restoring the lost ceramides within the skin’s barrier function.. When skin has a strong barrier function, skin will appears to be more nourished and texture will be improved..

Curel products products contain synthetic pseudo-ceramide which is highly effective and safe to use for all skin types, including dry and sensitive skin with dermatitis symptoms. These synthetic pseudo-ceramide are highly hydrating ingredient and will work to protect and supply the skin with moisture.. As such, the barrier function will be restored and therefore prevent the skin from the harm of environmental change.

Packaging is in a 120ml pump bottle, this moisturizer is suitable to be used daily and it contains no fragrance and coloring.. All Curél products are dermatological developed so it is are mild and safe to use on even the most sensitive skin.

The face milk contains ceramide functioning ingredient and eucalyptus extract which will penetrate deep into the stratum corneum… As such, skin stays soft, hydrated and protected against external irritation. It also helps to improve skin’s natural barrier function, soothe and prevent skin from drying.

With regular use, this light texture daily face moisturizer with Eucalyptus Essence with anti-inflammatory ingredients will re-hydrate, calm, protect and prevent skin dryness..

Easily absorbed into skin to leave a moisturized, comfortable feeling. The moisture face milk has a milky watery-texture which allows me to spread it easily across my face.. I’ll use 1.5 pumps for my face and twice daily.. Upon application, the face milk is able to penetrate fast into my skin without leaving behind a greasy / sticky layer.. Once it is fully absorbed, skin feels soft, light and smooth to the touch..

Very light texture.

Already using the product for 2 weeks and i have to say that i’m really pleased with it.. Not only that it calms my sensitive skin as i did not observe any reddish and itchy skin after application.. Instead, skin looks smoother and softer… Because it is so light-weighted, i realized that the amount of clogged pores also reduced.. Will highly recommend this moisturizer if you are looking for one suitable for sensitive skin and something that’s affordable (It is retailing at $30 plus, i cannot remember the exact amount)… Only complain will be the availability of this product as the Curel range is only available at selected Watson and Guardian.. I bought mine in Guardian @ Nex but i saw it in both Watson / Guardian in Ngee Ann City..

Absorbed fast into skin and skin stays matt..

Thanks for reading and Happy Diwali to all that are celebrating! 🙂

(Sponsored Review) Zap those acne / pimples with Eucerin!

Was browsing through some photos which i stored in my hard disk…
Curiosity kills the cat and to my horror i chanced upon two photos taken last year….BRACE YOURSELF!!!.

EEKKKSSS!!! See the amount of clogged pores / pimples / Acne on my face????

These monsters invaded my face last year due to massive stress @ work + school….
During the period which i suffered from bad breakouts, it really made me very depressed…
I really felt damn uncomfortable in that state and all my self-confidence just went missing…
All i wanted was to hide at home as i felt damn unattractive and obviously my quality of life immensely diminished.

Ok, enough of my self-pity…

I’m so glad that 98% of my acne cleared up after medication so there are only acne marks to battle now…
My skin might not be perfect to you but i am happy with the results..

Like i have mentioned earlier, i will not take things for granted and will take care of my skin…
Of course, proper removal of make-up will be the first step but daily maintenance is important as well..
I’ll need an effective yet gentle product to combat all the root causes of acne..
Thesamplestore and Eucerin have sent me some of their latest products which will pamper my sensitive / acne prone skin…

Personally i have tried Eucerin products during my Polytechnic days (Which is about 8 years ago) and i love the results.. But i’m someone who cannot stick to a particular brand and always love to experiment with new products..

I’m glad that i have this chance to review their new products after 8 years.. 🙂

Do you know that Eucerin’s DermoPURIFYER fights all 4 factors of Acne!

Eucerin Skin Research worked closely together with dermatologists when developing the new skin care line and accounted for dermatological demands in this modern skin care line.

A little overview about Eucerin – Being an innovative skin care line against acne, it is dedicated to constantly research and produce up-to-date and effective dermatological skincare products for the benefit of consumers. Its research centre, Beiersdorf AG Research Centre is the largest and most modern research centre in Germany. With more than 650 international scientists deployed to Eucerin’s product development and innovation, products are of highest quality..

Through years of extensive research, Eucerin has discovered that there are four factors which contributes to acne:

1. Cornification at the opening of the sebaceous-gland follicle (Hyperkeratosis)

2. Excess sebum production (Seborrhoea),

3. Proliferation of acne bacteria (Proionibacterium acnes);

4. Inflammation.

Therefore depending on individual symptoms, there will be various degrees of severity- blemished skin to full-blown acne.

Due to the severity and different root causes, different individuals suffering from acne will have different skin needs. Hence, varying symptoms of acne respond differently to different active ingredients so products that work for my friends doesn’t mean that it will work for me.

But now with Eucerin DermoPURIFYER skin care line, all four factors of acne are taken into account. The product line (consists of 7 products) contains a combination of the active ingredients (latic acid, L-carnitine, decandiol and licochalcone A) which provides for different needs.

Facts FYI!!

Lactic acid has a keratolytic and comedolytic action. As it is able to dissolve thickened epidermal cells and comedones caused by acne, it addresses the first factor of blemished skin and promotes better flow of sebum. At the same time, it allows better penetration of the other ingredients and contains NMFs (natural moisturizing factors) which provide skin with better hydration.

L-carnitine promotes the uptake of fatty acids in the mitochondria and regulates the production of sebum by converting them into energy. Thus, the fatty acids won’t be converted into sebum so there will be lesser sebum.

Decandiol has excellent antimicrobial properties, especially against Propionibacterium acnes: the proliferation rate of the acne bacterium will be reduced significantly. At the same time, the active ingredient provides moisture to the skin.

Licochalcone A, plant-derived active ingredient has a skin soothing and antibacterial effect. This natural antioxidant also protects skin cells against environmental stress by neutralizing UV-induced free radicals.
With these synergy created by the active ingredients, Eucerin DermoPURIFYER products will provide the basis for improving blemished skin and acne. Clinical studies have shown that after 4 to 12 weeks of consistently and appropriate use of the products, testers have significant improvements in their skin health.

Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Skin Care Line
As mentioned, there are seven different products that will provide users with cleansing, toning, care and correcting needs.  All products in the DermoPURIFYER System Care line are compatible with all commonly used acne medication and suitable for combination / oily / blemished / Acne-Prone Skin.
For your Cleansing and Toning needs

The 3 products as above will provide your skin with the basic needs… But of course, human beings will always demand for better results so you can choose to use their care and correcting products to accelerate the battle with visible symptoms of acne.. I shall tell you more about these care and correcting products.. 🙂

Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Active Night Care (50ml) @ $25.90

Formulated with an innovative Follicle Active System, this night care enables all four factors of blemished skin to be addressed effectively. This gentle night care will activates the skin’s own regenerative capability and supply skin with lactic acid continuously while you sleep. At the same time, it will promote better flow of serum while it dissolves cornified skin.

My Verdict

This night care is my personal favorite and it acts as a moisturizer to hydrate your skin while you sleep. Always dislike using night cream as it is often thick and creamy (always think that my skin cannot breathe properly). This night care changed my perspective and the creamy-gel texture feels so light / non-greasy on my skin. When fully absorbed, skin feels soft and there’s isn’t any oily film left behind. However, there’s a slight medicated smell but it is special formulated to be used with common acne medication. The next morning, my skin is still relatively matt so i concluded that the oil control factor is good… 

For best result, use it with Eucerin Cleanser…For Day care, replace it with Eucerin Hydrating care.

Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Hydrating Care (50ml) @ $25.90

I cannot stress enough on how important it is to keep your skin hydrated so do remember to drink more water and apply the right hydrator.. Eucerin Hydrating care which is light-weighted, oil free and fragrance free will regulate any disrupted skin functions which providing skin with needed moisture.. The cream gel effectively reduces skin blemishes and prevents new ones from forming. After application, skin will be more refreshed and relaxed. After 3 weeks, skin will be smoother, healthier and clearer.

My Verdict

The packaging (Pump & Dispense bottle) reminds me of VIchy’s moisturizer and i love the fuss-free dispensing… Texture wise – It is gel-base and feels light on my skin…  Although it stated that it is fragrance free, it smells a little medicated / plasticy… Not a big issue since the smell will goes off after sometime…The gel gets easily absorbed into the skin and leave behind a Matt finish (so it actually work as a makeup base too)..  There’s no SPF so remember to apply your sun block before your make up application… Have been using this hydrator every morning (for about 5 days) and there is no clogged pores (since it is Non-comedogenic).

Personally, i will prefer Vichy’s moisturizer over this as Vichy’s will leave my skin soft and velvety after application. Oil control factor for both are about the same and my skin will only get oily after lunch.. i have some red patches due to the fruit acid serum that i am currently using.. After using this hydrator, i noticed that the red patches are less obvious and there’s no sight of peeling (which means that this hydrator calms and soothes my skin).

For better results, Use it with Eucerin Cleanser and Active night care..

Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Active Concentrate (30ml) @ $29.90

Concentrate / Serum – whichever you want to call it; this product provides the final touch by acting as a booster to further enhance the performance of the products applied earlier.  This refreshing serum enhance the fight to remove all four factors of acne by gently dissolves cornified skin with lactic acid, improves sebum’s flow, regulates, refines and clarifies skin. It also prevent the blemishes from forming which improves skin’s health.

My Verdict

Used this serum after the Eurcerin hydrator in order to accelerate the performance of products used earlier on… But i must confess that i only use it on my T-zone area as i don’t wish to pile so much products on my very sensitive face.. The serum has a gel base and it is quite watery.. Upon application, It seems a little too oily to my liking so be careful not to over-apply…  But once my skin fully absorbs it, it leaves a silky finish and there’s no heavy feeling left behind. There’s a slight medicated scent and you can choose to use it either in the morning or evening.

Together with the hydrator, it calms the red patches around my nose area.. These sensitive areas are less ‘angry looking’ and it is more hydrated (as normally i will have flaking skin on these sensitive areas).

For better results, Use it with Eucerin Cleanser and Hydrator.

If you are looking for an affordable concealer which heals while it conceals, Eucerin has one in the DermoPURIFYER range. I was using this concealer before i changed to MAC which has a better coverage for my brown marks… No complaint about this concealer as it is rather long-lasting, covers relatively well and it glides on smoothly…

The Eucerin DermoPURIFYER range is available at:

1) Leading pharmacies (Guardian, Watsons, Unity)

2) Hospital Retail Pharmacies 

3) National Skin Centre.

Alternatively, if you wish to try out these products before purchasing the full retail size set, you can redeem your FREE Eucerin Oil Control Sample set and a $3 voucher here.

Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Skin Care Line
Your key to
better quality of life and well-being!!

L’Oreal Paris Revitalift White Launch :)

Ever heard of this phrase?
在這個世界上, 沒有醜女人但懶女人.

(There’s no ugly woman but lazy ones)
But due to our hectic schedule, we cannot help but be lazy?

It’s just so hard to look good and maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life.
Often, i’ll wonder about how celebrities can manage to look so good despite being so busy..
One good example will be Hebe Tien (田馥甄) – Singer, actress and host.
I’m sure she’s no stranger to everyone…
Despite being in the showbiz for many years and is passionate about performance and song writing; Hebe still oozes youth and energy that keep her fans endeared.

Also because of her charisma, independence and self-confidence, L’Oreal Paris has chosen her to be the new Asian spokesperson to inspire women to work towards what they want.

Due to her really busy schedule, Hebe has this philosophy of keeping things simple..

Want to know the secret behind her youthful skin?

The secret lies behind one of the product range – theL’Oreal Paris Revitalift Whitewhich simplifies any complicated skincare regime.

One product which she really loves will be the L’Oreal Paris Revitalite white day cream which combats the 1st signs of ageing and targets 15 skin problems.

I’m glad that i am given this opportunity to attend the Revitalift White Launch last week.
Million thanks to June who brought me along..

Here we are at L’Oreal Academie’s Office @ Beach Road.


Revitalift White
15 Signs of Ageing, 1 Solution.

A Multi-tasking Solution for Busy, Time-Pressured Women in their mid 20s

Research has been carried out on 40 women who used Revitalift White Day Cream for eight weeks. Results have shown that 100% saw reduction in fine lines and 93% saw clearer + fairer skin.

No wonder this is Hebe’s star product..


Many of you actually will think that our skin will only age only when we are 35 but sad to say that this is a wrong conception. Did you know that due to harsh environmental attribution coupled with high stress level will actually cause our skin to age prematurely in our mid 20s. 

If you are in your mid 20s and are experiencing tell-signs of ageing, don’t fret!! 


L’Oreal understands your concern and this is why they have developed the Revitalift White series which caters to the younger generation. Revitalift White series is customised for ladies n their mid 20s who wants to fight any first signs of aging and yet don’t wish to be using anti-aging products (which is too rich and intensive for their skin).
As we lead an active and hectic life-style, this all-in-one solution will address the following 15 key signs of
ageing in just one single step..

1) Reduces Dark spots
2) Firming of skin
3) Smoothens skin
4) Reduces fine lines
5) Evens out skin tone
6) Lightens skin tone
7) Improving suppleness  
8)  UV rays protection. 
9) Enhances luminosity
10) Reduces wrinkles
11) Brightens complexion 
12) Softens skin
13) Boosts radiance 
14) Hydrates skin 
15) Fights signs of ageing

Why is it effective? These are the ingredients which enhance results:

Pro-Retinol A to prevents Premature Ageing.

Promotes cell renewal so there will be reduce in  wrinkles and fine line. In addition, it will thicken skin’s epidermis so that your complexion will be soft, smooth and supple.

Vitamin B3 which leaves skin fairer, translucent and more radiant. 

Reduces and evens out patchy skin tones by lightening brown spots or pigmentation. 
It also inhibits the transfer of skin-darkening melanin to skin cells.

Shea Butter helps with Hydration. 

It retains skin’s moisture and improves the lipid barrier in your skin, thus leaving skin soft and glowing

After the presentation, we have a mini contest.. It’s mirror decoration time!! 

Hardworking Vivian @ work..

This is her baby sis Valerie and they really look alike..(Pardon me for the blur shot.. Arghh my shaky hands)

My Master Piece…

Always like my things girly hence i’ve used hearts, ribbons and flowers as part of the decoration..
Pardon the dirty looking mirror due to glue residue.

It’s Voting Time..
Each and everyone of us are given a chance to vote for our favourite mirror..
Guess what?
I’m one of the 5 winners….

Thank you L’Oreal for this goodies bag

1) Revitalift White Day Cream SPF 18 (Full Size)
2) Revitalift white Essence (Full Size)
3) Gentle Lip & Eye Make-up remover (Full Size)
4) Sample size Revitalift Day Cream x 3
5) White Perfect Micro-Vibration 3 in 1 Eye Brightener (Prize from the Mirror decoration contest)

My Verdict for the Revitalift White Day Cream

Personally, anti-ageing products give me the impression that it will be rich and heavy on the skin. Moreover, my beautician has warned me to steer clear of moisturizer that is creamy as they will tend to clog my pores (I have combination skin to begin with).

To be frank, i’m a little skeptical to review this cream as i am afraid that it will clog my ‘always seem to be congested pores’.  My skin (as fussy as my character) will go on strike if it doesn’t like the product – clogged pores / acne will surface the next day..

The day cream looks thick so to be on the safe side, i applied a very thin layer.. The cream has a very nice scent and it feels silky on my skin. It glides on my skin easily and the formula allows fast absorption

Despite being creamy, it doesn’t leave my skin feeling heavy and oily. After patting it into my skin, i observed that it leaves a slight pearl finish which helps to brighten my dull skin. Best thing of all, i did not have any outbreak the next day.. Phew!!!

Since this product only contains SPF 18 protection, please make sure that you follow up by applying your usual sunblock.. SPF 18 is not sufficient to shield your skin from all the harmful rays esp if you are someone active.. 

**P/S: i will review the essence another time as i’m only allowed to use cleanser, toner, fruit acid essence and moisturizer currently (Strictly instructed by my doctor.. haha!)

Where to Buy?

Revitalift White Day Cream SPF 18 RSP: $27.90 for 50ml

Revitalift white Essence RSP: $34.90 for 30ml

Retails in Watsons, Guardian, SASA, Selected Departmental store, Supermarkets and Hypermarkets

Also, there’s a promotion going on at AMK Hub and also stand a chance to win a trip to Taiwan..

Now you can be lazy and still look good effortlessly with Revitalift White…

Thank you for reading..
Till then!

(Sponsored Review) ‘Water’ is good for your Skin (Dr Jart+ Most Moist Water Sure Gel)

Finally came to the end of the review of the four Dr Jart + Most Moist products..Had a good time testing as i’m really in love with most of the items..
Especially the BB cream and skin mist… 🙂

Let’s do a recap..

Dr Jart+ Most Moist Skin Mist (Toner)

  Dr Jart+ Most Moist Sleeping Mask

Dr Jart+ Most Moist Waterfuse BB Cream

Today i’ll be touching on the last item which is the Dr Jart + Most Moist Water-Sure Gel

Beside drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily to keep your body + skin to healthy; it is important to use a good moisturizer as well.. As many of us will be in an air-conditioned environment daily, skin will suffer as such. Remember to allow your skin to ‘drink’ sufficient water (moisturize) to maintain supple skin even in harsh environments.

Dr Jart + Most Moist Water-Sure Gel


1) Gel cream that is oil-free

2) Provides Strong moisture retention and forms a Protective layer

3) Lifts & firms skin

4) Four free system of preservative-free, alcohol-free, fragrance-free and pigment- free

5) Protects the skin with “Lactobacilius peptide(natural preservative extracted from Kimchi)

6) Hyaluronic acid and Moisture Keep 24 complex helps maintain moisture balance of the skin by reducing moisture loss + helps with retention..

50g in a pretty plastic see-thru tub.. 🙂

I don’t like the packaging as i dislike the idea of dipping my fingers in to scoop out the content. Therefore, for hygiene purposes, use the spatula provided.

My Verdict:

Gel-creamy base which will feel watery when you applied it across your face. Do note that applying a thin layer will do, if not it won’t get absorbed into your skin completely.

I’m sure that you do not want any sticky after-feel right?

Upon absorption, i noticed that this moisturizer does not leave a Matt finish.

Personally, i don’t like this glossy film as it will make my enormous pores look even more obvious.
After using this for 3 days, i actually developed a pimple despite it being oil-free. As i’m medication, the possibility of pimples attacking face is low. I did not use any new product while i’m reviewing this moisturizer so this might be too rich for my skin. Despite this, the hydration level is good as my skin is much softer the next morning.. Make-up is also less patchy and skin is less oily as my problematic skin will be an oil well if it is ‘thirsty’.

Will recommend this if you have normal / dry skin which needs the extra moisture boost. 🙂

With Dr Jart+ Most Moist products, you can bid good-bye to dry and flaky skin!