Cookies & Cream Hair Spa | Signature Cookie Dough Rub

Hello everyone! I’m back from my vacation and i will share more on my trip soon! The trip was great and the only sad thing was that our camera malfunctioned (AGAIN)! This will be the first and last time we will buy something from Fujifilm. The camera is only 10 months old and this is the 2nd time that it broke down despite us taking good care of it (Lens issue again! Well done Fujifilm!) Not to mention, the after sale service is poor and repair time is long as well! Certainty not looking forward to visit the service center as i am still feeling so upset about it! In the meantime, i can only rely on my phone to take pictures… 😦

Alright! Let’s not side track and i’m here to share more about the hair spa treat that my hubby & myself have experienced a few weeks back! Million Thanks to Streetdirectory and Cookies & Cream Hair Spa for organizing this ‘couple-bonding hair spa’ day. 🙂

Located along Coronation Arcade (nearest MRT will be Botanic Garden), Cookies & Cream Hair Spa is a quirky hair spa with a ‘yummy’ name.. Since its opening three years ago, Cookies & Creme hair spa has been concocting interesting treatments for its customers. The hair spa specializes in scalp care and hair spa treatments, together with head, neck and shoulder massages. If you also require some hair dressing services, Cookies & Cream will also be able to deliver cuts, colouring, perming and styling services.

Cookies & Creme hair spa menu of services include Hair spa with massages, Hair conditioning treatments, Hair repair treatments, Scalp treatments (oily scalp, dandruff and sensitive), Hair fall treatments and Hairdressing treatments (cuts, colouring, perming and styling). 

Upon entering the bright and cheery-looking shop, we were instantly welcomed by the friendly owner Jennifer Tan. While i was busy snapping some pictures, Jennifer kept my hubby entertained and answering his many questions! I love how people oriented Jennifer and that she wants customers to relax & enjoy the best services.

The salon is very clean, spacious with beautiful & comfortable interior furnishing and decorations. Equipped with the warm hospitality from Jennifer, you will be able to unwind completely and enjoy the services fully.

With its extensive menu of hair spa treatments, we were pretty much spoil for choice and cannot decide which Spa treatment to indulge in.. After checking on our hair concern and needs (mine is dry hair ends while Hubby wants something with a nice shoulder massage), Jennifer recommended the signature treatment – Signature Cookie Dough Rub. This star treatment, includes hair conditioning treatment plus relaxing head, neck and shoulder massage, rolled into one treat.. This 2-in-1 treatment will be great for hair conditioning/repair and help to relax tense muscles.

The Signature Cookie Dough Rub has been popular with customers and has won the “Best Hair Treatment” award in Singapore Women’s Weekly magazine’s annual Best in Beauty & Spa Awards for two consecutive years from 2010.

Cookies & Creme hair spa also gives customers the flexibility of choosing whether to just focus on their hair or get the full works. If the treatments you want does not include the shoulder / neck /  head massage, you can request for a 15 to 30 minute massage session separately.

To get things started, we were ushered to a changing area and to lock up our belongings. Because there’s shoulder / neck massage, we had to change into sarongs (for ladies) and cotton shirt (for the guys) as aromatic oils will be used.

The Signature Cookie Dough Rub (60 mins @$55) also includes Hair Wash and Blow. A Good Hair Wash is one that’s carefully done with the right techniques like what Jennifer had demonstrated. 🙂

Firstly, she rinsed my hair with lukewarm water and checked if the temperature was ok for me. To prevent entangled hair ends, she thoroughly separated my hair strands before rubbing her hands with shampoo and applied it to my scalp. After which, she worked the shampoo gently downwards while massaging my scalp gently. This is a big plus point for me as i always dislike to when people use their finger nails on my scalp while doing massaging (Not only it hurts but it will also upset my scalp). After rinsing away the shampoo, she applied an ample amount of conditioner from the middle to the end of my hair. After leaving the conditioner on for 1-2 mins, she rinsed my hair thoroughly in cold water as this will seal in moisture and prevent scalp from turning oily fast.

After drying our hair gently with a soft towel, both Jennifer and her staff applied a generous amount of hair cream mask onto our hair. Jennifer told us that the conditioning cream is made up of aloe vera and natural ingredients and is good for treating dry ends. The next 15 minutes was pure relaxation as our scalp were gently massaged to knead away any tension or headaches.

As i was having a throbbing headache, Jennifer did a tension headache massage to help ease the discomfort. She also taught my hubby on the massage technique so that he can do it for me at home. So sweet of Jennifer! 🙂

After 15 mins of hair pampering, our neck and shoulder were given a good massage using aromatic oils. Despite the fact that i dislike massage as it is often ticklish and painful, Jenniferwas gentle yet effective at loosening my tight muscles.. It was so comfortable that my hubby fell asleep. As the services are highly flexible, you can opt for a longer sessions of 90 minutes at $79 to better pamper yourself.

Once done, a hot towel were wrapped around our shoulder to ‘soak-up’ excessive oil so that you will not walk out of the salon with oily sensation!

To further condition dry hair ends and to ensure maximum effectiveness, my tresses were steamed for 10 mins.. Jennifer also did a check to ensure that the steam wasn’t too hot for me. After a final wash and blow dry and i’m good to go..

This is our first encounter with a hair spa salon that specializes purely in hair spa / massage treatment under one roof! Overall, we are really pleased with the simple, effective and pocket friendly Hair Spa Treatment. After the rejuvenating 1 hour treatment, we left happily with clean scalp, softer, smoother & well moisturized hair and lighter shoulders + neck! Cookies & Creme Hair Spa did an excellent job in providing a host of flexible options for customers, each suitable for different needs, concerns and budgets. What’s more, the hairspa also offers nail services for complete head to toe pampering.  While you are treating your tresses and getting rid of knots and tension from your shoulder, you can also enjoy a leg scrub or hand spa.. Moreover, this is a place which is so people oriented as Jennifer is also on a constant lookout for new ideas to pamper customer and keep things refreshing. Most important, there will not be any hard selling so you won’t be pressurized into buying anything

Besides the star treatment, here are some other treatments which are popular as well:

Cookies Bites hair spa is a 45 minute treat at just $40 which is evolved from Signature Cookie Dough Rub. All thanks to one of their regular customers, who wanted just a pure head and neck massage without having to change into their in-house “sarong” wraps. This treatment will give you a good and re-energizing head massage, fuss-free!

Mighty Mineral Mask – 60 mins @$50

There’s nothing murky about this treatment except for the deep shade of moss-green of the mineral mask. Chock-a-block with deep-sea minerals, this hair mask treat packs a mighty punch as it restores the shine to your tresses. There is less scalp massaging with this treat as it is designed to fix damaged or lacklustre hair. The steaming process is also longer, ranging from 20-30 minutes, depending on a customer’s hair issues. This under-the-sea delight is a favourite with customers who need the repair and regular maintenance, without burning a hole in their pockets.

Anti-aging hair-fall control treatment – 50 mins @$90

Many ladies face hair fall issues at some point in their lives. Whether it’s triggered by hormonal changes, dietary or lifestyle choices, they will experience a fistful of loose strands. If properly managed, this need not be an alarming problem. And we usually advise customers to do preventive treatments before it becomes a full-blown problem.

The anti-aging treatment requires regular maintenance. Customers see improvements in their scalp health after 2-3 regular sessions. We start the treatment with a deep cleanse shampoo to remove product build-up and oil and follow on with the hair fall control shampoo. This second shampoo helps to strengthen your hair’s roots. A serum is added and left on for about 10 minutes. We usually provide a gentle massage to help better penetration of the serum. The final steps are to add a hair growth ampoule to stimulate new hair growth and a foamy emulsion to seal in the goodness. Usually after a trial, the hair appears fuller but this is not a magical treatment which solves all your hair fall issues at once and 2 or more sessions are needed to see a fuller effect.

Before i go, do check out some of the promotions that Cookies & Creme Hair Spa is currently having… You can also click on this link to see all the services that Cookies & Creme Hair Spa has to offer.

Now here’s something exclusive for my readers:

You can now enjoy the 60 mins Signature Cookie Dough Rub  @ $40 (U.P. $60). Simply call them at 6466-0072 and quote my blog (Jermaineee) when you are making your appointment. Do note that this offer is valid for first time customers. Do check out for more information on the services available and i hope you will love the treatment as much as we do!


Cookies & Creme Hair Spa

5 Coronation Road
#01-01 Coronation Arcade
Singapore 269406
Tel: 6466 0072

Operating Hours

Monday to Sat (11 am to 7 pm)
Last appointment at 6.30pm

* Disclaimer: Products Descriptions & information are extracted from Cookies & Creme Hair Spa’s website / Presskit

My Gelish Manicure & Pedicure experience @ Nail Tavern!

Last Week, Street Directory invited me for a Gel Manicure & Pedicure over at Nail Tavern which is located at a stone’s throw away from my parents’ place in Bedok! I have always prefer going to neighborhood salon as i feel that it is not so commercialize (hence services will be more personalized & pocket friendly)

At Nail Tavern, customer’s satisfaction will be their main priority and you will be well taken care by their warm,  friendly and experience manicurists. Nail Tavern provides a wide range of services that include spa treatments, gelish manicure, paraffin wax, waxing and so on. Nail Tavern operates on a 7 days basis, even on Public Holidays! Operating hours are from 11 am to 8 pm from Monday – Friday and 9.30 am to 7.30 pm from Saturday – Sunday + public holidays.

Upon stepping in, I was given a warm welcome by Irene (the owner of Nail Tavern).  I knew i was in for a nice pampering treat as the nail salon has a ‘spa-like’ ambiance – Modern and lush furnishing with earthly tones, completed with warm lighting and the soothing scent of lemon grass aroma oil. The size of the nail salon is also big and the manicure/pedicure area is fitted with a tinted grass panel so as to provide customers with more privacy during the pampering session.

Over at Nail Tavern, only quality nail lacquer such as OPI, China Glaze, Morgan Taylor, Magneto, Jacquline Burchell are being used for your gelish / normal manicure and pedicure. In total, there’s over 300 colors to suit different wants, requirements and needs.


China Glaze

Morgan Taylor

Jacquline Burchell


Array of Colors!

This was the first time i’m seeing a nail salon using self-designed hand towels embodied with the shop’s name… Something personalized, different and unique!

Besides using quality nail lacquer, Nail Tavern also uses La Palm Spa Products from the US. La Palm Products are of professional quality products made from pure and enhancing ingredients. For my hands, the nice smelling La Palm Mango Massage Lotion was being used to pamper them. Containing Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, it helps to relieve dry skin and nails + soften and condition cuticle. As for my feet, the manicurist applied La Palm Pedi Gel Scrub – Rose to helps soften and reduces calloused skin. Specially formulated with Sea Kelp, Aloe Vera, it conditions the skin thus leaving it soft and smooth.

Throughout the pampering session – cutting, filing, shaping, buffing, soaking, cuticle, massaging and polish, both manicurists are extremely detailed, precise, efficient and gentle. Especially on the cuticle removal part, there wasn’t any form of discomfort and they were really thoroughly. The manicurist also attended to my callus and fungus (on my big toe nail) very professionally and carefully without making me feel uncomfortable (yeah! i think that having fungus is embarrassing). She also gave me tips on how i should treat it and prevent recurrence.

The manicurist was really meticulous and patient while doing the nail art. She had to painstakingly stick the tiny metallic gold studs on my nails one by one (the hardest design was the cross as the studs kept sliding around due to the smooth surface as the glue needed time to dry). After completion, she was actually sweating from the effort and i really appreciate the high quality job done.

After 1 hour 30 mins, my Gelish Manicure and Pedicure were done! Was too engrossed chatting with Irene and catching up on TV show that time just zoomed past. I have to say that Nail Tavern has to be the most comfortable nail salon that i have been to.. Not only the boss is extremely friendly, the ample space and furnishing made me feel relaxed too. 🙂

Tadah! My funky and chic nails completed with metallic gold bits and pearls! I did not choose any design for my gelish manicure but instead told Irene to surprise me instead.. Therefore from my aura, she told her manicurist to do this set of nail design for me.. I’m really pleased with it and can’t stop touching + admiring it… hehe! My hubby said that i have bimbotic nails but my mother-in-law & friends find it nice as well. The guys just don’t get it! :p

Initially, i told Irene that i wanted a pedicure in Solid Tiffany Blue color but she suggested me to do a 2 tone effect with glitters..  Thanks to her suggestion, i have really pretty and shimmery nail color now! Since the base is transparent, new nails won’t look so obvious when my toe nails gradually grow out.

My first time getting a gelish pedicure as i want it to last as long as possible.. As i’m always in covered shoes and i tend to walk a lot, my pedicure will always chip within a week.. Now the gelish is 1 week old and it still looks like brand new! No chipping and still as shiny as ever so it will be gelish pedicure from now on… :p

Here’s Nail Tavern Price List for your reference. Do note that prices quoted for Gelish do not include Soak Off Services ($10 will be charged if your current gelish is done by Nail Tavern and $20 will be charged if you did your gelish outside). If you have decided to get another set of gelish nails done after removal, Nail Tavern will be glad to waive the $10 off (if your existing gelish is done by them) and for other customers, you will be charged $10 instead of $20. 🙂

Before i go, i will like to end off with some pictures which Irene has shown me at her salon.. If you are clueless like me on which designs to get, you can choose from these selections. You can also tell the manicurist / show her any designs that you want and she can re-create it for you too. Or simply, just leave it to Irene and she will get the manicurist to work the magic 🙂

To conclude, i will highly recommend Nail Tavern if you are staying in the east and looking for a nice, cozy and affordable nail salon with experienced manicurists to do your nails. I’m truly impressed by the skills and the great personalized service i have experienced at Nail Tavern.

My nail art was inspired by this customer’s design.

Love is in the air!

Cutesy Disney Inspired Nails

Polka Dots and Kitty!

Fruity Theme!

Nail Tavern is located at Block 56, New Upper Changi Road #01-1329 (Singapore 461056). You can call to book your appointment @ 6445 7703.

Directions to Nail Tavern: Nearest MRT station will be Tanah Merah. Once you get out of the gantry, take the escalator down and take a left turn. From the exit’s bus stop, take any bus (except 12, 38 & 48) and alight at the next bus stop. From the bus stop, walk straight, cross the road and you will be able to see Nail Tavern on the left side.

Have a good work week everyone! Will be back with more updates soon so take care in the meantime. 🙂

L’Oreal Men Expert’s revolutionary new products – The Volcano Red Foam Acne Deep Clear Solution & Hydra-Energetic Quench Max Ultra Hydration

L’Oreal Men Expert has launched revolutionary new products in June and has invited both my hubby and myself to the pre-launch event.. But sad to say that we cannot make it but Sharon was really thoughtful to send him the products for review…

Introducing the L’oreal Men Expert Volcano Red Foam Acne Deep Clear Solution and Hydra-Energetic Quench Max Ultra Hydration which addresses oily / acne-prone skin concern!


Volcano Red Foam Acne Deep Clear Solution (picture from Loreal’s fb)


Hydra-Energetic Quench Max Ultra Hydration

Hands up if your Boyfriend / Brother / Husband is using your skincare products and he is complaining that it isn’t working for him. My husband used to say that my skincare products (esp facial wash / scrub) causes him to breakout and this is the reason why he is steering clear of them. The reason behind is that Men’s skin will differ from Female’s skin as it will be thicker and tougher (due to higher amount of Male Hormones- Androgen). Sebum secretion for Male will also be greater due to Androgen and hence skin will be oilier and acne will be longer lasting as well.Hence to better address male skin concerns, it is better for them to use skin care that’s formulated for the male!

New introduction to the L’Oréal Men Expert Pure & Matte range, which is formulated for oily skin / acne prone skin, the L’oreal Men Expert Volcano Red Foam Acne Deep Clear Solution and Hydra-Energetic Quench Max Ultra Hydration will unleash acne-fighting force to fight against excessive oil and imperfection.

Guys, If you have acne / pimples problem which refuses to go away, it might be aggravated by excess sebum, dirt accumulated in the pores.. L’Oreal has made it possible for you to harness on the purging power of volcanic minerals to eliminate this skin issue! The Men Expert Pure & Matte Volcano Red Foam contains pure Volcano Red Foam Volcanic Mineral Extract to penetrates pores to remove dirt and 97% of oil for fresh, comfortable matte skin all day long.

Volcanic extract Well-known for its rich mineral content and excellent absorptive power.  Thus, it is effective at alleviating skin and pore problems; deeply purge pores by capturing and removing oil + impurities to make skin pure! The Men Expert Pure & Matte Volcano Red Foam is clinically proven to dries out pimples and prevent recurrence. With each wash, it removes 97% of oil which are the main culprit of pimples. Pimples happen when pores got infected as it have been clogged by dead skin cells stuck in excess sebum, which is produced by overactive oil glands.

Beside using volcanic mineral extract, the cleanser also fights acne using Salicylic Acid to clear skin of acne causing bacteria. At the same time, it treats existing pimples, remove root cause of acne and prevent acne from recurring.. After removing acne causing bacterial, Peppermint Extract as part of the ingredients will calm, soothe and provide immediate relief of redness and itchiness caused by acne.

This is our first time seeing a cleanser which is RED in color and it will turn white when you lather it with water.

Upon lathering, the cleanser works into a rich creamy texture instantly and it goes on smoothly to deep cleanse. My hubby was put off by the smell of the cleanser which i also agreed that the scent is unpleasant. He has oily skin and he felt that the cleanser cleanse well without drying his skin. It also can be rinsed off quickly to leave a clean & refreshing smooth feel (minus skin tightness). Overall, he felt that the cleanser is convenient to use, gentle on skin but yet it did a good job cleansing.

To make sure that the skin stays Matt for longer – Guys, you should apply the Hydra-Energetic Quench Max Ultra Hydration to keep skin moisturized and balanced! Many guys have this misconception that moisturizer will make skin oilier and there is no need to use one due to the humid + hot climate in Singapore. My hubby can even tell me that moisturizer is only needed when weather is very dry (like during winter)! -_-

The fact is when skin is dehydrated, the skin will secrete more sebum as usual to compensate for the lack of moisture! Hence, using moisturizer leads to oilier skin is just a myth as it is dehydrated skin that causes skin to be oily and more prone to acne!

To prevent skin from ‘suffocating’ and losing hydration in Singapore’s hot weather, the Hydra-Energetic Quench Max Ultra Hydration made use of a revolutionary technology (known as Skin Air-Conditioning System) that combines French Deep Sea Water with mattifying agents to supply skin with an instant icy-feeling and deep hydration.

The Hydra-Energetic Quench Max Ultra Hydration has an ultra-lightweight formula to give you comfortably, refreshing and well moisturized skin all day long. The Skin Air-Conditioning System will instantly give skin an ‘ Icy effect’ while it works to hydrates skin which neutralizes oil and sweat. Rich in minerals with French deep-sea water + Oil and sweat absorbing actives, skin stays cool and matte even in the hot weather!

The Hydra-Energetic Quench Max Ultra Hydration has a nice aqua hue and it has a transparent gel texture.

I have to coax my hubby into using the moisturizer a try as he has a ‘moisturizer is redundant’ policy.. Upon application, he said that there is a refreshing icy cold feeling which he thinks is too icy to his liking… But he said that it will be good on days when the weather is really hot and he needs something to calm his skin down… As for texture wise, he is surprised to ‘feel’ that it isn’t heavy on skin and can be easily absorbed without greasiness / sickness. It also leaves his skin looking matt without any film left behind for a dry touch feel. He also added that his skin is feeling less greasy during mid day after applying the moisturizer.. 🙂

Although he still feels that he don’t need to use a moisturizer daily (only when skin is flaky and dry), i’m glad that the Hydra-Energetic Quench Max Ultra Hydration did change his perceptive of moisturizer being too rich in our hot and humid climate.

Matt surface after application!

L’oreal Men Expert Volcano Red Foam Acne Deep Clear Solution and Hydra-Energetic Quench Max Ultra Hydration retails at $10.90 and $23.90 respectively.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend ahead! 🙂

(Sponsored Review) Bye Bye Fats with AFC LipoDOWN 2 | AFC ActiveSLIM

Hello everyone! How’s your week? I had a pretty tough week at work with plenty of deadlines.. Nonetheless, i’m looking forward to the upcoming short work week and the long weekend! 🙂

Sometime in May and before my wedding, AFC Japan has launched their latest slimming range AFC LipoDOWN 2 and AFC ActiveSLIM which they have sent it to me for review. I have passed it to my Hubby (then Fiance) as i’m underweight and hence not the right person to try it.. Haha!! Not saying that he is plump (but he used to be) so he will have to exercise regularly to maintain his current build…

The latest slimming range from AFC targets people with either sedentary or active lifestyle:

AFC LipoDOWN 2 targets people with sedentary lifestyles with little exercise. It helps to maximize fat burning round the clock for effective fat loss, inch loss and weight loss.

AFC ActiveSLIM targets people with active lifestyles who want to boost fat burning efficacy and shed stubborn flabbiness during workouts for slimmer body, improved body definition and shape.

Both products are 100% natural and safe fat burning formulas.

If you are leading a lifestyle without having the habit of doing regular physical exercise and not watching your food intake, the AFC Japan’s latest fat burning superstar – the new and improved LipoDOWN 2 is able to  accelerated metabolism and unprecedented fat burning.

This simple, effective and natural fat and weight loss solution is particularly helpful for those with sedentary lifestyles and suffering from undesirable weight gain. The natural proprietary formula is enhanced with 200% more fat burning prowess than its predecessor LipoDOWN, for more effective effortless slimming. LipoDOWN 2 works even while the body is idle by continuously burning the body’s stored fat, improving metabolic rate and blocking the excess calories from turning into fat.

Developed by Nihon Preventive Medical Laboratory Japan and clinically proven safe and effective, the supplement helps address weight and body fat concerns without any unwanted side effects. LipoDOWN 2 is also totally free from caffeine, laxatives, diuretics and stimulants.

When used in conjunction with a sensible diet, the LipoDOWN 2 will:

1) Targets fat loss in the stomach, thighs and hips

2) Promotes thermogenesis to increase metabolism for maximum fat burning

3) Helps shrink bulky fat cells and blocks formation of new fat cells

4) Helps regulate appetite and promote sense of fullness

5) Supports reduction of organ and body fat, healthy blood lipids and blood sugar levels

6) Effective even for sedentary lifestyles with no weight rebounds


With the recommended dosage of 2-4 soft gels daily (initial usage starts with 4 and then reduce dosage to 2 daily for maintenance), LipoDOWN 2 is clinically proven to work at the cellular level to shrink massive fat cells and increase fat metabolism for maximum fat burning 24/7. Extracted from natural food sources, LipoDOWN 2’s effectiveness is credited to its unique APF Fat Reduction Factors* – a concentrated blend of Apple Polyphenols and Fucoxanthin from Activated Japanese Wakame Seaweed – to target unsightly bulges for visible inch and fat loss.

*The potent APF Fat Reduction Factors comprise a proprietary blend of 2 key components clinically researched by scientists from Nihon Preventive Medical Laboratory, Hokkaido University, Hirosaki Universities and other renowned universities in Japan

The proprietary blend of 2 key components that made up the APF Fat Reduction Factors are:

Apple Polyphenols (AP) – Blocks fat and prevents accumulation of new body fat. Extracted from unripe green apple skin which has 10x more polyphenols than regular apples, it blocks the absorption of excess fats from meals, reduces fat storage and inhibits the formation of fats around organs. With over 75 years of research in apple nutrition, Japanese researchers from Fundamental Research Laboratory and other renowned universities in Japan reported AP extract to be useful in reducing organ fat by 27%.

Fucoxanthin (F) – Extracted from Activated Japanese Wakame Seaweed, Fucoxanthin targets sluggish bulky fat cells at the cellular level. It induces the thermogenesis process to accelerate metabolism and increase the conversion of fat into energy. A research report published in Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism (2010) reported impressive findings – effective weight loss after 42 days of consumption, with some patients reporting up to 7kg
of weight loss and a metabolic rate increase of up to 22%, and trigger the body’s fat burning capacity even while at rest. A higher metabolic rate helps burn calories more effectively.

Even former MediaCorp actress Apple Hong swears by this product!  The 34-year-old celebrity is currently based in Beijing where she is busy with new filming projects.

“Since moving to Beijing last June, it’s been a constant challenge trying to maintain a trim figure with the oilier and saltier food choices here. Coupled with a slower metabolism rate in my 30s – the inches and pounds can creep up very quickly. Within a month of taking LipoDOWN 2, I lost an impressive 4kg. LipoDOWN 2 keeps me looking good from all angles – onscreen and off-screen!”


AFC Japan has also specially created another slimming solution targeting at consumers with active lifestyles. The AFC ActiveSLIM will help to redefine body shape with each work out, boost the effectiveness of the workout and accelelate / power up the fat burning process. As the first 20 minutes of any exercise regime only expands the  body’s carbohydrate stores, ActiveSLIM will fast-track the burning of stored fats and elevate metabolism levels for maximum exercise efficacy.

The secret behind the superb fat burning effect of ActiveSLIM is accelerated by the 4 Active Thermo Factors
working hand in hand to Maximise Fat Burning with Every Move . The 4 Active Thermo Factors of L-Carnitine, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, BCAA and L-Ornithine fuel 3x more fat burning prowess with each movement. Its rapid fat burning ability makes every body movement work harder, effectively transforming and shaping the body towards a slimmer silhouette.

Recommended dosage is 4 capsules in the morning or before exercise. When taken regularly with sensible diet / regular work out regimen the powerful fat burning formula helps you slim down effortlessly without yo-yo rebounds.

Other capabilities of the The AFC ActiveSLIM:

1) Converts excess fat & sugars into energy

2) Helps shed stubborn body fat by significantly reducing fat and calorie storage

3) Promotes fat use during exercise

4) Converts fat and glucose into energy

5) Reduces fatigue, improves exercise and fitness performance

6) Redefines and improves overall body composition and tone

7) Increases metabolism and slows age-related decline

8) Replenishes antioxidants, and supports a healthy heart and liver

Here’s what my hubby has to say after consuming both  LipoDOWN 2 and AFC ActiveSLIM:

My wife (then Fiancee) passed me two bottles of fat burning pills weeks before our wedding, probably as the loudest silent hint to lose some weight and look good for our wedding. The first bottle was LipoDown 2 which contained a formula that was clinically proven to burn stored fats and inhibit fat cells from enlarging. The second was ActiveSLIM which is a rapid fat burning formula that will help to burn fat up to 3 times faster during exercise workouts. Both bottles are from AFC.

As I already have a twice a week gym routine and a regular hot yoga session every weekend, my strategy was to take LipoDown2 on my “off days” and ActiveSLIM on the days I go for my workouts. I am someone who believe more on sustainability when in comes to weight loss so I would try to avoid anything that promotes a more drastic form of weight loss.


The pills come in a black soft gel form. It is recommended to start with a 4 pills a day to see a more intensive weight loss effect and then drop to 2 pills a day to maintain it. I did start with the recommended 4 pills a day but did not manage to see much visible effect. It could be due to this one big reason – because I knew I was on some sort of fat burning pill, I stopped caring too much about what I ate. I started to eat more sin food (sinful food) and even bigger portions. It is hard to say though because I did not seem to gain much weight despite the binge eating. LipoDown2 might have helped somewhere…


This came in the form of a golden color capsule. The recommendation is to have 4 pills before exercise and I simply followed that straightforward instruction. This came with a more pronounced effect – I observe with these pills, I tend to feel lighter and also get hungrier much more easily after my workout. This is true even on days where my routine involved more of weights training rather than cardio workouts.

From my experience, I will recommend ActiveSlim coupled with a sensible exercise routine. As mentioned earlier, I believe in a more sustainable approach to weight loss so I generally do not make recommendations for anyone to take any kind of weight loss pills with an aim of having the easy way out to lose weight without any physical effort.

 LipoDOWN 2 is available at Unity, Watsons, Guardian, Robinsons, John Little, OG and other leading pharmacies
S$92.90 per bottle of 60 softgels.

The AFC ActiveSLIM is available at Unity, Watsons, Guardian, Robinsons, John Little, OG and other leading pharmacies at $72.90 per bottle of 120 capsules

* Disclaimer: Products Descriptions and information are extracted from AFC Japan’s Press Release. Do note that individual results may vary after consumption of LipoDOWN 2 /  AFC ActiveSLIM .

(Sponsored Review) Cosmetic Aromatherapy Skincare Serum – AROMESSENCE ROSE D’ORIENT

Hello everyone! I’m taking ages to complete this post as i’m swamped with work and plenty of backlogs recently!  However, i’m glad that most of the companies are really understanding and not add-on to my stress level! Thank you Decleor and Camy for being so patient with me… Today, i will like to share about a serum which i have been religiously using it every night for the past 2 months. 🙂

DECLEOR, the specialist in Aroma-Skincare from France is an expert in cosmetic aromatherapy.. For almost 40 years, Decleor’s laboratory has conducted intensive research into the world of Essential Oils, selecting them according to their extraordinary cosmetic properties and blending these ultra-concentrated oils with infinite precision.

The end products – AROMESSENCE™ Serums and Balms are derived which consists of Essential Oils and Plant Oils are combined in precious blends to meet the specific needs of each skin type. AROESSENCE range offers all the very best of nature as products are 100% pure, 100% natural Essentials Oils combine with the vital power of plants and an exceptional affinity with the skin, for optimum effectiveness.


AROMESSENCE! Picture extracted from Decleor UK FB

Back in olden days, essential and plant oil has always been widely used due to its highly beneficial medical benefits.. The logic behind is nature is well made and plants create their own balance by adapting, capitalizing on and selecting the best from their environment.

Our body is complex and sometimes we do not know what it needs, which causes an imbalance. As such, aromatherapy can also help to restore this balance within the complex human skin and body..

With this knowledge in mind, the laboratories of Decleor constantly aims to create a link between plants and the skin by making use of essential oils in its spa and beauty products.. Its philosophy aims to seek the best of nature, selecting the most effective active ingredients and combining them in accordance to the skin’s needs. Because it is 100% pure, 100% natural and 100% effective, DECLÉOR makes the connection between the skin and plants to restore perfect, balanced skin.

Containing carefully chosen and highly effective blend of Essential Oils with specific cutaneous and olfactory properties, Decleor’s signature products – the DECLÉOR AROMESSENCE Serums are powerful effective concentrates with a light and silky texture which will activate a wealth of benefits.

Combination of perfectly balanced Essential and Plant Oils to meet the needs of every skin type, the serums (% pure, 100% natural and preservative-free) are suitable to be used daily to boost skin’s beauty before application of an adapted day / night care product.


The seven types of DECLÉOR AROMESSENCE Serums for different skin types:

Néroli Serum (Suitable for all skin types, Hydrating Properties)

Néroli is specially formulated to comfort and treat skin exposed to daily stress (which prevents it from becoming delicate + dull). Upon application, it will soothe skin, provides immediate comfort and radiance, help balances the moisture level to leave skin visibly smoother, softer and glowing with radiance.

Iris Serum (Suitable for mature skin, against the undesirable signs of ageing)

Specially formulated for the daily care of mature skin with signs of ageing, the Iris serum will reduce lines and wrinkles by supplying skin with nourishment, repairs it, tone it and refine facial contours

Angélique Serum (Suitable for dry skin, intensively nourishment and plump skin properties )

Angélique Serum has natural affinity with the skin which purify, relax and nourishes the skin to leave it supple, comfortable and satin-smooth. With the Angelique serum, signs of dry skin (tightness, rough / scaly skin) will disappear as it supply the skin with nutrients and offer it with long-lasting tone and comfort.

Rose D’Orient  Serum (Suitable for sensitive skin, soothing and calming properties)

Good for people with sensitive and reactive skin, this serum (made with 100% pure and natural essential oils) will soothe and calm sensitivity / redness. Suitable even for daily use, it will sooth, soften, balance, even and reduce skin’s irritation.

Ylang Ylang Serum ( Suitable for oily and combination skin, Reduces Excess Sebum)

Aromessence serum Ylang Ylang will help to purify skin, re-balance the moisture level and keeping it matt.. The Essential Oils purify the epidermis, reducing excess sebum and closing the pores. As such, skin texture will be refined and radiance restored.

Excellence Serum (Suitable for mature skin types, to act on all signs of time)

A serum to firm, plump, nourish and renew mature skin types. This total anti-aging serum is formulated to help mature skin defy time, combining the new Sol-Collagenine Complex and the most potent youth-boosting Essentials Oils.  It helps renew the skin, combat skin dehydration and reduces pigmentation blemishes.

White Serum (Suitable for dull and pigmented skin)

This 100% natural serum is specially formulated for the daily care of dull skin or/and pigmented spots. Combined with essential oils of Camomile, Lemon, Parsley and Acacia Wax, it restores the skin to a clear, even, luminosity  and radiant state. Users have reported results that dark spots are reduced by 13.25% with just one application.

Decleor has sent me the Rose D’Orient Aromessence Serum for review as i have sensitive + acne prone skin which is prone to flare-ups and redness (from stress, irritation or hormonal imbalance). Aromessence Rose D’Orient is an elixir of 100% pure, 100% natural Essential Oils, specially formulated for the daily care of sensitive and reactive skin. It contains Essential Oils of Roman Camomile, Petitigrain and Neroli to treat and pamper skin. It will purify, soothes the skin, immediately restores comfort and relieves irritation.

As a made to measure aromatic treatment care product for sensitive and reactive skin, this 100% natural serum with Essential Oils will instantly soothes away feelings of tightness and helps reduce signs of sensitivity. It also comforts the skin and melts away signs of destress.


Ingredient list

To optimize the effective of the serum, it is recommended to use it on perfectly cleansed skin.. Put one of your finger on the top of the bottle and tilt the bottle to dispense one drop of the serum. Repeat this process on another finger and warm the 2 drops of serum on the palm of your hands. After which, inhale deeply to indulge in the delicate scents of Essential Oils before applying the serum onto the entire face (in an outwards motion).. To compete the routine, using acupressure onto the key energy points of the face with gentle yet firm pressure (as per video via this LINK).

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I have sensitive and acne prone skin hence i was feeling quite worried before i use this product.. Since it is oil based, i was afraid that it will make my skin even oilier and worsen my skin’s issues. Despite being paranoid, I’m glad that took the plunge and try the AROMESSENCE since it is so highly raved by many.

After using it every night for the past 2 months, i have to say that i love it! i use it all over my face with the recommended facial acupressure, the rose scent smells so good and relaxing that I’m always looking forward to using it.. It leaves my skin smooth after application and i will wake up with supple skin the next day (despite sleeping in air-conditioned room). I also find that it balances my skin as i’m seeing reduction in skin redness / sensitivity. It does not cause me to breakout nor does it contribute to more clogged pores. After adding this to my skin care regime (together with clarasonic which i will touch on in another post), my skin condition has improved so much in terms of clarity – lesser imperfections + more radiance.

The two downside about this product will be the price. It is on the high side but a little goes a long way (2 drops will be more than enough to treat your skin). Another downside will be that it takes a long time to get absorbed by the skin so i must wait for about 5 mins before i can apply my moisturizer (this is the reason why i don’t use it in the morning as i’m always rushing for time). The photo below is just for illustration purposes as i can’t take it during night-time due to lighting issue. 😀

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If you wish jump on the Decleor bandwagon, the products are sold @ Tangs Level One.. 🙂

Disclaimer: Information are extracted from Decleor’s UK website.